So you're new to SLVC?

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So you're new to SLVC?

Postby Vinderex » Fri Apr 13, 2018 8:27 pm

Hello everyone! I noticed that there's been quite a few newbies lately, and I know that starting out can be tough, so I wanted to offer a few little tips on getting yourself out there, as well as touching on a few common newbie mistakes and things you should know that may or may not be covered in the actual rules.

So then, without further ado -

-A name can say a lot. If you're just starting fresh on SL, then please PLEASE don't choose names like 69pussyisgreat69 or omgEatmeplz etc. At best, you'll have many people immediately assuming that you're slutty, or at worst, they'll immediately assume you're a troll, and you might end up getting banned on your first tiny little mess up. And then of course you might also eventually want to visit other places in SL as well (It's a vast world after all), and such names will look even worse there.

-Most of the club's patrons are furries. While humanoids are perfectly welcome too, you can expect to see some bias against you at first if you're using a humanoid avatar. Yes, this is one of those unfortunate things that really shouldn't be so, but sadly it is. The reason is because trolls/griefers who hit the sim are almost always in humanoid avatars, so people tend to go on high alert when an unfamiliar one shows up. That said though, once you've been around a day or two and people know you're going to behave yourself, they'll warm up to you, and you'll be fine in whatever avatar you like.

-Don't use deformed, excessively shiny or otherwise intentionally hideous avatars. Such avatars are pretty much universally considered a troll's uniform, so you'll immediately be seen as one, and if you're not booted out on sight, then you likely will be after the slightest mess-up.

-Vore is generally considered an intimate act. There's a handful of people who would gladly grab and gulp a stranger the moment they show interest. But in the long run, taking the time to chat, make friends, and get to know people will make your time at SLVC much more enjoyable, and make you more likely to be included in vore activities. Don't get frustrated if someone doesn't immediately pounce you.

-Don't be shy, but don't be pushy either. Say hello. Ask if anyone's hungry if you like. If someone catches your eye, then send them an IM. Gotta meet people somehow, right? That said though, if you try and don't get a response, then one or two more tries might not hurt, but if you continue to be dismissed, then move on to someone else, and try again another day. Continuous pestering will do nothing but ruin a good reputation.

-While it's not required, using Firestorm in place of the standard Second Life viewer is highly recommended. Among other things, Firestorm will give you RLV functionality, which most of the vore tools use. Firestorm can be downloaded at

-Want to be a pred? Great! There are several options for doing so. The three most commonly used vore tools are CCC VRPS, Vore HUD 2, and Terry's Extra belly. There's also a free belly which can be found in the shop area just outside of SLVC.
--CCC VRPS is pay-what-you-want, and can also be gotten for free if you can't afford to pay. While it's probably the most customizable of all the vore systems, it's also primarily focused towards experienced modders, so it may be a little more difficult to use than the other vore systems out there.
--Vore HUD 2 costs 500L. Currently it has 5 eating animations, and 4 release animations, as well as attachments such as a bulging belly, sticky tongue, etc. This one was made by me, so of course it's my favorite. :P Also, if you're unable to afford 500L, then I'm willing to haggle the price, so feel free to message me.
--Terry's Extra Belly. In all honesty I don't know very much about this one. It DOES look nice though. Belly animations are smooth, and the internal view is nice. Got a decent set of sounds and animations too. The biggest downside is the price tag. 5000L. If you can afford it, you very well may like it. If money's an issue though, then one of the others may serve you better.

That's pretty much all I've got to say. :3 Welcome to SLVC, and most of all, have fun!
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Re: So you're new to SLVC?

Postby ThisGuy127 » Fri Apr 13, 2018 10:23 pm

As someone who's been on SL for years passively, and skirted around SLVC since it's younger days as a beach side bar in front of a temple looking structure, this is a really nice invitation to see. I've never actually involved myself with the community much, but I might just go ahead and try to drop in and test the waters, maybe haggle for that vore hud and add one more predator to the mix of people too.
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Re: So you're new to SLVC?

Postby bloodwolfvamp » Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:52 pm

im usua;;y there its a fun hangout place to talk wif others but me im normally shy sitting on the beach ^^
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Re: So you're new to SLVC?

Postby Jaxed » Sat Apr 14, 2018 2:01 am

Haven't been on in a while, but I'd love to drop back in sometime.
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