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Postby WolfGirlFood90 » Tue Feb 06, 2024 10:18 am

DEMO - Short demonstration of my art of writing

This is a short story intro I wrote as demonstration for future customers.


You don't take this seriously. How could you? The whole "please do this to me thing" is just a kinky game for you. A hot and absolutely safe game cause you know, nothing can happen to you. Or at least you THINK that, until, one rainy day, your doorbell rings and I stand in front said door.
You'd be surprised and most certainly terrified beyond anything. Meeting someone in person who has offered a tabu thing such as "you know what" has to be frightening.You where such a tease in our roleplay sessions, weren't you? You always made me cum and now it's my turn to return the favor. And maybe we continue where we left of with our session?
Or, just maybe (and more likely imo) you'd be still horny and aroused by the thought of me doing certain things to your little ass and body, after I made you my bitch. My sex toy, my scratch tree, my toilet and my cum bucket for the next hours. Oh, we will have sooo much fun. And then I will have some....
I would close the door behind us, grab you and start cutting and ripping of the few clothes you're wearing using claws and paws. The force of this process is pulling and pushing you around, showing how much stronger I am. You are watching my every move with heat in your eyes while I would expose your naked skin making you shiver slightly in anticipation of what's to come. I'd use my paws to caress your beautiful fur covered legs, your wonderful belly and upwards to your cute neck, only to grab it a little rough. You grunt audible as you can feel my strong paw pressing against your throat, depriving you of much needed air. You can't really fathom what's happening and while moaning and choking in both pain and pleasure, I force a deep kiss on your lips. Pressing my hot, wet tongue into your mouth, you can feel our saliva mixing, our tongues meeting while mine is exploring your maw, tasting you and savoring that taste, my sweaty body pressing against yours while you enjoy the moment and wonder what might happen next.
After pulling my drooling tongue and maw back from yours, I would touch your exposed and by now from sweat glistening skin and flesh as I please. Feel your warm body and the beautiful meat inside it. I'm getting pretty.. let's say "curious"(?) I have to admit.
"But first", I say while still choking you," Fun, lots of crazy fun" , and while leaning in towards your head again I lick over your cheeks and start to wonder how you taste...

Wanna know how it ends? Contact me!
Have a great day!
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