After Work Surprise - Micro aware vore (GTS) Story

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After Work Surprise - Micro aware vore (GTS) Story

Postby RichardCHDavies » Sun Nov 19, 2023 11:14 am

This story is one of a series of 10 alternative reality versions which range from unaware, aware, insertion, butt, crush, gentle, violent etc. The version below is a micro shrink unaware - aware vore. Check it out, hope you enjoy:

After Work Surprise – Version 2 (micro aware vore)
By Richard C.H. Davies

Warning this story contains: Shrunken Man, giantess, shrinking, point of view, giantess masturbation, giantess insertion, micro size, six inch, vore, unaware and aware

Tom was finished for the day at work. The office was pretty much empty. There was just his female colleague, Anna. She was still sitting at her desk typing away on her keyboard.

She was incredibly attractive. Tom had always fancied her.

He glanced sideways at her, seeing the concentration on her face as she looked at the screen. She tended to work quite late.

Perhaps she had relationship issues at home, she didn't seem to talk about her partner very much.

Tom stretched his arms above his head and yawned noisily. She didn't react, she kept on typing.

"Okay then, I suppose I'm going to head off," he said with a sigh.

"Okay, have a good night Tom," she replied with a slight smile without her eyes leaving the screen.

He paused as he looked down her body, his gaze drifting down to her long legs and her feet.

One of her feet had her stiletto shoe on, the other was mostly out of the shoe and had the tip of the stiletto balanced and dangling from her foot as she toyed with it like a thumping cats tail.

He loved feet generally, he particularly liked her feet.

He glanced down at his rucksack, his heart started thumping in his chest.

He looked around the office, there was definitely nobody else around.

"Okay then, have a good night Anna," he replied and got up from his chair and headed round the corner.

He reached into his rucksack and withdrew the brand new shrinking device that he had purchased.

He lifted it out, with shaking hands, and pressed his back to the wall. He had never tried using it before and this was a live field test.

He paused and listened to check what Anna was doing.

He still heard her typing on her keyboard.

He pressed the shrinking device to his chest and changed the setting to micro.

He pressed the trigger and bent over double as a wall of pain seemed to hit him square in the chest.

It was like he had been shot.

He bumped against the wall and clutched his stomach in agony, but he didn't utter a sound.

His mouth was agape in pain, he dropped to his knees.

Then he looked over his body and then down at the shrinking gun, his vision seemed to get foggy and misty. Had he just made a stupid mistake?

They had told him at the pawn broker's shop that this was perfectly safe and reversible. Perhaps he should have read the instructions and disclaimers first.

The pain soared through his body. It felt like his veins were on fire.

As he looked up he realised that he was definitely shrinking.

The desks nearby looked so much taller than him.

He was shrinking out of his work clothes.

He quickly kicked off his shoes. He didn't want to be shrunken down inside them and get trapped.

He was shrinking at a very fast rate now.

He was pulling his clothes off so he didn't get lost and tangled in them, until he was naked and on the floor.

He was only about six inches tall now and still shrinking down.

The pain was subsiding. He could focus and stood up on his tiny feet.

Everything was absolutely massive. The office ceiling seemed like it was miles above.

Most of the office lighting was on PIR and it was off, the majority of the office space was dark. He could see a pool of lighting around the corner where Anna's desk was.

He glanced at the shrinking gun lying on the ground nearby and then realised his terrible mistake.

How the hell was he going to point the gun at himself and pull the trigger? He was small now but he had put the setting to shrink even smaller.

Shit! I'm screwed! He thought.

Nevertheless he was eager to see what she looked like at his new size and it would be easier to get there at his current size.

He crept along the skirting until he got to the corner of the wall and peered out.

He looked up towards her. It was crazy how different everything looked. Even from this distance she looked huge. He could see her shoulder but her face was hidden by the screen. He could see more of her legs and her feet.

He made a break for it and dashed across the gap between the wall and her desk.

He arrived at the base of her desk, cables were coiled up on the floor, they looked like giant black pipes to him, and he could see her handbag at the side.

He looked across to where her feet were.

He froze in absolute awe.

Amazing, this was amazing. Her beautiful feet looked huge.

He looked along her feet, her ankles and her enormous beautiful long legs, up to her pencil work skirt.

The rest of her body was above the desk.

He looked straight up, he could hear the thumping of her keys on the keyboard above the desk.

He slowly crept towards her nearest foot, the one that was dangling the stiletto shoe.

The bottom of her foot was arched and her toes were moving slightly and she was clicking them occasionally. It was a habit he noticed that she had, he loved that about her.

He kept creeping forwards until he was standing by the heel of her foot, right beneath her foot which was pointing toes upward.

He could smell her foot now. It wasn't unpleasant, slightly musky, but she was quite clean.

He looked closely at the skin on her foot.

He couldn't resist it, he very slowly and tentatively reached out with one hand and gently approached her foot.

He felt the warmth of her foot and then his fingertips very gently pressed the skin.

Her foot suddenly jerked, causing him to fall backwards on the floor in panic; he looked up at the foot in fear as it lowered towards him, he was about to get crushed!

Then the foot paused and merely lifted back up again to its previous position.

He waited there for a few moments, slowing his breathing.

The tapping above suddenly stopped.

He was still shrinking smaller and smaller down, until he was micro size. She probably wouldn't even be able to notice him now.

He looked up at her immense foot, it looked like a vast cliff of skin above him.

Both of her feet suddenly moved and lifted upwards and back. Her chair, which was on wheels, slid back slightly. It was such a noisy motion that it stunned him for a few seconds.

He looked up towards her. He could see her entire body and head now. She was incredibly beautiful.

Tom watched as Anna glanced from side to side. She was looking around the office. It looked like she was checking whether anyone was there.

"Tom?" She called out. He froze and held his breath. Did she know something?

"Are you there?" She called out.

There was no reply. She waited for another few seconds and then smiled to herself.

She kicked off both of her stiletto shoes.

One of them tumbled and flew towards Tom.

He ducked in panic from getting crushed by her giant shoe.

The dark leather shoe bounced over him and luckily left him unscathed.

Her bare feet pressed against the thin office carpet and her toes curled as she felt the floor with her toes.

Tom watched as Anna lowered one of her hands down to the open entrance of her pencil skirt.

He was amazed to see her plunge her hand into the darkness within her skirt; between her legs.

She lifted the skirt slightly with her other hand, allowing light inside. He could see her other hand pressing her fingers up against her lace panties and then she started to massage herself in a slow circular motion.

She released a slow moan which sounded a bit like a sigh of pleasure and release.

Did she do this every night here? He normally left first. She was normally the one to work latest.

Tom grinned as he watched this display of her playing with herself above him. It was an absolute treat; exceeding his expectations.

She started to rub herself more rapidly, he could see her panties were starting to get wet.

Her polished fingernails crept across her panties and tugged at the side of them, pulling the panties across her labia lips and revealing them.

Then her fingers pressed directly against her exposed labia and she continued to rub herself.

Her hips started to slowly move in a rhythmic fashion as she got herself into it. Her eyelids were closed and she leaned back into the spine of the chair with a loud creaking sound.

Her other hand started to unbutton her blouse, one button at a time, firstly revealing her beautifully toned belly, belly button, her abs, then he saw the base of her ribcage, then her bra became exposed, finally the blouse fell open, revealing her bra and her wonderful cleavage.

She reached behind her back and unclipped her bra, allowing her perky breasts, which were at least a D cup size, to settle free.

Her bra clattered to the ground nearby. He stared at the sheer size of it compared to him.

Her hand cupped her left breast and two of her fingers clamped over her nipple.

She gasped in pleasure; accelerating her masturbation of her pussy with her other hand.

One of her giant feet lifted up in the air and soared towards him.

Tom crabbed backwards on his hands and feet, trying to keep clear of it.

The foot slammed down on the floor right in front of him and her giant toes curled downwards into the floor, grinding into the carpet with a scratching sound.

Tom watched this up close in amazement.

He desperately wanted to crawl over her foot and ride it, but he was too scared to.

Experiencing it in real life he realised how vulnerable and fragile he was now and just how immense and powerful she was.

He could hear the slick sound of her masturbation, squelching as she played with herself.

Her hands suddenly went to the side of her skirt and unzipped the pencil skirt.

Then she shimmied the skirt off with her hips, until it pooled around her ankles.

He watched as her thumbs hooked over the elastic of her panties and she pulled the lace panties down her thighs and left them stretched between her knees.

Tom looked upwards at the huge lace panties, they were several times bigger than a parachute to him. It was like looking up at fabric the size of a hot air balloon.

He could see a moist stain on them from her sexual juices as the office light grinned through the panties.

Anna returned one hand to her pussy and the other to her breast and played with herself more vigorously.

She started to moan and gasp with increasing intensity and frequency.

The squelching of her sexual juices became louder and louder, until all the sound was a din to Tom.

He watched this all, in amazement, holding his own erect penis in his hand and starting to stroke himself.

Anna's voice grew to a crescendo. She was starting to climax. Her hips were thrusting forwards in her chair.

She suddenly stood up from her chair.

She looked even bigger than before as she stood right above him, playing with herself.

The panties fell to her ankles and she kicked them and the skirt away; luckily not across Tom.

Anna's body suddenly lowered downwards into a squat. Her knees bent and sailed past her feet.

Her feet curled as she balanced on her toes.

Tom looked above as her vast pussy and butt loomed down towards him, her labia lips trembled and spread open the more she lowered down; until she was settled into a very deep squat.

Her pussy was right above him, the mouth of the pussy was a dark cave. It was wide open and dribbling sexual mucus. Tufts of pubic hair surrounded her pussy with a mound of pubic hair spreading above her pussy.

The aroma from her giant pussy was intoxicating. He felt her warmth radiating out of her.

Her labia lips were splayed open with her arousal, the tip of her clitoris was erect and tall.

Her beautiful long fingers and polished fingernails slid down the side of her pussy, rustling through her pubic hair and squelching through her shiny wet pussy juices, until the fingertips hovered over the mouth of her pussy.

She massaged herself in a circular motion, which emitted loud squelching of juices and rubbed her sexual mucus around her pussy.

Her fingers hovered again over the dark mouth of her pussy. Her fingers adjusted slightly so that they pointed inside the dark hole and then she slid several fingers inside herself with a very wet squelching sound.

Tom watched the giant fingers bend inwards as the huge hand forced the fingers deeper inside herself and she rubbed herself inside.

Her huge thighs were splayed out either side of Tom. They trembled and moved violently as she masturbated.

Her vast breasts dangled above, her other hand was pinching at her nipple and she was gasping out very loudly now.

The squelching of her fingers was very loud directly above him as she pumped with more and more ferocity.

"Ahhh…. Ahhh… ahhhh!" She panted as she started to climax. Her hips jerked spasmodically and she thrust her fingers hard inside her pussy and held them deep inside; he could see her hand moving so she was probably stroking herself inside.

She screamed out with an almighty orgasm, then she quickly withdrew her fingers with a wet slurp.

Tom didn't expect what happened next. He was looking up at the soaking wet slimy fingertips, with a silvery trail still attached to the mouth of her pussy, when the mouth of her pussy suddenly widened like a yawn and a trail of clear and white speckled fluid burst forth from her woman cave.

The fluid splattered all over Tom and coated him. He was surrounded in a puddle of her sexual ejaculate.

He staggered backwards and fell to the ground. He lifted his hands up and looked. He was completely coated in a slimy substance that smelled of her cum, it was littered with white blobs of cum.

He spat his mouth clear of it and wiped his eyes.

Another stream of it poured out of her pussy and dripped to the ground.

She rubbed herself a few more times, slowly grinding her hips, moaning with a more relaxed tone and then she stopped and opened her eyes as she looked down.

Tom found himself looking straight up at the giantess' face that was looking down at him.

She was looking directly at him but didn't immediately seem to notice or acknowledge him.

Her face wrinkled slightly as she looked at her pool of cum on the office carpet.

"Oh shit!" She said as she still squatted over it. "I've made such a mess!"

She squatted lowered towards him and suddenly frowned as she looked at the tiny wriggling object.

She peered even closer, crouching further into her squat and lowering her face towards him.

Her long hair cascaded around the side of her head and dangled towards the ground, nearly touching her puddle of cum.

Her face was absolutely huge and terrifying up close.

Her huge eyes looked straight at Tom.

Tom realised the threat far too late.

"Nooo!" He called out and started to crawl away from her puddle of sexual goo as quickly as possible.

It was thick and viscous and slowed him down.

He turned over and crawled as fast as he could.

A shadow loomed over him and he looked back up in fear.

One of her giant fingertips swooped down towards him and gently gathered him up on the tip of her finger, amongst a blob of her sexual slime.

He felt his body adhering to the slimy blob as he was lifted upwards.

His stomach lurched as he was lifted higher and higher, an impossible height, until her hand settled in front of her face.

Her huge eyes narrowed, her pupils widened as she focused on the tiny wriggling thing on her finger.

"What are you?" She asked, frowning as she tried to make out what he was.

She thought he must be an insect.

He waved up at her.

"Please… it's me, Tom… I'm shrunken down… please help me,"

She frowned even more deeply, then her head recoiled slightly as she recognised the very tiny face and features.

"Tom?" She asked in surprise. "Is that you?"

He nodded and waved. Then her eyes drifted down to look at where he had been in the puddle of her cum.

Her eyes flicked back to him, seeing his miniscule erect penis and she gasped, her face turning angry.

"Did you just watch me playing with myself? Have you been here the whole time?"

Tom didn't know how to respond as he laid glued to her giant fingertip, miles above the ground. What could he say anyway? Could she even hear him?

She seemed rather unhappy about it anyhow.

Anna's giant face suddenly swung to either side of her as she looked around.

Then she looked back at him.

"You're a naughty guy, you know? It's sick to watch me like you did… you're going to get what you deserve," she smiled wickedly, displaying her pearly white teeth.

Her warm breath washed over him and cooled his skin.

Her giant mouth opened wide, revealing her huge dark pink tongue.

"Noooo!" Tom screamed his lungs out as she pressed her giant fingertip against her warm and wet tongue.

Anna tasted her salty cum and felt the tiny wriggling body, it was like a little bit of fizz on her tongue. It reminded her of the crackling sweets she used to eat when she was younger; they used to tickle her tongue and give her the shivers down her spine.

She closed her mouth around him, swilled him around and played with the tiny granule of man, he was smaller than a grain of rice to her.

She sat back on her chair and started to play with herself. Feeling him in her mouth, powerless to her massive size, it turned her on again.

She rubbed at her sticky wet pussy again and tweaked her nipples.

She panted and moaned; a surprisingly quick orgasm suddenly burst through her body. It caught her by surprise and she swallowed her mouth full of saliva including the tiny Tom.

She felt the tiny granule slide down her throat.

She gasped in pleasure.

"Hmm… that was fun…" she sighed.

She quickly got dressed. Then straightened her blouse and skirt up. She still had to walk past the security guard and get home, she didn't want to look like she had just had sex or played with herself.

Just before she left the office she searched around and finally found his pile of clothes and the shrinking gun.

She gingerly picked the gun up and examined it. It was set to micro size. She realised it had multiple settings.

She smiled to herself.

It was hers now.

She stuffed the clothes, rucksack and the shrinking device into her handbag and left the office with a wide smile on her face.

She wondered how Tom was doing in her tummy.

Stupid voyeur fool! She chuckled. He had earned his fate.

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