OdoruLondon Mention - Decadent Sisters Series

For someone who encountered journey of the lower passages...
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OdoruLondon Mention - Decadent Sisters Series

Postby kenjitamurako » Mon Apr 01, 2024 8:32 pm

Just for anyone who cares it looks like OdoruLondon is starting part two of their Decadent Sister series immediately after they just finished part 1. When I saw they're making a part two I upped my contribution to their fanbox as a show of support and I'm making this post to hopefully highlight them for people who haven't seen their work yet.

They have some previews up on pixiv if anyone's interested, fanbox has the full unclipped stuff:

Part 1 AV scene previews (Earlier scenes are unbirth and mouthplay stuff)

Part 2 start preview:

Part two starts immediately after part one and already has the comment
This time I'll be sure to use the toilet before going to sleep

which gives me hope there will be more AV. The author has a good track record on AV content but this is one of the few works where he uses an actual character for the shrunk person instead of a faceless doll like character.

Content warning: This has incest content as it's about sisters with the mother being introduced in part two.
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