CHOWDER: The POWDER roguelike mod (0.6.0) 6/15

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CHOWDER: The POWDER roguelike mod (0.6.0) 6/15

Postby blackrock215 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 8:26 pm



A game started by Jeff Lait circa January 22nd, 2003, and finished in 2011. It's a sprite based top-down 2d roguelike in which the objective is to reach the 25th floor, kill Beelzebub, and return to the 1st floor. The UI is somewhat dated, but if you think you can get past the game screen looking like this:


you might find something enjoyable in the game.

I came across the source code for the game on POWDER's website, and decided to have a little fun with it. Now, what at first seemed like a fun little project to see how an old game like this functioned quickly became decidedly unfun as I realized just how much had changed since the last release of the game in 2011. I won't bore you with the technical information of what I had to do to get it running on my laptop - unless you're actually interested, in which case feel free to peek at the 'technical information' spoiler - and will instead point you to the 'features' and 'info' tabs if you want to learn more, or the download at the bottom of the post if you just want the game.


Spoiler: show
POWDER is an old game, even if it was last built in 2011. That's 5 years ago at this point, and the code shows. The first thing I had to do to even get the game off the ground was download and install Visual Studio 2008 express. Unfortunately, my copy of Visual Studio 2015 I had wanted to run a number of 'upgrades' and automatic changes to 'fix' depreciated references, which broke the game. So, as someone who didn't want to spend multiple hours surfing foreign code looking for all the broken references, I caved and installed VC2008. VC2008 is free at this point, being so old, but the registry process to get around the 30 day 'free trial' is broken, so I had to find the registry where VC2008 was saving the trial key, remove it, and remove VC's write privileges. Not an optimal solution, but it did work.

That was just the beginning of my 'fun' with this project, though, as I then had to update a couple file references. I need to explain, quickly, a little something about how POWDER works. The encyclopedia, monster references, names and descriptions, etc, are all stored in .txt files, which specialized programs then decipher and convert into c++ code that can be used by the game. It's an intelligent solution to the issue of adding new creatures, spells, or items, but the filepaths that VC2008 used to try to reference these functions was outdated. It took me 3 days to figure out why the compiler kept spitting out errors. You better believe I felt like an idiot after realizing what the issue was, though.

The last major stumbling block had to be SDL. SDL, or 'Simple DirectMedia Layer' is a development library used to get low-level access to keyboard, mouse, and audio input, and makes creating games much easier. Unfortunately, SDL 1.2 is outdated - it's SDL 2 now. And of course, as I only had SDL 2 and not 1.2, the game wouldn't compile, giving me a linker error. So I had to figure out that error, find SDL 1.2.15 on the archives of SDL's website, install it and tell the compiler where to look for it.

Even though the code works now, I still have a few things that I need to do. I'm still running somewhere around 65-75 warnings for depreciated references, cases without return values, and other minor things that could possibly cause the game to explode at random. That's definitely on the list, and will probably be dealt with sooner rather than later to improve the game's stability.


Spoiler: show
Currently, the game's in a real alpha state. Yeah, it kinda works, but not to the level I'd like it to. The issues are going to be their own spoiler, though. This'll just be a quick run-through of the current features and what to expect from the game as of current, as well as planned features that may some day be added.

- Vore (Obviously.) both willing and unwilling. Oral only, currently.
- An "offer" command available through the bottom right 'commands' menu to facilitate willing vore. The offer command can also be used while eaten to pleasure the pred. And who knows, if you do it enough, maybe they'll stop digesting you. ;)
- Digestion damage and healing, giving monsters a reason to be doing it. Digested prey will be constantly damaged by preds, and preds will be healed by digestion damage.
- Save and load compatibility. The game should save and load properly, even with mobs/the player vored.
- Brief periods of vore 'immunity' when regurgitated to give the player a chance to fight back.
- Most of the game's original functionality. I think.

- Multiple prey. Currently, the main thing holding that back is saving and loading. More explanation in CURRENT ISSUES.
- Nested prey. We can go deeper! Similar issues to multiple prey, see CURRENT ISSUES.
- Graduated taming difficulty and swallow chance, as well as escape chance, for different monsters. Currently, the game just uses flat values for every monster.
- Better AI support for vore. Currently, the AI won't struggle when eaten (which I tried, and failed, to fix), and it would also be cool to see allied mobs eating each other to heal if one of them is injured, and player pets swallowing the player when the player is injured.
- More types of vore. Currently, only oral is supported - but that shouldn't be incredibly difficult to change. A few extra values and checks, and a lot more writing, would fix that right up.
- Player vore - this one also shouldn't be incredibly difficult, but I'm worried that it'll break something unexpected. I'm more interested in sorting out all of the game's current issues before working on this one.
- Better writing. Honestly, the current writing is more dev comments than anything. It's non-descriptive, uninteresting, and too short. I plan to make a second pass to make the writing better once I have better control of POWDER's 'formatAndReport' and once I've got all the current kinks in vore sorted out.
- Reintroduction of the 'Wish' feature. It's something that's featured in iPowder, the IOS version of powder, to those who have purchased the full game. I noticed in the code that all the code for the wish function is there, but simply disabled for the PC version. I'm planning on integrating it back into the PC version so that players can have a bit more fun with the game, especially those more interested in the vore than the gameplay.
- Allowing the player to vore while polymorphed. Polymorph in general tends to screw with the code that I've written, and getting it to work in tandem with player vore would be pretty cool.
- Fix bugs. They're everywhere! And I don't understand some of the lower level features of POWDER so tracking down why they're happening can be a real pain.
- More interesting mobs to eat the player. This one is currently held back by my lack of artistic talent and the need for sprites for every one of POWDER's optional tile-sets.
- Different sprites for full mobs. This'll be an interesting one to tackle when I get to it.
- Fine-tuned player control of their stomach. It'd be nice if the player could control whether they digested or healed what they had in their stomach, regardless of whether their prey is friendly or not.
- Descriptive lines for every mob. I'm currently working my way through the 60-something odd lines for each character, but my incredible laziness makes it difficult to focus for long enough to make any real progress.


Spoiler: show
I've increased the player max health to 20, as well as adding an additional spell slot. Just to make the game a bit easier, and give the player a bit more chance to enjoy the vore. The game was brutal in difficulty before I did this, and it's still considerably difficult even with the buff I've given the player right off the bat. I haven't had much chance to actually play through the entire game, though, so maybe I'm talking out of my ass.

In Addition, the player now has more options when commanding pets, and can do vore themselves when polymorphed into a form capable of vore.
Creatures now have two statistics tied with their type - stomach capacity and size. A mob can't eat more than its stomach capacity, and bigger mobs with a higher size take up more capacity. For example, red dragons have a capacity of 4, and a size of 3, meaning that they can eat pretty much any mob, including other dragons, but are safe from smaller mobs, like the ice snake, which has a stomach capacity of 1, and a size of 1. Using this system, the game is capable of all sorts of interesting vore combinations. An ice snake that has eaten the player has size 2, as the player adds its own size of 1 to the ice snake, but the red dragon could still eat that snake, as the dragon's max capacity is 4. The red dragon could then go on to eat two more size 1 mobs, or a single size 2 mob with its remaining space.

Additionally, the player can select the stomach command and absorb the bodies of any friendly prey currently within them. This absorbs the physical form of the prey into the player's body and adds a soul item to their inventory that can be reformed back into the creature or absorbed and destroyed at any time.

Other than that, the INFO section is going to be a little bit lackluster, until I find something else to put in it.


Spoiler: show
Alright, there are a number of issues the game currently has. This'll just be a short list / description of the current issues I'm aware of and that you, the player do not need to report to me.

- The game has some really, really, weird interactions when it comes to a mob getting vomited out on top of another mob. I tried to fix this, but it does still seem to happen occasionally. I have no idea why. It has no effect on gameplay other than creating weird visual bugs as all the mobs can move off of one another without problems, but it's still weird.
- Vore damage is currently poorly balanced, and can either do no damage, or instakill the prey. That's annoying, but it's currently on the backburner as I need to fix current features and work on new ones. - This has been somewhat addressed by lowering max vore damage, but it's still something I'm planning on making a second pass at.
- Vore chance and escape chance are currently bland values only affected by pred/prey health. I'd like a different system with different mobs having varying degrees of vore chance and escape ability. In addition, the system seems to either always succeed or always fail, and I'm going to need to get around to fixing the escape chance system eventually.
- The game has a tendency to explode occasionally with no warning. Every time the call stack is different, and I'm under the impression it has more to do with the numerous depreciated references than anything. - As I work on it more, it seems to explode more often. Weird.
- It's way too easy to befriend a pred if the player offers themselves and then pleasures them once or twice. The game runs on a flat system currently and offering immediately ups the friendliness of a pred to 80% of the required to proc the befriending. That's a bit of an artifact left over from testing the mechanic and'll be phased out once I graduate the difficulty based on mob. - Fixed it somewhat by increasing the difficulty flatly, but it still requires some more work.
- Current mob descriptions don't make much sense. The fire snake is described as being '4-6cm long' but somehow manages to eat the player character. I'll fix the descriptions for them to change pred size to make sense. For right now... Just don't think about it too hard, I guess. [this has hopefully been addressed, somewhat. Contact me if mob descriptions don't make sense.]
- I haven't touched the tutorial at all from the base game, so it doesn't include anything about vore in it, and it might explode when launched. Caution on that front, maybe.
- Polymorph might act weird. Like, real weird. If it does, tell me what exactly happened but do be aware that I know it's not completely functional right now.
- There is this very strange bug I have yet to properly track down. I've seen it happen when saving/loading with nested prey and multiprey of which the player is in the lowest level of, and results in preds ceasing to exist and the game generally breaking. I'm working on it, but it's so infrequent and strange I can't be sure what's causing it.
- There is a bug with a pred dying on the same turn as swallowing a creature and having that creature die on the same turn as well causing the game to crash. Trying to figure out why currently.
- The AI will currently pick up anything and everything they come across, even when there is literally no point to it, as they've already got the same or better equipment already. The fix for this is complicated, and is on the backburner.


Spoiler: show
What's your release schedule like?
I try to work on this whenever I have time. Which is never. Releases will be sporadic, and there may be mutli-month long periods where I am just dead.

Do you have the rights to edit and post this code?
I eh... Well, you see - I uhm... Next question!
Serious answer though, I probably do based on the creative commons+ licence the code was originally released for, which allowed for creative rehashing and modding for non-commercial purposes, but the creative commons+ 1.0 is depreciated, so I don't exactly know.

Will you add feature xyz?
PM me a question, or just post here if you're too lazy. I'm am heavily limited by my very incomplete understanding of the game and C++ in general when it comes to adding new features.

I like this game.
Not a question, but thanks.

I do not like this game.
Also not a question. You should tell me why.

Spoiler: show
NEW IN 0.6.0 (6/15)
- Been a while since the last update. Not for lack of work (yes it is) but rather because this update took a lot more work than I initially thought it would. I thought I'd laid the ground work for multiple types of vore in a previous update, but I seriously underestimated how much work it actually was to implement it. Speaking of...
- There are now multiple types of vore. Oral, anal, cock, unbirth, it's all supported. Yaaaay. Hopefully there aren't any huge glaring issues like the game crashing when you sneeze too hard on it.
- The player can select what type of vore when offering themselves, and what type of vore when eating another creature.
- There is now some better support for possession, you can now command any pets you own when possessing another creature, in addition to commanding the pets of that creature you have possessed as well. Additionally, if a creature that has pets is vored and their predator goes up or down a ladder, the pets should now properly chase up or down the ladder.
- Added digest timers to the game, found in the vore settings menu in the main menu (top right icon in the game) this allows creatures that are oral or anal vored to automatically be expelled after a certain number of turns. The number of turns varies depending on the creature.
- Also added a real[tm] full tour option, that, if a creature is oral vored, will push them to anal vore 1/2 way through the digest timer, and if they are anal vored, will push them to oral vore 1/2 way through the digest timer. The option does nothing if digest timers are disabled.
- Honestly I had to completely rewrite the vore text reporting system completely (again) to make this happen, and I'm kinda tired of doing it at this point. Hopefully it doesn't break and I can just leave it alone forever and never touch it again.
- A lot of code cleanup and simplifications to hopefully cause the game to be more stable and crash less. I tested it and it SEEMED to work, but honestly who knows maybe it deletes your social security number or something when you turn your computer upside down.
- Added some unique swallow lines to some low level mobs (brown slug, fire snake, ice snake) so you get a little unique content early on.
- Added a shrinkify spell that allows some pseudo-micro/macro at the request of a user here, it technically works, but a lack of dedicated micro-macro lines means it doesn't really feel complete. Micro/macro isn't really my preference, but I'll see about supporting it better in a future update.
- Partially because of popular demand, the stomach stretch spell now actually works on creatures that otherwise cannot vore. This currently can lead to some ridiculous situations, as the spell lacks any checks to prevent it from working on, say, creatures like mice. You can use the stomach stretch spell on the default adventurer, though, allowing the player to vore.

NEW IN 0.5.6 (4/7)
- Apparently mobs don't actually move after you die, like I thought they did. I broke that feature before I even rolled it out. I'll look into fixing it at some point for real
- fixed wizardly ai characters refusing to pick up spellbooks
- ai will now pick up special items, like potions, even if they don't think wielding them is a good idea
- ai will no longer pick up shields (except buckler) when 2 handing a weapon
- apparently the ai healing itself while vored was broken, (not that I had noticed as it seemed to be working), and has been fixed. (let me know if this actually ended up breaking it)
- the ai will no longer try to heal their immediate predator if they are hostile
- the player now has priority for owner on mobs made friendly by pleasuring
- fixed a crash related to predators being killed by prey struggling
- creatures that are unsummoned now properly drop their prey on the ground instead of crashing the game (I SWEAR I had fixed this a long time ago)
- player and mobs now get +2 more hp and mp upon level up so progression is faster
- fixed the wolfar encyclopedia entry having strange spacing
- fixed some grammatical bugs in a few invisible stalker lines
- wolfar has some new (although still rather generic) heal and digest lines
- invisible stalker had its descriptive word for its hands changed to "tendril" (from "hand")
- acidic smoke from the yellow dragon's breath attack now should dissipate faster (as it was incredibly annoying to fight previously)
- new menu option in the wish menu - you can now wish for intrinsics straight from the menu without needing to equip the prerequisite item

NEW IN 0.5.5 (4/2)
- The player can now manually select which prey they want to regurgitate if they have more than one
- Full health prey should no longer always escape vore on the first try
- Creatures should no longer attempt to target creatures they are already digesting
- Mobs will now move about the map after you inevitably fail and die (before they stood still upon player death)
- An internal swallow now will check if the predator can actually eat the creature they are trying to swallow.
- Some simplifications have been made to prey holding for AI.
- When checking for a common master, the AI will now check both up and down the master->pet list to ensure no infighting.
- braindead creatures can no longer release possession
- some complexity added to AI attack handling so they more intelligently respond to attacks
- if digestion does no damage sleeping creatures will no longer immediately wake up
- attempting to use the arrow keys to struggle will no longer be blocked by dungeon walls
- creatures will now properly check if a target is inedible when trying to swallow it
- the player can now eat other mobs while vored, a menu will pop up similar to the one for pets
- fixed an issue with the map revealing itself while the player is vored
- vore reporting system majorly overhauled to allow for more accurate reporting heal/digest in mixed-vore situations
- predators now use their starting size into account for reporting big/small swallow lines, rather than their current size [as the stomach stretch spell can increase stomach size]
- Oh yeah the stomach stretch spell now exists, it allows the user to increase the stomach capacity of a predator. It can be found in the book of earth.
- Spells targeted at creatures with prey will now ask "Cast on who?" and provide a list of the creature and its prey, allowing the player to cast spells on prey mobs as well as the predator.
- The text displayed when you offer yourself to a mob should now only display upon offering, otherwise the standard swallow text will be displayed.
- There is now a menu option allowing the user to change which vore messages are displayed. It can be found at the bottom of the options menu.
- The AI will now check if it already has a better item equipped before picking things up off the dungeon floor. This should prevent the AI from filling their inventory with junk.
- Large number of changes to the green dragon lines, shortened many of them and fixed a number of grammatical bugs.

NEW IN 0.5.4 (10/22)
- It's fairly unusual for me to put out more than one update in a week but I was just incensed enough about polymorphing and unpolymorphing while vored still not working that I decided to push this immediately.
- Vore and polymorph fixed. Again. They should actually play nice this time, I promise.
- Added a few miscellaneous supports for gigantic mobs to be predators. (still not ready for prime-time, but at least it doesn't crash)
- In cases where a predator has 2 or more prey, if prey A is friendly to prey B, and prey A is above half health, and prey B is below half health, prey A will swallow prey B while inside of their mutual predator to protect them from digestion.
- Creatures, upon being absorbed, will no longer release their possessed status, if they have it.
- AI now prioritizes healing itself and allies when vored instead of struggling
- Fixed an issue where the predator and prey would be swapped around when the player was killed by digestion (oops)

NEW IN 0.5.3 (10/21)
- Do you like it when the game doesn't crash? Me too! This update brings a (fairly) major refactoring of the vore code that I added to this game, improving stability and reducing the number of crashes. I have done 2 whole entire playthroughs of the game (from start, down to floor 25, back up, end game) without a single crash!
- Predators who are invincible are now INESCAPABLE. [evil laugh]
- Familiars are now capable of opening doors
- Fixed a crash when attempting to drop an item while vored
- Casting spells now allows for passing in a specific target, rather than just an x and a y, allowing creatures greater control over things like healing and curing poison on predators.
- Polymorphing with prey, or as prey, or both, should no longer crash the game. Polymorph all you want now.
- Fixed some improper calls of the vomit function
- Internal functions related to clearing references between pred and prey refactored, fixing several crash bugs
- Fixed storesoul to no longer improperly wipe vore references.
- Your AI allies should no longer wander off away from you when they cannot directly see the creature you are fighting
- Familiars, if they can read, will now read books regardless of their combat class
- Familiars will now zap wands
- If a creature has a master, it will not zap create monster wands
- The AI will no longer zap polymorph wands at themselves when not at low health
- Player AI allies will no longer equip the ring of the missing finger if the player has identified it
- Telepathy changed to work on non-allied mobs (currently hugely overpowered but I need it for bugtesting so it's staying for now)
- Creatures will now check every turn if they are over their max fill and vomit if they are.
- AI with the fighter combat class will get extra health regen to push them more into the tank role
- AI with wizard or cleric combat class get extra mp regen
- Creatures skilled with ranged weapons will hit allies less with ranged attacks
- Crash fix on angry gods flame-striking the player
- AI will now re-evaluate their inventory on level up to see if their opinion of any items they have has changed
- Fixed an improper getPossessive call when reporting the actions of a creature's prey
- New spell in testing (currently only available through the wish menu): Stomach Stretch, allowing a mob's maximum prey count to be increased. This will be added to the book of earth and given an encyclopedia entry when finished
- Fixed prey getting the intrinsics from being digested instead of the pred (oops)
- The cockatrice will no longer spawn naturally in the dungeon - it is currently being re-worked and will be re-added when the rework is finished
- A new mob can be accessed through the wish menu. Similar to the cockatrice, it's not finished and only has graphical representation in one of the tile sets and will not spawn naturally.
- Miscellaneous grammar fixes to various vore lines.
- Whether a prey will stay inside of their predator's belly past being healed to full health is now tracked on a per-prey basis instead of by the predator. This allows predators with resident prey to swallow, heal, and regurgitate other allies without issue.
- As a result of the previous change, the regurgitate command will now only throw up one prey instead of all of them.
- Fixed a minor memory leak when absorbing souls
- Prey no longer lose health to drowning or wall suffocation when eaten
- Fixed a double entry in the invisible stalker's digestion lines.
- Gargantuan mobs (2x2 tile mobs) will no longer show the sleeping, unique, or tame overlays on all 4 of their tiles and will instead show them only on the top left.
- The invisible stalker didn't have a unique swallow description for swallowing other creatures. That has been fixed.
- Fixed golden tridude vore values to make more sense.
- The game now comes with a readme that details some of the more basic game features. I'm a bit ashamed that I didn't realize that not everyone has the same level of intimacy with the game's inner workings as me and may not understand how to actually navigate the menus. I did forget to add any explanation of how the absorb functionality works though. Oops.

NEW IN 0.5.2 (10/8)
- This is just a quick bugfix update to fix the issue that I reintroduced (sigh) after fixing the crash bug upon prey unpoly. It's fixed now, hopefully. (although I'm not sure it'll transfer prey upon unpoly. Another bug to fix.)
- The player can no longer familiarize with themselves, or with creatures only temporarily under their control.
- The player can no longer hypnotize themselves.
- Added line of sight checks to heals to prevent the AI from casting them at thin air.
- Prey resting in a friendly pred are now capable of healing said pred, if they have the spells and MP for it.

NEW IN 0.5.1 (10/7)
- Fixed a crash related to vored mob un-polying from digestion damage
- The undead will have their ability to vore reset on being raised from the dead, to prevent some unintended, though hilarious, behavior.
- Simplifications were made to the swallow, regurgitate, and prey number calculation functions, so expect less bugs in that area.
- Fixed a possible bug with non-avatar mobs being set to avatar when regurgitated.
- Added checks to soul reformation to ensure mobs do not go above their max prey amount.
- Fixed a major bug preventing the AI from using breath attacks, thrown weapon attacks, and ranged spell casting.
- Fixed a bug where targets attempting to kill the player would cast ranged spells at themselves after swallowing the player.
- Mobs targeting friendlies (in order to swallow them) will no longer flee when in melee range.
- AI will now cast permanence on summoned pets if it knows the spell and has the free MP.
- added function aiDoMiscSpell(), which allows AI to cast low priority spells such as light, and do heals outside of combat.
- Simplifications to general prey handling.
- Modification to receiveAttack function to lessen chance of friendly fire. Friendly mobs now have a 70% chance to avoid hitting friendlies in the line of fire of ranged attacks.
- This decrease in chance to hit does not apply to heal potions, which the AI will still throw at injured allies to heal them with.
- Simplifications to prey wake-up check when taking damage.
- Stored souls should no longer be dropped to the dungeon floor upon expiration of holding creature.
- When evolving to a more powerful creature, vore values are reset, so if the new form has better acid, or more stomach space, this is updated.
- When you get a kill, nearby pets will also get a portion of the exp, regardless of whether they landed the killing blow.
- Added protections to the receiveExp function to prevent infinite loop exp gains. As a result of this, the transfer knowledge spell will no longer give back 1/2 of the exp transferred when used on a pet.
- Digesting a prey whose corpse would otherwise grant special abilities, like fire resist or jump, or extra magic points, will now properly apply those effects.
- Fixed a memory leak when killing digested mobs.
- Changed how AI checks to see if nearby mobs can be healed through vore. Changes include: mobs will no longer try to heal others while they themselves are on low health, the health threshold for vore healing has been increased to increase the rate at which it occurs.
- method for checking the current prey fill of a creature has been reworked to be more robust and accurate.
- Fixed some incorrect mob definitions being used in nested vore situations when reporting internal/external reports.
- Fixed internal digest/heal reports not running in some nested vore situations.
- Green snake description and vore values changed to reflect the larger size I think it deserved. ice snake and fire snake now evolve into green snake. All of these are temporary and will be replaced when the dire forms of all three snakes make their way onto the dungeon floor.
- Fixed a case where the player could not use the look function on a pred if they were 2 or more layers deep in nested vore.
- created a getPreyPets() function to recursively get all pets that a mob can detect to fix bug related to telepathy and nested vore.
- Many minor tweaks to vore description texts to make them actually grammatically accurate.
- Intelligent creatures are now capable of reading spell and skill-books they find on the dungeon in order to learn new abilities! This one required a fairly substantial rework of the AI to accomplish:
- Mobs now have a "class" value. Similar to how classes work in DnD, the class of a mob directs what sort of weapons and armor it equips, and what spell/skill books it will read/use.
- Class info: There are now 6.5 classes that mobs can use. Generic, which behaves similarly to how the legacy AI worked, only picking up items if the mob definition told it to, ignoring spell-books, and blandly choosing the highest armor and damage weapons without theme. Wizard, which will only pick up and read spell-books, will dress in robes, and attempt to equip staves, if available. Fighter, which will only pick up and read skill-books, wear platemail if available, and use the largest, highest damage weapons available, and use tower shields. Rogue, which will pick up and read both skill and spell books, wear leather, and attempt to use smaller and quieter weapons. Cleric, which will only pick up spellbooks, dress in chainmail, use a mace, and cast healing spells. Spellsword, which will pick up skill and spell books, wear the highest defense armor, use the most damaging weapons, and cast spells when available. And the half-class, familiar, which is only available to creatures that are familiars. It grants the most freedom and highest, balanced, stat increases upon level up.
- Added a new spell: Familiarize, which allows the player, for the low, low price of 250exp, to turn most pets into familiars. Familiars gain an immediate boost to their stats and will also pick up and use items, if they did not previously. They also gain access to additional bonus stats when levelling up, regardless of which upgrade path is chosen.
- Speaking of upgrade paths, When a pet of the player gains enough exp to level up and is in line of sight of the player, the player will be prompted to choose the pet's upgrade path.
- The path chosen affects what weapons and armor that pet will use, as well as what stats will increase and whether the pet will learn a new skill, or spell upon level up. The upgrade path is the same as the classes described above.
- When evolving, mobs will now check to see if, in their new form, they have any items equipped to now invalid slots and will unequip them to prevent a crash when attempting to look at a mob wearing an invalid item.
- The AI will now avoid learning some useless or otherwise player-only spells when levelling up.
- the class of the AI is now saved and loaded to file. As such, any saves made on previous versions of the game will NOT be compatible with this new version.
- Familiarize now has its own encyclopedia entry.
- Fixed display bugs in hypnotize and permanence encyclopedia entries.
- Pets will also not receive a cut of the exp that the player acquires when wishing for 250 exp.
- You can now press esc to cancel out of telling a pet to eat or changing its stomach mode without changing anything.
- Changed the AI on the ice deamon and deamon to match the imp's
- These mobs now have combat classes, by default: imp, daemon, kobold, lizardkin, turtleoid.
- Fixed a small bug in the digest damage function that, under some circumstances, would not properly tell the prey to target the pred killing them.
- Feeding of prey and pred in vore heal situations added back in, but heavily nerfed, and is now more of a measure to prevent starvation than anything.
- The AI will only cast major heal at very injured targets. Otherwise, they will just use normal heal.
- Allies and enemies will now follow the player up and down ladders from a range of 3 tiles away instead of 1, making it much easier to get pets up and down the dungeon.
- Last but not least, the invisible stalker can now vore and has 69 (heh) lines written for it. The invisible stalker struck me as an incredibly interesting idea for a predator and I hope that's reflected in how the vore lines turned out.

NEW IN 0.4.0 (10/1)
- Made changes to swallow and regurgitate chances, swallow is now affected by prey HP and regurgitate is affected by pred hp. At low prey hp, the AI is much more likely to swallow, and at low pred hp, prey is much more likely to escape by struggling. This turns vore into a more finisher - lethal last move type thing, which is where I wanted it to be.
- Added a new mob! (Finally figured it out, heh.) The wolfar now stalks the dungeon. A twisted humanoid with the ears and tail of a wolf, the wolfar has more than bleached white hair as a result of their exposure to dark magicks... Currently only has custom swallow text and only has graphical representation in the default tile graphics.
- You may find attacks finding their mark more commonly across the board, as I did a flat increase to the chance to hit.
- There is a new rare ability that artifacts can bestow upon the player: silence (and not the no magic casting kind). With any artifact that grants silence, a character will always move without making noise, regardless of the gear they wear.
- Prey, if sleeping, will now sleep much more soundly in the belly of a friendly pred.
- Tired of having too many prey and not enough stomach to hold them all? Afraid of the finality of death and unwilling to give up your prey? Never fear, idiot.INC has the solution for you! By selecting the "stomach" option from the actions menu, the player can now choose to "absorb" any currently ingested prey for later use. Prey absorbed in this way will be added as souls to the pred's inventory, ready to be reformed. (currently the game does not check fill level while doing this so it is possible to go above the maximum amount of prey otherwise possible to have doing this, I will fix that in the next release)
- The dungeon's denizens will no longer directly scale with player level, regardless of depth. The first two levels will generally spawn lower level monsters, regardless of the player's level.
- Digging is now handled, somewhat, when a prey attempts it.
- The AI should no longer attempt to attack creatures that have been eaten or have died in the stomach of a pred.

NEW IN 0.3.2 (7/12)
- new spell added - hypnotize. Hypnotize allows players to take control over some mobs for a limited time, although who knows what will happen when cast on an already hypnotized creature.
- new spell added - permanence. Permanence is a simple spell that allows them to anchor summoned creatures more firmly in the physical world, making them no longer disappear into smoke
- The game should no longer report "swallowed something" in some instances
- player attacks when polymorphed into a creature capable of vore no longer have a chance to automatically vore. Players can use the 'eat' command instead
- The AI is now more aware of their surroundings and are team players with spells like heal, cure poison, and stoning prevention
- getAttitude command adjusted to fix several inconsistencies in complex edge-cases with pet-master interaction
- Fixed a bug that allowed the player to eat themselves, crashing the game
- small change to 'look' command, now displays when a pred is totally stuffed and cannot eat any more
- diagnose now shows the current prey a pred has eaten and their current and max health
- The AI no longer think that the undead are very appetizing
- Additionally, the AI will now avoid eating acidic enemies
- Acidic enemies will burn their pred when ingested
- It should no longer be as easy to throw things while eaten
- simplications made to healing and damage dealt by digestion
- preds are now healed upon completely digesting a prey
- preds are now fed by digesting creatures, and (currently) feed from healing. Prey also feed from healing. Doesn't make sense, might change it, might not
- Lengthy vore lines will no longer be reported if the player is attempting to sleep
- double reporting of avatar swallow and get swallowed lines fixed
- report added for being unable to eat a creature
- fix for invisible player not displaying the 'invisible avatar' tile
- chameleon given unique lines
- minor text fixes with green dragon and generic vore lines

NEW IN 0.2.2 (2/20)
- Added 69 (heh) lines for the Gelatinous Cube!
- That's it.

NEW IN 0.2.1 (2/12)
- Not any huge changes here, I've been incredibly lazy about this.
- Fixed a bug related to nested prey where a prey that also had prey dying would cause the game to infinite loop.
- Added more standard vore lines: 3 more external digest lines, 3 more internal digest lines, 3 more external heal lines, and 3 more internal heal lines for a total of 12 new lines.
- The green dragon also got a slight touch-up to several lines.

NEW IN 0.2.0 (11/20)
- I changed the name to something cleverer so I could feel better about myself.
- Not sure if I added it in the last version and forgot to mention it but the player and player pets can control whether they heal or digest their prey, either always healing, always digesting, or doing it automatically based on disposition.
- Slight changes to how prey are detected when vored. Still some issues with swallowing and regurgitating "something" that I'll address in the next update.
- Default message reporting is in, and all creatures will now report more than a single line of voreish text. That being said, all creatures use the same 'default' line-set that I set up as a place-holder, save the Green Dragon, of which I've actually gone and created a substantial number of lines for. There are... 54?-ish lines for different situations, dispositions, and actions that you can get. So that's cool.
- Updated slightly my internal road-map of what the next updates are going to look like. Mostly going to be bug-fix and content updates, and I'd like to get a few more lines for sleeping, paralyzed and brain-dead pred and prey, so the vore reporting system really feels fleshed out and interesting. Report any bugs you encounter to me via PM or through this post so I can get on fixing them.

NEW IN 0.1.3: (10/30)
- Multiprey and nested prey are in! It only took a complete rewrite of the way I saved/loaded pred and prey to do it.
- Actually fixed and got working handling of AI prey logic, and the logic of nested AI.
- Fixed bugs. Introduced new ones. If your game crashes, let me know when/what you were doing so I can look into it.
- Made myself feel so accomplished about getting multiprey and nested prey working that I incremented the version number by 10 instead of 1.
- The groundwork for customized, interesting vore, digest, and swallow messages is there, but I haven't written it yet, so it's unimplemented.
- Groundwork for different types of vore (anal, cock, unbirth) laid, but there are some semi-serious issues that need addressing with the system (especially around save/load) before it'll be ready to go. Expect the actual non-placeholder vore messages first.

NEW IN 0.0.3: (10/20)
- Better pet control - you can now order pets to eat both friendly and hostile targets, and force them to regurgitate eaten prey.
- Better player control - while polymorphed or possessing a creature the player can now use the "eat" and "regurgitate" commands to control their own vore.
- less bugs. I think. hopefully. Probably more bugs.
- Small level of AI handling for vore. If a vore capable creature notices another AI (not the player) is about to die, they will sometimes eat them to save them & heal them
- AI will automatically regurgitate friendly prey when the prey's health is full, except if the player has ordered the AI to eat that prey, in which case they'll hold on to them until the player says otherwise.

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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Talon13 » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:09 pm

Well you've got my attention. ^^
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Skeiron » Sat Apr 16, 2016 11:43 pm

I played it for a little bit, and while I enjoy a challenge the game seems very difficult to get into ^^; although that is mostly the base game and not the mod.
The game as it stands now is a hardcore roguelike with vore elements, which is quite different from most vore games one the site (which tend to be lenient, and tend to encourage trying out failure states for game over scenes). As such it will not appeal to everyone.
The tutorial is functional but parts of it are not particularily intuitive. There is a quick look-up list of all the keyboard shortcuts, but with the limited text displayable on the screen at once it takes quite a bit of scrolling to read through it. I would suggest making a text file with all the tutorial info written down, just for readability.
As for the vore content, I like what is here so far! You already noted that being willing prey is quite overpowered at the moment. Unwilling might also need some balancing as right now it seems to happen instantly on combat start and whenever the "inedible" buff runs out.
Anyway I will be keeping an eye on this one :) there are not too many vore roguelikes yet.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby blackrock215 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:41 am

Skeiron wrote:Unwilling might also need some balancing as right now it seems to happen instantly on combat start and whenever the "inedible" buff runs out.

I'd noticed that too, but had chalked it up to bad luck. I went and actually checked the values, though, and it was indeed returning weird values. I was getting values of 10k instead of the 0.5 I was expecting. That's been fixed, and I'll include it in the next release.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby KiaTheHarpy » Sun Apr 17, 2016 1:53 am

You can make them strugle by using an If statment (RPG maker Condition branch)
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Topeantonio » Sun Apr 17, 2016 7:23 am

It looks cool. How about a gallery mode/Infinite health mode for those who are interested in the vore only, though?
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby blackrock215 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 11:51 am

KiaTheHarpy wrote:You can make them strugle by using an If statment (RPG maker Condition branch)

Yes and no - while I've already got the AI's responses together for being prey, the main issue currently is getting them to fire. The game runs AI based upon the map, currently, meaning what when I unregister a mob, removing them from the map, they no longer run AI updates. I tried getting around this by tying the prey's heartbeat to the pred's, by placing a conditional to run the prey's heartbeat at the end of the pred's, but of course that didn't work. It's really difficult to tell where the disconnect is, even with debug messages.

Topeantonio wrote:It looks cool. How about a gallery mode/Infinite health mode for those who are interested in the vore only, though?

Something kinda like that is in the pipe, currently. iPowder, the IOS port of powder had something called 'wish', which was a command that could be used to level up the player, polymorph the player, move the player to different levels in the dungeon, and spawn monsters. The code for it still exists in the PC source code I grabbed, but it's disabled. I'm looking at re-enabling it some time soon.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Rashdolphin » Sun Apr 17, 2016 3:19 pm

what are the text document and TADS files for?
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby RC8015 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:50 pm

This looks interesting and promising. Will check later back in, and wish you best luck.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby SirThumpsyernuts » Sun Apr 17, 2016 10:52 pm

Found a bug through me being my usual too-inquisitive self: If you summon a creature with a limited time to exist (say, an imp) and you're in its stomach at the time it vanishes, the game crashes.

Also, as a note if anyone wants to be a predator, even if only temporary, find/start with a tome that has diagnose and possession on it (have to know diagnose to learn possession), level up to the point where you can use possession when you've learned it from said book, sit in a corner in a room, and possess a creature that can eat you. If you have nothing in your stomach then the first thing you'll do is immediately eat whatever creature you attack next. You can also possess a friendly creature while you're inside of it to give yourself a controlled ride around, but you won't be able to eat anything since you're already in its stomach.

Other than the bug I mentioned and the other ones already known, it's been an enjoyable experience playing this game.

As for ideas for additions to the game, maybe allow the player to start as a creature of choosing at lvl 1 instead of just a human. The god select apparently changes what class you are when you start, meaning (I figure) with some editing you can add your own gods/classes, and polymorph shows that you can indeed be a creature (at least for a while), and they've even got their own unique inventories and places they can put gear (a frickin Kiwi can use rings on its toes, and Giant Rats can use everything except shoes and body armor), so I'm guessing this might be possible. I've never messed with coding or anything, so I can't say for sure if it is or isn't possible, I just thought that there might be a chance it was and wanted to put my 2 cents in.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Revx_Z » Mon Apr 18, 2016 1:15 pm

Main download is indeed broken in some way, it gives "Access denied" message. Backup download works.

Also, I do not like this game. Specifically, I do not like the interface. That's interface, not graphics. The screen is cluttered with mystery meat icons, the ordering of the icons is insane (inventory is second to last), and using inventory items requires too many presses. The shortcuts are unintuitive, such as "V" to bring up the More Commands list or "_" to pray. None of this so far is your fault, these are slights against the base game for being apparently written by someone who had no idea of the concept of "personal idiosyncrasy" and why this is bad to have in something you want other people to use. On this score you might want to consider teaming up with Myconid who's been modding another roguelike that a) has better interface and b) has been taken apart a bit already.

Regarding whatever you've done to the game, I can't find the command to consume a live monster. The game's "Eat" applies only to corpses.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby nyanyan » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:10 pm

Revx_Z wrote:Also, I do not like this game. Specifically, I do not like the interface. That's interface, not graphics. The screen is cluttered with mystery meat icons, the ordering of the icons is insane (inventory is second to last), and using inventory items requires too many presses. The shortcuts are unintuitive, such as "V" to bring up the More Commands list or "_" to pray. None of this so far is your fault, these are slights against the base game for being apparently written by someone who had no idea of the concept of "personal idiosyncrasy" and why this is bad to have in something you want other people to use. On this score you might want to consider teaming up with Myconid who's been modding another roguelike that a) has better interface and b) has been taken apart a bit already.

Regarding whatever you've done to the game, I can't find the command to consume a live monster. The game's "Eat" applies only to corpses.

I agree on the interface. I play 'Pixel Dungeon' on my tablet, so I'm used to the style of graphics. To get around the interface, you CAN move the icons around. You ever notice, when clicking the icon to cast spells as an example, how lots of yellow boxes appear? you can move the icons around. Moving an icon to another icon swaps the two. Also, while I've mentioned it, you can click and drag spells themselves into these boxes to save a little time.

In regards to the 'Eat' command, that's only for eating corpses/bones to keep yourself from getting hungry. The only way to be a pred is, as mentioned by the user above you, using possession, or by finding a polymorph wand and using it on yourself to become a monster capable of eating things. Doing this removes your current skills/spells until you change back, and learning new ones while you are the monster deletes them (as far as I can tell) so you're stuck with whatever the creature you become has.

Also, to the modder, while the monsters are pretty easy to 'seduce' as it were, they're mostly pretty useless...if I send pretty much anything against a Lux, it dies. I send 2 snakes after a skeleton? Dead. Flame Beetle? Squish. Etc. I just use 'em as moving beds to heal when needed. If I want an army, I'll be a necromancer and get the slightly more competent (read disposable) skeletons/zombies to do my work. Or maybe summon an imp who might actually survive.

Finally, while I'm here, I have a question. I played for a while when I first downloaded the game, and after a while I was able to choose a 'god' when making a character. I can no longer do that after resetting(deleting) the save data. I have played a pretty decent amount so far as well. Do I need to make it past a certain depth, or kill a certain thing?
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Maexam2 » Mon Apr 18, 2016 11:30 pm

It looks nice. I tried playing it but, I can't get past three rooms and the game just crashes. What do I do?
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby nyanyan » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:25 am

It does seem to crash a bit. And it's always when I have a promising when I know detect curse so I can tell whether I can equip stuff safely or not...>.>...

To combat this, you'd have to save and quit, it'll save your progress and throw you to the main menu. Don't take my word for it though, I have yet to try it, and it might delete the save the moment you load it back up, thus ruining the point of trying to do that, but I saved once, and started a new game, and, after that character died, I was still able to continue the previous's worth a shot I suppose.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Maexam2 » Tue Apr 19, 2016 12:30 am

Okay? I got the gist of it. I guess...
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby nyanyan » Tue Apr 19, 2016 10:56 am

Just tested it. 'Save Scumming' as the game calls it, is possible. I used the save and quit function, loaded the game, then closed it. essentially I did what a crash would do to a slightly less extreme degree. upon re-opening the game a new option 'save scum' appeared, which allowed me to continue.

EDIT: Bug found with this. If this happens, you can no longer offer yourself to monsters. Attempting to do so makes all monster sprites and the player invisible until you leave the floor. So use this method only if you can live without the vore. Because, not only does it make everything invisible, you can no longer target them, even if you know they're there, and it doesn't put you in the stomach of the creature. You can, however, still attack things if they happen to end up in your path.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby HxD » Tue Apr 19, 2016 11:36 pm

Rip. I had more typed, but it didn't save. Ugh.
This ->
PC version seemingly has a "wizard and stress test password", but I cannot find anything about those...(as in public passwords)
I guess re-adding wish would be a good idea.
Save Scumming invisible bug is annoying, but sometimes it goes away.
Sometimes digestion of prey lasts seemingly forever.
Some other things like main download giving an error...
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Rashdolphin » Wed Apr 20, 2016 11:27 am

Apparently, the only way to access the wish command is to donate to the game creator, Jeff Lait, and get the password. it says on the wiki and the game's website that there are numerous security measures in place to stop it from being activated without the password.
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby HxD » Wed Apr 20, 2016 2:11 pm

Rashdolphin wrote:Apparently, the only way to access the wish command is to donate to the game creator, Jeff Lait, and get the password. it says on the wiki and the game's website that there are numerous security measures in place to stop it from being activated without the password.

Why don't you donate to see if you still get the codes for a game that hasn't been updated in the 3-4 years?
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Re: POWDER V2: The POWDER roguelike mod.

Postby Maenethal » Wed Apr 20, 2016 3:32 pm

I think a 3-4 year old game has already been cracked. Look around for a way to break whatever encryption there is. Or someone who posted the password somewhere.
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