Insides update v.0.415 21/12/2017

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Re: Insides update v.0.415 21/12/2017

Postby meaning4 » Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:29 pm

I don't have only saves in the area sorry. they are either before the third dungeon or after it.

Hey Dev, can our protagonist get a "hug Nexie" skill

If there is an underwater dungeon, we will probably need a new key item, an artificial gill-like item, whose sole purpose is to allow us to breath underwater. Maybe a waterproof casing for the almanac as well.
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Re: Insides update v.0.415 21/12/2017

Postby DevS098 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:58 pm

meaning4 wrote:Will we got more village interactions in the coming update?
Like the guy in the big green building who says we may never know if just a little more sticks can save our lives.
Will the easy mode be ready in this update? or is it not going to be functional by this update?

Yes, there will be something new in the village but at least for now, I can't say more.
For the easy mode.. well I don't know. Unlike the name, setting it up isn't easy at all. Sure there are some scripts behind my mechanics but the most of them are based on common events and parallel processes. Mind, adding some more conditional branches isn't too difficult for me but the problem is that I have a very deep sea of conditional branches to swim into so.. I won't make promises on this matter. Please have patience ^_^'
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