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Java Coder needed!

Postby animeking352 » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:57 pm

Hello so i have bought a vore plugin from a minecraft plugin dev team and recently they have just disbannded recently for reasons i dont know and i need help with someone with the artistic mind to help me add just a few more things to it(literally 3 things all I need done), i dont know how to code and nor do i have the time to learn to code so thats why im asking someone from ekas to help me! right now all i have is the option for players to be turned into a pred or prey via command and the ability for the pred to eat another prey, and the set stomach ability to what ever belly your using.

i need just 3 things:

1: the ability to kill prey inside the stomach (digest prey)
2: the ability to set multiple bellys
3: the ability to set your player status (Pred. Prey, Switch)

thanks for reading, if you can help or if you want more details message me on ekas and ill be sure to send you a copy with the source code
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