Project: G.L.U.T.T. v0.5.2 ALPHA - A 2D Vore Platformer

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Project: G.L.U.T.T. v0.5.2 ALPHA - A 2D Vore Platformer

Postby DraconicSyntax » Thu Dec 19, 2019 4:28 pm

Patreon page is now live!! Check it out if you're interested in play testing beta builds or feel like supporting the game and its development :-D

Bear in mind that animation is easily the most work intensive thing I have to do for this game so this update will take a while! Patrons will be the first to have access to the 3+ prey features once it is actually ready - if you're not sure if 3+ prey is available to patrons or not yet, check the changelog in the Discord server - it is updated alongside any public or Patreon exclusive release!

Next update (v0.6.0) dev status


In progress:
- 3 prey player animations

Waiting to start:
- 4 prey player animations
- Skill trees
- Many abilities
- a despicable amount of bug fixes

On "The List":
Status icon character portraits
Many a level
Many an enemy (Alien naga next)
Dialogue system/story
Edible/voracious companion
Various UI enhancements
Still probably more bug fixes

Join the Discord for the most up-to-date info on updates and WIP shots!
This link has to be updated regularly - if it says it's invalid check back soon, I try to keep it as up to date as possible!

Update v0.5.2 is live!!

Big changelog is big, yadda yadda. I've updated the format of changelogs slightly to be broken up into major changes, minor changes, and bug fixes for readability. This update concludes a LOT of under the hood work on the game and it's behavior, laying the groundwork for menu systems and the like which will be essential for the next update given that it's going to have entire skill trees. Besides this, this update is a great number of smaller changes to balance and refine a good number of existing mechanics as well as add a few new ones in to hopefully improve play experience. With this update finished now, work can officially begin on the long awaited 3+ prey update!

WE FINALLY MADE IT! I've completed the last of the classwork that I will ever need to do and am officially graduating with a degree in game design and animation - it's been an exciting time, but a very exhausting one. Currently my plan is to take a much needed week long break, then it'll be full steam ahead on development for Project GLUTT! There's still a TON of animating to be done for the next update, but you can expect a number of WiP posts in the near future to give you all an idea of what's to come. There are still a number of post graduation school/student loan related things I have to take care of as well, but for the large part those shouldn't significantly affect my time for working on GLUTT anymore.

All in all I'm really looking forward to getting some real work put into GLUTT - this game is still in very early stages and there's a ton I'm planning on putting in to it, and a lot I even already have the framework for thanks to the work I've done in my last semester. The end goal is for this to be a full and complete game like you could find on Steam, and I aim to achieve that - stay tuned!

Also - if anyone has/knows a good resources for voreish sound effects, I'd love to hear about it! Many of the sfx I have amassed unfortunately do not fit the game properly, so I've been working with a limited set of audio and would love to have more to work with, especially with all of the extra animations I plan on adding. Struggle and sloshing sound effects especially!

An illegal space research station, the Genetic Labs of Unique Trials and Testing seek to modify organisms in all kinds of creative ways. Mia is just one such experiment, testing the limits of human appetite...
Fight/devour your way out of guards, scientists, and aliens alike in this stealth-based metroidvania!

Please comment your thoughts! I'd love to hear any feedback you have, and ESPECIALLY any bugs you find! I've worked pretty hard to make this about as bug free as possible for the alpha release, but especially with the number of mechanics I've added (detailed in the readme file) it's pretty difficult to test every possible iteration without an extra hundred hours of work, so I'm counting on you all to report any issues you find here! If/when you report any bugs here, please include steps to replicate the bug since I likely won't be able to figure it out if it's not something I can get to happen in my own game.

Current features:
f/f same size/micro oral vore (player pred)
?/f alien vore (player prey)
object vore
Full sound effects
Up to 2 prey
Line-of-sight and sound detection stealth system

Long term goals:
Additional enemies (both human and alien as both preds and prey)
3+ prey
Micro vore (player pred)
(Further) ability upgrades
Further animation enhancements
Stealth system overhaul
lots more levels and enemy types

Long(er) term goals:
Weight gain
Alternate character skins
Macro vore (player prey)
Enhanced audio

Download link

(Let me know if something about this isn't working, I'm frequently dumb)

Spoiler: show

Q: When is the next update??
A: Generally depends on the amount of content I have coming each update - based on how things have gone so far though, I'd estimate an average of 4 months between major updates for now. Check the top of the post for dev status!

Q: What kind of preds will be in the game?
A: Currently, there is just the one feral alien pred capable of eating the player, but there are plans to add plenty more preds, both human and alien alike.

Q: What enemies can actually be eaten?
A: Eventually, ALL standard enemies will be edible, however as this game is rather early in development the blind drake and robot enemies are not currently edible.

Q: How do you kill enemies?
A: Currently enemies can only be stunned with your stun gun OR KO'd with melee. Digestion is the best way to permanently dispatch them.

Q: I can't sprint while moving left, why isn't this working?
A: Due to the sprint key currently being bound to Alt, some keyboards don't allow for pressing multiple keys at once in conjunction with the Alt key. In the meantime, "C" also works to activate sprint if you have this issue.

Q: Will this game run on Mac?
A: Unfortunately no - Apple requires extremely exhaustive and expensive measures to be taken to obtain a license to publish to MacOS, including owning a Mac myself (which I do not).

Q: How does x mechanic work?
A: READ THE README!! All of the game's mechanics and functionality are detailed there, it was made specifically so that you won't have to await a reply from me on how a certain aspect of the game works, especially since there isn't an official tutorial level yet and won't be for a while!

Q: Can you add weight gain to the game?
A: Weight gain is an eventual plan but is a long ways off due to it being the single most demanding feature in terms of sprites and will take a long time to complete.

Q: How do you rebind controls?
A: Rebinding controls is planned but not a current feature - the process of creating such a feature can be a little complex and I want to make sure I've already figured out all the main controls and abilities first.

Spoiler: show

- fixed a bug and added a preventative for a few rare case scenarios where the sound bar would glitch to have infinite range as a result of crouching while full
- fixed an error that caused the game to freeze from an infinite loop upon completing the second level or getting a gameover
- fixed a minor error that caused the crouch slosh animation to not play
- updated project version number to match actual version number

- improved leveltransition script and enabled moving back and forth between levels
- Dev note: right now any time you return to a level, the level is reset - this is to allow for enemies to respawn until a more thorough respawn system is developed
- added a couple more tweaks and hidden vents to level 1 for alternate pathing
- reduced health gained from eating minimech pilots by half and doubled stamina gained
- manual burping is now cancellable
- using the shoot or attack buttons will now also cancel cancellable animations
- adjusted manual burping and indigestion burping to reduce indigestion over time for the duration of the burp
- Dev note: in addition to balancing burping "cost" by making the shorter burps use less indigestion, this also allows canceled burps to only have had a partial cost
- removed minimum indigestion required to burp manually - now as long as indigestion is above 0, manual burping can be used
- improved player projectile code and fixed some collision errors
- save notification text will now scale with the rest of the UI and is properly centered
- sound level will now more smoothly interporlate differences in sound levels
- increased maximum possible sound generated to 600 (up from 550)
- slightly increased sound generated by indigestion, struggle contests, sprinting, and manual burping
- Dev note: this should help compensate for how sound interporlation works as well as the new default view size while also creating a more realistic relation between different sounds and their loudness
- fixed a bug that caused sound level to instantly jump to a higher value if shooting while moving
- fixed a bug that caused a softlock by using manual burp during manual digestion
- tweaked the layer of some tiles on level 2 for consistency
- updated readme

Major changes:
- changed sound to be location based
- Due to an IDE/Engine bug right now the sound will not fade out with distance - this will be fixed as soon as the bug in the engine itself has been fixed by the developers of the engine
- added edible MiniMech (formerly known as robot enemies/the missile robot) pilots
- destroyed minimechs will drop their pilots, which will try to run from the player and restore health and stamina if eaten
- health pickups now must be manually used and will not automatically pick up when touched
- added a toss n swallow animation to reflect this
- indigestion gain now scales with total ACTIVE prey count rather than raw prey count
- updated default game resolution to 1920x1080 (this can be adjusted via pause menu)
- added a pause menu (Esc) for pausing, saving/loading, returning to title, quitting, adjusting preferences, and adjusting resolutions
- Removed restarting with R and closing game with Esc (Esc will still close the game on the main menu)
- Removed Bone generation with B and music toggling with M/N as options for each have been moved to the pause menu
- F1 will still work as a hotkey for fullscreening any time as will f8 for saving
- Reworked method and transition for loading games to be much more reliable and ensure the level is loaded before the save data offscreen
- added chargable melee attacks - hold down the attack key at the start of any melee attack to charge at the cost of stamina
- the longer attacks are charged, the more stamina they cost and the more damage/knockback they deal
- second and third melee attacks can now be initiated sooner
- Dev note: maintaining a melee combo felt a little too difficult as the window to press attack again required too precise timing
- This also makes it easier to quickly follow up with the swing attack to help stack more damage since the swing is the weakest of the 3 attacks
- Time your presses of the attack button for the fastest possible combo - mashing the button doesn't tend to work as fast unless you're a very fast masher
- added ability to manually burp (F) and new burping sfx - reduces indigestion meter but creates noise
- reworked the stealth system's sound emission - sound is no longer emitted in box shaped areas around the player but a more realistic circle instead
- sound emission radius is determined by several of the same factors as before as well as several new ones, such as any time the player burps or lands on the ground if they are not holding crouch
- most actions that emit sound will smoothly increase the sound emission radius rather than everything instantly changing its size (with a few select exceptions such as when firing the gun)
- excess sound from moving is no longer emitted while airborn (performing other actions that emit sound will still emit as normal, i.e. shooting, attacking, etc)
- Dev note: overall the sound emission rework should make stealth a much more reliable and viable approach to dealing with most enemies, provided you still avoid line of sight
- added status icon and rearranged
- status icon will track your current preycount, digestion progress (how long till all prey have 0 health), and play various animations for indigestion, struggle contests, and trying to eat enemies while you're already full
- tweaked much of the UI and created custom font
- reworked and repositioned sound bar UI element to match the rest of the UI and accurately reflect sound emission radius
- Dev note: This has made the left side of the screen very UI heavy while the right is bare - in the future, things like currency, inventory hotbar, and alarm level will populate the right of the screen, though there will be options for different layouts
- completely rewrote player collision using data structures - this SHOULD fix most known and possible collision bugs involving the player and
especially jumpthru platforms, but keep an eye out for bugs as this code will eventually need to be used by enemies as well
- reduced dash cost by ~18%
- reduced dash duration by ~40%
- dash cost now scales with belly size
- finishing a dash now returns you to your top sprint speed ONLY if you have an empty stomach - the larger your belly, the further the dash momentum will carry you
- Dev note: the much shorter dash distance coupled with the lower cost while empty made it much more viable to be used as a dodge in combat
and to get behind enemies quickly since it no longer sends the player flying too far away, giving more agility to Mia while her stomach is empty
while also giving her much greater mobility (albeit in a single direction) while full at a much greater stamina cost
- tweaked how dashing was triggered so it should be more reliable and not trigger just as a result of strafing too quickly
- using manual digest while carrying active prey further boosts stamina regen for the duration

Minor changes:
- slightly improved numerous sprites to be more consistent
- replaced gun sprite
- added an extra frame to airborn poses for different fall speeds
- current preycount and maximum prey capacity is now displayed above the status icon
- updated projectile physics
- updated shooting sound
- updated mech missile sprites
- added slight variations of landing sound for varying fullnesses and for the mech pilots
- updated UI scale for 1920x1080 resolution
- reduced stamina, indigestion, and sound bar sizes to better accommodate the upscaling at larger resolutions
- raised threshold for minor indigestion to 75 (up from 65)
- added brief aftereffect when stun gun shot hits a solid wall that is still capable of hitting enemies
- Dev note: stun gun shots get immediately destroyed when fired close to point blank at a wall, making enemies that were cornered between the player and the wall effectively immune to being shot - this solves that problem and adds a more realistic effect to the gun
- missile mechs now immediately abort firing when player has left their full proximity range but will immediately resume patrol in the player's direction
- slightly adjusted spawn location of missiles fired by missile mech
- added player shots and missiles to the save script (THIS MAY CAUSE ISSUES LOADING OLD SAVES - DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- adjusted save script to account for more details about indigestion so loading a game with high indigestion doesn't immediately trigger indigestion
- resprited and resized mech missiles
- player is now more properly placed and spat a short distance when regurgitated if there are no walls in the way
- sped up loading transition
- hitting a horizontal laser barrier will no longer try to move the player to their last safe coordinates if they are already back on solid ground
- fixed a couple potential bugs and exploits involving horizontal barriers
- added crash preventative for trying to save the game on the main menu
- slightly updated beta room layout
- slightly reduced distance bones will roll
- bones will not be launched as far when using auto digest and much further if using manual digest
- bones will now alert enemies that they collide with
- added a jump buffer - for a brief moment (8 frames) after walking off an edge you will still have both jumps to use - should help with attempting sprinting/long jumps so the player doesn't immediately use their air jump if their timing was a few frames off
- improved stamina bar red flash effect for attempting actions without enough stamina remaining and fixed improper scaling issues it had prior
- tweaked acid drip effect to be more consistent
- tweaked health vial toss
- crouch slosh sfx will now play when falling directly into a crouch
- modified more areas of level 1
- added unique surprised sfx for minimech pilots
- updated values displayed in beta room
- enemy health values now tied to enemies in beta room and now display max health as well
- updated controls menu
- updated readme

Bug fixes:
- pausing is now prevented while game is loading to prevent breaking things
- fixed a minor bug that allowed the player to change the direction they were facing after being KO'd
- fixed a crash that happened after a gameover while full
- UI will now stay where it's supposed to be while in fullscreen
- fixed the blind drake's exhaustion phase getting its timer reset if it was stunned during the phase
- fixed wrong regurgitate animation being used if prey succeeded in a struggle contest
- fixed a minor graphical bug from turning mid air while tossing and object/mini pilot
- fixed a bug where the swallowing projectile animation would loop if swallowing a projectile immediately after finishing eating an enemy
- fixed a bug that would let the player repeat attack animations by pressing crouch while full
- fixed a minor bug that would cause the drake to not know what to do if the player was already eaten
- fixed a minor animation loop bug when a struggle contest was triggered while eating a mech pilot
- added preventative to keep bones from rapidly colliding with enemies
- fixed inconsistency in fire rate that made the player fire slower while not carrying prey
- fixed a small bug with the action button prompt

- removed auto digest period - absorbtion can be activated as soon as all prey health has hit 0
- quick digest shall henceforth be known solely as manual digest (as it is no longer technically the faster option)
- sped up manual digest animations by ~10%
- added half fullness/post digestion belly size - at this size you will (currently) gain no buff/debuffs due to fullness and will still have room for 2 more prey
- manual digest will also cause bones (and eventually items) to be burped up akin to auto digest
- tweaked manual digest animations
- manual digest animations will now lock the player in after the smack
- slightly sped up shooting animations to be more consistent
- added jump through platforms
- press down and Z (attack/action) to drop through a platform
- player and enemy projectiles will pass through platforms
- the code for these is surprisingly complex - let me know of any bugs you find!
- replaced main tiles (huge thanks to Anko Bear!!)
- updated motion door sprites
- added several new detail tiles
- replaced health pickup sprite (thanks JumpingBananaBoat!)
- updated ammo pickup sprite
- updated missile robot sprites (thanks again JumpingBananaBoat!!)
- modified several small areas of level 1, including (but not limited to)
- increased security at violet laser barrier control
- increased security and modified floor layout of provisions stockpile
- reduced sprint stamina consumption by ~40%
- reduced dash stamina cost from 75 to 60
- reduced stamina regeneration by 50%
- stamina regenerates ~15% faster per active prey at all times except when eating and during struggle contests
- struggle contests will drain stamina at a rate scaling with how close they are to escaping
- running out of stamina during a struggle contest will cause the prey to succeed in the contest, but prey no longer succeeds from simply filling the struggle bar
- struggle contest mash difficulty reduced by 25%
- auto digest can now be used while eaten
- manual digest will now be able to digest any prey with 0 health even while other prey is still struggling
- updated digestion priority - earliest swallowed prey in stomach with 0 health will digest first
- updated enemy AI to better pursue the player if they're currently on a platform or below the player
- increased 0 prey projectile swallow speed by 50%
- increased half size projectile swallow speed by 33%
- increased 1 prey projectile swallow speed by 17%
- auto digest can now be used while airborn akin to manual digest
- engine will now attempt to place the player further from the edge if they walk off into a horizontal laser barrier
- speed is now set to 0 after being replaced on the ground hitting a horizontal barrier to prevent the player from easily falling in again
- the eat key now functions like shooting where you don't have to be moving in the direction you're facing while holding the key
- post digestion burps reduce indigestion by varying amounts
- reduced health pickup to only heal 15 (down from 25)
- reduced ammo pickup to 15 (down from 20)
- adjusted how knockback from missiles is handled to give player immediate control duing knockback (same as taking melee hits)
- slightly reduced stun time for sentry and dasher upon hitting a laser barrier
- slightly increased sentry jump height
- reworked and optimized how laser barriers worked to properly auto generate a path from source blocks
- added two missing animations for regurgitating an enemy while still holding digested remains
- updated collision code framework to potentially allow for smooth inclines in the future (let me know if something is breaking the game physics in the meantime)
- health bank and regeneration values will now be saved by save script
- bonus health (non regen) gained from using auto/full digest is now multiplied by number of enemies digested at once
- tweaked health regen to only ever activate upon FULLY completing either method of digestion (i.e. regeneration will not start until belly is flat)
- adjusted stun time for sentry on hitting a large missile or bone to match the stun time of hitting a laser barrier
- tweaked player, sentry, dasher, and drake collision masks to be more consistent and cause fewer collision issues
- dashers will face the player upon being alerted akin to sentries
- updated crawl code to prevent getting stuck in walls when exiting crawl spaces to an open fall or while taking a hit in a crawl space
- created a script for checking player states
- player should no longer be forced to regurgitate a prey if in the process of eating a projectile when getting hit by a missile or a struggle contest starts
- fixed a MADDENING collision bug that could trap the player in the ceiling if they jumped while crouching in a low ceiling room
- fixed a animaion softlock bug related to the above
- fixed a slight issue where the player could dash backwards
- entities should now always play the "landing" sfx when hitting the ground or a platform
- fixed a slight error with the collision mask of the player when crouching
- fixed a bug where the sentry could get stunlocked if she was punched after recently hitting a laser barrier
- fixed a bug where sentries wouldn't attempt to jump over an obstacle to pursue the player if they were already pressed against it
- fixed a small bug where the dasher could get stuck in the surprised pose while stunned
- fixed a bad sprite assignment for the sentry
- fixed dashers being able to be eaten mid-dash
- fixed crawl animation looping with half sized belly while not moving
- fixed a slight issue with player collision while crouching on an edge
- fixed a bug where buttons would appear to not be pressed after loading a game where they had been pressed
- fixed missing missile swallow anim
- fixed an animation softlock from using auto digest with 2 prey and an audio bug from the same animation
- fixed an EVEN MORE BIZARRE bug that executed code simiultaneously in rare scenarios that caused crashes on load
- updated readme

- health is no longer gained instantly on digestion - instead whenever digestion damage is delt to enemies,
it is stored until either auto digest is activated or quick digest is completely finished, at which point
the stored health is spent in its entirety regenerating player health
- enemies at 0 hp will still be worth a small amount of instant healing upon completing digestion of each -
auto digest will still gain more healing from enemies this way though
- (prior to any upgrades) total enemy health dealt in digestion damage will be worth about half that to the
player in healing
- quick digest will now also add bones to the bone count for regurgitation (if bones are enabled)
- being struck by missiles during a struggle contest will cause prey to be regurgitated similarly to being hit mid contest
- changed how prey are carried between levels to a much simpler and bug-free method
- struggle contest progress bars should now be sure to always appear on top of all tiles
- added an extra section to beta room for testing wall cannons
- fixed melee attacks not working while out of ammo (im very dumb)
- fixed an extremely bizarre bug that would cause an unknown variable crash
- fixed a bug that could softlock the blind drake upon taking a hit while attacking
- fixed a bug that could cause the drake to softlock the player upon eating it without it actually becoming full
- fixed an extra audio cue playing if you completed quick digest during auto digest
- updated readme

- added struggle contests - enemies will now initiate contests with you every so often to attempt to escape
- attempt frequency and warning time before contest begines scales with remaining prey health
- mashing space bar will win struggle contests, the difficulty of which also scales with remaining prey hp
- failing to out mash the prey will result in one prey escaping
- taking a hit during a struggle contest while the prey is closer than 25% to escaping will also cause them to be regurgitated
- added indigestion meter to replace random indigestion events
- shorter indigestion triggers at 65% full, longer indigestion burp triggers at 100% and reduces indigestion meter by 50
- struggling enemies and sprinting while enemies are struggling increases indigestion meter, as do struggle contests
- indigestion meter slowly decreases while not carrying active prey or sprinting, or while carrying no prey at all
- crouching and not moving lowers the rate at which indigestion is gained
- added melee attacks ("Z" to use)
- added enemy health and KO states
- struggle animations now accurately reflect remaining prey health
- end of auto digest now must be manually retriggered to finish (watch for visual/audio cue)
- reduced auto digest time by ~18% per prey eaten
- auto digestion is now incremental - player can now eat enemies during auto digestion as long as they have the capacity
- added partial digestion animation to reflect incremental digestion
- added animations for attempting to start auto digest while prey still has health left
- quick digest cannot complete digestion if prey has health left, instead extra digestion damage is dealt while held
- quick digest will digest prey incrementally like auto digest now as well
- reduced cost of eating projectiles by ~80%
- eating projectiles adds a small amount to indigestion meter
- updated stamina bar sprite
- stamina bar now remains a constant size and shows current stamina value
- increased stamina cost to eat enemies by ~40%
- stunned enemies cost 25% less stamina to swallow
- eating completely unaware enemies reduces stamina cost by 50%
- stamina cost to eat enemies now scales with their remaining health
- reduced stamina cost of sprinting ~20%
- reduced stamina regain while digesting 2 prey by ~25%
- running fully out of stamina while digesting prey will cause regular delay before regaining stamina
- boosted stamina regen kicks in as soon as move and ability keys stop being used rather than when speed is 0
- created new bone sprites
- added sfx for bone colliding with enemies
- modified number of bones generated on auto digest
- bone generation is now togglable with "B" (on by default - this will be added to a settings/preferences menu later)
- added ability to manually regurgitate enemies (D)
- created script for regurgitating enemies
- added regurgitate sound effect
- new visual effect for recently regurgitated entities
- regurgitated enemies are now spat a short distance away
- created scripts for indigestion and optimized several features
- modified how preycounts are handled to help future proof against bugs
- ko'd enemies now have proper collision mask
- created several other misc scripts for optimization
- improved jump sprites
- minorly tweaked quick digest animations
- player damage dealt and knockback dealt now scales with fullness
- sentry now stops just a bit shorter of the player so they're less prone to feeding themselves to Mia
- selecting continue without an existing save file no longer starts a new game and keeps the player on main menu
- removed an extra frame from the start of the swallow animations
- minorly tweaked explosion fx speed
- removed "hanging" laser barriers from level 1
- missile robot now has momentum and can take melee hits (though it is immune to melee damage)
- optimized robot code
- made turning before first melee attack easier
- optimized drake to now use collision boxes as opposed to masks
- reduced duration of and resized drake attack box
- Drake windup can no longer be inturrupted by first 2 melee attacks - stuns are also no longer inturrupted by the same attacks
- added crash preventative for recent changes
- blind drake SHOULD no longer get stuck in laser barriers
- modified knockback on blind drake
- reduced volume of striking a laser barrier
- shooting now behaves as it does while airborn - turning and shooting is possible on the ground without reversing direction
- optimized sentries and dashers to now use collision boxes rather than masks for attacks
- adjusted sentry attack (reduced distance needed for windup, attack now gives a small burst of movement)
- sentries are now sure to face the player before winding up
- tweaked melee knockback
- beta room shows attack boxes
- sentry and dasher now have momentum
- optimized how recieving knockback is handled
- adjusted collision box for wall missiles to compensate for player collision size adjustment
- dashers now resume patrol in the same direction they were chasing the player if they lose sight of the player
- only beta room will show developer tools such as variables and hitboxes onscreen now
- fixed stun time for dasher
- fixed a soft lock that could ocurr by finishing digestion at the same time a missile was eaten
- fixed a bug that would cause an extra enemy to be regurgitated sometimes
- fixed a bug that caused a soft lock from immediately attempting to eat a regurgitated enemy
- fixed a bug that caused enemies behind you to be eaten if they were closer than the ones in front of you
- fixed another bug that caused enemies to rapidly play the landing sound while in the airborn pose next to a wall
- fixed a bug that caused regurgitated enemies to not be spat out in the correct location
- fixed a minor graphical bug with stamina while eating ko'd enemies
- fixed a bug that caused a crash upon getting a gameover
- fixed a bug that allowed auto digest to instantly digest swallowed enemies
- fixed a bug that caused boosted stamina regen from digestion to never stop
- fixed misc regurgitation bugs that caused softlocks or failed to reduce fullness
- fixed a bug that caused regurgitation animation to loop
- fixed several misc bugs and optimization issues
- fixed a bug that could cause indigestion to happen during auto digest
- fixed a bug that caused sprite issues with enemies when they jumped next to a wall
- fixed a bug that could cause enemies to forget how to attack
- fixed a bug where enemies wouldn't be regurgitated if eating them while eaten by the drake
- fixed a bug where player would get stuck in laser barriers
- fixed a bug where dashers would not turn around at walls
- fixed bad sprite assignments with the sentry
- fixed a bug that caused a crash after being digested by the drake
- fixed a small bug that prevented actions costing stamina to execute if the player only had exactly enough stamina left
- fixed a small bug that caused the digest start animation to play slower than normal
- updated readme

- fixed a SUPER LAME IDE BUG that makes it so I CAN'T USE ANIMATIONS 9 FRAMES LONG animated at 10 FRAMES
- also the auto digest start animations are now cancellable

- player hitbox for eating enemies is now a proper hitbox rather than relying on the player collision
- player can now turn around mid-air without needing to reverse the direction they're moving
- fixed a bug that deleted enemies if you took a hit at the same time as eating an enemy
- fixed a bug that caused a crash after being regurgitated by the blind drake
- fixed a bug that replayed swallow animation by pressing down
- fixed a bug that allowed skipping half of the quick digest animation
- fixed a bug that caused run sprite to display while holding quick digest while empty
- fixed a bug that caused knockback sprite to continue to be displayed after taking a hit while eating

- Added momentum to player movement
- Added braking/sliding sprites
- Swallow animations can now be exited early by inputting movement towards the end of the animation
- Tweaked jump/fall animations to have a little more detail
- increased top speed while carrying 1 and 2 prey (.8/.6 top speed to .9/.8 top speed, respectively)
- reduced accelleration/deceleration while full as trade off
- Changed control scheme - check readme or menu for new layout (supports old control scheme except WASD)
- removed start lag upon shooting, added end lag
- adjusted animation speed to match player speed when running/crawling
- added missing knockback sprite for sentry
- modified how prey are handled when eaten in code to be more efficient and modular
- fixed a bug that caused a soft lock while finishing digestion and attempting to eat projectiles
- fixed a minor bug where the wrong airborn animation displayed for a frame before hitting the ground
- fixed a few other bugs where the wrong sprite displayed for a single frame
- fixed a minor bug where dash direction wouldn't match the double tapped key
- fixed an inconsistent sound effect

- fixed my own stupidity (temporarily) and actually added the missing stamina code :)
- tweaked player collision masks to be more uniform and fix a collision bug

- stamina bar will now flash red when attempting an action that costs more stamina than is remaining
- optimized player code and collision checks
- tweaked animations for full1 and 2 projectile swallowing to more closely match empty state
- fixed a bug that allowed manual digestion to continue while being eaten
- fixed a small bug that allowed manual digest to be used during indigestion
- fixed a bug that allowed the player to get higher than max ammo
- fixed a rare bug that caused dashers to disappear upon being eaten

- fixed couple minor bugs for indigestion audio


- Replaced/revamped player sprites
- New title screen
- Revamped menu music
- Tweaked vore audio to match new animations
- fixed bug that caused a soft lock if the player attempted to activate auto digestion while auto digest finished
- fixed bug that caused crash while digesting enemies and getting a gameover
- fixed bug that caused prey to not be regurgitated properly after loading a saved game while full
- fixed bug that caused crash on eating dasher while they were dashing
- fixed bug that caused crash while on the TBC screen


- Player can now use stamina to crawl faster
- Slightly increased dash distance
- action key is now hidden after pressing button
- added preventative for potential crash bug when eating dasher while it is dashing
- fixed bug that caused question mark to not appear in the right position when multiple enemies of the same
type existed
- fixed a bug that caused wrong collision mask to be used while crouch shooting
- fixed a bug where player could loop indigestion animations by triggering manual digestion
- fixed area in level 2 where it was impossible to dodge wall cannons
- infinite struggle loop bug with blind drake has been partially fixed - don't hold more than 2 keys at once
when struggling!


- Fixed pred enemy digesting player way too fast
- Removed manual triggering of indigestion used for testing


- Added new crew enemy
- Added new alien enemy
- Added new dash powerup
- Added wall cannons
- Crawl spaces exist now that they won't get you stuck in walls!
- Eating enemies now costs stamina
- Eating projectiles also costs stamina, but replenishes ammo
- reduced hitbox size of sentry enemy attack
- Added zoom function ("O" to activate)
- Enemies now base initial detection off of line of sight, and pursue based on proximity
- Enemies can be alerted of you if they hear you - be mindful of the sound meter!
- New JSON based save system
- Question marks now stay properly tied to the enemy that generates them
- Increased range at which you can grab enemies to eat
- eat key can now be held prior to colliding with enemies to eat them
- indigestion now will not happen chained extremely close together, but should otherwise still happen at about
the same frequency
- Added alternate sprint key (C) for those who's keyboards have issues with using alt to sprint
- Updated vore system to be able to handle different types of prey
- Player can now shoot ~20% faster while on the ground
- Increased player sprint speed while not full
- Being fuller also reduces knockback range and duration
- slightly increased enemy 1 stun time
- Digesting/quick digesting 2 enemies at once heals slightly more now
- Manual/quick digest can be done during auto digestion now (if you couldn't already)
- Updated readme
- fixed bug that caused crash on gameover
- fixed bug that caused enemies to vanish when they detected you too close
- fixed bug that caused crash when regurgitating the last enemy of a type in a level
- fixed issue where enemies could get stuck in walls
- fixed bug that caused regurgitated enemies to get stuck in nearby platforms
- fixed bug that caused regurgitation animation to not always play properly
- fixed bugs that caused regurgitation to duplicate or delete enemies
- fixed regurgitation bug for REAL this time
- fixed collisions to properly get player/enemies out of walls should they get stuck

If you're interested in potentially contributing sprite work to the game, shoot me a PM! Couple other things that may be important to interested artists: The pixel sizes I'm working with currently are a maximum of 128x128 (for the typical biped characters), though this is a bit flexible. The majority of what I need right now are tiles and general detail sprites (furniture, environment pieces, etc). For characters, I will likely need more female character sprites than male and monster characters, but time permitting I would like to add as many as I can to the game, both as enemies and player characters (male/female sets would work thinking on it, it would be easy to implement if they were functionally identical, if a bit time consuming). Players will be able to be both pred and prey, and most vore will be same size (with a couple exceptions).

Enemy names for reference in bug reporting/critique
Sentry (First encountered enemy)
Dasher (Red armor, blue blades)
Missile Mech/Mini mech
Mini mech pilots (the tinies that appear from destroyed mini mechs)
Alien drake/Blind drake

HUGE thank you to GoldenKuji for their wonderful work in designing/animating the vast majority of the sprites for the sentry!!
Another huge thanks to Anko Bear for their work on creating the majority of the redesigned tiles, JumpingBananaBoat for updating the mech sprites and the health pod, and to AbsoluteVL for helping me refine Mia's OG redesign!!
Also massive thank you to my (anonymous) friend who composed the music for the game and Jeschke for various voreish sound effects!

readme (Included in download)
Spoiler: show

If the formatting of this text document makes it a pain to read, try enabling Word Wrap: click "Format -> Word wrap" at the top of the text editor (Notepad users)!

REMINDER that alpha/beta builds are unstable and will be significantly buggier! Please remember to report any bugs (with as many steps to reproduce as possible) to the forum page or the discord bug report channel!

Saves will usually be compatible between updates, though this is not always the case (especially if I had to make changes to the save script since the last update). I expect save compatibility to increase the further into development this game gets, but until then be advised there is nothing I can do if your previous save is not compatible with a new game version!


Welcome to Project: G.L.U.T.T., a pseudo metroidvania stealth-based vore platformer! Here you can find install info and all the extra tips and tricks for the game and its features. Controls are available from the main menu, but will also be listed here. Unless you want to experiment on your own, I highly recommend reading through the gameplay tips, as there are numerous mechanics that are not very immediately obvious, especially when dealing with the vore mechanics. As I've recieved many questions about it, yes the game will eventually feature a proper tutorial area, but as this game is rather early in development it will be a while before that happens as the game's base mechanics and features all need to be worked out and polished first.

Extract all files from this zip into any new folder you choose. Run the game via the executable. Enjoy!

*NOTE IF WINDOWS IS STOPPING THE GAME FROM RUNNING - especially after new game updates, Windows will frequently automatically try to stop .exe files from running if it detects that the file has not been downloaded by many people for virus protection. To run the game if this happens, simply click "advanced options" or "More info" (this will vary between Windows versions) and choose "run anyway."

Arrow keys for movement/jumping/crawling

Space: Shoot

Z: Melee/Interact (hold to charge melee)

Z + Down: Drop through platform

X/Ctrl: Eats edible enemies, or projectiles if held

C/Alt: Sprint

A/Shift (Hold): Manual digest

S/Enter: Auto complete digestion

D: Regurgitate enemies

F: Burp (creates noise and reduces indigestion)

O: Toggle Zoom level

Esc: Pause game

F8: Save game

F1: Fullscreen - may cause sprite distortion due to how pixel art scales if not (this is less likely on high resolution monitors).

Vore Mechanics

Eating enemies costs stamina, proportional to the health they have remaining (i.e. a full health enemy will cost a lot of stamina to eat, whereas a KO'd enemy will cost none). Enemies stunned with the stun gun will cost half as much to eat, and enemies completely unaware of your presence will cost a quarter.

Once an enemy has been eaten, so long as they have health remaining they will begin to struggle. You can continue to move and act as normal during this time for the most part, but while full your acceleration and deceleration will be slower, as will your top speed.

You can activate manual digest whenever at least one of your prey is at 0 hp, and auto digest when all prey is at 0 hp. Auto digest will COMPLETELY digest all prey in your stomach, at which point any items or remains will be regurgitated. You can continue to eat enemies at any other point as long as you have the stomach capacity and stamina available.

Manual digestion will keep you immobile for the duration of the animation, but allows you to incrementally digest prey, should you desire to shed the weight of one while keeping the fullness buffs from the first - or perhaps to make room for another without a noisy burp that will alert other nearby enemies. While prey still has health left, digestion will not be able to fully complete, BUT as long as the button is being held you will deal extra damage to all prey and digest any at 0 hp.

Auto digest fully restores stamina. Manual digest restores some for each prey digested, and fully restores on full completion.

The more prey in your belly, the less damage and knockback you receive, and the more you deal.

Finishing either form of digestion will leave you temporarily immobile - timing is key.

Regurgitating enemies can be used to your advantage if you find you need to make a quick get away or eat a more dangerous enemy that hasn't yet been KO'd.

While prey has health left, they will struggle in attempt to get out. Every so often this will come in the form of a struggle contest - you will have a brief warning via a sound effect and progress bar below Mia, then you must mash space in order to keep them down. Failing to out mash enemies will result in them rapidly draining stamina - running fully out of stamina will allow one to escape, as will taking a hit while they're closer than 25% to escaping.

Struggle contest frequency, difficulty, stamina drain, and warning time will all scale with how much total health your prey has remaining - more health means more frequent contests, more difficult contests (prey start with a higher value on the struggle bar), and shorter warning time, and vise versa for less health. Stamina drain rate is based purely on how close prey is to escaping during the contest (the higher the green struggle bar, the faster stamina is drained).

Additionally while prey is struggling, they will raise your indigestion meter (top left) - at 65% this will cause minor indigestion, and at 100% it will cause severe indigestion/burping. Both leave you temporarily immobile, and the indigestion burp will create lots of noise, but will reduce your indigestion meter by 50%. Taking a hit from most things during indigestion will force you to regurgitate 1 prey.

Even more indigestion is gained by sprinting while prey is still struggling, but will subside all other times.

Crouching and not moving will keep indigestion from building up as quickly.

Manually burping will lower your indigestion meter, but you will not be able to do it if the indigestion meter is empty. Burping creates a lot of noise as well, which can be used to your advantage to lure enemies from a distance.

Taking a hit will interrupt eating anything.

Swallowing projectiles costs a small amount of stamina, but will add to your indigestion meter - while carrying no live prey, swallowing projectiles comes at no cost beyond stamina.

You can only swallow projectiles if you are both facing the right direction AND they collide with the upper half of your body.

Whenever digestion damage is dealt to enemies, health (equal to about half the digestion damage dealt) is stored until either auto digest is activated or manual digest is completely finished, at which point the stored health is spent in its entirety regenerating player health over time. Both enemies who were reduced to 0 HP before being eaten AND enemies who were digested to 0 HP will still be worth a small amount of instant healing, gained as soon as the enemy is digested.

When you're the one who's been eaten, struggling is the only way to escape through use of arrow keys - struggle direction won't matter to some preds, but it might to others (for those there will never be randomness in which direction you should struggle in, it should become obvious quickly with a little common sense). If you've struggled enough to interrupt their digestion (listen for audio cue), be still for a moment and you will be regurgitated. Alternately you can keep struggling if you really want to make them regret eating you, though this does nothing special currently.

Gameplay tips
Gameplay preferences and resolution settings can be accessed any time via the pause menu.

This platformer is designed to be stealth oriented - enemies are strong, especially in numbers. Eliminating them one at a time and away from other enemies is a good strategy, or sneaking around them as a whole! Explore your options for ways forward.

Your first 2 melee attacks (the punch and swing) will only hit the nearest enemy to you - don't let yourself get cornered.

Holding the attack button will charge your next melee attack - the longer it is charged, the more stamina it will cost and the more damage and knockback it will deal. This stacks with other damage and knockback multipliers!

You have limited ammo - use it wisely! Ammo pickups can be found around the level, and eating projectiles will restore ammo.

Your gun will work to stun enemies, but deals no damage except to robotic/mech enemies (who in turn are immune to standard melee attacks).

Regular enemies can detect you 2 different ways - by line of sight (exempting blind enemies), and by sound. Your sound meter shows how much sound you're currently giving off - the more you make, the further away enemies will be able to detect you.

Mech enemies detect you entirely off proximity regardless of sound or line of sight - crouching/crawling however still reduces how far they can detect you from!

Many of your actions are limited by regenerating stamina - you will have little to start, so save it for situations like escaping multiple enemies rather than speedrunning.

The dash ability will give you invulnerability for the duration of the dash - use it to dodge attacks or quickly accelerate to top speed, especially while full.

Make sure you explore different areas of levels, you might miss something important!

One last note, the below screenshots are not currently up to date with the most recent version! I should have them updated soon.
Cover Art redesign.png
Cover art
Cover Art redesign.png (9.15 KiB) Viewed 142284 times
Easy snack.
Not all prey is so agreeable.
Some, even LESS so.
Dominance asserted successfully.
Open wide!
And you, for that matter.
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Re: Searching for sprite artists for 2d vore platformer game

Postby CreeperBoy » Fri Dec 20, 2019 10:14 am

So the thing about asking for free labor is that you'll need to provide some sort of compensation, or at the very least let people know what it is they'll be working on, and if it's something they're willing to donate time and effort to. "Free WIP tests" sadly just isn't enough to convince someone to offer their services, most times. It's kinda like "paying in exposure", which essentially means nothing to the artist :?

That said, I am happy to provide help with a few sprites, and maybe help you learn how to make sprites on your own. Though it seems like you have a decent understanding, already
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Re: Searching for sprite artists for 2d vore platformer game

Postby DraconicSyntax » Fri Dec 20, 2019 11:11 am

CreeperBoy wrote:So the thing about asking for free labor is that you'll need to provide some sort of compensation, or at the very least let people know what it is they'll be working on, and if it's something they're willing to donate time and effort to. "Free WIP tests" sadly just isn't enough to convince someone to offer their services, most times. It's kinda like "paying in exposure", which essentially means nothing to the artist :?

That said, I am happy to provide help with a few sprites, and maybe help you learn how to make sprites on your own. Though it seems like you have a decent understanding, already

Right, I definitely recognize the WIP tests aren't much by way of compensation - I was prepared in advance that there wouldn't likely be many takers as a result, which is completely fair. I imagined that the reason other artists might still be interested in helping is due to them also wanting a new vore game, and/or perhaps wanting to see their own art/creations in said game; more for the passion of it, probably. I completely understand artists turning away at lack of monetary compensation here though - I know art isn't easy and can be very time consuming!

That also said, thank you for your interest in the project! Any sprites/help you're willing to spare I'd appreciate very much :)
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Re: Searching for sprite artists for 2d vore platformer game

Postby Ayra42 » Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:21 pm

Hello there. I am not able to bring help in any way possible but i am heavely interrested in your project and I wish you the best of luck
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Re: Searching for sprite artists for 2d vore platformer game

Postby DraconicSyntax » Fri Dec 20, 2019 1:32 pm

Zbeubyx wrote:Hello there. I am not able to bring help in any way possible but i am heavely interrested in your project and I wish you the best of luck

Thank you!! As of now all the most basic mechanics are in so it's going well :)
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Re: Searching for sprite artists for 2d vore platformer game

Postby Cimche » Fri Dec 20, 2019 4:16 pm

I'm interested and can help with the sprite work. I'm a beginner (kinda) but I gots the aseprite ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ if you need any examples of my sprite work there's two in my gallery.
(I did not make my icon, that was made by ghouls)
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby DraconicSyntax » Thu Jan 23, 2020 10:23 pm

Big progress update!
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby VLover552 » Fri Jan 24, 2020 12:14 pm

This looks awesome cant wait to see where you go with this, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this one
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Datstrudel » Fri Jan 24, 2020 3:09 pm

Looks interesting, very interested to see where this goes.
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Ayra42 » Sat Jan 25, 2020 2:18 pm

Well now that looks good, I’m definitely excited to test it out :D
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby dragon666 » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:50 am

when will the game be release cause i want to try it out and see how it works 8) 8)
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby DraconicSyntax » Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:56 am

dragon666 wrote:when will the game be release cause i want to try it out and see how it works 8) 8)

I'm close to having an alpha release ready! I need to finish building the full first level and get the first two enemies fully functional (one of which I'm very grateful to have help from GoldenKuji for), plus add sound, then it should be ready.
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Ayra42 » Wed Mar 04, 2020 3:55 pm

sorry for bringing up false hope but I feel like I should ask still. Is everything alright? This topic suddenly got silent
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby DraconicSyntax » Wed Mar 04, 2020 5:29 pm

Zbeubyx wrote:sorry for bringing up false hope but I feel like I should ask still. Is everything alright? This topic suddenly got silent

Everything's good, just been incredibly busy largely. Progress is still happening, just slowly XD

I have the remainder of the first level drafted though and more than half built, with only a couple more things that need fresh sprites and code. After that it's adding the rest of the sound and a bit of polish and it should be out - I'd hazard a guess of within the month for the alpha release if things work out.
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Ayra42 » Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:40 am

Alright, happy to know everything’s fine, I’ll personally patiently bide my time, and may the force be with you
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Turbotowns » Thu Mar 05, 2020 4:36 pm

Hello! Nice! Always great to have more vore platformers, ESPECIALLY when we player pred!
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby DraconicSyntax » Sat Mar 07, 2020 3:16 pm

Another couple progress images!
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Ziedine » Sat Mar 07, 2020 7:59 pm

firebolt2526 wrote:Another couple progress images!

I can't wait anymooooooreee i'm hunngrrryyyyy!!!!!
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby rbrdiesel » Sat Mar 07, 2020 9:44 pm

looking good. can't wait to see it finished.
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Re: 2D Vore Platformer UPDATE (Looking for sprite artists!)

Postby Ayra42 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 4:21 am

firebolt2526 wrote:Another couple progress images!

This is looking great ^^. Can’t wait to go at it :gulp:
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