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Predator Simulator: A New Gen Vore RPG [HIATUS]

Postby schprengwerder » Sun Aug 18, 2019 3:15 am

Due to working 7 days a week now, I can no longer work on this project at any reasonable pace. Thus, while I won't be cancelling the project, there will be no regularity in the updates. I will try to add more enemies when I can find the time and make the game a bit more playable, but it probably won't be much. This is an open project, so if you feel up to it, you are free to take what is already here and modify or build on it and create your own games from it.

Predator Simulator is styled after arcade type game modes where you can free roam and aim for maximum points. Your goal is to eat enemies, level up and then eat more! This project represents the development of a generic game framework to allow more people to create original content without having to spend a lot of time creating the vore mechanics as well as giving those who have more creative experience the ability to focus on more important elements and create much more in depth games than previously seen. When finished it will have a full guide book and commentary left in the structure to instruct a developer on its usage.

This game is in the alpha stage of development, meaning that it is not complete, that only the core aspects of the game exist at the moment and much of the world hasn't been made. It also does not yet feature a story line and while there are no concrete plans for one, there will be a non-linear quest based story line if the game continues to attract sufficient interest to make it worth implementing.

Fixed some bugs from 0.0.3.

Legspert9 is creating a game built in the Unity Game engine which is based partly on this game. The games will be developed in parallel, and probably feature many shared art assets. The game, which can be found here: will have 2D animation and feature many things which are technically challenging or impossible in RPGMaker. I encourage support for them, as I believe that there is much promise in what they have done so far and plan to do. So go give them some love and support.

Spoiler: show
To get the knight NPC:
You must eat 2 travelers in each tent. The tents will appear randomly when you sleep.

There is an adventurer in the cabin you can eat.
There is another adventurer in the cave in the south east forest map.

A full changelog is below, as well as the one included in the download.

0.0.2 to 0.0.3 Changelog
Due to the complexity of this system, this list is not comprehensive.
Spoiler: show

- Changed battle eventing structure to finally get rid of the prey doubling up bug as well as allow greater flexibility in enemy composition

- Added quick travel between maps

- Fixed day/night enemies so now day and night have different enemy types, night only currently has bats on the first map. More will be added as more enemies are made.

- Fixed some of the bugs in the cave/cabin NPCs.

- Added the new fullness bar, courtesy of DevS098

- Added Breast size lock

- Added Player 2-12 avatars (not playable yet)

- Mouth attack animation, courtesy of the extremely talented and very handsome DevS098

- Scripted the composite image system

The author of this game (schprengwerder of eka's portal; me) wishes to express that all copyrighted materials used in this game belong to their respective owners and that the author does not make any claims about ownership of any part of this game. In saying as much, the specific mechanics are of my own creation, but they are freely distributable and anyone is welcome and encouraged to incorporate them into their own game.

The author would also encourage those who enjoy the game to continue to vote in the poll to encourage me not to be lazy and to work on more updates.

Acknowledgements (Not in order):
God Complex - For inspiring the author
Nyan Adventures - For introducing the author to RPG Maker type games
Mysta's Myst Adventures - Also for inspiring the author to make a game for themselves

The links below include the RTP and the game files to play the game.

MEGA (now zipped)
RTP and game folder are separate. If the game hasn't been installed previously, the RTP folder must be downloaded and its contents run. If RTP is installed, download the game folder only.!S5F0RCJQ!bXcJEXOGsSRCU20mYkdv3Q
Select the 0.0.31 version for the latest update

MEDIAFIRE (If MEGA doesn't work, zipped)
RTP and game folder are separate. If the game hasn't been installed previously, the RTP folder must be downloaded and its contents run. If RTP is installed, download the game file only. ... _Simulator
Select the 0.0.31 version for the latest update

Install instructions are included in the Readme. OLD SAVES ARE NOT COMPATIBLE. PLEASE START A NEW GAME.

Some gameplay images:
Spoiler: show

Small 1.PNG

Big 1.PNG

Track your belly with a live status picture and fullness indicator bar

Small 2.png

Small 3.png

Your belly will grow in battle when you eat your enemies

Big 2.png

Grow your breasts and belly as you eat and digest more and more prey
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby therusted » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:22 pm

u should make a patreon for this,been waiting for a pred rpg for a long time
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby HentaiProdigy » Sun Aug 18, 2019 12:42 pm

Sounds cool. Unfortunately not very interested in the predator side of things, but still cool to see more of that pop up, since it's definitely the less common of the two.
This does make me think about how amazing it would be to have a vore game with the combat system of The Girl in the Red Slave Collar, so instead of combat rape where you get attacked > restrained > rape, you get attacked > restrained > swallowed and successfully escaping moves you backwards in the sequence, so swallowed > restrained > free. Man, wishful thinking popping up now.
Anyway, got off-topic from your game, sorry about that. Good luck with this project!
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Benevorlent » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:59 pm

A fun game! Progression does seem a little slow currently (I stand no chance against the Fox and don't think I have the patience to grind up to be able to) so I was thinking for now maybe introduce status element inducing items into the shop, like sleep powder so for when you run into an enemy you know you can't take yet you can at least have a chance using the item against it.
Also what do the digestion items do? I used one when I had probably a 7 belly and using it didn't lower it or seem to increase the amount digested during a nap, so I don't know exactly how they work.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Aleph-Null » Sun Aug 18, 2019 10:20 pm

Gave it a go, I like the systems that are in place, and I appreciate the in depth tutorial. My vote is to continue this project.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby DroolingPred » Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:29 pm

Fun starting concept. Much of the joy for me requires having some relation or discourse with the prey, or at least having humanoid prey. I hope you aim towards a more in-depth experience.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Ediblestranger » Mon Aug 19, 2019 3:03 am

I played through it a bit, and I have to say it's pretty neat and rather fun.
I do have a few critiques though;

1. Currently because of how small the game is the difficulty spread is a bit too sharp. I've only ever run into Hornets, Rats, Slimes, Foxes and one Rabbit. I feel that the game could have benefited from a 3rd area. Foxes are just too strong for how common they are and how long it takes to advance to a proper level to combat them, the only way I've been able to take them out is with very lucky "excellent hits." I was level 7 at the time. At that level I could literally just choose to "Consume" everything else, including the one Rabbit I encountered and have it be successful most of the time. If foxes are meant to stay a semi-early game enemy they'll need to be weakened a bit to bring them in line with the other nearby creatures.
2. It is extremely tedious to, even with only two maps, walk all the way back to a heal orb. An item or two for healing would be appreciated since it doesn't seem that digesting prey heals quite enough to keep you going if you have a rough encounter or two, or if you overfill yourself. It'd also give the player something else to spend their money on as it can build up quite fast if you can chain eat some Slimes or Rats. Also, antidotes, poison can still be strong even at higher levels.
3. While this IS a vore game the small animation every time you "Vore" a creature lasts a tad bit long for what it is, in my opinion. Especially given the frequency of it due to the nature of this game.
4. The progression system is a bit too slow and fast right now, especially compounded with my first point. It feels like it takes forever to level up and get stronger or increase the character's bust size, while it seems rather easy to improve stomach capacity and digestion rate.
5. On the overworld screen I feel the "check fullness" should be a toggle option, sure in battle make it take a turn and only show you for that turn but when you're not in danger it'd be nice to be able to see it to judge whether or not it'd be okay to eat in the next combat or if you should rest and digest. Also it'd be a nice way to cut back on the constant sifting through menus.
6. It'd be nice to have a few different characters to choose from, even if it's just differing hair or face styles or skin tones, though I can understand that'd be more work due to the nature of belly and chest progression.

Obviously most of this would be improved simply by expanding the game beyond a proof of concept prototype sandbox. These are just things that I feel should be kept in mind.
Overall I did enjoy most of my time playing this game (damned foxes) and encourage you to continue your efforts.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Slayerhero90 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 4:38 am

love the system you built! looking forward to seeing this built into something

most of my critique has already been covered by Ediblestranger, but i would suggest this:
-i think you need some scripts from yanfly in order to do it, but the flow of combat would be much quicker if the consume ability was accessible from just below the attack button rather than through the special abilities menu.
- likewise, it's a pain to scroll through the menus to nap-spam. you might be able to use a yanfly script to add nap to the escape menu too, though i'm not as sure about that one
- i haven't tried yet, but isn't it theoretically possible to not be concerned over digest speed if the player just keeps popping digestion salves and so on?
- here's an idea to make traversing low-level zones less tedious: once you reach a certain level above an enemy, rather than opening the fight menu, it opens a menu to eat (without a fight), fight normall, or move on (skipping the enemy). i suppose eating without a fight could just not give xp or gold and just give fullness, but i don't know
- my experience with the weakness system is that it doesn't add anything. any enemy too strong to eat from round one is an enemy that's too strong to be fighting in the first place

and lastly a question:
- when's the second tit size boost? i'm at over 100 total digested and i still got these paltry a-cups from the first size boost

EDIT: well, just got a whole bunch of bust size boosts in a row. i'm guessing that functionality might be a little broken
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby schprengwerder » Mon Aug 19, 2019 6:28 am

therusted wrote:u should make a patreon for this, been...

In future the vore mechanics will be organised and formalised into a simple package that can be loaded straight into RPG Maker and it is hoped that people will make use of it and produce more games in this vein and hopefully you will have many more such games to play.

HentaiProdigy wrote:Sounds cool. Unfortunately not very...

The system that has been built for this game could probably be used to make the scenario that you describe, although using the method employed for this game, it would be very tedious. Following from above, when the system has been ironed out, others may look into modifying it to suit their ends.

Benevorlent wrote:A fun game! Progression does seem a...

Noted on both counts, the fox, rabbit and snake enemy were all left at too high a level from testing and a number of items have been added to aid the player (Added: 50%HP recovery potion, 100%HP recovery potion and antidote - the sleeping powder idea is under review). The digestion aids had a similar problem, but they had been left with a slower refresh rate. The rates in the current version (0.0.1) were set to approximately 17, 12 and 8 second intervals to digest 1 fullness. This has been modified and the effect should be more visible now.

Aleph-Null wrote:Gave it a go, I like the systems that...

Glad that you like it. I hope to continue to please.

DroolingPred wrote:Fun starting concept. Much of the...

Noted. There will be humanoid and human prey included soon, some already having been developed for testing but not yet implemented. Dialogue will probably remain minimal unless there is enough interest to invest in a quest based story.

Ediblestranger wrote:I played through it a bit, and I...

1. Currently the game isn't very well balanced but all feedback will be taken on board. To that end, the encounter weights for the northern map have been re-balanced, with the fox having an approximately 4% encounter rate. As above, they have also been balanced in terms of their health, agility and attack and brought into a more linear progression with the other enemies.

2. As above, Health Potions have been added as well as an antidote. Another orb has also been added to the northern map, and both orbs have had an animation added to make it clearer that the action has taken place.

3. Noted, this will be looked into.

4. Would your preference be for the leveling and bust size to be sped up or for stomach capacity and digestion to be slowed down?

5. Noted; an on-screen version of fullness, similar to the on-screen belly has been considered, though implementing it will require some rather tedious work. If it continues to be an issue though, rest assured it will be remedied quickly.

6. Similarly, this has also been considered and is planned for much later iterations. Unfortunately, unless a progressive image generator can be used or a dedicated artist can be found, it will have to be a near-final addition to the game.

Slayerhero90 wrote:love the system you built! looking...

1. This will be looked into, but apart from the quest log which is defunct at present, this game has no scripts and unless someone with relevant experience is willing to configure such a system it will likely take a number of iterations before it can be implemented, if at all. This problem has been taken on board and any possible solutions will be investigated.

2. As above, the menu options will be investigated.

3. It is planned that when the game reaches larger and harder enemies, skills which function the same way as the digestion aids will be added to allow speedy, on-the-go digestion of larger prey to try to smooth game flow. The digestion aids themselves will continue to work as long as there is food to digest. This includes if you eat without having finished digesting previous meals, it will continue to digest the new food too. [EDIT] If you mean that taking more salves/solutions/aids will increase the digestion rate, the mechanism that the digestion aids use does not have any additive effect and any extra items used will simply be wasted. [END] As above, the digestion rates have been increased to make the effect more pronounced. The previously mentioned skills have already been developed and tested, but at this level of game play are unneeded and would probably unbalance the whole system.

4. Such a system could probably be implemented in the same way as the quick access for the consume skill and nap options. This is desirable, but remains an unknown for now.

The first breast enlargement level should be at 18 total consumed. If you could give me the details about anything that you may have done differently to get them to level up all at once compared to your regular playing, that would be helpful to prevent future gaffs. A fix has now been implemented to prevent that from happening again though.


On a more general note, for those who are interested in the mechanics of the game, as stated above, the system itself is very malleable and can quite easily be changed to suit different scenarios. Again, would-be game-makers are encouraged to take this system and make their own games out of it. For now, because of the disorganisation and lack of a formal regime to follow, this will probably be those who have more experience, but the more adventurous among you should give it a go. It is also stressed that the author claims ownership of nothing in the game and should not be credited for anything, with the exception of acknowledging the role they played in creating the vore mechanics, but this is by no means compulsory.

On a personal note, I am overwhelmed by the response this has received. I hardly expected 50 people to vote in a fortnight, let alone less than 24 hours. I am grateful that so many people took the time to express interest in this project and would like to thank you all. A special thanks to those who have given feedback and commentary. I hope not to disappoint, but I work a full time day job and have various weekly commitments. This limits the time I have for making new content and the scope of things that I can implement in any given iteration. I still hope to put out a new map either fortnightly or monthly depending on how things pan out and how much feedback I get regarding people's preferences.

Regards and thanks to all,
- schprengwerder
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Slayerhero90 » Mon Aug 19, 2019 9:18 am

i can't frankly say for sure what cause the breast growth issue. i don't think i did anything unusual

as to some of the things suggested: i can probably figure out a couple of them, since i own rpg maker vx ace, but college just started up again so don't expect me to be timely. i'll experiment on my end and see what i can fix

1: Yanfly Battle Command List is the specific script which would allow the consume ability to be used without entering the special abilities menu. you would paste this or something similar into the notes section of either the player actor or hero class:

<command list>
skill 135
skill list
</command list>

and that would get consume to the battle menu

2: Yanfly Ace Menu Engine would allow you to add a command to the menu that calls the Nap Digestion common event by fitting

:event 16

between other list items in the location within the script demonstrated on the webpage; likewise

:event 35

after that would add the existing check fullness common event to the menu, thoguh i think what's being asked for is a constant display just like the belly size display

3: i'm not actually sure how to make map regions call common events instead of troops, so one of us will have to see what the base system and scripts can do

anyways, what i was saying as far as playing without aspect leveling into digestion rate upgrades partially stems from me having no clue how digestive aids actually work
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby salamoun » Mon Aug 19, 2019 1:29 pm

A lovely concept indeed. When it comes to mechanics I like the system you've created, in Nyan adventure they had the digestion set up based on time passed which was a bit tedious after some time, having a sleep option instead is more comfortable, even if you have to spam it due to having multiple preys at once.
The progression/growth is something people asked me to do too and is something I dreaded to implement due to the variables but I see how you've handled it pretty well ^^
Speaking of looking at the code itself, it's apparent that you've put quite a bit of work into this to make it all work properly, even if the current demo seems kinda bare at the moment (dunno how much code is actually used in the demo itself) and it made me realize that I should probable make and use more common events in my game ^^;
I would love to see more of this and I do agree that story ain't really necessary for what the game is about, perhaps only some optional quests to do for random NPCs, that you can meet throughout the world. A small shop of some sorts for the item would be welcome addition in the future.
About the people desiring more prey experience, perhaps if you add humanoid or even bigger feral enemies in the future (depends on your preferences), you could add a small prey scene with the player on the end before the game over screen appears.
I'm not commenting on the grindiness and such since I don't think it's the main focus of this demo, I'm sure it will be more balanced after progress is made on it.
Overall, hope you will continue with this project of yours and I'll be keeping an eye for any progress and updates you'll make. Good luck!
Patreon, for progress reports and potential support.
God Complex Discord
Also check out Stomach Butterflies, being developed by one of our talented devs/writers, Elise!
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Xyxksyd45 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 12:16 am

I think you have done something really special here, and I am really looking forward to seeing where you take it next. I won't give any criticisms since they have mostly been covered by others and I understand this is just a demo.

A few ideas I have that could take this to the next level:
Disposal system, maybe digestion over time outside of combat (could be optional in addition to the nap system)

I see that you are trying to keep the game open ended and exploratory. Rather than adding a main quest/storyline, you could expand by simply adding towns, wilderness areas, etc. and let the player have at it.

Again, great work!
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Anesthetic » Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:46 am

If I might suggest.When consuming the last enemy have the belly expanding animation play, after the fight is over, and we have control of the character moving around. It takes too long between fights because we have to sit there every time, and mid fight, it would be nice if it were faster.

Also is there a way to possibly put Nap on a Hot Key?

Lastly have you may haps considered purchasable clothing. Something else for us to spend our money on.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby schprengwerder » Tue Aug 20, 2019 7:39 am

Slayerhero90 wrote:i can't frankly say for sure what cause...

1. & 2. The two scripts suggested have been integrated and implemented.

3. A method for bypassing battle has been conceptualised, but at this point would require a major overhaul of the game mechanics and would seem to defeat at least part of the purpose of having a vore game. Due to the responses this demo has received, streamlining of the battle process has become a major point of focus for current work.

salamoun wrote:A lovely concept indeed. When it comes to...

The digestion process in this game was ultimately inspired by Halcyon's Nyan Adventures and a desire for a more controllable method of digestion, as well as for more prey.

Your compliments are much appreciated, thank you. The whole map set and a series of quests is currently being brainstormed to give pathways for the player to follow, hopefully without losing any of the open world, free roam feeling. There is also a shop that has already been implemented, but it is not immediately available.

The idea suggested by HentaiProdigy is in a feasibility study at the moment, since the current setup of the game would permit it, the only possible drawback being the rather intensive addition of a large number of battle events, variables and accompanying images. It is very likely that even if not now, the idea will make its way into the final version of the game, since it's likely to be a very popular mechanic, and one that would make sense in the continuum of the game.

Xyxksyd45 wrote:I think you have done something really...

A continuous digestion system outside napping is already in the game system, just not fully implemented yet. The digestion aids are a less effective version of it.

The compliments are appreciated, thank you.

Anesthetic wrote:If I might suggest.When consuming the last...

That particular arrangement would require rewriting the battle mechanics from scratch, but as above, a method of streamlining the battle system is in the works. Currently, it is likely that the belly expansion scene will stay, but be shortened significantly and more focus will be added outside the battle processing (See below).

Thanks to the scripts provided by Slayerhero90, the nap skill has been put straight into the escape menu, so there will no longer be any need to go to the skills menu.

The idea is in consideration, but full implementation of a shop/item system will be gradual, so there will be items like armour and weapons added, but only over the progressive updates.


Here are three ideas that are up in the air at the moment for everyone to consider:
- Live prey mechanic;
Prey is "alive" while being digested, and requires time to expire. In that time, it can potentially inflict indigestion on the player, activates events where the player might describe/talk about their belly/how full they feel/wishing prey would stop moving or move more etc. The number and status of the prey/s would be tracked in a live bar similar to the show belly mechanic.

- Interactive belly;
An optional skill where you can interact with your own belly. This is currently imagined as being similar to the "petting" games where you can interact with the belly and get various responses. A more advanced version might feature mechanics to relieve the player from indigestion (if implemented), massaging the stomach to help digest prey or as a means to increase XP that can be gained by eating an enemy in preference to fighting them.

- Player prey mechanic;
As suggested by HentaiProdigy, a mechanic whereby an enemy can try to eat you, with you being able to fight them off or fight your way out of them once eaten. This would make gameplay more in depth and change the dynamics and risks of entering a battle.

Right now, these ideas are being evaluated and will probably not be implemented until late in the alpha.

At the moment, 1 new map is nearing completion, 2 new enemies are planned and numerous fixes have been implemented. The most important of these is the Nap skill access, which was a common mention, which is now in the escape menu, second option, making it very accessible. Another commonly suggested idea was the continuous digestion outside battle. A mechanic for this already exists and will be added to the gameplay when the balance of the system is better. Finally, another, probably quite useful, skill has been added to level 6.

- schprengwerder
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Olivine » Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:10 am

Having dug around a bit in the events and code—looking past all the mess and disorder—there is the beginnings of an ambitious mechanics driven system.
I would definitely suggest taking the time to learn some basic scripting; a lot of the systems you're designing will be tedious and time consuming to make and tweak the way you have done so far.

For example: any common event involving compositing the various player character pictures into one runs into the issue of doing a lot of repetitious eventing, which can be solved elegantly, quickly, and painlessly in a few lines of script.
E.g. Instead of doing 40+ conditional statements in a row across multiple common events, it can all be consolidated with a bit of object oriented scripting (code format may need to be edited to fit into the VX's script box):
Spoiler: show
Code: Select all
# Fetch fullness and bust size variables
f = $game_variables[2]; b = $game_variables[9]
# Variables to pass for show picture function: anchor, x, y, scale x, scale y, opacity, blend mode
pos = 0; px = 10; py = 10; scx = 50; scy = 50; op = 255; bln = 0
# Bust size array
arr = ["A","B","C","D","E","F"]
# File names, these could be stored in global variables too
base = "Breast Young Base - A"; shadow = "Young belly Shadow"
belly = "Young belly " + f.to_s; breast = "Breast Young " + arr[b-1]

# Show base picture[1].show(base,pos,px,py,scx,scy,op,bln)
# If fullness is 8 or more, show shadow
if f >= 8;[2].show(shadow,pos,px,py,scx,scy,op,bln); else;[2].erase; end
# If bust is more than 0, show bust
if b > 0;[3].show(breast,pos,px,py,scx,scy,op,bln); end
# If fullness is more than 0, show belly
if f > 0;[4].show(belly,pos,px,py,scx,scy,op,bln); else;[4].erase; end

There are lots of handy look-up references for Ruby script and VX Ace's specific features. For the scope of this project, it's worth considering.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Slayerhero90 » Tue Aug 20, 2019 8:38 am

oh, hey, uh, i think i found the appropriate script to create a nap hotkey: Yanfly Button Commands. using this script, you could bind the common event for napping to "R" for, say, "rest" and one of the other hotkeys to the check fullness common event, negating the need to even have those common event calls in the menu

here's my input on the ideas that are presently up in the air:

1 (live prey):
personally, i'm not sure giving multiple stages to digestion is necessary. i think it could remain as an abstract schroedinger's prey scenario, where you cannot know for sure if the prey is alive or dead until you've fully digested them to confirm their death. however, i do think there are ways to implement the realities of having live prey inside one's self:
- Yanfly Event Window could be used to add non-intrusive updates to digestion progress and flavor text for kicking prey/the feeling of fullness/etc on random turns
- i sorta already pictured the overfull mechanic as a state of indigestion

2 (interactive belly):
- one way i can see this being implemented is with this being a "fight" against one's own belly, with the combat commands replaced with new skills. i know this can be done with scripts, having played rpgmaker vx ace games where this can be done, but i'm not sure how. in any case, your new skills are used to soothe and comfort your own stomach

3 (player prey):
- if this is to be a framework for future vore rpgs, then i think a functional player-as-prey system would be a worthwhile inclusion. however, because the existing methods (get eaten on defeat, either game over or reverse time to before battle) have been reasonably effective, it might be worth looking into including a way to make this functionality optional for those who would rather stick to the old ways
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby No-One » Tue Aug 20, 2019 9:19 pm

I am much in favor of a player prey system. Having there be a chance of being the eaten as well as the eater is always more appealing to me. Also the introduction of humanoid enemies, as mentioned before, is something I would very much enjoy.

The live prey and interactive belly systems sound interesting: I'm tentatively in favor of them, though I'd have to see how they turn out before I can say for sure if they're good additions or not.
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Anesthetic » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:02 am

My suggestions didn't end with altering the belly Animations.

1 is there a way you might map Nap to a hot key, so we don't have to constantly go into skills to use it?

2 Have you considered including purchable clothing? It would be cool to make our girl look like a maid or something.

and a new one

3 would you consider making the monsters we fight monster girls? the Monster Girl Encyclopedia is a bit over used, but there is good reason for it. It has just about everything you need.

https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom. ... arge_Mouse

https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom. ... March_Hare

https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom. ... sune-tsuki

There is the Monster Girl Quest Wiki as well ... %2FParadox
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Daichi777 » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:07 am

I haven't tried this (screenshot looks too underage for me) but read the comments.

I had a working prototype of similar concept before as the next game after the current one I'm working on is like this except pure gts, the chest size/weight gain is a pain in the ass to keep updating if it's a sprite/image so I share your pain. It's good to see someone trying this for once. Halcyon has a lot to be blamed for Nyan Adventures! digestion system, and the long ago game can't remember where the sprite gains weight XD

If you want to make it more diverse/easier to do things you can find free plugins with credit here:

If you're doing a game where the character doesn't have another sprite then you might be interested in a custom one players can choose from:

I couldn't use the above one because of sprite changes and all 3 authors plugins don't always coalesce together but a lot do depending on order/what it does. Good luck for the future!

One thing thou, what's your Copyright about? Did you use someones stuff and they tried to claim your game as your own?
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Re: Predator Simulator: A New generation of vore RPG

Postby Zbeubyx » Wed Aug 21, 2019 7:20 am

I have been testing out the game and I can't bring much more critism than what has been said already if one thing:
the digestive salves can bring negative fulness if our digestion rate exceeds our current fulness (one would get to -70% fulness and such) the same goes for the digestive AIDs except that the later can be stopped if the player goes on a positive fulness and let the said AID get to 0% fulness on it's own.

That aside I look forward to see more content you've got a really good idea here :wink:
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