Doujin/Ryona Vore Checklist

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Doujin/Ryona Vore Checklist

Postby polyedit2000 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 1:04 pm

I decided to start this topic because I didn't see mention of this game on the website. But yeah, let's see what other games have vore or relevant fetishes in it.


Last night, I saw a Youtube video of Treasure Hunter Eriru. Getting a...closer look, 3 enemies/traps can vore you, and you can also check the CG for that Game Over. There's also plenty of girls in the background/fodder enemies in peril (including being eaten by plants).

This plays as a general ryona game (mash button to escape), though you can switch between three guns for damage/puzzles plus you would have to do some searching for gems to acquire. It's a short game in my opinion, though graphics are nice enough to work for the CG.

Stage 1 Examples: Purple Worm, Giant Plant, Tube Plant Trap

The author of this game also made Total Rookie Magical * Mayaka that shows at least one hungry plant in its screenshot, so I may check that later.


Hm...any other games to look out for?
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