What are your favorite type of prey??

For someone who encountered journey of the lower passages...
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What are your favorite type of prey??

Postby aztecax » Mon Apr 15, 2019 3:32 am

Exactly that, what is your favourite type/kind of prey and why? hahaha i find this funny :gulp:
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Re: What are your favorite type of prey??

Postby Deathwing81 » Mon Apr 15, 2019 8:28 am

You can raise me like cattle and be sacrificed alive for dinner.
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Re: What are your favorite type of prey??

Postby Ixen » Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:55 pm

My favorite type of prey are humans, and rodent type anthro's so, mice, rats especially. I tend to play dragoness characters or lizard/snake anthros.
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Re: What are your favorite type of prey??

Postby cranberryknights1 » Tue Apr 16, 2019 3:09 pm

Female humans who are stuck up,cocky,smug,over confident and real serious types.Seeing someone like that get shoved up another womans butt and having them stuck in there is not only arousing but quite amusing too
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