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Fallout Vore Overhaul Addon: Voremersion v1.3.1

Postby Carreau » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:59 pm


What is Voremersion? It's a plug in that is meant to be a total overhaul to the wonderful core experience that is Fallout Vore. Many of the core systems that made Fallout Vore have been revisited and changed in a more engaging method.

The first thing you will notice is that on fresh games, you will no longer be automatically given the Fallout Vore holotape. Instead, you will need to find a coveted Nuka Acid to gain access to predatory abilities. Drink the Nuka Acid, and then go to town swallowing anyone that crosses your path.

The perk system has had signification changes. Many new perks have been added, and old ones have had changes made to them. Before, there were 19 perks. Voremersion has raised the number of perks to 35.

The capacity system was capped at 3 total prey in Fallout Vore. Voremersion has raised this limit to 6, but different size creatures of the Commonwealth will take up different amounts. For instance, you can devour more bugs than humans, but less Super Mutants than humans.

Prey now take damage over time when they find themselves captured in the harsh environments of a pred's belly. But thanks to perks and armor, it is possible to survive such an encounter.

Fallout Vore can now feed a pred when playing on survival mode! No longer do preds have to rely on normal food stuffs when they can easily fill their sustenance needs with the prey they devour.

-The new stats and revamped old stats shown through the Pipboy using Neanka's Pipboy Tabs

Voremersion also brings armor and weapon mods to alter the effectiveness of pred's abilities as well as give prey a fighting chance. Some weapon mods are simple and increasing the damage dealt while trying to swallow, and some are more elaborate allowing a pred to punch someone clean out of their power armor. Visit the armor and weapon benches to try them out.

Voremersion also adds Mod Configuration Menu options to Fallout Vore. You can ditch the holotape if you want as perks can be purchased through MCM as well.


Bria's back! Voremersion wouldn't be complete without her. She now has her own companion quest that you must complete in order to unlock her companion perk. You can still find her in the Vore Basement outside of Concord and she still gains vore levels and abilities the more you play with her. But not only does Bria level up, so do all followers. To check a follower's stats, simply use Distendix while they are actively following you. Distendix will show companion stats after the player's stats.

While Bria has dialogue, she is not voiced. Turn on your subtitles to see her speak.

A full list of Bria's likes and dislikes of Player actions:
Spoiler: show
Donate Items = Hate
Eat Corpse = Dislike
Pick Lock = Like
Drink Nuka Acid = Like
Walk around Naked = Like
Chem Addition = Dislike
Heal Dogmeat = Hate
Enter Vertibird = Hate
Pick Lock Owned Door = Like
Synth Suspect Release = Hate
Refuse to Help Minutemen Settlement = Like
Speech for more caps = Like


Voremersion also includes an in depth weight gain mod, named Thicc Vore. The more you or your companion eats, the thiccer you become. However, don't eat often enough, the VEV coursing through your body will cause you to loose weight, eventually wasting away to a thin waif. Thicc Vore supports Vanilla, CBBE, or Atomic Beauty models. For CBBE and Atomic Beauty, you will need to use Bodyslide to rebuild outfits to utilize "Body Morphs", otherwise their sliders will not work in game.

-Atomic Beauty comparison between Thicc and Thin

-CBBE comparison between Thicc and Thin

Voremersion also has found a way to use mesh bellies from ColdSteelJ's Weight Gain mod. This is a completely optional feature. Even with it enabled, armors that do not support the feature will still use the normal Fallout Vore bellies. You will need to download additional armor files from The Nexus for this feature to work. Download links are included in a text file within the download.


Included with the download of Voremersion are guides meant to help with install of Voremersion and its features. At a minimum, you will need to follow the steps outlined in Upgrade Guide for your first time migrating from Fallout Vore 2.0.2 to Voremersion. Without performing the steps in Upgrade Guide, many features of Voremersion may not work correctly, and if you have used Thicc Vore or Bria on your current save, it is very likely that things will be very broken.

Starting with Version 1.3 of Voremersion, a FOMOD installer is included. It will aid installing the mod with your mod manager and make updating the mod much easier. To install, simply go into your mod manager and use the "Install a new mod from an archive" option for Mod Organizer 2 users, or use the "Add Mod From File" button in the mods tab of Nexus Mod Manager. Updates are handled using the same button and your mod manager will prompt you with further steps to perform the update.

Download Version 1.3.1

So what do you need to use Voremersion? Below is a list of the required mods:
Fallout Vore 2.0.2 by Gat
-Goes without saying why this is required
Fallout 4 Script Extender
-Required for all aspects of the overhaul
Waster Armor by BloodFree
-Required for Bria's outfits
Ponytail Hairstyles By Azar
-Required for Bria's hair
Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000, Neanka, and shadowslasher410
-Required for Fallout Vore and Thicc Vore

Optional mods:
LooksMenu by Expired6978
-Needed for Thicc Vore and ColdSteelJ vore bellies
HUDFramework by Registrator2000
-Needed for Thicc Vore HUD
Fallout 4 Weight Gain Mod by ColdSteelJ
-Needed for ColdSteelJ vore bellies. Also can be used in conjunction with Thicc Vore. The WeightGain.esp is not required, only the bodyslide files. This is explained in the guides included with the download
Pipboy Tabs by Neanka
-Pipboy Tabs is not required and is only on this list as a quality of life mod. It allows you to view the player's stats through the Pipboy. Companions will still need to be viewed using Distendix

Gat and Company - The original Fallout Vore mod
Carreau - Scripting, game balance, level design, character design, and writing
Rasati - Writing and testing
RakeVuri - Rebalanced sound files and voiceless sounds
Vicyntae - Nate vore sound files

Mods taking advantage of Voremersion:
Galmar’s Armor Conversions

Be sure to visit Rasati's Fallout 4 Vore Screen Shot Thread and feel free to post pictures here and there!

With using Voremersion, some other mods will be incompatable. Any mod that requires using custom ConsumptionRegistryScript.pex will not be compatible. Voremersion has made major changes to this core script of Fallout Vore. Three Prey is also incompatible, but Voremersion has a toggle for the pred who likes to fill up. This feature is called Two Prey, and it doubles the amount of creatures you can swallow. It can be toggled on the fly, updating perk descriptions and capacity limits. Lastly, Voremersion is incompatible with the stand alone versions of Bria and Thicc Vore.

Bria and Thicc Vore stand alone versions will continue to be hosted and available, but there is no plan to continue further development of them as they are now integral to the full Voremersion.

I thank you for taking the time to check out Voremersion, and I hope you enjoy it! Now go devour the Commonwealth!

Visual Guide to making your own custom ColdSteelJ vore belly support file

A video of me clearing out the USS Riptide

Voremersion Changelog:
Spoiler: show
Version 1.3.1
-Players will be properly set as pred again when drinking Nuka Acid
-Removed duplicate entry in Bria's like/dislike array for Donate Items
-Corrected issue preventing sliders from being correctly set for CBBE Breasts Small and CBBE Breasts in MCM configuration
-Corrected issue with debug options in Thicc Vore setting CBBE Breasts Small sliders to the incorrect limits (Thicc as setting max small, and Thic was setting min small)
-Corrected alias check in Bria's SAV dialogue preventing her from discussing the player's choice in raider delicacies
-Corrected multiple logic checks preventing Cait's SAV dialogue from discussing her own predatory habits
-Vore Survival updated to work better with Vanilla Survival. Vanilla food and prey now add to the survival food meter.
-Thicc Vore now supports setting Maximum slider settings lower than Minimum slider settings

Version 1.3: The Great Balancing Act or How I Learned to Love Scat
-New FOMOD installer
-ColdSteel Optional files completely reorganized. Removed Fortaleza armor support, added Sarah Rage Armor, Black Rose, and Shade Assault Armor IV
-Companions will now comment on the player's voracious appetite, or their own with the new Situational Awareness - Vore system. Bria and Cait are the first companions completed. Piper and Curie will be in the next update
-XP calculations changed and thresholds required increased based on current vore level times 6
-NPCs get a 10% boost to their Vore XP gains
-New vore levels now awarded when XP is calculated rather than waiting for digestion phase to end
-Player can now see HUD when they are swallowed
-Players can now attempt to escape their pred. Players can use the interact button to attempt an escape once per tick by adding 3% to their escape chance. This chance is cumulative and will add up until they do escape.
-Added Kira body slider to Thicc Vore
-Renamed SSBBW sliders in Thicc Vore MCM to SSBBW2 to differentiate from new SSBBW3 sliders that are not currently in Thicc Vore
-Removed F4SE dependency from ConsumptionRegistryScript. All F4SE scripts moved to remote script called from ConsumptionRegistryScript.
-Changed when ResetTimerState() is called in ConsumptionRegistryScript to reduce errors with coldsteel bellies not updating properly
-MCM Hotkeys implemented for Digest, Vore Stats, Regurgitate, and Scat. Scat will activate for both player and companion if companion is toggled to scat separately
-New toggle for scat to activate when player enters sneak mode. Can still use standard potion or hotkey when this is active
-Removed message from Scat potion effect stating player is not ready to shit. This will prevent inadvertant spamming of the notification window
-Message for when player is ready to shit has been udpated. Message will only play once when the player reaches the end of digestion and does not use scat before devouring someone else. Resets after player uses scat
-Added option for NPCs to independently use scat. Active companions can either scat when the player does (companion scat) or scat with all NPCs
-Corrected typo in MCM help tab for Fallout Vore for which console command to use to rapidly level the player
-Changed LevelUpNPC in ConsumptionRegistryScript to allow increasing levels. This will aid players wanting to rapidly level companions through console commands
-Fixed issue where purchasing ranks of Swallow Resistance in the PipBoy was always adding Rank 3
-Player is no longer immediately killed before beginning a pred's digestion phase. A new activation icon will allow the player to exit to the main menu or they can wait and watch the whole digestion sequence.
-Reduced acid damage factor from 0.76 to 0.65
-Turrets now require High Iron Diet 1 to swallow
-Nuka Acid now gives a 5 minute buff to Swallow Chance, Acid Damage, Stomach Strength, Vore EXP bonus, and Indigestion Resistance. It no longer adds levels and perks.
-Fixed bug that was preventing some companions from displaying their vore stats
-Changed companion alias in Thicc Vore to be more stable
-New logic for registering preds in thicc vore that will now reset slider choices in MCM properly
-Help message will now remind players sliders default to vanilla in Thicc Vore when a pred is added to the feature. Only plays when INI options are left to default
-Indigestion messages will now only show for the player
-Fixed bug causing Thicc HUD to show COMPANION when current companion was not a registered pred with Thicc Vore
-Grammar fix for body message 21 in Thicc Vore
-Change to magic effect descriptors to better display in Pip Boy
-Pred combat styles changed to be more aggressive
-Players can now trade Nuka Acid to workshop NPCs and companions and have them drink it if that gender's vore ability is unblocked. NPCs that are currently not preds will be equipped with a Devour weapon
-Nuka Acid now sets NPC combat style to reduce use of ranged weapons
-Nuka Acid now considered a food item instead of medicine
-Global VM_ThiccDebugEnabled renamed to VM_VoreDebugEnabled. Will now be used for general debug options
-Debug functions added to Fallout Vore MCM and Situation Awareness - Vore
-Added ability for males to use coldsteel bellies. This requires the user to create their own male mesh models.
-Added sounds for swallow, digest, and indigestion that do not have Nora vocals for NPC use
-Added sounds for swallow, digest, and indigestion that have Nate vocals supplied by Vycntae
-Removed Volume Control for Scat sound
-Releveled audio
-Clothes rip will now re-check for coldsteel keywords to properly set bellies
-Coldsteel bellies will now show properly on leveled actors, including Curie
-Fixed bug where eating multiple non-human prey after eating human prey would cause coldsteel bellies to incorrectly display disproportionately large
-The scouting report in the Quincy police department will now only show during Bria's quest line as intended

Version 1.2.2
-Changed Vore Gunner level list to spawn females more frequently
-Disabled script logging for VMS01 beacon pulser to prevent spamming of script log
-Fixed issue that was sometimes preventing female vore gunners from spawning with devour weapons
-Corrected bug where unique quest reward for Bria's quest was not having its object mods applied properly

Version 1.2.1
-New toggle in MCM to allow companions to drop scat piles
-Reworked Library puzzle slightly. Added dialogue for Bria and player to say when wrong message entered into typewriter
-Changed door to Outpost Victor to allow NPCs to spawn inside if player teleports in prior to base opening

Version 1.2: Bria's Gone Questin'
-Bria's companion quest implemented.
-Bria will be flagged to issue her quest if you have already passed when she would normally offer the quest
-Corrected issue preventing essential prey from not being digested
-Corrected display description of Nuka Acid to remove the comment about 1 perk and 2 levels
-New script to change level of spawned NPC preds. Leave spawn level at default to level up based on player, or set spawn level. Perks will be automatically added by script
-Three new leveled lists for NPC Swallow weapons. One to apply Swallow1 mod, one to apply swallow2 mod, and one to randomly apply any mod
-Two Prey capacity perks should now correctly add past the second rank and correctly show up in Pipboy menu
-New faction: Exiled Gunners. Leveled NPCs will be preds and honor the player's preference settings
-New random encounter for Exiled Gunners. They will only appear after a certain point in Bria's companion quest
-New Vore specific vendor. Find her between The Slog, Diamond City, or Gray Garden
-Volume control has been added to the vanilla sound menu.
-New custom event sent by CRS: "OnDigestProtection" variables passed: 0-pred, 1-prey
-Distendix will now only display if the player is not a pred when no companion is currently recruited
-New misc item: Nuka Acid Bottle
-The player will now address Bria by name when initiating conversation while she is not an active companion
-Added slider reset button to Thicc Vore debug options. Will reset all sliders to default in Voremersion.INI
-Fixed context vore max capacity. Will now allow the player to use context vore up to the player's current limit, including buffs.
-Fortify: Belly Capacity no longer stacks
-Added function LevelUpPlayer() to CSR to be called by console command CallQuestFunction Must pass value greater than 0

Version 1.1.2
-Vanilla weight triangle no longer affected when CBBE or AtomicBeauty sliders are enabled in Thicc Vore. Vanilla triangle is set to middle but will still restore to stored settings when Thicc Vore is disabled
-Removed trace reports from vore perk scripts to prevent spamming the log during game load and exit

Version 1.1.1
-Fixed error that was only giving VEV Crystals to NPC preds
-Changed escape chance to start with a base percent of 12, and subtract the pred's stomach strength value (starts at 0 now and caps at 12). Armor mods can push the pred's skill higher to negate prey's escape chances
-Changed 000StomachStrength to initialize to 0
-StomachStrengthPerk script changed to increase StomachStrength stat with each perk
-Fixed issue where prey was accidentally set to have coldsteel armor updates when pred was at max fullness
-Added preview transform to Crystalized VEV and Large VEV Crystal so they show up in menus
-Fixed an issue with unregistering Thicc Vore hud to delete instance of HUD Framework for users wishing to uninstall HUD Framework mid playthrough.
-Thicc Vore script will now bind and load even if user does not have HUD Framework installed
-Fullness meter correctly updates to show the decrease in fullness after taking a FormulaV
-Changed logic for Body Messages and corrected issue with CBBE not triggering the messages correctly. New messages for when characters get thiccer
-Fixed issue with Maximum Hunger Loss starting at 0 instead of values given in INI file.
-Maximum Hunger Loss now defaults to -3
-Removed sound effect of stomach from playing when VEV reaction occurs in Thicc Vore
-Lowered initial chance of VEV reaction from 8% to 6%. Chance now caps at 15%

Version 1.1: Vore Survival
-Vore now has a place in Survival Mode.
-Each time a prey is digested, the amount added to food pool is based on a multiplier and the slots used by the prey
-Cure Voracious Desires added to Addictol, Cure Addiction, RefreshingBeverage, and OmeletteEggRadscorpion.
-Corrected issue where non-human prey using more than 12 slots were not equipping Gat size 12 belly
-VEV Reaction in Thicc Vore no longer applies to preds when weight change is turned off but feature is left enabled
-Fixed issue where Thicc Hud would sometimes activate during load when player or companion disabled
-Indigestion speed changes applied via hidden perk. New ability applied by perk checks indigestion severity flag and reduces by magnitude
-Dark Cravings is cured when a player becomes a pred in survival. Player cannot start effects of Dark Cravings when already under the effect of Voracious Desire
-Included body presets for Bria for use with BodyGen. Currently only set up for CBBE. Will take effect on new games or saves that have not had body morphs previously used on Bria (Thicc Vore or SLM)
-Updated options for ColdSteel Bodies to include Spider Gwen. Brings total options to 8 now.
-Vore perks correctly update vore stats again.

Version 1.0.4:
-Fixed Large VEV crystal scrapping. Will properly scrap into smaller VEV crystals for crafting
-Added models for Small and Large VEV crystals. Used vanilla model for crystal.
-Buffs/debuffs to vore stats will properly display +/- in the distendix display windows
-Fixed a scripting logic issue that was causing vore stats to oscillate between current rank values and previous rank values every time a perk was added
-Ravenous04 now properly increases display stat for Swallow Chance to 100

Version 1.0.3:
-If the player's pred is swallowed, the player is moved to the new pred and camera is switched. Performed during UpdateCurrentInStomach() is called during VoreEventAccept
-The player's pred is longer moved to the player on vomit. Instead, the player has function TranslateToRef() used on them
-Male preds with nude bodies will no longer have coldsteel keywords applied allowing them to default to Core Vore bellies
-Power armor pilots affected by vore frenzy grenades will disembark
-Vore frenzy cleanup now moved to OnEffectFinish instead of having scripts wait. Time can now be adjusted in Creation Kit
-Three human sized prey (6 slots) equip the core vore belly properly now during swallow events.
-Companion's being regurgitated in the bleed out state will now correctly prevent internal timers of ConsumptionRegistryScript from restarting leading to stack dumps and reports of belly gear not unequipping
-VEV reaction rate from additional prey decreased. Will now apply +1% per capacity slot past the initial two slots. Base reaction rate reduced to 8%
-Thicc Vore HUD is now correctly turned on or off when the game is loaded.
-Corrected issue where perks weren't updating actor values correctly

Version 1.0.2b:
-New function in ConsumptionRegistryScript called LevelUpNPC() Sends up custom event "VoreLevelUp". Function designed to let other scripts send this event from ConsumptionRegistryScript
-NPCs affected by Vore Frenzy will now have their levels set equal to the Player's Vore level. If the player has not had nuka acid, the frenzied pred will have its vore level set to twice the player's game level
-Changed Magic Effect 000VoreFrenzyGrenadeEffect and 000FrenzyPoisonEffect to exclude actors in the HasBeenCompanionFaction
-Removed check for CurrentCompanionFaction in VM_FollowerLevelUpScript Script now applies to all non-player actors. Changed CompanionRef to ActorToLevel
-Added conditions to VM_VorePerkAVModScript for when player does not have the first rank of a given perk chain to place the value back to default
-Corrected SwallowResist perks in VM_VorePerkAVModScript to properly increase to 10/30/50 (was 0.1/0.3/0.5)
-Added Ravenous4 to VorePerkAVModScript to set swallow chance to 100. This will show 100% in vore stat display
-Vore abilities that have a negative modifier to them now display (-) to signify they are debuffed in distendix
-Prevented active companions from being swallowed with lethal vore. Toggle in MCM and pipboy to turn off protection
-Digestion protection added for companions. Toggle in MCM and pipboy
-Removed AI disable detection when player is prey. Instead, all NPCs that have player targeted in combat alarm are added to a faction with player. On vomit event, player and any NPC in the faction are removed
-Removed equip up and equip down sounds from 000VoreFrenzyGrenade so it doesn't make noise when player is unholstering/holstering weapons with Frenzy Grenade equipped in grenade slot
-Added toggle to allow NPCs affected by vore frenzy to be able to swallow regardless of their gender and FOVore settings. Disabling feature defaults swallowing to genders set in FOVore
-Fixed error in script properties for VorePerkAVModScript to correctly link Ravenous04 perk
-Removed Dispel() lines from VorePerkAVModScript and SwallowScript to reduce script errors

Version 1.0.1: Minor bug fixes
-Distendix now properly given to player when Nuka Acid is drank
-Synths now count as human shaped for ColdSteelJ Vore bellies
-Added empty sound files back to Bria's dialogue to speed up her interactions
-Fixed bug causing Vore Resistance to replace Blacksmith and Vore Experience to replace Hacker perks in perk chart
-Changed Context Vore perk to hidden
-Corrected description text of Bria's affinity perk to reflect requirement for 3 human sized prey
-Changed Hunger Speed and Stagger Resist perks to hidden
-Bria should now say more random lines of dialogue when reading skill books, entering power armor, sleeping, or walking around naked.
-Corrected descriptions for swallow enhancements to devour to reflect +15/+30 to swallow chance

Version 1.0
-Numerous changes. See Voremersion Changelog.txt in the download for a complete list

For Bria's companion quest, there is a puzzle in the Boston Library that must be passed to proceed. If you missed the in game hints, check the spoiler tag below.
Spoiler: show
Shannon's cipher is based on the two numbers written on the note. The first number represents a letter in the alphabet. 1 = A, 2 = B, C = 3, etc. The second number is how many characters you must count, including spaces and punctuation. To help, there are underlined letters in each note. So if you think you're close, but the letter isn't underlined. Look around where you counted to.

Lastly, there's a shift to the cipher at the bottom of the note. It applies to all entries in the note. In the case of this note, the shift is -1:0, which means you shift the letter by -1 and the count is not shifted. So, for 3:20, instead of looking for Volume C and counting 20 spaces, you would get Volume B and count 20 spaces.

If all of that fails and you're still struggling figure out the puzzle, the answer is below. Highlight the text below to see it.


Stand Alone downloads:
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby voreftw » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:30 pm

Throw in a perk that lets dogmeat do vore too :gulp:

Looks like this will be an awesome mod addition, are there any hints you'll give on about the quest storyline?
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Mastercin » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:48 pm

Commenting to come back later, looks awesome! Can't wait to try it out!
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:56 pm

voreftw wrote:Throw in a perk that lets dogmeat do vore too :gulp:

Looks like this will be an awesome mod addition, are there any hints you'll give on about the quest storyline?

Gat had some awesome ideas regarding Vicky that I plan to run with. Some of his ideas are way beyond my skillset to do, but I’ll do my best.

There’s already a dogmeat vore mod linked in Gat’s main thread. I've had it enabled, but I never use dogmeat, so I can’t really comment on it. One suggestion I’ve received was belly storage, and I’ve considered doing a rad away effect when digesting. The main perks for the vore mod are pretty good, so I’m not really aure how to slot Bria’s perk and not feel like it’s meaningless.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby CrimsonFangX666 » Fri Dec 22, 2017 4:07 am

Regeneration. Rad Away is nice and all, but, as I've seen in a lot of vore fics, digesting the prey burns callories and gives some sort of healing effect. Wounds heal quicker and the like. Bria's perk could be regeneration. Nothing dramatic like... instantly get full health, but perhaps restore up to 10% of health per vore victim. At higher levels of her perk, the restoration could be slightly greater.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:28 am

There's already a health reen mod that restores health during the digestion phase. I would also prefer for a healty regen effect to be part of the base progression. That isn’t to say I haven’t considered it, but with a mod out there already doing regen, I don’t think it would have any impact if it were added here.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Ehe044 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:25 am

Remember somone metioning a voice actor and i think i that would be nice but unfortunaly it would probobly cost a little.
Ofcource if anyone is interested i did remember there being a voice actor her on ekas.

Just a little sample
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby ian66613 » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:52 am

"As you gain vore perks, so does she!"

Which is unfortunate, as I'd rather be prey in these games, hence one of the reasons why I liked SKyrim's devourment mod more. (Also why I'm staying away from the lewdm ods of Fallout 4 currently, as the only well-known slavery mod thusfar has no ability to enslave the player yet it seems.) She looks good so far, otherwise.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Sun Dec 24, 2017 1:23 pm

ian66613 wrote:"As you gain vore perks, so does she!"

Which is unfortunate, as I'd rather be prey in these games, hence one of the reasons why I liked SKyrim's devourment mod more. (Also why I'm staying away from the lewdm ods of Fallout 4 currently, as the only well-known slavery mod thusfar has no ability to enslave the player yet it seems.) She looks good so far, otherwise.

I've tried to write her with the player being prey/pred neutral. So, all of the talking interactions are about Bria's status as a pred, but she or the player never specifies which way the player leans. I did that on purpose to be a bit more inclusive.

EDIT: I did some play testing today and dug through the base code, and all preds get their own unique levels. I may just go back to the drawing board on how Bria gains her perks (I'll probably automate them for addition and have them be a level behind when the player would normally get access to them). I did make it so Bria will always be able to swallow regardless if female vore is disabled. So one more item checked off my list.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Tue Dec 26, 2017 12:55 pm

I took some time to revisit Bria’s leveling. Instead of having her mirror the player in perks gained, she’ll gain them at her own rate. She earns vore xp through her own actions (this is a native feature of FOVore), so I wrote a plug in that will have her add perks as she reaches the appropriate levels. All of her levels are set to be one behind the player. Since she starts with the same swallow chance as the player, she’ll be slow to gain. But like a neopet, keep her fed and she’ll happily become a better pred.

I’m also adding a vore stat potion for Bria that will let the player be able to see an update on her progression as a pred just like vore stat distendix does for the player.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Tue Dec 26, 2017 10:44 pm

I think I have an idea for her companion perk that follows the theme of the other companion perks: Bria has taught the Sole Survivor how to best utilize their size when swallowed prey. The Sole Survivor does an additional 20% damage while she/he has more than one prey swallowed. Options here could be make it a timed event instead (Would eliminate gaming the system by increasing the digestion time). I would also set it as an option for the +damage to trigger by bria’s swallowing for the players who prefer to be prey.

What do ya’ll think?
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby blackgoblin668 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:55 am

I'm excited to try it, and I'm really excited to see more of whatever quest you are making with as well.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Thu Dec 28, 2017 8:44 pm

blackgoblin668 wrote:I'm excited to try it, and I'm really excited to see more of whatever quest you are making with as well.

The quest is a long ways off. I haven't really gotten much further than some concepts in my head, let alone the scene creations, the interior designs, the unique NPCs, and all the scripting in between. It's super ambitious, and I literally just installed the CK to do these mods. LOL

But as far as Bria goes, I'm closing in on finishing her up. I have both variants of her companion perk working now (one where the player is a pred, one where the player isn't) They both give the same bonus, but have different triggers to make it a bit more inclusive to those who don't want to digest the Commonwealth. All of her affinity thresholds are scripted. She gains vore perks on her own (so make sure she's fed).

I need to flesh out the dialogue for idles (there are a lot of idles in the game). I also need to finish doing a scrub of her quest likes/dislikes. I'm modifying Gage's affinity reactions, and made it about half way before my ADD kicked in and I needed to change gears to something else with her. When I told myself I was gonna make a companion, I didn't realize how in depth they can get. A bare bones companion takes like 15 minutes to set up, but the rabbit hole is deep.

So, hopefully sometime next week I'll have her primed and ready for download.
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Re: Fallout Vore: Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:11 pm

Happy new year! Bria is up and ready to play!
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Re: Fallout Vore: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:25 am

Womp womp: I didn’t realize ba2 archives are hard coded with a naming structure. This would explain the eratic issues some people are having. I’ll try to reupload this during lunch, but it may have to wait until this evening when I get home.

Edit: hooray for hotspots. File names are fixed and uploaded. Lmk if there are still issues
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Re: Fallout Vore Addon: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby kiriaflurry » Wed Jan 03, 2018 8:55 pm

My question is.. can she eat you? I havent downloaded yet, but just curious!
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Re: Fallout Vore Addon: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Wed Jan 03, 2018 9:30 pm

I have not added in that kind of functionality. I think I’ll add it so when she perma leaves, she’ll go hostile after some time. I don’t have a context vore option for her because I honestly don’t know where to plug it in to the dialogue system without sacrificing some vanilla functionality.
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Re: Fallout Vore Addon: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby NekoYuki » Wed Jan 03, 2018 11:08 pm

What is her default weapon, out of ucriousity, is it just the vore fist, or does she also have a gun? One of my biggest issues with most companions is they have terrible weapon choices. Why bother touting round say nick for his dialogue, when mechanist let me turn codworth into something with twin lasergatlings and 3 buzzsaws?
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Re: Fallout Vore Addon: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby Carreau » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:00 am

Her default weapon is a version of the NPC vore fist. So far in early game, she favors her default, but I have seen her pick up ranged weapons and ammo when the targets are hard to get to. I haven't had the opportunity to play any incarnation of her in a late game scenario, so I don't know if she'll continue to favor her unarmed attacks when there are heavily modded ranged weapons available. I'm toying with the idea of adding the iron fist perk series to her incrementally. I have the vore perk system set up very similarly to the player in that she gets new vore perk points at the same rate (once every five vore levels). Her vore perks become available one level behind the player and if she has a perk point to spend, she does. If not, the player will get a notification that she needs a Nuka Acid. Now, there are 19 vore perks and the player/Bria will earn 17 perk points naturally. I'm thinking that to make the Nuka Acid's have more worth that if I do add the Iron Fist series to her, that they consume a vore perk point.

I'm not certain if iron fist will change an NPC's weapon choice. Iron Fist applies a multiplier to the actor's unarmed damage and it does affect the devour weapons appropriately in the Pip-Boy display. I added and removed the first three ranks of Iron Fist and watched the display for Devour change accordingly. But I don't know if this will affect an NPC weapon choice. I think it does as it wouldn't make sense for NPCs to compare base damage values. Then heavily modded weapons would be considered the same as the base weapon.

Other options would include upping Bria's devour damage. The base damage is 16 like the standard NPC devour. I'm not in favor of altering it. I could also introduce an increase to strength over time. Every X levels of vore would add +1 to her strength. But that could get messy in late game if Iron Fist multipliers get introduced.

As I get feedback, I'll make some balance tweaks and changes. I want her to be a fun companion that progresses with the player. It gives the player more of a reason to keep her along than just for her unvoiced quips about her environment and whether or not it's edible.

EDIT: Good news everyone! Bria will have skippable dialogue on the next update. Empty .wav files allow for the player to click through the dialogue instead of sitting there staring at their character for an hour after they've read one line of dialogue. Unfortunately, without a .lip file, the camera still focuses on the player.
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Re: Fallout Vore Addon: Voremersion Companion Mod

Postby Kable12 » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:01 am

Still early game as well but I've noticed she did prefer ranged weapons over the default vore fist but giving her the NPC Devour (Lethal) weapon seemed to fix the problem, where she'll pick up weapons and ammo still as if they were 'better' but she still uses the vore weapon I gave her. Also for some reason her....I don't know, 'follow' script? seems a bit sketchy. Sometimes for no reason she'll just stay in one spot and not follow unless you look back at her and 'command' her, then she'll move. It also seems the Distendix doesn't track ghoul or mutants devoured and looks like it tracks them as human or not at all, not necessarily a problem but I figured I'd mention it. She's vore level 21 and has asked for a Nuka Acid once but hasn't gained any vore perks that I see or that have been tracked by Distendix. The mod also seems to have broken my Perks Unleashed mod (Removes level/skill requirements) but I'm not a hundred percent sure, as for her Melee damage it seems decent enough but later levels might require the Iron Fist 'upgrade', but the fact she devours them might make it a moot point as she may beat more prey to death than devour them.

Not exactly an expert reviewer but those are the things I've noticed so far, I know the mod is still in it's early stages but the aforementioned items aside, the mod is good. Keep up the great work!
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