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Hello everyone. Just checking if anyone is around?

PostPosted: Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:52 am
by replicatkd
Lately been feeling an itch to get into Second Life but almost everything is made for two. I am a pred with lots of kinks. I have one female human herm, one female shark herm and one male wolf. I am still making a human male.

I was just wondering if anyone wanted to play or meet? Heck, I even like just hanging around or exploring. I can do big posts, small posts or enjoy just poseballing. I can help you a bit if you are new as it is easy to spend money when there are free options that you can find somewhere else. I also can try to give you tips and such. Just PM me or you can write here if you are seeking too! You might find someone else here even if it is not me.

I should say though that i prefer female, herm, femboy prey with me as male or herm pred. All my info should be down there in my signature.