Falling as an immortal (Anal vore, willing lock-in)

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Falling as an immortal (Anal vore, willing lock-in)

Postby DidYouMissMe » Mon May 09, 2022 12:42 am

You are a young immortal on earth, it is the year thirty thousand B.C. and you have been living for four thousand years. At this time, nobody can die even willingly by any means except for anal vore, but you don't just go in partially and come back out mortal to live a few more decades. You must be sunk all the way into someone until you disappear completely and you die right there. There's a catch to it though. Once you decide to die, you tell a group called the ministry of death that you wish to do so. They'll ask you if you're sure and if you say yes, they cast a spell on you that makes it so you can't reverse your choice. Once you're in, the only way out is you sinking deep into someone. It is a very pleasurable experience though, some say as much pleasure as ten thousand orgasms in one. Both the person going into someone and the person taking someone feel it for several minutes before person going in dies. Well you have decided to take this path because you have seen everything, done everything, and been everywhere that life has to offer and even have taken someone into you. They were unwilling once they started going in but you had to force them. The pleasure at the end is simply a part of the process and the person you took felt it whether they wanted to or not. You said "Shh, keep sinking in deep. There's no turning back. Just ease into me and feel the pleasure". The last thing the person did was look up so their face was the last to go and scream. Once they're closed in, you say "yup, all the way." The intense pleasure follows less than a second after. You feel them squirm in anger and uncontrollable pleasure, and in a few minutes they go still and dissolve into you. You want to take a similar route but want to be willing all the way. You tell the ministry of death that you want to die. They do their usual and ask if you're certain, which you say yes to without hesitation. They cast their spell and there's no turning back. The spell says "The soul before me releases all immortality and does so by going into another fortunate soul's butt wholly and eternally, due for deep pleasure but ultimate suffocation." You stand up and walk to a waiting room where you will eventually be hooked up with someone who wants to consume you. You wait a while and finally someone opened the door. It was a woman named Sierra. She was dark like chocolate, thicc and plump. You could tell she was excited as she introduced herself, which she followed by saying "you'll be fun.". Since the performance is done by magic, she needs no lube. You guys get right to it since if you wait to long, the spell will take you over. She bends over in a corner so she leans against it with her butt facing up. She smiles as you approach. You use a stepping stool to get high enough to stand on her cheeks. The spell ensures that neither you or your consumer can feel pain, so doing anything was safe. You slide your feet towards her hole and feel them slip in. You lean on the corner also for stabilization. You move your legs back and forth to speed you up, almost as though treating her butt like quicksand that you wanted to sink into. You feel comfortable as you ease into her up to your waist because you are no longer responsible for your balance. You feel muscles and ligaments give way, welcoming you in. It's warm, heavy, tight, restricting and slimy feeling just like quicksand. Once you're in past your waist, moving your legs isn't effective anymore. You slide your arms in and keep trying to pull them out but nor taking them out fully and then push them back in. This stimulates her sphincter again and allows you to keep slipping in nice and fast. You are quickly consumed until her hole wraps around your shoulders. Sierra says joyfully "This is one of my favorite parts.". You don't know what she means until you watch her reach down and poke you, sending your shoulders sliding in effortlessly but violently because she is so tight. You bob up and down a few times out of the sheer force which makes you and her moan. Each bounce slips you in a tiny bit more but not much. Sierra says "Now, this is the part where I take over. You no longer have enough control over your body to pull yourself in, so I have to kinda just shove you in. Sorry, but from now on I decide when you sink deeper. I said that a minute ago was my favorite part because after it, I own you." Because you are willing to go in, this only makes you smile. She pushes you and takes frequent breaks until your chin is in. She now has to lay on the floor and lift one of her legs over her head to reach you. This makes her hole stretch in only one direction, making it very tight around you. She says "say goodbye to the world. You're going in me now!". She says nothing more and slides you deeper and deeper until her hole is around your forehead. She pokes one more time and you start sliding in. Her hole violently slides you in forever, into her warmth, her depth, her tightness, into death. You start to feel a tingling all over and then both you and her violently quake in pleasure. It was as described, like ten thousand orgasms at once. It made her curl into a ball and forced you deeper and made it extremely tight and restricting. All of her force was on making you sink endlessly deeper. You fade away, losing feeling and then everything goes blank. You have died.
The end, I hope you enjoy reading this story ad I did writing it.
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