Quick story I found... (sexual)(digestion)

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Quick story I found... (sexual)(digestion)

Postby CrazedHyena » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:22 pm

Alright before we get there i have to claim this is not my story, and if you know the Author or any other of his stories please tell me.

By Rob (RobLynx)

Hey, sorry if I've been away for awhile, but life has gotten to be a pain. I did manage to finish this finally, it's my first story.

If you're offended by gay thoughts, graphic descriptions of male genitalia, or people being swallowed whole and alive by half man, half horse creatures, then don't read below this line. Otherwise, if you're into that stuff, enjoy.

This is by no means a realistic vore story. The prey doesn't suffocate and feels pleasure rather than pain. What it is is my idealized fantasy put into words in a somewhat rambling fashion.

- 1 -

It was a slightly cool Saturday morning in the woods. I was having a walk down one of the main paths, enjoying the clean country air and loving the nature I saw around me. And then, I saw him.

He was massive. An obvious cross between a horse and a man, the anthromorph stood at ten or eleven feet tall with short, brown fur. And he was totally nude. My eyes lit up and I wandered to the edge of clearing he was in. He was doing some sort of exercises...and his back was turned to me so I let myself ogle at the sight. The huge muscles of his sweaty back bulged as he moved... his tail swished from side to side in front of a cute, shapely rear. Me, being a healthy human who happened to be gay, started to respond to this masculine vision. I started to move just a little closer, trying to get a better view, when a twig snapped loudly underfoot. I froze as he turned, and started to blush heavily, not knowing if my excitement was noticeable or not.

He didn't say anything for a bit, he simply smiled and looked me over like I was a slab of meat, his nostrils flaring from the calisthenics. My heartbeat quickened as he looked toward my face, smiling wider, desire evident in his. He made a beckoning motion to me, and I, feeling like it was my lucky day, approached him starstruck. I giggled a bit nervously, stopping about a yard from him and looking almost straight up toward his equine face. "Hi. I'm Rob."

My own eyes then wandered to travel over his form, drinking in the sight of his muscular chest, his firm stomach, and his large manhood that hung at level with my neck, all covered in about an eighth of an inch of fur that glistened slightly from the sweat, it's musky scent flooding my nostrils. I broke away from staring almost worshipfully at his sack as it swung slightly from side to side when I felt two massive hands rest gently on my shoulders and start to squeeze lightly in a kneading fashion. I looked back up to his face, blushing and mentally kicking myself for staring like that, and he spoke in a deep voice. "Hey! I'm so glad to see you, Rob."

Almost hypnotized by his intense gaze, I simply smiled wider and walked a little closer, reaching out and up with trembling hands to stroke at his well defined six-pack. He made an encouraging mmm sound and tugged at my tshirt, pulling it off of me before I realized what had happened. I in no way objected to this, I moaned excitedly. He kneeled down before me, his face level with mine, and leaned forward. Then the most massive tongue I have ever seen slipped past his lips...it was huge! At least a foot long and third as wide, it's tip touched my chin and made it's way up my face in a quick lick, eliciting an excited gasp from me. He let out a satisfied sounding sigh and spoke a single command as he leered at me. "Strip."

This was almost too good to be true. I obeyed eagerly and without question, shedding my pants and then my underwear, my shaft springing out of them hard and excited. I tossed them carelessly to the side and returned my gaze to his huge, strong body, my hands moving forward to explore his chest. He stared at my 5'5", lithe frame and let out another mmmm, then murmured to me. "Nice. I'm just about to eat. I have a picnic blanket a few feet over that way. Want to join me?" He points, and I didn't even look before replying a little too eagerly, "Yes!"

"Good." With that, he literally swept me off my feet and into his strong arms. As I continued pawing at his chest and admiring his bulging pectoral muscles, he carried me about a hundred feet and sits with me still in his arms. He looked over my body again as I watched him, smiling, then set me down the blanket infront of him. I scooted closer, looking down toward his groin, wanting so badly to lick at his huge shaft...

My cock was hard...his was not. His yearning was of a very different and much more basic kind, as I was soon to find out. A strong hand clasped mine gently, guided it to his tight stomach, and pressed my palm against it's warm, slightly yielding surface, rubbing it slightly against the short equine fur that grew there as his other hand tenderly lifted up my chin. Our eyes met, and his intense, potent gaze bore into me, his eyes radiating a powerful, aching desire.

I felt my heart fluttering...I started to softly knead at his stomach on my own accord, my hand trying to drift downward but held right where he wanted it. I then saw his big tongue poke out and slowly lick his lips, and shortly after I heard an anxious growl from his stomach he said it; "I'm famished..." His other hand found my free one and squeezed it lightly, causing my smile to grow just a little wider. "I didn't bring any food, so you'll have to be my meal." My expression of eagerness and lust turned to one of confusion and blossoming fear. "Don't worry, I'll be gentle and swallow you whole, it won't hurt."

He squeezed my hand again assuringly, and my jaw dropping was my only response for awhile. I knew he was quite capable of doing as threatened...he was so big...and that look he had been giving me all that time...my body trembled visibly and my muscles tensed, ready to try to fight this huge creature in desperation. Hoping this was a joke I whimpered, "Don't scare me like that." He just slowly shook his head, both hands grasping mine tighter and lifting them, effortlessly moving them so that my arms pointed straight up as I grunted and squirmed, straining uselessly against his muscles. "No. I'm sorry, but you just look so delicious... and I'm too hungry." As if in agreement, his stomach growled loudly.

Then, in a swift move that caught me completely in surprise, he transferred my wrists to the unbreakable grip of one hand, the other darting toward my feet and sweeping them both up, trapping them. I writhed and struggled with all my might as he forced me down onto my back, holding my hands above my head and straightening me out, forcefully but gently. Ignoring my cries he lowered his head and gave my stomach a soft lick, then sighs. "You'll be such a wonderful meal." I was unable to do anything, he overpowered me with barely an effort and had me pinned. All I could do was plead, which I proceeded to do, my voice starting to stammer as panic overtook me. "Look, I-I'm not food. I d-don't want to die. Please have mercy on me...please..." He simply looked to my face with it's pitiful, begging expression and smiled, his eyes burning with hunger. "Oh but of course you're food. You look like it...you smell like it... and oh how you taste like it."

If I wasn't so scared at the moment that would have angered me. I guess it did, some... "I'm a m-man dammit...you can't d-do this..." His smile grew wider and his hands squeezed to remind me of who's boss. Smugly, he replied, "I can't? How are you going to stop me, you tasty little thing?" I swallowed visibly, my breaths quickening, feeling utterly impotent and helpless. Tears flooded my eyes, blurring the sight of him looking upon my body like it was some delicacy, and I started to break down. "Please let me g-go...please let me go...please..." I heard a long, disappointed-sounding sigh, and he replied in a much softer tone. "Damn you...I can't do it. I'm so sorry...I'll let you go... just let me lick you...taste you beforehand...please..."

I stopped my sniveling and blinked away the tears, confused but becoming hopeful at this sudden change of events. I looked upon his guilt-strewn face as his hands released me, wondering why... I could have scrambled to my feet and ran at that point, but licking didn't sound too bad, and I didn't want to anger him by doing so...I had no doubt that such a fit horse-man such as him could have caught up to me with no effort at all. I just swallowed and nodded shakily.

His expression became one of a child who was just given freedom to run in a candy store. He immediately started slobbering over my shins and mmming softly, obviously having a good time. I simply moved my hands to a comfortable position at my sides and waited for him to get it over with, my lust toward him turned into fear and humiliation. I wanted to run home as fast as I could...and take a bath. As I watched him taste my skin and felt his tongue make it sopping wet, I felt almost like I was being raped, forced to serve his whim "or else". With me being not only gay but a extremely submissive one at that, this eventually started to feel good. I felt my shaft starting to thicken and lengthen again as I let out a soft sigh, finding it so easy to just submit and enjoy this treatment.

And enjoy it I did...the feeling of the warm, slick muscle gliding over my naked body was so, so erotic. I even broke out into a smile and giggled, wiggling my toes as his tongue lapped at my feet, tickling them and making them glisten. For awhile I let myself forget the danger I was in and really get into being a human lollypop...I watched him move back to my legs and mmmmed as his tongue moved upwards, it's width allowing it to cover most of their surface, curling to keep nice and close to my skin. I ooohed and started to wiggle slightly as those slow, soft laps made their way to my thighs, and gasped as I felt him give my shaft a quick lick. He quickly moved his tasting to my stomach, his breath warm against my skin as he mmmmmed happily. I found myself regretting that things didn't turn out the way I expected at first...this was wonderful.

He flashed me a look of smug confidence as he made his way up my chest, slathering it in a layer of thick horse drool...it was then that I realized how stupid I'd been. Rather than placate him so he'd let me go unharmed, I just whetted the terrible hunger he has for me...I could see it in his eyes as his tongue slopped it's way up my chin. It then slowly slid over my face, smothering a hushed whimper from me as it's soft, wet surface glided over my mouth. A soft mmmm escaped him as he licked the tears that welled from my eyes. I was going to die...

He must have sensed this change of demeanor, for the next thing I knew that long, thick tongue pushed it's way past my trembling lips, invading my mouth as he lifted my head up and gave me a deep, tender kiss. He held me there for and made out with me, my head held gently in one of his huge hands. Knowing I was completely helpless at this point my mind just...let go. I let myself enjoy this toe curling kiss, I started to - timidly at first, and then with growing lust - slide my tongue against the one filling up my mouth. For at least two minutes the sounds of quickening breaths escaping nostrils and small smacking noises broke the relative silence of the woods as we mixed our saliva like lovers, my fears abating as my submissive nature was brought to the surface.

He finally broke the kiss and mmmed, a smile growing on his face as he sees the surprise in my expression. He licked his lips again, murmuring to me, "You taste /good/". With that, his tongue slapped lightly against me, covering most of my face, my only protest a muffled gasp. He proceeded to lap at my head to the point where it's utterly wet and dripping, little strands of drool hanging from my chin. At this point I was reeling from the situation, and in surprise from my thoughts.

My mind trapped against a wall of hopelessness, I started sinking down into a whole new level of submissiveness as he pushed me up into a sitting position and started making his way down my neck and back. Yeildingly I let him do so as my confused mind thought about what it would be like...being eaten alive, feeling warm, soft flesh all around me. Totally taken by someone...reduced in importance and used like that, trapped in the living heat of his body as he rested in the contentment one feels after a large meal... My manhood stirred once again in response...for some strange reason it liked the idea, and I was slowly starting to agree as I heard his mmmms of appreciation behind me and felt the warm, slick licks along my spine.

I resisted the urge to wiggle my tush and moan as I felt the slick muscle lap at it's cheeks, it felt good but I didn't want to encourage him, for I still wasn't sure I wanted to experience that enough to die for it. I just sat, breathing deeper and quicker as his tongue explored me there for a few moments, my thoughts drifting and mulling over my life as his tongue moved to my side, working to coat all of me and make my quivering body nice and slick for the coming event.

He suddenly stopped the tongue-bath and walked around to squat before my now dripping body, and I just sat there, looking to his face and quaking at the look he gave me, the one that said he was in control. Then he deliberately, slowly yawned in my face, treating me to a view of what I knew was my fate, his breath carrying the hint of fermenting grass to my nostrils. I didn't flinch, I stared agape at the sight before me. Broad flat teeth lined the entrance to his mouth, an entrance that looked large enough to, well, swallow a man whole with a bit of stretching. I swallowed visibly and looked inside...the sun hit it just right so I could see all the way in. The soft pink flesh of his cheeks and ridged palate were glistening and dripping with thick saliva...strings of the stuff stretched between the top of his mouth and the huge, soft tongue that twitched in anticipation...for me. And beyond that an uvula the size of my thumb...and darkness. I couldn't look away from the blackness of his throat... I started to feel dizzy before he finally closed his mouth and gave me that smug stare of his.

Speechless and trying to ignore the desire that overwhelmed me, I shook my head slowly and slightly. He just smiled wider and reached for my head with both hands. As I fought with myself over the issue of flight he grasped it in a firm but unbreakable manner, and pulled me toward his stomach. I didn't resist or beg as he turned my head and pressed an ear against the slightly yielding surface of his washboard belly.

His voice was softer, seductive as he murmured to me. "It's soft and warm in there. It's calling out for you, listen." I complied, my mind a mess of confusion...and I heard the wet gurgling noises within him as his stomach growled demandingly at me. And my heart quickened again, but not from fear now, but from lust. He continued to gently cajole me. "Imagine being inside me...so peaceful, not a worry in the world. You'll get to relax as you become one with my body...you'll become a part of that cock I saw you staring at...and those chest muscles you liked to pet..." Suddenly, it all seemed so obvious. I wanted this. I was small and weak, he was big and strong, and I desired to finally be put where I belonged...becoming a meal seemed so....right. I didn't reply to his words, I merely listened to them and the various noises I heard from his belly, becoming more and more turned on to the idea. He must have noticed this..."You find it sexy, don't you. And you're slutty enough to give up everything and go down into this big sexy body without a fight, moaning all the way...I can tell you want this, Bob..."

I flushed red from the humiliating words, but then the submissive part of my mind was in control, and the embarrassment just excited me all the more. I let out a shuddering sigh and, unable to think of an argument because I knew he was right, I nitpicked. "It's Rob." A massive hand ruffled gently at my hair and his next words sounded condescending. "Yeah, sorry." He gently stroked at my cheek with a forefinger...amusement tinged his afterthought. "It's not like it'll matter anymore." I didn't reply for awhile...I struggled with myself, the last shreds of my senses of self-preservation and self-worth screaming at me to run.

He made up my mind for me. "Well since you're speechless I'll bid myself bon apetit. Lay down on your back." I moved my head away from him and looked to his face as he stepped back, then with a subservient little nod I did just so, my heart pounding, my whole body aquiver.

- 2 -

He got on all fours before my feet and continued staring into my eyes as my mind raged. This is it. My life ended now, and why? Because he was hungry and I didn't have any spine. I was being totally fucked over and I cooperated, not giving a single thought about myself anymore. All that mattered was serving him by being a good meal, and experiencing that. I once again felt the wet smoothness of his tongue at my feet and watched with a mixed expression of utter shock and lust as it curled possessively around one of my ankles. His mouth opened widely and soon I felt my foot surrounded by soft, slick warmth. He quickly shoved my other foot in as well and I felt him suckle at them, his mouth vibrating around them as he mmmed happily at their flavor. The smooth hardness of his flat, herbivorous teeth as they rubbed against my ankles gently contrasted with the yielding, squishy flesh I felt. He inched forward and I let out a wavering gasp as I felt his soft lips rub halfway up my shins, my feet squirming against his tongue as they slid deeper into the wonderful, hungry pocket of flesh I felt around them.

I could feel his tongue working along my feet and lower legs, slobbering on them noisily, slicking them up, and moving them into position as predator and prey continued to stare deeply into the other's eyes. He scooted forward again and I moaned as I felt my legs slide further into his big hungry maw. My knees started to disappear into his wonderful equine mouth when I felt my feet at the soft, slick entrance to his throat. It twitched against them and spread wide open... another advance from him and I felt the tips of my feet enter into a tight tube of flesh that rippled constantly around them, the directions of those waves leading inward, toward the stomach that awaited me. I felt his gullet flex around them and pull, dragging me in another inch or so into the slimy depths of his digestive tract as a lustful cry escaped my lips.

I started to moan over and over as he continued to devour me, both his pushing advances and the strong yet gentle muscles of his esophagus working to put me away, inch by inch, filling the area with the wet sound of meat sliding against meat. I also heard the sound of his deep breaths as they escaped his flaring nostrils, and started to feel them caress my groin in warm air as he worked his way up my trembling, helpless body. Soon I couldn't see my lower body at all...all I could see where my legs and hips were supposed to be was the sweaty body of the horse that had swallowed them, and the little bulges that made under his fur and skin that moved when I shifted the ingested parts of myself. I couldn't move them much, for his throat was so very snugly constrictive around me as it tirelessly sent wave after wave of irresistible ripples down my legs...so tender, so erotic, and yet so deadly.

As I felt his nose touch against my balls he paused to rest a bit, breathing deeply against them. The sensations of his hot, humid breath blowing across my pubic hair and genitals caused me to squirm and cry out softly. I reached forward, my hands shaking visibly as I moved to rest them on his snout. My head lolled from side to side, my mind entering a haze of lust, lust caused by the very idea of losing my identity becoming mere food, lust heightened by the sensations of his exhalations and the warm feeling of rippling flesh along my lower legs as his throat, working on instinct, continued to try to drag me into him. My cock was rock hard, bobbing in the air and dribbling uncontrollably, a long string of pre connecting it's head to the puddle that formed on my stomach and flowed downward to pool in my bellybutton and run toward his lips.

I stroked lovingly at his snout for a minute or so, relishing in the feelings that the hot, tight body of my predator provided, moaning happily at just how greatly I was being screwed over, used as if I wasn't even a person. My sense of identity was crumbling away to the advances of his body on mine, as I lost more of my flesh to his I lost more and more of my ego..I didn't consider myself a person anymore at that point. I felt like a meal, I /was/ a meal, and it was marvelous to be so. Oddly enough I felt safe now. I was going where I was intended to go...

I explored the slimy smoothness of his gullet with my ingested feet as I whispered in a dreamy-sounding voice, "I hope I'm being good for you..." ...he was right. I felt like a slut. But those things didn't matter anymore. I didn't expect a reply, but I got a wink from the creature who partook of me, then his tongue slid out and glided along the cheeks of my rear, slathering a thick coating of horse drool on them, tasting them and getting them ready as I gasped out a whispery "Ahh!". While I squirmed in response the lovely sensations of hot, slimy tongue exploring between my cheeks, my respite ended.

His eyes closed blissfully, and I felt the little slimy rippling movements of his esophagus turn into powerful waves that started to draw me into his hungry body. The sounds of his pleased "mmmm"s, the wet noises of his gulping swallows, and my slightly high pitched moans and cries interrupted the noises of a calm, yet fateful morning in the forest. His lips formed a tight seal around me as he took my ass, hips, and throbbing shaft into his mouth in a series of sucking, slurping actions. His tongue greeted and lubricated every inch of my skin that entered his mouth in a heavy layer of drool as it slobbered over me messily, feeling so very good. And all the while his throat flexed warmly around my legs, working without a hint of mercy, it's only purpose to ingest food...and it did that to me without growing weary.

I felt my feet dip into a pool of liquid and push against a wall of flesh at the end of his gullet. Then, as his stomach growled loudly, vibrating my feet, I felt his stomach valve open wide to accept me, the pool of what must have been saliva draining down into the organ as a particularly strong gulp sent my feet and a small part of my shins into it as well. I gasped in surprise. It was so hot and humid in there! I was already starting to sweat from the warm embrace of his gullet, but this was like a steam bath. And I loved it...I made a little cooing sound and started to explore the fleshy furnace of his gut with my feet as his throat worked upon my legs. My toes encountered a thick layer of mucous covering a soft, wrinkly wall of flesh; the lining of his stomach. I pressed the bottoms of my feet against it and felt it quiver as another gastric growl reached my ears. Apparently his belly found me enticing...I felt honored in a strange sort of way, and eager to feel those slimy walls surrounding me totally. I started to slide my feet slowly against the quivering flesh I felt, surprised at how sticky everything was.

I breathed out in a voice filled with wonder, wanting to share this with the only person around, the one who happened to own the stomach in question. "It's soooo hot...and slimy...and sticky...i lov-" A gasp of surprise ended my words...I felt the entrance to his throat start to knead at my ass and sack. He looked at my face, his eyes showing amusement at me, then opened his mouth wide...I looked in and saw my cock near the back of his throat, my view partially obscured by the strings of drool and pre that formed between his palate and my stomach. His mouth closed and opened again, over and over as he started to mouth at me gently, teasing me. And I watched, moaning and writhing as I felt his throat slowly crawl up my tush and over my cock while his lips rubbed at the bottom of my chest. With a final loud, meaty gulp I felt my cheeks squeeze into a distorted shape as his throat engulfed them, and saw the tip of my manhood slide into the depths of his body, never to be seen again. I still felt it of course, and the peristaltic waves against it caused me to pant and squirm in extacy, but I still felt emasculated by this. My cock belonged to him now, and the rest of me was soon to follow...his lips were rubbing just under the nipples of my chest. I could smell his breath again as blew from his nose and flowed across my skin.

As I ooooohed upon feeling his tongue slither up my back and squirm there, I saw his eyes move towards my hands as they kneaded distractedly at the bridge of his muzzle, grasping at it firmly. I suppose he thought I had second thoughts...I simply wanted him to slow down, this was much too erotic to rush. His large, strong hands descended over them and pulled them away, stuffed them into his mouth with a glurping noise, then in a swift series of movements, his hands moved up my arms, gripped them firmly and shoved them in several times. My twitching hands were pushed into his throat and with a few powerful swallows...I soon found my arms encased in that tight tube up to the elbows. Instinctively I tried to pull them out, but they were held snugly in the unbreakable grip of his esophagus...I soon gave up with a long, breathy sigh... it's not like I wanted to argue, but it's hard to describe the feelings I felt at that moment. Before, I at least had the tiny chance of escape if for some reason I wanted to live...I could have grabbed onto something or gouged at his eyes in a desperate attempt to save myself...it probably wouldn't have worked but it was something. Now, I had /nothing/...my fate was sealed. I felt more utterly helpless than I have ever felt before in my life. His nostrils flaring as they blew out warm breaths across my face, his eyes moved to stare deeply into mine, their message clear. "You're all mine now...forever." There was nothing i could do to fight this now and we both knew it.

His hands free again, he pushed up into a sitting position, his legs folding indian style. I could feel his body move around mine as I was lifted up into the air until I was vertical, poised to slide the rest of the way into his stomach. Now, the only thing keeping me from doing just that was the tight embrace of his throat, and even as he paused for a bit that didn't help much. I felt myself slipping downwards gradually...the situation felt so out of control and scary in a nice sort of way. As my entrapped hands started to caress and explore the walls of his throat the intense sensations and loud noises of it swallowing me started again. I felt my knees slide past the tight stomach valve into the gooey, fleshy bag below and felt my feet encounter resistance as they pushed against the bottom of his gut. His hunger-filled eyes bore into mine, his expression demanding that I let things proceed. I was in no condition to cause him any inconvenience...my body was a trembling mess, and my knees soon started to fold under the pressure as his gullet pulsated, shoving more of me into his belly. I was a bit surprised at how cramped it was, but I had no doubts it would stretch to take all of me...the carnivorous horse knew exactly what he was doing from the start.

Things sped up from there. My body sweated profusely now, only a small part of it felt the fresh outside air, and even that was warm and smelled of horse. I felt his lips and the smooth, wet inner surface of his cheeks stretch over my biceps and slide upwards. My mind quickly became lost to lustful abandon again as his lips flowed over my shoulders and formed a soft, wet seal around my neck...all I was capable of doing was moan a panting mantra of "oh god oh god oh god", knowing that soon I would be completely eaten up, transformed into living nourishment for this strong, sexy equine. As his tongue slathered along the back of my head and curled around to caress at my cheeks, I did manage to press my face forward against his nose and passionately kiss it in an unsteady manner, my tongue sliding out and licking along it's skin and flaring nostrils as they blew hot, damp breath onto my face and into my parted lips, while I tasted the body I would eventually digest in and merge with...

I could feel the folds of the flesh along the inside of his stomach stretch elastically against my feet as more of my legs were pushed into it. My shins were bathed in it's humid heat, and slime was getting smeared on every inch of my skin as my legs wiggled about. He opened his mouth wide and I looked in, seeing what's left of my chest slimed by his frothy drool, my eyes moving to gaze upon the stretched, pulsating opening to his throat as it stretched around my lubricated torso and arms, which lay neatly pinned at my sides. I felt it tighten around me, and then a series of loud, rolling gulps flowed continuously downwards along most of my body. My head started to descend into his gaping mouth as his throat kneaded it's way upward along much chest, with me moaning constantly. The top of his mouth rose upward along my field of vision..his lips, the bottoms of his teeth, and finally the ridged, pink surface of his palate meeting my forward stare as the smell of horse breath became stronger. And still I sank lower...lower...a feeling of incredible tightness around my shoulders heralded their noisy entry into his undulating gullet, it's opening stretching wide around them and then closing snugly around my neck.

He paused again and his massive tongue started to slobber along my face and the sides of my head as drool dripped onto my head, soaking my hair, running down my skin. The soft muscle slapped at me lightly as it worked to taste every inch of me before I was finally put away. As I panted and moaned, feeling helpless, lost, and ecstatic, the tip of his tongue traced around the circle of my lips and then made it's way into my mouth possessively, slowly sliding on in as it's drool made it's way down it's length and into my mouth. It seemed as if he stuffed his entire tongue in my mouth..my lips were stretched wide around the twitching muscle, my own tongue was pressed tightly against it, feeling crowded. The tongue slowly writhed and tenderly explored my mouth and it's taste as I made muffled noises, my head shifting about. And I eagerly started to swallow down the saliva that flowed into my mouth, loving it's taste, eager for our bodily fluids to mix and not giving a thought to such concepts as hygiene anymore...considering where I was going, it didn't matter.

I gazed upward as things started getting darker and saw the last thing I would ever see..the bright blue sky and a branch of a maple tree, several green leaves fluttering softly in the slight breeze that I could no longer feel. And surrounding it, like I was gazing out of a cave opening, mere inches from my but face seeming far away, the outlines of his teeth and gums drawing closer together. As I felt his tongue slide past my lips and withdraw, the outside world was lost to me as he closed his mouth, sealing me into a total blackness from which I would never ever escape.

I felt his tongue slide across my face in a series of slow, soft laps that went on for a good while, either enjoying my taste one last time or bidding me farewell..perhaps both. My lower legs were engulfed by the slimy heat of his stomach..my body up to the neck was held snug by his rippling esophagus, and my head was lolling from side to side in his mouth, his drool and my sweat soaking it. I slowly gyrated and moaned uncontrollably, slipping downward a tiny bit with each squirm of my hips.

His tongue wormed it's way to the top of my head as I felt muscles tense all around me..I knew this was it. He slowly started to finish his feast, swallowing the rest of me down noisily. His slimy gullet pulsed and rippled around me, dragging me in, it's opening felt flexing hungrily at my chin as I gasped and cried out over and over. His palpitating throat kneaded up over my mouth, smothering my moans and incoherent words, then continued relentlessly up my head, flexing wonderfully at my cheeks as it flowed over my nose...and with a powerful gulp I was dragged squirming, whole and alive into his body, the opening to his throat closing over my head.

I couldn't see anything anymore, and all I heard around me now was a steady series of thumping beats from his heart as it worked next to mine. That, and the continual bass wooshing sound of my predator's breathing. And all around me, the tight living tube of his esophagus rippled along my skin, sending wave after wave downward and taking me along with it. I was stunned beyond belief at this point...I knew this would happen but nothing can prepare you for the realization that your life is forfeit, that you've been completely devoured and transformed into a mass of living food that can do nothing but slide downwards into a hungry, waiting stomach. I could hear it gurgling down below as it's humid heat crawled up my body...

I started to buck and writhe wildly, straining to break the fleshy bonds I knew could not be broken, just so I could feel how secure his hold on me was. I knew I couldn't harm him...his body was too big and strong to be affected by a weak little thing such as I, but I loved the feeling of helplessness that came when even my best efforts proved to be utterly futile...and I think he did too. I could hear his breaths speeding up as I was massaged down toward my destiny, moaning loudly...he was excited by the sensations of squirming prey within him. But despite all this his powerful throat muscles had no problems with me at all as they flexed around me, filling my ears with the sound of wet meat sliding against flesh, pushing and squeezing my wiggling body into his gut, which I already could feel churning around my legs and hips... it had already started the slow process of digesting me, so soon after I was gulped down.

As I slithered further into that slimy, fleshy sack I was forced by muscles much stronger than I for start curling up into a fetal position. I felt my ass push and slide against his soft, slick, and quivering stomach lining...it felt so comfortable, so nice, and both safe and deadly. I timidly explored the moving walls with my hands, trembling as I felt thick, sticky, globs of mucous squelch between my fingers. I think I got stuck as my wide shoulders started to pass through the tightness of his stomach valve...for awhile I was at a standstill, feeling out my new home as the peristaltic waves around my head became stronger and more insistent...and then with a sound that can best be described as a "glorp" I was stuffed completely into his tight, hot, slimy stomach...my new home and living tomb. I felt the ring of flesh that separated his gullet from his gut squeeze around the crown of my head, pushing it all the way in and closing, sealing me in permanently. My journey had ended.

The smell of past digestion and stomach fluids hit me like a tidalwave, overwhelming me and making me dizzy...I twitched for awhile, taking deep breaths, trying to get myself used to the foul stench and soon starting to like it...after all, I was food now...I knew I'd be smelling this for the rest of my life, and soon would be stinking just as badly. By this point my mind embraced the idea with joy, the whole situation that I was in felt so very /right/. It's as if my whole life was lived just so I could be a meal for this creature, who's body I could hear making loud organic noises all around me. Never again would I hear things like the birds that were singing just outside...instead, the wet gurgles of his happily engorged gut sang in my ears, his heart and breaths deeper noises that provided a steady background. I also heard the constant, faint whoosh of what I think was his blood flowing through his body..

The enormity of just how totally I was used up sent thrills of erotic pleasure through my submissive mind. I heard a deep bass sound that was his groan, and felt my whole world move as he sat back against a tree. Then I felt his stomach sphincter spread open along the top of my head and everything became tight as the organ that I was now owned by pressed tightly all around me, squeezing air past my head and filling my ears with the sound of the deepest, wettest belch I have ever heard in my life.

It was music to my ears, a taunting reminder of his complete victory over me. As I started to once again moan with constant abandon and rub my skin against his stomach lining, which now wrapped snugly and softly against my whole body, I heard his voice and felt a pressure against my lower back as he rested his great hands on the quivering, distinct bulge of an utterly vanquished man. "Oh god I'm sooo stuffed." I was past control at this point. I let out lustful cries and noises as my lips rubbed against the slime-layered walls of my prison of flesh, my tongue slipping out to taste the bitter and salty stuff, my whole body starting to writhe. Now nothing more than a lump of nourishment trapped and stewing inside the soft heat of his digestive tract, I was in heaven, more turned on than I would have imagined possible.

The realization that somehow I wasn't suffocating hit me suddenly...I had been squirming and slipping about for quite awhile now as his stomach enfolded me in it's hot, soft, and slimy embrace while sending waves of rippling massages down my body...and I was still alive. There was almost no free room in there, and most of that was filled up by sticky mucous...and yet somehow I could still breathe. My heart soared as I realized I would be experiencing this for a long time and I cried out with joy, loudly and constantly, soon starting to squirm even faster, wanting to rub every inch of myself against the wonderful flesh of the churning gut I lay in. I bucked quickly with all my strength as I experienced one of the most intense orgasms in my life...and one of the last.

He must have thought I was trying to escape my fate, for I felt an increasing pressure as he layed his hands upon the distinct, squirming human bulge in his stomach and gazed upon it. I then heard his booming voice laugh and then speak... "Easy there... You're my food now and you're going to become my shit whether you like it or not...it won't hurt a bit...just relax and let it happen." His words made my heart palpitate, and, tiring as well as finding the orders of someone who owns me irresistible, I eventually obeyed him and relaxed into a quivering, curled up mess, panting, my mind still reeling at what had become of me.

For hours upon hours I listened to the sounds of the body I lay in and was fated to become a part of as I felt his stomach knead at me in what seemed like a loving fashion, filling my fleshy tomb with wet meaty sounds. I heard his breathing steady and I thought I sensed it as his body relaxed, my predator slipping into a contented sleep brought on by him having so much food in his gut. As he slept I stayed relaxed , sweating and stewing in the humid heat that I had become used to and comforted by. I fell in love - for the first and only time in my life - with his stomach as it slowly rippled from the top of my head to the bottoms of my feet, working to tenderize my helpless body and rub it's smelly juices against my skin as it wrinkled from all that moisture. I felt married to his digestive system.

I lost track of time and didn't care. I passionately kissed at his gut and affectionately slid my hands against it's pliable, moving walls as it ever so slowly digested me, happily taking the treatment I knew I should have been fighting. A few times I heard him awaken and felt him pat at his belly and it's human cargo as he told me everything was fine and called me his wonderful meal, causing the ruins of my ego to feel pride. I eventually became tired, my mind becoming hypnotized by the steady comforting beats of his heart, my skin tingling nicely from the actions of his stomach fluids. I followed him into a sleep that I didn't know if I'd wake from or not, and didn't really care.

- 3 -

They say that when you're close to the end, visions of your life and your most important memories flash before your eyes. But they're wrong. In the time I've spent being caressed in the gastric embrace of my predator's gut, the only looking back I've done is of the events that led me here. Maybe it's because I know that the only reason I lived was to provide nourishment and pleasure for the strong creature that surrounds me... and it fills my heart with joy to know that I'm finally fulfilling the purpose of my existence.

I don't even know how long it's been since I last saw light or heard sounds other than the ones made by his body that weren't muffled and made faint by layer after layer of living flesh. There's no way to tell time in here as I slowly digest away in the hot, humid blackness...it could have been a couple of days or a week...but it seems like a blissful eternity.

Now, however, I can tell that it's nearing it's end. My body buzzes all over, pleasurable tingling feelings having penetrated deep under my skin. I feel so very weak...my arms are folded and lay against my sides, unable to push against the constricting stomach muscles and shift positions...it's an effort to move my hands. My fingers caress at the tops of my shoulders feebly and I can feel how much I've changed...under a thick, viscous layer of slime my skin feels so soft, almost mushy. That stomachy stench of processing flesh is so much stronger now, and I know it's coming from me...and it feels good to have the scent of my own digesting body be the last thing I smell. His stomach is churning around me with more vigor now, and I can feel each pressing advance become stronger and stronger. I hear wet squishing sounds amongst the gurgles and bubbling noises as the great digestive organ flexes and relaxes rhymically around the lump of meat that belongs to it, a lump of meat that used to be a man.

I lay there for quite awhile as I experience his stomach shifting into high gear, ready to finish me off and make me ready for the date with his intestines that I was born for. The occasional soft belch is heard escaping him as the meaty noises of my digestion becomes a loud cacophony of organic sounds. The rolling, kneading motions of his belly squeezing me are overwhelming me...I make a weak little grunting cry with each assault that flexes crushingly, but painlessly around me.

I can't move...my body won't respond. I hear the gooey, gastric noises around me speed up as those overpowering, squeezing motions are felt doing the same. I feel a state of utter, blessed relaxation surge though my buzzing body... I feel euphoria and a growing urge to faint...

I awaken into a ecstatic, dream-like state for a short time and hear a loud, wet belch, and shortly afterwards blissful sleep overtakes me again in a wave of happiness and contentment.
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Re: Quick story I found... (sexual)(digestion)

Postby THEDEMONWARLOCK » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:30 pm

I love this. Excellent find my friend!
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Re: Quick story I found... (sexual)(digestion)

Postby CrazedHyena » Mon Sep 16, 2019 9:18 pm

Thank you! I've found this forever ago, and always assumed it was on here.
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