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Minecraft Vore Mods : (Important News, Please Read!)

Postby MysticSummoner » Tue Jan 14, 2020 6:00 pm

All of the mods listed here for for 1.14.4 (except the old versions that can be found under the old page)!

VCraft and PCraft are undergoing many changes right now.
Both mods are becoming almost completely different from the versions that are up right now. VCraft will be getting features to function without the VToken, as well as 4 new level-able skills, and a system to keep track of all 5! Along with this, a system for multiplayer use will also be in effect.
If you would like to test some of the new features (THE VTOKEN IS STILL NEEDED IN THIS DEMO), click this link to download the 2.1 Demo.
(You'll need to update your belly textures to work in VCraft 2.1 Demo, so click here the new Example Textures folder!
Please note that VCraft may change slightly, I'm considering restarting from scratch to make this new system!
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------PCraft is undergoing even bigger changes:
After PCraft Demo 5, the mod was almost irrecoverably broken. I still have no idea what caused all of the issues, but I wasn't going to let that stop me.
With some new features that I have been granted, I am currently remaking the mod from scratch. To get a full rundown of what's changed look in the spoiler below:
Spoiler: show
-Preds will now carry over names to their belly and digestion forms.
-The entire process for Swallowing, Struggling, and Digestion/Absorbtion now has special visuals!
-Struggling is now done with the arrow keys in the indicated direction.
-Being swallowed now sends you to an internal setting, creating the belly about 5-10 blocks below the pred, and returning the block they replaced once the pred has regurgitated or digested you.
-Visuals that show the "outside" of the pred in the corner of your screen.
-Antacid now slows digestion speed to 1/4, and added a creative only antacid that completely blocks digestion.
-Armor slows digestion time based on armor points.
-Armor takes damage based off of stomach acid height.
-Dynamic stomach acid height that rises every few seconds, or when you struggle wrong. Higher acid levels increase digestion speed.
-Acidproof enchantment for armor that can be found similarly to mending (vilager trades, chest loot) that makes armor not take acid damage.
-Custom Death Messages.
-Everything for PCraft is in its own creative tab.

If you'd like to test out the PCraft mechanics demo (This demo only has the ender girl!) click this link!
If you haven't already it is highly suggested that you join the discord server. This is where I've been putting updates and such for the past while.

Old Page (Outdated, will be removed soon.)
Spoiler: show
Latest News:
VCraft 2.1 is on hold, as MCreator will be getting an update soon that will be finally adding permanent player variables, which will let me get rid of the VToken. I ran a poll on my discord server and people voted to delay VCraft 2.1, in the meantime, I'll be working on PCraft. (I don't want to finish the update if I'm just going to have to go back and redo all of the code anyways).
If you'd like, the last Demo I made of VCraft 2.1 is up for download, and it has all of the functioning leveling trees.
VCraft 2.1 Demo

How to apply your custom belly textures
Discord Server

Downloads: (Now near the top, yay!)
PCraft and Companion files:
PCraft Demo 5
Warning: PCraft is very buggy right now, please read some of the later comments to find out some of the issues in this update. Always do /escape when a new world is created otherwise you can’t be eaten.

VCraft and Companion files:
Vcraft 2.0 (A)
Example Texture Folder (2.0) (If you need help with texture changing or want example textures)
First person mod (I really suggest you download this mod!)

PCraft Changelog Demo 5 (26 February, 2020):
Demo 5 : New Mobs, Mechanics, and ... Pink Milk?
What's New?
-A new vore stage for all mobs (excluding Zombie and Husk girls): **Swallowing**.
-The digestion bar does not fill while being swallowed, and it is easier to escape than while in their belly, additionally you must fight your way back up swallowing to escape.
-The Matango, functions as your normal aggressive pred.
-The Dryad, starts as passive and can swallow the player at lower health to heal them safely, but if the player breaks any wood while one is nearby they will become enraged and try to eat and digest the player.
-The Cage: certain mobs will be able to be caged if they walk on this block dropping a caged form of that mob (currently only works on dryads), and can be used to feed to certain mobs.
-Caged Dryad: Can be fed to the holstaurus and after a couple minutes it will digest and create pink milk.
-Pink Holstaurus Milk: after digesting a dryad, a holstaurus's milk will become pink and heal 1 and 1/2 hearts.
-Wheat Extract: makes the user too enticing for a holstaurus not to gobble up, although their stomach acid is too weak to hurt you.

What Changed?
-The weresheep now eats the player if they get too close, and can digest them.
-A weight gain state for the weresheep.
-A *hopefully* improved model for the holstaurus milkable state.
-Revised model for the Ender Girl's belly state.
-New system to combat an unknown issue reguarding not being able to be regurgitated.
-**Mobs can now spawn naturally,** feedback is needed on their spawn rates, but I have personally made sure that they all spawn in the enviroments they are supposed to spawn in.
-Zombie and Ender girl : Anywhere at night
-Husk Girl : Deserts
-Weresheep : Taigas
-Holstaurus : Plans and forests
-Matango : Roofed forest and mooshroom islands
-Dryad : Forests
-Slight revision of /escape command to ensure that it works
-Test Item (Release Token) no longer works and will be removed in a few updates.
-Tests of the ideas of particles and burping when the non WG weresheep eats the player, and the holstaurus eats a dryad. (Looking for feedback on this one)

VCraft Changelog 2.0 (A) (2 February, 2020):
-[Important] 2.0 (A) is a proof of concept of the features to be fully added in 2.0 (B), I am just looking for some feedback on certain features so far. I know the following things are slightly problematic, and they will be changed so please try to refrain from glitch reports on these: Regurgitation, Ability to see level progress
-Due to recent changes this mod is now fully incompatible with servers, it will break features of this mod!
-Belly textures are now the first textures in the mod's files, and new belly stage textures have been added.
-Updated Example Texture folder to include new textures
-Belly size increased from 12 units of space to 24 units of space (+3 with overstuffed)
-Belly size is now a levelable aspect that increases in xp when your belly is filled by 75% or more. (There is currently no way to see how close to leveling up you are, this will be added soon, but it is being a little problematic so I need to step back for a bit before re-looking at this
-[Config] Added gameplay tab to config, comes with ability to toggle leveling to off
-The following mobs are now edible: Wolves, Ocelots, Villagers
-Regurgitated mobs are the exact mobs that were eaten the system for storing the mobs is glitchy, and I get it it will be fully fleshed out in the next update. For now if you quit with a full belly, and they decide to regurgitate something next time, you will have to quit and rejoin again for it to appear
-[Config] Added option for 3rd person messages, as well as the ability to set a custom name for 3rd person and whether it is he/she/they
-[Config] Added ability to toggle location of messages from action bar to chat. All non-config messages should now go to the same place
-Regurgitation now releases entire belly at once (Better options for this will be added soon
-Huge rework of stomach bar overlay, it is now at the top left, and it changes depending on max size. Digestion bar is now under the stomach bar and is smaller.

Planned features for version B:
-[Guaranteed] More level-able functions of the player. Possible choices: Stomach acid control, struggle resistance, stomach efficiency, and weight accommodation
-[Guaranteed] Burping up items depending on what mobs you ate
-[Possible] Level bars that shows level progress for different abilities
-[Possible] New tonic that once drank turns any zombie villagers you may have eaten unto normal villagers
-[Unlikely] Change from swallowing by hitting a mob with the V-Token to right clicking it

Features that are being put off:
-Different types of vore - (I am just not ready for this feature yet)
-Armored bellies - (I am just not ready for this feature yet)
-PCraft support for singleplayer - (Waiting until I am ready for official release of PCraft)
-Support for more playermodels - (The size changes just create strange texture sizes that I am not ready to work with yet

These mods are for 1.12.2
PCraft - (Proof of Concept/Demo build)
I am now finally ready to release of proof of concept for the multiplayer-friendly player prey mod, PCraft (Prey Craft).

The version that I am releasing to you is a proof of concept and I know it will have a lot of bugs/issues. I am looking for your help to see how it can be improved, and what should be changed. Before downloading please read the part below, it is wordy I'm sorry but I want to explain how it works for now:

One of the first things you may notice is that the only mobs capable of eating the player are the ones included in this mod and it is a third person perspective. I am definitely not advanced enough at mod making to make a system with the regular mobs in Minecraft so I am going with custom monster girls to do the job, I would like to stay away from true monsters and males because I don't really enjoy stuff like that and I feel that it would lessen the enjoyment I get from making the mod, and in turn possibly make me slow its progress.

Before testing you are going to want to grab a PToken, it is not required to do any actions, like VCraft's VToken does, it just acts as a place to store data because storing it on the player is very unreliable. Then, either spawn a zombie girl and walk up to it (Its eat event is triggered by being close to it, or right click in the Alex's case. While the zombie girl makes up the hostile type of predators, Alex makes up the friendly. You will want to grab a guiding spirit, and Alex will follow you while you are in her stomach and are holding it (it acts like attracting sheep with wheat, so Alex can lose interest if you get too far away. Just like the zombie girl Alex can digest you if you take stay in her stomach for too long.
Pictured above is the digestion bar, it fills up over time and when it is full the player dies. If in Alex you will have 45 seconds to escape, but with the zombie you will have 30. To escape Alex's stomach just right click her with anything (like I said you don't need to use the PToken ,just have it in your inventory), and to escape the zombie girl's belly you must right clicking her to mount on top, then press "G" to struggle with only a certain chance of getting out. Spamming does not work though, because it lowers the chance of escape, you must wait a full second to struggle with normal strength, and if you wait even longer you will do a powerful kick (all three can be differentiated by the tone of the struggle). If the zombie girl digests you she turns into a bigger-chested version of the normal zombie girl with a slight leftover belly and extra attack and health.

For the zombie girl, there is a failsafe if it dies with you "in" its belly and you should be released if you are close enough.

I would really appreciate suggestions or criticisms of the mod to help me figure out where to go from here, and I know that there is a lot of glitches in this, if you could try to focus on just any ideas or criticisms you have for now that would be great!

I do actually need your help on one thing, if you can make or find any skins that could be used for monster girls, or predator types please help me out, as I do not really have a plan for monsters (besides female versions of current vanilla mobs), and I am not the best at making textures.

See Top
VCraft - (2.0)
I am glad to announce the release of my singleplayer Minecraft player predator mod, VCraft (Vore Craft).

VCraft is currently a singleplayer mod for Minecraft, (it will break if used on servers), that allows the player to be a predator. There are currently 24 different models for bellies that the player can have and by default they are textured to fit the "Alex" skin, although that can be changed by opening up in inside files and replacing the textures found in the mod with ones you have made for your own skins. (See below for the easiest way to)
You are gonna want an application that can see inside a .jar, 7zip works best for this. When you go in find the assets->textures and find the belly1-belly24, they are the same as entity texture maps so bring them out and design each one depending on your skin of choice. (There is an example textures folder at the top if you need help). Then delete these files and replace them with the 18 set of your custom files. (Make very sure that they are named the same!)

The Mechanics:
The VToken:
On beginning a world or after dying, you are given a VToken, this item stores all of your data and allows you to eat mobs, so don't loose it! (If you somehow loose it without dying, just relog and you should get a new one)

Sneak+Right-Click the VToken in your offhand to access the config

Hit a mob with the VToken and you will swallow that mob. Not every mob can be eaten, and some need to meet a certain criteria to be eaten (see below). Your stomach will fill up by a predetermined amount depending on the mob, and you cannot eat a mob if it would go over your max stomach capacity.

Special Potions:
There are two special potion effects that can be gotten by drinking "tonics." The first of the effects is overstuffed, which allows you to eat more than you could normally hold. If you eat mobs over your normal limit and the effect runs out, there is no penalty so feel free to eat all you can while this effect is active. Then there is calmed digestion, which stops mobs from struggling (see struggling mechanic below).

Coming soon...

Mobs that you swallow are sent down into your stomach, where they fill up a certain amount of its max space. The more you have filled up your stomach, the less you will be able to move. The stomach bar on the top left of your screen shows up whenever you have something in your stomach, and represents how much you can hold. An extra three spaces will show up when you have the overstuffed potion effect. If you want to know how much space certain mobs take up see the spoiler below (You have 27 spaces max):
Silverfish/Endermite : 1
Bat : 2
Chicken/Rabbit : 3
Slime/Magma Cube : 5
Cave Spider : 6
Pig : 7
Blaze/Spider/Squid/Shulker : 8 (Fully square belly)
Sheep : 9
Cow/Mooshroom : 10
Snow Golem : 11
Most Hostile Mobs : 12
Villagers : 12
Wither Skeleton : 13
Enderman/Llama/Horse : 15

When you eat a mob it is not forever lost. Certain mobs can be carried around in your stomach then let out safely, allowing you to become a safe form of transport. Pressing "R" will allow you to regurgitate the entire contents of your belly. You cannot release a mob once you start digestion.

Being in a stomach isn't exactly the most ideal situation for your prey, so it will probably put up a fight. You will occasionally take damage if your prey struggles (see chances below). A struggle attempt is made very couple seconds, and if you ate a mob such as a blaze or a magma cube, your fiery mean will set you alight. If your health is at 4 hearts or less, the mob will instead give you indigestion, which at this moment only pauses digestion for a bit.
When a struggle is chanced it is set by the Chance/Player Strength.

Chance is a base value of 10, with 10 extra if you ate any hostile mobs, and 10 more if you are moving.
Player strength is your current health multiplied by 10, (out of 200 total).

So if you ate only peaceful mobs and you were at full health the chance of a struggle every couple seconds would by 1/20, whereas if you were right before indigestion with hostile mobs and were moving, the chance would be 1/3. Indigestion rolls are always 1/7.

Upon eating a mob, digestion does not begin immediately. Instead, when you are ready, you must press the "v" key to begin digesting the mobs in your stomach. Digestion works in 3 phases:
Mobs are not being digested in this phase, you can still regurgitate mobs, but they will struggle.
Your digestion bar will start filling up, the speed at which it fills depends on how much you ate, and once the bar fully fills, it will start to lower (at a slower rate than it filed. Mobs will still struggle in this phase, but you can no longer release mobs from in your belly.
Once your digestion bar fills up fully again, mobs will stop struggling and your stomach bar will not start shrinking, as well as your stomach. Every couple seconds you will be rewarded with 1 hunger point.

See Top

Last Thing:
This mod will always be free to download, and I never plan to make a single cent off this mod, and as such this mod was made with a mod maker called MCreator because I would probably go insane trying to code all of this in true java. This is just something I have fun doing so I wanted to share it with you guys :D .
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby Anton » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:00 pm

This seems promising, looking forward to testing this out!

Also you may wish to add onto your post which version of Minecraft is the mod compatible with, so people know which version to install it on.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby Rat_Guy » Tue Jan 14, 2020 10:21 pm

can we see some pictures or video before downloading?
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby MysticSummoner » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:03 am

Rat_Guy wrote:can we see some pictures or video before downloading?

I have added a few images for now :-D , more will be added later as I see fit.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby RWGryphon » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:04 am

I've always been looking forwards to one of these mods, as odd as the idea sounds. Would definitely like to see more of this and where it goes!
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby ArgobargSoup » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:05 am

Quick note, before I go testing, that first person mod doesn't seem to have a 1.12.2 version.

EDIT: So after a bit of testing, mod seems to work well! Does what it says in the OP, lets ya eat mobs, carry them out, hork them up, or digest them, with a visible gut! The tonics work, the prey kick and struggle now and then... there's even a failsafe for trying ta eat non-vanilla mobs. All in all, is good!

Suggestions and comments time...

1. If ya do improve upon the multiplayer aspect... well, the hard part is gonna be findin' out how ta make it so that people have their own belly skins, otherwise you're gonna see your own belly skin on other people.

2. Difficulty-based struggling - have it so that difficulty affects struggling. Easy difficulty - they struggle less, hard difficulty, they struggle more... and, well, peaceful difficulty, peaceful doesn't do hunger, so maybe no struggles at all since there's nothing to balance against. :P
...maybe toggle-able by config?

3. A minor one, but maybe the "saturation tonic" should be renamed to something more fitting of "this lets you stuff more prey into your gut". :P

4. A future idea, kinda out there, though... There's another mod out there, Extra Utilities, that has a "golden lasso" item, that lets you capture a mob with every single bit of data intact. If you could find a way to adapt that code to your mod, would make it a bit useful for transporting mobs. :P
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby Firon » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:05 am

pred only content huh?....kinda a shame if you ask me as there's a possible market for prey content too
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby DollyFailFail » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:13 am

Yeah I'd say that I'd definitely be interested in (non-multiplayer)player prey content in the future. Still absolutely looking forward to trying this out though.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby ian66613 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 1:37 pm

On the subject of prey content. Integrating it into the Grimoire of Gaia mod (if it's installed, otherwise nothing would happen) would allow a more extensible system for players to experience themselves as prey: https://the-grimoire-of-gaia.fandom.com ... egory:Mobs

Adding a "Soulbind" upgrade for your VToken would be interesting too. For PvP Content or when prey content comes out... hitting a player with a VToken and digesting them with the Soulbind mod equipped will stop them from respawning for a time. If you have an internal stomach cell/area for players to be stuck in while in a stomach, the player digested would be stuck here until they are allowed to respawn. If not, they would be forced to spectate their predator until allowed to respawn. You can upgrade the amount of time you force the prey to stay soulbound by adding more of the soulbind upgrade to the token. (If considering adding this to Grimoire of Gaia mobs, the valkyrie and succubus mobs would have soulbind on by default.)
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby rez » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:07 pm

I'm enjoying the mod so far. The only things I would suggest is that swallowing prey fills the hunger meter, and perhaps some kind of template for making a custom belly, something like some rectangles with labels saying where they would end up on the model.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby chris9774 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 5:54 pm

Honestly i haven't ever dabbled in texture editing in minecraft, or most games for that matter, however I was wondering if you could go into a bit more detail on exactly how you replace the belly textures, because i have a skin but i cant open them and use the png unless there is some other way that I'm unaware of. Thanks in advance
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.0

Postby MysticSummoner » Wed Jan 15, 2020 6:07 pm

chris9774 wrote:Honestly i haven't ever dabbled in texture editing in minecraft, or most games for that matter, however I was wondering if you could go into a bit more detail on exactly how you replace the belly textures, because i have a skin but i cant open them and use the png unless there is some other way that I'm unaware of. Thanks in advance

rez wrote:I'm enjoying the mod so far. The only things I would suggest is that swallowing prey fills the hunger meter, and perhaps some kind of template for making a custom belly, something like some rectangles with labels saying where they would end up on the model.

I added an example textures folder that has sides color coded and extra instuctions.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby MBucket » Wed Jan 15, 2020 7:44 pm

Hey this works pretty great so far! Adding in custom textures to the "belly" model isn't that hard either. Hope in the future there could be some sort of way to eat items/blocks as well.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby ian66613 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:42 pm

and I am not going to do much with multiplayer in mind.

Prey content doesn't mean you have to force yourself into making it player versus player only.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby Turbotowns » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:15 pm

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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby LOLDUDE » Wed Jan 15, 2020 9:35 pm

Excellent concept that works pretty well for what it is already! I think this has a lot of potential, though, and I'd like to suggest a few things for you to possibly integrate later on, if you'd be able:
  • Streamline the belly re-texturing process. Mainly, if there would be a way for people to get their custom skin-matching bellies working whilst having to edit less textures, that would be great. Perhaps you could have the belly models call for just one texture, and each model has different UV mapping to show more or less of specific features? I dunno if UV mapping is really possible in Minecraft, but if it is, that could work.
  • Make it easier to integrate custom belly textures into the game. I'm thinking that, if possible, you could have the mod create a subfolder in .minecraft named "vcraft". In this folder, for each belly that the player would want to be available to them, they could make subfolders and place the appropriate textures for each one inside. Then, the mod could recognize these subfolders as replacement belly textures and allow the player to choose between them in an in-game GUI. More Player Models does something similar to this, where it makes a subfolder in which mod-specific data is stored, so I imagine that might be possible for this.
  • Make the perspective in the mod's text strings consistent. Currently, some lines are in first person and some are in second, and I think it'd be better to stick with one throughout. Personally, I'd prefer second person, but if possible, maybe you could provide an in-game option for the player to pick themselves, and have the mod switch out the strings according to their choice.
  • Make it possible for mobs to eat you. A bunch of people have suggested this already, but this would be nice for those who are more inclined to be prey. At the very least, perhaps you could make it so right-clicking on a mob with the VCraft token prompts them to eat. At most, you could make it an option for mobs to automatically attempt to eat the player, possibly with options for you to enable/disable this behavior for certain mobs, so the player can avoid getting eaten by things they'd rather not be eaten by.
  • Multiplayer integration. Again, I know this is something that's been suggested already, but a lot of fun could be had with this in a multiplayer situation. Players being able to eat other players would be nice (the eaten player could just spectate the one who ate them whilst they're in them), but at the very least, optimizing the mob vore aspect for servers would be good, too.
  • Mod support. I know that there are a lot of different mods for 1.12.2 that people would likely want to use this with, but considering how complicated some of them are, I would understand if you wouldn't be able to get them working with this. At the very least, I would personally like to see this have support for the aforementioned More Player Models. I've tested it with VCRaft, and whilst the models that that mod can add to the player, like tails and ears and such, don't conflict with VCraft's belly, the belly does not change position or size in relation to the player's size being changed. If the player is at 200% size, the belly will be on their crotch, and if they're at 50% size, it will be on their face. At the very least, I would like to see the belly scale accordingly with the size of the torso, even if that makes the bulges much smaller or bigger than they normally are. Additionally, if you go ahead with making mobs able to eat players, and subsequently give them their own belly models, you could maybe have those utilized on More Player Models's alternate models for the player.
Sorry for the wall of text, or for possibly coming across as demanding a lot from you or telling you how to make your mod, I just wanted to share with you my thoughts on how you could make this great mod even better. I don't expect all of this to be possible, but I'm hoping that the things that are possible could be added to this later on. Regardless of what you do with it, though, thank you very much for making Minecraft's first vore mod!
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby THEDEMONWARLOCK » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:27 pm

Mary mother milk drinker! This is amazing! Bravo my friend! Keep up the good work! :D
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby MysticSummoner » Wed Jan 15, 2020 11:32 pm

I’m glad you like the idea so far, I feel like I should answer some of your points because a couple of them are things people are requesting.
LOLDUDE wrote:Streamline the belly re-texturing process.

I see what you mean for the textures, I could combine all of the textures into a single texture that includes textures for all of the stages; which I think I might end up doing because it would be much more efficient.

LOLDUDE wrote:Make it easier to integrate custom belly textures into the game.

I really wish there was a better way I could do this for now, but I’m not that good at mod making, the system is the best it is going to get for a while, but there is a chance that I could eventually figure something out.

LOLDUDE wrote:Make the perspective consistent.

I am actually having this in the next update, there will be some sort of way to toggle the type of messages, first or second person. I slightly overlooked this part of the mod, and will get a fix for it out when I have the time to finish a couple other issue fixes.

LOLDUDE wrote:Make it possible for mobs to eat you.

I have seen the requests for this and I am on board with making a prey version. I plan to make this a separate mod that you download on this page, mainly because with something like prey, I plan to try multiplayer support, because it would be much easier achievement than than making the player-pred version multiplayer friendly.

LOLDUDE wrote:Mod support.

I actually also use more player models with this mod, and I have seen this issue, it is something that I will experiment with the belly for certain different sizes, but it will take a bit of work to get the models to look right, so look forward for support for this mod in the future. Looking at other mods, I don’t know what mods people would want support for, so I’ll look into support for other mods as people ask for them.

I really enjoy reading comments and I totally get what you are trying to get at, I will try to add things as they are requested, but I am no where need good at mod making so many things will be out of reach for me for now.
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby SpuzzBunn » Thu Jan 16, 2020 12:37 am

I have no clue how to mod, but how hard would it be to add alt vore? CV, UB, AV, ect.

I assume this mod was no easy feat, and would rather you focus on bugs and possibly adding player prey features. I just wanted to know how realistic it would be to add stuff like a dick or other genitals to the mod. :V
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Re: Minecraft Vore Mod : VCraft Beta 1.1

Postby WolfieTheScapeGoat » Thu Jan 16, 2020 1:07 am

Ive been having quite a bit of fun just messing around with this mod and would like to say Id be willing to help with creating sprite work if you would like.

I also have this bug to report where some times the belly object textures flatten to the top of the object.


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