Slappy's Danganronpa Vore Stories with Female Preds

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Slappy's Danganronpa Vore Stories with Female Preds

Postby Slappy » Fri Nov 18, 2022 10:39 pm

Trial by Belly Part 1

  • Angie Yonaga as the predator
  • Tenko Chabashira as the prey
  • Himiko Yumeno

As Angie locked her research lab's back door, Tenko could sense the displeasure coming from her, despite the artist's perpetual smile.

For a while, Tenko's best friend Himiko had been spending a lot of time with Angie, becoming fast friends with her and converting to her religion. Tenko was both concerned for Himiko's well-being but also jealous of her friendship with Angie. So when Angie announced that she was forming a student council with Himiko and a few other students, Tenko signed up in order to keep an eye on her friend. Since then, she saw Himiko become more and more withdrawn, especially from her. This was because of Angie brainwashing her; of that, Tenko was sure. She had to do something to get her friend to snap out of it! She was so desperate, she even enlisted the help of a degenerate male! Though, to be fair, Shuichi was one of the least degenerate ones. But even with his help, Tenko couldn't persuade Angie to drop the whole Atua thing or Himiko to leave it behind. In her frustration, she snapped at both girls, insulting Angie's religion and disputing Himiko's magical capabilities. Too late she realised that she had crossed a line.

Angie curtly dismissed Shuichi and he left the research lab quickly and quietly. She then coldly instructed Tenko to stay and the martial artist froze in place while the research lab's doors were locked. She had a sinking feeling that Angie wasn't just going to tell her that Atua would punish her descendents. Not this time. She gave Himiko a pleading look but the mage barely even looked at her. Clearly Tenko's claim that she wasn't a real mage bothered her.

"I-I'm sorry-" Tenko started to say to Himiko, but Angie cut her off.

"Tenko," Angie said matter-of-factly, still with an unsettling smile on her face, "you keep trying to lead other students astray by telling them to ignore Atua's will, most of all Himiko." She waved a hand in Himiko's direction and Tenko saw that the mage was staring at the floor, almost as if in defeat. "Atua may be a very merciful god, but there are limits to his forgiveness, and tonight, you've gone too far. Atua has decreed that you must be punished, and he says that Himiko will help."

"Nyeh?" Himiko uttered in confusion. She had no idea what punishment awaited Tenko, let alone what her own role in it would be. She hoped it wouldn't be too harsh; despite the martial artist's overwhelming boisterous behaviour, Himiko did still consider her a good friend.

"Don't worry, Himiko," Angie said softly. "As long as you open yourself to Atua, he will guide you through this."

"OK," Himiko replied, sounding less certain than she actually was.

"No, Himiko, you don't have to do this!" Tenko cried in a panic. But it was too late. Himiko had closed her eyes and was muttering what sounded like gibberish. Tenko tried yelling Himiko's name to snap her out of it but to no avail. She took a step towards her but a glare from Angie stopped her in her tracks. Only a few seconds later, Tenko was struck by a brilliant beam of white light and she had to close her eyes to avoid being blinded. She fell to her knees as she felt all the strength drain from her body, and then keeled over onto her side and rolled onto her back. She could feel something happening to her, but she couldn't tell what.

As the light subsided, Himiko began to fall as well, but Angie caught her and gently lowered her to the floor. That last spell took a lot out of her and she was glad to have the support, even if she didn't show it. Angie then looked at where Tenko had previously stood. The Neo-Aikido practitioner was lying on the floor, still alive and conscious but too disoriented to move or open her eyes.

"Nyahahaha! Your magic worked perfectly, Himiko!" Angie cheered. This got Himiko to look up from the floor and over to where Angie was looking. What she saw made her smile.

"Of course it did," Himiko replied confidently. "My magic always works. But why did Atua want me to shrink Tenko?"

As soon as Tenko heard those last two words, she immediately sat up and opened her eyes as if waking up from a bad dream. When she did, however, she quickly realised that this was no dream. Brush holders and cans of paint came up to her head and went beyond. Tables were as tall as buildings. Angie and Himiko, who were now staring at her, looked like giants. Most embarrassingly, however, most of Tenko's clothes were now many, many sizes too big for her. Only her underwear and hair accessories shrunk with her. When Tenko looked down at her almost-naked body, she shrieked in horror!

"What's going on?" Tenko screamed. She then looked up furiously at Angie. "Is this what your Atua wanted? I knew it! He's just as big a degenerate as all the other males!" In response, Angie reached out and plucked the doll-sized Tenko from the ground, pinching the miniature martial artist's waist between her thumb and index finger. Tenko yelped as she was swiftly lifted up to Angie's enormous, smiling face. "H-hey, put me down!" she shouted as she kicked, squirmed, and flailed to try to get out of Angie's grip. The artist merely hummed as she gave Tenko a close inspection, getting a good look at her from every angle. Tenko could also see Himiko regarding her with similar interest. "Himiko, tell her to put me down!" she yelled, but Himiko just leaned in with an amused smile.

"Wow, Atua makes some very lifelike dolls," the mage commented as she started rubbing her index finger up and down Tenko's torso, causing her breasts to bounce. Tenko's screams rose and fell with Himiko's giant finger. Her cheeks heated up, not just because of the undignified position she was in, but because part of her liked seeing Himiko have fun with her body. Nevertheless, Tenko's tiny body was delicate and wouldn't be able to withstand too much rough play, so she had to make it stop.

"Himi ... ko ... stop ..." Tenko said breathlessly between screams. Mercifully, Himiko did stop, giving Tenko a moment to catch her breath. She was so focused on what Himiko was doing, however, that she didn't notice that Angie's tongue was sticking out until she felt something wet and slimy slide up the back of her legs. Tenko winced as the tongue gave her butt a nice, long lick before travelling up her back and retreating back into its owner's mouth. Angie then turned Tenko around to face her and licked her again, from her feet to her face, covering the tiny girl in saliva.

"Atua has blessed you with a divine flavour!" Angie joyfully remarked. "Mmm, mmm, mmm! Yummy, yum, yum!" Tenko tried to protest but she could only cough and splutter.

"I wanna try!" Himiko piped up. Before Tenko could react, the mage yanked her out of Angie's grasp and started licking her! Unlike Angie, Himiko opted for shorter licks, getting a taste of each part of Tenko's body separately. "Mmm, you were right Angie, she is delicious," she said once she was done. Tenko stared in disbelief at the two giant girls. Was this her fate now? To be nothing but a tasty toy for Angie and Himiko?

"Atua has made a decision!" Angie announced suddenly, taking Tenko back into her own hand. She then pulled the shrunken girl towards her belly. This close up, Tenko could hear Angie's belly gurgling and churning as it digested her dinner. "Tenko will go into my belly and stay there for three days and three nights." Tenko's disbelief gave way to terror and she wriggled with renewed vigor. Even Himiko's playful smile gave way to concern. "Don't worry, Atua will protect her from my stomach acids. Then, once three days and three nights have passed, if Tenko has renounced her wicked ways, she will be spat back up and returned to normal." Angie then pressed Tenko up against her belly. "But if she hasn't, then my belly will sacrifice her to Atua!" At that moment, Tenko heard a deep rumble come from Angie's belly.

"Are you crazy?" Tenko shrieked. "You can't just eat me just because Atua told you to!" But her protests fell on deaf ears. Angie dangled Tenko over her gaping maw. As the martial artist was slowly lowered into the giant mouth, she kicked wildly to try to save herself, but Angie's lips snapped shut around her waist, trapping her legs inside. Moments later, Tenko was sucked in deeper as Angie started to gulp her down. Her abdomen disappeared behind the artist's lips and her chest soon followed. "Himiko, don't let her eat me!" she cried out desperately, hoping that her best friend would save her.

"I hope you see the light," Himiko muttered, "because getting digested sounds like a pain."

Himiko's wary expression was the last thing Tenko saw before her head was sucked into Angie's mouth. Her legs had already started disappearing down Angie's throat, and each gulp brought the rest of her closer! Her body slid along Angie's tongue, drenching her in saliva and allowing the artist to enjoy her taste once more. As Tenko was pulled into the throat, its muscles dragged her further down. Angie continued swallowing, dropping more saliva on Tenko's head as she descended further and further. She couldn't kick, she couldn't scream, she couldn't do anything to halt her descent!

Then, all of a sudden, Tenko found that she could kick! Unfortunately, this was because her legs had just arrived in Angie's belly, and the rest of her body was still to come. Tenko was forced to tuck her legs in as more and more of her body took up space in the belly, until finally her head popped in. She found herself sitting in a dark room that was barely big enough to contain her. The walls around her squeezed her rhythmically, creating a horrible groaning sound that seemed to reverberate. A thick, lumpy broth flooded the floor of the chamber, gurgling away and splashing Tenko. Then, just as she thought things couldn't possibly get more disgusting, she heard an ungodly noise from above.


Himiko gave Angie a look of disgust when she heard the artist's burp. She thought this would prompt her to excuse herself, but nope. "Burps are how we say thank you to Atua for the wonderful meals he gives us," Angie explained as she started to rub her belly, "and Tenko was an incredible meal. Not just because she was tasty, but look how much she's filled my belly!" She took her hand away from her belly, allowing Himiko to see that Angie's belly was bulging considerably! Anyone who was paying attention would certainly notice that Angie's belly was bigger than usual, but she could simply pass it off as having eaten a lot.

"You sure she won't get digested?" Himiko asked anxiously.

"But of course!" Angie replied. "Atua won't let me digest her until three days and three nights have passed. So without further ado, let the trial by belly begin!"

(To be continued)
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