dweller of the cenote part one

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dweller of the cenote part one

Postby xelizel » Thu Oct 15, 2020 9:24 pm

I don't have a gallery so I'll post this here

"I'm so thirsty," breathes quietly the panorama overlooking the lush greenery below this exalted vantage beneath her being frail with fear trembles the hyacinth blossoms exotic adorning black tresses, her cotton tunicate moves with atmosphere touching exposed skin cold against the biting altitude. the opulent terraces of the intricate architecture envelop possessively this gate to hell black and endless spans a broad circumference within the court of the ancient pyramid. her glance fathoms the immediate darkness below where open the unholy hole gapes skyward swallowing forest and heaven above she stares into the great cenote. only this stone pedestal stands over the impregnable canopy cut by wide tributary and this pit the mountains roll across the land concealed in unrelenting foliage. she overwatches this lost place with respect and admiration. It has been too long since the dawn of her peoples. there are places on this earth unsearched out by others. the inhospitability of the vicinity has proven enough to ward off those the more civil natives in their river cities although the fires of modern man have razed ever the more steadily through hidden places with increasing ferocity each year. it is not known how much longer this place and its secrets will remain undiscovered by the rest of the world.
from behind the priestess steps forward. concealing her face the feathered skull of some creature horned and ancient shifts with enormous weight against her bosom. she recites certain lines from the old tablets in languages that even these peoples do not speak to one another and she says, "so then let the rain come."
"let this be," speaks she adorned. instantly the sky breaks open and down pours the weight of the heavy water over the steps of this stone monument and into the thirsting earth below. "but let the rain be blood this day," she adds.
"blood it will be," the priestess replies.

"Gemini, gemini," calls the panama hat through the crowd of river dwellers as he navigates through the bustling docks. the rain is overwhelming, drenching his soggy form. his hat seems to retain a modicum of dignity. he pushes past through others who push likewise as they pass through the boardwalk congestion. "hey, hey. over here."
The man looks up and smiles. he says something to a local twice for lack of communication amidst the pouring rain before rejoining him his comrade. "sorry about that. we lost our ride," he shouts.
"oh, man," he replies. "did we lose our stuff?"
"no. I was able to score a different boat. the stuff is on the new boat."
"okay, and where is this new boat?"
"it's a few docks down. lisa and cory are already there watching the stuff. I think seth went to go get some supplies from the local shops."
"alright. do we need anything else?"
"I was able to get us a guide to help us navigate through the region just a minute ago. it wasn't cheap but he seemed the only person willing to go."
"well, it's a heck of a distance."
"he said the mosquitoes are really bad."
"I see. well, I'm glad we have insect repellent. where is this boat?"
"it's up over here around the way." gemini leads the man throughout the docks, pausing occasionally to allow the foot traffic to pass. the boat is humble and sound. it was an aging trawling vessel of sturdy construction powered by an old and stout outboard motor. the hull was dark green. the pilot looks up and smiles as they approach. he sits beneath a covering which seems to shelter him from the weather.
"oi!" he cries out over the surrounding din.
"oi," gemini returns, approaching the side of the boat carefully. he plants a foot against the stanchion and hefts his bags over into the interior, himself quickly following.
"gemini! you made it!" lisa remarks. "welcome back. and professor wilhelm?"
wilhelm tosses his bag over into the vessel where gemini catches it, gently setting it on the floor next to his stuff. "hey, lisa, cory," he addresses his compatriots. "how long have you been waiting here?"
"almost an hour," cory replies. he ventures from the sheltered cabin of the vessel to retrieve the bags. "seth left to go get some supplies and he hasn't been back since."
a man approaches from the docks, shouting something to gemini who acknowledges with a nod, half reluctant to attempt to formulate a proper sentence in the native dialect but also reluctant to articulate his attempt through the pouring rain. their eye contact welcomes the local into the boat where he briefly introduces himself to the others as a certain mr. yamalo before settling comfortably in with the others on that same side of the boat his compatriots have likewise settled into, unawares that his party has not yet filled their portion of the cabin.
they aren't alone in the boat. besides the skipper they share the cabin with several others. a man and his daughter talk quietly to one another, occasionally exchanging words with the captain while a young woman sits silently in the corner, her face pressed quietly to the window.
"well, I hope he shows up soon. when are we scheduled to leave?" wilhelm asks.
"the captain says he's waiting for us. he doesn't intend to ferry these other folks all the way upriver for local money."
"they're going upriver too? I thought the place we were heading was uninhabited."
"I'm not completely sure they're going as far as we are, but they don't seem to want to waste fuel."
Seth appears nearby, hastefully pushing through the throngs of people, clutching sacks of food. "hey guys," he calls out. "Help me with this stuff."
Lisa stands to her feet, reaching out to receive the heavy bags. "cool. what did you get us?"
seth slides into the boat, catching his balance. "uh, lots of stuff. sweet bread. I got some iguana. beans."
"alright, sounds good. so we're ready to go?" cory asks.
"I figure as much, yeah," seth replies.
gemini exhanges swift words with the captain and the others take their seats on the long wooden benches occupying the cabin. he's a methodical man, the captain. he adjusts the tiller and the engine several times before leaning over the stern and cranking it to life. it breathes blue smoke and slowly the boat begins to cut away from the dock into the swirling eddies of caramel waters swift and broad, navigating first about fellow watercraft and then into the powerful current. the man skilfully charts a course a certain distance from shore neither distant nor near where the motor bites evenly against the headstrong waters upriver.
the incessant rain beats down over the tin roof of the boat, muting interaction between the passengers. lisa occupies herself with certain documents she scans carefully, sheltering them from the screen window moisture permeating the interior. gemini watches. the man and his daughter have fallen into something of a hibernation similar to the lone woman still leaned against the corner.
dr. wilhelm surveys seth's purchases. "how much was the dried iguana?"
"not much. about two dollars."
"that's not bad. what's this doing in here?" he withdraws a tall bottle of amber liquid.
"oh. yeah, that's a bottle of chicha." the father sitting opposite looks up with one eye and smiles.
"were you intending to share?" wilhelm asks.
"well, yeah, I guess so. I forgot to bring cups though. cory has mouth herpes."
"no I don't," cory says, considering briefly also. "well, yes I do but like not right now. let's just cut like coconuts in half or something."
"there are no coconuts for 500 miles," lisa states without looking up from her charts. "and beer is gross."
"I actually did get a coconut. I was wondering why it was so expensive."
"I could go for some coconut," she adds.
"I mean, I get cold sores too," seth admits.
"I think we can reimburse you for the beverage," wilhelm decides. "How far away is our drop site?"
"it's about sixty miles upriver," lisa says. "we'll get there sometime tomorrow."
"do you know where these other folks are going?"
"no, I never bothered to ask. it can't be that far. there's nothing else further upstream more than eight miles from here."
"I see," wilhelm states. the pouring rain swallows up the silence. the captain sits beneath his shelter, hand firmly grasping the tiller as the boat fights its way slowly upstream. the grey sky is darkening and the crude lights situated about the length of the craft are swallowed up in the dark. his old eyes are steadfast in their resolve and his drenched posture is unflinching. hours pass and the restless passengers move more than he.
"it won't be long yeah?" cory asks finally. first to doze he is first to rise, wrapped up in a pancho he had purchased several weeks earlier at one of the local markets. the others are half asleep as well, situated beneath whatever coverings they had amassed for themselves they stir slightly at cory's behest.
"uh, I don't know," lisa says. "ask gemini to ask that guy yamalo."
Yamalo isn't asleep. he turns at the mention of his name.
"hey, gemini," cory prods. he opens his eyes. "ask this guy how far we are from our next stop."
gemini takes a deep breath and shifts carefully to preserve whatever dryness he has retained thus far and turns to ask yamalo something in the native tongue. yamalo replies and gemini asks another somewhat similar question. "we're almost there," he says, turning over to ignore any further requests for translation.
"almost to the first stop you mean?"
"yeah. there's a landing point up the way. it's really the only way to get to the nearest city from here, considering the length of the river."
the keel cuts deep through the turbulent current. the boat rocks noticeably as the pilot charts his course across the broad expanse of river. the steadiness of the vessel is readily apparent. sky and water meet in inseperation as the waves lap at the torrential downpour. the passengers stare open eyed at illumined darkness attempting to ascertain any shape of figure through the wet darkness before them. the spotlights see nothing. clouds of vapor obscure the bright beams in immediate dissolution.
unknown stand the means by which the captain steers through the night. unrest pervades the cabin. direction gives to aggressive leaps of current that move more the distance than that propellor stuck twisted into the deep murk fighting no steady direction but against anything it can find the rudder knows true the path within the liquid course reveals as if suddenly no such thing has existed prior a mercury light bright and incandescent lit brilliantly amidst the pouring rain illuminating every droplet. the visible image is shocking. the lengthy and broad boardwalk materializes immediately.
"we're there," cory says.
the craft nears the structure at a distance, pulling ever away from contact as nature pushes her nearer. yamalo stands to his feet as they approach, exiting the cabin. he confers briefly with the captain before assuming assistance alongside the port gunwale, extending a cane pole against the dock to ease the boat gently into position, tethering rope to cleat securely. inflated fenders bump against the wooden pier.
the captain makes a declaration audible though not excessive as the father and his daughter gather themselves together. they exit into the pouring rain undisturbed by the other passengers across the deck and into the wet darkness. outside, yamalo exchanges a few words with the captain before untethering the boat from the landing. the bow yaws away from port propelled by the powerful engine. the ordeal last no more than two minutes and once again the construct disappears into impregnable darkness.
yamalo returns to the interior of the cabin soaking wet but he seems unphased by the moisture. he draws up into a corner about his legs and retires into silence as the others collect themselves. "how far are we from the landing now?" gemini asks.
"maybe fifty miles," lisa states. "hey, I'm unfamiliar with this place but I'm pretty sure there's nothing else upriver. where is this chica getting off? do you think you can translate, gemini?"
"I mean, if I can't I'm sure yamalo can," he adds, turning to address the woman curled up to herself across the cabin. "hey, hey," he addresses her. "excuse me." she turns her head.
the region being as remote as it is falls indistinctly between several different cultural regions. correspondingly, each town seems to possess its own language and these languages in turn exhibit different dialects from ancient peoples predating european tongues. gemini gently addresses yamalo who looks up from beneath the wide brim of his hat as he requests assistance in translating questions to the woman.
"I speak english," she declares.
yamalo smiles at gemini and closes his eyes satisfactorily. the others, surprised to hear the woman break the silence, stir from their dormancies. "well, hi," lisa states. "so, where are you headed?"
"the same place you are," she states. "into the jungle."
the team exchange looks amongst themselves curiously. "why are you going into the jungle?" lisa asks.
"the same reason you are," she states again. "to collect flowers."
"I'm a botanist," lisa adds. "how did you know?"
the woman smiles. "I guessed."
"well, we're not going into the jungle simply to collect flowers," wilhelm declares. "we're here to catalogue the local flora and fauna to present back to our sponsor, the West Foundation, for research purposes."
"the flowers are really nice," she continues. "the curanderos pay well for them."
"tell me about these flowers," lisa asks.
"I have a few," she says, reaching into her bag to produce a book. it's a photo album. she turns to a certain page where pressed into the sleeves the dried remains of strange blossoms fill sheets and hands the book over to lisa.
"wow," she declares. "these are interesting. I've never seen anything like these before."
"these are only found in the place you seek," the woman declares.
"this one looks as if it could be from the datura family, maybe, I'm not certain."
"they grow on vines," the woman adds.
"highly unusual," lisa adds, turning the page. "I don't think I recognise any of these. would you be interested in parting with this book for any price?"
"no, that's my book. give it back to me now," the woman insists and lisa promptly, carefully, hands the book back over across the cabin of the boat. the woman carefully nestles it into her bag and brings her feet back up into the bench with her.
"what is your name?" seth asks. the woman doesn't reply. "excuse me, ma'am. what is your name?"

nosebleed haloes spread eagle plummet impelled the darkness swallows up the surface air in vicious winds she dives angels teasing hyacinths float in distant wake falling into that impossible blackness behind her body twists in kicking gusts her descent seeing a circumference of sky diminish turning more against blind distance moments flail screaming towards some endless end below. concussive impact fractures deep plunging below the breathless cold water breaks her fall. she stirs against a turbulent current helplessly swept underneath a missing surface beats her against stone faces tear from her grasp thrown into the maelstrom. limp pulp she floats from below into still waters lifted by a lung rising to face a glowing sheet of air breaks against her reaching hands gasp breathlessly the damp atmosphere unlit she treads the subterranean waters. her shins scrape rock and again she steps up to stand over slick slabs uneasily staggering up from the moving pool wading now into the lightless footing, trusting that somewhere here there is a place secure from water. misstepping she finds no bottom, and recovering balance from the wet drag she clambers back to the shallow refuge huddled hopelessly lost.
the dismal dolor of the cavernous chamber breathes with dripping winds suggestive of an unseeable ceiling distant. she shivers, quietly whimpering as moderate currents move through her crouched posture. the only visibility emanates from sparse phosphorescences permeating an immanent mist.
so invisibly sinuous appendages filamental course liquid glide beneath the surface like emblems. the tenderness of contact is gentle and numb. her lace toes spread accomodate the comfortable touch and she gasps. pulls pull her alarmed skin from beneath her ankles, unresistant, wearing wrappings of cuticle. she lifts her leg, leech cords clinging. her foreign shriek. tumbling backwards she falls bound into water, struggling against the knots myriad wrap as she plunges beneath the cold surface into nests of tendrils awaiting her. choked, her wrists fight masses surrounding her rigid struggle. bubbles burst from her breath. a bare arm grasps at rough rock torn from her grip as hosts of tentacles subdue her helpless protests, spilling into her open mouth. she gags silently as polyps suck against the smooth surfaces of her epidermis, unraveling her textile coverings in disintegrating threads. she screams against the knots in her throat as puckering nematocysts bite, neurotoxic waves of euphoric pain wracking her body in fitful epilepsies. paralyzed in convulsions the monstrosity takes its prey, pulling her still spasms from the surface suspended her breath coughs, dangling encased in limbs ooze mucouses thick over the ravaged sacrifice inverted. her open eyes behold through rainbows of darkness the baleful presence of that unholy immanence fills the chamber with gorgonian undulations, groping with innumerable limbs the sweet succor of her penetrated flesh pulls deeper into the smothering weight of a thousand tongues swallowing with pulsing wetness. her heart beats three times as acrid secretions melt through her foaming skin, suffocating within the dense confines of this writhing organism and then beats no more.
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Re: dweller of the cenote part one

Postby xelizel » Thu Oct 15, 2020 10:44 pm

tunicate is a play on words see
because the monster is made of marine biology

aslo: I misused the word succor, and I see some tense disagreements but I'm gonna let it all ride
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Re: dweller of the cenote part one

Postby xelizel » Sat Oct 17, 2020 4:20 am

let's see. I work sixty hours a week so I rushed myself to finish this after too much absinthe but I'm wanting to revise it so if you care to give me a watch I'll have a gallery soon.
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