Looking for sprite artists.

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Looking for sprite artists.

Postby Pilum » Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:06 pm

Greetings, all. Some of you may recognize me from my MUGEN thread. I suppose it's time to let loose a little information as to why I've been mostly inactive for 2018.

I'm currently working with one artist on a secret project and we would appreciate some help with graphics. Primarily, we need help with character sprites, but any asset contributions for other things such as environment tiles or items/icons would also be appreciated. This is currently a volunteer project and it will remain secret for a while. Please send me a PM for more information about the game itself and what we need, if you are interested in volunteering.

I will divulge that this will consist of F/F content with humanoids and/or monster girls. I am sorry for the cloak and dagger, there's plenty of things we're still settling on and I will not make claims that are subject to change. I know that these kinds of threads are audacious, but I hope I've built up some prior credibility.

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