Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby coop500 » Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:22 am

Darjus wrote:I know this is the internet, the place where everyone wants to be as anonymous as possible, but still I don't understand all the fuss about knowing real life gender of others. Roleplaying is sexual playing, and it is only logic that straight people would prefer to play with opposite sex straight people, exactly like omo people would prefer to play with same sex omo people. This is not about the quality of the play per se, exactly like in real life it wouldn't be about the quality of the making out per se, but it depends by personal inclination only. I'll add more: it's in human nature to develop a bond with people you spend time with, in person or not, especially if it's intimate time, so curiosity about them is all too natural. Revealing personal information is just a personal choice, but it looks like there is a taboo in doing it here, even if it's very unlikely to meet live. Is there something I don't know? Has someone been stalked in real life by a member of this community?

Stalked IRL? no, harassed repeatedly and sent creepy messages/requests? Yes, especially if you're a woman.
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby KnightleyPaine » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:12 pm

coop500 wrote:The issue is 9 times out of 10 it's a dude who has to have a female and always has to be creepy about it/wanting more than just a simple RP

whiskey wrote:Those who insist on playing with irl females have been especially creepy.

Erastus wrote:Honestly 9 times outta 10 I find it creepy if someone says they care what the gender of the other RPer is, with the only exception being people who do roleplay as themselves.

Just to make my point to OP here, this is absolutely the attitude/reality you have to accept if you choose to ask.

I'm normally snarky about being punished for other people's actions, but there's a very limited list of things people go for with such knowledge to begin with. If you ask someone with this experience and they become uncomfortable, that is an acceptable reason for them to reject you.

(and to answer coop500; I have this discomfort whether or not you have the issue, I can't choose not to have it, but I understand and respect this suspicion and any discomfort on the other end tied to said suspicion as valid reason to disengage. The only 'problem' it results for me are some rejections, which isn't an issue for normal people who don't get bitter over them.)
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby JuicyPeach » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:47 pm

i don't care at all about the real-life sex of a roleplay partner and I don't care if they play as their real sex or not either! I'm not a lesbian irl, but i've had amazing rp's where I end up being "prey" for another female- so in fantasy i'm fine with either sex :)

when i was totally new to chatting online i had a few people want me to prove i was a girl, so i did but they just wanted more and more and it started getting really really creepy... finally i got to the point that i realized i don't need to prove anything to anybody and it really helped me deal with creeps a lot less often :)
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby Artemis » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:30 pm

Like many issues, this is nuanced. The simple answer would be no, I don't care. I'll happily RP with a dude despite being a lesbian if they're playing a female character. The more complicated answer is that there ARE reasons I'd prefer a girl as an RP partner.

Reason 1 is the possibility of becoming close OOCly. It's not something I've come to expect, especially since I'm not popular with women to begin with, but it's definitely something I'm open to and it would be nice to have that possibility on the table if my partner were also open to the idea.

Reason 2 is that women tend to write female characters slightly better on average. Not everyone is a writer and a lot of male writers are satisfied just writing their female characters the same way they write their boys, only with something different between their legs. And I mean... it works on a very basic level? But I've always enjoyed the smaller details and so I do tend to notice and appreciate when writers put in a bit more than that. It comes a bit more naturally to girls for obvious reasons, though I've certainly met a few boys that have gotten pretty good at it. Better than I am at boys, anyway. O~hohoho!

Like for example, I can portray really eccentric, weird and unpopular, boys well enough. The kind that lend themselves well to doing stupid/crazy stuff and getting eaten. But since I am not normal, popular or a boy I start to really trip over myself trying to play more normal male characters. In comparison, playing a normal, popular girl is easier for me.

Neither of these are really big deals to me though, so I don't rule boys out because of them or anything and I tend not to ask about player gender as a pre-requisite to RP, but y'know. My post would've been a little boring if I only gave the simple answer.
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby rugli » Wed Jan 23, 2019 7:42 am

No, and she/he can even masturbate during the play far as i'm concerned.
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby Tilalumtar » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:27 am

oldspice1212 wrote:Is it weird that I care about the sex of the person I'm roleplaying with? I'm male, and usually roleplay as a pred and only really like female prey. Part of me knows I shouldn't really care, but I really prefer if my roleplay partner is female IRL, and I'm not sure if that is weird or not. So, I wanted to gauge the opinions of others here. Do any of you care about your RP partner's IRL sex? If so, why? If not, why not?

I am male and prey only. I started liking female preds only when I found out about the whole vore thing. Same with the RP-Partner.
Some time ago I started liking femboy preds (don't ask me why... I even ask myself sometimes -> I am not gay (and I wouldn't say that only gay people like femboy/futa(male) preds)). Since then I don't take it that seriously what gender my rp Partner is (before I was strictly against non-female preds).

Though I still prefer female preds.
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Re: Do You Care About the Sex of Your Roleplay Partner?

Postby ThomasT » Sun Jan 27, 2019 2:35 pm

I think that a scene is as good as it is - and if I do not know whether it is a male or a female behind the alt - it is well possible, that males are the better women and vice versa. While I do understand that the idea of going further than just having characters interact is enticing, as long as you only want to role play, it should not matter at all.

And just for me personally - not knowing about it at all is preferably than wondering, if I actually do know, or was just being told...
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