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Second Life Vore Club - Important New Rule

PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2021 6:03 am
by JDandAliProductions
So with the recent rise in people using the Eternal Conflict combat HUD to circumvent our rules we have decided that it will now join the list of banned HUDs which include Bloodlines and Progeny, previously this HUD had caused no problems and many of our regular patrons were using it and weren't attacking each other however recently a group of players using the HUD had decided to publicly admit that they believed they were above our rules because Eternal Conflict is a grid wide game and says that everyone is fair game as long as they aren't in land owned by the creators of the game and decided to repeatedly come back every day just to attack people at the club, so now the HUD is banned, anyone caught using it will be warned and if they fail to remove it they will be removed from the club.