Vore in the SCP Foundation

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Vore in the SCP Foundation

Postby vorelover2 » Fri Feb 08, 2019 2:10 am

Ok so there are probably some of you who know this and it may have already been posted here, if so I'll just make it relevant again cause I thought this was cleverly hidden in plain site, pardon the pun.

For those of you that may not or dont know the SCP foundation is a made up web based site created around The Foundation, an secret organization tasked with Securing anomalous items, entities, locations, and other things that go against the laws of physics/natural order of the world. Containing them to Protect the world from some of the more harmful things that may exist and cause mass panic, extinction, or the current reality breaking in one way or another.
They do this by establishing SCP's or Secure Contaiment Procedures and they number them 001 through currently 3999 with the current series going into the 4000's being added. Sometimes they experiment, sometimes they dont depending on if they want to understand what they are dealing with.
That's where this find comes in. I was reading the experiment logs for an experiment that isnt important at the time but said experiment involves taking a D-class, which is what they call people they get from jails, death row, or just people who arnt going to be missed who can be expendable or can earn release from jail time, SCP-914, and SCP-500

SCP-500 is a set of limited pills that can cure any disease known to man and some not known depending on the circumstances. While SCP-914 is an object that can combine items put into its input chamber in weird and sometimes amusing, sometimes deadly, results. So basicly you get a bunch of good test logs to read. And as from that I'll just link the test performed and let the rest be self explanatory. I will also include the page of the test log in question, as well as 500 and 914's pages too


Caucasian female, twenty-five (25) years of age, five (5) foot, seven (7) inches in height, and one hundred and thirty-nine (139) pounds in weight. Subject is in relatively good health. No major medical issues.
One (1) pill of SCP-500
Setting: 1:1

One human female of the same dimensions as the original subject. Subject appeared to be normal until approached by staff. Subject then proceeded to open its thoracic cavity, wrap a large, sinuous tongue around the closest researcher and attempted to pull him inside the cavity, most likely to consume him.

However, personnel on call in the room were prepared for such an event, and fired several high-dosage tranquilizer darts at the subject, effectively knocking it out. The researcher survived, with no wounds, although it is recommended he see an on site psychologist for counseling.

Closer examination of the subject revealed that the entire thoracic cavity functioned as one large mouth, with no sign of the internal organs that would normally reside within, with the exception of the alimentary canal, which was capable of expanding several dozen times its original size. The stomach also produced an acid much stronger than anything found in nature.

The tongue secreted a type of neurotoxin that acted through skin contact, leading to a brief euphoric state, then unconsciousness in the infected.

The pelvic bones also appeared to be capable of unhinging, most likely to allow excretion to happen easier, due to the possible large size of the subject's intended prey, and to the fact that no facilities for mastication were found within the subject's biology.

Note: Kenneth got off lightly there, but he still freaks out mildly every time he sees a woman with her arms outstretched. We'll keep the specimen for research. Although… this is not what I was originally hoping for, I think I may use the canal…"



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Re: Vore in the SCP Foundation

Postby Doughnutz2000 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:19 pm

It'd be awesome if this appeared in the game, but that's unlikely. Some fan art would be cool perhaps
Unbirth and Anal Vore FTW
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Re: Vore in the SCP Foundation

Postby calldahotline » Sun Feb 10, 2019 8:39 pm

Well to replicate it, you would need both SCPs, both of which are in game, and a live woman, which is not, so far as I can tell. How would you even persuade her to get in? and besides, 914 would have a lot of potential results, and that's a lot of programming to do.
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Re: Vore in the SCP Foundation

Postby Kitsouille » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:03 am

I was always certain that some vore appeared in the SCP foundation but I've never read past SCP-50 ^^;
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