Soul Gem/Trapped Essence and Reformation

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Soul Gem/Trapped Essence and Reformation

Postby Thagrahn » Sat Oct 05, 2019 6:48 am

I was writing down some notes and ideas, and since magic and vore already work together, starting thinking about things that could be used to limit or control reforming prey.

Soul Stone/Gem/Egg: Part of the prey's essence is contained in an item as a focus for reforming. This could be done either by the Predator as a means to enjoy the prey multiple times, or by the prey's family in case something happens.

Soul Shrine: Can work with the soul gem or significant item of the one to be reformed. A large ceremonial structure ment for rituals that recreate a dead creature.

Soul Well: Could require a journey to the underworld to access. Central container within a world that all souls go to when the body dies. Allows access to all souls from the past for torment, judgment, reforming, or destruction.

If you have ideas about other similar things, feel free to add it in a post. If you are inspired to use one, or some, of these ideas, go ahead.

Would also like Comments about you feeling on reforming, physical trapping in objects, and dealing with souls or ghosts.
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Re: Soul Gem/Trapped Essence and Reformation

Postby blessedwasthechild » Sat Oct 05, 2019 5:06 pm

I used to hate fatal vore and used all these tactics and more to try and avoid it, but, in the end, fatal vore just turns me on more, yet, I still want the story to continue, so I settled for reincarnation that uses reasonable time-scales. I like vore to be a sort of endless string of one-night stands, so a pred eating the same prey usually doesn't catch my interest.

However! A couple that has good reason to stay together, would totally use these sorts of tactics. But, to do that, you have to have a good relationship story at hand as well, and those? Those are hard to write. So I don't do this sort of thing for that reason as well--not that I hate soul-gems, but because requiring their use complicates a story and they come across as "having your cake and eating it too" if you don't have some good world-building to make the decision for these magical clark-tech solutions to be less arbitrary than, POOF, you're back! style reformations.

The other issue is that not everyone has the same perspective on souls/essence/ghosts/spirits, and so, anything using them as part of reformation has to contend with using words that hold slightly different definitions for slightly different (or very different) people, and it can get weird fast. Even people I've seen who like or use the soul-gem stuff, tend to be picky about what happens with the soul-gem in the meantime. For example, I've liked the idea of soul-gems being used as butt-plugs temporarily, or as anal beads. Some people hate that though.

All of those methods are pretty interesting, though. My experiments with them offer lots of interesting story possibilities, but they're really a distraction from the vore itself for most folks, although, for peeps like me who enjoy world-building, that's some fun stuff right there!

I don't know of many other options. There are similar options for those who prefer a science-flavor over magic, such as mind-emulations and back-up copies, what Eclipse Phase calls "cordical stacks" and I think the same tech is in Altered Carbon, but I haven't read it yet so I don't know if they're called the same, but, essentially, you set up a device in your brain that communicates with a network and records memories in real-time to a database so if something happens to you, you reload your last save state essentially, and are put into a new body, be that a grown physical body or a simulated digital self and become an AI. This is essentially the soul-gem, but, using tech.

While science doesn't strictly disprove the existence of souls, merely shows that souls are totally *unnecessary* to explain identity, especially since we may lack identity or conscious agency as we understand it *anyway*, I can't imagine anything other than the "soul-gem" really applying to a sci-fi setting because, in sci-fi, souls and spirits aren't really a conducive part of the genre, so a katabasis into the Underworld or a well of souls probably can't be translated into a sci-fi setting that easily...

And as for a magical setting, a "well of souls" a "world of souls/underworld" and "device that holds souls" probably covers most major forms of reformation other than the *power* to just sorta *do that at will*.

If I had to think of any one thing that you didn't list, I think the only one I can think of is maybe... prayer? Like, if a minor diety is a diety of being prey, and it reforms on its own whenever enough people pray for its safe return? So, ressurection via popularity contest. But not sure that counts, as that could be seen as just a subset of the Soul Shrine idea, except prayer-ressurection is more specialized/niche.

Here are some that I've used that don't fit this mold, but, I think they only work in my setting, they require a bit of explanation of their components to work otherwise that I'm not sure are very useful to most writers/creators, but...
In my setting, one of the things that can happen is certain creatures, when they eat people, absorb their souls into their own. Now, in my setting, soul-digestion isn't really a thing in the sense people usually use it, you can't break down and absorb a soul the way you digest flesh. Instead, soul-vore is almost purely endo in my setting... but it does mean that, the predator now has two souls associated with their physical body. This is similar to the soul-gem idea, except, instead of the soul contained in a gem, the soul is still inside you. The result is, you can reform the prey by having a child, in which the child *is* your prey, and may or may not be genetically related to you.
I like this method of reformation basically. Too long didn't read, I'm talking about reformation in the womb and birthing, or someone using their cock to knock-up/oviposit the soul into someone else, and then their child is the reformed prey. Give or take 9 months, although reformation via birth, I usually push down to 3 days and adult-sized reformation.
HOWEVER, the soul can also *escape* in my setting! In this state, its essentially an astral-projection. The prey is still spiritually considered alive, just having no body, so its like a ghost but not associated with deathly realms, but more with mental realms. To the prey, they're walking some sort of dream-world, and, until they reform, are basically only conscious when their predator is asleep and dreaming. If the prey can find a way out of the predator's dreamscape, they can go exploring the collective subconscious of the world around them, or even find their way into other people's dreams. The risk of getting lost makes this a bad idea though, but, it does offer weird scenarios for "fake reincarnations" where an unscrupulous prey-soul goes and possesses a child that's still in the womb, before a soul has been attached (don't read into that too much especially if you're religious or sensitive to that sort of thing, its not too important), or, the soul could go try and possess a computer, or twist the dreams of a small group of people to create a cult that ressurects the prey-soul by providing a body, or, they just become powerful enough to manifest back into the physical world on their own via a spell of some sort.

Yeah, you can see why fatal vore is so popular, when reformation can get sooo complicated! It sort of takes the weight and excitement out of vore for it to be easily reversible. I like the idea of being sort of cultivated or valued as food, and it is hard to have that feeling if I can be easily replaced, even with just another of myself. So for me, reformation simply isn't worth the trouble unless it *is* complicated, if it is not meaningless but meaning*ful*, that it takes time and sacrifice or payment, to get your favorite prey back, or for the prey to fight for their spiritual survival.

The neat thing is that, once you allow for souls to matter at *all* in vore, basically *all* these options become available. Souls and their rules change a *lot* from setting to setting and creator to creator, but, I feel like MOST of them can be made compatible just by changing what you think a soul even *is* for a moment. Soul-gems, soul-wells, prayer-ressurections, temple-ressurection ceremonies, birth-reformations, golems/cloning, and the use of ghosts/spirits/astral projections of identities post-vore, and of course transferring identities into ojects that normally don't have them, like sentient fat or sentient cum or just, any of that stuff... all of it can be mixed or matched if you consider souls as less like... ephemeral amoeba that exist in a single place at a single time, essentially spiritual single-celled organisms with complex identities and goals, you know, basically just people? If you consider souls less like that, and more like... probabilities, your options open.

Again, a lot of people prefer to portray souls as basically the ephemeral imprint of someone's most recognizeable identity. The soul/ghost looks like the person as they were alive, has their personality, maybe it floats around or glows or has any sort of powers, but its still for all intents and purposes still a single character, with a single point of view, in a single space-time, its still just a single creature! If you can eat a person's body, you can eat and digest their soul too, the game hasn't changed, right?
But what if souls are more like *probabilities* of identity, complex protean symbols, an entire *universe* of identity, and the one you see is merely the most *likely* result? Consider 2 six sided dice like in Monopoly, when you roll them, the most likely result will be something that adds up to 7, thats one of the most common results to roll, but, there IS a chance to get snake-eyes or box-cars too, it is just likely. Yet, all those possibilities are still part of the same two dice. I consider souls this way too, the exact personality and identity, your current incarnation, is just one result out of an infinite string of increasingly unlikely possibilities. A soul, is a probability wave-form of all possible versions of a "single person", which in this case is already confusing cuz you're not the same person you were when you were a child, and some people have dissociative identity disorder, and some philosophers and scientists question if identity as we understand it actually exists in our brain, and if you believe in reincarnation, you were already many different people, perhaps, across time. That's complicated enough without including stuff like, a soul being able to manifest in more than one place at the same time, or in multiple time periods from the same relative time-frame of the soul's "perspective".

Life and having a soul attached to a single-body, could maybe collapse a soul's probabilities down to a single viewable result, creating a person with a single identity (so to speak), and destroying that body might make ressurecting or reforming that person very difficult because, trapping a soul could actually be *very hard to due* simply because they appear at once to be small, weak things, and unbelievably vast, infinite universes of possible identities. If souls were like this, though, it means that you can use soul-gems to trap/anchor souls, but, you can ALSO try and ressurect someone by journeying to the Underworld and finding their ghost, and both methods would make sense because, what you're doing isn't necessarily about finding a single identity out of a vast cosmos, but, reaching INTO another cosmos and commanding a specific identity to come forth and be anchored into a single possibility for awhile, be that the soul-gem, or, another physical body for you to consume.

This outlook on souls is not easy to explain, not easy to use, not easy to even think about, but, what it does do is allow all these ressurection methods to be usable and make sense, because if a soul-gem gets smashed, you can still re-obtain the "soul" by other means. You can have reincarnation, miraculous reformation/birthings, ressurection rituals, Orphic quests, you can have all that stuff and more, because when you ditch the concept of souls being single discrete objects, and more like a Platonic symbol for a spread-sheet of possible but spiritually related identity-probabilities, an entire universe of "self", the full protean symbol of a single "character", then reformation is less about finding and protecting a soul and more like, cheating a dice system to give you the same result as last time, difficult but doable, and I think it helps to give repeatable results (reformation) without it being too arbitrary or taking away some of the emotional tension that vore provides.

I really feel like being eaten needs to mean something, that being food means you'll have lost something to your predator, and the bare minimum to me is some level of convenience or control is taken by the predator, I need my predator to be nourished! And it is hard to feel like I was a necessary part of that if reformation is too easy, but with a process, a ritual, a *story* however short, dedicated to getting my soul back onto the playing field that made eating me feel like it was a significant event, even if only slightly? Then reformation doesn't feel like it is taking away too much from the vore itself, but gosh does it need some world-building to make it work that way! And I think that rethinking of souls as discrete things, and more like almost incomprehensible symbols bigger than our own senses of self, goes a long way to offering a plethora of weird, evocative reformation alternatives.
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