A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

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A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby lovesdogs24 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:16 pm

A Horse Named Sky

Liz is a country girl at heart. Tall, dirty blonde, rocking jean booty shorts and cowboy boots kind of girl. She sticks out like a sore thumb walking around the northern suburbs of Chicago, but she fits in just perfectly at the Horseback riding complex she works at, The Grove. Her love affair with horses started young but what brought the 22 year old to work here was it was the only way she could actually own a horse. When she got the job, she asked if she could keep a horse there without charge. Fortunately, the forest preserve was happy to allow this so long as Liz remained employed. Thrilled, she began working hard, topped off her savings and finally purchased a foal of her own to raise. She named her horse Skyla, or Sky for short. That was four years ago. Now she’s practically running the Grove and Sky is getting big. Most horses reach their height by age 4 but Sky is a big girl. Their vet thinks she’ll keep growing until she’s 8 and maybe even more after that. She’s already a little larger than your average horse, standing 6.5 feet at the shoulder. Sky is a bit strange too, and she eats a ton, but Liz still loves her just as much.

Sky isn’t the only horse Liz is in charge of at this riding complex. In fact, there are 20 others. To help out with all the work, The Grove offers volunteers the opportunity to learn to ride in exchange for work. This brings a steady stream of horse loving high schoolers and college students to work. Today, Liz is in the process of interviewing candidates for volunteer positions. Up next is Abby, a local high school senior. Liz is waiting in her office for the candidates to swing by and looks up when theres a knock on the open door. She looks up to see a young, brown haired girl dressed in a flannel, jeans, and boots. She looks like she’s ready for the job, only downfall is she only looks about 5’4” even with the boots on.

“Are you Abby? Come on in, I’m Liz.”

“Its good to meet you,” the young girl eagerly smiles.

After some introduction, Liz gets to learn a little about Abby. Most of her questions focus on Abby’s size and potential inability to do the physical labor necessary for the job. Abby realizes how bad the interview is going and begins to plead more or less. She explains how she is trying to volunteer here because she wants to stay away from home. Her divorced parents hardly seem to care about her and she wants to find something to keep her out of the house.

Liz is hesitant to consider this girl, despite the sob story, but another idea creeps into her head. Her beloved Sky is a strange mare. She eats everything, literally. It started out when she was younger. Sky would always play with another worker’s Great Dane out in the fields. One day, Liz was walking out to bring in Sky who was busy running around the field. She saw that the Dane had caught himself a mouse and was busy eating into it and Skyla was in the field trying to do the same. Before Liz could stop her, she saw the mare raise it’s head triumphantly, dangling a terrified mouse from her teeth. Liz didn’t think the horse would know what to do with it but, following the lead of her canine friend, she tossed the mouse upward, opened her maw, and closed it around the flailing mouse with a snap. Liz ran over to the horse, yelling for her to stop. But it was too late for the mouse who was busy being crushed by the horse’s long esophagus.

Since that day, Sky continued to eat living things. She became a predatory horse. The Grove’s vet just laughed it off, saying horses don’t eat meat, but Liz knew otherwise. Things became interesting as Sky grew. She began catching bigger and bigger animals. Sky went through phases, preying on different unsuspecting animals as she grew bigger and bigger. One day, Liz saw a bird’s wing sticking out of her horse’s maw. The poor bird was caught in the feed trough and was now mashed and mangled in the horses teeth. Months later, she caught her horse swallowing a squirrel. Then a raccoon. The prey items kept getting larger and larger until just recently, Liz caught Sky swallowing an 80lbs golden retriever. She couldn’t believer her eyes. Small prey was one thing, but this was ridiculous. Some sick part of her enjoyed watching the dog go down though. Sky didn’t chew the larger animal. Her dull teeth hand little affect on the squirming dog. For hours after she could feel the thing moving within her beloved horse as its life was drained out. It didn’t take her long to begin looking up vore on the internet and began becoming sexually aroused at the idea.

So sitting here in her office is a girl who Liz judges to be 115lbs at the most. She’s perfect, petite, cute face, and bad family life. Liz figures no one will miss her. She shakes her head. She shouldnt do that to another person! She hems and haws, but Abby’s incessant pleading does her in. Liz convinces herself that she’s not going to accept Abby as a volunteer for a science experiment. Instead she tells herself she’s doing this for Abby so that Abby can have a better life outside the home.


Fully convinced that she’s doing this for the eager volunteer and not her personal desires, Liz accepts Abby. Weeks go by and Abby is doing alright. She has been trained well and spends most of placing feed in stalls while the horses are out and grooming the smaller horses. Abby’s avoidance of her own house keeps her at the complex late into the afternoon and evening sometimes, far beyond when the other volunteers left. Her late ours makes her a valuable asset to Liz in helping out with the later evening chores.

Liz approaches Abby about doing work in the corral building and bringing in the horses and such but Abby is hesitant.

“I’d love to help Lizzy, but i don’t know, the big horses kind of scare me a little.”

“Scare you?” Liz chuckles, “how so?”

“Well, I’m small, theyre big, what if they don’t listen? What if I get stepped on or kicked?”

“Oh that won’t happen. Theyre sweet. How about I introduce you to a couple and see what you think?”

“I guess,” Abby timidly replies, “But only if you’re right here the whole time.”

The next Monday afternoon, when the center is closed to visitors, Abby comes over from school ready to meet some of the bigger horses. Liz brings Abby out to the corral.

“So I went ahead and had the morning volunteers put everyone in their stalls except for Skyla.”

“Skyla? You mean Sky? Your horse? No!” She stops in her tracks, “thats the biggest one!”

“I know, but she’s also the sweetest one, trust me. And if you can handle a horse as big as sky, don’t you think you can handle any of our horses?”

Abby agrees and the two continue walking down the gravel path to the corral building. Liz opens the gate and walks inside but Abby stays back, scared to enter. Liz walks to sky, puts a halter on, and leads her to the fence. Abby backs up as the towering horse walks up to the short fence. Her eyes are wide.

“Its okay, haha, she’s not going to hurt you. Say hi, Sky,” she pulls sky in the direction of Abby.

Sky leans over the fence effortlessly and sniffs at the young girl. Abby cautiously offers her hand to the horse to smell. Sky nods her head then nuzzles the hand and Abby scratches her nose in return.

“See, you’ll be okay Abs, come in.”

Abby cautiously approaches the gate and Sky rotates her head, following the short girl all the way around. Abby nervously opens the gate and steps inside while Liz continues to hold the horse back. Sky quickly sizes Abby up, sniffing her from head to toe before nuzzling the girl’s neck.

“Okay, okay,” Abby chuckles, “She is pretty sweet.” Abby doesn’t even come up to the shoulder of the gentle giant but she’s becoming a bit more relaxed. “Ewwww,” she pulls back and laughs again as she feels the heavy, warm tongue of the horse swipe across the side of her head.

“Oh she’ll do that sometimes, she’s a lover,” Liz laughs. They spend some time in the corral with the horse and pretty soon Abby is leading Sky all by herself. Liz had since buried the thoughts of Abby being eaten by the horse but seeing the young girl get kissed by the horse is bringing it all back. But she doesn’t want to force anything. If Sky wants to eat, she will eat. For now, Liz figures shell just let the girl work.

—Meeting Ben—

Weeks go by and Abby is doing things all by herself now and coming in even more often. Since she is pretty much the only volunteer who ever stays late on Sundays, she’s been tasked with ensuring the horses’ salt blocks are placed in the corral building each week. One warm Sunday evening, once all the visitors have left for the day, Abby grabs a salt block and heads out to the corral building. Oddly enough, as she approaches, she only sees a few horses milling around in the corral. The rest she figures must be hanging out in the corral building. As she comes down the path leading to the big door, she starts calling out.

“So what kind of party are we having in here boy’s and girls?” She rounds the corner into the building and is surprised to see a boy backing away from the gate. “Oh, hi! I didn’t think anyone was still here!” The boy only glances to the side and turns back. He doesn’t turn around yet. Abby notices three horses at the gate are very interested in the boy. A big male horse is leaning over the fence towards the boy while two other mares are reaching through the fence. One of which is lazily licking at the rolled steel bars. “I see you made a few friends here,” Abby says, trying to make conversation.

Finally the boy turns around “Yeah, I was just spending some time with them. Its so calming, you know, to be by the horses.”

“yeah, thats why I volunteer here…” she trails off, eyeing is unkempt appearance with some skepticism. She looks him up and down. He’s kinda cute, dark brown haired boy, tall, looks well toned, but she thinks he’s kind of weird he’s hanging out so late in the corral building, out of sight of the stables. After a moment or two of awkward silence, “so, I’ve got to get in there,” says Abby, pointing to the gate the boy is standing in front of.

“Oh, oh, Im sorry.” He steps out of the way.

Abby shoos the boy’s friendly horses away from the gate and opens it up. She walks through and latches it behind her before carrying the big salt block to the mount on the wall. The boy goes back to the fence and calls the horses back to him. Abby notices the boy opens his hand for the one mare who immediately begins licking his hand. He leaves his hand there and lets her lick him.

“You feeding my horses treats over there?” Abby comments as she places the salt block down and gets ready to remove the old one.

“Oh, no, ha, she’s just friendly I guess,” the boy replies nervously.

“Yeah, she gets that way. That is Marbles. She’s a sweetie,” Abby places the old block on the ground and lifts up the new block.

The boy is watching the young girl replace the salt block when he notices the biggest horse in the corral coming over. Other smaller horses move out of the massive mare’s way as she walks in. He considers warning the small girl but hesitates. The horse comes up right behind her, towering over her small frame. He watches as the horse blows air through her nose onto the back of the girl’s neck.

“Sky…” she says, still trying to slide the big salt block into the mount.

Sky doesn’t waste another moment. Her massive tongue presses into the girl’s nape. She looks up suddenly, jumping from the weird feeling. Then the horse steps forward and begins licking the side of her face from behind. She tilts her head for a moment and lets the huge tongue run up her neck and the side of her face with a loud slurp right in her ear.

“Sky! Haha, stop that! Im trying to-“ she’s cut off as the hot tongue reaches around her face covering her mouth for a moment. “EW!” she sputters the saliva from her mouth.

The boy watches intently as the horse bathes the small girl in her saliva. He feels himself getting harder. He jumps when he feels the big tongue of another horse press into his growing bulge through the fence.

Abby spins around and pushes away her mare. “Will you stop that you brat?!”

“Looks like you made a friend too, huh?” The boy finally comments.

“Oh, yeah, this is Skyla, she is extremely friendly.”

“She’s so much bigger than you, id be afraid she might eat you.” The boy chuckles awkwardly, feeling his cock jump at the idea.

“Oh,” she chuckles oddly, “lets hope that doesn’t happen.” Skyla pushes forward and licks the girls face from her neck to her forehead. “I know, I know, you want your salt.”

“My name is Ben,” the boy calls to her as she turns back around to finish strapping the salt block into the wooden mount.

“Oh, great…. Im Abby.” Sky begins licking the girl’s arm. “Stop! Thats disgusting!.” She wipes the heavy saliva off of her arm. Sky lifts her head, towering above the girl, and rests her nose on the girls head. From Abby’s view, the horse looks even bigger. Her mouth is as wide as the girl’s head.

She walks back towards the fence, leaving Sky to lick at the salt. She shoos the horses away from Ben then walks through the gate. “Well it was nice meeting you, have a good day Ben.”

“Thanks, you too.”

Ben stays in the corral building as Abby walks out. Ben is an odd boy. At a young age he became interested in vore and very quickly progressed into beastiality. His new thing is hanging out with horses. Today he’s brought a pocket full of peppermints and has been tempting horses to lick him. Fortunately for ben, this Marbles horse that he has been playing with all day, has turned out to be quite the licker. As soon as he’s sure Abby is gone, he unzips his pants and grabs a peppermint. Marbles reaches through the fence and he feeds her the mint. She chews the mint up before returning to lick at the hand that feeds her. In its place, the mare finds the boy’s cock, which she eagerly laps at.

Ben shivers as the mare’s giant hot tongue drags over his dick. He imagines that cute girl being eaten by her horse. He wants to see her squirming inside of the mare’s maw. Ben is careful to not let the horse take him into her mouth though. But he loses all control when a male horse comes in looking for a treat and begins licking him as well. He scratches the horse’s heads as they pleasure him. His dick is bouncing around inside the fence being massaged between the two, hot, smooth tongues when he begins to spurt. Both horses lap up his seed.

Abby gets back to the stable office and talks to Liz. She tells Liz theres some weird boy hanging out with the horses and Liz just brushes it off as ‘it happens sometimes.’ They laugh and talk for the rest of the day.

—Skyla stopped eating—

Weeks later, Abby comes in as usual on a slow sunday afternoon. She passes buy Sky’s stall and looks at the hay she had put in their days ago. She walks into the office and finds Liz.

“You know, I think your horse stopped eating.”

“Yeah, I noticed that, Im not really sure why. I was thinking about asking the vet about it tomorrow.”

“Thats probably a good idea, I don’t want Sky to be sick, Liz.”

“Don’t worry, she’ll be fine. Just make sure she gets her salt today! She’s the only one out in the corral today.”

Abby walks out leaving Liz alone in her office. Liz is fully aware that Sky has stopped eating. She’s never known Sky to do this but then again, Sky has never had such a large meal. She assumes the past week, the horse has been preparing to ingest a large meal. Liz looks out the window and watches Abby walk out to the corral building. This could be the very last time she walks out there, she thinks to herself. She shivers at the thought. She’s tempted to follow Abby today and watch her get swallowed but she doesn’t want to jinx anything and she still wants to convince herself she didn’t let Abby volunteer just to be eaten. ‘This is for her,’ she thinks to herself, ‘what happens will happen.’ Liz sits down at her desk and tries to occupy her mind.

Abby reaches the corral building lugging the heavy block of salt. As she enters the building, she swears she saw someone walking away from the gate on the other side. She is scared for a moment, then thinks and remembers that Ben usually stops by around this time so she decides to just ignore him and get her work done. She approaches the main gate and looks out to the corral. Skyla is standing in the corral looking at the other gate before turning to look at Abby. “Hey, girl, how you doing? I’ve got your salt sweetie.” Abby talks as she unlocks and opens the gate. She steps over to the salt mount and begins replacing the block. She jumps as the hair on her neck is blown on. She spins around to see Skyla standing over her.

—Abby is not a salt lick—

“Oh! You scared me!” She playfully pushes on the horse’s broad chest. “Where did you come from? Why do you have to sneak up on me!” She scratches the horse’s nose and she gets a broad kiss in return. Abby sputters and wipes the thick saliva left behind from her face. The horse licks again, placing her tongue under the girl’s chin and drawing upwards still covering her entire face with a single swipe. Abby steps back and Skyla steps forward still licking, slobbering all over Abby’s face, neck, and shoulders. Abby kind of enjoys the feeling of the hot tongue caressing the sensitive skin on her neck but she can’t stand the slobber. Skyla always had a lot of saliva but today is unbelievable. Each stroke of her tongue actually flings strands of thick saliva all around.

“I’m not your salt lick! This is your salt lick!” She yells at the horse while she points at the salt block on the floor. “Let me put it in!” The horse just licks her hand, soaking it as well. “Oh my god!” She’s frustrated with the licking, she can’t get anything done. She bends down to pick up the salt block. She’s bringing it up, looking down at the block in her arms. “This, this is you sa-“ Abby’s words are cut off when her face is covered by the horse’s mouth. Her face is pressed into the thick tongue and hard teeth press down from above. Skyla opens wider and presses forward but her teeth still cannot open beyond the length of Abby’s face. When Abby drops the salt and pulls back, Skyla relents, letting the girl pull her face free. Abby pushes on the horse’s neck trying to hold her back. “What the fuck!” She curses as she tries to blink through the thick saliva on her eyes and she shakes her head to break the strands of drool linking her face to the horse’s mouth. “Thats not how you kiss!” She more meaningfully hits the horse’s neck.

Abby turns her head, looking for where she is going to go to get away from this horse. She is going to have Liz come do this job today. She glances right towards the main gate, then left towards the side gate. Standing at the gate she sees Ben and is immediately disgusted. His hand is quite clearly rubbing his dick through his pants. Unbeknown to Abby, Ben has been watching this whole display. He couldn’t get Sky to come kiss him but he is okay watching Sky kiss this girl. Abby doesn’t have much time to protest before she feels a heavy tongue pulling across her face.

Sky thought for a moment before realizing she could turn her head to fit her prey inside. She tilts her head to the left and opens wide. Her tongue reaches out and wraps around this girl’s beautiful face. “Stommmmpphh” her voice is muffled by the large tongue as it draws her head back into the large mouth. Her hands fly up and push away at the horse’s mouth. But Sky simply takes her right hand into her mouth. Abby frantically pulls back but Sky will not relent. She pushes at the horse with her free hand but then Sky bites down hard, nearly hard enough to break bone, on her right hand trapped in her jaws. Abby screams in pain and falls to her knees. Sky, still gripping her prey’s hands simply dips her head down, sliding Abby’s hand into the back of her mouth. Abby looks around teary eyed but she can’t see Ben anymore. She wonders if he was really there or not.

“Help! Help! Ben!” She screams, hoping he might still be nearby. She feels the fleshy entrance of the horse’s throat opening around her sore hands. “NO!” her scream is muffled as her face presses once more into the horse’s lips that part to accept her head. This time, with one arm already entering her throat, Sky is able to more easily take in Abby’s head and right shoulder. Abby feels the hard teeth cradling her head and under her arm. The upper teeth pause her a moment on her neck while the huge tongue continues to writhe around and slather the girl with saliva.

Abby yells for the horse to stop and tries to stand back up with all her might. Sky steps forward, pushing Abby’s small frame into the wall, allowing her to push the girl deeper inside her mouth. The horse’s lips rest against the girl’s left shoulder now. Abby begins striking Sky hard with her free hand, screaming to be let go, not yet realizing the extent of the peril she is in. Sky has trouble with the next step. It takes some work and some twisting but eventually Sky manages to work her left shoulder into her maw her maw.

As saliva pours down Abby’s shirt and she feels her chest being drawn into the mouth and her hand being squeezed in Sky’s throat, she realizes this isn’t just the horse playing around, she is being eaten. She begins screaming and struggling, trying desperately to free herself from this horse’s maw. Its unbelievably hot inside the horse and saliva seemingly pours in from all directions, soaking the girl’s soft hair lubricating her for the trip into the horse’s stomach. The horse’s tongue slides in and out with pressure, trying to drag her body deeper within.

Skyla does not like her prey’s wriggling. She squeezes harder to prevent the girl from slipping from her maw, then rocks her body, lifting her prey from the ground and slamming it into the wall. The shock of this hit causes Abby to pause her struggles, a fatal move. Sky takes advantage, placing her prey’s feet back on the ground and pressing her head down. Abby’s face slides along the rough tongue, slipping closer to the pulsating throat. In the slim light slipping past her body, Abby can make out features of the horse’s mouth. The hard, flat back molars, thick cheeks, and hot, fleshy throat. He arm, up to her elbow disappears at the back of the mouth. She can feel it deep within the tight confines of the horse’s esophagus but she cannot see past the tightly sealed opening. She screams and begins fighting again but another slam against the wall followed by a push against the ground slides her screaming face into the soft back of the mouth. There is a seemingly long pause and Abby hopes for a moment that this is it, that Skyla will now spit her out. This hope is dashed when she feels herself lifted even higher than before. Sky lifts Abby high into the air and presses her ass into the wall, forcing Abby’s head through the opening of her throat. Tears begin pouring down her face when she feels Skyla’s throat tighten around her head, pushing, and squeezing in a big swallow, attempting to drag her down. Her right hand reaches a tight end at the bottom of the esophagus and her left arm is now pinned to her side. She can’t fight.. She swings her legs and wriggles her hands to no avail. ‘Where is Ben? Please, help me’ she thinks to herself.

Outside the horse, Ben has since lost his pants and stands in complete awe of the sight. He knew this horse was big and he always fantasized about it eating people but never thought it would. He can’t believe his eyes. Its a fantasy come true. He masturbates vigorously watching the vore scene play out in front of him. He listens to the muffled screaming of the sweet girl and considers rescuing her but lust takes over. He wants to see her get swallowed. He loves watching her legs in her skinny jeans flailing about as the live, writhing prey is dragged towards its destiny as nutrients. He watches as the horse jerks her mouth upwards, sliding its prey deeper within. Soon her left arm is completely pinned to her side, her hand claws about for something to hold onto as her legs wildly kick. Another swallow brings her hips to the horses lips.

Abby screams as another swallow pulls her deeper and her hand is pushed through the tight opening. She can feel her hand enter a larger, unbearably hot space. She wriggles her fingers, to see what she can feel but all she feels is the slickness of the thick saliva from her captor’s throat. Tears continue to pour from her saliva soaked face. But her screams are quickly muffled as her head bends uncomfortably forward, pressing her face into the muscular wall of the horse’s throat. She wriggles and writhes with all her might as she feels the slick, hot tongue of the horse lifting her shirt and slobbering her stomach. She feel’s hard teeth tighten and release over and over then feels the tongue slipping over and under her belt. The horse moves violently around her as she screams within her head. But her mind is fading, she can’t breath in the position she’s in.

Skyla has become stuck. A big swallow dragged the girl’s waste into her mouth but her teeth are caught up in her belt. The hard metal buckle knocks painfully against her teeth. She takes some time trying to twist, writhe, and bob her head to get the buckle past her teeth but the teeth continually snag on the tough leather. She pauses for a moment as her prey’s kicking weakens. She can’t go this far and not swallow her prey. Sky knows the trouble she may find herself in if the other humans hear about what she tried to do. She tries again to press her prey’s ass into the wall to push her down but its no use, she’s stuck. Abby’s kicks turn to weak twitches, she’s passing out. Sky looks around and is surprised to spot another human standing pants-less on the other side of the far gate. She freezes wondering what to do. This human might attack her, he might run, it might all be over. But he doesn’t move. It takes Sky a few moments but eventually she realizes this was the same boy who was there a short while ago and he is the same one that the other mares like to meet.

Ben’s eye’s meet the horse’s and he freezes as well. His lust for vore quickly turns to fright as the gigantic horse stares him down intently. He stands motionless, hand still on his dick, wondering what to do about this predicament. He gazes upon the sight. The cute girl’s ass hands just outside the horse’s mouth. Hard teeth clench, holding the girl’s weight within her mouth. He legs swing limply, dangling from the mouth. Thick saliva oozes out around the lips of the horse and down over the girl’s blue jeans. For a moment, Ben figured she was dead, but a twitch of her ass, then leg, reminded him that she was still there. Her brain and body, starved of oxygen, was beginning to give up. The horse was breathing heavily too. Her nostril’s flared with each deep breath. Ben thought with relief and disappointment that the horse was not big enough to swallow the girl’s hips. He feared now that she might suffocate to death deep inside the horse without the honor of being processed as nutrients. His mind scrambled wondering what to do.

He shook his head, “I’ve gotta save her,” he muttered softly. He reached for his pants dropped over the gate but before he reached it, as if reading his mind, Sky reacted.

With a grunt and a lift of her head, Sky began to release her captive. Ben paused and watched as the horse shook her head and widened her jaws. The girl’s limp body began to slip from the mouth as her head was pulled from the horse’s tight gullet. Sky gagged as the young girl slipped in reverse from her throat. She rested her prey’s feet on the ground and she coughed her up. Eventually, the body slipped out further. Abby’s ass touched the ground and Sky lifted higher, letting the girl’s upper body slide out quickly with an audible *schluck*. Abby’s head was free once again. Sky lifted her head, allowing Abby’s slick arm to slide out. Once her arm was free, she flopped onto the ground with a thud. Thick strands of saliva were flung about. Ben could tell from his vantage point that the girl’s entire upper body was soaked. Her shirt clung to her skin, her hair was strewn about and damp, sticking to her face and to dirt on the ground. But she didn’t move.

Ben was thankful that Sky had released Abby but his heart began to pound as the massive horse approached him.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby lovesdogs24 » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:25 pm

So this was my first story on here, please let me know what you all think! :)

Also, can someone explain to me how I can get this story posted in my own gallery? Im extremely new and kind of lost here.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby Tril » Sat Nov 26, 2016 2:41 pm

It was very enjoyable!
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby chaosnasder » Sun Nov 27, 2016 6:23 pm

I'd absolutely love to see a part 2 hehe the details in this are beyond amazing and the structure is very good as well! Keep up the good work ;)
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby Tassie » Mon Nov 28, 2016 4:33 pm

Very fun to read, and I could almost see myself there. As with chaosnasder, I am looking forward to more.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby lovesdogs24 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 2:02 pm

Heres what I have so far for the next chapter:

Ben doesn’t move as Sky approaches, leaving her prey lying still on the ground. Ben trusts the safety of the rolled steel bars between him and the woman-eating horse. Sky reaches the bars and stops. She swings her head over the top, causing Ben to back away, clear of her imposing teeth and ravenous gullet. Sky didn’t like that he backed away and so, remembering what the other mares had done, she brought her head back to her side of the gate and lowered it down. She twister her head and stuck her snout in between the bars towards Ben. Ben waited for a moment, wondering what she was doing, before once more following his lust and stepping to the gate. He carefully allowed his still hard cock to bounce in front of her nose. Sky takes a whiff before letting her tongue slip from her lips to taste him. She quickly realizes why the other horse’s loved the boy so much. She loved the salty flavor of his cock. There was a hint of peppermint as well as the boy had rubbed himself down with the candy to entice the horses. Her licks seemingly comforted the boy as he took a few steps forward, letting her have better access to lick his entire pubic area. She took his member into her mouth and watched as his eyes rolled back but then he jumped as she closed her teeth on him. She quickly learned that the boy doesn’t like that and she needed to avoid biting.

Ben is in ecstasy as his vore fantasy comes to life. He watched a girl nearly swallowed by a massive horse, she was spit up, and now that same horse wants to drink down his cum. He couldn’t be happier. But the licking and sucking stops. Ben opens his eyes to see that Sky has backed away from the gate. He presses forward, pointing his throbbing cock through the fence, begging for more. She obliges with another few licks but then stops and backs up. It takes him a few moments but ben realizes what she wants. She wants him inside the fence.

Knowing the preserve is pretty much empty, Ben is very tempted. He quickly runs to the side of the outbuilding and looks back up towards the stables. Theres no activity. He’s got butterflies as he jogs back to the fence. He is going over. Sky stays back, leaving Ben with space as he climbs over and drops to his feet inside the fence. The second Ben turns around, he is greeted by the horse. Her eyes even with his, she stares into him as she opens her mouth and scoops his cock inside. Ben almost falls back. He reaches forward and grab’s Skyla’s beautiful mane, holding on as her tongue slathers him. But she shakes his hands free and lowers her head. She licks, sending her tongue between his legs, slopping across his asshole and pulling back, drawing his cock and balls inside her hot mouth. She plays with his member for a moment, enjoying the flavor this boy produces, but she has a more important meal to attend to. She releases Ben’s cock. He stands there for a moment, watching the strands of saliva that connect his dick to her mouth. He reaches down and strokes himself with the thick lubricating saliva.

Sky backs away, leading Ben to follow. She steps over her prey and pauses. Ben gazes upon Abby’s motionless body...
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby chaosnasder » Fri Dec 02, 2016 10:03 pm

Can't wait to see what's next, this is pretty good so far
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby Keltohey » Thu Dec 08, 2016 3:42 pm

This is great, please continue :)
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby Llyander » Wed Jan 18, 2017 7:12 am

Anything more written for this? Would definitely love to see more!
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby silverspec » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:53 am

Loved it. Wish it woulda finished tho.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby lovesdogs24 » Mon Mar 20, 2017 2:29 pm

Sky backs away, leading Ben to follow. She steps over her prey and pauses. Ben gazes upon Abby’s motionless body. Now, up close, he can see the poor girl’s nostrils flaring as her body tries to recover enough oxygen to function. Her face is shimmering and cracked with the dried, thick saliva from deep within Sky’s mouth. He watches her, admiring the tiny rise and fall of her chest. Each of her movements, even the tiny twitching of muscles reminds him that this pretty little human is nothing more than a piece of meat, nutrients for a beast of a horse.

Sky is impatient. She stomps and drags her foot then drops her nose to her prey. She licks at the prey’s shirt then grabs at her belt with her teeth and tugs vigorously. She stomps her foot again and looks to her human friend for help.

Ben watches the horse’s actions with a quizzical look before realizing that Sky didn’t like Abby’s cowboy style belt buckle. He drops to his knees and grabs Abby’s belt. Before releasing it, he looks back up to her face. He’s never undressed a girl before but her lack of reaction calms him down. He pulls off the belt, throws it aside, and looks up at the horse.

Sky stomps her foot again. Ben takes the hint. He unbuttons her pants and pulls them off. He pauses whether or not to remove her panties as well. Boyhood curiosity takes over and he touches her pussy through the thin panties.

Abby grunts weakly. She’s waking up. Ben moves quickly, tearing the buttons off her soaked flannel shirt. As he works to get her hands out of the sleeves, Abby stirs and pulls against him.

Abby’s mind is rebooting. As she regains consciousness, she realizes she’s no longer in the confines of the tight horse throat. And she’s cold, she figures she’s not in the stomach either. With this realization, adrenaline dumps and her heart kicks into overdrive. She tries to open her eyes but the crusted, dried saliva makes it difficult. In the blurry light that comes through as she struggles to open her eyes, she sees a human figure. For a moment, there is hope, then confusion when she realizes the figure is pulling off her shirt. She pulls away but muscles are too weak for any effect.

Abby manages to part her lips. “No,” she whispers.

Ben freezes. He hears her and he sees her slowly shake her head. She is trying to resist but he has finally got both her arms free. He stands up, still looking down at her, wondering what he should do. His view, however, is blocked by a giant tongue. Sky slurps up Ben’s face, turning it to face her. She rests her lips on his nose for a second, then drops her head and scoops the boy’s semi hard cock back into her mouth.

Abby manages to open her eyes and is blinded by the daylight. Once the brightness is adjusted, Ben comes into focus. She can’t believer her eyes. Ben stands above her, shirt on, but no pants. His arms dangle at his sides and he looks in awe as Sky, the vicious horse that had just tried to eat her, sucks, tugs, and licks on his cock. She’s can’t process all of this, its just been too much. Basic motor function returns and fight or flight sets in. She props herself up on her elbows and weakly kicks one leg, then the other, trying to scoot out from underneath the horse and the boy. She spreads her palms on the ground to help push and she finds her fingers hard to spread apart as the drying saliva holds them together.

—Second Try—

Sky is enjoying tasting this boy’s cock once more. She enjoys scooping his semi hard cock and balls into her mouth and licking them until he stiffens. She enjoys how she can control the boy with just a flick of her tongue. She may be lost in her pleasuring but her ears are always on a swivel. The sound of skin on dirt catches her attention. She bobs her head down, causing the boy’s cock to slip out with an audible slurp and pop. He’s left teetering back and forth, lost in his own bliss.

Sky throws one hoof to the other side of her prey, towering over it, ending chances of escape.

Abby’s struggles to escape become more frantic. She begs softly “please, no, please don’t eat me.” Tears begin to form. She shrieks and tires to pull back as Sky brings her mouth down to Abby’s abdomen. Sky’s huge tongue slurps up the girls, now exposed, taught abdomen. “No, No, No,” is all she can say as she tries to weakly push away the horse’s snout.

Sky licks up her abdomen, over her chest, slurps on her neck, and stops at her face. As Abby protests, the horse drives her tongue down into the girl’s open mouth.

Abby sputters but is unable to close her mouth as the hot, slick muscle drives down to the back of her throat. She nearly gives up, her arms drop to the ground and she simply looks up and away from the predator violating her mouth, deep throating her with a massive tongue, as she nearly chokes on it.

Ben’s mouth is wide open. He breathes heavy watching the scene unfold. He takes deep pleasure in watching the massive tongue disappear into the girl’s mouth. He loves how her head rocks side to side with each assault of the tongue and he enjoys watching her neck tense when the tongue prods at the girl’s throat. She’s being completely dominated by this seemingly gentle beast. He feels bad when he notices the tears pouring out of her eyes as she averts her gaze. But the feeling bad lasts only a second as Sky decides to let her massive tongue explore the rest of her prey’s face. The huge pink member smushes over the girl’s eyes and over the sides over her face, slurping up her salty tears. One final “please” is all he hears from her before he sees Sky turn her head, open wide, and take the girl, face first once again, into her maw.

Sky lifts her prey’s head off the ground. Bits of brown dirt stick to her matted brown hair as she’s pulled upwards. Sky simply lifts the girl to where she is seated upright. Its a strange scene, seeing a half naked girl seated upright under a giant horse with her head disappearing into its maw. With the girl upright, she has a straight path up into the horse’s mouth. Sky plunges downward. She twists her head, causing a huge bulge on one side of her mouth as she tries to slip in her prey’s left shoulder. It goes easier this time. She gets the left in, then slips in the right. Confident she will be able to swallow her prey this time, she moves quickly. Plunging her head down until her bottom lip meets Abby’s petite waist.

The second her head meets the horse’s throat, Abby begins to panic again. Her upper arms are pinned but she’s able to swing her arms from the elbows down. She tries to reach outwards to make herself to wide to swallow and she screams with all of her might.

Ben hears her muffled screams but is too busy admiring the shape she makes in the horse’s gullet.

Sky takes no head of Abby’s attempts to resist. She picks her head up, gripping her prey strongly between her teeth. As she lifts high, Abby violently kicks her legs. Unfortunately for her, the rocking caused by her kicking helps her hips slip between Sky’s lips. Sky has been here before: she has always found the upper half of her prey to be the most difficult. With this young girl’s waist in her mouth, she knows there are no more chances for escape and she takes an opportunity to rest.

She looks around and sees the human boy still standing, watching her feed. The boy admires the way the girl still vigorously kicks as she swings like a rag doll from the horse’s mouth. The sight of Abby’s bare ass sticking out of the mouth turns him on even more and he begins to wish he had fucked her before he fed her to this horse.

Sky takes deep breaths, preparing herself for the last few big swallows. While she does this, she idly tastes her prey with her drooling tongue. She tastes the last bit of fabric left on her body. The texture is strange so she explores it a bit with her tongue. Eventually, she reaches a spot with a tangy flavor. She shifts her head, slipping her prey just a bit further inside so that she can better slurp between her legs. The curious horse is surprised that more prodding of this spot makes her prey twitch.

Abby’s screams were becoming less frequent in the few moments since she stopped being swallowed. She kicked intermittently but wasn’t sure why she was no longer moving. She jumped though, in an attempt to pull away, when she felt the tongue of the horse press over her panties. There was no where to go. She kicked again but was only dragged further inside the hot, tight confines. She felt the tongue again and expected another swallow, but the swallow never came. Just another lick, and another lick. In short order, the heat from Sky’s tongue penetrated the thin fabric separating her sex from this horse. To her dismay, she began to get wet both from a combination of the drenching saliva and the movement of her own sexual juices.

She felt sick to her stomach. She was swallowed, spat out, violated by kissing, swallowed again, and now she was being molested and worst yet, she was beginning to enjoy it. How, she thought, could this feel good? She kicked and kicked but desire is a powerful thing. Her kicking weakened. She wanted it to stop but, at the same time, the pressure, heat, motion, and wetness of the tongue against her sensitive privates was starting a fire within her.

Sky took note of the reaction. She was confused that this human did not have the same equipment as her other human friend has but, she found that the touch of her tongue elicited a similar reaction. She prodded some more, investigating the taste and the extent of her power. Eventually, she found the edge of the fabric and her tongue managed to slip it aside.

Abby is yelling for the horse to stop when electricity fires through her body. Against her will, her legs pop just a little wider open and a moan slips from her lips. She clenches her fists against another wave of pleasure as the heavy tongue slides along just one side of her half exposed pussy. She wants this to stop but at the same time, she finds herself wishing she didn’t have panties on.

Her hands continue to claw around outside the maw of this horse but, with them pinned to her sides, theyre not much help. Ben watches this and sees her buck as Sky continues to poke, prod, and slurp with her tongue.

Abby is fighting with herself to struggle against this horse without succumbing to the pleasure. Its almost as if half of her body is reacting without her. Her right hand reaches about, trying to grab at the horse’s lips creeping down her wrist while her left hand reaches up her thigh. She manages to hook the top of her panties with her thumb and gives them a tug downward. Feeling the fabric move, Sky wastes no time drawing her tongue out from between the girl’s legs, then sliding it down her abdomen, underneath the lowered panties, and back between her legs. Torn by her own feelings, Abby cries out wondering why she couldn’t help but let a horse eat her tongue pussy.

Sky explores the new area, enjoying the flavor and the feeling of soft stubble growing out of the young girl’s privets. She spends considerable time tasting and slurping on her.

Inside the steaming hot throat, Abby’s cries turn to moans. She weakens and gives into the pleasure. Kicks turn into rhythmic pumping of her crotch against the assaulting tongue. Her whole body convulses with the fiery pleasure of being trapped, dominated, swallowed and pleasured. she can’t stand it. Her moans become louder. Ben can hear them outside and he immediately wishes he was inside the horses mouth. He comes up to Sky and begins feeling the shape of Abby’s body within. He can feel her convulsions pushing against the strong muscles of the horse.

As Abby approaches climax, Sky decides to make her move. She kicks her head up repeatedly, with big, powerful gulps. Abby’s small form quickly slips into her mouth.

Abby screams out, not in fear, but in pleasure, as her exposed pussy is slid along the hot tongue, reaching the hotter and rougher textures closer to the horse’s throat. She squirts as her clit as stimulated by the movement. An electric shiver fires through her body down her legs and into her toes, up her arms and into her fingertips, there is an explosion of pleasure. She’s moaning as her head pushes through the tightly sealed opening of the stomach. Her nostrils fill with the stench of warm hay adding to the illustrious yet strange pleasure of the event. She lands face down in the warm mush and slides against it. Mushy hay and oats cling to her face as she is pushed along the bottom of the stomach.

Ben is in a stupor as he watches the final stages of Abby’s life. He gawks at the kicking then sudden stiffening of her legs as she screams in climax. The muffled sounds of screaming fade as her head moves deeper. He watches as the lumps within Sky’s mouth and neck progress quickly toward her massive body.

Sky works vigorously with her head held high to swallow the girl and the juices flowing from her pussy. As the small feet enter her mouth, she pauses for a moment, attempting to slurp and taste on them one final time. She tries to bring her her head down for a break but finds that her prey’s legs do not bend that way and so, with another few thrusts of her head upwards, she finishes her meal.

Abby still squirms with pleasure but she is uniquely aware that her once cold feet are now enveloped in warmth. The slick, hot tongue of the horse momentarily parts her toes and she slurps on her legs like spaghetti. Its at that moment the fear and panic returns and overcomes her intense orgasmic feelings. The second her hands are free from the base of the esophagus she swings them ahead of her. She finds the wall of the stomach and begins pushing against it as she cries out.

She is uncomfortably bent as she feels her feet finally enter the tight embrace of the throat. She is powerless against the tight, rhythmic contractions of the esophagus, pushing her legs to join the rest of her as a tasty morsel. As she is pushed in, she begins to bend backward so she rolls herself, allowing the muscular throat to push her feet in, leaving her in the fetal position in the stomach. She fights back with all of her might, pushing at the thick walls of the stomach, hoping to be let out. She crawls around in the mush, pushing her body around, trying to make the horse uncomfortable but then her whole world shakes and she becomes dizzy and disoriented in the darkness. She reasons that the horse must be moving around to shift her within the stomach.

The movement around her and contractions of the stomach rub her the right way and another shiver of pleasure shoots through her. She begins to cry. She wonders to herself why she let herself get into this situation. She hates herself for letting the licks of this horse make her orgasm. She hates that she let the horse lick her face so often in the first place. She would have never been swallowed had she not let him do that. She cries, and cries in the dark confines.

— —

Ben stands completely naked at the side of the horse. His hands trace down Sky’s neck and onto her broad, bloated stomach. He presses in, feeling Abby’s body within. To his surprise, Sky jumps, and shakes her neck and her body, then prances around. With this, bulges in her stomach shift, and he reasons she was just shifting her meal. He resumes to gently tracing her massive side, wondering what it must be like inside the horse.

He looks up at the horse who is licking her lips, flicking massive strands of saliva about. Then he looks to her flank. She is a little tall for him. He looks down at his aching, rock hard cock. “Hey girl,” he clicks his tongue.

Sky turns and looks at the boy. He grabs his dick with his right hand, still resting his left on her flank. She cranes her head around and slurps the boy’s bare chest. Her broad tongue leaves a massive trail of saliva behind. She slurps up to his neck.

Ben takes his hand off of her flank and holds the sides of her snout as he slurps his neck, and then his face and head. Her massive tongue forces him to close his eyes as it wetly smacks against him. He moans at the feeling and the smell of her sweet breath mixed with the odor of perfume and something more sharp. He lets her lick his face, coating him with a good layer of saliva, before he guides her nose down to his cock. She eagerly scoops the engorged member into her maw time after time. Slurping it in, letting it slip from her tongue back to her teeth, then slipping back to her lips, and out with a pop. She does this continually as what seems like gallons of saliva and the remainder of Abby’s sexual juices drip out, soaking his bare legs.

He grips her mane and begins pumping his hips as he quickly nears climax. He imagines that Sky is about to swallow him next and he’ll soon be squeezed into a tight, hot throat and forced down on top of Abby where they would digest together. With that thought and just a few more broad slurps and sucks and he fires his load into her maw. She curiously laps at the first shot, then closes her lips around his dick. She squeezes as it pulses causing Ben to shake with intense pleasure.

The movement around her has stopped for the moment but she continues to cry quietly, occasionally building the strength to strike the side of her mushy captivity. She realizes that the mush has become deeper and her body is getting wet. Digestive juices have begun oozing from the walls of the stomach to break down her body into useful nutrients. She sobs, thinking of all she has done and all she hasn’t done.

Her thoughts are interrupted when she feels something else drip onto her arm which has now become positioned near the muscular opening of the stomach. A smell she remembered from weeks ago with a boy outside school tells her what it is. She realizes ben has just finished into Sky’s mouth and she has swallowed his cum. She turns her head away, tears still flowing, wondering how another person has just let her die. She screams out and tries to kick at the walls but her space has become smaller and more confining. Her skin is starting to feel warm and rubbery, almost uncomfortable but, she also finds her hand has found its way between her legs.

With nothing else to do, no hope for escape or survival, she begins playing with herself. She cries, still wondering why she has no control, not of her fate, not of her own body. She is terrified, yet thoughts of the hot tongue and her pussy lips fill her head. The domination and the heat surrounding her his driving her wild. She is nothing but food and she finds a strange pleasure in it amongst the sheer terror. Her finger circles her clit as some of the digestive juices mixed with hay, and oats, and boy’s cum, begin flowing into her. The acid against the mucus membranes inside her tingles at first with pleasure. She writhes and moans.

— —

Ben’s orgasm fades and he begins to come to his senses. He gently pulls back on his dick. Sky, who had been lazily and gently, chewing his dick between her lips and tongue, slowly releases it and lifts her head up. He puts his hand up to her snout and she lets her tongue slip out, slop onto his wrist, and slurp up to his palm over, and over, while he surveys the scene.

He looks around. He sees his pants on the gate to his right, his shoes on the ground beneath, his shirt on the ground a little closer to him, and another pile of clothes. A pair of skinny jeans and a soaked flannel button up lie in the dirt next to the horse. He looks up at the horse’s engorged belly, still twitching and swinging. He can here screams and he’s not sure if theyre pleasure or pain, but either way, he suddenly becomes scared.

Ben looks around frantically, his heart is racing. He is wondering if that really just happened, and did anyone see? Did anyone see him getting sucked by the horse for that matter? He suddenly feels the need to flee. He doesn’t want to be caught naked with a horse with a dead girl inside. He can’t even imagine what would happen. So he quickly gathers his shirt and slips it on as he runs over to the gate. He glances back at the pile of Abby’s clothes laying in the dirt. He considers going to grab them but he is in too much of a hurried panic. He grabs his trousers and bends over, putting one leg in, and then the other. Before he is able to pull them up, he is greeted by a hot tongue running up his ass. He turns around and is not surprised to see Sky standing behind him. He is too scared to move as she presses her snout back to his crotch and licks at his still exposed cock and balls.

“No, stop,” he pushes away at her snout and tries to pull up his pants. She keeps licking though, slurping his dick into her lips and teasing him relentlessly. The same feelings of pleasure and terror that Abby had rip through his body. But he is able to overcome and finally button up his pants. Sky slobbers over his crotch, hoping for more. Then she licks again at his shirt and his face. But Ben pushes away and climbs over the gate. He looks around again, praying that no one is there, then he slips on his shoes.

He looks back at the engorged horse who standing, looking sad, with her head over the gate. He reconsiders jumping the gate to grab the girl’s clothes but he doesn’t know what he would do with them. So instead he takes off. He starts a run but, as he comes around the side of the building, he sees a car still parked next to the stable building. He nearly has a heart attack as he realizes he was completely naked, in the open, with a horse swallowing a female worker, when another worker was preset. But he tries to stay cool. He lowers his head and walks quickly past the building to the parking lot where he left his bike.

Liz looks out the window of her office at the perfect time to see this boy walking through the grass towards the lot. She gets a good look at him as he goes by. She is a little panicked at first, wondering what he may have seen if Sky did in fact try to eat Abby today. But, then she notices the damp, matted hair on the boy and the wet marks on his shirt and the crotch of his pants. Liz shudders. She imagines a scene right off of the stories she read online where a predator sexually gratifies its prey. She watches the boy walk by, then turns her gaze to the corral building. She doesn’t see Sky or Abby. She begins to get excited, thinking her horse may have actually swallowed the girl, but, at the same time she is a little worried she just lost a friend.

— —

Abby has no concept of the passage of time. Trapped in the hot, confining embrace of the horse’s gullet, she has nothing to do but be broken down into a nutritious soup. The acids pouring inside of her while she imagined the pleasure of being licked again are driving her wild. The build up to orgasm takes forever. She finds herself riding on the edge of orgasming for what seems like ages. Soon, a burning pain joins the pleasure all around her. Its not overpowering, just a hot tingle as he skin is finally breaking away. She begins to finally climax. The flexing over her vagina draws more mushy oats and acid into her and the stinging leaves her convulsing in mid climax for seemingly hours. For the rest of her life, fire shoots through her, seemingly exploding from every part of her body. She screams and moans at the top of her lungs in pain and pleasure. Confused neurons fire rapidly as they are starved of oxygen in the hot, humid space, extending the perceived length of her explosive experience. In that moment, she’s aware of the pleasure, yet also aware of her suffering. Images of the horse eating her out flash before her eyes along with images from outside the horse showing the lumps her body makes. She’s terrified of her impending death yet also finds pleasure in that she will be used to provide energy for this massive being who has dominated her completely. She is nothing but food. Her life has been to provide nourishment for another.

— —

Fifteen minutes go by and Liz can’t take it any more. She’s antsy and pacing and getting wet at the thoughts of what went on, or is going on at the corral. She doesn’t want to jinx anything by going over there. She is worried that maybe Abby hasn’t been eaten but is about to be and showing up would ruin that. She doesn’t want to influence what happens or doesn’t happen. But she can’t stand to wait another minute. She heads out the door and hurries over to the corral building. She glances around, making sure that the weird boy has left, then continues.

Liz slows as she reaches the building. If Abby is still alive, she doesn’t want her to suspect anything weird. She walks around the corner real casual and calls out, “Hey, Abby, whats taking so long,” in case she’s still there. Her jaw drops open when she finally sees it. Sky is slowly pacing in circles inside the building. Her stomach hangs low and swings wide. On the ground near the wall is the salt block and right nearby, are a pile of clothes and a pair of boots.

“Abby, are you in here?” she calls out again, just to be safe.

Sky comes to the gate and Liz opens it and walks in to great her. Instead of the usual nudges, she is greeted with a barrage of kisses. She lets the massive equine lick her face a little bit. On her breath, Liz makes out the subtle notes of Abby’s perfume, along with the overwhelming stench of cum.

“Oh my god silly,” she laughs as she pushes the horses snout down and away, “I hope you at least kissed Abby that much.” She is ecstatic. Her massive horse was able to swallow a whole human, presumably alive. She is thrilled to find out if, in fact, Abby is still alive. With a smile on her face, she rubs down her horses neck and onto her belly. She scratches Sky’s sweet spot, making her whinny in delight, before pressing into the heavy bulge. The bulge presses back and Liz shivers in delight.

“Oh, I wish I could’ve seen it! I wish I was here! I hope she taste good,” she talks to her horse and lays her head down on her side.

She can just barely make out screaming or moaning inside along with the gurgling sounds of a difficult digestion and her hips begin humping in response. She stops for a moment, thinking about how she just killed this young girl and she is relishing in the thought of her slow demise. But thoughts of how long it will be before Abby dies take over.

Liz knows that after Sky’s fasting, her digestion will be slow. The massive lump in her stomach probably wont move for a least another day before Abby’s body is broken down enough to be passed into the horse’s intestines. She figures without air, though, the girl will succumb long before then. She returns to her horse’s front and lets the beast lick her face and exposed arms some more. She doesn’t want to leave. She wants to stay in that building and let her horse lick her all night while she digests that young girl but eventually, she’s got to go home.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby JustSomePrey » Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:09 am

You know what would be interesting/funny, a non fatal ending. It would be quite interesting to see each character's reaction, especially Sky and Abby's, if she made it all the way to the back door. Ben would probably be first in line to get eaten after that too.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby rugli » Sun Mar 26, 2017 10:56 am

JustSomePrey wrote:You know what would be interesting/funny, a non fatal ending. It would be quite interesting to see each character's reaction, especially Sky and Abby's, if she made it all the way to the back door. Ben would probably be first in line to get eaten after that too.

This :gulp:
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby lovesdogs24 » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:51 am

That's an interesting suggestion. I'm trying to figure out how I can save Abby's life and have her passed through the horse. I may write an alternative second installment. As of right now, The next story begins with Ben going home to his Great Pyrenees dog who eagerly sucks him off while he imagines Abby being digested. Meanwhile, Abby is turned to a nutritious soup and passed through the horse. I then plan on having Liz catch Ben with the horse and the two develop a special relationship to keep the hungry horse fed.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby JustSomePrey » Thu Mar 30, 2017 11:32 pm

I can think of a few ways that could be considered "realistic" even though this is fantasy and one could really say anything. First way is that Abby either irritates Sky's stomach or that she's over filled it, see horses can't burp or vomit so when their stomach is over two thirds full or irritated the contents can't go back up so instead it gets pushed on through the horse at an accelerated rate. In this case you could make it more interesting and have Abby trapped in Sky's rump, as she's never passed something that large and isn't about to birth a foal, then Liz and Ben would have to bring her food, water, and keep her company, which from what you've written so far would make them pretty happy and of course Sky who now has something wriggling in her rump trapped there by her pelvis. Two would be that it turns out Sky hasn't actually digested any of her catches, she just loves feeling them squirm inside her, and keeps them alive by swallowing large amounts of air in combination with her mainly herbivorous digestive system not being strong enough to break down food that hasn't been chewed to mush.
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby rugli » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:04 pm

I would like to suggest in addion when when they learn that Abby's save inside Sky's belly they (Liz and Ben) both feed themselves to Sky. :gulp: :-D
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby CloningBacon » Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:43 pm

I prefer the fatal scenario followed by OP's ideas above. Love this!
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Re: A Horse Named Sky (Horse/human female)

Postby Kabei » Wed May 17, 2017 10:28 pm

Is there going to be an update to this Lovesdogs24? It's quite good.
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