Looking for Preggo Prey for my Story Adaptation [Free Art]

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Looking for Preggo Prey for my Story Adaptation [Free Art]

Postby Slimshod » Sat Sep 17, 2022 10:24 pm

**If this belongs in another part of the forum, let me know. I felt this was the best place since I'm sharing info on a piece of work that is both done and being worked on.**

As the title says, I'm adapting my story "Lunch Break" into a comic and I'm looking for an OC to play the main part.

The main character is a human female of light skin and red hair (ginger), not very big or tall but is at least 3-6mo pregnant in the story. She will be eaten orally and will not survive. I am looking for an OC to play this part. You must own the character or have perms to use them. I will require a screenshot of the perms being given if the char is not yours. You must also have image references for your OC, no text descriptions. I retain full creative control of the comic and how she'll look but I won't make changes/adjustments to the char without your consent. The art would be free to you. I'm paying for everything.

If you have a character you would like to submit, please go to my blog and submit links of your characters. No limit on submissions but don't be greedy. There is only 1 spot open after all. If you have any questions, post them below and I'll get to them.

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