Christess12s Vore stories.

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Christess12s Vore stories.

Postby Christess12 » Tue Nov 23, 2021 10:33 pm

A place where I can submit my vore stories. I've always enjoyed writing and have written a few vore stories for myself, including an interactive vore game with branching paths and choices. While these were for me I began wondering if I should share them, as such this thread is finally being created after years of internal debate with myself over it. Please read, enjoy, or hate on my stories. They are written for my personal pleasure first, and are being uploaded simply because others may enjoy them too. I can guarantee they aren't perfect, far from it in fact, but I have fun with it. I roleplay a fair bit but due to work and study my time is often limited with those, meaning I can normally only get a message or two out a day with those I am roleplaying with.

That's a little bit about me, now a bit about my preferences and styles.
I enjoy fatality a lot, the thought of prey giving 100% of themselves to the predator whether willing or not is a big favourite for me. As such I enjoy teasing, as well as detailing what happens to the prey after they have passed, disposal and such. Those two things will be in virtually every story I write and post here, so just a heads up on that. However, I do intend on tagging each one individually so the ones that don't contain those things will not have them tagged. I don't have any particular preferences when it comes to type of vore, or type of person/people participating in the scenarios.
No idea how often I'll post here, as as I said before I am normally pretty limited on personal time. But I hope you enjoy what I do post, and that you'll keep coming back to check my new stories.

Thanks for reading. I will be posting stories in replies to this opening post.
I hope to post something soon but I wanted to write something new before doing so.
Want some fun? I RP and get off on pleasing others however I can, just PM me and I can fulfill your wildest fantasies.
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Re: Christess12s Vore stories.

Postby Tassie » Wed Nov 24, 2021 3:47 am

It sounds like you need a place to post your stories for real. Contact the owner of this site, Eka. She seems very nice and very open.
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