Ahsoka Unaware Food TF Vore

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Ahsoka Unaware Food TF Vore

Postby Chairto » Sat Mar 30, 2024 7:45 am

Anakin opened his eyes. Where was he? All he remembered was some sort of floating crystal. Was this a hallucination of the force? He looked around himself and suddenly found that he could not move. What had happened? He was also in complete darkness. He tried to call out but that was impossible. What was wrong with him? Suddenly he felt movement. The crinkling of a plastic wrapped could be heard as he felt himself being moved. Suddenly light blinded him. He tried to focus but his vision was still adapting to the change in lighting. Soon he could feel two large objects holding him in place. Soon his vision focused and he looked in front of him with shock. Ahsoka's face was absolutely towering before him. He was especially close to her mouth. He looked around. His body felt, off? He felt very cuboid-like. He saw her giant hand holding the wrapper of a nutri-cube! Was he after turning into the compact and nutritious snack bar? He looked back at Ashoka. He tried to talk to her but not a peep came out of him. She looked at him and he began to move towards her orange face. Her slightly darker lips opened and her teeth did the same. Anakin was now staring directly into his padawan's mouth. Ahsoka's uvula was slightly less than large and her tongue looked very inviting. The red fleshy muscle came out to meet him as Anakin was pushed towards her mouth.

Ahsoka pushed the top of the bar into her mouth and took a bite. She sat back on her chair and placed the bar back on the table next to her. She hadn't eaten in forever. She patted her belly as it groaned and she smiled at the delicious taste of the bar. She chewed it up well and her saliva added a bit of moisture to it. The temple's library was very quiet today and Ahsoka probably had the whole place to herself. She got back to her books in preparation for her exams.

Anakin was so very confused. On one hand he was being crushed to nothing in his apprentice's mouth and the other he was still on the table. So from what he had gathered he was a bar, packaged and then purchased by Ahsoka. Now a piece of him was in her mouth at that very moment. He could watch from the table as her jaw moved up and down and her lips with it. He could also see the inner workings of her mouth. Thick saliva drenched his body as he was flattened and ground down by her large hard teeth. The weirdest part was that he couldn't feel any pain. He could feel the pressure of the bites and he could feel the moist saliva but he could not feel any pain. He could feel her strong tongue push another wet pat of himself under her molars once again to be crushed again. Soon Ahsoka felt she was ready to swallow and she gather as much of the bar as she could to the back of the throat. Anakin braced as the tongue pushed everything down her oesophagus. The uvula was pushed effortlessly out of the way and the food was shoved down her throat. The powerful muscles in her Twi'lek neck pushed the food down into her stomach. Anakin was squeezed through his first sphincter and stomach. Ahsoka's empty stomach was huge to him. Then again he was just a small pile of chewed food in her stomach. Loud groans echoed around her belly and the low levels of acid proved that there hadn't been anything in there with a while. Ahsoka picked up the bar again and Anakin prepared for round 2.

Padmé entered the library. She was told she could find a specific book in here. She walked in to find the place almost deserted. She walked deeper into the library. She spotted Ahsoka at the table in the centre and she decided to walk over to her.

Anakin watched as another part of him was pushed into her mouth and her beautiful lips rested upon his body as she took a bite. Her large white teeth cutting through his body like he was nothing. As she bit in a few crumbed got stuck on her lips while a few more fell down onto her legs and her chair. One part of Anakin was right between her skinny orange thighs and right in front of her pussy. She was wearing her Jedi armour so she could get used to it and the crotch area was already protected by an armoured skirt so the material underneath was very thin and light. The smell of urine was very faint but Anakin could still sense it. Ahsoka got back to chewing the piece in her mouth. Anakin was experiencing took much at the same time for a normal human but he was one of the most powerful force users of all time and he was able to focus on and comprehend everything. The largest part of him was sitting on the table next to Ahsoka's books, the second largest was in her stomach, a similarly sized piece was in her mouth being chewed up and mixed with her saliva. Small crumbs were scattered around on the floor around her giant feet in her sandals and there were also a few sprinkled around the chair and her thighs. The warmth from her body was nice and Anakin preferred it to the slimy warmth of the mouth. Ahsoka gathered the food at the back of her mouth again and Anakin took it all in. The mouth was strange from this angle and the teeth looked strange. Ahsoka's mouth was a sight to behold with her beautiful white teeth and her soft and welcoming tongue. The roof was as wrinkly as any other mouth and the uvula was just as big. GULP! The tongue pushed Anakin down. Ahsoka's oesophagus was tight and much longer than Anakin had anticipated. Although he had never thought about it very often before this event. The slimy tube was hot and mucus lined the walls and cause him to slip down with ease. Her heartbeat was audible and her lungs were much quieter. The stomach was a scary place. The constant movement and the warm acid. All this was bad but when mixed with the bubbling and groaning and gurgling it was a terrifying environment. The piece of him inside there was already after losing some of its mass. The sphincter opened and Anakin was pushed into the gastric sack.

"Hey Ahsoka!"

Ahsoka turned with a small shock.

"Padmé!" She replied, relieved. "Don't sneak up on me like that!"

Padmé smiled and then giggled and Ahsoka smiled too.

"How's my favourite little Twi'lek?" Padmé asked. "And what is that yummy looking snack?"

Ahsoka laughed. "I'm doing good Padmé, thanks for asking. And this is the newest flavour of the SpaceBar Energy Bar™!"

Padmé was intrigued. "New flavour? What is it?"

Ahsoka picked up the remainder of the bar and gestured it towards Padmé.

"Have a bite!"

Padmé obliged and took the bar from Ahsoka.

This was not happening. Padmé's giant face now filled his vision. Not only could he see within Ahsoka's stomach but now he'll be inside Padmé's. Her mouth opened. The beautiful lips seperated and her tongue was patiently waiting inside her mouth resting with the bottom row surrounding it. Her large uvula hung in the archway of her throat. The dark abyss below which was Anakin's final destination. She pushed the bar into her mouth and Anakin began to experience the full power of her jaw and mouth. A large portion of the bar was bitten off. She pulled the rest away from her mouth and handed it back to Ahsoka. Anakin was getting pummelled in the mouth. Padmé's large teeth began to crush, grind, and decimate his snack bar form. Padmé's saliva soaked him and soon enough he was a pasty mush scattered around her mouth. The chamber reverberated when she gave an audible "Mmmmmm" to express her thoughts to Ahsoka. Then Ahsoka pushed the rest of the bar in past her orange lips. The sensation of being in two mouths at the same time was extreme. Ahsoka began to chew and Anakin could feel himself being destroyed by her. Padmé GULPED Anakin down her throat and oesophagus. Her oesophagus was similar in size to Ahsoka's and the sphincter to the stomach was just as imposing. He was squeezed through the mucus soaked sphincter and he fell into the stomach. He was not alone. The stomach was already filled with food and he could tell what it was just by the smell. Bantha burgers. The chewed burger was after filling the stomach and Anakin was resting upon some. He knew Padmé liked to go there as a treat every now and then. Today was one of those days. Her human stomach was very adamant about digesting this all and the wrinkled walls began to pulsate and tighten up and then loosen out again. Her stomach was churning. Gurgles and bubbled erupted all around the place and due to everything but the colour, this place reminded Anakin of Mustafar. The heat, the bubbling of the acid, the sounds of the bubbles. The only difference was the smell. The smell of digesting food was strong in the air. Padmé's acids stank of vomit and her meal smelled of fast food. Anakin was mixed with the burgers as the stomach churned and soon he was scattered throughout the belly.

Ahsoka GULPED. Anakin was sliding down her throat once again to the much emptier stomach. His body was scattered around in her acid and now some more had come to join. He passed the sphincter and landed with a small splash into the acid. Ahsoka's stomach let out a low grumble in appreciation. Ahsoka patted her belly and stood up. She talked to Padmé and they both left the library. Anakin now had to experience both their stomachs as they digested him. There were still pieces of him in the library. There were some crumbs on the table and floor and there was one singular crumb on the chair. But they were eventually pushed onto the ground and trampled by people before getting picked up and thrown into the messy bin.

The next morning.....

Anakin was now in two tight fleshy tubes. But both had very different things within them. Inside Padmé's bowels were some large turds. Her body had digested the bantha burgers and now she was ready to expel the waste. Her tight rectum was filled with shit and the large logs waited in single file towards the asshole in the bottom of the chamber. The smell of greasy shit was strong in the air. It was also warm but not as warm as the rest of the body. Suddenly Padmé moved. The walls twisted and pressure was put on her asshole to let her know. Padmé got out of bed and walked to the bathroom. She planted her ass on the toilet and began to push. Anakin was getting shoved up against her big red asshole. He could feel the logs behind him trying to push him out. Her slimy asshole began to loosen for the shit. Her asshole stretched and Anakin saw the outside world from her asshole's perspective. Padmé pushed even harder and Anakin felt his log lurch forwards. The long log slid out her anus and fell into her toilet. Pieces of Anakin were still inside the asshole and the next log was already halfway out. Padmé was having trouble and the log was stuck halfway. She tensed her asshole and it tightened around the log. The log was cut in half. She pushed hard again and the other half of the log was pushed out. Her pussy was releasing nice warm piss as all this was happening and the toilet water was now a nice yellow colour with some dark brown turds. She pushed out the final log and wiped her asshole with some toilet paper. Padmé stood up and flushed the toilet.

Ahsoka's colon was much different. Instead of large solid logs it was a mess of almost liquid. Her tight asshole was the only thing protecting her bed from a disaster. Ahsoka stood up and could feel that something wasn't right. She walked out to the bathroom and sat on her toilet. Her asshole opened slightly and an almost liquid shit erupted out along with her piss, from her urethra. Anakin felt like a weird liquid and he felt his body changing shape like water and he also watched as the rectum emptied of this liquid. From the toilet he watched it all stream out of her asshole. The brown paste stained the toilet bowl and water. As it emptied her asshole released a few small farts which splattered small pieces of shit all around the toilet bowl. Her asshole was a filthy brown and took multiple wipes to clean. She finally washed up and flushed the disgusting mass down her toilet to the sewers.
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Re: Ahsoka Unaware Food TF Vore

Postby hersnack » Mon Apr 01, 2024 3:50 pm

Very good. Unless i am mistaken I have seen quite a lot of your work on Deviant Art. Are you moving here because Deviant Art has been giving Vore artist a hard time?
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