Invasive destuffing

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Invasive destuffing

Postby NamelessLurker » Sun Jan 09, 2022 8:04 am

Short and silly story about a python and a panther with very different success rates in their respective hunts.
Spoiler: show
-willing to unwilling prey
-snake prey
-digestion (fatal)

After yet another day without anything to eat, the python decided to slither back to his favorite tree and get some rest. Hopefully tomorrow would be a better day and he would finally find some prey before being discoverd himself.
Just as he poked his head out of the bushes, he noticed a big panther lying right next to the trunk! She had already noticed him, but didn't seem interested in going after him. If the big, round belly was any sign, she probably just wanted to sleep of her latest meal. The snake couldn't help but to feel a bit jealous, but at least she probably wouldn't be a threat then. Carefully he inched closer to his tree. Before he reached it though, the panther spoke up.
"Yeah, nice to meet you too."
Not wanting to be rude (or to upset the predator), he decided to engage in this smalltalk. "Hello, how are you doing?"
"Oh, I'm doing great. But if you don't mind me saying so, you don't seem too happy. Something the matter?"
"I'm just hungry is all. Haven't caught anything all week."
She chuckled. "I can't say I have the same problem. Quite the opposite really, I've eaten way too much once again. It's always the same, once I've started with these rodents I just can't stop anymore until they're all gone."
She rubbed her bloated stomach as to underline her point.
"If you're so full already, couldn't you just leave some for me too?" He complained half-joking.
"Tell you what, I really wish I had. Those last two rats definitely were too much. Haven't really settled now, too."
It was true, he could still notice some movement in that furry balloon.
She sighed. "But it's too late now anyway. Now the little beasts are getting back at me and ruining my waistline for good."
The python's stomach growled, and as the hunger got the better of him, a dangerous idea formed in his head.
"Well maybe it isn't too late. If you're really okay with sharing, I bet I could squeeze my head down your throat and take them off you, while you hold on to my tail and pull me back out afterwards."
"What, so you want to eat them right out of my belly?"
"It was just a suggestion. Of course we don't know each other yet, so if you don't want me snooping around inside of you, I understand that. I don't want to pressure you."
The feline pred played a bit squeamish. "Well I don't know, you're very straight-forward with this. On the other hand... "
She grunted, as if her overfilled stomach was straining her. "Fine. If you're just gonna stick your nose in my stomach and relieve me of this extra weight, I think that's worth it."
With that, she opened her jaws as wide as she could and wound her tongue invitingly.

The python was surprised by her generosity. He thought she never would agree to this, because while he would be helping her too, he clearly got the better end of the deal. Excitedly, the snake wound his tail arond her left forepaw with a single loop and asked her to hold on tight, to which she replied by pressing said paw against the ground and keeping his tail pinned.
Once he deemed his tail secured, he proceeded to venture into that humid, fleshy cave. He hadn't promised too much, his slender form was like it's made for sliding through gullets like this.
From what it felt light, about half the lenght of his body had slid across these pointy teeth until his head finally passed through the sphincter and into her stomach. He couldn't see a thing, but there were some tiny legs feebly twitching around in that cramped space. Despite his hunger, he really didn't want to taste any of that half digested stuff taking up most of the space here. He quickly found that finding and grabbing the remaining living rats with little room to move, only his head free to move around and only relying on tacticle sense while the others were rendered useless, was a whole different challenge than hunting for food. Focussed on his search, he didn't pay a mind to more and more of his body sliding in until he felt the pressure on his tail released and her paw shaking it off the same moment he finally got a hold on one of the rats. With his mouth occupied, he couldn't shout out to the panther, so he tried to swallow as quickly as possible while blindly flailing his tail around, looking for something to hold on to. By the time his throat was free again, he felt the tip of his tail slightly scratching over her teeth.
"Uhm, excuse me, I'm afraid I lost my grip and my tail is about to fall in. Could you..."
Before he could finish his sentence, he knew she couldn't, as the rest of his length was now sliding down faster than before and the tail was unreachable from the outside. He didn't want to cheat the panther after she had given him the food he asked for, but he couldn't hold up his side of the deal anymore if he couldn't get out, so he tried to apologise.
"I'm so sorry, I got distracted searching for the rats. I swear I didn't mean to let go. I know I promised to get them out of your belly, but I don't think I can do it anymore.
I'm afraid I just made it worse because now you're even more stuffed. Please don't be mad. I really was trying to help but I don't know what I can do now."
There was no response. All he heard was her calm heartbeat and gurgling noises from all around. At least she didn't seem to be in pain, her belly apparently still able to handle so much filling, even after adding a snake.

After a few minutes, when his skin started to burn, it dawned on him that he was about to break another promise es well.
"Hello? I... I don't know if you still can still hear me, but I'm about to melt down and to enter your bloodstream and bowels.
You never agreed to more than letting me into your stomach, and I would love to respect your boundaries, but it seems I can't even keep that.
I'm really not like this usually. Please forgive me."
Having spent the last of his energy, he dozed off.
The panther now was about to do the same, after listening to his last words and silently forgiving him. Other than before, now she actually felt like she overate, but the slight bellyache wasn't enough to make her regret the extra dessert. It wasn't even for strategic reasons, because she has just taken out a rival for food - no, it was just like with the rodents, as she had said earlier. When the food was easy to catch, she never could resist, no matter if she was hungry or not. It just meant she wouldn't be able to move for a while. So instead, she closed her eyes.
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Re: Invasive destuffing

Postby Tanookicatoon » Sun Jan 09, 2022 3:19 pm

What a wonderful little read.
It's pretty much everything I love in a vore story. X3
I especially love how nonchalant the pred is, and how the snake is more upset about how they feel like they're overstepping the boundaries they agreed to despite their gurgly fate. XD
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Re: Invasive destuffing

Postby gynophagetopper » Mon Jan 17, 2022 3:23 pm

The civility of the story is what really keeps it flowing. After reading this, I immediately began thinking of how I could incorporate this level of civility and nonchalance into my stories
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