Escape from vore dungeon game 09/27/18 final update prolly.

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with vore dungeon concluded what might be the next order of business?

Get back to making more 3 days to digest updates.
make something like vore dungeon but with original sprites and stuff
Make a platformer where you are the pred instead
Make the sequel(Haha probably not gonna happen)
There is no project. Only zuul.
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Escape from vore dungeon game 09/27/18 final update prolly.

Postby reclusenutcase » Mon Jul 28, 2014 8:54 am

Okay, for anyone interested still in the vore dungeon series. I've recently been working on the game in construct 2 now, and finally have a quick example of the new design. For anyone who wants to playtest it the links are right bellow. One is an index file that plays the game on a browser, and the other is a desktop build. Keep in mind the desktop build is much bigger than the index file. Hope you guys enjoy the short example.

Browser build: ...

Desktopbuild: ...

If you happened to enjoy the harder difficulty version of vore dungeon bellow is the original.

index build: ...

desktopbuild: ...

Also this game is available on gamejolt in case you don't want to download it onto your desktop.

Update 09/27/18

This is a big update. Sort of my attempt at ending the game, but of course there are the bug reports, glitch reports, and possibly overly tempting suggestions. This finally features the story mode, but don't expect anything super duper duper amazing. It's some new stages with enemies in the area, and you reaching the door. It's mostly to try and make some use of the other predators I've made that aren't bosses. Some are much harder than others, but hopefully should be possible. I have the final boss but she is only available in the story mode and you can only face off with her after you complete all the gauntlets. This also has Sally and blaze in the final roster. I had plans for a final predator, but that didn't make the cut but might be available in the freeplay later. Also fore every gauntlet you finish in story mode the game saves that area as completed so you don't need to beat it all in one sitting. I hope this update feels worth it. I didn't stress test it a whole lot though so if there are some nasty bugs, please don't hesitate to report them.

Update 05/21/18

Alright, update time. Again, it's mostly just 2 new things. There is a special change to the risky fight where you can beat her now, and it unlocks an alternate fight. There is also an internal stage to raven if she defeats you. Just pressing z or x after being consumed will move on to the internal stage. The same goes for the giantess if she eats you. I guess there would be 3 stages if you want to think of it that way. Also for the giantess, she was drawn by the artist FSM, and I'm using a different animation style to optimize data usage. I will admit I don't know if the aesthetic will be to everyone's liking, but I enjoyed animating her, and I hope others enjoy her even though this giantess is more of an experiment than anything else.

Update 01/25/18

So this update is pretty small. I wanted to do the giantess but I got cold feet. and it took awhile to find a commission artist, so I made the harpy and plant girl for this one. It's sorta rushed but I was mostly doing more experimental stuff. Moving platforms, more breakable blocks. getting back to making block moving puzzles and stuff. Also the pause button works but I made it that you have to press Z or X to confirm the selection. I didn't like the whole pressing enter again thing. Hope you like the update. I'll be getting to work on the giantess, and maybe converting into the campaign part of this game, and wrapping it up.

Update 12/30/17

Just a small update trying to get back into the swing of this game. Had a lot of small tweaks like a better smoother camera, and also made the pause button work better too. I played around with pinkiepie and the lamias so they have different more appealing animations. Pinkiepie was tweaked more though. Also there is a room of cream preds. She's simple and straight forward but I wanted to get her done with since she seemed like a fun pred. Oh and I hid a special as a shout out to CapturPoint for making such nice pixel art pieces that I never got around to including. I hope you enjoy the small update and I'll start a poll on what preds to be included for the next update.

Update 02/27/17

New update with new starfire, but old starfire fight still available. Also Raven is available, plus the medusa vagina stage gives control of reentering her if you so feel like it. I might get some flack from the raven pred since she features no bulge, but experimentation requires trying new ideas. I also changed all the gallery to feature pics I was meaning to have posted awhile ago, but also have credits available too. Unfortunately, Raven is my last pred I want to make for awhile since I'm more interested in making the final boss now and getting an ending underway. This means I'm gonna go artist shopping and looking into commissioning a full on final boss asset. If anyone has suggestions for an artist, I'm all ears. Hope you all like the update.

Update 01/12/17

just a small update. Not sure if i'm proud of it or not. Starfire and Rouge are now available to fight. I'm thinking of a Raven update and maybe some smaller preds along the way, and then I'm gonna see if I can make a story mode. After that comes plans for a final boss. My life will keep getting busier, so an ending to the game will be happening, but I like to keep a nice and finished product if I send it off.

as always I'm open to criticism, and this update is kinda rushed so feel free to mention if it feels unbalanced or not. Hope you enjoy.

Update 11/19/16

Yikes it's been awhile. This place could use some dusting. So uh, yeah, I made an update. It's a lot of small tweaks, but I added Medusa, Draculina, and Raricow. Yes I know it's another pony, but as far as I see it's the last one I'm making in a long while. I'm preparing to get a campaign mode for this game and really try to kick off this game into a final build one day, but this is merely the baby steps into doing so. I hope to update more frequently soon, but I'm still busy with my steam game, and thought I'd show you what I've been working on in that time. Hope you all enjoy, and as always if there are game breaking bugs, I'll have at them and take care of the matter ASAP. Thank you for your patience.

Update 02/22/16

In this update I added trixie the great and powerful(I felt inspired after watching rainbow rocks). I was originally gonna make her work like dracula from Castlevania, but instead chose to go for something well, trickier. Also spent some time fixing up the blocks so the environment doesn't look like a shit stream of streched out blocks, but instead looks like a low budget castle.

Hope you guys enjoy. I might make a poll mentioning nominees for next pred soon.

Update 02/09/16

New update features Amy Rose. Because she's my favorite, I decided to try and make her a much harder boss. Even though she's only got a three part pattern, she incrementally gets faster and meaner, so it feels like a gradual difficulty until you defeat her, or she makes you into her lunch. No new update past that. If you enjoy the difficulty let me know. Don't know if I went too far or not, but I'll find out soon enough. Hope you enjoy.

update 01/27/16

New update isn't much, but more of a sign to say I haven't forgotten about this game. The new update features the bat lady from the shantae games, with new animations made by Capturpoint. This is also a test of AI to see if I can make smarter enemies. I gill give a heads up that She's a little difficult if you don't know how to fight her, so there will be some trial and error. It's a test of pattern based enemies, and if it feels fun, then I intend to make more pattern based enemies in the future. Hope you enjoy the update and don't forget to give respect to Capture point for making the bat lady vore animation.

update 10/05/15

okay, not a major update. In fact it was done for awhile I just didn't update cause it didn't feel like enough to warrant the update, but whatever. In this update we have birdo, and goodra in one stage. mostly it's a test stage, but I want to see if peeps like the mechanic before I add more too it. I keep getting distracted with other projects, and the only time I want to work on this project is when I'm specifically "in the mood" otherwise it's kinda boring. Hope you guys like the update and hopefully I'll be able to dish out a new pred level soon. At this rate i could probably get a story moving forward as well.

update 08/13/15

very small update but felt like a necessary update. So there was a bit of unamusement with the succubus update, so I decided to expand on the level where you can face a whole stage inside of her assuming you don't attack her. I made some changes to the hud as well to make it less huge, and leave more room for the game itself. Oh, and i finally added a gallery room, so in the event you want to look over the still images of the game, you can just go to the gallery to look over some art from contributors. I'm thinking into the next update but don't know what I want to do yet, and potentially might take some time off until I'm in the mood again. Hope you enjoy the small update, and don't be afraid to shoot some suggestions, I'll still keep an eye out.

update 07/30/15

new update that I'm guessing some have been itching for. Return of the succubus stage. This one is a little short just like the last one. It's also an official boss fight where you whip the shit out of her until she dies. I made it sorta easy cause I have a habit of overlooking how difficult some of the levels can be. Hopefully you all enjoy it. I kinda hashed it together as quickly as I could, and it also features me using spriter again for some of her animations which means lots of squash and stretch animations. If you guys find that hurts the design, I'll discontinue it, but I don't know yet.

update 07/18/15

not too much of an update, just one new level with a lot of text and no real way to fail since shantae winds up in one piece at the end anyway. This is the return of the rottytops stage now featuring quick time events, and the joy of walking back and forth to find an open bathroom stall. I know some may not enjoy it as much, and I was meaning to have this done awhile ago, but life likes getting in the way. Hopefully a new update will take less time especially if it's more along the lines of bringing back the succubus or something. Only time will tell. Hope you enjoy it.

update 05/06/15

this update is a lot of little. the risky boots stage has been modded to make different phrases depending on where you die, and there is a game over animation that plays after you wait awhile after dying, and the difficulty of risky's sack has been slightly increased but is still pretty easy if you know where to go. Capture point also added the new animations for the game over as well as Shantae's new digestion animation. The new update also has a secret added for kicks so have fun finding that.

update 04/21/15

okay, this update only features one new addition being the risky boots fight, but also showcases how cutscenes will work. I was meaning to do this level for a long ass time, and now it's finally finished. I hope you enjoy it since it's been in the makes for awhile. The first room will probably piss you off though since it's just a cheapy cheap battle where you are bound to lose, but the other level may feel more promising.

update 04/17/15

okay so in this update there is the pinkie pie dungeon. I was going to make more stuff but most of my time was spent spent tweaking things to work better. You climb ladders faster, game over screens appear when defeated, but since these images where not scaled for 1600 by 900 it's stretched out. Also, the stomach has a new lighting effect making it feel darker. I don't doubt some might not like the lack of vision but I want to see if anyone likes the atmosphere it gives.

I'm still just looking for a way to make development faster by making large builds that will hopefully cut corners in the future, but hopefully I'll make a new pred that has not been featured before in the next update.

Hope you guys enjoy.

update 04/15/15

so the new update here now features enemies who will knock out for a longer time after usually being hit around 3 times. another part to the update is controls have been changed to arrow keys to move and Z to attack. This will be a test to see if you guys will be okay with up as the jump button, otherwise, I'll make a second button being either X or Z.

Hope this update is better.

Oh, Also if you want to reset a room, you can use the enter key to pause and reset the room, or you can just press R to do a quick reset. If you ever want to return to the hub stage, just press enter and navigate to the return to hup icon and you should be sent there. forgot to mention that earlier.

[Secrets and cheats and stuffs]

this is a small segment for those who need a helping hand or those interested in what is hidden in the game.

secret commands:

unlock all things at title screen: to do this just hold C-A-K-E and wait till you hear a wet noise. Also if you are playing the gamejolt version you can also hold H. this only work in the title screen.

To make shantae a click and drag character: Simply press J and you'll be able to click and drag shantae wherever you want her. This is a toggle so you can turn it on and off at will. This is mostly for skipping really hard parts or bosses. keep in mind the toggle will reset if you are grabbed or go to a new room.

reduce health to 0: Simply press the B key and Shantae will be at zero health. useful if you want to get straight to the vore.

Secret rooms:

in freeplay there are two walls that if attacked will lead to different rooms. the first is on the first floor of the hub which leads to a fnaf area and a jump scare. The second one is to more floors up I think and leads to a gallery of Capturepoint's pixel work. this is mostly to show the other creations he has made but didn't get made into a pred. He made all these in his spare time so it only felt right to have a gallery for them.

Another secret room is medusa if you can make it to the end of her chase she will shove you in a different hole so I guess it's a secret Womb.

Another secret inside stage is if you lose to raven and press z after being consumed it will continue to her inside stage.

Oh right, and if you lose to big risky when she is done consuming you, press z to continue to another inside fight. If you succeed to struggle out, she will spit you out, and the fight will start over but with risky at half health.

Goodness almost forgot the succubus stage. If you choose not to attack the succubus at all and let her shove you into her pussy, it will lead to an inside stage where she tries to rebirth you as one of her own.

Secret quirks:

When you escape from medusa's womb, you can reenter her and struggle out again. If you do it too many times though, you'll be too deep and you'll get a game over.

When you defeat giant risky, hold up while shantae walks past to have Risky gobble her up at the last second.

When you defeat amy rose, you can attack her body and you'll hear the heavy say "Ded" This was just made because I thought it was funny.

[old post here]
Okay, So I've been on eka's portal for a long time and have seen a lot of people posting vore games on this site, so I decided to blow a couple weekends in game maker to try and make a vore game of my own.

This game is a dungeon platformer where you play as Shantae trying to escape a dungeon full of ravenous preds.

Since I am not a very good pixel artist, I decided to cheat and use a lot of game sprites from classic and modern games to cut time, and also give a retro feel to things. I also built a design in game maker to make it easy to adjust and make all sorts of new preds for more levels with minimal time constraints.

I've been discussing this game with one of the members who's a pixel artist and seems relatively interested in the project, but I thought it would be nice to show the game to the community so I can see what kind of preds you guys want, and what kind of preds you guys can offer.

The game can be downloaded here:

In the event the first download doesn't work, you can try this guy:


The controls are simple arrow key movements with space bar as your jump button.

pressing enter pauses the game and lets you go to the level select

also, to reset a room, just press the E key and the level will reset.

Each room has keys you need to collect to unlock a door somewhere in the level.

when you are grabbed by an enemy(which you will be a lot) you will be prompted to tap the space bar to struggle out. If you take too long to struggle out, the enemy will swallow or unbirth you depending on the enemy, but if you tap the space bar fast enough, you will knock out the enemy before they can eat you giving you time to escape. Every time an enemy grabs you in a level, you will be prompted to tap space faster and faster until breaking out becomes extremely difficult.

In the event you are vored by your enemy, you will be prompted to press the arrow keys that appear on the screen to struggle out of the preds stomach. As you are doing this, your stamina meter is slowly depleting. If your stamina meter depletes to zero, your character will be too weak to fight out, and will be trapped in the preds gut and the game will be over sort of. When your character is defeated, you can press the R key to reset the room and go at it again.

Good luck and have fun.

here is what the game looks like so far.








as for anyone interested in future preds for this game, here is a small list of what I have in mind.

List of future preds so far:


succubus from Castlvania(now available)

arachne from castlevania (spider girl)(pending)

alura Une(plant girl from castlevania)(pending)

Medusa from Castlevania (now available)

Rotty tops from Shantae, but I'm having trouble finding a sprite sheet for her.(pending)

A dragon of sorts, perhaps more than 1 type(no sprite sheet found yet)(pending)

giantess of sorts(now available)

snakes aswell(no sprite sheet found yet)(pending)

In the event you guys have any preds you could suggest, or even sprite sheets you could offer, I'd be more than grateful since I'm currently the only person putting this game together. I'm also open to feedback, most likely going to be a long list of difficulty complaints, but I'm okay with that. Feedback is feedback. also, I am well aware that the game can get glitchy and you will get stuck in walls from time to time, and that's why I have the R key to reset rooms. Luckily, those moments are pretty minimal so you'll have more time to get more angry at the difficulty than anything else. I'm also open to suggestions and volunteer work too, so don't be afraid to PM me if you are interested.

Update 8/13/2014

new update has been made to the game

a lot of controls were fixed up and glitches resolved.

Shantae now blinks when she escapes from an enemy leaving her invincible for a quick getaway.

shantae is now a shit ton harder to get stuck in walls.

there is a level select now too so you can select the dungeons you want.

princess gourmet game over is still around though so nothing has changed there yet.

Also a new level has been made featuring the succubus.

now that a lot of glitches have been fixed and pause button has been added, making more updates will hopefully now take less time.

update 8/27/2014

new update has added two new stages.

one featuring a mermaid giantess, and a now completed level of princess gourmet featuring a full stage inside her stomach. (lots of inspiration taken from escape or die-gest)

If you guys want more stages from within the bowels of preds like princess gourmet, then you can vote on the poll I added.

Also, I'm planning to be making game over screens featuring art from artists on the portal, so I'm open to anyone who wants to participate.

update 9/17/2014

In this new update, I have revamped the succubus, and mermaid levels to be easier, and harder at the same time.

I've also added a medusa level for when you finish the naga dungeon so now you have your first boss fight sort of.

Finally, I added a credits link and game over screen for when you lose to the succubus, pinkie pie, and the naga.

currently the credits section has only one credit for WafflesOnAWaifu who did all the game over pictures, but I'm gonna be adding everyone who's helped on the project so far to the credits section. I just need to get off my duff and do it.

Hope you guys like the update.

update 10/16/2014

Well shoot, wasn't expecting this update to take forever but life likes to strike at all the worst times.

this update features one new pred being amy rose(finally) it's not too difficult but it's fun, and hopefully I'll be able to make other amy pred rooms

you can now re enter Medusa's vagina if you so please and can and cum your way out as many times as you like

game over images only show up after you press space now so you choose when you want to see the game over screen.

also, all game over screens have dialogue removed since it seemed unnecessary.

oh, and the naga has a new game over screen done by Waffles. Thank you Waffles you so talented.

update 13/11/14

Though it's not big it features two new stages being the draculina stage, and the great and powerful trixie stage.

The draculina stage features a stealthish element making you platform carefully to avoid waking preds up.

The trixie stage is a simple boss fight where you have to avoid Trixie's shots while landing bullet bills at her. She also features a game over pic.

Also there are bullet bills you can use to take out enemies now.

update 11/12/14

this update is for dragon stuff mostly

there are two dragon stages, followed by another stomach level(trying a different approach this time)

there is also a scat scene at the end now whether people like it or hate it, i thought it would be worth a try.

update 01/24/15

this update features rotty tops in a new level

another feature added is my first attempt at a cutscene. It's pretty simple in design, but I think it does the trick.

I also updated the walls for any stomach level. Not sure if it's better or not, so I wanna see what any of you think.

hope you like it.

plans for next update:

More credits on credits page

adding risky boots fight

maybe make birdo and yoshi

might work on a cock vore enemy depending on what I can find.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby bighead » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:35 am

Sounds interesting. I'd advise posting some screenshots though, so people can see what they're downloading.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby quicks » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:55 am

I agree, screen shots or a clip really help gain a little trust.
I just downloaded it and gave it a spin. Nice work. Ill be interested to see it develop!
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby GnomeishDelight » Mon Jul 28, 2014 9:57 am

Chrome seems to say the file is damaging and blocks the downlaod.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Tanmanm1 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:42 am

I'm looking forward to see more of this! :)
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby scottypilgrim » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:35 pm

was cute and fun, reminded me of the toompimp games but vore centric. Lot's of fun ^^.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Breastex » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:50 pm

Maybe more female characters such as ones from street fighter? or other anthro female characters
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Dragonvorelover135 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 12:56 pm

Chrome seems to say the file is damaging and blocks the downlaod.

Go to your downloads page and recover it manually.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Dragonvorelover135 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 1:02 pm

Also I wouldn't mind suggesting dragons in this. Dungeons are never complete without dragons. Maybe some mini dragon's as enemy and then a dragon boss perhaps.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby DigiThing » Mon Jul 28, 2014 2:45 pm

"lol nope XD"
you sir, have insulated my gaming mastery. *slaps* i challenge you to at dual!
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby 8Shapes4Colors » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:34 pm

Nifty so far~!
Look forwards to seeing what else you're gunna do with this.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby ublover1 » Mon Jul 28, 2014 5:45 pm

i like the game so far add in some draggies though cant go without some sexy draggies and maybe some snakes too :P
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby reclusenutcase » Mon Jul 28, 2014 6:59 pm


You bring up a good point, I'll invest some time in making some quick screen shots of the game in action. Totally spaced on that part.

Dragonvorelover135 and ublover1:

sounds like dragons are popular on the list it seems. I'll make sure to look into potential dragons, and snakes as well.


What do you mean more female characters? They're all female last I checked. Don't worry though, I'm planning to expand this project as much as possible, so there will be more female preds to come. Oh, and thank you for being one of the first to suggest other video game characters to be added to this game. I'll look into what street fighter characters i can get in there.


Sorry, I wasn't in the mood for making more levels and thought it would be funny. I do plan to make more levels though and soon you'll no longer be a victim to the dubious "lol nope XD". Oh and as for duels, I'm rather booked at the moment.

As for everyone else who's tested this game so far. I thank you so much for giving it a try, and look forward to expanding this project with newer levels, more preds, and more vore.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby GnomeishDelight » Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:26 pm

Dragonvorelover135 wrote:
Chrome seems to say the file is damaging and blocks the downlaod.

Go to your downloads page and recover it manually.

I tried that, and it said the files are incompleat
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby reclusenutcase » Mon Jul 28, 2014 11:58 pm

GnomeishDelight wrote:
Dragonvorelover135 wrote:
Chrome seems to say the file is damaging and blocks the downlaod.

Go to your downloads page and recover it manually.

I tried that, and it said the files are incompleat

and this is why I still roll with Firefox.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby VirtuosoViking » Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:27 am

Just tried it out, and I like it. I think it's a little funny, too. Like fun funny. I'm really not one for MLP vore, but I can look past it enough to not bother me here. It seems most of the good preds I would have thought of have already been pointed out, so I don't think I can help you there. So far, so good, though. Hope you have as much fun doing this as we do playing it. Good luck!
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Dragonvorelover135 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 12:44 am

Dragonvorelover135 wrote:
Chrome seems to say the file is damaging and blocks the downlaod.

Go to your downloads page and recover it manually.

I tried that, and it said the files are incompleat

It works fine for me and I use Chrome not sure what to tell ya.

and this is why I still roll with Firefox.

Because it constantly updates for minor bugs they could fix before releasing an update and make finding your downloads a pain? :P I keep firefox as a backup. Chrome is still faster so. The recent file blocking issue is something that happens rarely for me anyways.
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby cuc » Tue Jul 29, 2014 8:36 am
i don't like the ponies but that's my taste. personally i enjoy everything that has a sexy female body with a big belly.

now gameplay: jumping is good enough it's not too frustrating and it is precise enough though it could use some fine tuning to make it more responsive. but as i said it's good enough

for the enemies you should make a grabbing animation with a small hit detection area in front of the enemy. something in the lines of: enemy sees you, stops and after 1 second jumps at you, giving the player a chance to dodge.

for the "stuck in the wall bug" it's a bug regarding the respawn of player after you've escaped from the monster (in my case the pony) in thight places( i was stuck in the platform above). you could try to make the player respawn at a lower hight or if you want you could make an animation where the monster spits you out and the player falls on the ground (with physics to avoid other bugs)
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Royal_Starlord » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:03 am

I'm interested in this. :3
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Re: New vore dungeon platforming game in progress.

Postby Date Masamune » Tue Jul 29, 2014 1:25 pm

this is an interesting game
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