Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal...

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Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal...

Postby Futafan357 » Thu Mar 28, 2024 6:29 pm

So, I've been a lurker for a long, long time. I have always had ideas and finally decided to put some to paper with some AI help. The AI just helps with names and descriptions, psychological ideas, and some of the nonessential story that makes it feel more worldly instead of flash fiction. It'll also point me in new directions. However, the vast majority of effort and words are all my own.

Do please let me know what you think. Style, prose, verbiage, everything. I'm new!

First chapter, of many!
Cockvore, Fatal, Willing pred, Unwilling Prey, femboy pred, anal sex, cum digestion

As Alex reclined against the cool brick wall, his emerald-green eyes glittered with amusement as he regarded the squirming form of his prey. With a playful smirk, he leaned in closer, his voice dripping with condescending sweetness. "Oh…. you feel so good" he cooed; his tone laced with genuine appreciation. "Thanks for letting my cock eat you, I really needed a snack." He sighed softly, running a finger along the trembling arm dangling between his legs. "And you're such a sweet and delicious snack, aren't you?" Alex cooed, a gentle smile on his face as he watched the prey's futile attempts to escape. "But don't worry, I'll savor this until I dump you out." he added, his voice oozing with reassurance. His prey’s arm finally slips inside of his cock and down into his balls. They begin to groan and churn as they quickly break down his prey.

Alex turned to face the wall, taking his cock in hand, he began to masturbate. As he stood there, casually stroking his cock, Alex couldn't help but let out a satisfied sigh. The feeling of his prey giving their final death throes in his balls always sends a shiver down his spine. Alex closed his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips. Pleasuring himself was a routine activity, one that he had long mastered. His strokes were smooth and effortless as he indulged in the familiar sensation of power coursing through him. This was just another moment of pleasure for him, nothing out of the ordinary. His balls quickly started breaking down the cocksnack in his balls, clenching and gurgling loudly. After a few minutes of stroking and churning, he could tell his balls were almost done with their meal. As he felt himself nearing climax, he couldn't help but think about his next hunt. Who would be his next prey? Would it be someone innocent and unsuspecting, or perhaps another soon-to-be-former friend? With a smirk, Alex knew it didn't really matter. He knew that no one could resist his charms and seduction for long. And when they finally fell into his trap, it was always a thrilling rush for him. Lost in the mental thrill of future prey, Alex reached his peak of pleasure. Letting out a loud moan, his cock began ejecting what was left of…… “What was their name…?” He thinks to himself mid-orgasm. The thought disappears with the next contraction of his balls as more of them spurt out and down into the sewer drain below. Eventually the rushing cum slowed to a trickle and finally stopped. He took a few deep breaths to steady himself before pulling up his pants and straightening his clothes. With a satisfied grin on his face, Alex walked away from the alleyway and back into the bustling city streets, ready to continue his morning.

As he walked down the street, he spotted Jake and Lilly waiting for him at their favorite café. Jake, with his rugged charm, sat at a table near the window, his tousled brown hair catching the sunlight. His piercing blue eyes twinkled with mischief as he watched the passersby. Beside him, Lilly, with her vibrant energy, leaned back in her chair, her straight black and purple hair cascading down her shoulders. The colorful strands added to her eccentric charm, complementing the freckles scattered across her nose and cheeks. Their eyes lit up with genuine affection as Alex approached "Hey, Alex!" Jake called out, waving him over. "Glad you could make it!" "Morning, Alex!" Lily chimed in; her enthusiasm infectious. "We were just about to order. What can we get you?" Alex slid into the seat beside them, a charming smile gracing his lips. "Just a coffee for me, thanks. And perhaps a pastry to nibble on." As they ate and chatted, Jake and Lily caught Alex up on the latest gossip from their circle of friends. Alex listened with mild interest, his eyes scanning the room for potential targets. "So, who's next on your list?" Jake asked in between bites of his omelet. Alex shrugged casually. "I haven't decided yet. But I have a few prospects in mind." Lily gave him a playful nudge. "You know, you should really try to settle down with someone. Maybe one of these days, you'll find someone who can keep up with you." Alex laughed dismissively. "Oh please, I don't need anyone to keep up with me. I enjoy my freedom too much." "But don't you ever get tired of playing games?" Lily pressed. Alex's expression turned serious for a moment before he put on his charming smile again. "Life is just one big game, Lily. And I intend to play it to the fullest." As the conversation with Jake and Lily continued, Alex felt a sudden pang of lust wash over him, an insistent urge that demanded immediate satisfaction. Without a second thought, he leaned in close to Jake, his lips brushing against his ear as he whispered, "Wanna find somewhere more private?" Jake's eyes widened in surprise, but the hint of excitement in his gaze was unmistakable. "Yeah, let's do it," he replied, a thrill coursing through him. Lily raised an eyebrow at their exchange, a knowing smirk playing on her lips. "Looks like you two have plans," she said, her tone teasing. "I'll hold down the fort here."

With a shared grin, Alex and Jake made their way through the crowded café, their steps quickening with each passing moment. As they finally found a quiet room in the back of the café, Jake shut the door and pushed Alex up against the wall. He knew how Alex likes it. Alex let out a sudden gasp as he hit the wall and then a low moan, feeling Jake yank down his pants. Alex pushed away from the wall and pressed his ass back into Jake’s crotch, grinding into it. “Come on big boy, you know what I want…” Alex moans seductively Jake quickly drops his pants, letting his impressive cock out. His breathing already rapid, Jake presses his cock against Alex’s hole. “Beg for it slut.” Jake lets out, his hands on Alex’s hip and shoulder. Alex lets out a frustrated whimper as he pushes back against Jake’s cock, trying to slide it in. Jake holds him in place and repeats himself. “I. Said. Beg.” A quick slap on Alex’s ass draws out a yelp and a sigh as Alex says “Fuck! ....fuck my ass Jake. Fuck me like a slut...!” Alex punctuates that with a strong push off of the wall. Jake loosens his grip and lets Alex push himself down his cock. When his ass met Jake's crotch, Alex let out a yelping moan of pleasure and fell forward again against the wall. Jake roughly grabs both sides of Alex's hips and starts thrusting. Alex gives another surprised cry at the sudden pace and starts begging Jake to fuck him harder. Jake grunts and tightens his grip on Alex's hips, using them as leverage to pound into him even faster and harder. Alex moans with every thrust, begging Jake to give him more. Jake happily obliges, giving hard, fast thrusts.
"Oh god, yes! Fuck me harder!" Alex pants, pushing back onto him again, letting him control the pace. Jake does not disappoint, starting a brutal rhythm, fucking him mercilessly, spurred on by the moans and pleas for more coming from his partner. "You like that, you little slut?" He growls, leaning down to bite down hard on Alex's neck. Alex can only whimper in response, lost in the pleasure of being dominated like this. He can feel Jake starting to get close, his pace reaching a familiar rhythm. Alex gives a final command as feels himself close to cumming. "Fucking fill me!" Alex's passionate demand tips Jake over the edge and he slams into Alex a final time, flooding his ass with hot cum. Alex moans out loudly as his cock sprays what's left of his cock's breakfast onto the wall in front of him. Jake slowly pulls his cock out and watches as Alex slides down the wall, panting, with a satisfied smirk on his face. " go on back.....I'll catch up...." Alex pants, his asshole slowly leaking cum onto the floor. "Sure. But first..." Jake straddles Alex and puts his softening cock in his face. Alex smiles and closes his eyes, happily sucking it into his mouth. He takes a few moments to fully lick Jake clean before pulling back and resting his head against the wall. Jake smiles and says "Thanks" before shutting the door behind himself returning to the table with Lilly. Alex enjoys the afterglow, basking in the sensation of feeling so full, staring at the wall beside him almost entirely covered in thick cum. Eventually, once his legs stop shaking and his breathing returns to normal, Alex gets to his feet, smiling slightly as he feels a fresh load of cum slowly start to trickle down the inside of his thighs.

As he rejoins Jake and Lily at the table, Jake hands Alex his cup of coffee and shares an amused grin with Lily, who gives a knowing chuckle at their disheveled appearances. "Have fun?" she asks, a hint of mischief in her tone. Alex nods, flashing her a pleased smile as he takes a sip of his coffee, relishing the pleasant warmth spreading through his body. The rest of their brunch passes by quickly as they continue chatting and sharing stories about their respective weeks. As they finish their meals, Jake stretches lazily before standing up from his chair. "Well, I guess I should head home now," he says with a sigh. "My boyfriend will be wondering where I've been." Lily snorts in amusement. "Like he doesn't know exactly what you get up to." She waves them off as she settles into her seat, her attention already turning to her phone. "I should get going, too." Alex says as he gets up from the table. With a cheerful wave, Alex bids both them farewell as well, making his way towards the exit of the café. As he steps out into the warm afternoon air, he spots a cute girl walking half a block ahead of him. His balls give a slight churn and rumble as if giving their approval. Alex is ready for a well deserved nap, but his balls make a very convincing argument. Maybe a quick snack.... Alex picks up his pace and closes the gap with his newest prey. "Hey there!", he calls out cheerfully as he matches her pace, offering a friendly smile. "Looks like we're heading in the same direction, mind if I walk with you?" The girl glances at him curiously before nodding. "Sure, no problem." Alex introduces himself, engaging her in casual small talk as they make their way down the sidewalk, slowly getting closer and closer to her apartment building. With each step, he can feel his desire growing stronger, his instincts urging him to take what is rightfully his. A pleasant shiver runs down his spine as he realizes how close he is to indulging his hunger once again. as they pass by a familiar alley, Alex grabs her hand a quickly pulls her in.

With a yelp of surprise, the girl stumbles into the darkened alcove. "What are you doing?!" she gasps, her eyes wide with shock. But before she can even think of moving, Alex slams her against the wall, his grip tight around her wrists as he stares intently into her eyes, already fishing his hardening cock out of his pants. "Sorry cutie, I'm just in a bit of a rush. Normally we'd fuck first, but I've got an important date with my shower and my bed." Suddenly he shoves her wrists into his cock and sighs in pleasure. A rush of sensations floods his body as he feels her hands descend disappear inside of him. The prey gives a squeal of terror at the realization that she is trapped and being pulled in further. Alex smiles in satisfaction as his predatory instincts take over, pulling her deeper inside of him. A blissful shudder runs through him as he feels the first struggles of resistance from within. Alex lets out a low moan, relishing the feeling of her frantically trying to pull her arms out of his cock. She begins to beg, pleading for her life. Alex chuckles as he feels his balls starting to swell, her futile pleas only serving to excite him further. "Oh sweetie...don't worry...", Alex croons softly, a hint of cruel amusement in his voice. As the last of her arms started to disappear deeper inside of his cock, the girl began to hyperventilate in fear. "Please, no! Don't do this!", she begged, her eyes filled with tears. Alex gave a satisfied smirk, ignoring her pleas as he her face into his into his cock. "God, you look so good stuffed down there!", Alex moans. His balls throbbed with desire, their hunger growing with every inch swallowed. Her head pops in, quickly followed by her shoulders and chest. Alex tilts his cock upwards slightly to ease her descent into his waiting balls. The girl's thrashing grew more desperate, her hands clawing wildly at the soft flesh surrounding her. "Shh, it's alright darling, just relax," Alex cooed gently as he slowly stroked his shaft, savoring the sensation of her futile struggles within his member. "I promise it won't hurt for long." Now vertical, her legs kick wildly in the air, desperately trying to resist sliding down further. Her head already slipping into Alex's balls. A humid and sticky chamber awaits her as the struggles to breath. This is it. Alex was in complete control now, his powerful cock pushing her deeper and deeper into his balls with each pulse of contractions. Her last muffled scream echoes through him as her face finally submerges into the cum waiting to digest her. Within the humid warmth of his balls, the girl's struggling eventually slows to a stop. With a contented sigh, Alex enjoys the last of her death throes and the full sensation in his balls. The rest of her quickly slides down his cock and into his balls as they begin their familiar churning and contracting. Alex tucks himself back into his pants and steps back onto the sidewalk, looking up and down the street as if nothing had happened. As he strolls off in the direction of home, Alex can't help but enjoy the sagging and swinging of his balls.

Alex finally arrived back at his apartment, stepping through the door with a tired sigh. His afternoon of hunting had left him exhausted yet satisfied. As he slipped off his shoes and placed them neatly in the rack, he felt a familiar stirring in his pants, accompanied by a groan from his balls. His balls had finished their meal and his cock was already hardening. Alex can't help but acknowledge the need for release. "Not quite yet boys." He pats his bulging crotch and proceeds to make his way toward the bathroom, shedding his clothes along the way. "You can have your fun once I get a shower." His dick protested weakly against the denial, throbbing insistently at the idea of release. But Alex remained firm, ignoring the need as he turned on the hot water and stepped into the shower, enjoying the warmth of the steamy spray. The scalding water relaxed his muscles and cleansed his body of the grime and sweat that clung to it. He reveled in the feeling of the warm water running down his body. His eyes closed and a satisfied smile on his face, Alex felt more at ease than he had all day. His hunger satiated, there was only one thing left to do - give his balls some relief. With a groan of pleasure, Alex finally gives into his base instincts and begins to stroke himself, resting an arm and his head against the wall of the shower. His mind thinks back to the struggles of his recent meal, his earlier disposal of a nutslut, and his rough fucking by Jake. His asshole clenches at the memory, still satisfyingly sore. Slowly but surely, he builds towards climax, savoring every moment as his hand expertly moves along his shaft, teasing out every ounce of pleasure. He gasps as the first contraction comes, his cock pulsing with intense heat. With a final clench from his balls, Alex flexes and pulls them tight against his taint. His cock explodes with a torrent of former prey. Fountains of cum splash loudly against the wall, the sound covered only by his loud and pleasured moans. Even as the orgasm subsides, he continues stroking himself, prolonging the waves of ecstasy as long as possible. Only when he's sure he's milked himself dry does he finally stop, sighing contentedly as he leans against the shower wall. His lust sated and balls emptied for the time being, he turns off the water and steps out of the shower, ready for some much-needed rest.

After cleaning himself up, Alex makes his way to the bedroom and flops down on the bed with a sigh, savoring the comfort of his soft mattress. As he stares up at the ceiling, his mind wanders to thoughts of his next meal and how he might devour them. With a grin, he imagines how many others might fall prey to his charms in the coming days and weeks, unaware of their inevitable demise in his balls.


There it is! I hope you enjoined! please let me know what you think. Also, how do I get a gallery? I PMed Eka but nothing happened :silly:

I reposted the story after catching a bunch of mistakes and formatting errors.
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Re: Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal..

Postby Futafan357 » Fri Mar 29, 2024 10:06 am

Chapter two!

The streets were alive with the sounds of a bustling morning. The low hum of traffic, the clinking of morning coffee cups, and the chatter of passersby filled the air, creating a symphony of urban life. Alex, the petite and prolific predator, strides through the crowded sidewalks, casually scanning the people around him. His balls weren’t aching, yet, but an early snack ever hurt anyone. Well, not him at least. Alex snickered to himself at his own joke. After a bit of walking Alex caught a glimpse of a wonderful treat. A very sexy girl in a cheerleader uniform walking in the direction of the local university. Alex loved cheerleaders. They were almost always an easy fuck and they always struggled well in his sack. A mischievous smile grew across Alex's lips as he imagined all the possibilities of this morning hunt. Without a second thought he strides up behind her and puts on his most charming voice, "Excuse me? Would you mind showing me to the library? I'm new here and I've got class soon."

"Sure," the cheerleader responds, without slowing down. She points in a vague direction as she continues down the path. Alex catches up to her pace, offering an appreciative smile. "Thanks! So, you’re on the cheer team?" He asks curiously, gazing at her lithe physique with unabashed interest. "Yeah, I'm part of the squad!" She responds, beaming proudly. "We're actually heading to practice right now, if you wanted to watch. The girls are always looking for some fresh meat," she adds with a wink. "Fresh meat, you say? Well, I've been known to add some flavor to any occasion. " Alex replies smoothly, matching her pace. Alex can see the surprise and slight apprehension in her eyes at the suggestiveness in his reply, but it quickly passes as she chuckles good naturedly. As the pair continues down the street towards their destination, Alex's mind is already running with ideas about how he can finally sate the growing hunger in his balls. Perhaps a quick fuck while she stretches and warms up will do the trick, or maybe a few more moments of seduction until she's nice and riled up before gobbling her down his cock. Whatever he decides, it must be quick, as Alex knows he cannot waste time on an opportunity such as this. His balls demand their fill, and Alex is only too happy to oblige.

As they are walking through a park on the way to the university field, Alex feels his phone start to vibrate. He goes to fish it out of his pocket but fumbles, letting it fall behind him. "Dammit!" He softly exclaims. "One sec..." Alex turns around to retrieve his phone as the girl continues walking slowly. As he is picking it up and sees that Jake had sent him another dick-pic, he hears a sudden yelp followed by muffled, panicked screaming. Turning back towards the path he just came from, he spots a tall and busty woman with flowing red hair and piercing green eyes leaning back against a tree, his prey's torso and legs flailing wildly as they dangled from her impressive cock. With a chuckle of satisfaction, she leans back against the trunk behind her for stability and starts pushing them into her balls with ease. With a low moan of pleasure, she closes her eyes and savors the sensations of their desperate struggles within her sack. It takes her several deep breaths before she fully regains control, finally opening her eyes and meeting Alex's gaze.

"Hey!" Alex exclaims loudly, "She was mine!" Alex fumes and makes his way over to the futa pred, now working the last bit of the cheerleader’s legs into her slit. The futa has a look of mild shock on her face as she rubs the back of her head. "Heh.... sorry about that. I was waiting for someone to pass by for a while and just grabbed them." She says apologetically. "I didn't know someone called dibs." There's a soft slurp sound as the last of the cheerleader slips into her cock. The futa chuckles nervously, not having intended to steal someone else's meal. Alex lets out an exasperated sigh as he lets his anger subside. After all, she got her fair and square. No point in wasting any more time getting mad about it. Besides, there would always be plenty more prey where that came from. Feeling curious, Alex asks, "What are you doing waiting out here anyway? There's hardly anyone in this park this time of day." Rolling her eyes she responds, talking over the muffled struggles and screams coming from her balls "I know that! That’s why I’m here. I needed someone who was alone and have a good angle the entire time! You know, you kinda’ ruined my shot, by the way. But I guess it's fair since I ruined your meal..." Alex looks at her with confusion. "A good angle...?" Alex then notices a camera set up behind the pred and how she's angled herself to be perfectly in frame. "Yeah, I'm a vore streamer. Hey, keep it down!" She maneuvers her sack between her thighs and squeezes them tightly against her sack. A short scream and a crunch leaks out of her balls before all that's left is the sound of churning. "Ahhh, thats better. Anyway, yeah, I'm a streamer and I was getting some content to upload. This was gonna’ be a great shot, but I guess it still works as a blooper or some B-roll." She shrugs and notices Alex staring at her. "...What? You've never heard of a vore-streamer?" Alex snaps back to reality, having been lost in thought about being able to make money for churning nutsluts into cum. "...Oh! I mean, yeah. I know about em. I've just never met one before." He gives her an awkward smile. The futa puts her hand out to shake. "The name's Paulette." Alex grabs her hand and shakes it, "Alex." He points at her dick, "Nice equipment."

Paulette smiles broadly and places her hands on her hips. "Why thank you, I'm quite proud of it." she says, preening slightly and then stroking the smooth shaft with pride. Her cock is impressive, easily as big as his forearm, and twice as thick. As he stares at the magnificent member, He notices black lines running down the side. Tally marks. "Is that a tattoo?" He asks, counting the lines in his head quickly. "Na, just sharpie. Each mark is for a nutslut I slurped this week." She says nonchalantly as she starts packing up her camera. Her balls scraping the ground as they continue churning the cumstain-to-be. Alex's eyes widen. There were 17 marks going down the side of Paulette's girthy cock. It was only Wednesday. "Th...This week...? ...holy shit. I thought I was an overeater...." Alex exclaims, his eyes darting from the tally marks on her cock, down to her churning sack, and back. Alex could already see the imprint of bones pressing against her skin. She was churning them down so fast.... Paulette laughs, "Oh yeah, I stay pretty busy. My fans are more hungry for content than my balls are for cocksnacks!"

As if on cue, Alex's sack let out a soft grumble, reminding him that he still hadn't fed his balls, and they were getting impatient after getting suddenly blue-balled. Paulette finishes packing up and laughs again, hearing Alex's balls grumbling with hunger and irritation. "Look, I'm sorry, again, for stealing your meal. Buuuuuut. Maybe I can make it up to you?" Paulette smiles mischievously. A grin creeps across Alex's face. He knew exactly what she was getting at, and his balls would be excited by any chance to eat.


About 10 minutes later they were sitting down, leaning against a huge oak tree, both of their sacks squirming with a pair of joggers that were nice enough not to fight too hard as they were getting shoved down their cocks. Alex could still feel his cumstain-to-be still struggling hard, but Paulette's was already slowing down. What's left of the cheerleader must be working fast on her jogger. Paulette snaps to attention, "Oh! I almost forgot...." She fishes a sharpie out of her pocket and draws two more lines on her cock. 19. She pulls out her cellphone and a selfie stick, quickly setting it up and poses with Alex for a picture. "Saaaay cocksnack!" She exclaims as she snaps a few pictures, making sure to get the new tally marks on her cock in frame. She sighs happily and takes her phone from the contraption. "I love my job...." She smiles and rubs her cock lovingly. Alex can't help but admire her, churning sluts for cash. Alex closes his eyes and shivers as the jogger currently getting mulched down in his own sack shoves his arm in just the right way to press against his taint. Alex sighs, "..mmmm....Hey Paulette, how did you get started with streaming?" She looks over to him smiling, "Oh it's really easy. Just get an account and a camera. The hard part is finding food and editing, but you can pay for editing and once your popular enough, sometime the food comes to you!" She stares at Alex curiously, "Actually.... If you want, I can post a picture of you next to my newest marks...and your stream name."

"My... Stream name...?" Alex asks. Paulette shakes her head like Alex is crazy, "Of course! Everyone needs a name when they start off. Here, I'll show you." She searches her phone for a second then shows it to him, "This is my favorite femboy streamer right now." The image on the phone depicts a cute femboy with wavy brunette hair, short horns, and an adorable pair of wings that make him look like an angel. The boy's pale skin and round features give him an otherworldly appearance, and his emerald-green eyes shimmer with mischief. In the bottom right corner of the screen, a username catches Alex's attention: Little Angel. Alex grins, recognizing the similarities between the two of them immediately. "Wow, we actually kinda’ look alike," he jokes, chuckling softly at the coincidence.

"Yep!" Paulette giggles in agreement, scrolling through more posts from Little Angel's feed. "He's one of the reasons I'm so into vore-streaming. Seeing this cute femboy turn all those sluts into cumstains......," she says, rubbing her still hard cock as she stops on a photo of Little Angel's latest meal: a busty redhead stuffed down his shaft by a second girl, the last bit of her long red hair hanging out of his cock with the rest of her. Her friend was rubbing her own pussy while eating out the readhead on the way down. "This was such a great video. He churned the redhead down, then fucked her into her friend, and then slurped up the friend and mulched her!" Paulette starts breathing heavily as she rubs her cock faster, replaying the video in her head. Her arousal makes her nuts go into overdrive. Her prey gives a few final twitches before finally going limp as she lets out a shiver of pleasure. "Ahhh, I just love the feeling of them going limp in me....don't you?" Paulette asked dreamily, her eyes half closed in pleasure and satisfaction.

Alex watches as Paulette starts to really get into rubbing one out, letting out soft moans and breathing more rapidly. He can see her balls churning and clenching rapidly, clearly trying to digest the last of her jogger into her next cumshot. Unable to resist the sights and sounds, Alex starts rubbing his own cock, enjoying the feeling of his balls kicking into higher gear. " hot...." He mutters, closing his eyes as he feels his meal finally go limp in his sack, too. Paulette's whimpers and moans begin to pick up their frequency as she clearly is approaching an orgasm. "Ohhh.... mmm.... ohhh..... ohhhh..... Oh!..... Shit!...." Suddenly, she jerks herself upright and digs around in her camera bag. Paulette pulls out a huge condom and rips open the package with, clearly, well-practiced ease. She is hyperventilating as she quickly rolls the condom down her cock, moments before letting out a guttural moan that transforms into a scream of pleasure. Alex watches as her sack pulls tight against her taint and clenches hard, forcing a geyser of cum out of her cock and into the condom. Pulse after pulse of thick cum shoots up into the quickly inflating rubber coffin. Alex watches, enraptured, as Paulette holds onto her cock and gropes her tits, riding out the impressive orgasm.

Alex is still working his way towards his own release when her cock finally trickles to a stop and Paulette comes down from her orgasmic high. She takes a deep breath and sighs loudly. "... Dam!.... that was a good one! Ha ha.... mmmmm...." She grins happily as she gives her cock a few quick squeezes, making sure she milked out everything she had before removing the condom and tying it off. Paulette leans over and strikes a pose with the cum bag, taking a quick selfie with just her phone. She sets her phone down and leans back again, slapping the side of the condom. "Sorry nutsluts, usually I leave you with a picture, but I forgot to take one." Alex starts breathing faster. Inside the condom he can see what’s left of the jogger and cheerleader floating around or sinking to the bottom. A headband, jogging shorts, the cheerleader's skirt, a shoe that didn't fall off, a few bones that didn't get fully churned..... Alex closes his eyes and starts masturbating frantically. Paulette, Little Angel, the cum bag, nine-fucking-teen sluts mulched into cum...., his predatory senses go into overload as he starts extrapolating that number in his head. Dozens a week... hundred a month... thousand a year... Alex lets out an orgasmic groan. "hoooohhhhhhhffffffFuuuuuuuuuuccck!!" Alex barely feels something slide down his cock as his whole body spasms in pleasure, his own sack clenching hard and forcing his cummified jogger up and out of his cock. Alex rides the waves of pleasure with each contraction and jet of cum until they taper off and end.

Breathing heavily, Alex finally opens his eyes and blinks in confusion. Paulette rolled her cum bag into his lap? Wait, no.....Her’s was way bigger, and pink... this one is blue... Paulette had slipped a condom onto his cock at the last moment. Alex stared in bewilderment and rapt interest as he looks into his own bag of jogger. He can see jogging pants, a shirt, and a cellphone at the bottom, resting against his leg. Seemingly mesmerized, he is snapped back to reality when Paulette pulls the condom off of his deflating cock. Alex gives a shiver from over-stimulation and looks up at her. "uhhh..... thanks?" Paulette laughs and smiles at Alex. "No problem. From the look on your face, I'm guessing this is the first condom you've shot full of nutslut, hmm? Well, congratulations! You've just made your first cum trophy. Streamers, myself included, like to leave these around for our fans to collect. It's a fun way to interact with the fans."

"Well....that’s certainly something," Alex mutters under his breath, still struggling to process everything, post-orgasm. He takes a deep breath, trying to center himself in the aftermath of such an intense orgasm. "So, ummm..... you were saying earlier about me being a streamer? What do I need to do to get started?" Alex asks, eager to explore this new world and its possibilities. Paulette smiles at Alex and replies, "Just start by setting up an account online somewhere and you can find your audience from there. After you get your stream name down it's pretty much up to you on what kind of content you want to post. Vore streaming is super popular right now. Personally, I started out just putting up photos of my meals getting devoured. That led to more people wanting to watch them actually get slurped down. Eventually I started live vore streams with chat going." Paulette tilts her head up as she remembers. "It was so funny! I never thought that anyone would enjoy watching me eat people, but somehow they do. Now I have fans who will even bring me cocksnacks from time to time!" She starts giggling to herself as she pulls out her phone and pulls up an account creation page on her favorite site. "So, what do you wanna’ call your yourself?"

Alex things to himself for a moment. That's a good question. What would be a good name? He stares off into the distance, thinking to himself when he notices a playground. He can see parents and children enjoying themselves but also, the telltale movements of a predator making their approach. He smiles to himself and lets out a small laugh "Ha....How about Predator’sPlayground?" Paulette beams with enthusiasm. "That's so good! I wish I thought of that!" She hurriedly types it out and fills in a generic password. "Ok, you're all set up. Just make sure you change the password or else I'll come steal your money!" She smiles and stick her tongue out playfully, clearly making a joke. "I also added myself as a friend, VoraciousVixen. Now, let’s get your first promo pic!" Paulette rolls her bag of jogger over to rest next to Alex's and sits down with them between herself and Alex. "She reaches into her pocket for the Sharpie and hands it to Alex. "Go ahead and write your stream name on my cock. Make sure it's legible, and, careful of the tip..." She winks at him. "...I'd hate to accidentally end your career before it starts." Alex chuckles and uncaps the marker. He takes a hold of her cock and starts writing, doing his best to be legible and to avoid her cockslit. He knows how easily a stray finger can turn into a former friend. After a few moments, he leans back and looks at his handiwork: "Predator’sPlayground" is written along the side of Paulette's massive shaft, above her 19 tally marks. Satisfied with his work, Alex grins poses for Paulette to take some photos. Paulette breaks out the selfie stick again and snaps a bunch of pictures. She quickly checks them and laughs, showing the photos to Alex. "Oooh, this is perfect! Let me add my info and send it off to your account!" Paulette quickly adds some comments and instructions to her fans, including to follow PredatorsPlayground. She posts it to her account and gives Alex a sly smile. "There. Now my fans know to watch for you."

Alex pulls out his phone and logs into the site with his username and the password Paulette made. He sees her message already in his feed and starts adding his info into the profile. A few minutes later he's finished and takes a selfie for the profile pic. He finishes up the account and reloads his feed, doing a quick double take when it does. He already had two dozen followers! Alex looks up and over and Paulette who is grinning at him. "I told ya, cutie." She says with a wink. Ales thinks to himself, this is gonna’ be a whole new kinda’ thing....

As before, please comment if you like it, hate it, or think I can fix anything!

Hope you enjoy :)
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Re: Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal..

Postby Futafan357 » Sat Mar 30, 2024 11:21 am

Chapter 3 – Predator’s Playground

Alex grumbles to himself as he tries to get the camera set up right. This damn thing needs to be able to see me and the couch clearly.... He sets it up and glances at his phone and sighs as he notices another minute had gone by.

The doorbell rings. Finally!

Alex rushes to the computer to start the stream, strikes a cute pose for the camera, then darts to the front door and swings it open. His guest had arrived!

"Hey there sexy! How you been?" He exclaims with enthusiasm. "You look fantastic!" Alex offers Kyle a welcoming hug which he eagerly reciprocates. After a long moment in each other’s embrace, the two part and Alex takes a moment to take him in.

In Alex's opinion, he's got a fantastic body, toned muscles and washboard abs. Kyle has a broad frame and stands well over 6 feet tall, dwarfing Alex's petite form. He has a large cock to match, too. Alex feels his ass give a reflexive squeeze, anticipating the rough fucking about to occur. Alex quickly moves to close the door behind Kyle, who turns to Alex and wraps his arms around him in a tight embrace. They both inhale deeply, taking in the scent of each other. The pair stay wrapped up for a few long moments, simply enjoying each other's company. Eventually they pull away, though their eyes linger on each other's bodies. Kyle chuckles and licks his lips. "I'm glad we're on the same page. You said you wanted it hard and fast?" Kyle asks with a hint of desperation in his voice. "Yessir" Alex purrs as he squeezes Kyle's cock through his jeans, feeling it starting to grow under his touch. "And don't you dare hold back." He says seductively while looking up at Kyle with needy eyes. Kyle's cock swells as Alex gently squeezes it again through his jeans, growing harder and aching for more. Kyle quickly takes charge of the situation, moving forward until Alex is pressed against the wall with his head tilted up, eyes locked onto his. Without warning, he crushes his lips into Alex's, his tongue slipping inside of Alex's mouth and dancing with his. Kyle holds Alex firmly, pressing his body into the wall and pinning him down. Alex returns the kiss eagerly, his heart racing as Kyle's body presses against his own. After a moment, Kyle breaks the kiss, staring down into Alex's eyes. "How do you want it?" He says, "How hard?" Biting his lip, Alex pants "Oh god..." Alex gasps as Kyle pulls back to stare down at him. "...harder than ever before..." he manages to squeak out between breaths. "But, not here. I want something soft under me....with something hard inside of me." Alex says while staring into his eyes and giving his cock another squeeze. Neither waste any more time and rush to the bedroom, a trail of clothing left in their wake.

Alex lays on the bed on his back, legs spread, his hands rubbing his belly alluringly and slowly rubbing his cock with the other. "Well, what are you waiting for?" he asks, looking over at Kyle standing next to the bed, his erection tenting the front of his underwear. "I told you not to hold back." He emphasizes this by dropping his cock and lifting his thigh, showing off his ass. The classy red jewel of a butt plug shining in the light of the bedroom. "..hurry up and fuck me, you big stud. Fuck my ass full."
Kyle practically dives onto the bed, climbing on top of Alex and immediately capturing his lips in a rough and passionate kiss. He moans into Alex's mouth as he quickly pulls the plug out of Alex. He gasps at the sudden sensation and emptiness but then lets out a deep, hollow moan as it's replaced with Kyle's entire cock. Alex sucks in a shuddering breath as Kyle eagerly complies with his request for a rough fucking, slamming in and out of his ass rapidly. Kyle growls possessively and moves down to start sucking on one of Alex's nipples while keeping up the rapid pace. "Mmmmhh, YES!!... That's it, baby!" Alex moans loudly as Kyle fucks him with increasing fervor, "You know I love it when you're rough with me...." Alex wraps his arms around Kyle and pulls him even closer, craving more physical contact.

The room echoes with their moans of pleasure and the wet slapping of flesh on flesh as Kyle pounds into Alex's tight hole, stretching and filling it perfectly. He grunts and groans with every thrust, letting himself get lost in the moment and enjoying the feeling of being inside of Alex. "So good..." Kyle breathes in between kisses, "It's been too long..." He quickens his pace as he nears the edge, his cock twitching and pulsing with every movement. "Fuck.. yes... harder!!" Alex cries out in ecstasy as he feels Kyle's cock start to swell and twitch. Alex clenches his ass hard on Kyle’s cock, bringing him closer to orgasm. With a grunt, Kyle buries his cock to the hilt in Alex and lets out a long moan as he cums, flooding Alex's ass with thick ropes of hot cum. "Yesss.... Oh god!...." Alex moans as he feels Kyle's seed fill him up, sending him over the edge as well. His cock throbs and spasms as it spews its own load of cum onto both of their stomachs, his ass clenching around Kyle's shaft.

After a moment to catch their breath, Kyle carefully pulls out and lays down beside Alex, letting the afterglow wash over him. They lie there quietly for a minute, enjoying each other's company, before Kyle sits up and gives Alex a sly smile, looking down at his hard cock. "Still have energy left?" He asks hopefully. Alex rolls his eyes playfully before shifting and getting up to swing Kyle to the edge of the bed, letting Kyle's legs hang over the side. A much better angle... Alex kneels in front of his legs, the camera catching their sides, getting the entire scene. Alex starts licking the head of Kyle's cock slowly, swirling his tongue around the sensitive head. "Mmmm... Don't mind if I do~" He teases.

Alex smirks up at him and slowly licks Kyle's cock from base to tip, teasing him mercilessly. "Ahh..." Kyle breathes out, clearly enjoying Alex's attentions. He shifts his weight, trying to push himself up and move towards the edge of the bed to get closer to Alex. Alex places a firm hand on Kyle's chest, preventing him from moving further. He maintains eye contact with Kyle while sucking his cock into his mouth and starts bobbing up and down on it, making obscene noises. Alex's jaw flexes and clenches rhythmically as he swallows Kyle's cock with ease. He alternates between sucking and licking his cock, swirling his tongue around the sensitive head while staring up at Kyle with mischievous eyes.

"Mmm.... God! So good!..." Kyle moans out in pleasure, gripping the sheets tightly in one hand while reaching out to stroke Alex's hair. Still sucking a tonguing the tip of Kyle's cock, Alex starts rubbing his feet, giving him a nice foot massage at the same time. "Hmmm.... fuck Alex! You really know how to show a guy a good time." Kyle lets out in a big sigh of pleasure. He closes his eyes and rests his head on the bed enjoying the warm mouth on his cock and soft, warm sensation rubbing his feet, fully intending to let this last as long as he can. Alex starts massaging Kyle's calves, slowly working his way up Kyle's legs. Kyle is lost to the warm sensations and pleasure of Alex's mouth, too busy to question why a foot rub comes with a blowjob but not too busy to enjoy the hell out of it. Alex continues to work on Kyle's legs for a few minutes more, gradually moving up his thighs and finally rubbing his hips and ass. Alex kicks his sucking into high gear as he reaches for Kyle's hands, holding them tightly and squeezing with each hard suck on the tip of his cock. Kyle hold off for as long as he can, but everything Alex is going to his is too much, the sucking, the rubbing, the warmth, the squeezing..... Kyle grips Alex's hads tightly as his how body flexes and strains in the throes of his orgasm. Alex maintains his suction on Kyle's cock, milking the cum from his balls. AleX brings Kyle's hands together into his lap, using his free hand to rub Kyle's chest. Panting and exhausted, Kyle opens his eyes and states at the ceiling. "Holy shit Alex....that was amazing. How did you do all of once....” Kyle slowly lifts his head when he feels moist warmth engulfing his ass and now his forearms. Looking down, Kyle tries to process what he's seeing. Alex is standing, now. His cock now monstrously wide as he realizes the warm sensations hes been feeling has been the inside of his cock and balls. "Alex! What the fuck!!" Kyle yells as he tries to remove himself from Alex's dick. "Heh, you're in too deep..." Alex chuckles, giving Kyle's cheek a tender rub with his hand. "Just relax and try to enjoy it babe...." With his mind racing, Kyle desperately tries to free himself, trying to think of anything to do or say. Alex leans back, lifting his cock and Kyle off the bed. Kyle's legs already pressing down into Alex's sack. Starting to panic, Kyle asks, “…w..why…?” Alex grabs both sides of Kyle's face and pulls him into a sudden kiss. Bewildered and betrayed, Kyle locks eyes with Alex when he breaks the kiss. "Well....really, you were the first to answer my booty call. But hey, look on the bright side. You're the inaugural cocksnack on Predator'sPlayground!" Alex does a dramatic flourish before turning to the camera placing his hands on Kyle's head, now up to his neck in Alex's cock. "Thanks for being a great fuck and a tasty cocksnack!" With that, Alex shoves Kyle's head down into his cock. Kyle quickly slips the rest of the way down his cock and into Alex's balls, curled up in the fetal position, struggling to find a way out.

Alex reaches up and stretches, letting out a deep and satisfied sigh at the end. "Whew! That was great!" Alex pats his sack where he thinks Kyle's head his. "Thanks for volunteering to be my first live cumstain, Kyle!" Alex shuffles over to his computer and sits down with his sack sliding under his computer desk. "Now let’s see how we......holy shit...." Alex is shocked when he pulls up his livestream. 70 current viewers and a plethora of comments!

"OMG!!! He took that guys hands and feet but he couldn't tell until after the blowjob! Thats crazy!!!"
"The guy was too busy enjoying himself to realize he was already being eaten! I hope he enjoyed it because he’s about to get churned!"
"God that's so hot! Alex you're a natural. Faved and subbed!"
"Put you mic up to your sack! I wanna’ her him churning."

Alex is absolutely floored, he can't believe this is real. He even has a few donations and subscribers! "I'm gonna’ have to thank Paulette again..." He mutters to himself. Alex checks his viewer count again. Over 80 people watching?!?!...Ok’s go time.... Alex takes a deep breath to calm his nerves and starts talking into the camera. "Hey there! Thanks for dropping by Predator's Playground! My name's Alex and, as you can tell, I'm a predator who loves suckin' cocks and slurpin' thots! Y'all are probably here thanks to VoraciousVixen, so a big shoutout to her! I got the chance to devour a pair of joggers with her yesterday, as I'm sure you saw. I hope you enjoyed the pics and what you just saw! Kyle is still enjoying himself in my sack! Who want's to listen!? Alex doesn't even wait for the numerous replies in affirmation of his assumption. He grabs the webcam and pulls it down to his sack. Rubbing around, he tries to locate Kyle's head and face. "'s here somewhere..... I know he didn't give up that quickly...Ha! Found ya!" Alex aims the camera at the impression of Kyle's face and hands against the walls of his sack. "Oh boy, he's really strugglin' in there..... mmmm.... Not sure what feel's better. Him filling my ass or him filling my balls!" Alex let's out a snicker and watches as people post their guess. "Alex rubs Kyles face through his sack. "Say high to everyone at home! They already watched you rail me out so well, so I guess were past introductions, actually. Anything you want to say?" Alex is quiet for a moment as Kyle thrashes a few times and makes some muffled noises. "oooo, he's really kickin' now. He can't wait to be a cumstain!" Alex chuckles and gives his face a few more rubs before returning the camera to his monitor.

"Let's see....... How do I make a poll....Ah! Here we go." Alex says to himself. Quickly typing it out, Alex releases a poll, quietly thanking the site for being so user friendly and intuitive. "Ok folks! Time for some audience participation. 2 minute poll! Stew or mulch." Alex hits enter and sits back, watching the votes come in. He slowly strokes his cock and enjoys Kyle's struggles. 2 minutes later:

Should Alex let Kyle stew for a while or mulch him down quick?
Vote Totals:
Let Kyle stew for a while: 55 votes (63%)
Mulch him down quick: 32 votes (37%)

Alex leans forward when the timer ends. "Alllllllllllrighty. With 87 viewers participating in the poll, the majority has spoken! We're gonna’ let him stew for a while. Well, now that we have some time with eachother.... hmmmm." Alex gets up from the computer and follows the trail of clothing back to Kyle's pants. Fishing out his phone, he returns and sits back down with his new best friends. 102 viewers. "Oh Kyle, an unlocked phone? Really? Well, I'm not complaining." Alex looks into the camera. "What ever should we do with Kyle's phone?"

"Read all his texts! Post pics of everything to his socials!"
"Sell all his shit!!"
"OMG!! Send some videos out! Then erase everything!"
"Send all his porn to his boss!"
"Share his pics and all his contact info!"
"So many replies..." Alex mutters as he reads all of the ideas. Then, he see's one that really gets his attention.

"Send a pic of him in your sack to his girlfriend!" Alex draws in the tiniest of gasps when he reads this one. "Brilliantly devious! Thanks...uhh.....VoraciousVixen?! Oh shit! Hey!" Alex sits up straight, knowing a professional is watching him. Suddenly self-conscious. A momentary awkward silence is broken by a guttural churn from his balls, causing Alex to let out a laugh. "Thanks for the great idea, Double-V! I'm gonna’ get right on it!" Alex blows her a kiss and starts looking through Kyle's phone. The chat completely derails as Paulette's fans begin bombarding her with questions in the meantime. "Ohhh boy, I found her!" Alex holds up the phone and there's a brief flash of light. Alex checks the picture before asking himself out loud, "I wonder what I should say..." Alex's eyebrows raise for a moment as he has an idea and types away.

"Hey there, Lilly! Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but your boyfriend was cheating on you with a guy. Don't worry, though. He got what was coming to him. He's gonna’ be a much better cumstain than he was a boyfriend. ;) xoxo -Alex"

Alex narrated his message as he typed it to his viewers. He hit send and licks his lips before sitting back and stroking his cock again, savoring Kyle's struggles. Alex laughs, "Ooooo! That's good! Kyle must have heard me! He's really kicking up a storm down there!" Alex gives his sack a nice shake. He grins at the camera and begins chatting with his growing fan base. "So guys....I've only been on here a day and I already have so many of you dropping by and donating and subbing." Alex covers his heart with his hand in an appreciative gesture. "I never thought people would enjoy me snuffing sluts into nutbutter as much as I do." Laughing at himself, he continues. "But, I know that all the best streamers have signature moves, styles, or particular prey they like. I would love it if y'all would share your personal favorites and suggestions for me to incorporate into my shows!

"OMG, Alex, you're killing it! Pun intended. Seriously though, loving the content. Maybe do a rampage stream? I love watch GutGrinder clear out a room, or a bus, or a building! Just a thought! Keep up the great work!"
"Do a stream where you see how many sluts you can hold like VoraciousVixen!"
"Yo Alex, you're a natural at this! The way you handle your prey is just so hot. How about trying some more public scenes? Like, luring prey in public places and devouring them right under everyone's noses? That would be so freaking intense! Keep it up, man!"
"Do a barrel roll!
"Alex, you're a legend already! Your charisma and charm are off the charts, man. How about trying some themed streams? Like, 'Date Night Disaster' where you bring in a prey for a romantic evening and then devour them in the most twisted ways possible? I'd definitely tune in for that! Keep slaying, bro!"
"Take us out on a hunt with you, LIVE!"

Alex is impressed with the great feedback, making a bunch of notes for later. Alex is busy writing and talking when he hears a ping from Kyle's phone. "Oh!" Kyle sits up straight and smiles to the camera. "Someone responded! I wonder if she's gonna’ beg me to let him go, not-gonna’-happen" Alex says with a wink" ...or if she'll thank me for getting rid of him. "Alex picks up the phone and reads the message, tilting his head slightly.

"Is that real?"

Alex wasn't expecting that... He types out a quick response. "Yup! He's melting down as we speak. ;)" Alex sends it off and hums quizzically into the camera for a moment. "That was unexpected, chat." He holds up the phone screen so that chat can see when the phone starts to ring. He really didn't expect that.... Alex looks at the phone for a moment before answering it on speakerphone. He can hear deep and rapid breathing on the other end. "Hey there, Lilly." Alex says, breaking the ice. The other side of the call is quiet except for Lilly's labored breath. " is this real....?" She says hesitantly, her voice soft and timid, almost distant. "One sec...." Alex replies plainly. The chat explodes with comments.

"No fucking way!"
"POV: You just found out your boyfriend got turned into cum but your horny now because of it..."

Alex switches to a video call, letting the selfie camera take charge first. A few moments later, Lilly's face pops onto the screen. "Well, hello there, cutie." Alex says, honestly. He sees a picture of distressed innocence. Lilly has soft, wavy brown hair, wide green eyes, hints of makeup on otherwise beautiful pale skin, and thick bookworm glasses. She's a total nerd. She's also panting in terribly restrained lust. Lilly swallows and tries to calm herself, unsuccessfully. Alex studies her for a few more moments before saying, "Did you want to see, Lilly...?" Already knowing the answer. He can tell she's a churnslut, even if she can’t. Lilly lets out a soft whimper before closing her eyes and nodding weakly. Alex gives a big smile. "Ok. Just to let you know, you're on my livestream right now. Want to say hi to everyone?" Lilly lets out another light whimper before saying, "o.... ok..." Alex turns the phone so she and chat can see each other, and they react in a predictable fashion.

"OMG, she's so innocent-looking! Can't wait to see her corrupted. ;)"
"She's definitely hiding something behind those glasses. Can't fool us, Lilly!"
"Lilly's gonna be a tasty treat for Alex. Can't wait to see her squirm!"
"Look at her trying to hide that thirst. Girl, we know what you want!"
"I bet Lilly's gonna be begging for more by the end of this. She's already hooked!"

Alex turns the phone back to him and can see Lilly, wide-eyed and trembling. "Here we go Lilly..." Alex flips the phone camera around and aims it down at his squirming sack. With his free hand, Alex massages the side of his sack, rubbing against one of Kyle's limbs. "Normally, I mulch my cocksnacks pretty fast, Lilly. But the chat wanted me to take my time with this one. I'm pretty sure they are getting off watching him slowly melt." Alex says casually, like he's reciting a recipe for baking a cake. He lets the quiet linger for a few moments, listening to Lilly's rapid breathing and fidgeting. ".....You're getting off to this too....aren't you, Lilly?" Alex and the chat hear a desperate and embarrassed whimper that trails off into a "...mmhmmm..." Alex grins wildly "What are you doing to yourself, Lilly?" She replies with a shaky voice, "...rub....mmm... rubbing my clit...." Alex bites the side of his lower lip with one of his canines. "Put your fingers in. Think about the last time Kyle fucked you... mmmm.... He fucked me just a few minutes ago... his cum is still leaking out of me.... he's such a good fuck, isn't he?" Alex teases in his best seductive voice.

Lilly moans loudly as her phone shakes and her eyes clench shut. "ohhhh! Oh god...mmmm ...yeah... he could really make... make me cum...." Lilly continues her embarrassed whimpering, but it isn’t enough to drown out the sounds of her fingers shlicking in and out of her pussy. Alex moans softly as he reaches behind himself to rub his hole, sliding a finger into his still cum filled ass. "Yeah.... he really knew how to use that dick and fill me up. But guess what, Lilly." Lilly's panting growing faster, still. "wh...what..?" Alex could tell she was right on the edge. "You're gonna’ come over to my place, right now, and I'm gonna’ fill you up with him. One. Last. Time."

Lilly's body locks up, shuddering as she lets out a breathless scream. Her orgasm ravaging her body and mind. When she finally makes a sound, it’s a long shuddering moan as she rides out the intense waves of pleasure. Alex shows the screen to the chat who have been reacting vigorously to Lilly's response to her boyfriend's demise. Alex continues to finger himself slowly while he waits for Lilly to calm down. His sack gurgles and churns as Kyle's struggles are coming to an end. Alex can hear Lilly's breathing starting to return to normal. "Lilly..... you still with us?" She lets out an exhausted "....mhmmmm..." Alex chuckles. "Well good. I'm sending you my address. You'd better hurry or else Kyle is going down the shower drain." Alex gives a glance to the chat and winks. Lilly shoots up from lying down. "No! no-no-no-no..... I'm on my way! I'm......" She plugs the address into her phone. "I'm 20 minutes away. I'll be there in 15." Lilly darts off her bed and hangs up the phone.

Alex puts down the phone and gives his sack a slap. "You've got a real interesting girl there, Kyle." His sack gives a gurgling response. Returning his gaze back to the chat, Alex gives a big smile and a laugh. "I really did not see that coming. So..... who wants to place bets on when she'll get here and what she'll do?" The chat erupts into a flurry on responses. Alex looks down at the live viewers count. 184.

* * *

As always, please comment if you like it, hate it, or think I can fix anything!

Hope you enjoy :)
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Re: Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal..

Postby Futafan357 » Sun Mar 31, 2024 5:26 am

Lot'sa fun psychological play in the one :)

Chapter 4 – Alex meets a meal.

Alex returns to interacting with his fans before he's interrupted by a call. Grabbing Kyle's phone first, thinking it's going to be Lilly backing out, he is mildly surprised to see a black screen followed by another ring. It's his phone. He grabs it and see's it's Paulette calling.

"Hello? Is this Predator'sPlayground?" Alex can hear Paulette's sultry voice over the phone. " Why , ye s it is , mam ! And, you're on speakerphone with the chat! They say 'hello!' " Alex replies in an amusing tone. The chat lights up. Paulette smiles through the phone. "My name is Paulette and I run a very popular channel called VoraciousVixen". Paulette says in an over-the-top professional tone. Alex responds in kind, "Oh my! I think I have heard of you! You are, indeed, quite popular!" Paulette smirks wickedly to herself, "You flatter me. But that's not why I'm calling today, no...." Paulette hears an intrigued hum from Alex. "No, no. I was calling to offer a proposal . One I am sure your chat will approve of..." Paulette can almost feel Alex leaning closer to the phone , confirming her feeling by glancing at his stream feed , intrigued. "Oh? This sounds promising. What's the deal, Double-V ?" The chat is dead quiet, as if they may miss something over the sound of their typing . Paulette lets out a playful chuckle, "How would you like to have a double-stream with you and your new friend ?" The chat erupts into anarchy as Alex pretends to consider it, overacting a pondering expression. There is no thought necessary. Alex felt his breath catch the moment she suggested it. His predatory instincts metaphorically salivating at the thought of working with that lethal redheaded vixen again. He steels himself, suppressing his excitement, not wanting to drop the play-acting they have going. "That's certainly an intriguing offer....what would it entail, exactly?" He asks, despite having a pretty good idea of what she means. Paulette smirks devilishly. "Well, I could meet you at your place in about five minutes . I'm quite certain that we come up with something to entertain the stream, together." Alex swallows at the suggestion and offers a brief response, shooting a glance over to his chat. "Hell yeah." Pandemonium. 247 viewers.

Paulette arrives at the address she received from Alex the day before. She s hakes out her umbrella and rings the bell. a few moments and a loud buzz later, she is walking up to Alex's apartment. When she arrives, Alex is leaning against the open door frame doing his best sexy pose, naked and sporting a Kyle sized sack between his legs. "Hey there sailor. You come here often?" Alex says, batting his eyes dramatically. Paulette lets out an amused snort. "Only where you're working, baby cakes." Paulette winks and walks past Alex into his apartment. She gives his bare ass a firm slap as she walks by, making Alex just and let out a yelp followed by a brief moan. He follows her in and shuts the door. While Paulette is standing in his living room and taking in his apartment, Alex takes a moment to soak her in. She's wearing knee high, zip-up combat boots with a think heel, adding to her already impressive height. With his eyes moving up her body, he has trouble moving on from the black leather pants that she must have been poured into to possibly have gotten on herself, and a low-cut red crop-top showing off every acre of her impressive cleavage. She turns around and can see Alex is still mesmerized by her attire . She gives a quick cough to bring him back to reality. " balls are down there, thank you?" She says with mock offense and pointing to her crotch, which now has all of Alex's attention because her impressive cock is running down her left thigh almost to her knee. With a quick shake of his head, Alex brings himself back. "Ahh! Sorry. You..... dam, I can see why you're so popular... and lethal... You're, literally, to die for." Paulette smiles with a slight blush at his genuine compliment about her looks and predatory abilities." "Why thank you, Alex. You're not lookin' so bad yourself with that sack of... who was it, again?" Alex smirks and joins her in the middle of the room, looking up to her in more ways than literally. "Kyle. And Lilly will be here pretty soon. So, what's the plan?"

Paulette takes a seat on Alex's couch and gets comfortable. She opens a small duffel bag sitting beside her and produces a camera and laptop , placing it on the side table next to the couch. Alex plops down next to her with one hand absentmindedly playing with his sack. Paulette observes for a moment before answering his question. "Well.... you're going to greet your guest in nothing but your sexy skin ," She leans over and gives his left nipple a tug for emphasis. "And this." She nods her head toward his sack. Alex blushes at her touching him but his pred instincts take over. He really wants to impress Paulette. He straightens his back and poses for her. She nods in approval. "I'm just gonna ’ stay right here and see how it plays out . If she handles things poorly, you and I will get to play a fun round of Tug-of-Vore." She says, bouncing her eyebrows for emphasis . Alex gets excited at the thought of playing that with Paulette. "Dude, did we just become best friends?! I love Tug-of-Vore!" Alex exclaims. Paulette laughs as Alex regains his composure. "And if she takes it well? Alex asks. Paulette bites her lower lip and grins widely. "Well..... " Paulette is interrupted by a familiar buzz from the intercom . Her eyes widen as her smile gets even bigger. "....we will find out just how *well.* She. Can. Take. It." Paulette finishes, enunciating each word for emphasis. Alex smiles and nods before hitting the buzzer. "Where should I set up the camera? You've got Wi-Fi, right?" Paulette asks, grabbing the camera and her laptop as she stands up. "Bedroom, and yeah. Password is 'Yearn2Churn88.' It's written on top of the router. You can't miss it" Alex says as he walks to the door to wait for Lilly. When Paulette enters the bedroom, the chat explodes. The camera has been angled into the living room for now, but the audio has been basically inaudible. That hasn't prevented wild speculations about what's occurring from the chat, however.

"I bet Alex and V are plotting something big while we're left in the dark. Can't wait to see what they've cooked up!"

"I can't hear anything! :("

"What do you think Alex and VV are up to in the other room? Whatever it is, it's gotta be intense!"


"I hope they don't slurp her out there! I don't wanna miss it! �� "

"Oh boy, She’s coming into the bedroom now! Things are about to get real interesting! �� "


"I wanna be your cumslut VV!"

Paulette Smiles and waves to the camera before blowing them a kiss and biting her jaw at the camera playfully. She moves over to the router and starts setting up her camera and stream. It's not even active yet, but the social media post about the stream already has hundreds waiting in her lobby for the action to start.

"Multiple angles?! Be still, my heart."

"Holy shit, were gonna get cinematic with this shit! Get the popcorn!"

"'dis gonna' be gud!"

"VV, can we colab sometime?!"

"Fuck popcorn! Get me a tarp and some towels. This is gonna get messy...."

*Knock*.....*Knock*.....*Knock*..... The knocks, deliberate and forceful. But, not eager or rushed. The sound of someone determined but still hesitant about their course of action. Alex takes a screenshot of the timer on his phone once he hears the knock. 14 minutes 47 seconds. He will have to check the guess from chat. Someone will be getting an autograph and some of what's left of Kyle. Alex waits a few moments for dramatic effect before opening the door. What greats him is a contrast to the Lilly he first saw. Hunched over, leaning against the door frame, soaking wet hair hanging down over her face. Alex didn't even notice it had started to rain. She is wearing a white blouse and black slacks. She must have run over in this weather... She doesn't say anything for a moment before straightening herself up and pushing her wet hair behind her ear, showing her conflicted expression. Somewhere between excited, terrified, shameful, and full of lust. "I'm here for...." She lets out a shuddering breath. "Kyle." She finally finishes. She has a desperate look on her face. A desire she never dared to acknowledge, much less participate in . "Well," Alex says, pointing to his bulging, but now smooth sack. 'He's right here.....waiting to fill you up." He says while ushering Lilly into the apartment before shutting the door. Alex makes a point to lock the deadbolt with some force, making Lilly jump at the sound. Alex let's out a chuckle. "Sorry, couldn't resist." Alex walks slowly over to Lilly as he speaks. "Anyway, there is someone else here, so don't get scared when you see them. My friend Paulette wanted to come say 'Hi" to you, too. She was watching my stream and thought you seemed.... delicious." Alex closes the gap and whispers the last word directly into Lilly's ear, causing her to shiver and let out a, now, characteristic whimper. "ok......wha... what’s going to happen now?" She asks timidly. "What would you like to have happen...?" Alex questions back. Lilly freezes and goes quiet for several moments, completely unresponsive. Her mind racing but coming up empty. The best answer she can offer is an almost silent shrug and another weak "I- I-....don't know...." Alex hums quietly for a few moments , studying her reactions . He runs his hand lightly along his sack, keeping his eyes on Lilly . It twitches, drawing Lilly's gaze to it. Her breathing picks up the longer she stares, clearly struggling with her conflicting desires and inhibitions. Alex can see she's rubbing her thighs together, making him smirk.


The alert cuts through the silence and makes Lilly jump again. Alex looked at the phone in his hand. It's Paulette's message. He gives a seductive smile before taking Lilly's hand. "Time to go into the bedroom." Lilly hesitates for a moment, fearful of what will happen in that room. Fearful that whatever is about to happen, she's not leaving that room the same way she went in. Fearful that, she's going to enjoy it. Alex pulls softly on her hand. A moment passes. A second. A third. Lilly swallows, then takes a step towards the bedroom. Paulette is waiting for them on the bed, already naked and striking a sexy pose. " Well, hello there, cutie. I'm VoraciousVixen, but that's more of a mouthful than you are. You can just call me Vixen." She gives her a little finger wave before returning her hand to her cock, slowly stroking it while she was talking. Lilly stops in her tracks, taking the imposing predator in. Her eyes fixating on her face, then pulled to impressive bust, and finally glued to her bewildering cock. Lilly couldn't help but stare blankly at it. It was as big as her forearm, at least, and there was writing and lines all over it. Her curiosity got the best of her and broke her out of the daze. "ha...Hi.....umm... I'm Lilly....." Lilly swallows again and points to Paulette's cock. "What are all of those lines for?" Paulette gives a wide and satisfied smile. "Oh, these? That's just how I keep track of how many cuties like you I've gobbled up....."Paulette pauses for a moment, letting the moment build "...and churned down..." Another pause. "... In my balls... "She looks down at her cock lovingly and then gives Lilly a truly sinister grin "....this week." Lilly's eyes go wide as a shiver runs down through her body, forcing out another shuddering whimper. Paulette lets out a laugh and smiles at her again. " Ohhhh . Oh you poor little thing...." She looks over to Alex, giving him a wide-eyed look that says 'Holy shit, dude. Just follow my lead.' Alex nods to her and keeps his attention on the two of them, absentmindedly counting the lines ma rked on her cock. 23. 4 more since yesterday. Paulette looks back to Lilly as she rests herself against the pillows and headboard. She holds out her arms and says, "Come here to M ama Vixen." Lilly stares for a moment, locked in place. Suddenly she jumps up and moves forward as Alex grabs her ass, giving her a little push towards the bed. She approaches Paulette, still laying on the bed with her arms open, inviting her in. Her cock is hard and throbbing as it rests across her chest, nearly up to her cleavage.

Lilly takes a tentative step, then another . She can feel moisture running down her inner thigh as she moves. Paulette suddenly holds up a hand and says, "Wait. Not like that cutie." Paulette licks her lips "I prefer my snacks, unwrapped." Lilly stops in her tracks and contemplates for a moment. 'Nothing left to lose ?' she thinks to herself and starts to undress. Paulette speaks up again, "Ah! Not like that, darling. You have more than the two of us watching. Make sure you make it enjoyable for the audience at home" she says with a wink and a sly smile. " Ooh ...sorry..." Lilly says as she looks over to the cameras, seeing herself on the live previews of the two monitors. She gives the smallest of waves before she resumes taking off her blouse, slowly. Alex starts to approach the bed, ready for action but is stopped by Paulette giving him a subtle shake of the head and another verbose look. 'Not yet, dude. Trust me.' Alex gives a disappointed and pleading look, but ultimately complies. Settling with standing next to her laptop, watching the chat.

"Paulette is a master of seduction! She's got Lilly wrapped around her finger already. �� "

"Just slurp her already! �� "

"Alex, don't interrupt the show! Let Paulette work her magic. �� "

"Just call me Kyle, because the suspense is killing me!!"

"I'm on the edge of my seat! This is like watching a thriller. �� "

"Paulette is such a pro! Lilly doesn't stand a chance against her seductive powers. �� "

"This is gonna make a hell of a vorno . "

Lilly continues her methodical undressing, now getting to her pants, her shoes already kicked off to the side. As she peals them down her legs, she does her best to hold them together to hide the dampness. Even if both didn't already know, it's clear how turned-on Lilly is right now. "Oh my. It looks like someone is getting a little excited, doesn't it Alex?" Alex gives an affirmative response as Lilly shrinks slightly at being called out. She lets out a shameful whine. One part embarrassment, one part shame, and one, powerful throb of pleasure at being called out. Paulette holds back an affectionate laugh, not wanting to ruin the momentum of her descent. But, she thinks to herself, 'Good fucking find, Alex. We're gonna ’ have a lot of fun with this one.' Lilly finishes by unclasping her bra, letting it land with her clothing, and pulling down her panties before stepping out of them. She stands there, completely naked but for the back socks she forgot to take off. Paulette smiles and gives her a seductive finger pull over to herself. "Much better, cutie. Now, get in bed and M ama Vixen is gonna ’ tell you what we're gonna ’ do to you. Lilly finally climbs into bed with her, letting Paulette pull her against her side and resting her head on her breast. Paulette drapes and arm over her side and says, "There. Now isn't that much better my tasty little treat?" Lily can’t help but nod, relaxing into Paulette's warm and surprisingly gentle embrace.

"Now," Paulette begins, rubbing Lilly's arm as she speaks. "now that you're good and comfy," Paulette looks over to Alex and to the cameras directly. "Chat, this is Lilly. Lilly, this is the chat. Lilly, give em a wave sweetie." Lilly gives another small wave. "Chat. Tonight, Lilly here..." Paulette give her a little shake for emphasis. " going to die." Lilly eyes bolt open as she tenses and lets out a series of panicked whimpers, starting to hyperventilate. Paulette squeezes Lilly tightly, giving her an affectionate kiss on her head and doing the best to soothe her. The chat rooms erupt with activity.

"Fucking finally! My dick is getting raw!"

"Lilly's reactions are so real, I almost feel bad for her.......almost."

"Paulette is ruthless! I love it!"

"Your dick is raw?! My fucking fingers are nothing but prunes!"

"Holy shit, I almost spilled my load when she said that. Fucking brutal."

"Shhhhhhh, Shhh, Shhh, Shhh, shhhh hh .... Relax sweetie... Relax.. It's gonna ’ be ok.. Just relax into Mama Vixen's arms...." Paulette holds her tightly, still rubbing her arm with one hand and stroking her face lovingly with the other. Lilly's breathing starts to slow down again, but her eyes are wide and locked out on a point a thousand miles away, staring through Paulette's breasts. Paulette draws in a sharp breath herself, soaking in the cocktail of Lilly's fear and arousal. She starts working her hand down from Lilly's face, brushing her chest, feeling up a breast, rubbing her tight belly, and finally lightly tracing around her inner thighs. Her fingers gliding around on her wet skin. Lilly's breath catches again as Paulette's fingers brush over her pussy and she lets out a gasp of pleasure. "There...." Paulette says before leaning down to give another kiss on Lilly's head. "That's better. Now, Chat, just because Lilly is going to die here tonight..." She’s already squeezing Lilly when she tenses again. "...doesn't mean she isn't going to die satisfied." With that she slips two fingers into Lilly, curling up against her g-spot and pressing her thumb against her clit. Lilly lets out a shriek of pleasure before her body locks up tight, riding out a sudden and intense orgasm. While Lilly is panting and twitching in her arms, Paulette looks to the chat again. "See what I mean?" Lilly, still riding a debilitating amount of pleasure now has her eyes locked on the tally marks decorating Paulette's cock. With nothing left to do, her mind fixates on those marks and what Paulette said. 'Cuties like me. Slurped up. Churned down. In her balls. Like me. Churned. In her balls. Cuties. Churned. Sluts. Balls. In. Slurped. Like me. Cuties. Me. In. Balls. Sluts. Churned. Sluts. In. Churned. Like me. Balls Churn. Sluts. In. Churn...... ’ Over and over. Paulette shoots Alex a look and motions for him to join them on the bed. He shoots up and claps excitedly, his balls are really beginning to ache. "Finally!" He exclaims. "Sweetie.....You there, Lilly?" Paulette says, giving her a shake. Lilly looks up at her suddenly, eyes still distant. Her mouth just barely moving with the mantra repeating in her mind. Alex climbs into bed with them both as Paulette brushes Lilly's sweat-soaked hair out of her face, Lilly's own juices spreading across it. "Alex and I are going to fuck you now. Savagely. In front of our audiences. Before you die. Like all prey deserve. Ok, sweetie?" She punctuates each pause with a soft kiss on Lilly's lips.

'...Prey. Balls. In. Churn. Sluts. Die. Me. Slurp. Prey. In. Balls. Churn. Sluts. Die. Me. Slurp. Prey. Balls. In. Churn. Sluts. Die. Me. Slurp. Prey. In. Balls . Churn. Sluts. Die. Me. Slurp....'

Alex stares at Lilly for a moment. "Man....she's really out of it." Paulette laughs. "Wohh yeah. She's basically in a reboot cycle haha. Now, help me get my dick in her ass. She needs a goooood stretching." Paulette drags Lilly up onto her chest until she is basically sitting in her cleavage . "Stick your hand in there and then lube me up." Alex smiles and gives here a mock salute. "Yes, mam!" He knee walks himself between their legs and puts a finger into Lilly's pussy. She gives a slight twitch, but otherwise continues staring off into space and muttering to herself. Two fingers. Three fingers. Four fingers? "Jesus...she isn't really the repressed churnslut we thought, huh?" He says in mild amazement. Paulette chuckles. "Not. At. All. Why do you think *I'M* starting with her asshole?" Alex looks down at his own sizeable member, which he is quite proud of, but must admit it's dwarfed by Paulette's massive slut spear. Alex slips his whole hand into Lilly. "Yeah, that's a good point. Wait, what do you know that I don't?" Alex says and looks at her with confusion. She just responds with a wink and a 'get on with it' expression. Alex complies, pulling out his hand and rubbing it in and around Lilly's asshole before giving Paulette a good coating. With, Paulette gently spreads Lilly's cheeks and guides her onto her cock. It's almost effortless, the tip slides into Lilly's , apparently loose, asshole with barely a push . Paulette wraps her arms around Lilly's thighs. "Ok Alex, get ready to start fucking the shit out of her pussy." Alex nods, still confused as to why she's including all this fanfare. 'I guess that's why she's a pro' He says to himself, trusting the more experienced pred. "Hey.... Lilly..." Paulette says softly. "Are you ready?" She asks, ending with a hard bite to one of Lilly's ears. Lilly let's out a moan of pain but continues with her new mantra aloud.

"...Prey. Balls. Die. Churn. In. Sluts. Me. Prey. Balls. Die. Churn. In. Sluts. Me. Prey. Balls. Die. Churn. In. Sluts. Me. Prey. Balls. Die. Churn. In. Sluts. Me..."

Paulette smiles before a grimace of effort a s she pulls Lilly down her cock to the base. Lilly's abdomen bulging out with the pillar of meat now inside her body. Lilly draws in a sudden, massive breath before letting out a screaming moan of pleasure and pain. "Fffffffuck yeah.... Fuck! She's loose, but she's tight! Hop to, sailor!" Paulette says to Alex. She starts thrusting in and out of Lilly's asshole as Alex finally gets his dick wet this evening. Despite how loose she was before, Paulette's cock taking up so much room inside is making her virgin tight again. Alex groans in pleasure as he starts to match Paulette's thrusts. Lilly's eyes are practically bulging out of her head, staring straight forward into space, loudly repeating to herself between gasps.

*gasp* Me. *gasp* Prey. *gasp* Die. *gasp* In. *gasp* Me. *gasp* Prey. *gasp* Die. *gasp* In. *gasp* Me. *gasp* Prey. *gasp* Die. *gasp* In. *gasp* Me.

Alex and Paulette continue thrusting into Lilly, building to their own orgasms, unable to tell if Lilly is having an orgasm or a seizure. Not really caring about which. Several minutes of fucking, breathing, shaking, and chanting pass until Alex lets out a moan. "ohhhhh, fuck. Lilly... get ready for Kyle to fill you up again.... I'm gonna cum soon." Lilly suddenly blinks and starts to hyperventilate. "Get ready Alex...." Paulette says, breathing heavily as she continues destroying Lilly's ass. Alex looks down at Paulette confused. "Ready for wh...." Suddenly Lilly snaps her body up off Paulette's chest and forward until she's now in Alex's face. She grabs his head with both hands, eyes wide and terrifyingly angry, staring into his soul. She yells into his face with a deep, strange voice, "Don't you fucking DARE shoot that weak . F ucking . P rey . BITCH! I nto my womb! Bitch prey like him only deserve to be shoved up my ass!!! Alex is stunned still. However, as if on cue and with surprising strength, Paulette lifts Lilly completely off of her cock, causing her draw in a whooping breath. And, just as suddenly, slam s her ass down right on Alex's cock. Both let out a deep cry of pleasure as one. Lilly wraps her arms and legs completely around Alex's body and rapidly humps her ass up and down his cock. Suddenly, Alex and his cock both remember how close to orgasm he was, and he wraps his arms around Lilly's back. Alex gives a final few powerful thrusts before his balls finally relent and clench up into him. Alex lets out another cry of pleasure and his body tightens around Lilly. Lilly, feeling her pathetic, prey-slut boyfriend being shot up into her ass sets her off into another mind breaking orgasm. Her whole body locks up again, clinging to Alex. They both softly twitch and thrust automatically as they each ride out an epic orgasm as Alex falls backwards onto his back with Lilly clinging to his chest.

Meanwhile, Paulette is grinning ear to ear, slowly stroking her massive cock. She chuckles to herself and looks over to the coatrooms, which are uncharacteristically silent. She jumps her eyebrows once toward the chat and says , "Totally called it."

"What. The fuck. What that?!"

"My jaw literally dropped. What a wild ride!"

"Paulette really knows how to take control of a situation."

"I'm both horrified and turned on at the same time."

"Alex and Lilly's dynamic just took a whole new turn."

"I need a moment to process all of this. Wow."

"I think my heart skipped a beat. That was intense!"

"Amateurs....Y'all have no idea what we all just witnessed..... A new star was just born.

After a few minutes, Alex and Lilly's bodies start to untangle, both still breathing heavily. Lilly looks up to Alex from his chest. Alex looks down to Lilly. After a few heavy breaths Lilly says "...... I..... want..... more....." before her head hit's Alex's chest once more and she passes out. Paulette is standing over them both, slowly stroking her cock. Alex looks up at Paulette and asks, "What the fuck did she turn into? A super slut or something?" She chuckles again and looks down at them both. "ohhhh, no-no-no.....something much better. Congratulations, Alex. You're the brand new father to a baby pred." Alex blinks several times. "wu....I'm what?!"

* * *

Authors Note: I know some of you were expecting a willing prey here!! Sorry for the fake out. I really wanted to introduce this character, though. I will get to some Volunteer Vore Victims in Chapter 5. I promise!!
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Re: Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal..

Postby Futafan357 » Sun Mar 31, 2024 10:47 pm

The saga continues with a bit of an intermission chapter. I was given a bit of inspiration by a very lovely user and, what was a quick prompt, spiraled into a full chapter. I don't want to spoil anything so, I'll say that the was inspired by a CV work here on the site. If you know the name, please let me know because neither of us could remember.

Anyway, onto the description!

Chapter 4.5 - Alex solves a problem.

Alex and Lily(The first one) are having lunch when Lily laments about her annoying girlfriend. Ales makes a suggestion.

....I wonder what it could be....hmmmm...

Chapter 4.5 - Alex Solves a Problem.

"See! This is what I mean!" Lily shows her phone to Alex. She has a missed call from Paulina. "....and?" Alex asks. Lily scoffs and put down her phone. "She's smothering me!" Lily huffs "Like, I can't even have a few days of peace and quiet without her pestering me." Alex gives a slight chuckle at her mildly distorted view on relationships. Though, it's not like he has much room to talk. His lovers rarely last the hour, let alone a night. Lilly sighs, "I just wish she would move on already. I hate ending relationships..." She picks at her salad idly. "You know...." Alex starts, leaning back in his chair with a mischievous grin. "There's an easy solution to all this." Lily looks up with curious interest. "And what is that exactly?" she asks, lifting her brow in suspicion. "Well.... she just needs to gain a… new perspective...." Alex says playfully, cryptically, whimsically. He takes a sip of his drink, winking at Lily over the rim. Her face flushes slightly as she realizes what he means. "Y-you don't mean..." She looks around as if someone may be listening. Alex gives her another coy smile and a slow nod. Lily is dumbfounded by the suggestion, but intrigued. 'Would it really be that easy?' She thinks to herself. As their lunch continues, the idea lingers in Lily's mind, dark, wrong, dangerous..... fucking hot. The idea begins to fester. They sit in silence for some time. Lily, toying with her salad. Alex, studying her intently. 'Her breathing has picked up, she's squirming… She's thinking hard about it.' Alex thinks to himself, 'She's conflicted about something, but it certainly isn't about getting rid of Paulina. Hmm........ Ohhhhh....' Alex gets a devious smile on his face. 'She's worried that she's gonna like it....very interesting....' Lily is deep in thought, considering exactly what Alex assumes. 'I know Alex is a pred..... I know he kills people..... That's not my business..... why is the thought of him churning Paulina making me so......... wet..."You wanna'?" he asks. Her heart leaps and she's broken out of her inner monologue. She states into Alex's eyes. Looking for some kind of salvation. A reason not to go down this path. She finds nothing but hunger. His, and now…. her own. She nods quickly. "Yes."


Paulina steps through the door, setting down her things before reaching back to close it. She notices Lily's shoes at the front door and sighs in relief. She had been worried about Lily for a few days. She often disappeared for days at a time, but she always grew concerned, nonetheless. "Hey babe! Welcome back. Let's order a pizza tonight and just chill. I've missed you." Paulina shouts into the apartment. She looks around, noticing light coming from the bedroom. "Lil? You okay, babe? she calls again, approaching the bedroom.

"So you're really sure about this?" Alex whispers to Lily as he looks down at her on the bed. Lilly thinks for a moment. 'One last chance to change directions, to not become something.....else.' "Yes...." Lily responds softly, barely above a whisper. Alex gives her one last look over. He cups her cheek with one hand and tweaks one of her nipples with the other. He chuckles softly as Lily lets out a loud moan and he slips back into the closet. Paulina hears Lily moan out and quickly enters the bedroom. "Hey are you al.....right....." Paulina is greeted to Lily, naked, spread eagle on the bed with her back against the wall. In her best seductive voice she says, "Hey there, lover girl..." Lilly grins seductively at her, letting her soak in the moment. "I felt bad I left you hanging, I wanted to give you a 'surprise'." Lilly says while arching her back forward to emphasize 'surprise.' Paulina eventually closes her mouth and swallows. Lilly smiles and chuckles before letting down her legs and sliding off the bed onto her knees. She knees herself over to Paulina and puts her hands on her thighs, looking up to her with pleading eyes. "I've been a bad, bad girlfriend.... let me make it up to you, baby." She says, with well-faked sincerity. She unzips her pants, pulling them down with her panties. She smiles as he sees a tiny string of moisture connect from her pussy to the panties before breaking. Lily looks up to her again, keeping eye contact, and gives Paulina's pussy a slow, firm lick. Paulina inhales sharply and closes her eyes before letting out a soft moan. Lily gives her clit a kiss and a quick suck before breaking contact. "Baby, I want the surprise to be special." Lilly reaches for the blindfold she stashed under the bed, knocking away the dildo they shared. Lily mentally rolls her eyes, as she does every time, as she thinks about how long it took her to convince Paulina to let Lily use it on her, she is such a dyke! Disgusted by cock, even silicone ones. Lily feels a new sensation run up her spine. A raw, blinding spike of pleasure joined the thought of how much Paulina hates cocks, and that she's about to die in one. Feeling a powerful wave of lust, Lily stands up and gives Paulina a deep kiss. Their tongues mingling for several passionate moments while Lily reaches down to Paulina's pussy to slip a finger in her. Paulina moans into the kiss as Lily's finger enters her, letting Lily's tongue have control in her mouth before Lily breaks the kiss.

"Hold still cutie." Lily says sweetly, breathing heavily. Paulina complies, trying to control her own breathing as Lily slips the blindfold on. The world goes dark as the padded mask goes over Paulina's eyes. Moments later, sensual music starts to play. Paulina feels Lily unbutton her shirt, letting it slide off her arms, then her bra. Then, Lily guides each of her legs up to remove her pants and panties. Paulina gasps as she feels something soft run down the side of her ribs, then lets out a sudden cry as something cold brushes her nipple. She lets out a laugh as Lily lightly bites her butt before moaning again when she slips in two fingers. Moments later, those fingers are in her mouth. Paulina sucks them clean as her head begins to spin with from the different sensation attacking her senses from all sides. Paulina feels Lily move her feet together and attach something to them. She smiles, "Getting kinky, babe?" Paulina asks. From behind her Lily responds, "Something like that" Before giving Paulina's ass a squeeze. Pauling chuckles and lets Lily continue. Finally, Paulina feels Lily grab her forearms and hold them together. "More cuffs, babe?" She asks. "You're getting warm, sweetie." Paulina feels Lily lick her fingers and up her hand and she smiles in confusion. Then her hands are both warm and soft, and wet? "Babe, what is that?" Lily gives her nipple a pinch. "Shhh! It's almost time." Paulina let's out a yelp but complies. 'Lily sure is getting into this BDSM vibe' She thinks to herself. 'What on earth does she have my hands inside of...?' Paulina amends that thought, as now her forearms are in there, too. Lily wraps her arms around Paulina from behind, crossing her forearms and cupping Paulina's breasts. "Oh babe.... get ready....." Paulina feels her heart starting to race even more. "...3......... 2........ 1....... Now." Paulina feels the blindfold pulled down her face, the rooms light blinding her vision for a few moments. As her eyes adjust, she sees a woman in front of her. Long blonde hair... 'oh fuck babe....a threeway?!' Paulina thinks to herself as the world comes into focus. 'She's really cute. Pint sized. Flat chest is nothing to be ashamed....of......' Paulina blinks several times as everything comes into focus. It's not a woman, it's a man! As Paulina is about to start demanding answers, her brain locks up as she looks down. His penis. It's huge. It's on my arms...... no..... my arms are....... are.... in his penis. "I told you it'd work. Oldest trick in the book." Alex says, chuckling to himself. "Yeah, I know, I know... I saw your stream." Lily eyes go wide as she shocks herself by accidentally admitting that out lout. Alex cocks an eyebrow, "Oh, really? Gonna put a pin in that for later."

Paulina is frozen in shock, confusion, fear, disgust, betrayal, revulsion, panic.... " " Paulina tries to form words. She hears Lily let out a cruel laugh. "Ha! I told you she was afraid of dick." Paulina can do nothing but stare forward, looking at the cock slowly working up her arms. She feels a hand pull her chin up and her vision meets the man in front of her. "Hey, you still in there?" Alex asks. Paulina blinks a few times and looks over to where Lily has laid down on the bed again, slowly working their dildo in and out of her pussy. She sees Lily pinching her nipple and biting her lip. Paulina knows that means she's really turned on. She's enjoying this.... Paulina, with a shaky voice, "wh.... why...?" She feels her head being turned back to the man her elbows have now sunken into, making her lean forward. "Well, to be honest, Lily thinks you’re a bit to 'clingy' and would do well with a new.... 'perspective'. Alex says, sweetly. He softly places his hands on the sides of her head, smiling at her warmly. He looks into her eyes, seeing the tears starting to well up from the emotions swirling around Paulina's mind. "p.... per... per.. perspective?" Paulina stammers. Alex nods slowly a few times. "mmmhmmmm. A new perspective, from inside my balls. Time to say bye, Paulina" Alex says sweetly, as if instructing a child to say goodbye to their teacher at the end of the school day. Paulina wallows in her emotional stew for a moment before slowly turning her head to Lily. "Lily..I..." She's cut off by Alex shoving her head into his cock.

Lily, shoves the dildo deep inside of her pussy, pinching down hard on her nipple as she gasps in pleasure. The sight of Alex just….. shoving her in…. mid-sentence…. It pushes her over the edge into orgasm. Alex also lets out a satisfied groan and lets himself fall back onto the bed, pulling Paulina down to her knees in front of the bed in the process. His balls hanging off the bed with Paulina’s afms and head starting to stretch them out. After a few minutes, and about half of Paulina, Lily comes down from the high and rolls onto her stomach, lying next to Alex, with her head over the edge of the bed. One of her arms underneath herself, rubbing her pussy slowly. She picks her head up to look back to Alex who's lazily stroking his bulging cock as Paulina makes her way through it. "How is she?" Lily asks. "Ehh... I've had better. She isn't even struggling. I guess she knows she isn't going anywhere but down." Alex replies. Lily scoffs loudly, "Fuckin' really? What, NOW you learn how to take a fuckin' hint!?!" Lilly reaches out with her free hand and slaps the last of Paulina's ass sticking out of Alex. Alex lets out a soft moan as that makes Paulina jump in his cock, but little more. Lily glares at Paulina's legs starting to slide into Alex's cock, fuming about everything that pissed her off about Paulina. She has a thought and feels that, now familiar, sensation run down her spine. "Hey, Alex?' She says. Alex raises his head slightly off the bed, only enough to see over his own cock. "Hmmm?" Lilly has a focused stare on her face. "Did you have plans for that cocksnot?" She asks. "Not really.” Alex shrugs. “I was gonna flush her here or when I got home. Why?” Alex props his head up with an arm. "I want you to fuck me. And fill me. With her.' Lily says before biting her lip as she rubs her hand just above her crotch, petting her womb. "Don't threaten me with a good time." Alex says. "Just gotta wait for her to churn. Oh, you might wanna take those ankle cuffs off of her, in that case. That could end up uncomfortable." Lily snaps out of her Sadistic planning momentarily. "Oh! Shit, thanks." she reaches down to quickly get the cuffs off Paulina. She does, just as Alex sucks in the last of her calves. "No worries." Alex says, relaxing again. Lily bites her lower lip, still rubbing her pussy, starting at Alex's cock as Paulina's feet finally disappear with a quiet slurp. "How long does it take to churn them?" Lily asks, still staring at the slowly moving bulge in his cock. The majority of Paulina is already in his sack. Alex gives a little shrug, "Depends on me, really. I can make it slow, or I can make it fast. Faster usually means more painful for the cocksnack." Lilly looks back at Alex, a sadistic grin on her face and a truly vindictive look in her eyes. "Make it fast." she says, "Make. It. Hurt." Alex sits up, eyebrows raised. Not usually one to deny a request, he clenches in pelvic muscles and Lily watches the last of Paulina slide down his cock and into his balls in one quick motion.

Ales stands up off the bed and stretches his arms, facing Lily."Ahhhh. Alright, one cum cocktail, on the fly, comin' right up." Alex takes a deep breath and clenches his muscles again raising up his sack and compressing it inward. He relaxes and then repeats the process. Lily can see that Paulina is finally stirring around inside of his sack. After half a dozen clenching cycles, Lily can see Paulina thrashing and here her start to cry out in pain. Lilly sucks in a deep breath, biting hard on her lip and rubbing her clit hard. After about a minute of Alex clenching and Paulina thrashing in pain, Alex gives a final, almighty clench. Lily can see Paulina's face clearly imprinted on his sack, crying out desperately in pain. A moment later there's a lout snap, and Paulina goes limp. Lily's eyes open wide as he pants rapidly, brutalizing her clit as she has another crashing orgasm. Alex looks down at Lily, shaking in the throes of her orgasm and gives a knowing smile. He's saw something similar a few days ago. Alex continues quick-mulching Paulina as Lily rides out the last of her latest orgasm.

10 minutes later, Alex is climbing on top of Lily. A familiar light for the frequent fuck-buddies, but a very new twist on everything this time. Lily reaches down to guide his cock in, first taking a moment to pet his problem-solving balls appreciatively. Alex presses into Lily and she inhales sharply as his cock fills her up. That familiar fullness she enjoys, heightened with her new desire. "Oh fuck Alex..." Lily moans. "Fucking fill me with that bitch..." Alex happily get to complying with her request, thrusting into her, building a steady rhythm. "You really loved watching her writhe in my balls, huh?" Alex asks, still thrusting into Lily. She moans out, clenching the sheets beneath her. "Fuck! Yes! That fucking bitch... ohhh, Fuck me Alex! ....That ohhh.. She was always fucking trying to control me!" Alex smiles, still thrusting into Lily but picking up the pace. "Hearing her scream in pain turned you on, didn't it?” Alex asks. Lily lets out of whimper of pleasure mixed with shame and confusion, still struggling with fully accepting her sadistic urges... "ohhhh fuck Alex.... don't make me say it..." Lily whimpers out. "hmmm... I guess I'll just have to go splatter her into the toilet, then....." Alex says nonchalantly and starts to pull out. Lily's eyes slam open, and she wraps her limbs around Alex. "NO!! Don't!!!....Yes! Yes, I liked it! Hearing her scream made me so fucking hot!!!! Fuck!!" Lily screams out and humps herself on Alex's cock wildly. Alex chuckles and resumed fucking into Lily, matching her thrusts. About a minute later, he can feel his orgasm approaching. His balls churning loudly with Paulina, preparing for release. Panting, Alex says "....huh...hum....huh..... When she died.... " Lily locks eyes with Alex "You fucking came, didn't you?" Lily looks into Alex's eyes with a look of pleading desperation, nodding her head quickly, holding her breath. "She died.... in my balls.... and is about... to fill your pussy...because...!" Alex punctuates each phrase with a sharp thrust into Lily, hilting himself at the end, finally dumping Paulina into Lily's womb. Lily locks up, holding onto Alex, letting out a screaming moan of pleasure as the strongest orgasm of her life crashes through her. Jet after jet of Paulina shoots out of his cock, quickly filling her womb before overflowing and splashing out onto the bed with each spurt. Eventually, the flow subsides, and Alex takes a moment to catch his breath, still over top of Lily. He waits a few more moments for Lily to finally slide off him before roiling over next to her.
".......whew!...... That was fun, eh Lily?" Alex says with a satisfied sigh. Lily is staring off at the ceiling, slowly rubbing the bulge her cum-filled womb is making. "......yeah...." Lilly lets out with a sigh. A few minutes pass in silence, other than their panting. "Alex" Lily asks. "Yeah, Lily?" Alex responds, grinning to himself. Lily lets out a big sigh and says, breathlessly ".....I wanna do what you do...." Alex responds, his grin turning into a knowing smile. "I know, Lily......I know...."
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Re: Alex's Voracious Adventures, CV, Unwilling Prey, Fatal..

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Chapter 5 – A walk in the park.

"Daddy....?" Alex looks over to Lilly, now Lilith, clinging to his arm. She was changing herself rapidly since he and Paulette fucked her mind into oblivion a few nights ago. She has taken to referring to Paulette and himself as 'mommy' and 'daddy' since they both "created me" as she says. Lilith looks less and less physically like Lilly every day. She's discarded her former 'librarian' appearance and embraced a new style. Alex's best guess is it's slut-punk-goth-innocent school girl. She's wearing a blood red, skintight tank-top underneath a black fishnet long sleeved shirt. It's torso is cut off to barely cover her crimson covered breasts. Below that is a red and black plaid mini skirt, thick soled combat boots, and black, distressed knee-high socks. Black leather, studded wrist cuffs, a skull adorned choker, and silver rings complete the look. She's dressed to kill, and she certainly intends to. Standing next to each other, they look like a meme come to life. Two girls who are best friends but took *very* different paths. Alex is wearing a white long-sleeved shirt, letting its wide neck fall off one shoulder. His daisy dukes are cut so high the pockets are hanging out and leaving his long legs exposed all the way down to the flip-flops he's wearing. Completing the stark contrast is his long blonde hair cascading down his back, still messy in a well practiced bed-head look. "Yes, Lilith?" Alex responds. Lilith looks at Alex with the best innocent and pleading face she can muster, contrasted with the gothy and provocative makeup on her face. Her, now, styled and fire red hair falling to one side of her face. She holds eye contact while moving one hand down to rub Alex's bulge in his pants. "....I'm hungry." Her innocent expression melts into one of gleeful, ravenous hunger. Alex sighs with the energy of a father quite over his daughter’s neediness, but irresistible to their charm and affections. "You know, you're gonna' have to start catching you own prey soon. Paulette and I can't keep feeding you prey." Lilith's expression switches to brief confusion and then back to pleading. "Oh. No, I didn't mean that, daddy. I meant, I'm hungry for a cumshake...." Lilith says, her expression returning to devious and hungry. Ales lets out a little sigh of affection as he smiles at his 'daughter.' "Well...... " Alex scans around the street they're walking down, looking for a snack. He sees a man looking down at his phone at a bus stop, busying himself with something, waiting on the next bus. An alleyway with a large dumpster is just a bit further down the block. Alex grins and looks at Lilith, pointing to the man and then the alley. "Cat and mouse?" Alex says to her, bouncing his eyebrows. Lilith returns a sinister smile along with a nod as she releases Alex's arm and crotch with a final, playful squeeze. Alex heads to the alley and Lilith approaches the man. She taps him on the shoulder a few times to get his attention. The man turns to offer an annoyed rebuttal when he's met with Lilith's........striking appearance. Chewing on her finger and rubbing her foot into the ground she says, "Hey there mister. Do you wanna’ find someplace quiet and have some...." Lilith flashes her best seductive look and purrs out, "" The man blinks, nods, taking Lilith's outstretched hand and following her to the alley.

* * *

Five minutes later, Alex is laying on the ground with his back against the alley wall, groaning in pleasure. His sack is thrashing wildly, and muffled screams can be clearly heard. His hands are holding onto Lilith's hips as she is wildly bouncing up and down on his cock. Panting, Lilith exclaims, "Fuuuuck!.... Yes, daddy! Churn him. Churn that little bitch into cum for your baby girl!......oh god..... fucking kill him already, daddy.....your baby girl is so hungry!.... fuck! fuck-fuck-fuck......fucking fill me daddeeeeey..." Alex clenches his eyes, trying to shut out some kind of stimulus to deal with the overwhelming pleasure rocking his body. Lilly was obviously no stranger to sex before she became Lilith. Her clenching pussy and truly depraved dirty talk is making his balls churn prey faster than he can ever remember. 'Come on daddy...... you big... Bad... Fucking... Predator!...churn this worthless bitch into a cumshake for your baby!" Lilith pants at Alex, feeling the pleasure starting to overtake her, too. The snack in Alex's balls had gone limp moments ago and he barely noticed over Lilith's performance. He did notice his balls clenching and churning rapidly, doing their best to mulch his prey on the double. He knows at this rate, even the dude's cellphone will be cum soon. Alex pants out, "Oh fuck, Lilly... I'm gonna’ cum soon....." He doesn't realize his mistake until Lilith grabs his head. He opens his eyes and sees Lilith's own staring daggers into him. "Don't! Fucking! Call! Me! THAT!" she slams down hard onto Alex's cock with each word. Alex groans out "Fuuuuuuuuuuck!..... I'm gonna’ cum! I'm gonna’ cum...." Lilith quickly hops off of his cock and presses her face down to his groin, cock buried in her throat. She swallows around it, milking it, begging for his cum. Alex let's out a shuddering moan of pleasure and obliges her. His sack clenches and compresses, sending a massive jet of cum straight down Lilith's throat and into her stomach. It fills almost instantly, but Lilith wraps her arms around Alex, holding herself tightly against his body, refusing to let anything escape. A second, third, forth jet of cum expands Lilith's stomach drastically, bulging out her belly. Finally, physics wins the bout and cum starts spraying out from around her mouth and her nose. Her body being completely filled to beyond capacity. Lilly still holds on dearly to Alex, spraying his crotch, legs, belly....everything in a 24 inch radius of his cock, with cum. With a final clench and a shiver, Alex's orgasm relents. They both sit there for a few minutes, panting and recovering before Lilith slowly releases Alex and withdraws his cock. Cum runs down her chest, her face completely plastered. She rolls over onto her back, showing off her expanded belly, appearing very pregnant. Alex draws in a deep breath, letting it out as a sigh saying, "That was....." Lilith burps. A cum bubble forms as she says "" Alex scoffs and says, "I was gonna' say messy, but 'fun' works too." Lilith lets out a laugh, running her hands through the cum covering her body and face. ".....where's a cumslut when you need one?" She and Alex both laugh. A few moments pass and Lilith rubs her belly affectionately. "mmmmm... thanks daddy...." Alex reaches over to pet her sticky forehead. "Anytime, sweetie."


After a few more hours of quality time together, Alex meets up with Paulette near the same part they first met, barely a week ago. 'Things sure have changed drastically since then.' Alex thinks to himself. By now their clothing had air-dried on themselves after having to resort to a convenient hose to wash the cum from their bodies. 'Well, all of the cum Lilith didn't lick off of me and herself.' Alex looks over to Lilith and smiles again. Only a pred for a few days and her appetite is beyond insatiable. She is going to be a serious handful. Lilith notices him staring as they walk, returning the smile and rubbing her face into his shoulder with genuine affection. Sure, Lilith enjoyed the kinky thrill of calling her lovers mommy and daddy, but that didn't take away for the real emotional connection that formed when they created her. A bond that is rapidly growing and strengthening. As they approach the park, Alex can see Paulette recording herself or interacting with her fans with her selfie-stick. If she was nothing else, she’s quite industrious.

"Hey Paulette!" Alex calls out, giving a wave. Paulette looks over to Alex and waves with a smile, turning her back to him again to show her fans Alex and Lilith approaching. Clearly a live stream. "....much fun! I *know* y'all didn't forget Alex and your new 'daughter' Lilith! Say high everyone!" Alix and Lilith start picking up her conversation as the near Paulette. She turns around without moving the camera position to look towards Alex and Lilith. "Everyone says 'Hey', guys" Both smile and wave back. Alex couldn't help but stare at Paulette when she turned around. Wearing black dress with a plunging neckline down to her bellybutton, her impressive chest was almost entirely on display. It also showcased the silver skull pendant she wore from her neck. The dress stopped just past her ass, so when she spun around her ass and impressive bulge were on display, her thong doing its absolute best to tame her beast. When they arrived, Lilith embraced Paulette from behind. Standing on her toes to be able to rest her chin on Paulette's shoulder, Lilith wrapped her arms around Paulette's waist and use both hands to cup her bulging cock under the dress. Lilith licks the bottom of Paulette's ear, looks directly into the camera and sighs contently. "Hi Mommy." Purrs Lilith, in her seductive voice with a devious smile to match. "How many new marks today?" Lilith asks, giving her bulge a healthy squeeze. The audience reacts in their normal, subdued fashion.

"Oh shit!, is that Lilith and Alex I see? This stream just got a whole lot spicier!"
"God dam, I wish I wasn't out of town! I want one of her trophies!"
"V, I offer myself as a willing prey! CALL ME!"
"Fuck me, that mom/dad daughter roleplay is hot...."
"Careful there Lilith, you're handling a dangerous weapon, there."

"Mmmm...Hello there, babygirl." Paulette reached behind herself and grabbed Lilith's ass under her skirt, squeezing it tightly. She angled her selfie-stick above herself to make sure her fans could see her doing so. "Ohhhh, it's been a slow kind of stream today. Only made two trophies so far." Paulette looks to the screen and give her audience a stern look. "And remember, you can't go hunting for them until AFTER the stream ends. If I catch any of you out here before I'm done, you're going down my cock and coming back out in your own condom!" Paulette declares, doing her best to hold back her smile.... and failing. She rolls her eyes and adds "I know, I know. For some of you sickos that more of an incentive than a deterrent. But, I wouldn't have y'all any other way." She winks and blows them a kiss before turning around to give Lilith one of her own.

Paulette spins in Lilith's hands, letting them drag across her sides and end up cupping her ass. She holds the selfie-stick off to the side so the fans can get a good view before cupping the back of Lilith's head to bring her forward into a deep kiss. Their tongues wrestle as she sucks in a deep breath, taking in Lilith's smell. Fruity shampoo, strawberry lotion, and....lots of cum and death. Paulette's cock starts to harden, and she lets out a pleasured groan into Lilith's mouth. Lilith returns the favor, squeezing Paulette's ass and grinding her crotch up against Palette's thigh, her lower belly pressing into Paulette's cock bulge, feeling its warmth radiate into her. Alex looks on from the side, smiling and feeling his cock strain against his pants. Alex clears his throat and both Paulette and Lilith break their kiss, pulling back from each other breathlessly. 'Well, now that I have another boner to deal with, I gotta’ get going to meet up with Lily”. Lilith whips her head around and glares at him. Alex holds up his hands defensively, "Other Lily. Ooooother Lily" Lilith's glare returns to her normal mischievous smile before she bounces over to him. "Alright daddy." she says as she pulls Alex into a deep kiss and reaches into his pants to squeeze his cock, finding it as hard as he implied. She breaks the kiss and smiles up to him. "Have fun with this..... 'other' Lily. I want to meet her soon, though. She sounds... enjoyable..." Lilith lingers on that last word, rubbing her lower belly softly and biting her lower lip. "Hey now. No eating friends or family, remember?" Alex scolds. "Besides, I think you'll get along just fine. Trust me." Lilith starts backing away towards Paulette. "Ok, daddy. Have fun." She blows a kiss to him and turns back to Paulette. Alex lets out a sharp breath and makes his way to Lily. His day is still just getting started.

"Alright friends, family, and future food. It's time to end the stream, for now. It's time for a little personal Mommy-Daughter time. But! Don't expect us to just have a quiet scroll through the park. I'm sure I'll be uploading something later." She blows a kiss to them and ends the stream. Letting the camera end rest on the ground, Paulette lets go of the handle, letting it fall to the ground with a soft thud. She gives Lilith a warm, motherly smile, "Come to mamma, baby girl." Lilith beams and jumps up into her waiting arms, wrapping around her like a spider monkey. She pulls herself into a kiss as Paulette wraps her arms under Lilith. Both struggle to dominate the other's tongue. The battle going back and forth. Lilith retreats momentarily to gasp as Paulette grinds her bulge into Lilith's pussy. Fighting its own battle, her thing finally surrenders its last battle in an inevitable war. Her cock pushes its way around the mighty garment and quickly hardens. It rises as the pair continue to lose themselves in each other's embrace. Paulette breaks the kiss, pulling back to smile at Lilith. Lilith catches her breath and then grins as she realizes she's basically sitting on Paulette's cock. Lilith sighs blissfully. "I love your cock so much, mommy." She looks into Paulette's eyes with a pleading face. "Will you feed me with it again? Pleeeease?" Paulette sighs and rolls her eyes. "Sweetie, you know I love that as much as you do, but you need to learn how to do this on your own." Lilith nods quickly and stares back with a hopeful and pleading expression. "I know! I know... and I will! I promise. It's just...." Lilith bites her lower lip, contrasting against her pleadingly innocent expression. "... It just feels sooooo good when you shoot prey into my asshole with your, big, strong, deadly cock, mommy." She says with the voice and sincerity of a 6 year old expressing their preference of grape jelly over strawberry.
'Fuck me. She really knows how to pull my chain already.' Paulette thinks to herself. She kisses Lilith's forehead and looks at her with motherly adoration, sighing. "Ok sweetie. But! This is the last time until you can do this on your on. Fair? Paulette ends with as best a stern face she can manage. In general, not easy for the jovial spirit to manage, let alone when she's this horny and staring at this new-born sex demon. "Ok! Thanks mommy!" Lilith gives her another kiss before unwrapping her legs around Paulette, maintaining the full embrace as she stands on her toes. Her toes barely reach with her still sitting atop Paulette's cock, but just enough that she can tip-toe away, dragging her asshole against the top of her shaft as she does so. Before she finally disembarks her favorite ride, she gives the head a good squeeze between her thighs. The moment she is off, Paulette's cock swings up, nearly catching Lilith's chin and slapping Paulette in her breasts. Paulette lets out a sigh and a shiver before composing herself. "Alright, sweetness. Now pick yourself a meal." Lilith smiles and nods vigorously, scanning the park.

"Hmmmmm....." Lilith mumbles to herself, appraising everyone currently minding their business in the park. The woman walking her dog along the path? "No. Don't wanna' have to deal with the dog.' The man jogging alone? 'No. He's already too far away.' The group doing a yoga class? 'No. Too many people.' The woman playing catch with her young son? 'Hmmm. Maybe. Put a pin in that one.' The painter who set up by the small pond? 'Definite possibility......Oh!' Lilith's predatory eyes focus in on a woman sitting alone on a bench under a large tree. Not on the path. Alone. Light cover. Sexy. "Sold!" Lilith says aloud and points the woman out to Paulette. "Cat and mouse?" She asks. "Cat and mouse?" Paulette reply's, confused. Lilith giggles, "It's what daddy and I played earlier. He taught it to me. I distract and lure the prey and daddy slurps 'em!" Paulette nods and reply's "Ahhhh. I like it. It's your show. Tell me what to do." Lilith thinks for a moment, working through her plan. "Ok. I'll go over to her and work my magic. While she's distracted, you come up from behind and slurp her headfirst. No fuss, no screams." Lilith explains. "Oh! I'll pretend to get a message so you'll know when to pounce and I can start recording just before you slurp her. Don't wanna' let your fans down." She says with a wink. Paulette beams with pride at her little star-to-be. "Very clever, cutie." She says and boops Liliths' nose. "Let's get too it. Just give me a minute to set up the camera first." Lilith nods and makes her way towards the bench.

Emily is enjoying her lunch break with her favorite pass-time, quiet reading in the park. She brushes her brown hard back behind her ear with her free hand, exposing a light blush on her cheeks. The soft, cool breeze helping to keep her from starting to sweat. She's biting her lip as she continues to read a spicy section of her most recent romance novel acquisition. The main character is currently being seduced by a enemy assassin and he is having difficulties resisting her charms. Despite the gender differences, Emily can't help but put herself in his shoes. feeling a growing warmth as the novel describes the seductive techniques of the evil assassin. A secret agent should be able to hold his composure, but her? She'd already be melting in her arms. Sure, it means a long and torturous death.... but totally worth it for a piece of 'dat ass.' Emily let's out a tiny laugh as the thought of those memes bubble to the surface momentarily. As Svetlanna is pressing her entire body up against Blake Stone, grabbing his hair to up him into a kiss, she hears a noise. Far to engrossed to acknowledge it, Emily continues reading the scene, hoping to see some action before the inevitable struggle. Her fingers turn the page, and she notices some spicy dialogue a few paragraphs away. The sound returns, much louder. Reluctantly, she is torn away from the fantasy as she looks up to address whatever is interrupting her. She loses all train of thought and blinks lightly as she stares at, what must be a girl cosplaying as a hooker or some anime protagonist. Although, looking her over.... Emily can't complain at all. ".....Hey!?" Emily snaps out of her daze with a sharp breath. She smells strawberries. "Ummm....My tits are down here?" Lilith says in mock offense. "Wu....what? ....uh sorry!" Emily stammers out. The girl lets out a laugh. "I'm just teasing you, relax. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to ask if I could sit with you?" Emily nods weakly, still trying to get her brain to catch up. The girl approaches her.

Lilith and Paulette part ways and head to their positions. Lilith waits for Paulette to start setting up before approaching the woman. She can tell the woman is lost in her own little world and, judging by her face and choice of literature, this is going to be much easier than she thought. Lilith stands in front of the woman, a few feet away, and watches her for a moment. The woman is completely lost in the story. Lilith bends down to read the title and does a quick search for a summary. "Desire's Dagger: Ensnared by the Assassin. The Blake Stone Saga" Lilith suppresses a chuckle but can't help but to agree with why she is so engrossed in the book. The book and fan art of 'Svetlanna' is making her own passions twitch a bit. Lilith can tell she must be about halfway into the book, right around where the reviews say the seduction scene is. 'Oh boy, that's perfect.' Lilith says to herself. She starts a video recording before putting her phone away again. 'Hopefully it'll get good audio in my pocket' She thinks to herself. She clears her throat to get the woman's attention but is ignored. She wait's a few moments more, looking past the bench to see Paulette giving her a thumbs up. Lilith clears her throat again, more forcefully this time. The woman drags herself away for the book to wind up staring at Lilith, still in a daze. Lilith gives her a moment to stare before breaking the spell. "Ummm.....Hey!? Ummm.... My tits are down here? Lilith says, mockingly. She uses both hands to grab her breasts and gives them a shake. "Wu....what? ....uh sorry!" The woman responds, embarrassed. Lilith responds, "I'm just teasing you, relax. I'm sorry to interrupt, but I wanted to ask if I could sit with you?" She nods weakly and Lilith gets closer, holding out her hand and introducing herself "I'm Lilith. Nice to meet you. She says cheerfully. Emily reaches out and shakes Lilith's hand. "Emily" she says. 'Her hands are so soft...' Emily says to herself.

"I couldn't help but notice you're reading 'Desire's Dagger.' Are you to the part where Svetlanna seduces Blake?? Lilith asks excitedly. Emily blinks again and quickly folds up her book, embarrassed to be called out like that. Lilith responds before Emily can deny or be offended. "Hey, no judgement. I read it to! Let me tell you..... I woulda' melted for Svetlanna. Mission, failed. haha." Emily feels herself disarmed, ready to call out this stranger for invading her privacy like that. But she can't help but agree. "She's...... very well written." Emily responds plainly with a nod. Lilith smiles at this obvious effort to hide her desires. "Soooo...." Lilith motions ahead of herself. "Think I can take that empty seat?" Emily hesitates for a moment, but, still doesn’t want to be rude. "Sure." She says and move's her purse from the bench to make room, setting it on the ground. "When she returns to look back towards Lilith, she's again stunned as she straddles her legs and sits in her lap. Emily can only mutter out, "...wha....uh....he..." before Lilith is already sitting and has her forearms resting on Emily's shoulders. "I just love how..... forceful Svetlanna is. How..... assertive. Direct...... How..." Lilith flashes Emily a hungry look. "...predatory." Emily continues stammering, "I...uhh.....ummmm" She is turning bright red and looking down and away from Lilith's face. Lilith continues "She knows exactly what the wants. And when she sees something that she does....." Lilith leans into Emily to whisper into her ear, ".....she takes it." Lilith ends with a light lick of Emily's ear. Emily gasps and shudders, completely overwhelmed. Breathing heavily, Emily looks back at Lilith, "She's.... very, very well written" Lilith smiles and starts moving her head closer, slowly, building tension. Just as Emily starts to close her eyes and move her head into a kiss, Lilith pulls back suddenly. "Oh! sorry, one sec.... I think my mommy just messaged me!" Lilith pulls out her phone and aims it at Emily and Paulette who has begun to approach. She pretends to read and start typing while Emily is still reeling from the sudden arousal and last minute abort of a seductive kiss. Her head spinning, she stammers out, "oh...uhhh...ummm, yeah... ok...." Lilith waits for Paulette to get closer before switching the camera to selfie mode. "Hey Emily, Say 'Hi' to mommy!" Lilith turns the phone to show Emily the screen. She's confused at seeing herself at first, but notices a tall readhead approaching behind her. She lets out a confused "....huh?" Just before she can see the readhead behind her reach forward for her head. Paulette pulls Emily's head back until she's looking up at her smiling face. "Do your best to struggle, cutie." Paulette says before slamming her head down into her cock. Emily doesn't have a chance to argue. Lilith quickly grabs the phone before it's too late and does her best to capture every detail.

Paulette works her way to the tree behind the bench, she can't help but admire Lilith's progress and transformation. Just a few days ago she was a timid librarian and now, she's a diabolical and sadistic predator. It made her heart swell with motherly pride. Her cock bobs left and right as she walks, still rock hard from Lilith's attention. She gives it a healthy flex and glances at her scorecard for the week. Only two black sharpie lines going down the side of her cock. Not a lot, but, It's only Monday. Paulette takes her place behind the unsuspecting woman and sets up her phone to start recording. Converting the selfie-stick into a tripod she makes sure the angle is good and the bench is well in frame before hitting record. Paulette sets her phones up and starts the video. "Hey there friends, family, and future food! VoraciousVixen here with another recording for your debaucherous delight. Lilith is just behind me seducing a park goer. She came up with a great plan to distract the woman with her devilish charm! She gets that from me, of course." Paulette smiles with pride." And I'm going to sneak up from behind and slurp her! Get ready and enjoy!" She says before taking her place behind the unsuspecting woman. she looks over to the camera and shoots them a wink before starting to approach the bench. Paulette can hear Lilith talking with the woman now. She sees Lilith climb into the woman's lap and watches as the woman crumbles under Lilith's seductive charm. 'Dam she's good' Paulette thinks. She sees Lilith reach for her phone and looks back to give the camera and wink and a kiss. "Hey Emily," Paulette hears as she approaches swiftly, seeing Lilith turn the phone around. "Say 'Hi' to mommy!" Paulette is already behind Emily by the time she can even think to react. Paulette grabs Emily's head, her fingers weaving into her hair, and pulls it back. She looks down at Emily's face, awash with arousal, confusion, and fear. She must admit, Lilith has good taste. "Do your best to struggle, cutie." Paulette says warmly before pulling Emily off the bench by her head and shoving it down into her cock.

Paulette's eyes close as she draws in a deep breath and lets it out as a pleasured moan."MMMMMmmmmmmm....!" Her cock already beginning the process of drawing Emily's shoulders into its maw. Emily, finally breaking out of her stunned shock realizes her predicament as her face and head is compressed in moist warmth. A sucking, rhythmic sensation surrounding her. She reaches out, trying to grab anything and finds purchase on the backrest of the bench, holding on for dear life as her legs continue to flail. Lilith jumps back off of the bench to avoid Emily's legs while keeping her cellphone pointed at the vorno in the making. "Oh, sweetie. You have such good taste! She's a real squirmer." Paulette says as she shivers briefly in pleasure. Emily slips in past her shoulders, her hold on the bench still tight, but she can feel herself losing her grip strength. Lilith chuckles. "Yeah, she’s a real slut, too. I bet she's getting even more wet as you slurp her down, mommy." Paulette gives a faux look of shock to the camera, "Oh? Is that so?" Paulette reaches down and cups Emily's breasts while they are still free, giving them a groping squeeze. "Are you a little snuff-slut, hmm?" Paulette says before pinching down on both of Emily's nipples. Emily moans out inside of Paulette's cock. Partly in pain, partly in shock, and in a small way, in pleasure. Emily thrashes in response to Paulette's assault. 'That's not fair! I was already horny from reading my book, and that..... Lilith.... She was so.... forceful....' Emily thinks as she remembers Lilith's seduction. Her lust, the feeling of moist and warm compression, the pinch on her nipples... she lets out an unintended moan. Paulette doesn't need to fake her new expression of surprise. Not expecting her to actually be enjoying herself. "Oh my! Baby, I think you're right! What a delicious treat! Lilith, darling, be a dear and help this one get off once more, for being such a good little snuff-slut. She's making momma feel so good."

Lilith smiles and returns between Emily's legs. Not one to care much about prey's feelings or enjoyment, she is always excited to please her mommy. Paulette grabs her cock at the base, squeezing it tightly to prevent it expanding and pulling the woman down before Lilith is done with her. It would be disappointing if she ended up half digested before Paulette can shoot her into Lilith's ass. Emily feels her head bumping into something and her progress down halted. Still breathing rapidly in a panic, she’s beginning to get light headed. The tight seal around her shoulder is preventing much air from circulating. The warm and eight embrace around her shoulders and head is also becoming..... enjoyable. Similar to being stuck under a warm, weighted blanked on all sides. Her thoughts are becoming sluggish, and an unwelcome calm is setting in, but, her arousal is still throbbing away between her legs. Lilith puts her phone down for a moment, reaching between Emily's legs to flip up her skirt and peal off her panties. As Lilith was certain of, there is a large wet spot on the front and strands of moisture connect Emily's pussy to her panties as they are drawn away. Lilith pulls them off of Emily's legs and throws them over her shoulder. She picks her phone back up, doing her best to get a good angle of all the action, before leaning in to give Emily's pussy a deep, long lick. She snickers and pull's her head back to slip two fingers into Emily. "She even tastes like a slut." She curls, her fingers up into Emily's g-spot as she says that, causing Emily to twitch and moan in pleasure. Emily's movement causes Paulette to moan slightly, encouraging Lilith more. Like using Emily as a sex toy, she's trying to please Paulette as much as she can through Emily's squirming. Paulette is doing her best to keep her arousal in check. Between her lustful pride in Lilith's predatory abilities, the woman's twitching in her cock, and watching Lilith eat her out, Paulette is fighting a losing battle. The whole scene is reminding her of Little Angel's video of the two girlfriends he slurped, fucked, and finally slurped. She reaches up to grope her breast, teasing a nipple. This lady needs to hurry up and cum already!

As if on cue, Lilith gives Emily's a long hard suck after slipping in a third finger, pressing all three against her g-spot. Emily's oxygen deprived mind is finally pushed over the edge into a painfully powerful orgasm. He whole body twitching and shaking. Lilith pulls her head back, her chin and lips covered in juices, beaming with pride as she watches Paulette do her best to breathe slowly and not cum. Paulette lets out a shuddering breath as she walks back from the precipice "ooo-oo-oo-oooo-oo-oooooo...... Oh.... oh my, sweetie. That was so good. Now, let me slurp up this slut because *you* deserve a treat!" Lilith jumps up from between Emily's legs, Bringing the camera up to her face to show her own beaming face. ""Yaaay!" Hearing Paulette's muffled voice, Emily remembers exactly what's happening and renews her struggles inside her fleshy prison. "Nooo!! ....I... I don't want to die in someone's balls!" Being no stranger to her prey's muffled cries, complaints, requests, and begging Paulette understand exactly what the woman is saying. "Oh hush, cutie." She gives the woman's belly a soft rub. "You're not going to die in my balls....." Paulette says reassuringly. Emily feel's an unexpected wave of relief when she hears that. Still panicking, but now with a glimmer of hope, maybe? Paulette releases her hand from the base of her cock. "No, no, no.... after I slurp you, I'm going to fuck you into my daughter's asshole and you're going to die in there." Paulette says with all of the casual sweetness you would to use to assure a child that the thunder isn't really going to get them. With that, she clenches hard and slurps the woman down her cock up to her crotch, forcing her head and shoulders into her hungry balls. "WHAT!! NOOO!! NOoooo.... Please......... noo..." Emily screams and fights as best she can, but the more she yells, the lighter her head gets. If there was any light to be seen, she'd notice her vision starting to tighten. Soon, her head is submerged in a warm, viscus slime. With another strong flex, Paulette slurps the last of the woman's legs into her cock.

"MMmmmmmmmm" Paulette sighs contently. She feels the woman's legs and feet slipping down into her balls. Paulette does her best to ensure the woman's head isn't submerged in her cum. She wouldn't want to be a liar! Lilith casually investigates the woman's purse and finds a small picnic blanket. "OOoooo! Perfect! Look mommy!" She holds it up for Paulette to see. "Wonderful, sweetie. Go lay it out under the tree and lay down. Mamma is going to give you the treat you earned! Paulette says, smiling warmly at her voracious little daughter, idly rubbing her lightly twitching sack. Lilith bounds over to the tree and spreads out the blanket. Lilith eases herself down onto her back and spreads her legs wide, getting ready for Paulette. She slips off her panties and slips them into the picket of her skirt. With a pleasured sigh, she stars rubbing her pussy and playing with the plug in her asshole, lightly pulling it against the resistance of her hole. Paulette walks over to the blanket, watching Lilith playing with herself. She makes a mental note to make sure she gives Alex a good, hard, fucking as a thank you for finding such a treasure. Paulette gets down on her hands and knees, dragging her sack along behind herself, crawling over top of Lilith. Her cock resting on Lilith' chest, leaking precum on her shirt. "Now then..." Paulette leans down and kisses Lilith. "....who's ready for a treat, hmm?" She leans back down for another deep kiss before leaning back and grabbing a hold of Lilith's open legs, spreading them further. Lilith moans out after the kiss, "...mmmmmm..... I am, mommy. Please, give me my treat.... give it to me hard..." Lilith's hands still dipping into her pussy and pulling on her anal plug. Paulette smiles, "That's my good girl." She reaches down and graps the plug in Lilith's ass, pulling forcefully on it. Lilith lets out a low, continuous moan as her hole starts to stretch around it. Her moaning gets higher and higher in pitch until her hole finally relents. With a loud cry of pleasure, the 3-inch-wide plug slips out of her ass. Paulette smiles at the fist sized plug and sets it aside on the blanket. Lilith lets out a whimper, "Mommy.... I feel so empty..... please fill me up again...." Paulette chuckles. "With pleasure sweetie..." She lines up her cock to Lilith's gaping asshole. "....with.... Pleasure!" She thrusts into Lilith's ass, getting halfway in with a satisfied grunt on pleasure. Lilith's head snaps pack as she's locked into a soundless cry of joy and pleasure. She loves filling her asshole, but she loves her mommy's cock more. Having both is....bliss.

Emily feels herself being softly shaken awake. Her bed is far too cozy to even consider getting up yet. She grumbles at whomever is bothering her and does her best to roll over to her side. The shaking becomes more forceful and.... rhythmic. She grumbles again and suicides to address whoever would dare wake her from such a wonderful sleep. 'And in the middle of the night, too?' She thinks to herself, clearly in a pitch-black room. The power must be out because there's normally some kind of ambient light.....wait....why is she.... moist? Emily tries to move out of bed but can't seem to dislodge herself. "What is going....oh.....noo no-no-no-no!' Her brain finally catching up, remembering that she's in the testicles of a predator. She lets out as best a scream as she can, renewing her weakened struggles. Paulette is panting with lust and effort as she plows her cock deep into Lilith's asshole. Lilith is panting is bliss and pleasure as her asshole is pillaged by her mommy's massive cock. "Oh..... I guess someone is...mmmmmmm.... eager for their trip into your ass, sweetie....mmmmm She's rubbing my balls so nicely....." Paulette moans in between thrusts. She's getting close to dumping that woman into Lilith's asshole. "Oh mommy... my ass is so hungry.... please.... please fill me up mommy..... Send that snuff-slut right into my guts!"

Paulette gives a few, final, powerful thrusts into Lilith before hilting herself. She lets out a primal moan of pleasure as her cock flexes and sack clenches down on Emily hard. Suddenly, Emily feels the world rushing around her. Pressed out of the fetal position in into a flat posture, she feels herself being shot through something like a water cannon. Wet, and tight, and violent. Her ride lasts only a second as she's forced into another warm, tight space. Sticky slime gushing all around her. Lilith reaches up and wraps her arms around Paulette. When she feels Paulette hilts herself, Lilith clings tightly and pulls herself off the ground and presses against Paulette's breasts. Lilith matches Paulette's echoing cry of pleasure as her cock starts to spray into Lilith. She holds on dearly as long as she can, but when Emily passes into her gut, she is pressed off of Paulette and falls back to the ground. Her groan of discomfort morphs into a gran as the filling sensation continues with more of Paulette's cum. A few more moments pass, and Paulette's orgasm subsides. Both remain still, recovering, panting hard. Paulette pulls herself out of Lilith's asshole slowly. As the head finally reaches the end, Paulette rocks back onto her ass. Her cock pops out, followed by a gushing flow of cum. Quickly, she reaches over to grab Lilith's plug and shoves it back into her, considerably looser, asshole. Lilith barely notices, but it does stop the flow. Paulette rocks forward again and plops herself down next to Lilith who is rubbing her hugely swollen belly lovingly, still twitching lightly. A few minutes pass as they continue coming down from their high. Paulette pulls Lilith's head to rest on her flat belly, holding her tight with one hand and stroking her hair with the other. Her time with Lilith has scratched a deep, maternal itch she was entirely unaware of. Just because your purpose, hobby, career, and passion revolve around ending thousands of lives inside of yourself doesn't mean you don't also have maternal instincts, too. With Lilith still rubbing her belly, Paulette asks, "How do you feel, baby girl?" Lilith smiles and turns her head to face Paulette. "Wonderful, mommy. Thank you." They rest in blissful silence for a few more minutes until Lilith's belly has one last violent series of twitches before going completely still. "mmmmm...... I just love it when they go limp inside of me, mommy." Paulette gives her a loving smile."....That's my girl.."
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