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Re: Working on a game idea

Postby BlakeSmith15 » Tue Dec 04, 2018 4:53 am

What about a death for keeps system? Where if you a certain way such as through vore - you get to chose whether or not the character you made dies and take control of a different character.
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Re: Working on a game idea

Postby DevourerOfLolis » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:09 am

Raptor1 wrote: I think it would be nice if the harem girls could do that to you, too. I love role-reversal, so maybe one of your harem girls decides to betray you and feed you to a predator, or seduce/enslave you and then take over your harem herself. Is it possible for you to put something like that in the game?

Sorry, but I don't really have any plans for the player character to be in a prey position at any point in the game.

BlakeSmith15 wrote:What about a death for keeps system? Where if you a certain way such as through vore - you get to chose whether or not the character you made dies and take control of a different character.

The way that the story will work so far doesn't really have any room for a successor player character system.

And this brings me onto my next post...
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Re: Working on a game idea

Postby DevourerOfLolis » Thu Dec 06, 2018 7:42 am

Sorry that I haven't said anything in a while. with Christmas coming I haven't really had any time to comment here. I would like to say I have finally got a solid idea for the game's story as well as a proper name for it. Here is the prologue of the game, Casanova.

The story start with a man/woman, you, living in a run down apartment. Unemployed, drowning in debt and at the end of your rope, you are contemplating ending it all until you hear someone knocking at the door. Thinking it is the landlord planning on evicting you for unpaid rent, you open the door preparing for the worst only to instead find a gorgeous woman you have never met before wearing strange, revealing robes. The woman invites herself into the apartment, looking around it before walking over to the unkempt bed in the corner and sitting down, wordlessly motioning you to sit down beside her. You are at first completely shocked at this woman's bizarre behavior before remembering you have given up on giving a shit about whatever life throws at you long ago and accepting her offer in defeat (plus, crazy or not, she's hot as hell and this is probably the closes you have ever came to getting some action in your entire life). You sit down beside her. Watching her cautiously the whole time. She says your name, asking if it's yours or not. You reply yes. She then tells you her name (which I haven't came up with yet) and says that she was looking for you as you're the perfect subject for something she is planning. She then starts talking about how she came here from another world called the "Ruined world" that was once a utopian society that blended science with magic until one day a great catastrophe caused it all to collapse. Filling the world with voracious monsters and reducing society to prehistoric levels.
At this point, you're completely convinced that this woman is crazy and start to question if you should force her out of your apartment while you still can (on one hand, she could try to kill you. On the other, you were thinking about doing that yourself anyway not to long ago, and if you played your cards right, you could probably get some action from her before you go. She was giving you some really lustful stares while she was ranting about magical other-worlds).
She then ask if you believe her. Picking up on your doubts. Before you can answer, she stands up, walks in front of you and to your astonishment, starts performing actual magic before your eyes! After you recover form the display, you ask her to sit back and continue talking about this "Ruined world". More curious but still skeptical.
She tells you about how the world has 5 races, human being one of them, and about how the woman are gorgeous and outnumber the men. A thought that makes you quite excited. As well as how they all travel the world in caravans. As the monster keep them from building any form of permanent settlement. She also tells you about beings called "Casanovas" which are rare, special humans who have the power to tame the heart of any woman, among other powers, and controlling entire harems of them to do their bidding.
She then finally tells you about why she came to you in the first place. That she has a plan to improve the Ruined world and that it involved bringing someone form your world and that you are the perfect candidate for it. And that it involves turning you into a Casanova to do it. Your reluctant to accept however. As you still have some doubts about if everything she's saying is real or not. She then tries to convince you be talking about your fantasies. She talks about your vore fantasies with explicit detail. As well as your fantasies of having a harem of beautiful woman who'll obey your every command. The accuracy in which she describes your own fetishes is creepy. Making you question how she came to know about them so well. She doesn't say how, but she does tell you that your specific fantasies are why you make such a perfect candidate. Finally, she tells you that since you have nothing left to live for in this world, it is worth checking out her offer before going through with ending it all (which creeps you out farther knowing that she was somehow aware of that as well). Adding onto that that although the Ruined world can make your fantasies a reality, it is also dark, hellish world where death is common. Meaning ether way, you'll get one of the things you want in the end. Adding that last bit in a creepily cheery way.
Finally making up your mind, you agree to go to the Ruined world with her. Happy to hear you agree, she asks you to hold out your hand. She then hovers her's over it and starts summoning some sort of magic different from the one she shown before. After a magical light show, you find a strange, heart shaped crystal emblem on the back of your hand. She tells you that that is the emblem of a Casanova. And by having it, means that you are now a Casanova too and have all the powers associated with them. She then asks you to hold her hand as she summons a portal out of thin air. She then asks you to walk through it with her. You hesitate, but follow her through it into the Ruined world.

After that you go through a tutorial level with her and another girl you rescue during it. She guides you telling you how the Ruined world as well as how the powers of a Casanova work. After completing it she leaves. You ask her to stay as you are not sure what to do next. She tells you that she must go, but that you should not worry. That for now, you should travel the Ruined world to learn how it works at your own pace and that she will guide you from afar when the time is right. She then disappears leaving you and the girl you rescued alone. from here on out you are free to go through the game as you please.

And that's it. Don't want to reveal anymore for now. And sorry for the wall of text. This will probably be changed a bit in the future as I continue to work on the story and the game. Feel free to share your thoughts on the prologue. For now though, I'm kinda tired.
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Re: Working on a game idea

Postby Turbotowns » Fri Dec 07, 2018 6:48 am

Oh yeah, I can't see if anyone brought it up, but would(at least some) of our harem be predatory?
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Re: Working on a game idea

Postby DevourerOfLolis » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:17 pm

Technically no. None of the girls you can get are predatory. However, you can also tame monsters to have them help you on your journey and some of the monsters are monster girls. They would behave, gameplay wise, like a cross between the girls of your harem and the other monster you can tame. That all being said, I have been thinking of one idea for the game and story that could theoretically be used to give the girls of your harem the ability to eat other girls.
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