Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

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Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:05 pm

lolnotenoughspaceinthetitletolistthefulldescriptionthere :lol:

This here is pretty much my first attempt at a SHARED sexual and vore story anywhere on the internet. This is actually a work of fanfiction, because I'm basing the entire thing on a pre-existing hentai and the first five chapters are directly based on it. I'll just tell you all right now that, at first, this isn't a vore work, but it EVOLVES into one after the first five chapters and epilogue, after which nothing is canon to each other except to the first five chapters and epilogue. At first, it's all regular sex and gets into more deviant stuff following the epilogue, with such content as unbirth, 'vomit,' bestiality, legitimate soft vore, digestion, pregnancy, and rebirth. I put this here in the Other/Combination forum for this very reason

I also CANNOT guarantee when a new chapter will become available--writing this is mostly busy work because I'm SOO bored most of the time--so you just have to watch the thread and check in every once in a while in order to find out if a new chapter has been typed up. But I imagine that, at least at first, most of the chapters will come in relatively quick succession. I'll also be placing the chapters themselves in spoilers in order to cut down on the size of the page when they are not being viewed and so, if you don't like the promised content, you can just skip past it. But in order to understand the later chapters when such promised content will be more to the tastes of people here, you'll want to read the first five chapters and epilogue, "The Essential 'Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better!'"

Oh! I almost forgot! The story itself actually takes place in 2003, and some of the events build up from that date, but the first five chapters all take place in the space of a week, and the epilogue could be any time after that in the same year. I like being meticulous. :P

EDIT #1: Oh! Another thing I almost forgot! I plan to make some drawings of the characters in scenes from the story, but I won't guarantee anything.

Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better!
Chapter 1: Reina (content: fondling, mammary sex, non-penetrative, m/f, non-consensual)
Spoiler: show
“I can’t believe you!!” Kazue said, picking up her soda and dumping it on Yusuke’s head. She stood up and stormed out of the restaurant.

“Wait, Kazue, come back! I know I shouldn’t have done that, just give me another chance!” Yusuke called after his now ex-girlfriend. Kazue ignored him until she got in her car. Once she was in, she rolled down the window and yelled at him, “Lecher!” before speeding away.

“Aw, man. There goes the last pair of H-cups that I’ll be seeing for a while.” Yusuke said. Kazue was now just the latest in a rather long line of girlfriends.

Yusuke Mizuhara was an eighteen-year-old college school student who went to a local university, having moved to Fukuoka from Yokohama just recently. He had black hair and gray eyes, and at the moment was wearing a dark aqua green T-shirt and light gray long pants. He was a smart man, but he had one weakness: boobs.

You see, Yusuke had a thing for busty women, and by now was something of a connoisseur of porn magazines that specialized in large-breasted ladies. He was sharp, and could tell with a single look about what size a woman’s breasts were and even if they were fake or not, no matter how subtle their surgery had been. That was what had drawn him to Kazue, one of his classmates. And now she was gone.

At that moment, Yusuke’s cell phone buzzed. He looked at it and saw that his friend Yoshio had texted him: COME TO THE CAMPUS CAFÉ, the text message said.

Yusuke headed in that direction, catching a bus on the way there. He looked at some of the other passengers. A fair amount of them were women, most of whom were rather busty for Japanese. There was a cosmetic surgery institute on campus, and they had been testing out new procedures by offering fake breasts to female students cheap. They came out well, but Yusuke could tell at a single look that they were fake. It didn’t stop him from getting hard, but he knew they were fake.

Yusuke got off the bus and walked into the café. He looked around and finally saw Yoshio. He was sitting at a table next to a window next to a girl Yusuke didn’t recognize. Yusuke headed over as the two continued chatting. Suddenly, Yoshio seemed to get angry, “I can’t believe you! This is so unfair!”

“Hey, keep your voice down, we’re in a restaurant.” Yusuke said calmly as he sat down.

Without even really acknowledging that Yusuke was there, Yoshio said, “I just don’t understand why it has to be you. What’s wrong with me?”

“Calm down. What’s with the attitude?”

“You know damn well why I’m pissed!” Yoshio said angrily.

“No, I don’t. Why would I?” Yusuke said. I know I’m here because Yoshio invited me, Yusuke thought, No idea why he’s yelling at me like this.

Yusuke’s eyes turned from his friend to the unfamiliar woman next to him. She looked rather depressed. He continued thinking about his situation, But I’m certain that it has something to do with this girl—his eyes fell on her chest—who has giant breasts!

And giant they were; her breasts were nearly as big as Kazue’s! However, while Kazue had gotten the implants offered on campus, Yusuke saw, to his amazement, that this woman’s breasts were 100% natural.

Finally, the woman looked up at Yusuke and said, “Um…I…I’m Reina Toyohara. It’s nice to meet you.” She had a lighter skin tone that Yusuke, which almost made her look Caucasian. Her reddish-brown hair was moderately short and stayed mostly around her head, but none of it covered her face. Her nose was smaller than Yusuke’s, and her eye lashes were rather short. Her eyes were the same color as her hair. Yusuke guessed she was almost as tall as he was. She was wearing a white button shirt under a yellowish, sleeveless wool sweater and a short, navy blue skirt.

“Yeah, you too.” Yusuke said.

“I need to ask you a favor, Yusuke, if you don’t mind. Yoshio told me you’re really smart, so I was wondering…would you…be my private tutor?” Reina asked. When Yusuke got a puzzled look on his face, she said, “Oh, please, Yusuke? My grades are failing and I don’t want to have to take my classes again! It has to be you! Please, do it for me?” she pleaded, leaning forward and bowing slightly. Yusuke happened to glance down at her chest again and saw that her breasts were now squeezed between her arms.

They’re F—no, wait, she’s probably a G-cup! Yusuke thought.

“Um, so you can’t do it?” Reina asked.

Yusuke took Reina by the hand and said, “Reina, listen. I should warn you that I’m in a pretty advanced class. If I do tutor you, my lessons will be pretty tough. Are you sure about this?”

“Yeah! I’m really looking forward to it!” Reina said with a smile.

Oh, man! Private lessons with a big-breasted girl! Yusuke thought, practically laughing with delight in his mind. He said aloud, “Let’s do it!”


“Ugh, this is so unfair.” Yoshio said, and departed while Reina gave Yusuke her address.

The next day, as the sun went down, Yusuke arrived at Reina’s house. It was up on a hill in an upper-class neighborhood. That explained why he hadn’t seen Reina much around campus! She lived in the area, not in a dorm.

The driveway was gated, and the house had two floors. As Yusuke walked to the door and rang the doorbell, he kept repeating in his head, I’m just here to tutor, I’m just here to tutor.

“Yes, who is it?” he heard Reina’s voice call. She opened the door, and Yusuke’s eyes bugged a little when he saw what she was wearing: a loose, skimpy orange top with spaghetti straps, a yellow shirt shorter than what she wore the last time he saw her, and, best of all, no bra!

“Oh! Hey, come on in! I’m so happy, you really came!” Reina said with a smile. The slightest motion made her breasts sway. Yusuke felt himself getting hard right therein the doorway and reposition his book bag to hide it.

“Mama! My teacher’s here! Come meet him!” Reina called.

“Hi!” a new voice called. Yusuke looked toward the foot of a staircase as a woman descended them. She stopped not far from the two teenagers and leaned forward just a bit. Yusuke let out a mental gasp: she was even bigger than Reina!

J-cups! Rocket torpedo titties! Yusuke thought.

“Welcome. I’m Mitsuki. Reina’s my daughter. It’s nice to meet you.” She said. Her hair was much longer than Reina’s, reaching down to her waist. Though her eyes were the same color as Reina’s—who had clearly inherited them from Mitsuki—her hair was light brown; Reina must have gotten hers from her father. While most of her hair fell down behind her shoulders, that was a lock that went down to the right of her left eye, and two more that fell in from of her shoulder that reached down to the top of her breasts. She was wearing a lightish red sleeveless turtleneck that, like Reina’s outfit, didn’t leave much to the imagination. She also wore a light tan dress made from a single piece of cloth that reached down to her knees and terminated in a frill along the bottom edge. Unlike Reina, Mitsuki was a little bit taller than Yusuke, probably because of her age.

Keeping back his thoughts about Mitsuki’s enormous breasts, Yusuke said, “H-hi. I’m Yusuke Mizuhara.”

Mitsuki hid a smile behind one of her hands and said, “I’m sorry my daughter was so insistent. She just didn’t want anyone but you to tutor her, so…” and she giggled a bit. Yusuke guessed she was at least thirty-five, but she looked so young! In fact, if he hadn’t known better, he would have guessed she was no older than Reina! Maybe even younger!

Mom! Shut up! You’re embarrassing me!” Reina said. “Come on, Yusuke.” She said, taking Yusuke by the arm and leading him upstairs to her room. They got out their supplies and Reina sat down at her desk, with Yusuke hovering behind her.

“Okay, Reina, fist I want you to answer the first ten questions on this paper.” He said, handing her a paper he had formatted and printed himself.

“Okay.” Reina said, and immediately got to work on the problems before her.

Yusuke tried to keep his gaze away from Reina’s cleavage, but his eyes always went back to it. He thought to himself, Those are some unbelievable tits. How am I supposed to restrain myself with those in front of me?!

In a few minutes, Reina handed the paper back to him. Yusuke scanned the lines of handwriting with his eyes, but, again, he kept finding himself looking at Reina’s chest. She was absentmindedly fiddling with her pencil, waiting for him to tell her what to do next. Her breasts were laying on the desk, only heightening her appeal.

I can’t take it anymore! Yusuke thought, Reina, I am a tutor, but there’s another side to me. I…love…boobs!

Without warning, Yusuke dropped the paper and suddenly grabbed hold of Reina’s breasts, his hands barely able to contain one each.


“Ooh, Reina, I’ve got you!” Yusuke said teasingly.

“Yusuke, what are you doing?” she asked with a naïve tone, but Yusuke saw she was smiling instead of frowning, “Y-yusuke, no…” she said, blushing as Yusuke continued fondling her through her shirt.

“Your boobs are amazing, Reina. They feel like marshmallows!”

“Yusuke, please! Stop! You can’t, it’s too sudden!” Reina said between shudders and moans.

“Come on, Reina. You’re wearing those skimpy clothes on purpose to turn me on, aren’t you?” Yusuke said, “You know you were hoping this would happen.”

“No, I didn’t—aah!” Reina said with a yelp of pleasure. Yusuke stopped fondling her for a second to pull up her shirt, fully exposing her breasts. Soft, pink areolas tipped each one, and her nipples had grown a bit hard from all the fondling.

“Whoa! Look at these giant breasts!” Yusuke said with awe in his voice and a grin on his face. He began massaging her breasts even faster and more passionately, and closed in behind her to begin kissing her neck and cheek.

“Yusuke! Yusuke… oh, God!” Reina said, her face turning redder than before and her panties beginning to grow wet.

“Well? Does it feel good?”

“Oh, Yusuke! My nipples… I want you to play with my nipples, too!” Reina said. Yusuke grinned even wider and chuckled as he turned his attention to her nipples and areolas.

“How does it feel?”

“Good! It’s so good! Right there! Aah! Oh, Yusuke, it feels incredible! My nipples are really sensitive!” Reina said, moaning louder.

“They’ve gotten so hard.” Yusuke said.

“It’s because you’re paying so much attention to them.” Reina said. Yusuke stopped for a moment. Reina opened her eyes to see what was the matter, only to see that Yusuke was now in front of her and licking while nipple while fondling the other.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Yusuke, please don’t stop! Don’t stop now! I’m gonna come! Yusuke! Yusuke!! Yusuke!!!” Reina said, her voice growing more frantic, and then she yelled out as she came, her fluids soaking her panties.

“My turn, now.” Yusuke said, letting do of Reina’s breasts. He unzipped his pants and pulled down his underwear just enough for his now fully erect penis to be exposed.

Reina gasped and said, “It’s so big! Yusuke, what are you doing?”

“I want you to give me a titty-fuck.”

“What’s a titty-fuck?” Reina asked. At first, Yusuke though she was kidding, but when her expression didn’t change, he said, “Like this.” And took hold of her breasts once more, squeezing his cock between them. Reina gasped again, this time with pleasant surprise, “Yusuke, does it feel good?”

“Yeah, it’s because your boobs are so huge. I want you to move them yourself.”

“Okay,” Reina said, taking her breasts in her own hands and moving them up and down just like Yusuke had, “How ‘bout like this?”

“Yeah, just like that. It feels great.” Yusuke said.

“I feel kind of strange, Yusuke. I love the friction it makes me feel so good.” Reina said, speeding up her titty-fuck.

“Reina!” Yusuke groaned, “Reina, it’s so good! I’m gonna come!” he said, and no sooner had he than he did. His semen shot out and landed on Reina’s face.

“Oh, Yusuke, that was incredible.” Reina said. She wiped off some of his cum with her fingers, “So much of your cum came out,” and she licked it up, “It’s really yummy.”

“Reina…” Yusuke said with lust in his voice. He clasped a hand against her breast again and moved in, kissing her deeply.

Time passed, and Yusuke did actually get around to tutoring Reina again, sometimes fondling her in the process. After another hour, the lesson ended and Yusuke headed back to the door.

“Mom! Yusuke’s leaving!” Reina called.

“Bye. Thank you for having me over.” Yusuke said. He was almost out the door when he heard Mitsuki speak, “Yusuke?”

“Yes, ma’am?”

“Come back soon, and thanks for all your help. Make sure you take good care of my daughter.” She finished, bowing with respect. As she did, her breasts bounced and swayed, and Yusuke quickly made his leave so as to hide his erection.

“What a nice boy.” Mitsuki said.

“That’s why I wanted him to help.” Reina said with a smile.

“Do you think he’s available?”


Back at his apartment, Yusuke laid down on his futon with his pillow under his chin, pretending it was Reina’s chest.

“She was incredible! Her breasts were so soft,” He said to himself—no need to think about it here—“and I bet Mitsuki’s breasts are really soft, too.”

He turned over onto his back, threw his arms towards the heavens, and said, “To my life with giant breasts! Banzai!”
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby Hot_Plate » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:29 pm

As someone who has shared your experience of first sharing a story with the internet recently, thanks a bunch for sharing. :) I hope you can make future chapters that maybe contain vore. Thank you for sharing Mr. Profile. :-D
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Sat Jul 31, 2010 5:40 pm

(takes a deep, Shakespearean bow with a plumed hat and everything) no trouble at all, Mr. Plate. fear you not, there WILL be a lot of vore later on. these first five chapters are just to build up to it
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby Archangel » Sun Aug 01, 2010 2:47 am

Very good story.

*Kneels before Greatness*
Unbirth and/or Soft vore me.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Sun Aug 01, 2010 3:23 pm

thanks. keep in mind that the first five chapters are basically rewrites and reorganized versions of a pre-existing work, though. i basically just expanded on the paper-thin plot of the original :P

i've also got the second chapter:

Chapter 2: Mitsuki (content: fondling, mammary sex, vaginal sex, m/f, consensual, MILF, fellatio, multiple partners)
Spoiler: show
The next night came around and Yusuke returned to the Toyohara home. He rang on the doorbell once again. This time, it was answered by Mitsuki.

“Oh, hello. Come on in.” she said.

“Good evening.” Yusuke said, He looked around as he walked in and asked, “Is Reina here?”

“I’m sorry, she just got into the shower.” Mitsuki said.

“It’s okay. It’s my fault for showing up early anyway. I’ll just wait in her room, if you don’t mind.”

“Actually, I just remembered,” Mitsuki said, turning back to him, “I just got a cake from the lady next door. Let’s go have some in the living room.”

“That sounds nice.” Yusuke said. He went to sit down on the sofa in the living room. He looked around at some of the photos. He saw one of Mitsuki’s wedding. It looked like she had had a Western-style wedding to a man from whom Reina inherited her hair color.

“That’s my husband, Nobuyuki.” Mitsuki said as she walked in, seeing Yusuke with the photo. She leaned over to put the cake and some tea down on the coffee table, and Yusuke blushed as he saw her gigantic breasts, which were only shown off more by her movements.

They’re amazing… he thought.

“Here you go.” Mitsuki said, snapping Yusuke back to reality. “Reina takes long showers, so you just relax, okay?”

“Thank you.” Yusuke said, taking a plate with a piece of cake on it. Mitsuki sat opposite of him in chair.

She took a sip of tea and said, “So, tell me about yourself, Yusuke.”

“Well, I moved here from Yokohama to go to the university here. I’m majoring in mathematics and I’ve been tutoring people on request since high school—I guess that’s why Reina asked Yoshio to introduce us; he and I are old friends—and I’ve got an apartment not too far from here. And…I’m a little estranged from my parents.” Yusuke said.

“Oh, that’s a shame.” Mitsuki said with genuine sympathy in her voice.

“Yeah, I wanted to go to a university here instead of where they did. I haven’t spoken with them for a while.” Yusuke said. There was silence for a moment, and then Yusuke said, “And what about you, Mrs. Toyohara?”

“Actually, it’s just Miss.” Mitsuki said, and sighed, “My dear Nobuyuki died a long time ago.”

“Oh. I’m sorry to hear that.” Yusuke said solemnly.

“Yes, it was right after I got pregnant with Reina. She never knew her father, but she’s his only legacy.” Mitsuki said, and took another sip of tea. “I married him right after I retired.”

“That’s int—wait, you’re retired??” Yusuke said, stopping in mid-sentence with surprise.

“Yes, I am. You see, both of my parents died soon after I started high school and they left me a pretty large inheritance; they were both from upper-class families, you see. I really needed more money at the time, so I entered the lottery as many times as I could from every lottery in the country. Believe it or not, I actually won all of them several times over!” Mitsuki said. Yusuke sprayed tea out of his mouth in surprise, Whoa! She’s loaded!

“Not only that, but I invested half of my winnings and put the rest into savings.” Mitsuki said. Almost humorously, she looked around to make sure no one else was listening in and then got up to sit down next to Yusuke and whisper in his ear, “Because of all that, I have over three-hundred-fifty quadrillion yen!” {roughly four trillion American dollars or the gross domestic product of Japan}

Yusuke nearly choked on the cake he was eating. Mitsuki was the single richest person in history!!!

“I’ve only told a few people that; not even my late husband knew. Reina only knows that I’m wealthy enough, not exactly how much. I finished high school and college and retired here, then I met Nobuyuki. We dated for a while and got married,” she sighed, “and I got pregnant in ’84. Then, Nobuyuki got in a car accident and died. I had Reina in 1985—you and her are the same age, by the way—and raised her by myself.”

“Miss Toyohara, if you’re so rich, why do you live here? You could buy the Tokyo Imperial Palace with all that money!” Yusuke said.

Not at all angrily, Mitsuki said, “And why should I? I like the humble lifestyle of a housewife.”

“No servants, nothing?”

“Why should I hire help and live in a palace if I don’t need to?” Mitsuki said with a smile. “Anyway, I birthed and raised Reina all on my own, and I don’t think I’ll ever remarry. I kept Nobuyuki’s family name, though.”

“It must have been rough all these years, with nothing to…uh…spice up your life.” Yusuke said.,

“Oh, no! Far from it!” Mitsuki said, “As soon as Reina got her first period, I gave her The Talk and went right back to the bars and clubs. I have, indeed, slept around quite a bit.” Mitsuki said with a blush, and Yusuke gasped a bit, a little surprised at how freely she talked about her sex life. “But don’t think I’m a bad mother. If Reina ever wanted me to stay, I was there for her.”

Yusuke noticed that Mitsuki, still sitting on the couch next to him, was sliding closer to him. Out of respect, he moved further down away from her, but Mitsuki closed in on him anyway.

“And speaking of Reina…” she said.

“Y-yes, ma’am?”

“You fucked her yesterday, didn’t you?” Mitsuki asked. Yusuke was surprised, not by the question itself, but by how blunt she had been and by how she had asked it: she wasn’t angry at all, as far as he could tell, and instead had a more curious tone.

“What? Miss Toyohara, what are you talking about?”

“I know everything. Reina told me she fell in love with you when she saw you at the cultural festival earlier this year. That’s really why she asked Yoshio to introduce you, and why she asked you to be her tutor. You took her virginity, didn’t you?” Mitsuki asked, bringing her face close to Yusuke’s.

“No, I haven’t fucked her.” Yusuke said, blushing and averting his eyes.

“That surprises me. You’re so timid down here.” Mitsuki said. It was only then that Yusuke realized she had grabbed hold of his cock through his pants!

“Miss Toyohara!”

“I really like you, Yusuke. My breasts will feel much better than Reina’s, I promise.” Mitsuki said, taking hold of Yusuke’s hand and guiding it to one of her breasts. She gasped immediately; apparently, her breasts were just as sensitive as Reina’s.

“Miss Toyohara, they feel incredible!” Yusuke said as Mitsuki giggled. “They have to be J-cups!”

“Wrong. They’re double J-cups.”

“Such incredible volume and presence… Reina’s G-cups are no match.”

“Wrong again; Reina has double G-cups. I’m surprised you were wrong twice. But no matter.” Mitsuki said, moaning the whole time.

Yusuke lifted up Mitsuki’s shirt, fully exposing her braless chest.

“Now these are torpedo tits!” Yusuke said, and began fondling her bare skin. Mitsuki moaned and gasped loudly.

“Oh, yes! Yes! Do my breasts feel good, Yusuke?”

“They do… they’re huge, Miss Toyohara!” Yusuke said.

“Don’t call me that anymore—aah!—just call me Mitsuki.” She said, and then took his head and pushed it into her chest.

“Okay, Mitsuki.” Yusuke said. Just as he had with Reina the day before, he guided Mitsuki’s nipple into his mouth and began licking and sucking it. Mitsuki moaned even louder, and in a few minutes, she yelled out and came. After she caught her breath, she said, “Alright, Yusuke. Now it’s my turn.” She said, and pulled her shirt over her head, leaving her naked from the waist up.

Mitsuki leaned in close, with Yusuke taking hold of her breasts again as their lips met. Their tongues played around each other in a long, passionate kiss. After a while, she leaned back again and got down onto the floor. She unzipped Yusuke’s pants and pulled down his underwear, revealing his cock, “Wow, your dick is so big! I’ll have fun with this, now.” She said, and began giving him a titty-fuck.

“Mitsuki…” Yusuke said, now moaning in pleasure as well.

“Well, Yusuke? Don’t mine feel much better than Reina’s?” Mitsuki asked, rubbing faster. Yusuke was unable to answer. Mitsuki was clearly an expert at this; Reina’s titty-fuck yesterday was no match for Mitsuki’s.

“I-I can’t hold it anymore.” Yusuke groaned.

“If you’re gonna come, then come inside me.” Mitsuki said, quickly removing her panties and getting up, only to slide her vagina down over Yusuke’s penis, her dress covering her actions. She moaned as she did, and Yusuke groaned loudly as he came inside her.

But Mitsuki didn’t stop there. She began properly fucking Yusuke now, sliding up and down his penis with her breasts bouncing in front of her. Yusuke managed to stay hard as Mitsuki continued fucking him. Soon, they both came again.

Mitsuki went limp and laid down on top of Yusuke with his cock still inside her. When they both caught their breath, Mitsuki locked lips with Yusuke again and kissed him once more.

In a moment, Mitsuki backed away from him, a strand of saliva hanging between their lips, and said, “Yusuke? You can only do this with me, okay? If you cheat on me with Reina, I won’t forgive you.”

Mitsuki kissed him one last time, and as she did, all Yusuke could think was, To my life with giant breasts! Banzai!

The two lovers got dressed again, and Yusuke went upstairs just in time to meet Reina as she left the laundry room, having dried off and gotten fresh clothes, which were just as skimpy as yesterday if not more so; he could practically see right through her shirt!

“Oh, Yusuke! You’re early!” Reina said.

“Yeah, Mitsuki and I were just chatting downstairs. Let’s get started.” Yusuke said.

As they entered Reina’s room, “Aah, it’s so hot!” she said, wiping some sweat off the exposed part of her cleavage, “I can’t believe I’m sweating already; I only just got out of the shower!”

Yusuke looked at her chest. Her skin was still a bit pink from her bath, and it only accented her luscious breasts. Mitsuki’s are nice, but so are Reina’s, Yusuke thought.

“Hey, Yusuke, what are you going to teach me today?” Reina asked absentmindedly.

“It’s math again, same as yesterday.” Yusuke said.

Reina gave him a look and said, “Are you sure that’s all we’ll do today?” and she slipped down one of the spaghetti straps of her shirt suggestively.

Yusuke chuckled and said, “Of course it isn’t.” and immediately pounced on her. He pushed her to the bed and got on top of her, immediately pulling up her shirt and exposing her breasts. He began fondling them and kissed Reina at the same time. She moaned as he touched her, but in a moment he relented, and instead got off her to strip her down, and then he did the same. With his newfound experience given to him by Mitsuki, Yusuke slid his cock right into Reina’s pussy, and she gasped in surprise, “Yusuke!” He began thrusting, and Reina moaned, her breasts bouncing in sync with his thrusts.

Right as the two of them reached orgasm, they suddenly heard a knock at the door and looked up right as they both came, forgetting to let out cries of ecstasy as they did. The door opened, and Mitsuki walked in with a tray of snacks for them.

“Reina, I brought you some tea—” Mitsuki stopped in midsentence and dropped the tray, getting a look of surprise on her face as the cups of tea shattered on the floor, “—what are you doing?!”

“Mitsuki!” Yusuke said in surprise.

“Mama!” Reina said.

And then, Yusuke remembered what Mitsuki had said earlier, the promise he had made to her not ten minutes ago: If you cheat on me with Reina, I won’t forgive you.

Mitsuki began to stare angrily at Reina, who by now had pulled herself off Yusuke and covered herself with her bedsheets.

This is bad… Yusuke thought, At this rate, my life with giant breasts will be over!!

yeah, i know making mitsuki as rich as i did is implausible, but its a fantasy, so if you have any objections, just go with it :P
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Tue Aug 03, 2010 2:56 pm

in light of no additional comments, i'll just post the next chapter. some of these new chapters are relatively short. i'll be making up for their short length later with exceptionally long chapters

Chapter 3: The Feud (content: fondling, mammary sex, vaginal sex, m/f, consensual, MILF, fellatio, multiple partners)
Spoiler: show
Mitsuki stared angrily at Reina, and her daughter stubbornly stared right back. Yusuke could practically feel their newfound hatred for one another as he looked back and forth from one to the other.

Finally, Mitsuki said, “Reina, what’s the meaning of this?”

“The meaning of what?” Reina said, this time feigning naïveté rather than genuinely not understanding.

“What the hell were you two just doing?!” Mitsuki demanded.

“What, you mean you can’t tell? We were having sex!

Mitsuki blushed and said, “Wh-what did you just say?!”

“You heard me: SEX!” Reina fastened her bedsheets around her like a towel and went over to Yusuke, taking hold of his arm and smiling, “Right, Yusuke?”

“Y-yeah…” Yusuke said, giving Mitsuki an embarrassed look.

Fuming, Mitsuki walked over to them and demanded, “Get off each other!!” and forcibly pulled the two teenagers apart, even knocking Reina to the floor.

“Mom! What are you doing?!” Reina yelled.

“Yusuke’s mine! I’m the one who taught him how to do that!!” Mitsuki said. Each of the women took one of Yusuke’s arms and practically began playing tug of war with him, staring at each other intensely all the while.

When they finally stopped, Mitsuki said, “Yusuke!”

“Y-yes, ma’am?”

Mitsuki’s face softened as she turned to him and asked, “Which of us do you like more: me, or Reina?”

“This is too sudden; I can’t answer that…” Yusuke said, though he was already looking it over in his mind, looking at each of their faces and chests in turn, and began to think: The adorable Reina… or the sexy, sultry Mitsuki…?

Finally, he said, “Oh, I can’t pick one over the other!”

“Jeez…” Mitsuki took a step back and took hold of the bottom of her shirt, “If you can’t make up your just by looking at us, then choose between us based on our breasts!” and with that, in one swift motion, she pulled off her shirt, once more revealing her enormous, bare JJ-cup breasts. They bounced as they were released from her clothing. Yusuke gulped.

“Well, Yusuke? Who’s it gonna be?” Mitsuki demanded, folding her arms under her breasts so that they seemed more plump and appealing.

Reina suddenly threw off her bedsheet coverings and copied her mother, declaring, “I’m not gonna lose!”

Yusuke took a good, long look at both of their racks, now side by side, and felt his blood begin to rush, his heart start to pound, and his penis going hard. He gulped again and said, “I understand, but I can’t decide just by looking…” and he reached out and grabbed one of their breasts each. Both women immediately began to blush and shudder and moan. Yusuke suddenly smiled widely and said, “I think I’ll decide after I fully enjoy them!” and he began fondling their breasts.

Mitsuki and Reina began moaning and shuddering with pleasure in stereo, and Yusuke looked down to see that both of them were already wet.

“I ought to check the flavor of them, too.” Yusuke said, and he leaned in to start licking and sucking on Mitsuki’s teat.

The elder of the Toyohara women began to moan even louder, but she managed to say, “Yes! Yes!! Suck on my nipples harder! Aaahh!!

“They taste great, Mitsuki.” Yusuke said with a mouth full of nipple.

“You’re paying too much attention to Mom! Suck on mine, too!” Reina pleaded. Without a word, Yusuke shifted from Mitsuki’s right breast to Reina’s left, and the louder moaning shifted from mother to daughter.

“Oh, Yusuke!” Reina said between gasps.

“Your breasts are so soft and fluffy, Reina.” He said.

“Yusuke, do they taste good?” Reina asked.

“They’re a little sour, but they taste good.” He replied. To the disappointment of both women, and to Yusuke himself, he stepped back to say, “I have nothing to complain about, but I can’t decide based just on your breasts.”

“Ugh, is it really so difficult?” Mitsuki said with exasperation. Taking him by surprise, Mitsuki pushed Yusuke onto the bed and grabbed hold of his penis, rubbing him vigorously.

“Mom, that’s not fair!” Reina said, trying to pull her mother off Yusuke.

“All’s fair in love and war, Reina.” Mitsuki said, batting her daughter away and taking hold of Yusuke’s testicles as well, and then popping her mouth over the end of his cock. Reina watched helplessly as Yusuke yelled out and came in Mitsuki’s mouth with her tongue dancing over his penis. Her mother sat up and looked at her daughter, some of Yusuke’s semen on her lips. Her tongue quickly lapped it into her mouth and she made an audible gulp, then said, “Aaaah! Delicious!”

With an angry look on her face, Reina pushed Mitsuki out of the way and said, “I’ll show you how it’s done, you old hag!” and she began to tit-fuck Yusuke, trying to keep him hard. She rubbed him furiously with her breasts and, in desperation, mimicked Mitsuki and began sucking on him at the same time. She had to work a bit longer, but Yusuke came in her mouth as well.

Mitsuki growled and said, “I won’t let you get the upper hand!” and she pushed herself on as well, and both women tried shooting for dominance as they tried to tit-fuck and fellate him at the same time. Yusuke couldn’t control himself or get them to stop, and soon he came harder than he ever had before, and passed out.

Yusuke didn’t know how much later it was, but he awoke to Mitsuki and Reina telling him to wake up. As soon as he did, he was confronted by the two women.

“Yusuke, which one did you like better?” Reina asked.

Mitsuki butted in, “It’s me, right?”

“What are you talking about, Mom? Of course he liked me better!” Reina said, standing up to confront her mother once more.

“Oh, come on! Yusuke would never pick breasts as puny as yours!” Mitsuki retorted, her breasts bouncing once as she stood up as well.

Reina struck a sexy pose with her right elbow in the air and her hand behind her head while her left hand rested at her hip, and said with a sarcastic look on her face, “I think you’re sadly mistaken. Yusuke likes perky breasts like mine way better than your saggy tits!

“What did you say?!”

“Exactly what I meant!”

“You’d better stop acting like a smartass!”

“Quiet! You’re just jealous!

“You brat!”

“Mitsuki, Reina, please, calm down!” Yusuke said, but neither of them listened. He decided it would be best if he left, so, as quietly as he could, Yusuke got his clothes and headed for the door, managing to get his pants on before exiting.

“Hey! Yusuke, get back here!!” he heard Mitsuki yell. He bolted, getting out of the gate to the driveway with the two women in hot pursuit. Mitsuki stopped herself at the door when she realized she was still naked, but Reina ran after him down the driveway yelling, “Come back! You still need to pick me over Mom!!!” but Yusuke was already too far away for her to catch him.

“Reina! Get back here before someone sees you!!” Mitsuki yelled, and Reina angrily stomped back to the house in her birthday suit for all the world to see.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby kamikouchiha » Tue Aug 03, 2010 7:57 pm

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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 05, 2010 12:17 am

here's chapter 4. theres some slightly more vorish stuff in this one, but its still mostly regular stuff

Chapter 4: The Contest (content: multiple partners, revealing clothes, sandwiching, food, foodplay, cunilingus, fondling, light incest)
Spoiler: show
Yusuke was wary about returning the next day, but his urges finally got the better of him; how could resist two buxom ladies that both wanted him??

He rang the doorbell, but no one answered it. He rang it again, and he heard Mitsuki call, “Come on in!”

Yusuke walked inside, “Hello?”

Yusuke gasped in surprise when he saw Mitsuki and Reina standing not far from him. Both of them were wearing identical white outfits that just barely covered their hips, leaving their bellies exposed, and stretched tightly over their breasts, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

“Welcome back!” the two Toyohara women said in unison.

“Wh-what happened?” Yusuke asked.

“Reina and I talked it over last night after you left and decided that fighting over you wasn’t the best way to win you over. I mean, just look at what happened last night! You passed out and ran away!” Mitsuki explained.

“Let’s try to take it slow today, Yusuke.” Reina said, “How ‘bout a beer?” she offered, holding up a frosty can of his favorite brand. How Reina knew it was his favorite brand of beer was beyond him.

“Or how about something a bit more personal? Say, my breast milk?” Mitsuki counter-offered, grabbing each of her breasts and holding them up as if to let him check the quality of her milk.

Reina gave her mother a look and said, “Would you like a ham and cheese sandwich?”

“Of course you would, wouldn’t you? Let me make it for you, I’ve been doing it for years.” Mitsuki said.

“Uh, yeah, sure, I guess.” Yusuke said. Reina grunted and walked over to Yusuke. She grabbed his head and pushed it into her breasts, saying, “Do my breasts feel good, Yusuke?”

Then, suddenly, Mitsuki grabbed him and pushed his face into her own breasts instead, “No, mine feel much better than Reina’s, right?”

“Oh, there you go again with that! He’s my boyfriend!” Reina said, pushing her breasts against Yusuke’s head and sandwiching him between her and Mitsuki.

“Quiet, you brat!” Mitsuki demanded.

To my life with giant breasts! Banzai! Yusuke thought with a smile on his face, hidden under the flesh of their breasts.

“No. No, let’s not get into that again.” Mitsuki said, stepping away, “Come on, Yusuke.” She said, leading him into the dining room.

“Whoa!” Yusuke said when he saw the sight before him. There were trays and trays of food covering the table!

“Here, Yusuke.” Reina said, sitting him down in the middle of three chairs at one of the table’s edges, “Have some.”

“You made all this?” Yusuke asked with surprise.

“Hey, are you trying to make fun of me? For your information, I actually am a really great homemaker! Look, I made it all for you!” Reina said and took a spoonful of some kind of delicious-looking pudding and guided it into his mouth as she sat down to his left. It tasted good.

“See? I made it all with love.” She said with a cheerful smile.

“It’s really good.”

“Come on, have this instead.” Mitsuki said, sitting down to his right. She took Yusuke by the chin and placed his hand on a wine glass, pouring him a bottle of rather expensive-looking sake. “It’s a perk of being so rich. Drink!” she said and practically fed him the rice wine.

“Mom! He’s gonna have my food!” Reina demanded, commandeering Yusuke again to feed him a delicious-looking sandwich, nearly shoving it into his mouth.

“Yusuke, look here. Reina said she made her food with love. How corny is that? I made my food with sex.” Mitsuki said, “See this cake? I used my own milk to make it.”

“Stop, stop! You’re gonna make me choke!” Yusuke said.

Patiently, the Toyohara women let him chew and swallow his food, and then went right back to feeding him. After Mitsuki offered him more food she had baked with her breast milk, Reina decided it was time to up the ante. She grabbed the sake that Mitsuki had bought and drank right from the bottle.

“Reina! That’s really expensive!” Mitsuki said, forgetting their contest for a moment.

Reina ignored her and brought Yusuke in for a kiss, locking lips with him and pushing the wine into his mouth.

“There. A bit more personal than food with old milk in it, isn’t it?” she said, glaring at her mother with a wicked smile on her face as she finished talking.

“Two can play at that game!” Mitsuki said, taking a bit of some fish and chewing it a bit before taking Yusuke in a kiss of her own, passing the food on to him and refusing to release him until she heard him gulp.

Reina growled and took a large spoon to a bowl of cream and fruit.

“Well try this!” she said, pulling apart her shirt, making several of her buttons pop off, and revealing her breasts once more. Yusuke blushed at the sight of them.

Reina took the spoon and covered the top of her breasts with the cream and fruit. She held her breasts up to Yusuke and said, “Go ahead, eat it. It’ll be delicious, I promise.”

Mitsuki began pouting as Yusuke took Reina’s breasts in his hands and began to lick off the cream and eat the fruit, making Reina moan whenever his tongue touched her bare skin. Yusuke tasted the sour aspect of Reina’s flesh alongside the sweet cream. She was right; it was delicious.

Yusuke couldn’t control himself. After he licked up the last of the cream, he turned on Reina and kissed her deeply. She leaned back onto her chair as Yusuke’s hands worked their magic, massaging one of her breasts while at the same time unzipping Reina’s too-short pants and undoing his own. Yusuke pulled down his underwear, but had no such difficulty with Reina; apparently, she decided to go without today.

Yusuke slid his penis inside her and began thrusting. He was only vaguely aware of other sounds around him as he fucked Reina. In a few minutes, he and Reina came. Her front completely nude, Reina laid back in her chair, catching her breath.

“Yusuke, don’t let her win you over like that. A real woman will let you go places that are much more sensitive than her breasts.” Mitsuki said, and Yusuke turned to her, “She’ll let you fuck her without even using your dick.”

Yusuke’s eyes widened when he saw Mitsuki, and he quickly got hard again. Like Reina, her front was now completely exposed, but instead of putting food on her breasts, she’d decorated her crotch with it. Yusuke noticed something sticking a little bit out of her vagina, and it took him a moment to realize it was a banana—what else?—that was already peeled and ready to be eaten. She was sweating a little and blushing from the fruit being inside her most sensitive regions.

“Eat, and then eat me out.” Mitsuki said, “I shaved down there for this very purpose.”

Overtaken by the prospect, Yusuke practically dove inbetween her legs and began eating the food. As with Reina, it was cream and fruit, though Yusuke knew that this cream had been made with Mitsuki’s own milk.

Once all the food was gone from her skin, Yusuke went straight for her pussy. He began licking her, teasing her with the tip of his tongue. Mitsuki moaned loudly as he touched her bare vagina with his tongue.

Yusuke felt Reina practically lean on him, her breasts on either side of his neck. She said in an almost whining voice, “Come on, Yusuke. You’re giving her too much attention again!”

“Oh, shut up, Reina. You’re such a brat.” Mitsuki said, gasping and shuddering the whole time, “He’s gonna make me come first, and it’ll be much better than yours.”

“Then why let him have all the fun?” Reina asked, and she suddenly reach out and grabbed Mitsuki’s breasts!

“Aah! Reina, stop! I’m your mother!” Mitsuki exclaimed.

“Shut up, Mom. I’m just trying to get you to come so Yusuke can get back to his real lover.” Reina said as she kneaded Mitsuki’s enormous chest. Mitsuki started yelling with ecstasy, and she came. Yusuke spat out her vaginal fluids instinctively.

“Hah! See? You taste nasty, Mom!” Reina said.

“That was just a reflex. He’ll like it much better this time.” Mitsuki said.

“No! He’s mine!” Reina said, pulling Yusuke away and starting to give him a hand job.

“Ow! Reina, slow down!” Yusuke said, but she didn’t listen. She just rubbed faster and faster until he came, his semen shooting out and landing on Mitsuki’s belly.

Yusuke felt limp and slumped back onto Reina’s lap, his head resting on her breasts as if they were pillows.

“See, Mom? I made him come twice! You couldn’t do that at all!”

“Just be quiet, Reina. The contest isn’t over yet.” Mitsuki said, dabbing Yusuke’s semen off her with a napkin. “Yusuke, why don’t you go home and get some rest? And remember, tomorrow’s a holiday, so you don’t need to come over tomorrow.”

Yusuke just groaned, too tired to really speak, but he got up and got dressed anyway and left. Mitsuki and Reina watched from the door as he left, both of them still showing off their full frontal nudity. Once Yusuke was out of sight, Mitsuki turned to Reina and offered, “He left the banana in me. Want to have a bit of fun?”

“Mom! I’m you’re daughter!” Reina said.

“Didn’t stop you before.” Mitsuki said, and then pushed on a little bulge on her belly to slide the banana out of her cooch. She took a bit of it and went inside, and Reina closed the door.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby Archangel » Thu Aug 05, 2010 1:43 pm

lol u do know you named it chapter 3 lol.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 05, 2010 3:12 pm

oop! my bad :P changed
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby Archangel » Thu Aug 05, 2010 4:31 pm

Minor mistake great stories however.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby kamikouchiha » Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:20 pm

awsome the best stories on eka's
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby DMDracoMoondragon » Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:24 pm

Not bad at all! I actually saw the hentai anime of this, and you've captured it beautifully! Can't wait to read the rest! ^_^
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:34 pm

thanks, DM

btw, there's only one more chapter (and the epilogue) before it moves on to non-canonical stories. ill give a little preview on the content of that first non-canonical chapter: unbirth, ensuing pregnancy, and rebirth :)
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby DMDracoMoondragon » Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:37 pm

Sounds like fun! I can't wait to see it, bud! ^_^
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:22 pm

i might post it sometime tonight

btw, is that Locke from FF6 in your avatar?
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby DMDracoMoondragon » Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:51 pm

Coolness! I'll read it when I have the chance.

And yes, that is definitely Locke. He's my all-time favorite FF male character. You must be an FF6 fan to have recognized him that quick. ^_^
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:03 pm

not so much a fan, but its the only one ive played :P and all the characters in that are pretty recognizable

here's chapter 5. yeah, its pretty short, but there wasnt much else to say for this one

Chapter 5: Resolution (content: drunkenness, multiple partners, facesitting, cunilingus, incest, lesbian sex, love triangle)
Spoiler: show
Yusuke walked down the street back towards his apartment. He was returning from having dinner out since it was a holiday today. He rounded a corner and suddenly bumped into someone.

“Oh! Sorry, I—Reina?” he said. Sure enough, it was Reina he had encountered. She was on her butt on the pavement, rubbing her forehead. She was wearing her undershirt, sweater, and skirt again from the first time they had met. Yusuke happened to glance at her skirt and could see her panties.

“Oh, Yusuke! I’m sorry!” Reina said, looking up after she stopped rubbing her head.

“What are you doing here?”

“I was…uh…coming back from a class!” Reina said.

“It’s a holiday.”

Reina pouted and said, “Okay, fine, I was kind of following you.”

“Following me from a completely different direction?” Yusuke said. Reina continued pouting, so he just said, “Why?”

“Well, I didn’t know where you lived. I wanted to show you even more that I’m the best choice of a lover!” Reina said.

“Well, here.” Yusuke said, taking out a pen and paper and writing down the name of his apartment building and his room number. “Come by some time.”

“Okay!” Reina said with a smile, and she waved to Yusuke as he left. Once he was out of the sight, she took out her cell phone and hit the speed dial. “Mom? It’s Reina. I know where he lives now.” She said, and gave her mother the address. In a moment, Mitsuki pulled up in her car and motioned for Reina to get in.

“We have to get there after him for this to work.” Reina said as she sat down in the passenger seat and put on her seatbelt. Then, she noticed that Mitsuki’s driving was a little unstable. “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, it’sh nothing, Reina. Everything’sh fine.” Mitsuki said, slurring. Reina looked in the back of the car and saw a half-empty bottle of sake there.

“You were drinking?”

“Yup!” Mitsuki said, then hiccupped.

“Um…maybe I should drive.” Reina said.

“Don’wor-ee ‘bout it!” Mitsuki said, her eyes half closed and a clear alcohol flush on her face, “My driving ishn’t impaired at all!”

“Mom, you’re in the wrong lane!” Reina shouted. Mitsuki looked back at the road and swerved into the correct lane.

Meanwhile, a few minutes later, Yusuke arrived at his apartment. He swiped his car key, but the light on the lock said it was wrong.

“Damnit.” He swiped it again. He told the super that something was wrong with his key. He repeated the process for several minutes. Finally, he decided to turn it around and swiped it again. The light turned from red to green and he opened the door. He walked inside and waited to hear the door close, but it never happened. Curious, he turned back to see that Reina was in the doorway, huffing and puffing from exertion.

“Reina?” Yusuke asked.

“Yusuke—huff…puff—it’s time.” Reina said, walking inside. Mitsuki was right behind her, giggling and hiccupping and trying to grope her daughter. Reina continued, “It’s been three days, Yusuke. You’ve had both of us, but now you need to choose.”

“Reina, please, it’s not that simple—” Yusuke said, but Reina interrupted him, “We’re going to make it simple! Whichever of us, me or Mom, comes first today gets you!”

“Um, is something wrong with Mitsuki?”

Reina looked back at her mother and said, “Oh, no, she’s fine. She’s just drunk.”


“Half a bottle of sake. And I think that improves my chances!” Reina said, and then gasped as Mitsuki finally grabbed hold of her daughter’s breast. “Eeek! Mom!”

“Come on, Reina! Live a little!” Mitsuki said, and pulled the cork off her bottle of sake. She grabbed Reina’s head and stuck the end of the bottle in her mouth, holding her head back and massaging her throat. Yusuke watched as Reina struggled a bit, the rice wine pouring down her throat, everything that was left in the bottle. Finally, Mitsuki released her daughter, and Reina looked back at Yusuke.

“Hey, Yushuke, c’mere.” Reina slurred, taking a wobbly step forward.

“Oh, great, now you’re drunk!” Yusuke said.

Suddenly, the two women jumped Yusuke, dragging him to his bedroom, which they were surprisingly able to find despite their inebriation. They ripped off Yusuke’s clothes and stripped down as well, and in the space of a minute or two, all three of them were completely naked. Yusuke was thrown onto the bed and both women got on top of him. Reina slid herself onto his cock, which had gotten a bit hard when he saw them but quickly grew erect inside her. To his surprise, Mitsuki got on as well, practically sitting on his face so that he would perform cunnilingus, she hoped. Without many other options, he did as was expected of him.

Without leaving much time for passion, the two of them simply tried to be the first one to come. Reina yelled, “No, I’m gonna come firsht! I’m gonna come firsht! Yushuke’s mine!

“No, me!” Mitsuki yelled back.

“I’m…I’m gonna come!!”

“I can’t hold it anymore!!”

Then, an amazing thing happened. The two women cried out in ecstasy and came at the exact same moment. The two drunk ladies gasped for breath, and opened their eyes. They looked at each other with their half-closed eyes of the same color, and something sparked between them. It wasn’t rage or hate or anything of the sort.

Finally, Mitsuki slurred, “Reina…”

“Mama…did he make you come?” Reina asked.

“I did. Yushuke was sho good, hish tongue felt amazhing.” Mitsuki said, and her face turned even redder as a blush joined her alcohol flush, “You know, Reina, you have a really shexy moan.”

“You, too, Mom.” Reina said back, and she blushed as well.


“Mama…” Reina replied, and the two women leaned in, their lips locking in a kiss. The two began moaning again.

“Hey, wait!” Yusuke said, his mouth still buried under Mitsuki’s vagina. Luckily for him, the two women rolled off and began groping each other’s breasts and squeezing each other’s buttocks and rubbing their pussies together. Yusuke gasped for breath, and it took a moment for him to realize that the two women were having sex right next to him!

Yusuke decided it was unfair for the two women to be having all the fun, so he joined in as well. Mitsuki was now on top of Reina, still kissing her daughter in a drunken stupor, their breasts pressed together. Yusuke got on top of Mitsuki, his front to her back, and stuck his cock inside her. She moaned louder as he began thrusting as Reina rubbed her clitoris against her mother’s. With all this combined, Mitsuki soon came.

“My turn! My turn!” Reina said, sliding out from under Mitsuki and not to kindly pushing Yusuke out of her mother, and then sliding herself onto him. She began yelling in pleasure as she fucked him, and soon Mitsuki joined in as well, grabbing Reina’s breasts from behind and wildly fondling them, kissing her daughter’s neck and cheek. In a moment, Reina came, too.

The night passed, and the three of them eventually fell asleep. The next morning arrived, and Reina’s eyes fluttered awake to a throbbing headache.

“Ow. Hangover.” She said, rubbing her head. She looked around, and only then saw that there were a pair of hands on her breasts. At first, she thought they were Yusuke’s, but then she saw that the skin was the same tone as hers. She turned her head back and saw that her mother, still asleep, was under her and naked, with her hands on her daughter’s breasts.

Reina screamed.

Yusuke awoke immediately, “Fire! Murder! Police! What?!”

Reina leapt up and pointed at Mitsuki, “Wh-what happened last night?”

“Oh, yeah, now I remember. You two were really going at it!” Yusuke said.

“Going at—no, no! I would never fuck my mother! Incest is wrong!” Reina said.

“Trust me, Reina: you fucked her. I fucked her, you fucked her, she fucked both of us, and I fucked you, too.” Yusuke said, as if it was nothing to worry about.

Yusuke!! This is a big problem! I can’t have had sex with my mom! It’s wrong!”

“Yeah, you said that already.” Yusuke said.

At that moment, Mitsuki woke up, “Morning, you two. How was it last night? Which of us won, Yusuke?”

“Well… you both did.” Yusuke said.


“You both came at the exact same time, I’m not kidding.” Yusuke said.

“Well, what do we do?” Reina asked her mother.

“Well, if we both came at the same time…then we both won?” Mitsuki said.

“Personally, I don’t mind having two lovers at the same time. You two don’t seem to mind it, either.” He said.

“What?” Mitsuki asked. Yusuke just motioned to Reina, who looked away and attempted to cover herself up. Realization dawned on Mitsuki, and she screamed.

“Come on! It’s not so bad! Even when you were drunk, you looked like you were having fun!” Yusuke said.

“That’s—really?” Mitsuki asked, stopping in midsentence.

“Yeah! In fact, I think you were happier then than at any time where just one of you was going at it with me!” Yusuke said.

Mitsuki looked over her daughter once more, observing her beauty, her nudity. She got a lustful look on her face as she looked into the eyes of her daughter, the same color as hers.

“Mom, what are you thinking…?” Reina asked. Without warning, Mitsuki clasped her hand on Reina’s breast. Reina looked down and then up to her mother. Somehow, it didn’t feel wrong anymore. She grinned, and stepped forward to kiss her mother again.

The storm had passed and the two women fucked and made up. But was the newly formed Toyohara-Mizuhara love triangle headed for disaster? How could such a lustful world be upon them so suddenly?

All three of them decided that they would worry about that some other time, and returned to Yusuke’s bed to make love once again.
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby DMDracoMoondragon » Fri Aug 06, 2010 2:41 am

Not bad! Not bad at all! Can't wait to see what you follow this one up with! Excellent work, LP.
All's fair in love and vore! XD
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Re: Anyone You Can Do... I Can Do Better! (sexual; various)

Postby LowProfile » Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:46 pm

sorry for the delays. ive been trying to do some more work on it as well as about a dozen other projects AND trying to finish up with a class at the community college. my class ended last night, so its all good now (for about a month :P) and i think ill FINALLY post the epilogue to the story. this is where things start to get weird:

Epilogue: Strange Things Happen…
Spoiler: show
Over time, the three lovers that formed the Toyohara-Mizuhara love triangle only grew closer. Mitsuki and Reina began to welcome Yusuke into their home as a part of the family, and even gave him a house key. One day, a kettle boiled over in Yusuke’s apartment building, and the ensuing trouble caused the entire building to burn to the ground. Yusuke suddenly found himself homeless.

Luckily, he had two voluptuous women to turn to for help. They gladly welcomed him into their home as a permanent houseguest and put him up in the guest room. Soon after his arrival, the three of them were fucking each other one night when, suddenly, they heard a crash and saw that something had broken through the window. Embedded in the floor was a tiny rock from space! It was only the size of a marble, but it glowed green. They stopped having sex just long enough to get a closer look and pass it between them, and then, suddenly, it stopped glowing. Putting this event behind them, the love triangle put it in a drawer and went right back to fucking each other.

Little did they know, a strange, otherworldly radiation had emitted from the meteorite. It had passed from the tiny little rock and into their bodies. In as little as day or as long as a lifetime, strange things would begin to happen to them. They had been forever affected by the alien presence that now resided in each them.

But just what would be affected about them? Nobody knows…

From this point onwards, all chapters are within their own canon, or universe, continuing from this point in the story. The following chapters are not labeled by number and have little to nothing to do with one another.

and if you think just a radioactive meteor can be weird, wait'll you--oh, wait, nevermind, i just remembered that i'm posting this on what is pretty much the message board version of /d/ :P

teh ensuing chapters will finally have more vorish content in them
Check out my fanfic, 'Anyone You Can Do...I Can Do Better!' And bring up some ideas in the discussion thread!
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