Hers at Last ~Story by Nyx

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Hers at Last ~Story by Nyx

Postby NyxAndNox » Wed Dec 06, 2017 11:03 am

Hers at last
By Nyx
“I need you inside of me,” she murmurs, her breath hitching as his fingers push in and out of her in a frenzied rhythm. With his face buried between her heaving breasts, he continues, seemingly oblivious to her words. She grasps his wrist, guiding his touch further.
Reluctantly, he abandons her breasts, trailing kisses down her stomach as he slowly moves downwards. With a smile, he looks up at her before sinking a third finger into her, then a fourth.
She gasps as he pushes the entirety of his hand through the soft pink folds and into the core of her. She feels her inner muscles contracting, trying to draw him further in. She moans as his arm is pulled into her, up to the elbow.
He looks up at her nervously; she can see the uncertainty in his eyes, bordering on fear. He tries to withdraw his arm but it remains firmly inside of her, wrapped in the tight, wet heat of her body. Bracing himself with his other arm against his inner thigh for leverage, he tries again to free himself, but his other arm slips into her all to easily.
Through eyes half-lidded with lust, she watches his struggles. With a soft sigh of pleasure she rolls her hips, drawing him deeper, his arms almost entirely engulfed in her now.
His heart beats wildly as he gazes at the warm flesh waiting to consume him, mere inches from his face, pulling him inexorably closer.
“More,” she whispers, more a command than a request now. With another, more forceful roll of her hips, his head plunges into her. She cries out in her pleasure, her muscles pulse hungrily, pulling more and more of him into her.
She bucks her hips more intensely, rhythmically, driven by an insatiable desire. It’s wondrous, feeling each inch of her lover as he is drawn into her, his shoulders now lost to her depths, then his chest. She feels him struggling, trying to flail his arms, though the movements are little more than wriggling, his movement so heavily restricted by the warm body enveloping him. Every movement heightens her pleasure, she moves wildly, her inner muscles grasping at him desperately, gripping him tighter and drawing him deeper and deeper, his waist disappearing, now his legs, and finally, his feet are lost within her.
She bites her lip to keep from crying out at the intensity, the fullness and pleasure of having him trapped so fully inside of her.

Nyx: This is a first attempt at transcribing my fantasies so please forgive me, it may take some time before I can get the pacing, descriptions, and overall quality up to the standards it should be. Thanks for your patience, if you’ve read this far! I cut this one a bit short, but if anyone wants me to continue, I’d be more than happy to oblige.
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Re: Hers at last - Short UB story

Postby Groblek » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:20 am

Ooh, nice! Please do continue!

As for this being a first attempt, it’s definitely a good one. I’ve also been enjoying the short captioned illustrations you’ve been posting in the UB drawing thread. Welcome to the Portal, and I look forward to seeing more from you!
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Re: Hers at last - Short UB story

Postby dreamweevil » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:44 pm

I agree. Your descriptions are very eloquent and it makes for a very nice read. Please keep it up!

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Re: Hers at last - Short UB story

Postby ShadesofBlack » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:08 am

Oh my. This... this is lovely. Kind of generic, in that there were no qualifiers or many descriptors except for the character's pronouns. But so good!

It makes me ache to be the predator in the story. Even though I might maybe offer a little more seduction or reassurance. The text feels like the wanton raw desire it describes, and I can imagine her as a truly cold predator simply sating herself, or as a usually very warm person who is just caught up in the heat and hunger of the moment. The latter is more my personal preference at the moment, but I like how even that is open to whatever the reader wants to picture.
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Re: Hers at Last ~Story by Nyx

Postby NyxAndNox » Fri Dec 08, 2017 10:31 pm

Nyx: Thanks so much for your kind words and honest feedback! I'll do my best to improve. Nox and I will continue posting new stories (and illustrations) as quickly as we can! Thank you so much for reading and responding!
Our Tumblr: delve-into-her.tumblr.com
Writing and illustrations by Nyx and Nox featuring Unbirth, Light Bondage, Vore, and more!
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Re: Hers at Last ~Story by Nyx

Postby mouseyman » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:12 pm

love it love it love it! But I think you know that xD just thought I'd tell you again here <3
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