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Teacher Stories

Postby anonymousexperiment » Mon Nov 26, 2018 6:40 pm

Going to upload some stories of mine that were deleted from my gallery, as a temporary way to access them on my phone

Vacation Part I
Spoiler: show
Day 1
Miss Martin had been waiting all year for this vacation. It cost a fortune, but she could certainly afford it. She looked at the brochure as she walked into the resort. "Amazon Retreats: Dine to your heart's content!" On it was an image of an enormous woman lounging by a pool, devouring a helpless young woman. Of course, preferences were catered to, and Miss Martin would be receiving a supply of young, chubby boys instead. Normally, at home she would eat anywhere from 5-10 children a day, but here she would have ten per meal, so 30 per day. Including her welcome feast, that meant 440 boys over her two week stay! Even now, she felt her nether regions moisten as she imagined over 400 delicious boys passing down her gullet, through her digestive system, and adding layers of fat onto her shapely figure.

Each guest had their own private building, and hers was right by the beach, surrounded by palm trees. She entered the oversized, luxurious building and looked around as she unpacked her suitcase of stylish dresses and swimsuits. There was a large bedroom with an Amazon-sized silk bed, a bathroom with a marble tub big enough for her to be half-submerged in it, a living room with a sofa and television, and a kitchen, around the corner. She hadn't been into the kitchen yet but she heard a muffled squeal and paused unpacking her bags. Entering the kitchen, she saw a 10 foot wide silver platter on the floor, and piled upon it, with their hands and feet tied and a gag around their mouth, were 20 chubby young boys in nothing but briefs. When they saw her enter, all of them began crying in fear, but it was muffled to a cute squeak by their cloth gags. Miss Martin grinned hungrily at the squirming pile of meat, and her stomach growled loudly.

*GROAAN* Her digestive organs cried out for food as she bent down to grab the folded paper note at the edge of the platter. It read:
"Welcome to Amazon Retreats! To start off your vacation, here are 20 young boys, fattened up to perfection just for you! They are gagged and bound with digestible cloth, but feel free to release them and have as much fun as you want with them! Even if one were able to climb the tall fence surrounding your room (unlikely, because they have not been allowed to exercise in order to develop soft, tender muscles) our resort staff can quickly track them down and return them. Maid service will come at 1:00 daily to clean any messes, and room service will deliver another platter of 10 boys at 9:30 for breakfast, 12:30 for lunch, and 6:30 for dinner. If you have any other requests, press the operator button on the bedside phone. Enjoy your stay!"

The hungry teacher set down the note and walked around the platter of boys, licking her lips and trying to choose a first victim, as they tried to avoid eye contact and whimpered with fear. She chose a boy on the top of the pile, chubby with a round bottom and short brown hair. Gently she lifted him off with one hand and sat herself backwards onto the floor, placing him on her belly. He was shaking with fear, staring right at her hungry glare when she removed his gag.

"Hello, what's your name, boy?" the woman asked.
"P-please ma'am I just want to go home-"
*WHACK!* A loud slap rang across the room and the boy looked down with a red hand mark on his cheek.
"When an adult asks you a question, answer it. Don't you have any manners?"
"B-b-billy." he said, terrified.
"Thank you Billy. Now, tell me you can't wait to be my food, and you can't wait to be digested and become part of my big soft body."
Billy stared in awe and shock, but not having any other options, he slowly spoke, "I can't wait for you to eat me miss and m-make me part of your big squishy bo-body..."

"There, was that so hard? Well, time to satisfy your wish now!"
Billy wanted to scream when he felt the two giant hands grab his shoulders and lift him up to the drooling, gaping jaws, but he could just let out a squeak before his head was shoved in and the lips closed on his neck. Greedily, the woman slurped the squirming little boy, saliva dripping down his body as she pulled him into her mouth. She only slowed down to pull down his underwear and stroke his round bottom with her tongue, but quickly resumed shoving the boy into her gullet.

Inside, the Billy was sobbing as his face was shoved down into her throat and his shoulders gently gnawed on by her back teeth. He nearly choked on saliva dripping everywhere but, unfortunately for him, her insides were airy enough for him to not suffocate. He felt his penis swell, but barely thought about it as his entire body fought for survival, merely amounting to a weak squirm. He felt the slimy tongue on his bottom, then a jolt and his whole body began sliding down her throat.

Tilting her head back, Miss Martin gulped hard and soon the wiggling little feet slipped past her lips. She closed her eyes and swallowed, sending the boy whos lower legs were still resting on her tongue down into digestive oblivion. Inside, Billy's head poked into the stomach cavity, giving him a moment to breathe before the rest of him was squeezed down and balled up in the slimy walls, in a pool of bile and mushy bits of god knows what.

Back outside, the teacher smiled, feeling the squirming ball of meat inside her belly, but didn't pause to savor the feeling. Her instincts began to kick in, and she quickly lunged forward, grabbing another boy. She didn't bother to chat with this one, and immediately lifted him high so she could lower his feet into her throat. In one smooth motion, she reached a hand to press on his head and shoved him inside of her body, like a peg smoothly sliding into a hole, except the peg was writhing and crying desperately. The rest of the boys watched in horror, some averting their eyes, as she pressed his head down into her mouth, wide open upwards, and paused to give him one last glimpse of sunlight framed by her lips. Then in one gulp, they saw the bulge in her throat slide down into her belly. and she closed her mouth, tilting her head back down. Her belly now squirmed with two boys, one running out of strength already, inside the fleshy cavity.

*UUUUUURRRRPPPPPPPP* She belched loudly, a piece of cloth from a binding flying out of her mouth and landing on the pile, slimy with saliva. Without hesitation, she leaned forwards and grabbed the next boy.

30 minutes later

The woman sat, nearly immobile, stuffed with 16 young boys. Her stomach was almost as large as the entire rest of her body combined, a swirling, half-liquid mass of digesting meat and the most recent several boys still fighting, trying to breathe the air pocket left and floating above the pool of gooey semi-liquefied boys. Momentarily, a boy's wet face poked out of her mouth, her insides so stuffed he could squirm up her throat with the last of his strength.

"HELP! PLEA-" Rapidly he was gulped back down into the digestive hell below, sinking to the bottom and dissolving.
More bubbles of oxygen floated to the surface as boys who were pulled to the bottom of the hot vortex had their lungs burst from the pressure. Usually Miss Martin loved to keep the air bubbles inside so her prey kept massaging her, but she was so full she could barely hold down her gas. *UUUUUURRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" Two pairs of slimy underwear and a small bone flew out of her mouth, and the movement quickly faded as the last few boys sunk deeper into the acidic bile. She had never had this many children inside her at once. She wanted so badly to finish the last few boys, but she wasn't sure if she could even keep them down. She still wanted them inside of her. Thinking as her belly gurgled and groaned, she thought of an idea.

Rolling to reach over her belly, she untied one of the boys and removed his gag. "You... *puff* Untie two other boys. I want to do something fun." Hesitantly, the boy untied two others and removed their gags.
"Now, help me up, and follow me. No funny business, or I'll just roll over and crush you." The boys were quiet and hesitant, but slowly stood up and began pushing on her sweaty soft flesh to try and help her stand. Their combined strength amounted to little, but after some effort, the overstuffed woman stood up, leaning on a wall to support her weight. "Now follow me. You-" she pointed to the boy still on the platter "-I'll be back to have some fun with you later." Waddling and holding her belly, she went to the bedroom, the three terrified boys following slowly.

Once they arrived, they stood staring at her enormous body. She was wearing nothing but thin black leggings, nearly ripping from the rolling fat of her thighs and rear end, transparent enough to see her moist nether regions, and an equally thin white blouse which only partially covered her nipples and did not even cover a fraction of her belly. Reaching down, she lifted one blond boy and placed him on the bed, sitting. "Now close your eyes..."

The boy obeyed, hoping she would not eat him. Pulling down her legging, she leaned backwards and spread her elephantine buttocks. The boys stared silently, too scared to say anything, as she plopped backwards and landed on the boy, wedging his entire upper body into her anus. Giggling, she tensed her muscles and sucked the rest of him inside. Her anal muscles were already strong and flexible from holding in several hundred pounds of digested children daily, and even though she would not be able to digest him, she could easily suck him into her colon. She reached forward and grabbed one other boy, sliding him feet-first into her backside. He got to face the fresh air one last time as he was neck-deep in her rear, his face poking out of her anus.
"Please... I don't want to die like this. Please please ple-" He was cut off as she tensed her muscles and sucked him inside. Smiling with glee, she still felt the two boys writhing and squirming inside her intestines. Now she could have some fun before they suffocated. She could simply dispose of them with the rest of the boys on the toilet later.

"Now, for the most important job. You are going to pleasure me." She removed the rest of her sweaty clothes and grabbed the petrified remaining boy. "Have you ever been inside a woman before? Here's your chance..." She spread her legs and slid his feet into her vagina, shaking with pleasure as she slid him up inside of her, but stopped once his head remained, facing her clitoris. "Now, make me come, before the other two stop wiggling. If you can, maybe I'll let you go."

She laid down on her side on the bed. The boy was neck deep in her vagina, his feet in her uterus, being nearly crushed by slimy tensing muscles. Desperately wanting to survive, he tried licking the large clitoris, then just slamming his head into it. He started sobbing as he slammed his head into her spot, her hips bucking with excitement. After several minutes of exhaustion, she began to climax.

Loudly moaning, she tensed up, her juices flowing. As she climaxed, she tensed so hard that all the liquefied meat in her stomach compressed, crunching the last remaining bones and pressing some of the chyme into her intestines. In the other end of her tract, the two boys still writhing for air in her large intestine were crushed completely by her muscles, and the boy in her vagina was sucked upwards into her uterus. In an instant, two lives were snuffed out, and a third still weakly twitching inside her lady parts.

"Sighhhh." Miss Martin laid down on her back, the sheets soaking with her juices and sweat, and closed her eyes. She was so full she could barely move, and so exhausted her muscles felt like jelly. It was time for her digestive system to process what remained of the 16 boys she ate. Her water balloon gut made a continuous slurping sound as the liquid chyme drained into her intestines. She dozed off into an afternoon nap still feeling the one still breathing boy inside her uterus. She felt satisfied with her first of many meals to come during this well-deserved vacation.

Spoiler: show
Miss Martin rolled over in bed, her car-sized belly sloshing as it shifted weight. All 23 boys she had eaten the previous day were completely dissolved and their liquid remains were being absorbed by her intestines. Most people, when they eat too much, feel very nauseous and unpleasant. For amazons, however, feeling their bloated guts full of food makes them feel blissful and relaxed. As she rolled over, she remembered her toys. She had been too full after her lunch to finish her dinner, and fell asleep with a few uneaten boys as cushions. One was easy to find, as his arms were sticking out of her cleavage. She plucked the boy out as she slowly stood up from bed, her massive belly hitting the floor.

Dangling him by the arms, she asked him "How did you sleep?" He was covered in (her) sweat and terrified, looking like he had not slept a minute. She did not wait for a response before tossing him onto the bed, letting his limp body sink into the sweat and cum-soaked sheets. "Now where did the other one go?" She scratched her head before noticing a tickling sensation and reached back, plucking the other boy out of her butt crack. He had been completely enveloped between her naked cheeks. "Ahh, there you are. Now stay put and don't cause any trouble, sweeties. I'm just going to powder my nose and then we can have some FUN!" She turned around, still naked, and went into the bathroom.

The boy who had been in her cleavage sat up and rubbed his head, dizzy from lack of air, and the other boy curled into a ball on the damp sheets, traumatized from being in her backside all night, while she disposed of the other 23 boys she had eaten into the toilet. They both tried not to listen to the sounds coming from the bathroom. 10 minutes later, she emerged wearing a bathrobe. Her belly was noticably smaller, but still the robe fit as barely a vest, not even covering her breasts.

"Good morning, boys. Ready for another day of fun? Breakfast isn't coming for another hour, so follow me!" She walked past them out of the bedroom. Scared to disobey, they scurried after her. In the kitchen was the one remaining boy from her lunch yesterday, still tied up and nearly unconscious from dehydration. "Oh dear, I forgot about you after I had dinner in bed! Boys, untie him. I'm going to need some helpers to-wait a second. Weren't there three of you from dinner?"

She looked around and the boys stared at each other nervously. Angrily, she stomped outside, her footsteps shaking the building. There, trying to climb the wall surrounding her building, was one of the boys. He screamed when he saw her and started to slip. He landed face down on the ground and Miss Martin rested her foot on top of him, careful not to put her full weight and crush him.

"I know it's overwhelming, becoming part of a big beautiful body like mine, but it's part of life, and you have to accept it! You can't just run away from it.." The boy weakly cried, tears running down his face, "I don't want to be eaten! Please! I want to live!" Disappointedly, the amazon reached down and lifted the boy up by the head. The other three boys were watching from the doorway.

"I want to save my appetite, but I can't have you causing trouble. I know!" The three boys stared nervously, watching as she lowered the paralyzed boy in her hands to behind her. He opened his mouth to scream but couldn't make a sound before his face was swallowed by her backside. She pushed his helpless body up inside of her until only his feet poked out of her hole, and then flexed, sucking them in too. "It's a waste of food, but it feels so good!" She muttered to herself. The boys watching weren't sure if it would feel worse to suffocate in her intestines or to dissolve in her stomach, but either way, they knew to not try and resist her will.

She turned to the three petrified boys, quivering slightly from the pleasure of her internal massage. "You three, come here." They did, standing before her and staring in awe at her enormous, 14-foot-tall body weighing more than an elephant. Already she had put on weight from the over 2,000 pounds of boy-meat she had eaten yesterday, her hyper-efficient metabolism sending most of the energy directly to her belly, hips, and breasts.

"I want two helpers to feed me breakfast, but I only need two. The third one will be an appetizer, understand?" They nodded hesitantly. "So I thought of a little contest. Remove your underwear." Two of the boys immediately dropped their briefs, looking away shyly from the woman hungrily sizing up their nude bodies. The third, the blonde boy who had spent the night in her butt crack, hesitated for a moment, until her glare made him drop the underwear to his ankles.

"Now, once I say go, all of you are going to masturbate. Whoever cums last will go in my belly. And no looking away from me. Understood?" All three anxiously looked at their penises. The blonde boy, Timmy, had only masturbated once before. The brunette who had spent all night in her cleavage, Henry, had masturbated many times before but was scared that he wouldn't be able to because of his disgust. The redhead who had been tied up all night, Jacob, had never before and did not know how to.

Miss Martin stared at the three boys and licked her lips. She knew that obviously they were all infatuated by her, and this would be easy for them. But of course the least energetic would be of less use to her, so he deserved to become nutrients first. To make things easier for them, she kneeled down and leaned forward, her huge belly protruding right in front of them. It was enormous despite being empty, and her stomach muscles rumbled excitedly at the thought of a snack, secreting digestive enzymes and powerful acids. She knew the boys were thinking they couldn't wait to end up in that belly.

*GRRROOOOOAAAANNNNNNNNN* "Hear that boys? My belly can't for one of you to join it! Ready...set...GO!"

Timmy stared at the huge, bloated gut right in front of his face. It made him want to cry and throw up, thinking about how it was only so big because of countless boys like him dying inside her sticky guts. He was too scared to look away though. He touched his member and stroked it gently, completely limp. Trying to get hard, he thought about that nice teacher with the big bosom who had helped him with his math once.

Henry looked at the huge, groaning stomach too and tried to think about something else. He thought about the playboy magazines he had stolen from his uncle and managed to get a little hard. He stroked as fast as he could, but then he remembered the sound last night of bubbling flesh and bones cracking when he was pressed against her belly, and the muted cries from inside. He went limp immediately.

Jacob meanwhile was having a very different experience. As soon as he had taken off his briefs and felt the hungry glare of the giant woman on him, he had realized he was erect. He didn't know why, but the feeling of this big, powerful woman wanting to gobble him up made him excited as well as scared. He didn't want to die, but he wasn't disgusted like the other boys. Immitating them, he started stroking his member and felt it pulsate. Almost instinctually, he stumbled forward and hugged the huge belly, made of thousands of digested children. He felt his blood pumping. Her huge navel was at the level just above his waist, and he slowly inserted his penis into it and started humping her belly. The other boys were shocked, but Miss Martin didn't seem to mind, staring down smiling. He kept thrusting into the folded fat until he closed his eyes and relaxed, cumming onto her stomach. He collapsed of exhaustion leaning forward onto her fat gut.

Timmy almost went limp seeing the whole affair, but quickly thought about his teacher and kept going. Henry saw this and desperately tried to keep up, but he could not even stay hard with the huge groaning belly before him. When Timmy managed to spurt out some cum onto the ground, Henry let out a cry of despair.

"No, no, please please just give me another chance-" he stammered as she slowly reached forwards and grabbed him with one hand.

"I'm sorry but you lost fair and square" the amazon said sternly. Henry tried to wriggle out of the iron grip in the big flabby fingers around his torso but couldn't. He closed his eyes and wimpered as he was brought up to her jaws and he saw the giant slimy black abyss framed by soft pink flesh and white teeth. He shut his eyes as hard as he could, feeling slimy warm flesh caress his whole upper body, creeping down his legs until every inch of him was covered in sticky saliva. He felt tight muscles squeeze his head and shoulder downwards, then the rest of him, and felt dizzy from being upside down in a hot damp tube of flesh. Then he felt a wave of hot, acidic air as he was squeezed into a slightly more open cavity. He splashed into a pool of boiling hot, acidic fluid and thrashed in pain, his skin itching. It got in his eyes and nose and lungs, it got in his urethra and his bum, and he felt his insides start to dissolve as his skin started to peel. He felt his hair clump and fall out and started to go numb as his whole body broke apart in the dark slimy heat.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" Miss Martin rubbed her belly, feeling the boy rapidly break apart and digest. Her stomach was a little over-excited and produced more acid when she was hungry. Food always tastes best when you're hungry, and when it has that salty seasoning of sweat and tears. Her belly didn't even have a noticable bulge in it from the one boy who was liquified in minutes.

"UUUUURPP! Excuse me. First off, let's clean up after ourselves. I want you to lick each other's cum off the ground, and my belly, okay?" Obediently, Jacob bent down and started lapping up Timmy's meager cum stain on the ground. Timmy winced before he stepped forward and, with great effort, lifted up the flab of fat over the woman's navel and started licking clean all the cum that was stuck in her sweaty belly button. It took several minutes for them to both finish.

"Excellent. Now, boys, my breakfast gets here in 30 minutes and I want you fresh and energetic to help feed me! Follow me" She stood up, and the last remains of Henry's bones broke apart when she shifted her weight off her belly and stood to walk to the kitchen. They followed and watched her grab two large bowls, two spoons, and reach into the freezer. "Would you boys like chocolate or vanilla ice cream?"

"Vanilla!" said Jacob. She pulled out an enormous carton and spooned over a gallon into each bowl. "Eat up boys! I want you nice and fattened u-I mean, refreshed and nourished!" She watched and licked her lips as Jacob happily dug in, eating it quickly. Timmy hesitated for a moment. Why is she giving us this? he thought. He started eating nervously when he noticed her staring, and it took a lot of effort to finish the massive amount of fat and sugar. "URP!" Jacob let out a cute little burp.

"Very good. Now, the food will be here in just a few minutes, so let's go outside. I'm having it delivered to the pool." The giantess walked outside and removed her robe, now completely naked, and lowered herself into the pool. The pool was only slightly larger than her, and at least half of the water overflowed out and flowed down the beach into the sea when she submerged herself. She sat leaning against the side, most of her belly underwater, only the top few inches and her upper body out of the water. As the two boys slowly came outside, trying not to slip on the water flowing everywhere, two employees came in wheeling a huge covered platter. Both of them heaved to take off the top, revealing ten squirming boys, and quickly left Miss Martin and her food alone.

She leaned her head back and opened her mouth at the edge of the pool. "Don't keep me waiting boys, start feeding me!" The boys walked to the platter. Timmy wanted to whisper "sorry" but didn't say anything as he and Jacob lifted up one of the boys. He had short hair and tears were streaming down his face, knowing what came next. Jacob grabbed the top end and Timmy the bottom, and they walked over to the abyss of Miss Martin's open mouth. Looking down, Jacob could almost see straight down her throat into her stomach. He lowered the tied-up boy's head into her teeth. A huge tongue carressed his face gently as Timmy lifted up higher from behind, tilting the boy's body so gravity could help slide him inside the hungry woman. Rapidly, he slipped through her lips and down her throat in one swift motion.


They went and grabbed the next boy, a chubby one. It took even more effort to jam him down into her mouth, but once his belly and hips were past her teeth, he was quickly swallowed down with another *SQUISH!* *SPLASH!* *GLORP!*

AS they kept depositing more and more boys, her belly expanded and more water flowed out of the pool. They could see underwater the faint shapes of hands and feet punching and kicking at the walls of her stomach, and the shifting lumps, squirming until they broke apart into liquid shapes.

There was hardly any water left once they got to the last boy, the chubbiest one yet. He was squirming and crying, his upper body sticking out of her mouth. His belly was large enough that he couldn't quite slide down. Timmy reached forward and pushed down with all his weight, trying to get the boy inside. Then, with a pop, he was sucked down inside her body rapidly. Timmy lost his balance and stumbled forwards, landing headfirst into her throat, and could not even struggle before she instinctively swallowed. He felt the muscles squeeze him down until he was squeezed into a hot, boiling stew of boys. He felt soft flesh writhing all around him, hands and feet hitting him, and bits of bone and flesh floating around. He quickly sunk down as the liquid convected, and his lungs and throat burned when the powerful acid got into his nose. He couldn't breathe, and he felt slimy flesh chunks and bones poking him before he blacked out.

"UUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP" Several singed pairs of underwear and small bits of bone flew out of Miss Martin's mouth. "Whoopsie daisy! It looks like the other boy wasn't being as careful as he should have. Oh well. Thank you for the help with breakfast. What's your name?"

"J-Jacob." he said shyly.

"Well Jacob, you are quite good at serving me. Maybe I'll keep you around for a while. We'll have to wait and see what happens." She reached out of the pool and grabbed him, placing him onto her distended belly which protruted like an island in the pool. Jacob sunk into the soft flesh and broke apart a few lumps inside.

"I'm going to take a nap and digest breakfast. You will rub my belly and help me digest those boys." She tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes, and within a few minutes she was snoring and drooling. Jacob sat on the soft warm bed of flesh and rubbed with both hands. He could feel the weak little punches coming from inside and the muted sobs and cries. He kept rubbing.

"UUUUURRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" The amazon belched in her sleep, squeezing the air pocket out of her stomach. Jacob felt the weight shift below him and heard a loud *GLORP!* !BLORP!* The wriggling slowed down and the belly began to feel more liquid. He sunk into it deeper and kept massaging, but he was so sleepy, he began to doze off too. He fell asleep naked on top of her belly of 11 digesting boys, dreaming of becoming her food too.

Spoiler: show
Miss Martin sat on a luxurious silk throne, looking up with her eyes closed and her mouth opened. Her belly was spilled onto the floor in front of her, filled with thousands of writhing shapes. From a plank above her mouth, one chubby little boy after another happily jumped down her throat, the line of them never ending. All of them were singing about how they couldn't wait to dissolve away inside her guts and make her bigger and more beautiful.

When Miss Martin woke up, she was a bit sad to realize that it was only a dream, but then looked around and remembered she was almost living that dream. Her belly was much softer now that her breakfast had liquified, and the adorable little redhead was curled up asleep on her stomach. Gently, she reached down and grabbed him, placing him on the side of the pool. He slowly opened his eyes and looked up as she rose out of the water, her naked body gleaming as the water flowed off. The pool was now 70% empty from her displacement, but the staff would refill it later.

"Wakey wakey! I'm going to use the lady's room and put on some clothes, but my lunch will be here soon! I'll need your help feeding me, big boy." She poked his cheek with her giant chubby finger, then left to dispose of the digested boys.

Jacob thought to himself while he was alone. He felt a little guilty sending all the other boys to a sticky death inside of her, but he didn't have a choice. It wasn't his fault that he found her big belly so fascinating, even full of sobbing digesting boys. He knew it probably hurt a lot to be broken into mush by her stomach acids, but still, he didn't think it would be so bad sacrificing to become part of her.

Just then she came back, her belly smaller but still sloshing back and forth as she walked. She was wearing an ill-fitting pair of elastic shorts that fit her more like a thong, and a blouse that stretched down just far enough to cover her nipples.

"Lunch is inside! Hurry, my stomach is growling!" She called. Excitedly, the nude boy ran inside. He found her laying back on the oversized sofa. On the table next to her was a giant platter with 10 hogtied boys on it.

"I want you to put them in my mouth while I watch this movie. Hurry, momma's hungry!" She slapped her belly and leaned back, opening her mouth. Jacob walked to the platter of boys. Could he lift one all on his own? The table itself was as tall as him, due to the amazon-scale furniture, but thankfully it was right next to the sofa, and the open jaws of the hungry woman. He climbed up onto the table and slowly lifted up one boy in his arms. His limbs trembled, because he was not very strong, but the low rumble from the amazon's stomach reminded him to hurry up. He waddled to the edge of the table, stepped onto the arm of the couch, and lowered the boy feet-first into her mouth. The boy had time to glance up and look into Jacob's eyes for a moment before he was gulped down and sucked into her belly. Jacob quickly turned around and went to grab another boy as he head the loud rumbles of the boy being rapidly digested.

20 minutes later

Jacob's muscles were sore as he lowered the 9th boy into the drooling jaws. Miss Martin's plump lips sucked on the boy's torso, drool dripping down the side of her face and her eyes half-open blissfully. The boy was a bit chubbier than the others, and Jacob was having hard time fitting him inside the woman's mouth. The half-eaten boy whimpered as Jacob stomped the top of his head to cram him inside. It worked, and he was swallowed suddenly, but Jacob lost his balance and fell into the mouth too. He instinctually spread his arms and grabbed onto the corners of her mouth, but the saliva was making him slip and his shins were in her throat. Is this how he would die? Maybe it wouldn't be so bad...

The tongue pressed against his body vibrated as Miss Martin chuckled. Carefully, she grabbed his arms and plucked him out of her mouth, placing him on her belly, covered in saliva.

"Don't worry Jakey, I'm getting full. I wanna save you for when I can really savor you. I'm going to take a nap and digest these ones. I want a belly rub as I fall asleep, so you can fuck my belly button again. Just clean up when you're done. After I wake, I will get you more ice cream." She closed her eyes and leaned her head to the side, drooling.

Slightly embarassed, Jacob realized he had an erection ever since he fell in her mouth. He might as well do what she asked, he thought. He carefully climbed over her belly and all of its lumpy squirming shapes and found the fold of fat with her navel in it. Holding it open, he slowly inserted his cock into the warm, damp crevice. He could feel the heat radiating from her digestion as the boys boiled alive inside, her skin was flushed and sweat droplets were on her belly. The sweat and saliva served as lubricant while he started thrusting. It felt wrong, they were dying and he was enjoying himself. But still, it felt so good. He imagined if she had swallowed him instead of taking him out of her mouth. He would be in her belly, her acids slowly dissolving him and all his cells into nutrients and energy for her big beautiful body, her breasts, her enormous buttocks and thighs, her rolling belly...

Thinking about it, he came. It was even more than earlier, and felt so good. He lay panting on her belly, feeling the shapes and lumps starting to soften, not seeing any imprints of punches and kicks anymore. Remembering her instructions, he grabbed a pair of underwear she had belched out and used it to wipe clean her navel. Then, he laid back and sunk into her belly. It was so warm and soft, her perfect skin spotless, and he thought about her body more as he dozed off into his second nap today, exhausted.

Spoiler: show
Jacob was not sure how many days it had been. Every day since he was chosen as Miss Martin's little belly-boy, he had been feeding her every meal. It was hard work, hoisting up 30 boys almost his size every day and sending them down her throat into acidic doom. His muscles were getting more tender by the day, and he was also getting more and more chubby on his all ice cream diet. He would sense the glutton staring at his body, drooling and licking her lips, but he was amazed she had the self control to not devour him yet. It seemed she was saving him for a special moment. Maybe though, he thought optimistically, she won't eat me in the end, and she'll love me so much she'll keep me alive as her special servant!

Of course he was not her only servant. She also chose a "butt-boy" every once in a while. He would spend time massaging her enormous rear end, going into the restroom with her to wipe her clean after she disposed of the other digested boys, and spending time as her human butt-plug, only their head sticking out of her anus and plugging up her gas, though the farts still leaked out around them frequently. Most of them didn't last more than one day, because her anal muscles would unconsciously suck them inside while she slept, and they would suffocate inside her bowels. Some of the even more unfortunate ones would slip into the toilet, and she preferred to flush them down with her waste than fish them out of the bowl. No use keeping a dirty toy, no matter how much it pleads and begs you.

Jacob was a little more fortunate. Yes he had to work hard, and she threatened constantly to gobble him up if he didn't feed her fast enough, but she kept him in her bosom or under her armpit at night, and he did not have to be farted on by her. He felt very conflicted with his fear and arousal. He didn't want to die, and fantasized about escaping, but at the same time he worshipped her body and wanted to stay with it.

He thought about all this while he lie sleepless, between her breast and one of her belly fat folds, where she had wedged him before going to sleep. It was hot, clammy, and uncomfortable, but he knew it would only make her upset to move somewhere else. There was another boy in her hand, who she still held an iron grip on even in her sleep, and would slowly bring up to her mouth, slobberring on his head. A third boy, her latest butt-boy, was out of sight, but whimpered occasionally from inside her crack. Miss Martin was completely naked except and so was Jacob.

Miss Martin started to stir as the sun slowly rose out the window. "AAAMMMFFFFFF-" Jacob heard a muffled scream which he knew meant the poor butt-boy had been sucked inside of her body as she shifted her weight. *BRRAAAAPPPPPPPTTT!* A pair of underwear flew out of her backside and landed on the floor. Still asleep, she slowly brought the whimpering boy in her grip up to her mouth again and started slowly inserting him while she brushed the other hand against her womanhood. Moaning softly, she slid the weak, exhausted boy into her mouth and pressed him down her throat. Jacob couldn't see much from where he was, half enveloped in her skin, but he heard a *GULP* and felt a mass move down her throat into her stomach. With his ear pressed against her belly, he could hear the muted sobs coming from the boy as he was squeezed into a pool of liquified flesh, before it was quickly drowned out by the sound of gurgling.

*UURRRRRPPPP* Smacking her lips, the 15-foot-tall woman slowly opened her eyes. "Ahhh, what a pleasant sleep. Where did my little belly-boy go? Did I swallow him in my sleep?"

"I'm right here" he called, reaching his arm out from under her breast. Her large, clammy hand grabbed it and pulled him out, holding him up in front of her face. She poked at his rump and belly with one finger, gently pinching his boyhood. She licked him from his stomach up to his face with her giant muscular tongue. "You're looking more and more tasty by the day... I can't wait to eat you up soon!"

Jacob felt a conflicted pang inside of him. Every time she teased him, put him in her mouth, dangled him over her jaws and snapped her teeth, he was still terrified because he never knew when she would finally eat him. She clearly planned to. Unless she was simply teasing to keep him uneasy? She did seem to find his fear very cute. But he was still so aroused by her terrifying body. Every time she pressed him against her full belly and forced him to hear the muffled sobs and cries of the boys inside that he had fed to her, until they were silenced by the gurgling of her digestion, he could not help getting an erection.

Miss Martin giggled at his quivering and let go of him, letting him bounce off her belly and tumble onto the floor. "Time for your breakfast, belly boy!" she said as she slowly stood up off the bed and walked to the kitchen. When he regained his balance and followed her, she was already dumping a gallon of ice cream into a bowl for him. As soon as he came near it she shoved him onto his knees and pressed his face in it. "Eat it, little piggy." Obliging, he started digging into the ice cream with his mouth, even though it hurt his teeth. She held him down pressed into the bowl until he finished licking clean all sides.

Jacob lay on his back, his stuffed belly in the air. The giantess poked it gently but forcefully with her finger. "You're getting nice and chubby, little piggy. Soon is gonna be my last day here, and I'm gonna have a big feast-30 boys! But you... because you're so special, you're gonna be the last one I eat. I'll remember you forever as the yummiest little boy I gobbled up."

Several Days Later

Jacob knew it would not work to beg her not to eat him. He had seen other boys, when not gagged, plead with her. All this seemed to do was make her more hungry and lustful. She would immediately fixate on them, as if she found their pleas adorable. So he had been trying to do the opposite: prove that she should keep him alive by being the best belly slave she could ever want. He fed her every meal and massaged her gut as she digested. He told her how beautiful her belly was and how lucky all those boys were for becoming part of her body.

Now that he stood shyly next to her before the enormous platter of 30 boys, he prayed she would change her mind. Her stomach growled, eager for the first morsel of meat, and she licked her lips, salivating.

"Now, since you've worked so hard to feed me all these days, I want you to relax those savory little muscles. Just watch me feast, and get nice and excited. Okay?" She picked him up and placed him next to her at the edge of the platter. Then she sat down, her legs spread with her thigh hugging him close. All of the boys on the platter were even plumper than him, and they were completely naked, except for their bindings and their gags. She reached forward and grabbed the first one by the hair, causing him to yelp in pain. Sensually, she lowered him feet-first into her mouth, caressing his legs and bottom with her tongue. Once he was waist-deep inside her mouth, she let go and gulped and in an instant, he disappeared into her fat, not even visible as a lump in her empty stomach. Jacob watched in awe, and he could hear the intense gurgles that he knew meant the boy was being rapidly broken apart into chyme.

Jacob went into a trance watching her reach forward and grab the boys, shoving them down her throat one after another. He was so hypnotized that he barely noticed how large her squirming, lumpy belly was getting until it started pressing against him, smothering him between her gut and her fat thigh. It took him even longer to realize all the blood was leaving his head, and going to his groin.

By the time she reached the last boy, she was starting to feel full. But she couldn't give up now! She felt him squirming in her mouth, his legs in her throat already, only his little face poking out of her lips. She felt the vibrations of his sobs and the adorable little tears dripping down his face as he breathed in his last breaths of fresh air. Using all her willpower, she tensed her muscles, closed her eyes, and swallowed. The boy was sucked down into the digestive pit already occupied by 29 others, or what remained of them. She felt a little snap in her throat, and figured she may have swallowed so hard the pressure broke a rib or two of the poor guy, but oh well.

Her squriming, half-liquid belly was distended to over twice the size of her entire body. She was almost immobile, and she felt amazing. But where did the little belly-boy go? Did she get carried away and eat him up too?

"Little piggy! Tasty little piggy! Did you run off?" she cried. It was hard to tell with all the squirming inside of her gut, but she thought she felt something outside. With great effort, she lifted one side of her belly and saw poor little Jacob, pressed on the ground like a pancake. She reached down and plucked him up. Still breathing.

"Aww, you got a little too comfy under my belly, huh? Well, I want to digest these boys a little bit first, so I'm going to close my eyes, and you can rub my belly. Better make it the best belly rub ever, since it's my last special little massage from you! Then, you get to finally join them!" She placed him down onto her enormous gut, and closed her eyes, laying down onto her back.

Once he finished catching his breath, Jacob focused. No time to think about his raging erection. This was his last chance to prove he was worth keeping around. Using all his strength, he pressed into the huge fatty stomach with his arms and his knees, rubbing in circles. He felt for lumps of digesting food, and tried to rub them to break them apart and soften them. He felt himself breaking a few acid-weakend skulls and other body parts through the layers of muscle and fat and skin. Every time he broke up a chunk of meat, she moaned sensually. He kept doing this until he was out of breath and collapsed prone.

He had a few minutes of peace, listening to the gurgles with his ear pressed to her. Then, she slowly opened her eyes. "That was the best belly rub I've ever had. You did amazing, little piggy. Now it's time for your reward." She opened her mouth wide. He knew what that meant. His carnal urges told him to dive into her jaws, but his survival instinct told him to run. Could she even chase him like this? But it was a risk; if she could catch him, she would not be happy. She might just crush him, or worse, chew him to pulp. His life belonged to her, no matter what he chose. He might was well get to experience the inside of her before she absorbed him as nutrients.

With a deep breath, he crawled forward. Sitting on her chin like the edge of a pool, he lowered his feet and legs into her mouth. Her teeth were pearl-white, and her flesh soft and pink. The smell was meaty, but inviting. He lowered himself until his legs sunk into her throat, and then he tucked his arms into her lips. She slowly swallowed a small degree, then stopped with only his head poking out. His face was framed by her lips, the sunlight surrounded by fleshy pink. His entire body was inside of her, warm and slimy. He cried out, "I-I-I love y-" but was cut off. At that moment, she swallowed, and rapidly he was sucked down into the darnkess.

He couldn't tell what was happening as he was swallowed alive. The muscles squeezed him down the esophagus until he plopped into a pool of liquid. It was deep, deep enough for him to sink into it completely, but fortunately, it was thick and soupy enough for him to float at the air pocket with little effort. There was no light at all, only feeling. And sound, the sound of flesh surrounding him, thumping heart, slow breaths, groaning muscles. He was poked on all sides by bones, brittle and weak from the acid. Immediately, the digestive enzymes made his anus, his genitals, and his eyes and nose and mouth burn. But he ignored the pain, this was his only chance to cum inside of his dream woman. He reached down into the meaty stew and grabbed his raging erection. Beating passionately, he tried but couldn't come close enough to cumming. Would he dissolve away before he could release one last time? Instead, he tried thrusting his hips.

He wasn't sure if it was a chunk of another boy, or the stomach wall, but he found something solid and started thrusting against it. The world started shaking around him too, and he heard moaning echo from above. So close. He thought about how even though this hurt, it was worth it. He could finally be part of her forever, nurtrients for her beautiful body, her breasts, her belly, her elephantine buttocks. Finally, he came, the semen pumping into the chyme around him. At that exact moment, the stomach started shaking and the air pocket shrunk. He was sucked into the liquid and he felt the burn as it flooded his lungs. He closed his eyes and felt the last wave of cum pump out into the stew around him before he blacked out. His last thoughts were about Miss Martin's body, before the acids which ate away at his eyes flooded into his head and dissolved his brain.

"Ohh...Ohhhhhh...OOOOOOOHHHH YES!" Moaned as she cummed, her juices flowing all over the floor. She closed her eyes panting. She brought her hand from her womanhood up to her belly, and felt, gently. She felt a subtle twitch, but then no more movement. No more squirms and wiggles, only the churning of her digestion. She laid on her back for a few minutes, feeling that calming churn. She knew she was the only conscious being now. All 31 boys were no longer living humans, just a meaty stew of nutrients for her intestines to absorb. And all 409 boys before them had already become part of her hips, her thighs, her belly, her butt, her breasts. All of them were flushed away, except a few still in her large intestine.

*UUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPP* Her lips flapped, and a small, acid-bleached skull flew out, landing on the floor next to her. She picked it up and looked at it. She had just eaten so many boys, she had no way of knowing whose this really was. But she had a gut feeling it was her special little piggy. After all, what's a vacation without a souvenir?

Spoiler: show
Hot Dog Eating Contest

Cameron had unusual taste for a boy his age. Most young boys, just starting puberty and figuring out their identities, were into sports stars or video games. He, however, was fascinated by Amazons, the huge, powerful women who eat people alive. Something about an attractive woman being that large and powerful made him feel strange. His favorite was Amy Hodge. At 18 feet tall, she was big even for an amazon, and she could eat almost her entire body weight in one sitting. He had seen all of her competitive eating videos online, and now she was appearing at a hot dog eating contest right near his home! Of course he had to go, and there he was, eagerly pushing to the front of the crowd. Most of the other fans were a bit older than him, so he could easily squeeze up to the stage.

Up on the stage sat Amy, her long blonde hair tied back into a ponytail. She wore a black tee shirt and blue jeans. Despite being somewhat slim for an amazon, her belly protruded from the shirt and her thighs nearly ripped the jeans at the seams still. Her rear end was so large, a single cheek weighed more than two average people. Next to her was another champion, Sonya Brooks. Sonya was only 15 feet tall, but much wider than Amy, so they both weighed almost the same. Sonya wore a white shirt that barely even covered her belly, and pink tights. Her straight brown hair was down behind her back. The host, a curvy young woman wearing a blue dress, walked onstage.

"Hello and welcome to the third annual Amazon Eating Contest! Our competitors today are Amy Hodge, winner of last year's competition, and a new challenger, Sonya Brooks! Sonya, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?"

The host handed the microphone to the oversized woman. "Well, I've always loved competition. I used to be a swimming coach, and test if the boys could swim strong enough to not get sucked down my gullet! Eventually I ran out of boys to eat, but I figured since I'm so good at it, why not show off a little?"

"That's the spirit! Now, let's roll in the hot dogs. These yummy little guys are from the local orphanage, so they're a little lean, but they should be nice and tasty still!"

Excitedly, Cameron leaned up and tried to see on the stage. He realized the table in front of them was not just a table, but a conveyor belt! The host pushed a button, and from offstage starting coming along the belt a series of giant hot dogs. Looking closer, though, he could see they were not ordinary meat. Inside each huge bun was a young boy, a few years younger than him, in only his underwear. Each of them was gagged and had their hands tied behind their back. On each boy was a line of ketchup and mustard, as well as some onions and relish. Some were on their back and some face-down, some sideways. The host pushed the button again and stopped the belt once the boys were in front of the contestants, but there were still more all the way down the belt. Seeing the drooling giant women lick their lips and rub their bellies, the hot dogs wiggled and squeaked with fear.

The host spoke, "I can see that hungry look ladies, but remember, no touching the food until the time starts! Let me go over the rules. 1: Anything not completely inside your mouth when the time is up has to be spit out. 2: Hands off the table until my whistle. 3: No eating the host! Alright, ready? 3, 2, 1...GO!" She gleefully blew her whistle and both women lunged forward.

Amy grabbed the hot dog closest to her and rapidly shoved him head-first into her mouth. The poor boy didn't even have time for a muffled scream before she was pressing his feet down into her jaws with a palm. Including the bun, the meal was very wide, so the entire audience could see the huge, long bulge sliding down her throat. Ordinary people would choke trying to shove food down their throat like a pipe cleaner, but thanks to their large lungs, amazons face no discomfort being unable to breathe for a short time.

Cameron watched eagerly. He felt blood rush to his groin. Of course he wouldn't really want to die, but if he had to, maybe it wouldn't be so bad being food for Amy.

Meanwhile, Sonya was already on her second one. While one boy's terrified face still stuck out of her mouth, she shoved it down with the bottom end of another hot dog, licking mustard off the second boy's belly while she shoved him down into her mouth. Her belly visibly distended out once the first boy entered her stomach cavity, and started to wiggle with movement.

Inside the stomach, the saliva-covered boy was face down in a puddle of bile, compressed on all sides by slimy muscles. He tried squirming out of his bindings, but he was too weak to even shake loose the tight tie of digestible cloth. He started to sob. He still had so many things he wanted to do, and never even kissed a girl yet! He didnt't want to die like this, melted alive in a horrible way inside the body of a cruel ogress. Then, the next hot dog came down the esophagus, and his space became even more cramped as another boy was pressed on top of him. The whole stomach smelled sour, like mustard and bile, but he couldn't even see anything. Then another boy was squeezed into the stomach by the sphincter above. He started to get dizzy from the heat and pressure as more and more piled up, pushing him down into the bottom of the stomach, already pooling with enzymes...

Back outside, Amy was on her 8th hot dog, her stomach already distended to be the size of a golf cart. Amy kept eating steadily, shoving sobbing boy after sobbing boy down her throat. Sonya however, was slowing down slightly. The host grabbed the microphone.

"Folks, it seems like our challenger Sonya is slowing down! Is she getting full already? Is her stomach capacity running out? It might be over already for her!"

Sonya, however, had something up her sleeve. Focusing, she grabbed her squirming stomach with both hands and pressed into it. Her brow furrowed and sweat dripped down her forehead. She was compressing her stomach muscles to digest the food faster! Even Amy paused to watch as she squeezed her stomach with her arms. The squirming intensified, and climaxed in a chorus of muffle cries before a sicking *CRUNCH!SQUELCH! GLORP!* sound rang out. Her belly shifted around as the crushed, rapidly liquified remains of the boys partially drained to her upper intestine, making more room. "UUURRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!" A few pieces of tattered cloth, either underwear or gags, flew from her mouth, and the acidic air from her stomach singed the host.

"Wow! Did you see that folks? What a powerful digestive system! It looks like Miss Sonya's stomach acids already broke down those hot dogs enough to make some more room in her stomach! The show will go on!" said the host. Cameron quivered with terror and excitement, imagining what it must have been like inside of that woman, being boiled and crushed together with all those other boys.

Sonya proudly patted her belly, then grabbed two boys at once from the conveyor belt. She shoved them both side-by-side, head first, into her mouth, stretching her cheeks wide enough. Then, she tilted her head back and swallowed them down in less than 5 seconds, slurping down their wiggling feet with a powerful swallow and sending them to join the other boys, or what remained of them, down inside her guts.

Not to be outdone, Amy grabbed three hot dogs and held them in a bunch with both hands, gagging slightly as she shoved them all down her throat. One boy's gag slipped off from the saliva when she licked his face, and he cried weakly, "Please don't eat m-" before the big red lips closed around his face and he was swallowed.

The girls kept going, grabbing two or three hot dogs at a time to swallow. Cameron noticed the conveyor belt didn't have any more boys on it as it rolled onstage, so the one terrified boy in front of the women was the last one. The host noticed this too, and pushed the button to stop the belt.

Both women gulped at the same time, sending another bulge to their stomach, then lunged forward. Amy was a moment faster and grabbed him with both hands, taking a moment to savor the condiments on his sweet soft skin before she pushed his head with one finger, jamming him inside of her body. Swallowing him took some effort, because even she was beginning to feel full. Her belly full of dissolving boys was almost as big as the rest of her body, and so was Sonya's.

The host spoke into the microphone again. "Well, it looks like we actually ran out of hot dogs! I had figured 33 would be enough, but they're all gone and we still have one minute left!" As she spoke, Sonya slowly turned at stared at the audience with a hungry glare. "I guess we'll just have to call this one earl-WHOA!"

The host was interrupted as Sonya rolled forward off the stage, to the audience. There was hardly enough room for them to move out of the way, and as she jumped off the stage, her enormous belly crushed a few audience members with a loud snap of bones. Cameron watched in shock as she grabbed a helpless skinny young man and shoved him head into Sonya's giant lips. His legs kicked desperately, a shoe flying off, but it was no use. Tilting her head back, Sonya slurped down the teen like a noodle. Her esophagus was just barely able to squeeze him into her crammed stomach, which squirmed chaotically. Some of the audience was screaming and some was cheering.

Cameron was staring at this in shock right before him when he heard a loud boom and a crunch. Behind him, his idol Amy had jumped into the audience, crushing several people with her backside. She stood up, peeling the limp bodies off her rear, and turned to look directly at him. Everyone else had backed away but Cameron couldn't move. He was frozen.

Smiling hungrily, she gently lifted him up by the arms. He wanted to say something but he couldn't make a sound. Amy started to lower his legs into her mouth and closed her lips around his waist. 'This is it' he thought. 'This is how I die, like I always fantasized.'

Then, the world went dark, and suddenly his head was covered in saliva too, but he could still feel sunlight on his middle. Sonya had stuck her mouth around his other end - he was being eaten by both of them! Both hungry women sucked on his body, trying to lean away from each other with their full weight. He felt like he was going to be torn in half, being held tight by their lips while thousands of pounds pulled both ways. Then, Amy reached forward and smacked Sonya in the belly, making her lose her grip and tumble backwards, crushing a few more skulls with her buttocks. Amy stumbled back too, landing on her rear end, with only Cameron's slimy head sticking out into the air. She was so full, but she could win if she just swallowed this one last boy. She closed her eyes and prepared to gulp. Cameron could feel the throat muscles around his shins tense up, but then-

"And TIME'S UP!" Sorry Amy, gotta spit that one out!" Disappointedly, the amazon pulled Cameron out of her mouth, dripping with saliva, and dropped him onto the hard ground. He landed on his side and panted for breath, still in shock.

"Let's see. Amy ate 17 of the hot dog boys. Sonya ate 16, but she ate the audience member too. That counts! I never said you couldn't eat the audience. So it's a tie! Well ladies, it looks like we'll have to have a rematch tomorrow!"

Sonya was sitting on some audience members, a twitching arm reaching out from under her cheeks. Her stomach was at least the size of a small car, a swirling mass of largely digested meat chunks and bones. It made noise as it continued to drain chyme into her intestine. *GLORP! GLURP! BLORP!* Sonya turned to the host.

"Even though I didn't win, I still had fun! I'm thankful for everyone who participated, including the boys from the orphanage, and the audience. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Excuse me!" She belched loudly, her lips fluttering for five seconds and the acidic air escaping from her belly. A slightly undersized, acid-bleached skull with a few bits of hair stuck to it flew into the crowd from her mouth, and someone jumped to grab it. With that belch, the last 2 live boys inside of her, floating at the air pocket under her esophogas, sunk into the meaty bile and felt the digestive juices flood their lungs.

Amy meanwhile sat with her back against the stage. "I was very impressed by Sonya's performance. I've never seen another amazon match my appetite. I can't wait for our rematch!" Her stomach was still very lumpy and squirming with life. Her digestion was slower, and she preferred to keep her food squirming as long as possible. Nearly half of the boys she had eaten were still conscious and alive in her gut, and she kept swallowing air to keep the internal massage going as long as she could.

"Thank you for coming everyone, and have a good day!" the host concluded as everyone filed out. Cameron still lay on the ground, covered in saliva. He felt traumatized being that close to a horrible death, but he was still so fascinated. Part of him wished the time had been a second longer and he could have gone into Amy's belly. He noticed now that he was sporting a rock-hard erection too.

Amy smiled as she stepped over him. Looking down, she said softly, "I'm too full now, but I want to finish what I started... hope you come again tomorrow, boy." She walked away, and Cameron's whole body shuddered, but not just with fear.

Stories do not explicitly mention age

Prologue: Miss Martin's appetite
Spoiler: show
It was a normal day at school. As normal as it can be in a world where oversized women devoured whoever they liked. It was time for gym class, something that Foster did not really like as he was not really athletic. He never understood the meaning of running behind a ball or doing whatever other action with it. Nor he could stand all the fatigue of running and such, but it was part of his academic course so he had to do it. He was much more into books and tests even if those tests were those of Miss Martin. Of course he feared her like everyone else, but he could proudly say that always passed her tests. He went close to be swallowed whole once or twice, but never beyond his shoulders. It was a personal record if not even one of the student’s record. He had a lil secret after all: he not only feared her, but was also fascinated by her. He had a secret attraction for predators. Often spying on them, even other students, those few predator girls in school; they were so sexy and so was Miss Martin too to his eyes. He never confessed such interest to anyone even if the Prof might have felt his lil bulge while he was in her mouth sometimes. He was in the changing room, lazily getting ready for the next hour when someone brought the news: Miss Martin was going to substitute Mr. Smith, the gym teacher. Everyone’s heart dropped in that moment.

As the students came out of the locker room into the gym, the enormous teacher stood watching with her signature predatory glare. Usually her ill-fitting skirts and blouses left little to the imagination, even before they burst apart from her belly, but today she wore an extremely revealing outfit of tight gym shorts and a sleeveless white shirt. Her body protruded so much from them, her elephantine buttocks enveloping the shorts and her gargantuan belly extending far beyond her shirt, that she had as much skin coverage as a bikini. "Hello class. Coach Heartford had a family emergency, so I'll be instructing you today. So stay sharp, and don't disappoint me!"

As the boy and girls entered the gym they all blinked at the sight of Miss Martin in her revealing outfit. Not that they never saw so much skin of her, but today it was even more on display as if her body was calling them all and asking them to get inside of her. Foster was one of the last entering the gym and he gulped at the sight of his most feared/loved teacher. He could stand her and try to resist her methods in a class when books and study and homework where involved, but… gym class? He started to feel more scared than usual as he knew his under the line results. He pondered if asking her to be merciful and wondered if she red the notes of the coach about each and every student, but for now he decided it was best not to attract too much attention on him. He stayed silent and waited for her first instructions.

She emptied a bin of rubber balls into the court, then walked to the corner of the room and sat upon a pile of gym mats. "First off, we will have a girls versus boys dodgeball match. One hit means you're out. Any cheating, and you will be dealt with accordingly." She patted her belly and smirked. "One boy thought I didn't see him get hit in the last class. He's in my small intestine now. Anyways, I will select several students from the losing team to play a tug-of-war match against me! So play, fair, but don't go soft on the other team, just because they're your friends. Get to your sides of the court, and wait for my whistle."

”Ok, is not too bad as a start…” he thought. Dodgeball was not the worst thing it could happen. Sure he was not champion of the school, but… he could still try to stay back and not get hit. He was good at that. He HAD to be good at that because the opposite meant one thing: he stared at her hand as she patted her belly and some waves of fat spread from under the impact. He probably stared a bit too much because when he realised he was staring most of his companions were already to their places. He snapped out of it and run to his side of the camp and waited for the teacher to whistle.

Miss Martin watched the children hesitantly throw the balls at each other. She knew they did not want their peers to be doomed, but they did not want to be digested alive either, and she felt a certain joy from watching them despair. Some could call this cruelty or sadism, but she simply saw it as necessary discipline. How could she say she loved her students if she didn't prepare them for the harsh world? The fact that it was entertaining was simply a secondary bonus. She was excited to test out her new toy: a special, chemically engineered rope from an amazon-marketed bondage shop. It was extremely strong, able to withstand several thousand tons of stress, but would dissolve like butter once it was submerged in her digestive enzymes.

Right after the whistle there was a moment of silence. No one dared to move a muscle, everyone looking at their opponents with fear while adrenaline was building up more and more. Boys did not really want to send the girls they liked and some even loved into the stomach of their teacher and some girls didn’t want to see their boyfriends or even just friends dissolve into nothing but fat for Miss Martin. Not everyone was a friend though. In fact a ball flew through the camp hitting the ground and that was the start of the end. It was WAR and it started out of nowhere. Balls were flying like bullets and the more time passed, the more everyone became fiercer. The initial hesitance replaced by survival instinct. Foster remained in the back, but a girl noticed him. Jessica smiled a bit maliciously, one of the few predator students of the school. He had a secret crush on her, but she cared for one thing alone: having a prey in her belly just like Miss Martin. He noticed her and focused his attention on her and the ball in her hand “Choose… my belly… or hers!” she said slightly tilting her head toward Miss Martin on the other side of the gym “No… this is not fair… there is no win for me!” he protested and jumped as she launched the ball which hit the ground between his legs and bounced away behind him “Oh, we both know there IS a win for you!” she replied as if knowing his lil secret. That distracted him though and a flying ball hit his arm “Aw, too late… what a pity… I almost wanted you…” she commented running away as that flying ball determined his fate… for now. He felt his heart sinking in his chest. He got hit. He pondered ignoring it as no one seemed to notice, but he knew it was better not to risk. He walked to Miss Martin, next to her, where the area of those hit was set and there he was the first.

Eventually, more and more students were eliminated, until only two remained. Tracy, the star of the track team, and Coby, the best baseball player in the grade. They both held a ball, anxiously waiting and staring at each other. The entire class watched from the sidelines. What happened next would determine whether or not they would go home in one piece, or as a pool of sludge inside their teacher's guts.

Needless to say that both sides were anxiously looking at them. It seemed like one of those western movies where both cowboys waited noon to shoot each other. While they were still playing Foster looked at Miss Martin sitting on those mass of mats like they were a throne. Her belly looking like a threat from that point of view. It remembered him all those times he was called for a massage during their class, during tests or even after class a few times. He still remembered the other day when they had the last test and he was massaging her gigantic gut while she gulped down his classmate after the answered wrong to her question. He could still feel his movements onto his palms if he concentrated enough. “Uhm… Miss Martin?” he asked her with all politeness he could “Would you that… tug of war that is coming next… w-what will happen exactly? To the losing team I mean…” he asked looking a bit worried between her eyes and her belly

She looked at the delicious little treat beside her and smiled, batting her eyes. "Be patient dear, you'll see in just a moment." Just then, the class heard a WHACK as Tracy was struck in the face by the ball. Hers had just missed Coby. Miss Martin smiled ecstatically and stood up, grabbing her special rope from the corner. "Since the girls have lost, here's how it will work: Tracy will have this rope tied around her waist, and she will go in my throat. Then, four girls will have the rope tied around them, and will try and pull her out. If they're strong enough to rescue their friend, they are free to go. But if not, they're getting sucked in along with her. Understood? Now, let's see.... Carly, Lily, Emily, and Julia, wrap those loops in the rope around your arm. Tracy, wrap the big loop around your waist." The loops were somewhat like nooses, and would tighten the more they were pulled. Unknown to the girls, they were not actually designed to be untied at all.

“In a moment? But we might wi-“ in that same moment the final ball hit the loser and Foster together with the boys jumped with joy as they won “YEEESS!” they were obviously relieved as they hug each other and partied while Miss Martin explained the new rules to the girls. The boys moved away from them all and waited to see the show. Foster looked a bit worried as he knew that those girls were not going to win against her. She was going to devour them all. Only question was: would she be full after that?

The girls solemnly secured the rope around themselves. Tracy, however, broke down crying. "Miss Martin please I am begging you, I don't want to be eaten, I don't want to die, please please please plea-" She was cut off. "Now now, Tracy, trust in your friends that they will be strong enough and everything will be fine! If you didn't want this to happen, you should have dodged that ball. If you don't want to cooperate, I can make this much more unpleasant for you."

Foster felt a bit bad for Tracy; he knew how scary her position was and he knew, just like all the other that they had no chance to win "Miss..." he timidly stepped forward a lil bit "Is it... possible to... I don't know... spare the girls in the end... despite the result of this? I mean... sure you all have this competition just... in case the girls loose... would you be... so kind to... let them... go?" he asked her and quite regretted speaking soon after he finished. He gulped while other boys whispered 'crazy' and other similar words to their closes friend

The teacher stooped down to the boy. "Listen. I know it is hard to see your friends go like this, but I have no choice! If I don't discipline you children, you will never learn anything! What's more important, the value of hard work and perseverance, or some girls you'll forget about in a few weeks? That being said, they're not doomed! I promise I won't go too hard on them, they still have a chance to save Tracy!"

Foster knew it was not good press the matter any further so he stepped back and hoped for the girls to be strong enough. THey all looked abit scared, but determined. They got in position and they were ready to pull whenever the play would have started

Miss Martin lifted up the quivering Tracy and lowered her into her throat, so the girl's face was framed by her teacher's lips. The teacher sat on the mats, casually, while the girls waited, holding the rope. She spoke, her lips slapping the poor girl's face. "Ready....BEGIN!"

As soon as she declared the beginning all the girls put all their strength into tugging that rope and trying to free Tracy. The poor girl could not do much, but tried to help her friends saving her by squirming and moving towards the outside of her teacher’s mouth. It wasn’t easy task due to the great amount of building up drool which caused her to slip every now and then. As she noticed the futility of her attempts to free herself she just concentrated on fighting the powerful gulps that sent her each time closer to her doom.

Miss Martin tilted her head slightly and opened her mouth wider, her throat widening as the girl started to slip downwards. The class was haunted by the echoing shrieks as her red face disappeared past the woman's lower lip and her throat swallowed with powerful muscle movements. Tracy's legs entered the teacher's throat and started to be swallowed, as Julia, the frontmost girl, was lifted off her feet slightly by the rope, and screamed in fear.

“No no no! C’mon girls! You can do it!” Foster shouted at them with a worried expression as more of Tracy disappeared and the second girl seemed to go closer to the same destiny. “Guys! We have to help them! They are not going to win!” he said pointing to the bulge in Miss Martin’s throat “Silence man! Before she decides to eat us too!” one boy ordered Foster by tugging him to his place.

"NO INTERFERENCE!" the teacher yelled. Her throat movements from speaking caused Tracy to slip slightly out, gasping for air and screaming, before her head was sucked back inside. The class watched the bulge of the girl enter the amazon's throat, and Julia was lifted up, her hands inches from the teacher's lips.

Foster immediately stepped back to his place as he heard the teacher yelling. He wanted to help, but did not want to risk his life on that. The girls tried to pull as hard as they could, but the simple throat of the teacher was much stronger and the truth was that each time a girl got closer to her mouth if not even inside… a point of percentage of them winning disappeared together with them. The boys just looked powerless while the girls started to sweat more and more as they pointed their feet effortlessly to the ground

"No no no no no nonoNONONON-" Julia started before she was cut off as the teacher's lips widened and snapped shut around her head. Miss Martin jerked her head back and slurped the girl's entire body in seconds, her tennis shoes popping off before her feet disappeared. Tracy's screaming was hardly audible now as she was squeezed into the woman's stomach at the bottom of the esophagus. The more Miss Martin slurped up, the less the girls could fight back, as they had less weight to anchor themselves.

“M-miss Martin… I think they understood and they learned their lesson… you can let them go now..” he tried to mediate for the girls freedom, but he was not too high on succeeding. He also never really tried that hard as he did not want to risk to go too far and become next. Meanwhile, Tracy was on her way into the stomach and another girl soon joining. The few others remaining falling to the ground as the last gulp pulled a bit harder and made them trip onto themselves. Truth to be told, after a dodgeball match they were also a bit tired and did not have their full strength. It was a matter of time before them all would be food for the teacher. After that… what about the boys?

Ignoring the pestering boy, Miss Martin kept swallowing. She honestly had intended to be playful and gentle, slowly letting them think they might win, and not ending it too fast. But in the heat of the moment, she forgot all that and her voracious instincts kicked in. It took less than a minute for all four girls to be sucked down her throat. The last girl, Lily, screamed and cried even harder than Tracy, desperately clawing at the floor for something to grab onto, but she had no chance, and it only took moments for her to be slurped down like a noodle. The last few feet of the rope followed, and Miss Martin tilted her head back, swallowing hard to squeeze the last girl into her tightly-packed stomach, which already bulged and squirmed like a bag of worms. Her eyes wincing shut, the class heard a loud GULP and the bulge in her throat slid down. Patting her belly, she belched. "UUUUUURRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP~" A slimy pair of shorts, belonging to Tracy, flew out and landed on Foster's head. "Ahhh, that hit the spot. See class, what happens when you don't try hard enough?"

Truth to be told there was something fascinating in Miss Martin devouring the girls whole. The way her mouth opened to welcome them, the way her throat effortlessly gulped them down, the way her stomach trapped each and every one of them inside without letting them go and the way they would soon be digested alive. Scary, terrible, but… deep down in a dark corner of his mind… that all was also arousing. While thinking all that he just hoped did not stare too much like a perv to her gigantic belly. All the boy looked in horror as the girls disappeared and some were so scared that tried to hide to the back of the gym. Foster got distracted by his thoughts as soon as that powerful belch pierced everyone’s ears. It was so powerful he swear feeling the ground shaking. Some warm air hit his body seconds before those shorts hit his face. “Aaaah! Oh my god!” he exclaimed getting rid of them. They splashed to the ground, wet and messy because of the drool and some acids from her stomach that were now on Foster’s head too. ”Hard enough? As if there is a hard enough that is enough to beat her on a physical level…” he thought while being glad they won despite he was the first being eliminated and being glad they did not have to undergo a resistance test of sort otherwise he was unlikely to survive

"Alright class, now for our next activity, time to test your endurance! I will lie under that bar, and you will hang on as long as possible. If you last 3 minutes, I will let you down. Otherwise, you will fall into my mouth. Any volunteers to go first?" She began walking over to the metal bar, her belly still squirming as the girls fought for oxygen inside her guts.

They looked at the teacher finishing eating the girls and they thought it was the end of it, but she turned the tables again. There was time for one last activity and it seemed she wanted the whole class inside her belly “What? Wait…NO! we won… can’t we… go shower and get ready for next class? I mean…” Foster got a bit closer, but not too much and lower his voice so that only Miss Martin could listen “I… am not good at this… I’ll surely loose and… I… don’t wanna… I CAN’T be… devoured! I… I passed all your test till now… does this means nothing? I am a good student!” he looked at her with pleading eyes

"A good student is well-rounded in all subjects! And I don't mean well rounded as in chubby, though that does make them more filling~" She chuckled at her own cruel joke. "You are one of my favorite students, and I trust you can do this! You go first, I'll lift you up to the bar."

Foster knew she referred to his not so slim nor fit figure. He was a bit chubby actually, just on his belly, but still he was. "No no wait... please... Can we... find a deal? If I am one of your favourite... I... I'll massage your belly while you digest if you spare me or... at least... go down to one minute on the bat. I beg you... three minutes is too much for me... I'll surely fall in your... wonderful mouth!" he looked at her with despair in his eyes

As she lay down on her back, she lifted the boy with both hands up to the bar, waiting for him to grab on. "You can massage my belly any time you want, after you pass this test, dear! Please don't make me bump it up to four minutes! I would like to keep you around."

Foster knew there was no way she would lower the timing so he decided to grab the bar before she could really make those four minutes instead of three. He wrapped his hands around the bar and shivered while she was still holding him. He looked at the huge belly of his teacher and to her face soon after. He was really scared, she could see that

"Ready, BEGIN!" She lowered her arms, forcing him to support his own weight, and clicked a small stopwatch in her hand. Her mouth opened wide directly beneath him. It was soft and pink, slimy with strings of drool, and she danced her tongue around playfully, smiling at him, almost as if she knew about his secret desires, and was tempting him into letting go.

Foster took couple deep breaths before she let him go and observed her starting the timer and of course opening her mouth soon after. He widened his eyes and stared deep into that black abyss that engulfed many girls seconds ago. He also felt her hot breath washing over him, he could feel it; the warmth coming from within her, the burning temperature within her stomach hinting him to let go and join the girls inside her stewing gut. “Please…” he begged her hoping she could close her mouth and declare the competition over any time before the actual three minutes. He looked at that dancing tongue and her drool “W-what are you doing?” he asked while a bulge started tensing inside his pants and soon to be noticed by his classmates as well which pointed at him. He blushed and the embarrassment almost made him let go. He tried to get a better grip “This is not fair! Miss Martin… please…”

His nervousness and other feelings made his hands sweaty, which only made it harder to hold onto the smooth metal bar. "Only two more minutes~"

"TWO!" he exclaimed. It seemed like an eternity "Miss please... close your mouth! do it for me... I'll massage you THOROUGHLY!" he promised while more of her breath hit him as it was an entire minute she kept her mouth open under him, allowing him to smell her breath and his future with it. His right hand slipping more and more already

Miss Martin was rushing with excitement at the helplessness of the boy and his desperate pleas, like a cat toying with a mouse. "You can massage me nice and thoroughly from the inside, if you slip~" she taunted seductively.

"B-but... I'll die! Wait... you... WANT me to slip?" he asked while his right hand let go "No!... Wait!"

Now dangling only by the fingertips of one hand, Miss Martin opened her jaws wider, anticipating his fall.

Foster could not resist any further and let go free falling into that insanely wide open mouth of hers. His fit lodged into her throat with ease and he stopped his fall grabbing the sides of her mouth. Half his body out of it and his face looking at her "I beg you. Don't do this to me... I... I'll study more I swear!"

Nothing in the universe could have saved him then, half-lodged in a hungry amazon's jaws. Without speaking, she swallowed hard. She could have gulped him down in an instant, even lying on her back, but instead, she slowly sucked him down, his fingers desperately slipping from her mouth as the muscular throat squeezed him and pulled him into the slimy, smelly abyss.

He waited for an answer but his only answer was her throat slowly starting to tug him down, teasing him. While entering her throat more and more, his bulge pressed against it revealing how excited he was and not just scared. "Miss Martin! Answer me! I'm your best student... you cna't do this to me! PLease... wait... I... LOVE you!" he panicked but finally he got fully slurped and darkness sealed him inside her. His whole body descending more and more into her, slowly, each moves could be felt by her and the smell of her belly becoming stronger and stronger till he felt something squishy touching him. Probably the remains of the digesting girls "Aaaaaaaaaaaah!

Miss Martin heard every word, and felt even more excitement. She knew he loved her, and now he would get to be part of her forever. His nutrients would become some pounds of fat on her butt, and cushion her comfortably. He might not appreciate it now, but she knew it was truly the kindest thing to give him that chance. It was a better future than he would have had otherwise. She closed her eyes blissfully and swallowed, squeezing him into her belly. The girls were already weakened and jelly-like from the acids and enzymes, so even though they were still semi-conscious, Foster broke them apart into chunks as he entered the tight cavity.

"Miss Martin! C-can you hear me?!" he pressed his hands somewhere probably causing imprints on the outside. The other boys remaiend silent because that way, if she was distracted enough they had a chance to get out of that gym class alive "I'm inside your stomach! I... can't believe I'm in here! I've never been here! I alway managed to escape your mouth!" he started massaging her belly from inside

She patted her belly, feeling the boy's desperate last attempts to please her. She would have comforted him, but she didn't like speaking to food inside of her, and she had a class to finish teaching. The muscular walls squeezed him uncomfortably as she stood up and he felt the enzymes secrete into his fleshy prison, with a foul acidic smell.

As she stood up and the whole chamber filled with acid it was clear he stood no chances. He became food for his teacher, nutrients for her body and soon just became her next bowel movement


It was the day! The class was off for one of the most appreciated moment of the academic year: class trip. After couple hours on the bus they arrived at the hotel. There were no planned activities for the evening if not dinner at the restaurant. All the excursions and visits were booked for the day after, so students had the evening/night off. Of course the ground rule was not to go around the hotel at night and not disturb the other guests, but do students really always listen? Anyway it was time to checkin and discover how each and every student would have been assigned in the hotel and with whom he or she would have spent the next few days. Some asked to be put together, but the final decision was up to the prof of course.

"Alright class, quiet down. Samantha, Emily, Suzie, you'll be in room 44. James, Dylan, Ryan, room 45. And Foster, you'll be rooming with me. Be in your rooms by 7 and asleep by 8, or else!"

No one really expected that to happen, but when miss Martin assigned a student in her room everyone fell silent and stared at him. He himself blinked and started to blush a lil bit “Ehm… miss Martin? Excuse me, but… did you just say… my room is… your room?” he asked thinking she just was wrong. No student was supposed to stay within a prof’s room, let alone miss Martin’s room given her… cravings.

"Yes dear. Don't worry, I promise I won't gobble you up, even though you are a cute little piece of meat~" She pinched the boy's cheek.

Foster did not move an inch as she confirmed what she said before and pinched his cheek. He had a bad feeling about it, but deep down he was quite curious to stay in the same room with miss Martin; just, he was not sure he would pass the night

7:00 came around, and the teacher, after eating over half of the hotel buffet and one staff who tried to stop her, retired to her room, waiting for her roommate to show up, the adorable chubby little boy who she promised herself she would not eat.

There was not much time after dinner to go around given the hour miss Martin imposed to everyone. Sure thing Foster did not want to anger her given he had to stay with her so he entered their room five minutes before 7 "Hello..." he shyly said standing in front of the door and looking at their room, not really knowing what to do or how to act

"Ah, hello. As I promised, I won't gobble you up tonight. In fact, to prove how committed I am, I will ask you to stay naked, and covered in this barbecue glaze I brought!"

Foster blinked and gulped evidently tense "Wait... are you kidding?" he asked smiling a lil bit and hoping for her to confirm his theory because otherwise that seemed all the opposite of her spoken intencions

"I do not play jokes with my students, I am quite serious. It's a big container, it should be enough, and it's not too sticky, so you should be comfortable."

"But... why can't I just sleep in my bad and... with my pj? I mean... nude? Are you serious? You are my teacher... you shouldn't see me... like that. You'd see my... my..." he blushed a bit more now as he was evidently thinking about the most erotic part of her plan

She tossed him the giant bottle of sauce. "Make sure you get it all over, in your cute little butt too. I'll be right back, I'm going to check on Dylan's room." She squeezed out the door and left him there, dumbstruck. The 20 year old woman she had eaten an hour ago was already mush, and broke apart as she exited the doorway.

Foster barely grabbed the bottle she tossed him and he looked at her a bit worried. He sure wanted to reply, but she did not give him the chance to as she went out. Once alone he moved to his luggage and opened it. Took the bathroom kit and went to have a shower taig advantage of the time alone.He left the bottle on his night table for now. Only question was: would he make in time to finish showering before she was back?

He was just getting out of the shower when he heard the door swing open, the creak of the doorframe, and footsteps that sounded heavier than usual. "Where did you go, you little rascal?" her voice boomed out.

Foster was drying himself when he heard all that. Needless to say that his heart skipped a beat and his blood froze in his veins, but eventually he managed to answer " I... am in the bathroom. I'll leave it to you soon. I am done!" he said hoping that would be enough, but he had the terrible doubt she did not care much about the bathroom

He was right, and she swung open the door to see him naked. "Have you even started putting on the glaze? Hurry up please! I found the other boys watching inappropriate films on the television in their room, so I figured if they really wanted to see inside a woman, I'd show them up close." She patted her squirming belly, looking octuple pregnant. "I'll need you to massage me a bit so I don't get a bellyache, then you can sleep."

As the door slammed open he tried his best to cover his body. He grabbed a towel and barely put it over him "Hey mis-" he got immediately interrupted and as she advertised her meal he widened his eyes at her belly "Ok, I... I'll massage your belly, but... why do I have to be naked and... with that sauce on me if you don't wanna eat me? Won't that be a... tease for you?"

She spoke as she walked over and laid down on the bed on her back. "Here's a lesson you'd know if you paid attention in class: every night, Mahatma Gandhi slept next to naked women to test his faith and never once even touched them. So are you saying you don't trust me to control my urges? You don't trust your own teacher? How sad! The best way to fix that, is prove that I can to you. Now hurry up, they're going to run out of oxygen soon."

"No is not that..." he tried to adjust his mistake. "Them? How many did you..." he trailed off still feeling a bit uncomfortable about her diet, but he could not help and find her hot like that. He walked to the room with the towel covering his privates and started to try and find a pair of boxers with one hand i his luggage, while the other was busy keeping the towel in position "Just... let me find some... boxers..."

"No boxers! Take off that towel right now young man, or else!"

Scared by the threat he rose his hands in sign of surrender and the towel dropped showing his hardening cock under it. He did not even dare to justify himself as he gulped in a mixture of fear and excitment

She was wearing a translucent night-gown and panties, with her nipples clearly visible and her womanly parts clearly outlined. "Ah, so a little excited, aren't we? Finish putting that sauce on so you can massage me! They're still squirming~"

He had no choice, but to obey for two reasons: one, she was asking him to do so and two, she was tempting him with her body. He grabbed the bottle and looked at it a bit hesitantly at first, but in the end he uncapped it and poured it all over his body. After that he slowly approached the teacher and each step he took her belly seemed bigger and louder. Once in front of it he posed his hands onto it and started rubbing. "Miss Martin... why you choose me to stay in your room?"

"Because, you're the chubbiest, most delicious looking little boy in the whole class! Even when I'm not eating you, just looking at your little face and your round bottom gives me butterflies in my stomach, and I can just fantasize about stewing you with carrots and onions... nevermind! My apologies, that was inappropriate for school. I tend to get a little impulsive near the end of the year."

Her confession made it clear that despite her words and even despite the chance she would have been able to resist her urges, she WANTED to eat him. She probably planned this trip just for this: having him there. "Whoa... I... did not know you wanted to... me... so badly..." while she described her feeling his cock throbbed some "I guess... you wanted me to fail all the times you tested me in class. Well... good thing you have those inside... this way... you won't eat me. You ... are full now, right?" he asked keeping massaging and doing such a good job in it

She moaned at the feeling of the boys massaging her from inside and the one massaging her from the outside. "Oh yes don't worry. Those boys are troublemakers-er, were troublemakers. But you are a little angel, and I have eaten quite a bit today, so you are completely 100% safe." Inside, two of the boys were already half dissolved from her rapid digestive system, while the third was sobbing desperately.

"Good!" he said giving a lil pat onto her belly with both his hands "Now... I'll go to sleep, but... first... I probably need to get rid of this sauce before going to bed... don't you think?"

"No! Apply a little more, actually. Don't worry, they wash the sheets. I'm going to close my eyes. And if I wake up and you're not in bed next to me, then you're in big trouble!" She rolled onto her side, her massive belly gurgling and groaning with the hundreds of pounds of meat inside.

Foster was grabbing the bottle again, but as she said to sleep with her he gasped "WHAT? Wait... you want me to sleep next to you? THis is... inappropriate... don't you think?" despite his words were saying no, his body ws saying yes because his penis was now fully erect and his hands were acting on their own as he poured all the bottle onto him while his shocked face kept staring at her big belly and her pussy too. His eyes stealing glances of her more feminine parts: her breasts, her vagina, her nipples.

"Oh please, don't act like you're not excited, your little friend is ratting you out. Now hurry, I'm tired."

Foster gulped and stepped closer "Ok, but... are you sure that... you won't... eat me? I mean... you just confessed you want and... I really wanna live and not die in your stomach!"

"How many times do I have to say it? If you won't stop complaining, I might have to eat you just to keep you quiet! Now, it's already past 8, time for lights out."

He had no choice so stepped closer to her and lied next to her. He shivered some as her belly was looming over him and the sounds coming from within were teasing him, almost calling him as if her stomach knew he was out there... and wanted him in there

Miss Martin quickly dozed off as her body processed the 3 boys into protein. She dreamed she was at a luxury resort, and she could push a single button to deliver delicious young boys to her room, naked and oiled, right to her bed. She started drooling. One of the boys in her dream was being troublesome and didn't want to be eaten, she she tried to grab him. As this happened in her dream, she stirred and started reaching towards Foster slowly with her huge arms.

With time he dozed off as well and when she hugged him he was already fast asleep as well. The only difference between them was that while she was having that dream he was having a nightmare about his teacher being a giant demon from hell that was gulping down countless boys while keeping him on a leash; her arms constricting him only making his dream more vivid as he could not move too much

Foster was not the lightest sleeper, but even he could not stay asleep when the woman started dragging him towards her jaws, opened her mouth, and breathed her warm breath onto him as her stomach gurgled.

In his dream she tugged his leash and lifted him to her mouth which opened and the flames of hell enveloped him. That was the time he woke up and by that time he found himself moving towards her mouth for real "Miss MARTIN!" he exclaimed trying to move away, but he was alrady in her grasp

The scream was enough for the giantess to open her eyes. He was relieved, until she started murmuring sleepily: "Ohhh finally....room service.....one deluxe little boy...mmmmmm..."

"What? No! You promised!" he protested more as he wiggled while her hot breath was already engulfing his face and some sauce dripping from his body into her mouth

She began licking his face, swirling her tongue all around his head. "Mmmmm this is the tastiest one yet...."

"Martin! WAKE UP!" he screamed some more and tried to move away from her grip with the help of the sauce making his body quite slippery

Slowly but powerfully, she opened her jaws wide and inserted his head into her mouth, pushing it until his face pressed against the back of her throat and her lips sucked on his naked saucy shoulders. He could smell the food stuck in her back teeth.

In an instant his world changed and her insides became his new panorama. The smell of her breath and the acidic smell of his future coming up from her throat weakened him, but somehow also excited him because his cock started to rise again and soon pressed against her body, between her boobs. His hand, still outside of her mouth tried to pull himself out pressing onto her face. Hopefully she would wake up at this point, or her dream was too good to wake up from?

At that moment, the feeling of food entering her throat was enough to fully wake the teacher up. She realized she had the poor boy lodged halfway in her mouth! Damn, she had been so close to keeping it under control. Oh well, she might as well let him go. But...she already had him in her mouth, so if she let him go, she would probably do the same thing again later. Plus, he seemed to be enjoying it anyways, from the small erection she felt pressing on her chest. She might as well just finish swallowing him. She sat there for a moment, undecided, with the boy desperately writhing in her jaws.

Foster noticed her pausing and he understood she woke up. He stopped moving and sighed "Miss Martin? You... woke up? Thank goodness... let me go now... you almost ate me. You said you could control yourself... what happened?"

She spoke hesitantly, her voice echoing around his head, still half-lodged in her throat. "Oh honey, I'm sorry. But there's no going back now..." With that, she started lifting him upwards, and pushed his head deeper into her throat, slurping up the boy and tasting the glaze with her tongue.

"What? No! This was not the pact! I... massaged your belly!" he protested as he started to wiggle again, but his erection grew more and more

Smiling, she greedily gobbled him up, playing with his erection for a moment with her tongue before her stomach got the better of her and she kept swallowing. Only his legs stuck out of her throat now. She knew he really wanted to be inside of her, become part of her forever, she was just helping him get over his hesitance. The taste as she licked the glaze off his round bottom, combined with the terrified sweat, was phenomenal.

He was sure a mix of different flavours and one was about to add. As she licked and played with him some he climaxed and his salty cum got sprouted down her throat together with the rest of his body "Teacher... no... please..." despite his words his actions of resistance were becoming less vibrant and he was accepting his fate "I beg you... I... always answered right to your tests... I... don't deserve to.... dissolve... within your body!"

The combination of his pleading sobs, and the mention of his fat little flesh dissolving into soup inside of her, made Miss Martin so excited that, just as he cummed, she gulped hard and sucked the rest of his body down in an instant. His feet disappeared past her lips and she closed her eyes, feeling her throat squeeze the ball of pudge into her belly. Normally she'd be a bit touched by the desperate pleads, but she was so excited to digest him that she didn't even consider pity. The three boys and the staff from earlier were mostly in her upper intestine now, so Foster was squeezed into a mostly empty chamber except for some bits of hair and chunks of meat near the bottom.

Foster did not expect such a sudden reaction and as she gulped him down he hold his breath as the sudden motion almost squeezed him. In an instant he made her throat expand and disappear under her collarbone, between her boobs, inside her stomach to become food for the teacher. Once inside of that gut of her he could breathe again, but the air was not really breathable. The stench of her insides was just a reminder of what he was about to become for her. He pressed agains her stomach "Martin... c'mon... you gave me your word... you can't kill me like this!" he pleaded, but while pleading he also realised where he was and that idea made him hard again

Though usually she disliked talking to her food, she made an exception and spoke softly as she lay back onto her back. Her voice echoed and vibrated around him from the inside, almost like listening to someone from underwater, but he could understand the words. "I know you love it in there. My stomach is empty, and it's pretty hungry, so you only have about fifteen minutes until you're mush. Better hurry if you want to cum again..."

"Wait you know? How?" he was surprised, but while waiting and kinda spoiling his first minutes inside her stomach he just sat there while her words did their effect on his penis "And... wouldn't you mind?"
Her stomach gurgled and the slimy walls compressed him. "The enzymes are going to start flooding in soon, better hurry up~"

He was not going to make her repeat as those was his last moment on earth. He grabbed his cock and stroked it for a while, but after some seconds he moved inside of her. From the outside her belly stretched and his imprints could be seen as he positioned himself so that he could thrust his pelvis and make his cock stroke against her stomach walls "M-miss Martin... oh my... I can't believe I'll become your food and.. I am... fucking your... stomach!"

She smiled, resolving to speak no more and let the boy enjoy his last moments in one piece. The walls tightened more and an acidic bile smell increased as digestive fluids started pooling up.

Soon he was not able to continue as the acid started to devour him. He completed his last climax by his own before dissolving within her merciless belly. One last scream fading out as his last breath added to the final air that would have soon after become her blasting burp

Half asleep, Miss Martin let out an "UUURRPPPPPPPP," the last trace of the boy who had been a living breathing human with hopes and dreams just minutes ago. The air tasted like barbecue sauce and she smiled, content.

Part 5: Glutton Hits The Gym
Spoiler: show

Miss Martin pounded onto the oversized, tank-sized Amazon treadmill, her footsteps making the entire room vibrate. Before her vacation, she had been 15 feet tall and weighed 9,000 pounds. Now, after digesting over 400 boys over her vacation, she was over 20 feet tall and weighed nearly 15,000 pounds. It was getting difficult for her to even fit into Amazon-sized doorways with all the extra fat now on her belly, her breasts, and her enormous buttocks. She was worried she wouldn't be able to fit inside her classroom once school started again soon!

For that reason, she was at the gym trying to burn some of her thousands of pounds of fat. It was not going well. She slammed her feet onto the treadmill, her whole body jiggling with each shockwave and dripping in sweat. She wore tight athletic shorts, barely able to stay around her elephant-sized backside without tearing at the seams, and a white cropped shirt, both completely saturated in sweat. Her face was flushed red, and she was nearly dizzy with exhaustion. All she had eaten for breakfast today was 100 pancakes! (and a teen boy she had run into on the way to the gym).

The enormous teacher slammed a button with her finger and the treadmill slowed down until she was standing still, panting and dripping with sweat. It said she had run one mile, but it felt like a marathon to her. Her heart was working in overdrive to pump blood to all the thousands of pounds of blubbery body. *BLOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRPPP~* Her stomach growled loudly, begging for some meat. The boy from earlier was already thoroughly reduced to chyme and her stomach was completely empty.

Catching her breath, she tugged the wedgied shorts out of her sweaty butt crack. "Okay, time for some lunch." The giantess reached into her gym bag and pulled out a large plastic bag full of a dozen heads of lettuce. "I'm so hungry right now, I could eat a whole class!" she thought to herself, "But these are supposed to be healthy, so maybe they're more filling than they look..." Hesitantly, she grabbed one and tossed it in her mouth, but immediately spit it out. "EUGH!! DISGUSTING! How are people supposed to eat this? It tastes like grass! It's not savory or tasty at all..."

Looking down at her enormous belly, she sighed, closed her eyes, and tossed all 11 heads of lettuce into her mouth, tossing her head back and swallowing without chewing. *GLOOOORPP~* Her stomach groaned, not content. "And I'm still starving..." she muttered to herself. "Maybe this dieting thing isn't such a good idea after all..."

"No! Snap out of it, you want to be a good role model for your students. You won't be able to have your loving little snacks if you can't fit into the classroom." she thought to herself. Determined, she picked up her bag and started squeezing down the hallway to get to the open gymnasium so she could do jumping jacks. However, as she got closer, a strange, alluring buttery smell wafted into her nose, getting stronger and stronger. Her stomach growled, and she crept forward curiously, poking her head into the doroway of the gymnasium.

In the gym was a group of people and a large banner hung on the wall which read "10th ANNUAL BOY SCOUTS BUTTER WRESTLING COMPETITION". There were several large vats of warm butter, and a group of at least 40 young boys removing their clothes and stripping to underwear. A man walked up onto a small stage and spoke, "Welcome to the butter wrestling competition! Our local tradition, this year's prize is a one hundred dollar coupon. Now everyone knows the rules: Boys must be completely buttered up, and then enter the circle. The first one to get pushed out loses. Now get buttered up boys!"

The boys, now in only underwear, began pouring the warm, salty butter onto each other with large ladles and rubbing it on each other. Some of them climbed up and hopped into the vats of butter, splashing it everywhere. Miss Martin watched, drooling, as one boy tenderly massaged the butter onto another's back, rubbing the shiny glistening yellow fat down onto his cute little butt, squeezing it and rubbing it in. Her womanly parts started dripping through her shorts as she thought about devouring every single boy in that room. "No!" she thought to herself. "You are on a strict diet, no exceptions! If you want to eat some boys, wait until class starts again and you can punish tardies! Maybe I should just go home and take my mind off of food, and try this again tomorrow..."

*GUUUUUUUUUUURGLE~* Just then, her stomach groaned loudly. Her body knew there was fresh meat right in front of her, and started producing digestive enzymes excitedly. Unfortunately, the growl was loud enough to evoke the attention of everyone in the room. The boys all saw the giant woman drooling ravenously and knew what it meant. Everyone stared, frozen with fear.

"Ahhhh screw it, this diet is never gonna work! Time for an all-I-can-eat buffet!" she said aloud. The boys screamed and ran towards the emergency exit, but unfortunately for them, and fortunately for Miss Martin, the door was jammed shut. The only other exit was the doorway which the ogress was squeezing her enormous belly and buttocks through. One desperate boy quickly clambered up her side and tried to climb out past her, but unfortunately the only narrow opening was between her car-sized butt cheeks. When he tried to worm to freedom, he slipped between her cheeks into the sweaty crack. Miss Martin smirked and relaxed her posterior muscles, feeling the boy get sucked into her backside and squirm from inside her intestines with a sickening *FWUMP!* sound.

The rest of the boys huddled in the corner, dripping with butter, as she squeezed her hips past the frame and plopped inside of the room, slamming the heavy doors shut with enough force to bend them, making them jammed shut. The chaperone, a middle aged man, stepped forward and kneeled in front of her. "Please ma'am, you can eat all of these boys, but please don't eat me. I have a family!" he sobbed.

"Don't eat you... well, if you insist." She lifted up one leg and swiftly brought it down onto the cowering man, completely crushing him with her weight. Blood and bits of gore splattered as he was reduced to a smear by the 7-ton woman. She giggled, and took off her now-messy tennis shoes, tossing them to the side. The boys were shuddering and whimpering, trying to look away. She splattered the man like a bug not only because it was fun to her, but because she loved when her boys were absolutely terrified. Something about them trembling, begging her not to eat them was so adorable, it made her stomach growl and her nether regions moisten.

"Now, for the main course." She walked over to the mass of trembling, buttery boys. Uncerimoniously, she lunged forward and grabbed one in each hand, her hands just big enough to wrap around their waists. They were slippery, but all their squirming could not match her iron grip. She shoved them both headfirst into her open slavering lips, side-by-side. It was wonderful feeling her lips around the waists of the two squirming boys, pressed together chest-to-chest, and feeling their soft vibrations on her tongue as they sobbed and pleaded from inside her mouth. She wanted to savor the sweet buttery flavor, but her stomach growled. The boys could hear the bubbling acidic churning coming from far below, before she closed her eyes and swallowed them both at once. It was a little difficult swallowing two boys at once, but with a wince, she squeezed the writhing lump down into her stomach.

Her stomach gurgled, quickly getting to work on breaking down the two morsels of meat into soup. Miss Martin grabbed another boy and quickly stuffed him into her mouth headfirst, swallowing him in an instant. While she swallowed, she grabbed another buttery, sobbing boy with her other hand, and brought him to her lips by the time the first one reached her stomach. In this way she ate the boy scouts in a rhythm, swallowing them whole one after another. They were all huddled together, and if one tried to flee between her legs, she could easily grab him and send him to her gut next. Before long, her stomach was stuffed with 38 wriggling boys.

4 boys remained trembling before her massive, gurgling body. The amazon grabbed two of them and shoved them into her mouth, stuffing them partially into her cheeks. Then she grabbed the other two and slid them into her lips, now having four whole boys writhing inside of her mouth. She could not have done this a month ago, but after her vacation, not only her weight but her skeleton had increased in size. Closing her eyes tightly, she swallowed hard, and all four boys went down her throat. The lump traveled slowly, and then stopped near her windpipe. She had bitten off more than she could chew!

Panicking, she swallowed harder, squeezing her muscles, veins popping in her neck until the lump shifted and plummeted down into her stomach. However, one squirming snack had slipped into her windpipe! She felt the squirming boy inside of her upper lungs and gagged. Coughing hard, the boy came flying out of her mouth and tumbled onto the floor. He was too dazed to be relieved, before she quickly snatched him up and swallowed him again.

Content with the 42 boys inside of her (or what remained of them) she laid onto her side. Her gut was almost the size of the rest of her body, and she could hardly move. *UUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!* Three pairs of underwear, two small skulls, and several other acid-bleached bones flew out of her mouth and landed in a slimy puddle. She closed her eyes for another digestive nap, but she was only thinking about her next meal, her plan for a feast even bigger and tastier than this.
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