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alien vore story

Postby msc13 » Tue Jun 11, 2019 4:06 pm

first one, any feedback is appreciated

Vore Diner:

"Good Evening, thank you for choosing the Mercury Steakhouse, I am your friends House Special tonight. Your meal will be out shortly sir, in the meantime can I interest either of you in any deserts? In that case, I believe you ordered me feet first?

'Hmmm, looks like your friend is taking his time with my thighs, I guess I have a few minutes. Huh? No, I'm actually an imported meat, from a planet in the Envi Galaxy called Earth. Us Humans weren't always prey, in fact we were once at the top of the food chain, but after we were conquered the aliens decided our planet would be easier to farm if another species were dominant. Took some time, but you know how the Azkerem are handy with genetic manipulation.

'hm? Oh no, I am completely non-gmo. Most women aren't nowadays, but a few of us are still around for those who prefer their meat unspoiled, *umph* like your friend. Speaking of, it appears he's kind of stuck at my hips, if you want I'm available for take-out.
'Ok, hopefully he can lubricate my ass enough to slide it into his mouth.

'Yes, most of the animals on our planet were altered. Originally, all that was changed was laws being passed striping women of any rights we still (or ever) had, kind of distracting any of the guys still around from resisting if you know what I mean. Then, the aliens started messing with our animals, turning them into human predators. Scary sure, but when they started messing with their breeding habits letting them... mmhm.
Sorry, he's pretty handy with that tongue of his. What was I saying?
Oh yeah... the aliens altered animal DNA to allow them to breed with human females . It was a taboo in our human culture, but I guess that's how you aliens believe one species establishes dominance over another species. You see, we were a little more willing to cooperate with being bred and made usefull if it meant not getting eaten, especially as most of the animals had grown much stronger than us. Personally, I took the first opportunity to come here and...

"Ooph, looks like he got past my hips. Gee, he's making progress. Do you need a refill on your drinks? Well, I can't exactly fill your glass myself, better flag one of the waiters. Yeah, things got pretty crazy there hehe. To be honest, humans would have eventually gone extinct a long while ago if girls hadn't become an overnight sensation in the intergalactic culinary community. Now we're our planets biggest export.

"Oh Sorry, it's hard to stay focused, you're friend's really wolfing me down, wow. Haven't been this stimulated in a while. So not to be inquisitive, but I see your frend is a Kistch, so it should be a while before I black out in his stomach. Never done this before aha, but I heard it's not the worst experience. Oh, If you're interested in ordering another girl, see the waiter for our upcoming specials.

"Gee, I guess this is it. Say, if you want to change your mind and order me as take out, my seasoning stores well overnight. Not terrible as a cheap sex doll either haha, and I'm pretty good with my tongue if that works for you?"

"Guess not."
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