Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby tgcidolfus » Sun Nov 11, 2018 12:57 pm

While the comments in this thread have been dipping toward the negative, ill say something positive.

I've greatly enjoyed the game thus far and had a blast figuring out what paths are best to clear zones and figuring out when I should be dashing and when I should be saving it for that next burst of speed I need to get clear of a girl chasing me. The game can be frustrating at times if you get snagged by the same girl with a long digestive track 2-3 times in a row when getting close to an exit. Farming even just a little gave me the items and gear I needed to clear any areas I was hesitant about, and usually with that loss of hesitation I played better and didn't really need the items in the 1st place, but a safety net was what I needed.

To the many complaints about the field of view, I would suggest doing a difficulty setting with normal and easy modes, giving maybe 25-50% more view on easy, but reduced drop rates to compensate.
But would only do that if it could be coded or scripted "easily."

Either way, looking forward to your next update.
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby bloodle8 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:07 pm

DevS098 wrote:
bloodle8 wrote:"Coded from scratch"
Dude, this was made with RPGMaker. Nothing was coded "from scratch."

And here you're wrong.
Deadly wrong.
Rpg maker is indeed a quite easy program that almost everyone can use and with some decent skills can end to produce a decent game. But what you see here seems like the work of a newbie for you? Or maybe you fail to consider that what you saw in there isn't something that anyone can just do in a snap of fingers. Just try. Open rpg maker, open up all the prebuilt options and stuffs that it has and try to do what you see here. But then don't be too surprised if you end up miserably failing since even that it's true that my game is my first public project, I have my years of experience with rpg maker on my shoulders. Using a simple program like rpg maker doesn't necessarily mean that you can't manage to put up something amazing with it. It's probably easier than many others but it's just a program. It's how you use it that determines how your final product will be.

How about you consider this too before ending up doing these unhealty assumptions?

Let me clarify - by "from scratch", I meant (and I'm assuming the original commenter meant) "starting from absolute zero".
Don't get me wrong, there's still a lot of clear effort in this project, but "from scratch" implies that something was done starting with a blank file and using no outside tools. So no, this was not done from scratch. I'm sure you wrote in scripts and things that weren't included, so when I said "nothing," that was absolutely an oversimplification on my part, and I really am sorry for that, that wasn't what I meant. There was a lot of effort put into this, and I'm sure a lot of time was put in learning the tools, but saying this was done "from scratch" isn't accurate, at least how I interpret the term. I didn't mean to insult you, or your project, and I apologize for that.

I do, however, stand by my criticism that the FOV is not in a state that allows for fair difficulty, and that running through the same digestive tract over and over again isn't fun. Enemies can see you before you see them and move at a speed that doesn't allow for course correction or escape route planning. Split-second reactions aren't what I consider fair.
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby bloodle8 » Mon Nov 12, 2018 8:20 pm

eatme1234 wrote:
Nothing was coded "from scratch."

You’re wrong there. Many people who first get into RPG maker just use the premade features, but as you explore its mechanics, you realize that you can do more. Dev could have made just another rpg maker game with normal rpg battles and such, but he didn’t.
- Does rpg maker have a dash script by default? No.
- Does rpg maker have a vore script by default? No.
You’re probably thinking “Hey but those things can probably be coded in with the event maker and/or plugins he found online.” Looking at his code, I can see various parts of his code where he uses script calls. Script calls allow you to use actual JavaScript to customize your games even further, and that is what makes every RPGmaker game out there different. I’ve seen people make other game genres (like platformers and rts) using that. (Have you tried Shrink EXP and Shrinking Fun yet?) The fact is that he actually went out of his way to make something that isn’t just your typical rpg maker game (for free mind you), and in my book I consider that something made from scratch. With your logic: Unity3D also has a lot of things that are premade for you to use, so would you consider raadd and Forest of Desires games that weren't coded from scratch?

Note: I am not dissing anyone who makes a "generic rpg maker vore game." Sure you can use script calls as well, but I understand that some people just don't have the time to learn it, due to real life or other factors. As long as you put effort into it, like making sure there a no bugs or grammatical errors, it's a fine game to me.

Oh no, people playing a porn game for the porn, what a travesty. Get over yourself, dude.

I prefer to make games that have more gameplay than porn elements; I feel that increases the value. I'd rather play a game that entertains me for 2+ hours with the occasional fetish scene, than just a game that throws out fetish scenes left and right and can be "completed" in 15 minutes. There are games that have less fetish content but more gameplay/story content that end up getting popular. If you think Shrink High, Monster Girl Quest (well this game probably is equal parts fetish and story), Kamidori, and any popular visual novel got popular solely because of the fetish content, then you're wrong on that. One quick search on the Dlsite will show you there are hundreds of fetish games that have a extremely short story (that usually doesn't make sense) and then 95% of the rest of the game is just porn porn porn. You usually don't see those getting popular (though there are some rare cases). If you want to play a game just to get the fetish content, just find a 100% save, enjoy yourself, and move on, don't get upset and argue with the game creator. In the long run, the game is his, and if he wants to make it impossible, who are we to stop him?

Going back to this game...
I’m not gonna lie, this game is hard, but it’s skill hard. Which means eventually you understand how the mechanics work to either beat it and/or make it easier to overcome. It’s not BS hard where you have to solely rely on luck to beat an area. I know everyone has their own limits to how much they can take before things get frustrating, some low and some pretty high (I beat I wanna be the Boshy with 10k deaths... on the easiest difficulty ^^; ), so that's why we can help each other out. Post tips and advice to help others on this forum, don't go and ridicule the creator.

I definitely failed to explain what I meant by "from scratch", and I didn't mean to undermine the creator's work. For that poor wording, I apologize.
I'd also like to clarify that the last comment wasn't directed at the creator, but at that particular commenter. The idea that a person plays a porn game for mainly for the porn seemed to make that person's blood boil, which is an absolutely stupid complaint to have. I also wasn't saying that *I* was only playing for the porn, but being stuck on the same level for upwards of an hour because I had the bad luck to respawn in a corner with literally no path past the patrolling catgirl for the fourth time is pretty frustrating. (It was the lower-right spawn puddle of level 1-3, for the record.)
And I respectfully disagree with you on the difficulty. I think you don't have enough time to react to incoming preds, especially when they can see you and sprint at you before you can see them. Split-second reaction times aren't what I consider fun. The difference with a game like Boshi is that the split-second reactions are almost always the same - you can develop muscle memory through trial and error. In this game, the enemies patrol randomly, and you never actually know when you'll be spotted, or where they are or where they'll come at you from.
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby Conflictions » Fri Nov 16, 2018 3:06 pm

I'm curious. How many Cock Vore scenes exist within the game?
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby Calvitonks » Sun Nov 25, 2018 6:21 pm

Hello I`m new and I have a question: is the player's character dies, it resurrects?
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby Justaname88 » Fri Nov 30, 2018 3:22 am

Just wanted to say I love this game! I love the concept and the work you put in! This is by far my favorite vore game so far and hope to see more! I love the art and the taunting~ Once again thanks for your hard work, its appreciated! Also to Con, there is one scene so far with CV but its more of an easter egg! Also Cal, you do come back, it might seem hard but once you understand what pred your against its alot of fun~

Also anyone know the the town music song? I love it, it helps me write, thanks again! :D :-D
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby ian66613 » Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:57 pm

So, I've been away for a while because my computer had died. For future save files, I will be doing my best to make it so items like the one use revival doesn't get set to 99x or whatever, because it's meant to be set at 1 (you only get two uses if you set it at anything higher than 1 anyway.) Furthermore, I thought it would be a good idea, now that I have a proper system to do this on, add a couple more suggestions for potential new areas:

Non-Fatal Priestess Temple
A temple full of priestesses that want to protect you from the darkness going across the land. It's one of the few safe havens, but getting out to progress your journey may prove difficult. All of the priestesses will not game over you (though there may be some "creatures" or disguised people that might anyway.) They will mostly put you inside their breasts or unbirth you, but they won't digest you. Once your HP goes down, you are sent back to your room / whatever. The ones that do digest will however present a game over as per normal.

Beach / Ship
A dangerous coastline with a ship that's potentially explorable. The beach would have varying creatures such as harpies, cat girls and possibly a mermaid if you get too close to the water. Perhaps other creatures too, who knows. The ship however is the main attraction, and it could either be a normal ship full of amazons / etc. or it could be a ghost ship full of zombies, spirits, etc. As a serious note: Spirits/ghost girls would act similar to slime girls, once they get you, it's game over.
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby theApolyon » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:12 am

Hi, it's rly nice game, but sometimes ... rlt hard. I know, "git gud", but ... not enought time. I know, game should be hard, used to play on hard mode everywhere, but still, I cannot made it. Could you add some way, for lore (or defeat) loving players? Some option, that allow player have temporary noclip/invisible? Or just more often saves. I'm so lame here.
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Re: Insides update v.0.502 22/06/2018

Postby Fevix » Sun Dec 09, 2018 2:59 pm

theApolyon wrote:Hi, it's rly nice game, but sometimes ... rlt hard. I know, "git gud", but ... not enought time. I know, game should be hard, used to play on hard mode everywhere, but still, I cannot made it. Could you add some way, for lore (or defeat) loving players? Some option, that allow player have temporary noclip/invisible? Or just more often saves. I'm so lame here.

How about permitting saves in the dungeons, and skipping the vore at the cost of a chunk of HP?
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