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Wholesome vore CV&AV [F/M] [Human/Human]

Postby notanalt111164 » Mon Jul 19, 2021 6:06 pm

Karen and Kyle had been husband and wife for a while, when they wanted to pleasure each other they simply had sex but they both secretly were into vore. They loved each other dearly and would never hurt the other.

"Hey it's cold, can you pass the blanket" Karen asked Kyle.

Kyle knew that if he did Karen would accidentally hit the blanket onto him and he would be hot all night, so he had an idea. Slowly, as to not wake his wife up, Kyle slid him cock over Karen, leaving only her shoulders and head outside. He knew this way he would have the pleasure of having her in him and would also keep her warm all night.

"Thank you" Karen said, her eyes still closed.

She started to notice something odd: the blanket felt heavier than normal, and it encased her like a sleeping bag. She opened her eyes and noticed that her blanket was Kyle's massive cock. She smiled as she grabbed his tip and pushed herself down like her was pulling the blanket over her head. Now in Kyle's balls she curled up blushing. Kyle still only half asleep could feel this.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Sleeping" she replied.

"What do you mean?"

It took him a second to notice.

"Wait, you're into vore too?" Kyle asked.

"Who knew"

Both smiling they went to sleep. They both woke up on a Saturday.

"Just tell me when you want out!" Kyle told Karen who was also awake.

"I'm ok, I want to stay here more, like a spa!" Karen said.

Hearing this Kyle decided to start making some cum, not too much, just enough to be like a warm bath for Karen. She sighed a sigh of relaxation. Kyle lay there enjoying the feeling of having someone moving around in his big balls. Karen enjoyed the feeling of being in someone's balls. After about a half hour Karen decided that she needed to get her day started so she told Kyle to let her out. Kyle did as requested not forgetting to pinch his cock in a way that would clean Karen of all the cum as she exited. Kyle went to the bathroom to get rid of all of the cum still in his nuts.

At bedtime Kyle had a plan: instead of having sex with Karen he would once again suck her into his balls, but this time slowly. First the legs, then the waist, Karen wiggled not because she wanted to get out but because she knew Kyle would enjoy the sensation. Once again only her head was outside his cock and with one final kiss Karen slid down back into his balls. Kyle got up to go to the bathroom, he got up to the sink and started filling his balls with water, once he finished his balls took up the whole bed with him on top. Karen splashed around like an indoor pool while Kyle turned the water into cum. Once he was finished Karen drank his sweet seed. An hour must have passed before Kyle realized it's late, he emptied his balls and let Karen's head out before she said she wanted to stay. Kyle pulled her back in as requested.

Another day passed but this time Karen came with a new request.

"This time can you eat me?" She asked.

Kyle complied and opened his mouth."No not like that!" Karen exclaimed.

"How then?" Kyle asked confused.

Karen smiled, "Through your ass"

Kyle didn't see why not so he turned around and put Karen's feet into his ass, he blushed at the sensation he didn't know even existed. Once her head was the last thing he needed to pull he just wanted to make sure.

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"I'm ok. I'm just fine" She replied smiling at the fact that Kyle care so much.

Kyle, still unsure about this finished by pulling her head in, Karen was now completely in Kyle's stomach.

"I had an idea!" Kyle said.

"I'm intrigued." replied Karen.

"Press your face against my chest and open your mouth like if you are screaming."

"Like this?" She did as she was asked.

"Oh wow, this would be great to scare kids on Halloween"

Karen laughed. From now on instead of having sex Kyle would eat her, never fully digesting her, she even got pregnant when she sucked some cum into her pussy while in Kyle's balls.

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Re: Wholesome vore CV&AV [F/M] [Human/Human]

Postby Rocket3077 » Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:06 pm

Aww, that's an amazing love story! Couldn't help but crack a smile at that ^^
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