A Cat's Hunger - Roleplay Log. M/m, vore, digestion, scat.

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A Cat's Hunger - Roleplay Log. M/m, vore, digestion, scat.

Postby makeupandminiskirts » Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:32 pm

Here's a roleplay between RaharuCV and me. I'm roleplaying as myself, a girly male who owns a cat, and he is roleplaying as my hungry kitty- who I forgot to feed!

Contains soft vore, shrinking, digestion, and scat.
Let me know what you think!

I pull into the driveway of my small house, frustrated at today's work- my manager was being a complete ass. I storm into the house, passing my cat who simply meows at me as I head towards my bedroom. Once in my room, I strip down to my panties and just lay on my bed, trying to get some form of relaxation.
After I've rested for a few minutes, I know I have some chores to do around the house. I groggily get out of bed, and head toward the cats litter box. I pick up the white scoop I use for cleaning, stained slightly brown from the cats previous defecations, and scoop two pieces of defecation from the litter box, tying them in a plastic bag. I feel like I'm forgetting something, and turn to see my kitty staring at me, but I can't put my finger on what I'm missing. I walk towards the trash and throw out the litter, before heading towards the door to go outside and get my mail.

I try to look cuter as I am usually. Sometimes, it reminds you that you have to feed me. But this time, you just walk by and forget about my poor little hungry stomach. I try to meow, wanting to catch your attention, but it was useless, you just reach the door and check your mail, like every days. <Oh come on... We are living together since 4 years now ! You sure know that I'm hungry when I don't eat anything the whole day !> Of course, I could only meow soflty. Like every humans, you don't understand a single word of what I'm trying to say. <You jerk, forget about your weird cards and go in the kitchen ! I'm hungryyyy !> .

I ignore a second meow from my cat, still trying to put a finger on what I missed, as I walk towards my mailbox. When I open it up, I find the usual junk mail; an advertisement for PC Jenney, a coupon for a free tire rotation with any purchase of $50 or more. I then notice something unusual; a tightly bound manilla envelope. It's from my ex, Jean-luc. <The nerve of him!> I think. Why couldn't he just leave me alone? I head back inside, and throw the envelope on the kitchen counter, before going to relax on the sofa next to my cat. I strip back down to my panties and sit, relaxing.

I follow you in the hallway and in the living room. I jump on the couch after you sat on it. I use my two front paws for massaging your belly. Of course, I just want to notice you that I'm dying of hunger. <Hey fellah ! I'm hungry ! Don't you understand ? H-U-N-G-R-Y ! Not the country, so go in the kitchen and feed me, right now !> But you only hear some purrs and cute meows. I really blame you, humans, for not understanding a simple language like mine.

I give my cat a few rubs, wondering what he's meowing about. I start thinking about the package from Jean-luc, and curiosity kills the cat so to speak; I head to the kitchen, and hold the package in my hands.

I follow my master in the kitchen. I don't know what was "mail", or "package", so for me it's obvious that you are walking in the kitchen to give me some food. I walk right behind you, purring happily. <Aaah... Now feeding time (8)> .

I rip open the top of the package, and stumble backwards. My head feels like something just punched me- what the fuck was going on? Suddenly, I feel queazy, and the whole world spins around me. Suddenly, I'm on the ground- and the whole world is giant! My mind isn't processing what happened. I sit, and after a few seconds, realize that this must be some sort of revenge Jean had done to me for breaking up with him. I had always believed in Magick; and this was proof enough to me it existed. I'd have to find a way to bring myself back to full size... maybe if I made a few promises to Jean-luc, he'd help me. For now, I was shrunk. I turned around to see my cat sitting, staring at me. "You must be really confused as I am about this, buddy."

I'm for sure surprised by the fact you just shrunk in front of me. "What the...?" Strangely, this time you perfectly understand me. Maybe the magic trick doesn't only shrunk you, but also allow you to understand cat language, I don't know. But if I am sure about one thing right now, it's that you won't feed me yet. I'm not even sure that you are still my master, so I just walk a bit closer to you, and sniff you a bit, trying to identify your scent. "Wow... you really are my master..." .

"You can... talk?" I stare in wonderment. I then realize that whatever spell Jean-luc put on me must've somehow allowed me to hear cats; He was never a perfectionist, and probably fucked up the spell. "Well, uhh, hi then!".

"Wow !" It really seems that you can understand me now. I'm not reassured at all, and so I begin to walk around you, watching you all over. "Hi, master..." I don't know what I can say. It's the first time that I'm able to speak with you, so I just can't find my words. "Why.... Why are you so tiny now ?" .

"I- I'm not sure. I think that my ex-boyfriend, Jean-luc- You remember Jean-luc, right? Tall, blonde hair- anyways, I think he cast a spell on me that made me shrink. Like I said, I don't really understand it that well either.".

I sit in front of you, sighing. "Yeah... Kinda... Not really a gentle guy..." I close a bit my eyes as my hungry stomach is really painful. Damn, I really need to eat. I look at you again, wondering what you can do to help me with my hunger problem. "Master, I really need to eat... You forgot me again, and I don't eat since last night !" .

"Oh, I'm sorry! I knew I was forgetting something when I was cleaning your litter, and you were meowing up a storm." I think about my predicament, and realize it'll be impossible for me to feed you. "I'm not sure if I can feed you at this size... Do you think you could find something on your own? Maybe catch something small, a mouse or something? You've done it before.".

I sigh again, still suffering from my empty stomach. "Oh come on, if I could find something by myself, I would already ate something a long time ago..." Catching something small ? Well, I kinda caught everything as small as mouse, or just edible as a mouse. Well, not everything in fact. “YOU are tiny like a mouse, and sure edible like one. But you are my master, and I don't really want to eat you since I kinda appreciate you. Well... How long do you think you'll stay at this size ? 5 minutes ? 10 minutes ?"

I gulp. My cat had considered eating me? I needed to choose my words carefully. Nervously, I spoke. "Uh.. No more than an hour.. I.. hope.. Umm.. Please... could you not.. uh, eat me?".

I really don't appreciate what you just said. "W... What ?! One whole hour ! Sorry, but I can't wait that long !" I lick my lips hungrily. "I'm sorry for you, but there's no other way... You forgot to feed me this morning and this evening... I really need to eat something !" I walk closer, slobbering a bit as all my body want to eat you whole, now.

I panic, and start backing into the corner of the kitchen floor, falling unto my rear as I do so. As I scoot backwards, its not my housepet I see before me, It's a hungry, sentient animal, wanting me as food, someone to rub the inside of his belly, not the outside. Saliva drips from his mouth, which opens wide, revealing the ridged roof of his mouth and raspy tongue. I let out a squeal of fear.

Like all cats, I'm a really perfect hunter, and so you don't have any chance against me. I jump toward you, falling just in front of you and catch you. I open my mouth wide, trapping you inside it before closing my jaws, sealing your fate. You are now in my dark and wet mouth, and I'm playing with you, using my tongue. As you are my only master, I can eat you that quickly, and so I want to really enjoy your taste, and also play a bit with you. I make you roll all over my mouth, sticking you against my teeth with my powerful tongue. And you can hear me, since I am really enjoying this moment.

I am horrified at the way my cat is toying with my body, treating it like a mouse he had caught and was playing with before eating. As he continues to swish my body around his mouth, my cat's teeth get caught on my panties, snapping them off. He spits them out, and I am left completely nude. Drooley cat saliva starts to cote my whole body, getting into my mouth and tush hole as well. I am completely lubricated, sliding in the cats mouth like a block of ice, even over his raspy tongue. I stare at the throat before me, gaping and pulsating, as if waiting to open only just wide enough to engulf me, sending me to my demise below. "Please, stop! I'll feed you, just let me go! I'm sorry!".

I can't talk with my mouth full of food, but even if I could, I would only told you that it's too late for you now. Everything that goes in my mouth is only food for me, and so you are. I play with you a little more, but I'm really too hungry too let you out my growling stomach any longer. And, with a big loud GULP, I swallow you, pushing you with my tongue into my dark throat.

The throat hole in front of me opens, just barely wide enough to fit me, and I am tossed forward. I fall for just a second before my cat's throat grabs me, and begins squelching me downwards in a pulsating motion. My whole body is covered in saliva now, and as I am squeezed downwards by my cats throat, I start to see any remnants of light fade away in front of me, with only tiny reflections of saliva being visible. I am squeezed further and further down the cats throat; there must be a big bulge forming outside, though no onlooker would be watching. I am starting to get aroused, and this terrifies me- I was going to be food! This shouldn't be arousing to me. But, deep inside my sub conscious admits that being squeezed everywhere by my own cat's throat feels amazing- even if it means I'm ended up to be cat shit. Before I know it, my head starts to squeeze through a sphincter in front of me, and I plop down, landing in a stinging liquid that must only be the cat's stomach acid. I try to get up and run around, but slip, falling face first into stomach sludge. Let me out, I scream! I try and run forward again, but the stomach just squeezes me backwards with a groan, preventing me from pounding on the cat's stomachs wall. I continue to squirm, trying to find a way to maybe make my cat sick and spit me up.

I purr the whole time you slide down in my throat. The sensation of my muscles pushing directly into my stomach is absolutely wonderful ! And I sure enjoy you. I ate a lot of mouse before, but no ones was as perfect as you are ! And now that you are in my stomach, I'm really happy. I lick my lips, enjoying the last of your taste that remains in my slobber. And you feel that same slobber falling on you. "Mmh... Thank you for that meal, master... Think you finally find a food that was not digusting at all ! He he !" I purr and start walking a bit. As I am going to digest my master, I prefer to do it on his bed, enjoying the softness of your bedsheets. And inside me, you are only shake, as moving make my stomach wiggling.

I realize that this is it. I won't be leaving my cat's stomach the way I came in; I am destined to end up squeezed out as cat defecation the other way. As my cat begins to walk towards my bedroom, his stomach starts to churn even harder, squeezing me between two tight walls, before releasing me to fall into a pool of acid. I take this moments rest to observe the darkness with my other senses; it doesn't actually smell that bad in the stomach. it's a rich earthy smell of an animals innards mixed with the bitterness of digestive fluids; the smell is almost intoxicatingly beautiful, both rancid and delicious at the same time. My erection still stands, and I decide to make the best of it. I start to masturbate furiously, but it seems the cat's stomach has other plans; it closes again, squeezing me and my erection between two walls for what feels like forever. It's an amazing feeling, and the cats walls rub my erection until I can't take it anymore and release my fluids into the cat. The stomach releases, and I fall once again into the acid in the stomach. By now, a feeling of burning starts to form on my body, until it feels so intense that my body refuses to register the pain. I am again squeezed against the cats stomachs walls, and this time, bits of my skin stay attached to the wall, having melted away from my body. It suddenly becomes harder to breath.

I pat the bed, and curl on it, laying on my back. I close my eyes and purr. I feel every squirms of my stomach, who's trying to digest you, as you are only food for me. Suddenly, I feel you moving really weirdly, like if you are shaking something in your hand. But my stomach walls contracts on you, crushing you a bit. And then I feel you moaning. It's really weird, since no other prey did that before. Humans are really, really strange. "Hey ! How is it to be my food, master ? Are you enjoying being digested as I enjoy digesting you, he he ?" I giggle and wiggle a bit. Like every cats, I'm really playfull, and so I love to tease my prey.

I hear my cat speak, but the sound is so loud and resonating through his body that I can't make out any words. He begins to wiggle, and I'm scraped back and forth against the stomachs floor, bits of skin being smeared against the slimey wall. The acid below me has turned both yellowy and red, likely my skin and blood. I reach out a hand to my arm and feel my skin; it is pastey like glue, and as I move my fingers down it, my skin rubs off. I pass out.

Inside my stomach, my acids slowly turn you into mush. I'm now asleep, since I need to rest a bit for digesting you. I purr during all my nap, and during this same nap, the mush you are now slowly goes into my intestines. Slowly, you are dried and turned into a nice little log of shit, and you make all the way down to my rectum. During my nap, I dream about me chasing you, eating you again and again, playing with you like if you are a mouse, and so I spend a wonderful night. I wake up in the middle of the night, but I don't care, since I'm a cat. I purr, because I was so happy to had the chance to eat and digest you. I feel some kind of pressure in my butt, and so I understand that it's time for my master to come out. I walk downstairs, still purring happily, and go into the kitchen. I jump in the litter. It's all clean and I pat the sand a bit, making a hole for you. I smile a bit, since I think that at least, before dying and digesting, you cleaned my litter... The same litter where you'll end. It was really ironical. I sit a bit, and I begin to push. You aren't a big piece of shit, and so you squeeze easily out of my ass, falling on the sand as a big cat turd. I'm still purring as I'm pooping you, pushing all your remains out of my bowels. And I wait several minutes before the last part of you finally fall on the poop amount. I smile softly, looking you. It's hard to recognize my master in that little pile of poo, but I know that you are it, and it's the most important thing for me. I use my paw to throw sand on you, hiding your remains and your odor. And I leave the room, not taking care of you anymore...

There I will remain for many years, ironically a piece of hardened cat shit in a litter box I had purchased and taken care of myself- and also ironically, the defecation of a cat I had been the care taker of.
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Re: A Cat's Hunger - Roleplay Log. M/m, vore, digestion, scat.

Postby Ephriam » Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:22 pm

Hahah this is really cute.
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Re: A Cat's Hunger - Roleplay Log. M/m, vore, digestion, scat.

Postby Travis_Hackett » Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:14 pm

Love it! Thanks for sharing!!! :D
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Re: A Cat's Hunger - Roleplay Log. M/m, vore, digestion, scat.

Postby britneyspearsdinner » Tue Jun 28, 2011 11:43 am

Absolutly loved it! Such a good role play and the right amout of realizism for my tastes. Bravo!
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