A Hungry Librarian (F/M pred pov, soft and hard versions)

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A Hungry Librarian (F/M pred pov, soft and hard versions)

Postby weirdblueness » Sun May 08, 2022 3:28 pm

Hi, was in a vorny mood and wrote my first vore stories recently. Not too long, I made a soft vore and a hard vore version of it and thought you all might appreciate. Also have them on my SoFurry with some other stuff, username is RedactedMaterials.
Zana grumbled as she clawed the library desk, her talons making small raking sounds as she dragged them across the fine wood. The blue-scaled dragon slammed her head down, letting out a puff of smoke.
While she normally enjoyed her job at the city’s central library, today was not the day for her. The unusual weight of her abdomen swayed from side to side as she moved her spiked tail impatiently, just waiting for her shift to be over. It had been mating season last month, and as much as she’d tried, her heat had eventually gotten the better of her. A drake in rut had smelled it and tracked her down to the lair she’d kept herself in isolation, and well, she couldn’t resist. Literally. She’d been unable to get away after he’d pinned her down at had his way with her. Then had his with her again. And again. And again. The two horny dragons had fucked like rabbits, although knowing her species, Zana thought ‘fucked like dragons’ was probably the better term. There was little more terrifying than a dragon in heat or rut, other than perhaps two dragons in heat or rut. They’d fuck anyone and anything. Many unwitting and unwilling humans had come to an unfortunate end by forgetting when the season was, either by a dragon being too rough in their desire, or their sex-addled brain getting a bit too hungry post-coitus.
Of course, a successful mating had consequences, and Zana could feel them weighing her down. Her belly had become plump and round with eggs. While other dragons would expect such a thing at this time of year, the sag was a bit embarrassing whenever a human came by the library. Often times they got the wrong idea about what it meant.
Zana had asked for time off from her library job until her eggs were laid, but they’d refused. She’d already gotten paid leave during her heat, and the library wasn’t willing to give her another month of that. She’d tried to explain that being with egg could make a dragoness territorial, irritable, and give her cravings, but they would have none of it. Apparently ‘gravidity leave’ wasn’t a thing.
So when the first human came up to her desk, she wasn’t planning on providing ‘excellent customer service.’ Even with her head flopped down on the desk, her eyes had to look downwards to see the small human beneath her. A young female whelp with long hair, a pink bow tied within it. Zana had to admit she was slightly surprised that the girl didn’t give off the typical scent of fear that emanated from humans when they passed by her.
“Hi Miss Dragon,” the girl said, hoisting up a small stack of books onto the desk. “Can I please check out these books? My parents are going to read them to me.”
“Hmph,” Zana grunted. Even as annoyed as she was right now, she couldn’t be angry at this kid. “Well, since you asked politely. Your library card?”
The girl dipped a hand into a laced pocket, pulling out a thin steel card and placing it under Zana’s paw. Zana put it between her talons and pressed it against a metal plate beneath the desk. A moment later, two glowing blue circles became visible around the card, a series of shapes between them rotating around it. A similar pair of circles appeared on the desk. Zana had been the one to design and enchant the system the library used, not that the impertinent mammals were grateful for it.
The circles around the library card turned green first, indicating that the girl was in good standing and had no books overdue and hadn’t exceeded the checkout limit. The ones beneath the books themselves turned green next, meaning that there weren’t any holds on the books. It would be recorded into the system that the girl had checked them out today, along with their current condition.
“All good,” Zana said, dropping the card back into the girl’s cupped hands. “You know how long you have?”
“Mhm!” she replied as she grabbed the books. “Three weeks! Thank you, Miss Dragon!”
“My pleasure,” Zana purred. She couldn’t resist taking a glance at the book on top of the stack as the girl turned to leave. ‘The Dragon’s Farm,’ a cute story about an orphaned hatchling raised by two humans on a farm who’d been unable to conceive their own child. Her tail swished happily, the dragon feeling warm at the thought of hatchlings, knowing her own were soon coming. The girl had picked a good book.
As the girl turned to leave through the doors of the library, they suddenly slammed open, and a tall human in a leather coat pushed his way in. The girl let out a cry as the man ran into her, books toppling from her arms. Zana’s wings tensed up as she saw the girl fall on her back, one of the books splaying out as it crashed into the ground.
“Watch it, kid,” the intruding human said, frowning as he rushed past the girl. “Don’t get in people’s ways.”
Zana bared back her fangs, giving a low growl. The girl quickly picked up her books and scampered off, while the man went straight for Zana’s desk, boots leaving a trail of muddy footprints behind him. The dragon hated him already.
Panting, the human dropped a book on the desk without a care. The dragon yelped as it hit one of her talons, pulling her paw back in alarm. A wisp of smoke left her maw, puffing on the man’s face.
“You walk into my library, knocking over a child and dropping a book on my paw?” Zana snarled, blood boiling. “What do you want?”
“I’m in a rush,” the man muttered, avoiding the dragon’s gaze. “Have somewhere to get to. Just returning this. That’s all.”
Zana moved her snout down towards the human, jaws open, steaming breath covering his face. She could see him sweating, and not just from the smoky heat in his eyes. Having razor-sharp fangs as long as your finger would scare any human, and she could smell it on him, beneath the usual scent of a tasty prey animal that all humans carried. She wondered how he’d taste. It was unfortunate that hurting humans was against the city’s rules.
“Then hurry and get out of my sight,” she hissed. “Your scent is disgusting. Where is your library card?”
His scent wasn’t actually as bad as she’d claimed. It would have been fitting for him to smell like filth and sewage, but he was relatively clean and well-groomed. That meant that unlike the girl, he was one of the richer inhabitants of the city. It was unfortunate that the best smelling humans tended to be the worst of them, though it was a consolation that without being covered with other smells, the prey scent of them was more apparent. That and the smell of precious money were why hungry dragons most often came after the traveling wealthy, and this human smelled delicious. Zana salivated at how good she imagine he tasted, warm meat moving down her throat and filling her stomach. She was quite hungry now with how quickly her eggs were growing, and the human looked well-fed. Just a little bite couldn’t hurt…
A slap on her nose knocked her out of those thoughts, and she almost snapped her jaws around his hand before realizing where she was. She let out a low growl as she pulled her head back from his face. She couldn’t tell if he was brave or stupid; slapping a dragon would have been a death sentence if they weren’t in a city.
“Your breath stinks,” he frowned. “Stop smelling me, and just take the book.”
“Your library card,” she hissed again. “Where is it?”
The man shrugged. “I don’t have one. I’m not applying for one, if that’s what you’re asking. This place is just a waste of taxes, I’m only here because you stingy rabble hoard rare books I can’t find elsewhere.”
“As if you pay any taxes,” Zana snapped. “If you don’t have a library card, how exactly did you get the book?”
“My butler got it for me,” the man scoffed. “I would have had him bring it back, but he died of sepsis, and I am still looking for a new one. You don’t happen to know any dragons who would server as butlers, do you?”
“I do not,” Zana hissed. Oh, she wanted so much to bite this human’s head off right now.
She pressed her paw up against the metal plate, and blue circles appeared beneath the book. It wasn’t that uncommon for someone to have lost their library card or to have a friend return it for them, so there were standard procedures.
The circles turned a bright red, and Zana squinted down, watching a stream of text appear beneath the book. An error. The book hadn’t been checked out, but the library sensors hadn’t reported it missing. That was odd. Not only that, but it was a Class 4 restricted book, unable to be checked out except in emergencies. It was kept in a locked room where only vetted library members were allowed to access it after submitting a request form, and they were only allowed to read it while a librarian watched to make sure they weren’t creating copies.
Zana scanned the title, which hadn’t been visible on the cover or spine. ‘Subtle Mental Manipulation.’ A text on using magical mind-control that wouldn’t be noticed by the victim. It explained why the man hadn’t been as scared of her as he should have been. He was some sort of mage, and a decent one at that. Given the subject, the dragon was glad for the anti-magic protections she’d placed around the library.
“This is restricted access,” Zana said, ears twitching. “You do understand that this has to be reported to authorities, correct? Additionally, it was never checked out.”
The man shrugged. “I told you, I didn’t remove it from here. I committed no crime. Perhaps you should have guarded it better, that’s what you’re here for after all, isn’t it?”
“What?” Zana asked. “I’m a librarian, not a guard.”
“Hmph, you don’t particularly look the part. Oh, you said that it hadn’t been checked out as well, so no overdue fee, yes? Are we done here? I don’t like my time being wasted.”
The dragon ground her teeth together, hissing. He was right. The city was notoriously corrupt, and even if there had been a crime he’d committed and that evidence could be found for, he’d just bribe the judge and be let off easy.
“Yes, we’re–” Zana’s words were cut short as she saw another line pass beneath her eyes, an update to the book’s condition. Her blood suddenly began to boil, smoke pouring from her jaws.
Eight pages were missing from the book, ruthlessly torn out.
“The book.” Zana growled, almost at a roar. “Has been damaged. There are eight pages, gone.”
“Unfortunate,” the man replied.
She stared straight into his eyes, fire burning in the back of her throat. He’d stolen a book and torn out its pages. This was no man. This was a monster.
“Except that means that you’ll have to pay a fee,” Zana replied, giving him the toothiest grin possible, fangs glittering with saliva. “Given the rarity of the book and its restricted class, that will be one golden annulus–”
“What?” the man exclaimed. “That’s outrageous! Extortion! You greedy bitch, this place gets far too much money already!”
“–per missing page,” Zana purred. “Eight golden annuli in total.”
“You think I’m paying that?” the man yelled into the dragon’s sensitive ears, causing them to ring. “C’mon you dumb lizard, do you want it back or not?”
Zana’s purr turned into a low growl, and she raised her paws up onto the desk. Lifting her head she towered over the human. Her hindlegs spread out a little to bear the weight of her growing eggs, and her tail curled beneath the desk, wrapping around one of the human’s legs. She held her jaws over open him to let him see how sharp her fangs were, saliva dripping from her fangs. A drop of it splattered onto his face.
Now she could smell his fear, wafting up into her nose. It mixed well with the fleshy scent of his body. All small mammals gave it off, and his scent told her very clearly that he was a prey animal, something made for dragons to hunt down and devour. More of her spit dripped down, her tongue swirling around.
“In one way or another, you’re paying,” Zana hissed. “How would you prefer?”
The human was frozen, unable to think of anything but the huge predator above him, her jaws wide open. Though humans pretended that with their cities and weapons they were the masters of this world, they were still helpless primates when it came down to it. Even if he’d never faced it before, he was unable to resist being overcome with the primal terror that all humans felt of being eaten, and Zana could smell it. They tasted better when they were scared.
“Get off me!” he screamed, finally managing to react. He moved his hand up between the dragon’s maw and his face, twisting it in a motion to cast a spell. When it didn’t work, he tried it again.
Zana licked her lips as she smelled the fear grow even stronger. Now that he knew how defenseless he was here in her domain, he could tell what was coming to him.
The human tried to step back and flee, but Zana’s tail tightened around his ankle, fittingly causing him to trip and slam down on his ass. She pulled her tail back and climbed up over the desk, carefully avoiding the book as her gravid belly rubbed over the desk’s surface. As the human tried to scramble away, Zana stepped over him, using a single paw to pin him down to the ground.
“Get off! Do you know who I am?” he cried. He kicked his leg up, kneeing Zana in her her abdomen.
Zana let out a horrified roar, moving back and clutching her belly. Her ears lifted up, tail lashing in fury, barely able to keep herself from setting him on fire then and there. He took the chance to try and get up, but she slammed her paw back down on his chest, forcing a choked scream from his lungs.
“Never mess with a dragoness’s eggs,” she roared, eyes full of rage, her head so close to his face she could almost taste it. If she’d been at all uncertain about what she was about to do before, there were none of that left now. “You’re very fortunate that you’re small enough to eat in one bite.”
“What?” the human squeaked, trying to cover his face with his arms. “No, please no! You can have the gold, as much as you want! Don’t eat me!”
“But I want to,” Zana purred, running her tongue along the human’s throat. The sweat on it tasted so good already. “My eggs need to grow large and strong, you see, and I’ve just been craving human for so long. Do you know how hard it is, sitting here day after day, just feeling my babies needing to feed, but not being able to touch any of the scrumptious meals that come towards me? You’re lucky, you’ll get to be a little part of something so much better than you.”
“You can’t do this to me,” the man cried, trying to push Zana’s tongue away. “There are laws… I’ve done nothing wrong!”
“Oh, but you’ve broken one law, haven’t you?” Zana let out a low hiss, placing her jaws around the human’s head, hearing him whimper as he felt the sharp teeth on his neck. “Quiet in the library.”
The human began to scream as Zana grabbed ahold of one of his legs with a paw, swinging him into the air. Her tail swished excitedly as she sat back on her haunches, gravid belly touching the ground. She gleefully dangled him over her maw, watching as he flailed helplessly. His clothes would be annoying, but her stomach would easily digest them, just as it would the rest of him.
“It’s so much more fun when you know they deserve it,” she purred at him, letting the top of his head rest in her maw. Her long forked tongue snaked beneath his arms, squeezing tight around his waist. “You feel a little bad when they’re nice humans or unlucky animals. But the world will be a better place off without you, and my stomach will be a much better place for you. Don’t you agree that you’ll make a good meal?”
He kept shrieking, causing Zana’s ears to twitch. Didn’t she tell him not to yell in the library? She lowered him down into her maw and placed it around his head, muffling the noises. That was better. His face was shoved into the thick top of her tongue, curling around it and covering him in slick saliva. The smell of him above her was so good, and the dragon had to hold back the temptation to just devour him all at once. She wanted to savor him a little.
His arms began to beat against Zana’s snout, and even though there was little he could do to her hard scales, it was annoying. She would have to make him stop that. With a lurch, the dragon let go of his leg and he dropped further into her maw, tongue pulling his torso between her jaws. Only his legs remained on the outside, uselessly flailing in the air.
“You’re a feisty meal,” Zana rumbled, her voice shaking the man in her maw. Her tongue tightened and slithered around him, moving his head so that it was at the back of her throat. “This will be over quicker if you stop struggling.”
Unsurprisingly, the human didn’t stop, his movements just causing Zana’s fangs to tear into his clothes and scrape his skin. She shook her head left and right, feeling the human’s arms whack at the sides of her maw, attempting to get it open. It was silly for him to even try, dragons had enormous jaw strength – once he was in there, there was no getting out unless she let him.
Still, the dragoness had a cruel streak, and opened her maw, pretending that one of his hits had caused her to. She turned her head downwards and let the human push himself off her tongue, falling towards the floor and getting a momentary hint of hope.
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Re: A Hungry Librarian (M/F pred pov, soft and hard versions

Postby ReptileKing23 » Mon May 09, 2022 10:09 am

Not bad, but it's not M/F vore it's F/M you should edit that if you can
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Re: A Hungry Librarian (F/M pred pov, soft and hard versions

Postby weirdblueness » Mon May 09, 2022 10:14 am

Ok, thanks! The above story is just the first part; I was planning to submit both the hard and soft versions in separate comments so let me do that now.

Soft Version

But his hope was quenched as soon as it appeared, and Zana scooped down her neck to grab ahold of one of his feet, dangling him from the ground so that he was only inches away from reaching it.
“Silly human,” she chirred. His clothes were wet with dragon saliva, his face covered in a thick dripping film of it. “You didn’t think I’d let you go, did you? No, I’m much too hungry for that. Dragons like to play with our food, you know.”
With a twist of her neck, Zana swung him up into the air, releasing him and letting him fly. She leaped up onto her hindlegs and grabbed him feet-first with her maw as he fell. Her tongue wrapped around his arms, holding him tight in her maw and keeping him from struggling, her cheeks bulging from the large meal. Only his head remained outside of her, her hot breath causing his saliva-drenched hair to curl up.
“And last words before you go down?” she asked, feeling his feet struggle at the back of her maw. She was salivating wildly now, her throat just begging to pull him down into her belly.
“Please, I don’t deserve to die,” the human began to sob. “I’ll do anything!”
“Anything?” Zana snorted, puffing smoke into his face.
“Hmm.” Zana pretended to think about the offer for a moment, tapping her claws on the floor. “I think I’ll have you feed my hatchlings.”
She opened up her jaws and pulled him back with her tongue, pushing his feet into the top of her throat. His fingers dug into her tongue, attempting to use it as a hold to keep himself from falling down, but it wasn’t enough. Moving her head up, Zana tensed her neck and gulped.
There was a muffled yell as his hands slipped free of her tongue, and his legs were pulled down into her throat. Zana felt him within it, stretching her esophagus. He was large for a meal to eat in a single-bite, but not too much so. Something about swallowing him alive just felt satisfying to her; the dragoness loved how they squirmed and struggled uselessly.
And squirm and struggle he did, fighting to keep himself from going deeper into her throat. There was no point of course, the force of gravity combined with the slippery sides and strong muscles of her esophagus was enough to make sure that her throat was a point of no return. Still, she could feel the size of her meal causing her throat to bulge out from where he was. One of her paws went to stroke it, while the other rubbed against her plump and soon to be plumper belly, as if to tell her growing eggs to expect food.
“Mmph,” Zana murmured, swallowing again. The human slowly lurched down a little further in her throat, guided by her paw pressing him down. She could feel her saliva coating his body and making him slick in order to ease the journey, her esophagus automatically grinding and pulling him. Still, her neck was long, and he was large. He’d still have a while to think about his crimes before reaching her stomach. It was unfortunate that the tightness of it would cause him to suffocate within a few minutes; she would have enjoyed feeling him struggle and move around as her stomach acids slowly digested him.
Zana straighted out her neck and held it upwards, wrapping her paw tighter around the bulge in her throat. He squirmed against it when she squeezed his torso, gulping again to cause him to drop further. The dragon’s tail whipped from side to side excitedly, still tasting him on her tongue.
There was a sudden clank next to her, and Zana’s snout turned to see that a human had walked through the front doors of the library, dropping her books. She looked at the dragon in horror, the scent of fear emanating off her strong.
“Couldn’t pay his overdue fee,” Zana purred, giving the woman a toothy grin. The dragon stroked the bulge in her neck again, moving her neck in order to gulp her prey further down. “You can just put your books on the desk, I’ll take care of them once I’m done here.”
The man let out a muffled cry for help up her throat, but Zana shut her maw again, muting him. As Zana continued swallowing, the woman slowly walked over to the desk, placing her books on it before running off as fast as possible.
“Have a nice day!” Zana said after her. She gulped again, the human almost to the bottom of her throat now. Such a large meal wasn’t going down easy, but feeling his hopeless struggling was part of the fun.
Taking in a large breath of air, Zana jerked her head, and swallowed down as hard as she could. With a squelch, he dropped through the bottom of her throat and fell into her stomach. Her belly bulged out more on top of her eggs, and she gave out a small burp as she felt her stomach sloshing with his struggles.
Zana opened her jaws wide and let out a yawn, stretching her wings. She get back down on her forepaws before rolling onto her back, looking down at her underbelly. The dragon used one paw to rub her gravid belly, and another to rub her plump stomach, feeling the human within there. He seemed to be getting tired as his oxygen ran out, and the struggling within Zana had turned into just a little bit of occasional movement. His heartbeat was tiny compared to her own, but she could feel it as it weakened.
“Don’t worry, it will all be over soon,” Zana said, nuzzling her stomach with her snout. She could tell that he had just about stopped breathing, and would be fading into darkness about now. Humans ran out of oxygen in such a short time. It was a shame, she would have preferred her meals to struggle longer. “Soon you’ll be helping my eggs grow. Perhaps you can do some good for once in your short, pitiful life.”
Zana yawned again as she rested her head onto the floor, giving her round stomach a pat, burping up a little more of the human’s scent. She stretched her wings out wide, closing her eyes. A nice rest after a meal would be good for both her and her eggs. Perhaps a few of her fellow librarians would find her, but what could they do? They couldn’t make her un-eat him. Plus, she’d just be teaching them an important lesson.
Never mess with a gravid dragoness.
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Re: A Hungry Librarian (F/M pred pov, soft and hard versions

Postby weirdblueness » Mon May 09, 2022 10:39 am

Hard Version

But his hope was quenched as soon as it appeared. As soon as he crashed down into the hardwood floor, the dragon had her paw on his back. He tried to claw away from her, but there was little use in trying to get out from beneath a half-ton dragoness. She used her talons to scoop him over and roll him belly-side up, letting him see her dripping jaws above him.
“Silly human, you didn’t think I’d let you go, did you?” she snarled. The sharp point of one of her talons pressed up into his neck, a drop of blood forming where it pierced the skin. The human whimpered as she pulled it downwards, ripping through his shirt, a red line forming where she cut him. “No, you struggle too much, and I think that eating you whole would just give me indigestion. I’ve changed my mind, I think that you’ll go down easier in pieces. Your punishment for resisting, let’s say?”
The human tried to cry out for help, but Zana didn’t let him. Her other forepaw clamped down on his face, holding his head to the ground. She bent her snout down to his neck, her nostrils flaring at the smell of blood rising up from it. The dragon licked her fangs, drops of saliva mixing and pooling with the wound. The blood was riling her up, and she could already tell how good he’d taste just from the scent.
“You tore a few pages out from my book, so perhaps I’ll tear some out from you. Don’t worry, this will only hurt a lot,” Zana purred, placing her jaws around the human’s triceps. Her fangs dug into the muscle, her tongue eagerly lapping up the blood that pooled out from them. She used her maw to lift up the human’s arm, her grip tightening, and jerked her neck to the right.
Agonized screams came from beneath Zana’s paw as she ripped off his arm, blood spurting out from it onto the dragon’s lustrous blue scales. She moved her talons to let the human see while still covering his mouth, tauntingly dangling the arm over his head and letting his own blood cover his face. With a tilt of her head, his arm was swallowed into her gaping maw.
The human’s cries quieted to a frozen whimper, and Zana snorted smoke into his bloody face. It seemed that he’d gone into shock already. That was no fun, but at least his screams would stop disturbing the library’s patrons. It would be merciful to kill him by ripping out his throat or crushing his skull, but Zana wasn’t a merciful dragon, and certainly not to humans who’d attacked her eggs or tore pages out of stolen books. She’d let him live a little longer, just so he could watch himself die.
The dragoness moved onto one of his legs, grabbing it with a paw and biting into his thigh. Her fangs easy ripped through skin and muscle, ripping hunks of meat off to the bone. She savored them as she swallowed, the meat fresh and warm. Raw meat wasn’t difficult to find in nearby markets, but there was nothing like a fresh kill, heat radiating out from beneath the skin. It wasn’t often when Zana had the chance to eat humans, and growing eggs caused her to crave their tender and less gamey meat. Blood dripped into her maw, staining her tongue as she continued to tear pieces off. She would make sure to save the femurs to gnaw on later. Her eggs needed the calcium.
Once she’d had enough of the leg, Zana moved herself over him, egg-filled belly dragging across his blood-stained body. Her claw gave his neck a poke. As still as he was, the human was still alive, though the blood loss would likely kill him in a minute or two. There wasn’t any point in attempting to delay his death any longer.
With a swift motion, Zana’s fangs pierced his throat, ripping out half his neck. Blood splattered from his arteries onto the floor, causing the dragon to tense up in worry as she suddenly recalled where she was, taken out of her bloodlust for a moment. Would it damage any of the books? She glanced around, letting out a warm breath of relief as she made sure that there were no books on the ground or shelves near enough that they would get injured.
Zana swallowed his throat, fangs dripping as she hungrily looked down at the rest of his neck. With another bite into it, his spine was exposed, and she tore out a few larger pieces before using her claws to pick smaller ones out from between the vertebrae. The meat went down her throat easily, the dragon gulping down blood with it, tail whipping back and forth excitedly.
There was a sudden clank next to her, and Zana’s snout turned to see that a human had walked through the front doors of the library, dropping her books. She looked at the dragon in horror, the scent of fear emanating off her strong.
“Couldn’t pay his overdue fee,” Zana purred, giving the woman a toothy grin. The dragon let her tongue roll out, saliva and blood dripping from it. “You can just put your books on the desk, I’ll take care of them once I’m done here.”
While Zana stripped off a hunk of meat from the man’s other arm, the woman slowly walked over to the desk, placing her books on it before running off as fast as possible.
“Have a nice day!” Zana said after her. With one of her forepaws holding down his forearm, her fangs ripped off his biceps, and the dragon eagerly gulped them down. He’d been surprisingly filling so far, and there was still plenty left. She hadn’t even started on the ribs and intestines.
Zana scooched her belly a little bit back to let her get a better angle at his abdomen. Her talons dug into his skin, peeling it away along with his tattered shirt. Blood pooled on the ground beneath her, and her fangs bit into his abdominal wall, tearing out the muscle there and the fat above it, the texture soft and squishy as she swirled it around her maw. She swallowed it down, before getting a look at his insides.
In her blood-frenzied state, Zana didn’t particularly care to eat politely, and ripped out a huge chunk of them at once, getting his liver and a large portion of his intestines. A piece of intestine got caught on her fangs, and the dragon growled as she swung her head around to try and get it off. She swatted it down with a paw, pulling it off her fangs but accidentally crushing some of the human’s organs when she slammed it into him, causing a splash of blood. With a snort of annoyance, Zana licked the viscera from her claws before digging her snout beneath his ribs, snarling as she ripped into the flesh and organs beneath them.
The ravenous dragon continued on in this way for a while, rabidly tearing the human’s body apart, blood splashing as she tore through skin, muscle, and organs alike. By the time she was done, the metallic tang of blood filled in the air so densely that she could almost taste it, and the thick liquid surrounded the dragon in a pool. Bones had been stripped of their flesh, messily scattered around. What was left barely resembled a human anymore, remains almost completely unrecognizable.
Once she was done with her feast, Zana let out a quiet yawn and rolled onto her back, extending her paws up into the air and licking viscera from between her talons. Her blue scales were stained with red, her snout and fangs coated with it. Normally she would have saved some for later, but with her eggs quickly growing she was hungrier than usual. Her teeth gnawed on one of the human’s large femurs, relieving the pressure in them and helping her get calcium for the eggshells. She was quite full after this meal, her stomach plump, and she doubted she would want to eat another human right now even if they climbed right into her maw. Maybe later.
Zana yawned again as she rested her head onto the floor, giving her round stomach a pat, burping up a little more of the human’s scent. She stretched her wings out wide, closing her eyes. A nice rest after a meal would be good for both her and her eggs. Perhaps a few of her fellow librarians would find her, but what could they do? They couldn’t make her un-eat him. Plus, she’d just be teaching them an important lesson.
Never mess with a gravid dragoness.
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