Mushy Mellow's Stuff :3 (Vorny)

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Mushy Mellow's Stuff :3 (Vorny)

Postby MushyMellow » Thu May 18, 2023 8:06 pm

Ima add stuff here. I hope I don't get in trouble for the forum, I'm still getting used to using this site lol
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Best Mother's Day Ever

Postby MushyMellow » Thu May 18, 2023 8:50 pm

Well hello, hello, hello~

I'm not dead! I've just been busy, with a LOT. But I'm happy to present to you all the newest (and definitely out of order) content featuring the lovely, demonical Elkins family! It seems for Mother's day Darlene wants to experiment with her usual fun with Martha, but little do they know that it would lead to one hell of a change-up! Hope you enjoy this amusing, steamy, and wholesome little story. Bye dorks :3

All Images made for the story and more featured here! :D
Link: ... 84768?s=20

The whole story can be found below, but since I haven't figured out a way to implement photos, yet I won't xD
Hope you enjoy though!


“I’m sorry, but you want me to do what again?” Martha replied with a surprised, and extremely concerned tone.
“You heard me! I want ya to eat me- whole.” Darlene repeated herself for the third time this evening. It was the thirteenth of May, 20XX, and right before Mother’s day. And as a new, spicy idea to experiment with, Darlene had asked the unthinkable- for Martha to vore her. Martha was shocked by this request, because it was impossible for her to do! Her lovely wife could do things like this without a problem. Not only because she was fourteen feet tall, not including her horns, but also because she could unhinge her jaw like a snake and stretch out her neck and torso to fit a dozen people inside! Humans do not have the same luxuries as giant demonesses from Hell do. While Martha was contemplating how this could even work- Darlene booped her nose to derail her train of thought and bring her back to her fantasy-reality.
“Well come on! It’ll be fun, sweetheart. And easy too. Plus, I am mighty heat-resistant. So although I’ll be digesting in your little tum right there-” she poked her better-half’s belly to continue her point- “- I won’t feel a thing!” Darlene finished with a toothy, and warm smile. Martha blushed at being prodded; since she wasn’t completely comfortable about her body. However, Darlene thoroughly enjoyed the eye-candy that her wife grew to be over the years, and so over time Martha grew comfortable with the extra attention and even began to enjoy it. She gave it a little more thought, and then finally made up her mind.
“A-alright. I’ll do it.” She spoke quietly, but firmly. Darlene erupted with a joyful roar and swept up Martha into the air and collapsed back onto the couch. Her wings thudded hard against the ground when she landed, and with a quick look around it was obvious she knocked over quite a few things in their human-sized apartment. Regardless, she pinned her wife firmly into her bosom and pelted her face with kisses. She only stopped to give a huge smile, displaying all of her very, sharp teeth before going in for one more smooch.
“Oh you’ve made me the happiest woman in the whole-wide-world, darlin’! Trust me, ya won’t regret it!” She quickly sat back and plopped Martha down on the couch- making her quite light-headed in the process- and quickly stepped over the couch to fetch something. After a moment, when the world finally stopped spinning, Martha sat up and saw her wife rummaging around in the closet- barely able to fit inside.
“You know you could just shrink down, right? There’s no need to destroy our whole apartment.” Martha said, chuckling a little bit at the disarray of her wife. Darlene scoffed in response and flashed a smile to her.
“Oh please. We both know that you like me better like this, and besides-” Darlene finished grabbing some clothing out of a drawer and swiftly came back into the main room- “- I love looking down at a cute, little thing like you.” She loomed well above Martha, even though she was only on her knees. She was holding something in her hands. It looked brand new, and one was red and the other was a light blue- most likely cyan.
“Well go on! I bought it just for you, and I made sure to get all of the right measurements.” Darlene thrusted the cyan garb in Martha’s arms, and left a kiss on top of her head.
“But no peeking! I want mine to be a surprise too.” The mischievous demoness added, and revealed that her garb was a skimpy, two-piece lingerie. Martha’s cheeks grew crimson knowing her wife’s plan, and she quickly obliged by going into the bathroom to change. Darlene had always enjoyed pleasant surprises and grand reveals- it was probably a kink of hers to be surprised. Knowing this, she took little time to put on her newest gift. It was a one-piece lingerie that snugly hugged her waist and revealed her tummy through a mesh-pattern. It was stylish, and it hugged her body in a way that exemplified her hips and showed off her thick legs. It allowed breathing room for her plump breasts, and plenty of give to fit her chubby figure. It was tight, yet comfortable. It was perfect. Her attention was directed back to the door when she heard a light knock.
“Martha….” Darlene called, drawing out her name in a long, and soft tone.
“I’m ready if you are, Darlin’.” An audible giggle could be heard as her heavy footsteps moved across the floor to where Martha could guess was the table. Bracing herself for whatever her wife had in store, she opened the door and walked out. It was cold with the lingerie on, but she got over it quickly.
“Dar- whoa!” Martha had begun to call out to her wife, only to be interrupted as she was pulled up into the air by her arms and pinned against the wall- eight feet off the ground. Martha looked around wildly at the giant, red figure that had plucked her up so effortlessly off the ground. Her eyes locked with her wife’s and all she could say was-
“Jesus Christ, Darlene! You could’ve ripped my arms off right there just now!” Martha shouted at her, becoming extremely flustered at the situation. Darlene put a finger to her lips and leaned closer to her. She never once broke eye-contact with Martha, and made sure to keep her firm grip over her wrists.
“I am so sorry, sugar. But you know how I can be sometimes. It has been a long time since I’ve seen ya all dolled up for me. I just… couldn’t resist.” She leaned in gently to bite the side of Martha’s neck, earning a yelp from her imprisoned lover. She moaned softly, and Darlene moved around, gently nibbling her and tasting her skin. She moaned softly alongside Martha, and used her free hand to gently caress her pussy. She pressed against the fabric of the lingerie to reach it, threatening to tear a hole in it with her finger alone. She rose her just a bit higher to reach her lips, and closed in to plant a long and deep kiss on her plump lips. She gently rubbed her and Martha moaned in between breaths of air as her mind grew fuzzy very quickly. Only after using all of her will power did Darlene stop to remember her original plan.
“A-ahaha. Sorry about that, sweetheart. I’m just so caught up in you- that I almost forgot this was supposed to be the other way around tonight. Here… let me just….” She spoke before turning her wife around into her arms. She held her gently and smiled at her before taking a few steps back to the table.
“Alrighty then- let’s take this… slowly.” Darlene stuck out her finger, claw and all, towards Martha. The finger was bigger than her whole hand, but it didn’t deter her much.
“S-so you want me to…?” She trailed off, prompting a slow nod from Darlene as she smiled softly. Martha nodded back and took Darlene’s finger. She gave it a light lick, savoring her flavor. It had a hint of heat to it, causing her throat to start kicking up as if she ate a pepper whole. Regardless, she took the whole appendage into her mouth and began to suck on it. Darlene used her free hand that was supporting her to gently stroke her thigh, prompting some side glances from her captive. She let go and pulled her head back, a trail of saliva hanging from her lips back to the finger.
“So what do ya think?” Darlene asked eagerly, actually curious to know if her wife appreciated the flavor of others like she did. Martha thought about it, and smirked.
“Well it’s definitely spicy. I’m not sure I totally get the appeal though.” She shrugged, and looked back at her wife. Darlene’s smile faltered a little at this news.
“Ah! Well I suppose not everyone has such a dignified tongue like mine.” She stated confidently with herself. Martha snorted in response.
“I think you mean, ‘not everyone’s a blood-thirsty cannibal like me.’” She snickered before having the same finger pushed up against her lips.
“Oh you hush. You have no right to be cheeky when you’re this cute- but you’re totally right. I’m always thirsty for you.” She drew out the you, and kissed the top of her head to finish it. As always, Martha blushed in response to her teases like this. Sure, the lines were corny, but they were genuinely sweet. Also being complimented always made Martha melt into a gibbering oaf, or as Darlene liked to call her a cute, mumbling dork.
“Alright. The next part’s where it gets exciting. Let me just let you down and you can take it from here.” She cooed as she did exactly as she said and gently placed Martha back on the ground. Darlene ordered her into a chair, which her ass completely ate up, and waited curiously for what she was going to do next. Darlene closed her eyes and concentrated, squinting her brown slightly. Martha watched as her wife shrank down. Down to their daughter’s height, down her original human height, and even further down. Martha almost leapt out of her chair when she shrank past her own height, and just kept going and going. Martha had never seen Darlene shorter than a yard, let alone shrink at all! She kept going and going, her presence leaving the room rapidly as she continued to shrink. Eventually coming to a stop around three percent of her original height, which was about five and half inches tall- her horns reaching six. Martha’s eyes lit up as she reached down and gently picked her up. She could help, but exchanged a smile with her.
“You’re right. This is the part where it gets exciting!” Martha spoked in a hushed voice as excitement drenched each word. She kept quiet considering she knew how loud bigger people could be- you learn the hard way if you live with a family whose height is double, if not triple, your height.
“Alright, sweetheart, hold out your hands for me!” Darlene called from the floor. Her voice was noticeably higher-pitched, and much quieter. It sounded like she was yelling for Martha to hear. She did as she was told and held out her hands for her wife. Darlene flapped her wings and flew up and into her hands. She had an awkward landing since Martha struggled to keep steady, but after a moment of recollection Darlene was standing proudly in Martha’s hands. Martha’s heart was pounding in her chest.
“G-gosh. This is… is… just so exhilarating! I never knew what it’d be like to be on the other side of this.” Martha spoke in an excited whisper, as to not hurt Darlene’s eardrums in the process. She leaned in, and Darlene was washed over in her warm breath. She could hear her quickened heart rate- as well as some audible stomach gurgles. Darlene smiled.
“Alright then, sugar! Ready for me to dive right on in?” Darlene readied herself, as if she was actually about to dive into a pool. She broke her pose and giggled to herself instead, because she’d rather take it at Martha’s pace. Martha on the other hand hesitated. Her eyes darted to the side and she pursed her lips a little, Darlene’s smile faltered again and she held her better half’s thumb.
“Hey there; it’s going to be okay! You know I won’t feel a thing in there. I’m all heat-proof and stuff.” She patted her palm reassuringly.
“That’s actually not what I’m worried about. Is there any chance you can hide your wings and horns? I’m worried they’ll scratch up my throat on the way down.” Martha requested, sheepishly. Darlene’s eyes widened, and she looked back up to her wings and gave them a bit of a flap. She blushed and chuckled in response.
“Oh! You’re quite right. Sorry, Darlin’. Just give me one second and….” Within seconds, her wings and horns shrank and retracted back into her body. If it wasn’t so magical, it would make for a great sci-fi horror trick. She turned back once her wings were fully retracted and she smiled softly up at Martha.
“Alright then. You ready, sugar?” She asked sweetly. Martha took a gulp, and breathed out to calm herself- the gust was so strong it flew all of Darlene’s hair back.
“Yup. Let’s do it.” Martha slowly began to bring Darlene closer to her mouth, and now it was Darlene’s turn to feel her heart pump a million miles an hour.
“H-hey Darlene… be safe, alright?” She asked quietly. Without hesitation Darlene leapt forward, much to the surprise of Martha, and hugged her lips.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way with you. I promise to be safer than a baby bear with its momma!” She planted a tiny kiss on her massive lips and looked up at her. Martha, feeling satisfied now, opened her mouth and pushed her tongue forward. She grazed Darlene’s entire face, and really began to experience her flavor. She could taste so much more of her at this size, and she quietly enjoyed it. Her stomach growled at her actions, and without much hesitation she reached forward and took in her whole head. She reached out with her tongue again and slid it past Darlene’s torso, slowly lifting her onto it. Darlene was impressed by the strength of her tongue, and wiggled onto the rest of it. Martha giggled nervously as she tilted her head back, enjoying the power she had over her wife- even if only for a night. Darlene shook as more hot breath washed over her and slimy saliva drenched her hair and body. Her cock began to grow hard as the sensations were beginning to overwhelm her. She began to moan softly as her cock rubbed against Martha’s bottom lip. She grabbed the tongue and began to softly hump against her skin. Martha picked up on what she wanted to do quickly, and carefully she used her finger and applied pressure to the other side of her cock. Something that threatened to split her open during gentle intercourse, suddenly was only about as big as a quarter of her finger. It was so surreal that she couldn’t help but smile. She stuck out her tongue again and smothered her wife’s cock against her body. An audible moan could be heard from the inside of her mouth, and she knew she did the right thing.
Martha figured enough foreplay had passed in these couple minutes of slowly swallowing her wife, so why not give her a bit of a jump? Eagerly, Martha titled her head back and felt Darlene drop against her throat. She didn’t stop herself, and like one of her usually massive loads entering Martha’s maw- it was a big and satisfying swallow. Quickly, Darlene began to descend into the depths of her better half’s throat, the saliva working wonders to slide her down further and further with the help of gravity on her side. Soon Darlene’s cock bumped against her throat and it almost made her gagged, but she was prepared for this- although usually the other way around. In moments Darlene’s feet disappeared from view in her mouth and her body began to enter the stomach of her wife. She was quickly greeted by the deafening sound of Martha’s heartbeat and all of her body’s innerworkings. It was loud, wet, and dark- it was perfect. The rest of Darlene’s body followed suit like her head, and she dropped into her stomach entirely. She was now trapped in Martha’s belly.
Satisfied, she began to wiggle around a little and test her surroundings. It was entirely unstable, and the gurgles and groans that erupted around her were of excitement. It wouldn’t be long before the stomach tried to digest her or she would run out of air, but she had time before any of that. She felt a pat against the stomach wall, and heard Martha clearing her throat. It echoed like thunder.
“Darlene? Are you… inside me?” Martha asked quietly, but even so her voice was still deafening. A “muffled deafening” as the vibrations dug their way into her stomach for her wife to hear. Darlene knew it would be hard for her to hear her while being so far inside, so she made herself as loud as she could.
“I’m quite alright! It’s amazing in here, sweetheart. I just hope my gut’s just as good as this!” She physically agreed by slowly beginning to stroke her massive cock. Martha sighed relief and giggled- jostling Darlene in the process. She began to lie back and enjoy the feeling of her significant other trapped inside her stomach, but was soon interrupted by a need to release. With much warning, she let out a large belch while trying to cover her mouth. Another belch followed it right after, kicking its way out as she tried to excuse herself. She could feel more coming, and tried to stifle them as much as she could.
“O-oh crap! Sorry, it just kinda came up. Everything still going well for you in there?” Martha asked a little concerned, but mostly indifferent now due to her wife’s comfort and confidence. Darlene laughed heartily, and patted against the inside of her stomach walls.
“Not bad! I expected a bigger one from ya. The walls did get tighter; it’s a little cramped in here now actually. I plan to enjoy this as much as I can!” She reached down and began to slowly stroke herself, moaning quietly as the saliva coated her cock lubricated it perfectly. Martha began to blush to herself. Finally, beginning to enjoy this as much as she did, she got up and moved over to the spare chair by the lamp and began to strip off her lingerie. She smiled to herself as she found herself already soaking.
“Well if you’re going to get to work- I suppose I should too. Hope you don’t mind me kicking things up a notch.” Martha cooed to her. Darlene’s heart-rate skyrocketed as her excitement and lust came to an all-time high.
“Oh you dirty girl! And here I thought you would just sit there awkwardly the whole damn time. Well get to work missy- I want to climax with you.” Darlene teased as she began to stroke herself harder, causing her cock to rise to its full mast and press against the stomach walls. Martha’s breath deepened as she took her hand and lowered it to her exposed pussy. The first few touches against her clit began to set her off; it was incredibly sensitive this time around. Together, they unknowingly synchronized their rubs- the first sign of something great to happen- and went to town. Darlene could feel the stomach walls closing in on her more, each passing second it became tighter and tighter. The air left in the stomach was quickly being used up by her quickened pace as she stroked her cock to the rhythm of her wife’s strokes. Stomach acid began to slowly creep in, but just as she had said- she can’t feel a thing even as her lingerie begins to burn away. To her it was just a warm tingle as her fiery, red skin began to burn away. Little by little she was being consumed by the acid flooding in. The oxygen she needed to stay conscious was fading rapidly too. The feeling of impending doom, the tightness, the sickening stench and the slimy walls filled her mind with nothing but lust. She thrashed around, not in pain, but in pure ecstasy. Her cock began to throb madly as she was reaching her climax. She closed her eyes as the acid rose higher and higher, leaving only the upper-half of her body exposed. Her legs were being churned to mush, and with what strength she had left she mashed her disintegrating legs against her cock and it shot off ropes of hot, white cum. It hit the roof of the stomach and dribbled back onto her already damp hair. She moaned as her mind turned blank from the loss of her body mass and the orgasm she endured. Soon the acid rose to the roof of the stomach and she was completely surrounded. She accepted her fate, and her entire body began to turn into mush. Her body was now nothing, but food for her hungry wife. And while her body digested, her soul latched onto something else. Someone surrounding her, and their souls combined into one.
Outside, Martha was blissfully still masturbating. She wiggled around in the chair to get comfortable, and her mind was only flooded with one desire: cum. Her stomach gurgled proudly at what it was accomplishing, and Martha burped in response to it. She didn’t care about stifling her mouth anymore, she let each one rip out of her throat, into her mouth and right into the open air around her. It was the most satisfied she had been in a while. Darlene had came before Martha, but Martha pressed on fingering herself. She thrusted her fingers deep inside her fat pussy as pre continued to drain out onto the chair and dribble onto the floor. She was a soaking mess, and she loved the feeling of it. A different feeling began to overtake her though, as her stomach digested her once lovely wife, a warm feeling that erupted into a searing hot pleasure. Her mind turned blank as she could barely think about anything besides the basic functions to reach a climax. Her body began to change, unbeknownst to her. Her skin would’ve burned the average person as it rose in temperature quickly, reaching well above boiling point. It turned a similar shade to Darlene’s, a very bright red that matched with her changing lips which turned into a hot red. Her hair magically changed as it turned just as fiery and just as red as Darlene’s. Her transformation was far from over. Martha couldn’t tell what was happening to her, only that she was trapped in pure bliss. Her whole body began to change as her skeleton began to change its structure with more of Darlene’s sharp chin and defined cheekbones. Horns pierced the scalp and began to grow outwards, rapidly. They were different from anyone else’s though as they grew outwards and not upwards. Her teeth began to lengthen and sharpen to a real carnivorous bite, sharp enough to tear her own newly formed, tough skin. Her nails began to lengthen and grow sharp like the claws her wife had. They darkened to a black and a red hue flooded its way into them- giving them that other-wordly style. Her body grew heavier as fat and muscle piled itself onto her body, giving her new-found strength and size she never had before. Her breasts began to spill out farther as they swelled to a new size she could only dream of. Her ass filled out the chair quickly, with her thighs squishing against the fabric as they spilled over the seat. Her eyes began to change color as the sclera turned as dark as her pupils. Her irises not only changed to a bright red, but also began to glow brightly. They illuminated the dim lighting around her and casted a faint red through her lids when she closed them.
Finally, the last phase of her transformation began. It was slow at first, but soon it turned into a spurt with every beat of her heart as her body began to grow and swell in size all over at once. She grew taller and taller, her ass filling up more and more of the chair a while her back crept higher and higher over it. Her legs grew longer and heavier, crushing a box and pushing over the lamp. She didn’t care about it. None of it. She only wanted to reach a perfect climax to finish off this amazing evening. Her body tensed up as her growth began to slow down, while her body was still as hot as ever. She opened her eyes and reeled her head as she screamed in ecstasy, her newfound voice shaking the windows to the apartment and filling up the space with her presence. Cum spewed from her pussy and all over the floor in front of her. Her face turned into a sheepish smile as her tongue hung out and dribbled saliva down her breasts. The chair snapped and fell back, and she fell back against the wall with it. She managed to crawl forward away from the damage, but dragged herself through the soaked floorboards. Her eyesight was quickly filled with black-dots as she began to lose consciousness. She gave up on dragging herself away any further, and lied down entirely. Sleep overtook her, and she peacefully passed out on the floor.
Hours later, Martha finally began to stir from her slumber. Sun was pouring in through the window, and she opened her eyes gingerly to it. She had already adjusted to the light, and was able to look around. Everything from where she lied looked normal, but she questioned why she was on the floor. She turned her face over and thwacked something. Whatever it was, it completely jostled her head.
“Ow!” She instinctively stated as she reached over to touch the side of her head. That’s when she let out a loud hiss. Her entire back and left shoulder burst into a dull, and sore pain. She could feel that her entire body was sore and uncomfortable, as if she had just done the most intensive workout for the past six hours straight. She reached forward gingerly, and touched something unfamiliar. It was hard, and it was protruding from her head. It was a horn! Gasping, she sat up a little and saw her hands, they were a bright red with long black and red faded claws. She bit down her jaw, and realized her teeth didn’t fit the same way they usually do. Her heart-rate quickened as she began to panic. She could barely move, and yet she wanted to run around. And what she heard next caused her to go deathly silent.
“Good morning, Sweetheart. Sleep well here on the floor?” The voice that played in her head was nowhere to be found, but she recognized it. It was Darlene’s.
“Darlene? Did you just…?”
“Speak to ya from your own head? Yes. Yes I did.” Darlene spoke with a soothing tone, finding the situation amusing but still wanted to keep Martha calm. Although she couldn’t stifle a giggle ringing out.
“So… what happened to us last night?” Martha asked quietly, feeling a lot more relaxed knowing she wasn’t alone.
“Well if I had to guess, and I am one hell of a guesser, I’d say our souls combined and your body followed suit by turning itself into half-me and half-you. Essentially, I possessed your body, sugar.” She said all of this with the exact same tone, full of amusement, but also extreme calm. Darlene had never said if she had done this before, but Martha felt a lot better with her attitude to the situation. How can you not trust weird magical shenanigans when your wife is a powerful demon from Hell? It just becomes the norm after a while.
“Alright, but I can’t move. Everything hurts and I’m not used to being this big.” She began to panic a little, and Darlene could tell. After all, they share the same heart now.
“No panicking now, y’hear? I’ve got a plan, but you have to promise me you won’t freak out. Can you do that for me, sweetheart?” Darlene asked quietly, as if she was whispering right in her ear. Martha nodded physically, and Darlene took that as a yes. Martha suddenly began to feel herself move, but she wasn’t doing it. Her hands pushed themselves forward on the ground and began to heave up her body. Her legs moved under herself as they found their feet and she began to stand up, and up, and up, and- just how tall did she get?! Martha could only watch from her own eyes as her body moved, unsure of what to do. When she stood flat on her feet, she couldn’t help but want to look around. Her eyes weren’t even in control, unfortunately.
“What the?” She tried to speak, but it only rang back to her in her head. Now she was beginning to panic again. Her body moved her arms and hugged herself, gently giving her reassuring pats on the shoulder.
“Darlene? Are you… hugging me? Er, us?” Her own mouth responded in a giggle.
“Yeah! I’m moving us around. It’s a bit weird for me too since I’m way taller than this, but it’s still fun as hell! I’d say we’re about eight-foot-four. Give or take a little bit there.” Darlene spoke out-loud through Martha’s mouth, and she even had her usual southern accent too! This was all so mind-blowingly amazing! Martha had to take a spin for herself.
“Hey, Darlene, how can I… get back in control?” She asked sheepishly, barely able to contain her excitement.
“Oh right. Since I’m possessing you- I’m the one who has control over a lot of this. However, I can switch out and let you take control again if you’d like!”
“Please!” Martha requested without hesitation. Darlene giggled, and quickly Martha felt her senses coming back to her. She stood still for a moment before looking around herself. She really was bigger, and a lot sexier too! She couldn’t help but smile. She used her hands and felt her new flesh. It was much plumper, but still firm underneath. That’s probably all the muscle she’s gained. She quickly grabbed her ass and breathed a sigh of relief.
“Oh thank goodness. I’m still bottom heavy as fuck.” She giggled with Darlene as she tried to catch a good look- only to remember she had horns when she clipped her shoulder. She grabbed each of them and gently tugged. They really were on! She was just pulling another part of her head now. Even her ears grew longer! They were pointy too.
“So-o-o-o-o… what do you think? You like what you see?” Darlene asked sweetly, clearly enjoying her reaction more than she was. Martha closed her eyes and hugged herself.
“This is amazing. We should really try this more often!” She said happily. She opened her eyes back up and looked back around the studio apartment. It was an absolute mess from where they were last night. The chair was completely broken, and a box of hangers had been crushed with most of the hangers fractured. She even knocked over the lamp, but thankfully it was still in working condition. The floor was a mess too, and Martha blushed knowing exactly why.
“Well I suppose we should clean this up. Though, if you don’t mind asking, did you know you would possess me?” Martha asked curiously. Darlene paused for a minute before responding.
“To be honest, no. I can’t be killed by mortal means, so in the worst case scenario I just would’ve popped up back in my house back in Hell. Usually I just turn all spirit-like and just phase into another person. Nothing like this has ever happened, and usually they just look the same. This is the first time I’ve physically combined with a person. I can probably revert back too, just need to phase out whenever I want to.” She stated all rather matter-of-factly. Martha took it all into account. It was fascinating, but she was glad it wasn’t permanent at least.
“Well I’d say we should definitely have some fun with this! Once we clean up of course. Speaking of… what time is it?” Before either of them could answer, the door to the apartment suddenly kicked wide open. Both Darlene and Martha let out a gasp from being startled and turned around to find Bella in the doorway.
“Hey you two! I’ve been trying to reach you guys all day. Remember we had plans today-” Bella looked up and stopped cold seeing the stranger in their studio apartment. The floorboard was still a mess, and with the wrecked furniture it didn’t look good. Bella snarled and took a stance, ready to attack.
“Who the hell are you?! Where are my parents?!” She demanded ferociously. Martha stood in shock, and before she could say anything, Darlene took control.
“Bella, June-Bee, Elkins! How dare you point at your mothers! And we’ve warned you about barging in unannounced- have you lost all reason?!” Darlene hissed back to her, catching Bella off guard. The voice wasn’t exactly right. The stranger had the right mannerisms, and she even nailed down Darlene’s accent perfectly, but they also sounded like Martha at the same time!
“W-what? Dar? Is that… is that you?” Bella asked quietly, her posture still in a defensive position, but far less aggressive.
“Of course it’s me! And Martha too. Look, it’s complicated. We’re still working it out ourselves too, y’know? Rest assured, we’re still your parents. We just… combined.” Darlene wasn’t doing a great job explaining it, but Martha could see Bella just needed to be reassured.
“Honey, let me speak to her. Okay?” Darlene sighed, but agreed and let Martha take control. Bella saw the eyes flicker for a moment, and suddenly the figure’s posture and demeanor changed. And what they said next sounded more like Martha this time, but still had a mixture of both of their voices!
“Don’t worry. It’s just us. Darlene and I tried something new last night. It eventually led to… well… this!” She referenced her body.
“She possessed me, but in a new way.” She finished. Bringing her hands back down and slapping her exposed hips. Bella seemed to calm down, and once she accepted the situation and put two and two together, she suddenly realized she was seeing them naked. She whipped around and blocked them out of view.
“O-oh shit, sorry! I didn’t see anything- I promise!” She told them, thoroughly embarrassed. Martha and Darlene could only laugh.
“Okay, we all know what’s a lie. Just wait outside and we’ll clean up here. We’ll let you back in once we’re done, okay?” Bella obliged with zero hesitation, and left the room. Darlene sighed.
“That girl. That’s the third time this season! We really should upgrade our security with her around.” Martha could only chuckle.
“Oh hush you. You know she’s just worried. She loves her moms, and she’s just checking in on us. However, I think she gets her worries from my side. It’s hard to keep relaxed when your wife is a giant demoness whose job in the underworld is to steal souls from the living.” Martha reminded her, Darlene could only scoff.
“You don’t need to remind me! But you agreed to this, sugar. And I can’t be happier that you did.”
“I couldn’t agree more.” Martha stated sweetly to her wife stuck in her head. What a wild ride this has been so far, and what a wild ride it will definitely continue to be.
The two worked together, although stuck in one body, to clean up the apartment and throw away the broken things. They picked out a mixture of their clothes, and put them on as best as they could. They didn’t fit that well, but it would do. They beckoned for Bella to come back into the apartment, and things were far less awkward now that she was dressed. Bella reminded them that it was mother’s day, and both of them groaned loudly at their ignorance for forgetting. Without any hesitation, Bella took them by the hand and led them on perhaps one of the best mother’s days outings ever. After a long day of shopping, eating lots of food, and general gossiping they came to a close after finding a club to hang out at for the rest of the night. It was right across the street, and they were complete showstoppers from where they stood. They had bought a dress that perfectly fit the two of them, and they were ready to have some fun.
“Hey Dar, or mom, do you know how long your little possession might last? Besides, I’ve been wondering if I could do it with Reggie at some point.” She asked with a sly smirk to the side.
“B-bella! That’s not-” Martha started before their eyes flickered and Darlene took control.
“Why of course you could! Just let him know what your plan is and try to keep that little twink from freaking out so much.” Darlene laughed, and now it was Bella’s turn to look offended. All while Martha figuratively pouted.
“H-hey! He's not a twink. He’s perfectly fine the way he is!” She scoffed, but still smiled thinking about him. Darlene reached up and held her hand.
“I know he is. You made a good choice, you’ve gotta keep him. Just remember not to break his pelvis next time, okay?” Darlene giggled madly and Bella let out a very loud scoff.
“It was one time! It wasn’t even my fault, it was the lousy bed’s.” She pouted and folded her arms together.
“Ri-i-i-i-ght, the bed’s! How silly of me, how could I forget? Let him come over some time. We should catch up.” Darlene smiled softly, and without even prompting let Martha back in control. Bella saw the eyes flicker again, and smiled seeing the other mom back. Martha returned her smile and led the way to the club.
“Alright it’s official- this has been the best mother’s day ever. Thank you, you too.”
“You’re welcome!” They both said in unison, adding a cherry on top to the already amazing day. And as for any curious, yes- they got totally smashed at that club.
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Re: Mushy Mellow's Stuff :3 (Vorny)

Postby SupremacyBC » Mon May 22, 2023 4:24 am

This was a good read, though I wasn't expecting graphic digestion. I'm not one for graphic digestion as it makes me cringe as it's being described. But it was overall a good read. I enjoyed it.
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Re: Mushy Mellow's Stuff :3 (Vorny)

Postby MushyMellow » Mon May 22, 2023 9:43 am

Hey that's all good! I get that. I don't see it very often, but I wanted to get both of their experiences. I don't like graphic digestion myself very much, unless the person is like totally okay with it or they deserve it. In this case Darlene couldn't feel it, and was totally okay with it. So I was like, heck it, why not? :3
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Re: Mushy Mellow's Stuff :3 (Vorny)

Postby SupremacyBC » Mon May 22, 2023 9:50 am

Ah okay okay. That's awesome stuff you got going on. Keep up the good work!
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