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Re: Vore War V30G

Postby Aurilika » Tue Sep 15, 2020 9:26 pm

DigestionArousal wrote:One bug, one maybe bug, one request, and two unreasonable requests

Bug: The Lizard's Crown setting doesn't seem to save to the uniform, I think it's being considered a body part?

Maybe Bug: Using the cheat menu to replace a race, village happiness goes down because the new race is considered not the main race, Current and future City and Army names use the old race name list instead of the new race name list (don't know how that would work with "non-playable" races).

Requests: A new racial trait that's Killer Knowledge (+1 to all stats per 4 non-vore kills) but for vore kills/digestions/absorptions

Unreasonable request 1: A system for players to create classes/sub-races for easier army creation/management
-I want to set the same auto-level setup to a chosen group of units instead of just one unit or every unit of the same race
-I want to set up multiple starting stat min/max sets for a race and choose one when I recruit a soldier

Unreasonable request 2: Empire starts for some of the less monstrous monster/mercenary races
-Goblins, Kobolds, Succubi, Vipers, and Fairies to name a few
-Alternatively, make the race replace cheat not cause happiness loss

I acknowledge that these requests are kinda ridiculous

Thank you for updating/maintaining this pretty cool game

Okay, Hats can now opt to be saved with the uniform (it was kind of an oversight that they weren't before)

That stuff with the cheat window is not really fixable without a significant overhaul, because empires are tied to a race behind the scenes, and changing that race would cause lots of issues, so it basically just tries to mask it. You should be able to build cathedrals to remove the happiness penalty though (I know that's not the best solutio -- Ah, I should have made it just automatically build cathedrals when you use that cheat... Well, I'll stick that in the next patch.).

Went ahead and stuck that alternate trait in.

It's possible part of one of those unreasonable requests might make it in at some point.

bahamut24 wrote:i dont know if this mentioned but i notice while play around in tactical mode: i gave resurrect spell to enemy by using unit editor, it never used resurrect spell for whole battle
how to encourage enemy to use the spell?

other thing i notice, when i assinged traits in content menu and saved, for some reason it triggered "III" (unit is sick) forced add without me including it, i have been trying remove it but it wouldnt be removed at all unless i cleaned off traits

I fixed a bug with resurrection for this patch where they weren't using it correctly (or at all), so that should be fixed.

Strange, I'll mess around and see if I can figure out what's causing that.

30H released, some more fixes and minor features and a new minor monster race by HarryS

Added the essence aborption trait - it's the vore equivalent of the killer knowledge trait - every 4 digestions the unit gets +1 to all stats.
Added the Raptor monster race, they are visually similiar to the compy, although they do possess oral vore capabilities, unlike the compy. They are considered an add on race to the compy spawner, and if enabled, the armies will be half compy, half raptor.
Villages should now always properly update their colors when captured. There were situations where they would retain their old colors until the display refreshed.
Some minor sprite updates for the sharks and the dark swallowers.
Can now set the odds for auto-surrender, allowing more flexibility than either 0% or 100%.
The 'clear status effects' cheat now removes the surrendered flag.
Digestion converstion / rebirth now clears the surrendered flag, if it was enabled.
Fixed a bug that prevented the AI from using the resurrect spell correctly. (Sometimes this would cause battles to get stuck -- To be clear it was accidentally impossible for the AI to use it before due to this bug, so AI armies with a resurrect book will be significantly stronger than they were before)
Fixed issue where the specialty spells (ones tied to traits) were pickable as innate spells but not usable. Now they function properly as innate spells (though may be rather powerful as non single cast spells)
If Auto-regurgitate friendly units is off, units that are converted / rebirthed by digestion will no longer automatically pop out.
Removed the special accessory slot from the saved uniforms (it was part of the character for a lot of races and not really a clothing item, so it didn't really make sense to save.)
Added the ability to save hats and Accessories as part of a uniform. You check whether they're saved or not when saved. If not saved, it will be randomly generated.
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Re: Vore War V30H

Postby Pegadygor » Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:57 pm

A minor bug (?) report, if I may?
(I don't know if this is known and not fixable or has slipped through the net so far)

When a pred uses tailvore, the descriptive text is based on the prey's gender it seems.

E.g. "Female slurps up Male with his tail" or "Male slurps up Herm with their tail"
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Re: Vore War V30H

Postby YaBoi42069 » Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:19 pm

Some suggestions, all changes to the cheat options, to make life a little easier

Add the ability to convert an army on the strategic map to the control of any other empire, like the "Switch Side" command, but for an entire army.

The ability to add traits by army, instead of just empire and individual

And an unreasonable request, making it easier to edit the special events that grant units etc., either through a custom menu or just making the files easier to access. Not sure how this game is coded, so this may be impossible, but one can dream.

I love this game, and thank you for putting as much work into as you have!
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Re: Vore War V30H

Postby Estee » Thu Sep 17, 2020 5:07 am

Being able to edit custom events and perhaps even lines for vore and digestion would certainly be a good addition, if doing so would not be a pain in the ass to program in.
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Re: Vore War V30H

Postby MaleficMustelid » Thu Sep 17, 2020 7:47 am

The ability to cheat temporary status effects to a given unit or side would be nice.
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