Blight vore story

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Blight vore story

Postby BlightandLucas » Sun Jul 24, 2022 3:47 pm

Hey guys, I've been lurking on this site for a little while now and wanted to try my hand at posting a super short story I wrote on here. I've never posted before so let me know if I messed anything up. Any feedback on the story is also welcome. Thanks everyone!

Jacob was always the last one to finish at the gym. The gym was technically closed by the time he usually left, but he had known the owners for a long time, and they trusted him to stay after closing. He was especially late today, as it was nearly 11:00 and he hadn't even showered yet. It was chest day, and he'd just finished his last rep of bench presses. His chest ached as he walked towards the showers.

He didn't bother to lock his locker after storing his possessions there, as while he did have his wallet and phone on him, he knew no one else would be in the building. Once he'd taken off his shorts and tank top, he headed to the mirror to admire himself. He wasn't vain, of course. He just recognized that he was a very beautiful man; that didn't make him better than anyone else, but it was the truth whether he liked it or not. Not to mention that he had worked hard for his body. Everything besides his height of 6’2 and his striking blue eyes had been carefully cultivated with two decades of strict dieting and rigorous exercise. His chest muscles in particular looked huge today after his rigorous workout had pumped them up, and he flexed in a few different positions. He snapped a few photos for his instagram, and even took a short video. He had to crop out his penis, as it had become erect after he’d been staring at himself for so long. That was only normal for a guy as beautiful as him; he was no narcissist, but a sexy man was a sexy man.

After he put his phone back in his locker, he finally made his way to the showers. When he closed the curtain and turned on the water, he noticed it came out warm right away and produced a strange salty aroma. In the moment, he thought nothing of the warmth and assumed that the salty aroma was simply his own sweaty body. In a few minutes, he would regret that.

As he rinsed shampoo out of his hair, he heard a soft gurgling noise. Again, he thought nothing of it and finished rinsing. When he was done, he lowered his head and opened his eyes, finally seeing what had made the noise. A thick white liquid was burbling up out of the drain. Jacob had no time to react before the goo leaped onto his body. One tendril entered his mouth and muffled his scream, and the rest began coating his legs. It spread quickly over his skin as more spurted up from the drain like a fountain. Jacob continued trying to scream, but the goo was so sticky and fibrous that it had made an airtight seal over his throat. He tried to tear the goo off his legs as well, but his hands were stuck wherever they touched it, and the goo began creeping up his arms just as fast as his legs.

It didn't take long for the goo to reach his face, covering his entire body, burning his eyes, and blocking his nostrils. Jacob had fully resigned himself to suffocation, but instead, the goo clinging tightly to his skin began to pull away and lose its stickiness. The goo that had seeped into his orifices receded, allowing him to breathe once again. With this transformation, Jacob heard a long sigh of pleasure and relief,

“Ahhhhh . . . Eating people is so satisfying.” A monstrous belch rang out as most of the air in the small chamber containing Jacob was violently removed, and the walls slammed into him.

Jacob, of course, could see none of this, but the goo had transformed into a massive, beautiful man. He sat casually, with his right leg stretched out and his left bent at the knee. His left arm rested on the raised knee of his left leg, and his torso was leaned backwards into the cramped gym shower, crumbling the tile walls where his shoulders were too wide to fit. Even seated and leaning back, his head still brushed against the five foot tall showerhead. He must've been over ten feet tall standing upright.

The first thing anyone would notice about this man was his unnaturally large cock. It was nearly five feet long and over a foot and a half thick at its thickest. The thing was draped over the man's leg like a snake waiting in ambush, and the two enormous balls beneath it deformed slightly as their massive weight pressed them against the floor. Four or five adult men could have fit in those balls if arranged properly. A few cups of a thick, cloudy liquid was already leaking from the tip of the man's cock.

Even accounting for his larger overall size, this man's muscled body put Jacob's to shame. His pecs were plump and larger than watermelons, each of his thighs was significantly thicker than Jacob's entire body, and his arms looked strong enough to lift and crush a pickup truck. His belly was usually flat and smooth, but it bulged a bit with Jacob's body inside it.

“I was worried I wouldn't find anyone here this late, but I'm glad I caught you when I did. Muscle boys like you taste the best by far.”

Jacob tried to break through the stomach walls using brute force, and even tried to scratch a hole with his fingernails, but the bigger man's flesh was too tough and slimy for Jacob to make any progress.

“HELP!” Jacob screamed as loud as he could, “SOMEBODY HELP ME!”

The man laughed heartily, “there's no one here to help you bud, and you're gonna want to save your voice for later. The time for screaming hasn't come yet.”

“Who are you?! What are you doing to me?!”

“Weren't you paying attention? I'm eating you. You should start getting digested now”

Just as he said that, fluid began to flow into the chamber where Jacob sat. At first, he felt nothing, but he quickly started to feel a gentle tingling. The tingle became a burning, and Jacob knew this was stomach acid. Already skin was starting to peel off and Jacob was immersed in the most pain he'd ever felt. He let out an agonized screech.


The man laughed again, “I'll bet it hurts. Don't worry, you'll die eventually.”

The level of the acid was rising rapidly as more fluid rushed into the stomach. Toenails were beginning to come off, and skin was giving way to raw muscle in places.


“That's a really tempting offer. Unfortunately for you, I already have a few old snacks marinating at the moment that I need to get rid of,” he jostled his balls with his left leg, and a sloshing sound was heard, “and I can't cum without feeling a cute boy get snuffed out. Plus, your ass is most likely melted down to the bone right now, you'd be a pretty lackluster fuck anyway.”

The man was right; nearly all the flesh had been melted off of Jacob's legs, and there wasn't much more left of his ass than a pelvic bone and a few scraps of muscle.

“Though luck, friend. Looks like you're back on track to be melted. Hold your breath!”


Jacob was cut off as the walls of the stomach surrounding him began smashing against him over and over, tossing him around and splashing the acid over every part of his body. He screamed again. This time just a wordless wail of agony and despair. There were a few crunches where fingers and toes were broken, as the stomach violently tenderized Jacob's body.

“Just give it a minute, it shouldn't take more than four hours for you to die.”

“NOOOOOOO!!!” Jacob screamed. He couldn't bear another thirty seconds of this. Four hours was an eternity of torment, and that's exactly what was in store for him. As Jacob continued to scream, the man started rambling to no one in particular,

“You do have a really nice body, I bet you've worked really hard for it. It's kinda cool that it's all rendered completely pointless by me completely destroying it and killing you. It's like I'm undoing two decades of tireless work with four hours of minimal effort . . . God I love killing people so much.”


“Ooh, that's one of my favorite parts, eyes melt out of the head so fast once the eyelids are gone.”


Blight laughed again, "there you go, I told you eyeballs don't last long. They're so soft, they basically melt on contact with stomach acid. It's a real shame they don't have nerve endings so you can't feel them turning to goop."

Just as promised, the hellish torture continued for another four hours. Jacob's vocal cords ripped near the three hour mark, so the final hour was mostly quiet sobbing and raspy whimpers as Jacob faced the despair of certain death and the pain of his intestines spilling out into the man's stomach acid. The man's cock was fully erect and twitching now, oozing a large puddle of cum onto the ground.

“Ok buddy, lights out. Have fun in hell.”

"No wait!!" Jacob choked out. The man sucked in his stomach and felt Jacob's soft skeleton crack and go limp. As the last bit of life was squeezed out of Jacob's corpse and his soul was hurled into oblivion, the man burst. His massive balls began to contract, sending out powerful blasts of semen. Each spurt sent nearly four gallons of thick spunk splattering across the walls, ceiling, and his own body. The massive mess was full of bones and globs of congealed sperm. The man licked the cum off his lips and sighed with immense pleasure,

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . that was so much fun. I really should kill more innocent people, although five in a day is a record for me.”

He looked at the four skulls strewn across the ground and tried to remember anything about the four people he had killed and digested earlier in the day. He couldn't, but that was alright. Discarded spunk doesn't need to be remembered.

The man pulled out his phone and snapped a selfie of his body drenched in cum and then started recording a video. He made sure to get good close up shots of all the cum stains and human bones, then flipped the camera around to his face with an ear to ear smile.

He opened up his texts and sent the selfie and video to the contact labelled “boyfriend”. He then texted,

“just churned up a muscle slut at the gym and let out the guys I told you about earlier. Bet you wish it was you. Love you Lucas, see you soon!”

The message was marked as “seen” immediately, and Lucas was already typing his response,

“OMG that's sooo hot!! Can't wait to see the turd you turn muscle boy into!!!! I love you too, Blight!”

A second message came,

“Maybe today's the day you turn me into a turd too?”

Blight chuckled and texted back,

“in your dreams, spunk. But I'll definitely fuck you silly when I get home, get ready!”

Lucas replied with a crying emoji

Smiling and turning his phone off, Blight stood up. The shower stall collapsed and part of the ceiling caved in as he did so. He could feel Jacob's remains filtering rapidly through his intestines, and he knew he was ready to come out, so he took a squat right in front of the destroyed stall, and began to push out thick logs of smooth shit peppered with bones, tufts of hair, and chunks of undigested gore. The rope coiled into a neat pile on the floor beneath him, quickly filling up the shower with Jacob's digested remains. The skull came last, topping off the pile like an angel on a bloody Christmas tree. When Blight stood back up and turned around to admire his handiwork, the last few liters of cum began to ooze out, and he let them drip onto the pile, filling the eye sockets and flowing over the skull and the pile as a whole. He snapped a picture and went to empty Jacob's locker.

Blight took Jacob's wallet and started looking through his phone. He quickly found the nudes Jacob had taken a few hours before his grisly demise and chuckled,

“I really killed quite a specimen!” He said.

He sent one of the nudes to Lucas with the caption “before”, followed by the picture of the shit pile captioned, “after.”

Lucas quickly responded,

“I'd say it's a huge improvement!! I'd kill for a makeover like that!!”

Blight laughed and took the rest of Jacob's stuff. On his way home, he noticed that Jacob had a girlfriend while browsing the photos on the stolen phone, and he put her address on his to-do list. Blight walked home happy and satisfied, knowing he'd snuffed out five more innocent lives today.

Lucas received an absolutely merciless five hour long buttfucking when Blight got home, Jacob's girlfriend and her family were digested later that week, and Jacob's remaining loved ones never discovered what happened to him.
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Re: First vore story

Postby TheHungrySpeedrunner » Sun Jul 31, 2022 11:45 pm

Wow that’s a really good story I love the graphic digestion! My favorite part is when he showed Jacob he could quickly digest him at the beginning but then proceeded to slow his digestion to torture him over the course of 4 hours, that’s pretty hellish and I love this cruelty of the pred. I look forward to more stories with him, perhaps with more detail on Jacob’s girlfriend being digested!
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Re: First vore story

Postby BlightandLucas » Mon Aug 01, 2022 7:14 pm

Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'll definitely start working on a sequel to show what happens to Jacob's girlfriend.
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Re: Blight vore story

Postby BlightandLucas » Fri Aug 05, 2022 4:49 pm

Here's another episode of Blight's adventures

Blight walked casually into the unisex bathroom, taking a break from the busy concert outside. He had decided on a more casual seven feet tall today, but the massive bulk of his plump and muscled body still made the room shake with every step he took. His skin tight tank top and shorts allowed full view of his voluptuous rear end as it jiggled gently with each step and flexed with every stride. He looked around for a moment. Not seeing anyone inside, he flexed his muscles slightly, which tore off all his clothes, leaving the scraps of fabric to flutter down to the ground. With their snapping, his massive cock and balls were released, and flopped downwards to their natural position. His grapefruit sized testicles fell and bounced slightly as they reached the limit of his scrotum’s elasticity, coming to rest gently about a foot beneath Blight’s pelvis. Simultaneously, Blight’s baseball bat cock swung out and slapped his knee with a hearty thwack.

“Ahhh . . . That’s much better. Clothes are so restricting.”

Blight started to admire himself in the mirror but stopped when he heard a drip from one of the stalls. A wide grin spread across his face and he approached the stall.

“Why didn’t you say hello?” Blight asked as he casually ripped the stall door off its hinges and tossed it behind him. Inside the stall was a young man in his early twenties, sitting on the toilet with his legs pulled up so as to not be visible from outside the stall.

“H-hello . . .” The man’s eyes darted around for a way to escape.

“Hello!” Blight grabbed the man by his neck and raised him into the air.


Blight ignored him and ripped his pants off. “You have a fantastic ass little dude.” Indeed, the man’s ass was plump and well developed. He shoved the body headfirst into the floor, and forced his ass upwards as the legs flailed and kicked violently to escape. Blight wrapped an enormous hand around the man's screaming mouth, and plunged his cock into the waiting asshole. The man screamed again, but it was muffled by Blight’s hand.

Janet tentatively opened the door to the unisex bathroom. She was an average height woman with long blonde hair and a curvy figure. Her tinder date went off to piss almost an hour ago now, and she was starting to get worried. As soon as she opened the door, she could hear the distinctive sounds of muffled screams and wet slapping. She saw the broken stall door laying on the ground and cautiously approached the open stall. It would've been impossible to miss the massive man inside. He was over seven feet tall, thrusting in and out of another man. The other man was much smaller, holding onto the toilet’s tank for dear life as the larger man held his thighs out to either side by a solid grip just above each knee.

The larger man was much more interesting. His skin looked smooth and soft, and it stretched over enormous muscles. A beautiful back connected his broad shoulders to his muscled bubble butt and tree trunk thighs, which had been coated with several streams of fresh blood. Each thrust forward began with two dimples forming and deepening on the lateral sides of each of his glutes as the muscles that pushed his pelvis forward flexed, disturbing the perfect rounded shape of his ass, and his pendulous softball-size testes swung backwards slightly as the body from which they dangled moved forward and left them behind. When the forward thrust finished with a loud, meaty slap, his buttocks relaxed before the impact and jiggled like a bowl of jello, and momentum carried his ballsack forward and up around so that it slammed into the smaller man's own balls. With that secondary impact came a splatter of blood, and Janet realized the blood dripping onto the floor had come from the larger man's balls pulverizing the smaller man's balls until they were rendered nothing but a bloody mess.

“Oh my god, you're Blight!”

Blight glanced over his shoulder, “yep, are you a fan?”

“Of course! I've been following your Twitter since 2019,” she said excitedly, “it's so exciting to finally meet you!!”

Blight smiled. He got a few willing tributes every year and they were some of his favorite meals; they always changed their minds halfway through digestion, “come to get turned into slop, then?”

Janet suddenly looked embarrassed, “well . . . I don't actually like the thought of getting eaten myself, it seems pretty scary.”

Blight looked surprised for a moment.

Janet jumped to explain herself, “b-but I do think you're super hot!! I think it's super cool how you eat other people and I've always wanted to watch the process and maybe help them through the digestion process.”

Blight laughed, “well, it's hard to say no to a fan. You guys are the reason for my success, so I guess I can let you live if you really want me to,” he said, lying through a wide smile.

Janet's face lit up, “really?! And you'll let me worship you as you digest him? And could I get some pictures with you?” She pointed at Blight’s rape victim, who was still groaning breathlessly as Blight had never stopped pounding him.

“Sure. I love all my fans, so I'd never eat any of them without consent.” Another blatant lie.

“Wow . . . Thanks so much,” Janet said with a look of wonder and admiration. She quickly pulled out her phone and began taking pictures. Blight stopped thrusting and smiled at the camera. Janet took a few ‘normal’ selfies of her standing next to Blight, then she squatted between Blight’s enormous legs, then rose upwards just a smidge so that Blight's massive bloody balls rested heavily on her head. She made a silly face and pointed at the balls with her free hand before snapping the photo.

“Airdrop me those pics by the way, this is going on Twitter.”

Janet was ecstatic at the idea of being in one of Blight’s posts, so she quickly airdropped all the photos to him. She tried to peek around at the man getting raped but couldn't get a clear view because of the walls of the stall. “Who is that?” She asked, pointing at him.

“Oh this guy? No idea. I don't ask people their names before I rape them, a fleshlight’s name isn't important.”

Janet blushed, “wow, that's really hot.”

“You're welcome to look and see if you recognize what's left of him, though.” Blight let go of the man's legs, letting them dangle straight down and leaving his cock forced far up into the man's guts as the only thing holding his back half aloft. He palmed the man's head like a basketball and pulled him off of the toilet’s water tank, turning around to show off his handiwork to Janet.

The man she looked upon was barely a man at all. All life had left his eyes, and he looked at her with a blank stare. His testicles had been completely crushed, and all that was left was two ovular splatters of bloody pulp in their place.

Janet gasped, “Dan?!”

“You know him?”

“He's my date tonight, I came in here to look for him.”

“Oh?” Blight raised his eyebrows with anticipation, excited at the prospect of digesting this man in front of a woman who loved him. “Would you rather I spare his life too then?”

“Oh no please don't, I really want to watch him turn into slop.”

Blight was a little disappointed, but it didn't matter; a meal is a meal. He grew several feet taller and opened his mouth wider than any human being should've been able to. Janet watched in wonder as Blight lifted Dan up by the head. He slowly slid off Blight’s blood drenched cock as he rose into the air until the glans came out with a pop and another quart or so of blood splashed onto the ground and across Blight’s feet and lower legs. Blight dangled Dan's limp body over his mouth and lowered it in. Once the legs were in, Blight slurped Dan down like a spaghetti noodle. Before his entire body could be swallowed, however, Dan wrapped his fingers around Blight’s lower jaw, trying desperately to keep himself from sinking into Blight's deadly stomach. Blight looked down at it with little interest.

Janet looked a little concerned, “oh wow, I didn't think he'd still have any fight left in him. I guess this is that adrenaline rush they say happens when you're about to die.”

Blight bit down with a sickening crunch and another gush of blood. The severed fingers fell to the ground, and without its anchor, the lump that Dan's head had formed in Blight’s throat slid down into his stomach with a splash and the loudest raspy screech of pain that Dan's brutalized vocal cords could produce. “It didn't do him much good, and adrenaline tastes great.”

“Wow . . .”

“Come here,” Dan continued to make his best attempt at screams as Janet obediently walked over to Blight. Blight easily tore Janet's clothes away and looked her body up and down. Janet was a well endowed woman. She was only about 5’7” tall, but her stomach was flat and her breasts were round, perky d-cups. Blight played with them for a moment, “nice tits, turn around and show me your ass.”

Janet blushed again, “t-thanks, you don't know how much that means coming from you. You're my idol.” She did as she was told, spinning around and arching her back to emphasize her buttocks. It was quite large, but Blight preferred a man's ass anyway.

Blight nodded, “how about you help me clean all this blood off my cock?”

Janet immediately knew what he meant, and she jumped at the opportunity to get her tongue on Blight’s cock. She knelt down and got to work. As Dan screamed and Janet cleaned, Blight pulled his phone out of seemingly nowhere and started posting the pictures Janet had taken on Twitter. He captioned the first one:

“Just got done raping this guy. Pictures taken by a fan who's got about another twenty minutes to live, max”

He took a picture of Janet, who looked up with a cute smile and a peace sign held beside her face. Blight posted that one as well, captioned:

“this dumb bitch really thinks I'm not gonna eat her the second I finish shitting out her bf.” He added a laughing emoji at the end for emphasis.

The comments were already pouring in,

“Wow, I didn't know people got that stupid”

“You're doing the world a favor by taking that dumb slut out of the gene pool!!”

“Can't wait to see her digested”

“You haven't eaten a woman in a while”

“Are you gonna fuck her first??”

Blight set his phone down, as Janet was almost done cleaning and Dan would be dead any second now. Blight placed his hand around his cock and listened to Dan's screaming. Janet was trying to poke her tongue into Blight’s urethra when Dan's irritating pleas and futile struggling winked out. Dan was finally dead for good, and Blight burst immediately. Cum drenched Janet's face and the force of it pushed her backwards slightly. It soaked her long blonde hair and plastered several dozen massive loose globs of milky slime across her body. Janet tried to scoop as much splooge as she could from her body and the floor into her mouth. The taste was incredibly salty and slightly sweet, almost like the faintest essence of salted caramel.

“Open your mouth,”

Janet opened wide to showcase the thick semen that filled her mouth. Blight snapped a photo and posted it to Twitter with the caption:

“Cream filled is my favorite!”

Janet gulped down as much as she could before finally speaking while breathing heavily, “oh my god . . . This is a dream come true. I've wanted to taste your cum since the very first time I saw you.”

Blight didn't pay her much attention. His stomach was beginning to grumble as Dan's remains slowly filtered through his intestines. “Wanna watch me push him out?”

Janet was ecstatic, “OMG YES, that's always been my favorite part of your videos!”

Blight raised an eyebrow, “you’re more enthusiastic than I would've expected, but alright,” Blight stood up, “come around back then and take a look.”

Janet circled around behind him and gazed longingly at Blight’s massive glutes. When Blight squatted down, those glutes pulled apart to reveal a plump donut anus. Even squatting, Blight’s ass was still close to the height of Janet's chest. With one hand on his slightly distended stomach, Blight began to force out Dan's compacted remains. Having digested him so quickly, the turd was relatively dry and therefore harder than normal. What came out first was the skull, caked in shit. Janet caught it as it popped out and kissed it passionately. “Bye Dan, it was cool knowing you but even cooler watching you die.”

Next came the turd itself. Quickly growing to a diameter of almost two feet, it slid slowly out of Blight’s anus.

Janet's eyes were wide and she tentatively asked, “can I touch it?”

Blight chuckled, “you really are gross, but go ahead. I don't care what happens to people after I kill them.”

Janet leaned forward and hugged the turd like a beloved relative. She gently rested her head against it, letting her eyes roll back in her head and her relaxed mouth drool copiously. Blight’s shit had a consistency somewhere between soft fudge and a very stale chocolate cake, packed full of fragmented bones. Janet's arms and face sunk slightly into the turd with a soft squelch due to the trapped air from Dan's panicked breathing in his final moments. In color, it was the deep brown of dark chocolate, with subtle streaks of maroon from all of Dan's blood which had been only slightly mixed into the rest of his digested remains.

Janet slowly extended her tongue and dragged it along the turd, orgasming immediately. It did not taste like normal shit due to the rapid speed at which Blight had digested Dan's body. Instead, the metallic tang of blood was the overwhelming flavor of the excrement. Blight finished squeezing out the turd shortly afterwards, pinching off the loaf and letting it fall on top of Janet. It wasn't heavy enough to crush her, but it was heavy enough to knock her down. She fell onto her back and let the turd roll off to the side.

“Care to clean me off?” Blight straightened his legs slightly to raise his ass to Janet's eye level.

Janet jumped up and immediately began cleaning off Blight’s anus with her tongue.

Blight laughed, “holy shit you people are so fucking stupid!” Janet didn't even have time to register his words before he violently sat down, forcing Janet's entire body into his ass. Blight’s powerful muscles forced her struggling form up through his intestines and into his stomach.

“Oh my god, you really got me!” Janet laughed cheerfully. “When are you letting me back out?”

Blight absent-mindedly picked Dan's knuckle skin out of his teeth, “in a few days once you're completely dead”

Janet chuckled nervously, “y-you’re kidding, right?”

“Nope, since I melted your boyfriend in just a few minutes, I think I'll let you last about three days.”

“B-b-but you said you wouldn't eat me!”

“I sure did; I lied to you.” Blight yawned.

“I-I I thought you loved all your fans?”

Blight laughed hard, “of course I don't love you pathetic simps! All you're good for is raping and eating! Now get ready to be melted down!”


Janet was interrupted as acid flooded into Blight’s stomach. Her mouth and pussy began blistering and an excruciating burning sensation spread across every part of her body in contact with the fluid. Despite the incredible pain, the acid was melting her so slowly it didn't even seem to be damaging her at all.

Blight stood up and stretched, squeezing Janet and splashing more acid onto her face.


Blight started picking his teeth again, “God's not gonna help you, just submit and let yourself feel all the horrible pain until you die.”

Janet's screams became incomprehensible and Blight ignored her.

Blight pulled out his phone again and took pictures of his handiwork. He started with a selfie angled downwards so as to include the turd that used to be Dan. He closed one eye and stuck out his tongue, smiling and callously mocking Dan's death.

He posted that picture with the caption, “another boy dead, had a lot of fun with him”

His followers were already commenting:

“What happened to that bitch who thought you wouldn't eat her?”

“Is blondie in that turd too?”

“If he'd stanned BTS, this wouldn't have happened. Stream Butter for clear skin.”

“Holy shit that was fast. You melted him in under ten minutes”

Blight checked the timestamp of the post he made right after swallowing Dan, which was in fact ten minutes ago. He really had melted that boy into slop in under ten minutes; he smiled to himself with satisfaction as Janet continued screaming and begging for her life. He had broken his record for fastest digestion and he was quite proud of himself.

Next, Blight recorded a video of his stomach. Loud gurgling and squelching was drowned out by the even louder sound of Janet's shrieking. Anyone watching the video could clearly see Janet's form pushing out against Blight’s stomach, writhing around in agony. This one he captioned:

“Since her bf melted so quick, I think I'll try to break another record and keep this cunt alive for three days.”

More comments came in,

“Three days?!?! Holy shit that's gonna hurt alot. Wishing her luck”

Blight quickly responded to that, “luck won't help her much now. She's basically already dead, and believe me I'm not letting her miss out on a single second of the agony of slow unrelenting digestion.”

Then he posted a few comments directly under his own post, “This stupid bitch thought I wouldn't eat her bc she was a fan and she thought I loved all my fans. Let this be a reminder that the only thing I feel for any of you simps is hunger. None of you are anything more than food or a fleshlight in my eyes. I genuinely can't wait until every single one of you has died a painful death.”

People began replying to those comments too:

“Thanks for reminding us, king!”

“Hope to be your food one day”

“It’s so kind of him to keep us from forgetting that getting painfully digested and killed for his momentary pleasure is the best thing that will ever come from any of our pathetic lives!!”

“Sometimes I forget that being poop is my destiny and I start to think that maybe I should achieve other things with my life, but Blight always posts just in time to remind me that there's no achievement more important than throwing away your life to become poop!!”

“I hope it hurts really bad when I die in his belly”

“I'll be in your area later this week, will you use me like the fleshlight I am??”

“Some of y'all forget that you're supposed to be poop and it shows”

Blight laughed out loud; he knew all these commenters would change their minds the second they touched stomach acid. They always do.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the bathroom door. “Blight, are you in there?” It was Lucas.

“Yup, just found some people to murder. Sorry for taking so long.”

“No worries, I know eating people always takes priority.” Lucas walked into the room and saw Blight’s squirming stomach. “You've got one still going, huh?”

“Yep, she was a fan who thought I wouldn't eat her because I loved all my fans”

“Wow, that is impressively stupid.”

“Isn't it? It doesn't matter all that much though, she would've gotten eaten anyway”

“Good point, did she have any valuables?”

“I don't know, check her clothes,” Lucas began checking her clothes, “by the way, I broke my record for fastest digestion. This bitch’s boyfriend melted in under ten minutes.”

Lucas looked up right away, “really?? That's awesome! I'm so proud of you!” Lucas jumped into Blight’s arms to hug him. Blight hugged him back and Lucas kissed him deeply before he was set back down.

“Thanks bro. It is a pretty big accomplishment and I am pretty proud of myself.”

“You should be!” Lucas said enthusiastically as he recommenced searching through Janet's discarded clothes.

“Yeah, I'm going for another record with this bitch.” He patted his stomach to indicate to which bitch he was referring. The force of it broke one of Janet's arms with a sickening crack and she screamed a little louder than usual for a few minutes. Blight didn't seem to notice, “Gonna see if I can make her suffer in here for three days.”

“Well, I know you can do it. I can't wait to hear her scream and beg for the entire rest of the week.” Lucas reached his hand into one of Janet's pockets and closed his hand around something, “I found a car key and a wallet!”


Lucas and Blight stole Janet's car and sold it to a chop shop a few weeks later, eating several of the workers there. Janet died about four days later. After her eyes turned to liquid, all her hair fell out, her nose, ears, lips, and breasts sloughed off, both her arms and legs slowly melted down to stumps, and the flesh of her belly melted through, exposing her internal organs, nearly half of which liquified, her heart finally sunk into the pool of corrosive gunk and burst as the walls of her left ventricle were burned through. She didn't stop begging until the moment she died. Blight unceremoniously disposed of her remains by the side of a road.
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Re: Blight vore story

Postby BlightandLucas » Sun Aug 07, 2022 2:43 pm

An elaboration on part one's little epilogue :D

Kayleigh practically ran to the door when she heard the doorbell ring. When she opened it, her heart jumped. It was exactly who she had been hoping for,

“Jacob!! It's so good to see you again!” She jumped towards her boyfriend and wrapped him in a tight embrace.”

“Come on babe, it's only been four days,” Jacob said with lighthearted exasperation.

“Pfft, four days too many. Come in,” Kayleigh turned around to lead Jacob into her house.

“Surprise!” Jacob said, and fleshy tendrils wrapped around Kayleigh with lightning speed, quickly blotting out all light and pulling her back into a dark, wet, chamber.

“Jacob?!? Jacob?!? What's going on??”

The voice that replied was not Jacob's voice at all but the voice of his murderer, “Jacob's dead, babes. I melted him in the very same stomach you're in right now.”

“I'm in a stomach?!?! Ewwww!” Kayleigh started pushing against the walls of her fleshy prison.

Outside, Jacob's lean body began morphing into the powerful, eight foot tall build of Blight, the man who murdered him. Blight walked inside the house, ducking through the doorway and closing the door behind him. He sat down on Kayleigh's couch, immediately breaking it. “If you're grossed out by that, wait until you find out what comes next.” He let out a loud belch, and the walls of his stomach violently contracted around Kayleigh.

“What did you do to Jacob, you monster?!?!”

“Oh, you want the full story with all the details, huh?”

“No! I – “ Kayleigh was cut off as another fleshy tendril emerged from the walls of Blight’s stomach and plunged down her throat.

“Shhhh, I'm telling you the story. Now make yourself comfortable and listen.”


“Alright, so I was out quite late that night, and I had already shoved four people down my cock.”

Blight let stomach acid slowly filter into his stomach, creating a shallow puddle that would quickly begin melting Kayleigh's legs. She tried to scream as the skin on her shins began peeling off, but the tendril in her throat muffled it.

“Now, the guys in my balls were long dead by the time I found your boyfriend. They were fully liquified and I was just waiting for a good time to let them out. But you see, the problem is that I can't cum without killing someone. That's why I was so happy to find Jack or whatever his name was.”

Even while her legs were melting, Kayleigh couldn't help but think about Jacob, “this psycho murdered my boyfriend less than a week ago and he can't even remember his name??”

“Anyway, muscle boys are my favorite food. They squirm the hardest and they always scream and cry the most pathetically right before they die. I imagine they think they're too strong and beautiful to get melted into shit, but of course getting turned to shit is exactly what they're meant to do.”

“Shit?!?! Is that all that's left of Jacob?!?”

“So I decided to check out the nearby gym, and I found that Jason guy. I'll give it to you, he was a real stud, but I could tell he'd look much better as a pile of shit.” Blight laughed, and the shaking splashed acid across Kayleigh's entire body, instantly searing off the top layer of her skin. “Of course everyone would look a lot better as a pile of shit; Jackson’s nothing special. If you weren't about to die, you'd be able to see firsthand just how much of an improvement it is to go from person to poop.”

“Is that all that'll be left of me too?? Am I gonna be turned into poop?!?”

“Sorry, I got sidetracked. So I turned myself into goo and oozed through the pipes while he was showering. I really wanted to see the look of horror on his face when he got engulfed.”

Tears began to flow from Kayleigh's eyes. Not just from the pain of the acid below her, which had now melted off her lower legs completely, but also because she couldn't help but imagine the pained expression on the face of her lover.

“I got to digesting him right away. He screamed and cried just like anyone else.”

Without her legs, Kayleigh fell onto her stomach, exposing more of her body to the corrosion from below.

“But this is my favorite part: you know how long it took him to offer his anal virginity in exchange for his life?”

“He would never,” Kayleigh thought, “Jacob wasn't gay, he was a man's man who loved me more than anything.”

“Three seconds!” Blight laughed, “it was the first thing that stupid fag tried. Of course I declined. His ass had already melted, so getting digested was the only thing he could do for me. Anyways, after a few more hours of hellish torment, I finally put him out of his misery. He'd stopped screaming so it wasn't much fun anymore.”

Blight leaned back with satisfaction.

“Yeah, I just clenched my abs and it completely crushed all the bones in his weak little body. I shat him out pretty soon after that and jizzed all over what was left of him. I had so much fun with him, I had to look through his phone to see if he had any loved ones I could eat. There were three girls in his phone that he'd been fucking, but you were the only one labeled girlfriend, so I decided on digesting you.”

“No, he wouldn't do that to me… He loved me…”

“And there you go, that's the story of how I brutally murdered your boyfriend and turned him into a pile of shit. What'd you think?” Blight pulled the tendril out of Kayleigh's throat.

No response.

“Hello?” Blight jiggled his stomach and felt the corpse floating inside, “oh,” he laughed, “you just died, didn't you?”

Kayleigh had indeed died. The last thing she ever felt was a crushing sense of betrayal and despair and the searing pain of acid melting through her flesh.

“Well, I had a lot of fun killing you.”

Blight got up and was about to find a place to dump the remains of his victim when the front door opened. The figure in the doorway was a large boy with the build of a football player who bore a striking resemblance to Kayla or whatever her name was.

Brad was greeted by a surprising sight when he got home. He had won his recent football game, so he was in a good mood and didn't immediately lash out at the strange man in his house.

“Who are you?” He asked.

Blight saw no need to lie, as after the rather passive meal he'd just finished, he was up for a good fight or chase. Of course no other human would stand a chance against Blight in any contest, but he always loved to see them struggle in vain.

“My name's Blight. I ate your sister's boyfriend a few days ago, and I just stopped by to snuff her out as well.”

“Oh,” Brad actually didn't care that much about the deaths of Kayleigh or Jacob. His sister was always lecturing him about being “insensitive” or “misogynistic,” and that boyfriend of hers was a total fag that spent all his time ogling himself in the mirror. “Isn't that kinda gay though? To have another dude inside you? Especially a fag like Jacob.”

Blight smiled cruelly, “I suppose so, but it gets a lot gayer than that.”

In a blindingly quick motion, Blight snatched Brad into the air by the scruff of his neck. Brad cried out in pain as Blight’s fingers dug into his flesh and tried desperately to pull Blight’s hand away. Of course, Blight’s pinky finger was stronger than every muscle in Brad's pathetic body, so his struggling was in vain.

“Ow dude! What the fuck are you doing?!?!”

“Oh, just showing you what a real fag looks like,” Blight used his other hand to remove Brad's clothing. His strength and size was so immense that he merely needed to pinch the cloth between his fingers and pull back gently, and the clothing was ripped to shreds like wet paper. From amongst the tattered clothes, Blight retrieved Brad's phone.

“Ew!! Stop!! I'm not gay, stop looking at me like that!!”

Blight licked his lips and continued eyeing Brad like a ravenous predator. He turned Brad around so that he faced away from Blight, and walked over to the large mirror in the living room. Forcing Brad to look at his own reflection, Blight pointed to him and said, “there you go, that's what a real fag looks like,” and plunged his cock so deep into Brad's anus that it threatened to burst his stomach open. His pelvis collided violently with Brad's muscled football player ass with a deafening PLAP.


Blight pulled his cock nearly all the way out, pulling much of Brad's insides with it, then slammed it back in with unimaginable force. Another loud PLAP was heard


Blight morphed his finger to match Brad's thumbprint and began filming Brad in the mirror as he continued to take devastating thrust after thrust. Blight smiled, “yup, that's the plan, although hopefully you won't die until I start digesting you. Speaking of, would you rather be melted into the load of cum I bust into the next boy I fuck or a stinking pile of shit I squeeze out on the side of a road and forget about after a few minutes?”


“Cum it is!” Blight laughed, and violently ripped Brad off of his cock, dangling him in the air for a few seconds while his already massive, baseball bat sized penis, grew to the size of a moose, with a gaping dinner plate cock hole waiting hungrily. Blight lowered Brad's limp body, and the enormous dick, moving as if with a mind of its own, latched onto Brad's feet and began slurping him down. He was quickly deposited into Blight’s balls, which stretched to accommodate him and immediately began filling with splooge.


Blight laughed again, “yup, that's where it's made. All that spunk used to be part of a boy just like you who suffered and inevitably died in there just like you will. Someday real soon, another boy will be trapped in there, and he'll see what's left of you and cry about how gross it is, just like you did.” Blight sighed with satisfaction, “isn't it just a beautiful cycle?”

The thick white slop stuck to Brad like molasses, and he could feel the abnormally large sperm cells biting him, tearing away tiny chunks of his flesh like swarms of microscopic piranhas. Skin quickly turned red, then gave way to raw muscle as Blight's sperm cells used his flesh as fuel to reproduce.


“Yep, they're real hungry and you taste delicious. Now, I'm gonna post this video of you getting raped to your Instagram. Any guesses on what kinda comments we'll get?”


“You have less than another ten minutes to live and you're still worried about what people think of you?”


“Oops, already posted,” Blight hit the post button. “For the caption, I thought, ‘I love getting dominated by real men so much’ was a good option.” Brad was audibly sobbing inside Blight’s balls, both from physical pain, as Blight’s sperm had now eaten off both his hands and feet, and from humiliation.

“PLEASE, THERE'S STILL TIME TO DELET – AAAARGH”. Brad was cut off as Blight’s sperm had eaten through his thighs and began tearing away at the tender flesh of his genitals.

“I'm afraid there isn't much time left actually, it's already got ten views. Let's read them off. Jackson, Kyle, Lucy, Amber–”


“Oh, was that a crush of yours? Hoping she'd suck your dick in the five minutes of life you have left?”. Blight laughed heartily. “Oh, here's our first comment! Kyle says, ‘omg what a fucking fag, never knew he was into that’”

Brad's sobbing grew louder. His body was now bleeding profusely from nearly every inch of his skin or lack thereof. His hands, feet, calves, genitals, thighs, and ass had all been completely eaten, the wounds left behind oozed blood rapidly, turning the white soup of cum to a bright, cheerful, bubblegum pink.

“Ooh, here's another comment from Amber: ‘EW! Why would you post something like this??’”

Brad moaned in both physical and emotional anguish.

Blight continued taunting him and his sperm continued to tear away at Brad's flesh for several more minutes. Blight couldn't pinpoint exactly when Brad expired, but it didn't matter too much to him.

He found a suitable place to dispose of Kayleigh first, sitting on the edge of the master bathroom’s bathtub and letting out a torrent of soft butt fudge scattered with singed bone fragments. It quickly filled the tub like thick batter filling an enormous loaf pan, and he stood up to admire his work. Brad's body wasn't quite done breaking down, and he'd need someone else to die to get the juices flowing anyway, so he simply stole everything of value from the vacant house and went home.
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