First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

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First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby dickyreed » Sun Dec 18, 2016 10:14 pm

(First story I've ever written. I wrote it in about 30 minutes so I hope it doesn't suck too bad.)

I still have a hard time believing it. Like it was all part of some elaborate dream. Clouded in acts to unspeakable, and at the same time too wonderful to possibly be true. The sun was hard to bear as I walked to my ride, as if it had been weeks since I’d seen it. I paused and looked back. Thinking to myself “do I really want to leave?”

It had been months since I started roleplaying online. Trying every vore scenario I could. I even tried to play pred but I never much cared for it. As a tiny person, I myself never felt like it was natural. Then again what in vore is natural? Or is it all too natural? The argument was made several times a week in my head, each side winning for a moment depending on my mood. It wasn’t until I received a very strange message from another man. “How do you feel about CV?” it read. I’d never heard of it. I always played with women when I could, or at least pretended. I almost didn’t reply but curiosity got the better of me. I almost trembled with my response “CV? What is it”. Before I had time to move on I received a reply. A picture. Large and erotic as it was, I was nearly disgusted at the sight of its rigid form. Commanding and powerful like a weapon and a fortress. I felt my heart flutter. Staring at this massive cock, arrow pointing to his balls with words “you belong here” written to the side. I regained my composure and began to type, a strange shake welling up in my hands. “I’m into women” I replied “and I think you may be a little too rough for me”. Again, he came back in an instant. “You misunderstand” his rebuttal started. “I want you to live in there.” His words struck me. “I’ll be gentle and kind, but you’d belong to my cock.” My pulse started to rise. Prey to a cock, the most dominant organ I could think of. I needed more answers. “Why me?” fingers nervously finding keys. “Honestly you’re the first tiny I’ve ever seen online. I was hoping for a test try. Maybe we could chat more?”

I gave him the benefit of the doubt with more curiosity than anything. We talked for weeks. We even sent pics a few times though I always felt a little nervous about it. His kind demeanor and playful nature finally convinced me. We were going to meet.

My ride pulled up to his apartment. Nothing extravagant but certainly not cheap. I had several second thoughts before I finally paid the driver and stepped out. “You need help getting to the door” the driver asked with sincerity. He must have had tinies in his family. “No thank you” I replied cheerfully. “He has a tiny door.” I turned toward the apartment. With butterflies in my stomach I walked slowly forward. A lifetime seemed to pass as I stared at the doorbell, but it wasn’t going to ring itself. It rang with a calm and blissful tune. Like a chime in a light breeze. The large door opened slowly. I assume it was caution not to hurt any little people. A gentle smile peered down at me. “Hello Mark” it said “please come in.”

Before I knew it I was quietly standing in a strangers living room. Warm and welcoming as it was, I felt uncomfortable to say the least. “Would you like something to drink?”. “No thank you Alex” I replied in a shaky voice. “There’s no need to be nervous” he said while sitting on the floor in front of me, crossing his legs indian style. “We won’t do anything you don’t want to do.” I nodded, barely a word in my head. “Why is it that you want me in there?”. His smile made my question seem all too simple, and I could see the blood rushing to his face as his excitement grew. “I’ve lived alone for a long time” he started “and I just don’t want to continue on my own. Can you imagine having something you love close to you and safe at all times? I do all the time, and it turns me on.” Alex unfolded his legs to show the huge bulge in his pants. Practically ripping at the seams. He slid his hand down and cupped his tight juicy balls. “This is where I want to keep that someone safe. I must admit it’s extremely sexual to me too. I want to masturbate with you in there, holding my balls so only my cum escapes and you stay tightly hugged to my loins within. I need to feel that.” My heart pounded like a war drum. My face must have been as red as a rose. His eager glance told me more. I was excited. I looked down to see that my own member was ready to be released. “We can always try it?” he said. “I’ll let you out no matter what and you can think about my offer.” I nodded and with shaky excitement said “let’s try it out.”

He slowly unzipped. Letting his straight thick shaft spring forward. He was already dripping. I instinctively undressed. He lowered his pants and caressed his plump balls. Squeezing and rubbing them as if he had been waiting for this exact day. He sat down cross legged again. His warm hand gently picked me up and brought me to his cock. The shaft was at least three times the length of me. I imagined a snake swallowing prey and took a nervous gulp. “Are you ready” he asked softly. I nodded again, not really believing what I was taking in.

He slid my feet into his hot gooey slit. A sweet musty smell emanated as he moaned. Looking at his face I began to worry that he wouldn’t be able to withstand cuming all over me before getting me down. He began to push. Inching me down his tight dick toward his balls. Biting his lip hard as if to control himself. “Fuck” he said aloud “you feel so fucking good.” His cock pulsed. Blood pumping through him. It felt like our hearts were one as the thud echoed in my ears. He grabbed his shaft and stroked. Slowly sliding me down. My fear started to dissipate as another feeling crept in. Pleasure. My own cock started to pulse as it entered his. He was passed my hips. Hearts pounding faster. Sweat pouring down his body. We looked each other in the eye. His words still resounding in my brain. “I’m going to swallow now”.

A tug was all I felt at first. Then a rushing gulp as I was sucked inside. Surely putting a bulge in his shaft as I slid down. His cries of ecstasy were muffled by fleshy walls. I couldn’t breathe. Every inch of me was squished and devoured by every inch of him. I felt as though my body would be crushed before I fell into a warm pit of goo. I took a deep breath. The entire room was being sloshed and jerked with rhythmic intensity. Suddenly one of his hands gripped me tightly through his balls, holding me in place. “Oh my god you’re inside, I’m gonna cum!” The words alone made me shake and release my own load. His body shook deliberately and harder than before as cum rushed upwards and past me. Nearly sweeping me with it if it wasn’t for being griped firmly. The room began to shrink, hugging me up into his body. Only when the aftershocks subsided did he finally release his hand. Exhausted and overwhelmed with my own release I passed out. Warm and cozy in another mans balls.
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Re: First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby Luckless » Mon Dec 19, 2016 6:10 am

I like your style. Will be watching for further installments.
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Re: First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby coffeyjohn15 » Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:01 pm

Needs a sequel now!
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Re: First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby DrakeX » Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:45 am

or atleast an extended ending where we discover what his final descision was :)
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Re: First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby Kooshmeister » Sun Jan 08, 2017 12:57 pm

Pretty good for your very first story. :-D
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Re: First story ever (CV, Micro, Willing)

Postby dickyreed » Fri Jan 20, 2017 11:13 pm

Thanks for everyone's words of encouragement! I will be writing more on these characters soon and some new ones. This community is great, Keep on being awesome!
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