Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta (v7_4 out Sep 13th)

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Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta (v7_4 out Sep 13th)

Postby GooInABox » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:19 pm

Spoiler: show
May 20th:
I know people don't like excuses, but I feel that it's better to keep you guys informed than to leave you all wondering where the next update is. Living in quarantine with my family has unsurprisingly resulted in very few opportunities to work on the game and other projects in privacy, and I haven't achieved as much work as I would have liked to have seen by this point. In terms of exact progress, I've only been able to write half a scene so far and I'm waiting until I finish writing each scene before I generate the accompanying images. I'm not going to try to give any deadlines for any updates as development is going to be sporadic, but I'll still try to keep the ball rolling.

June 7th:
I've gotten a little more work done and Calcium's scene is completed. However, I don't believe it's worth deploying a whole new game version just for a single small scene, so I'm holding off on pushing an update until I at least get the bar dancer done and dusted which may take a couple of weeks as I'm planning on giving her multiple pred/prey scenes with the player. Hopefully the wait will be worth it, and in the meantime I've prepared a preview of her model for your viewing pleasure:

July 6th:
Another month, another little blog explaining that the update isn't finished yet. With any luck I won't have to write too many more of these, but my estimates have been way off in the past so we'll see. In any case, the v8 update will contain the following (and may change depending on how the flow of development goes):
-1 Calcium Scene (Player eats Calcium)[Finished]
-1 Pole dance animation from the Dancer (The animation came with the HS program, so unfortunately don't expect any high-quality custom vore animations anytime soon.) [Finished]
-2 Bar Dancer Pred Scenes (Dancer eats Player)[Work in Progress]
-1(?) Bar Dancer Prey Scene (Player eats Dancer)[Not Started]
I'm also adding an experimental "blinking" system to the Bar Dancer's pictures to try give a little more life to her. When the update gets released, I'll start a poll to see if you guys want to see more blinking in future pictures (I unfortunately can't retroactively add blinking images for existing pictures unless I have the exact pose scene saved) or if my efforts are better spent elsewhere.

August 3rd:
I am very behind schedule. The combination of working in 90F+ heat outdoors almost every other day and being in close proximity with family 24/7 for the past few months along with other factors has effectively reduced my sex drive to zero. No sex drive = extreme difficulty in trying to write vore or sex scenes. Given that the development of the bar dancer and other characters is now at an effective standstill until I can (possibly) return to living where I was before the pandemic hit and obtain some privacy, I'm going to release version 7.3 which only contains the following changes (which is less than what I promised for the v8 update):
-1 Calcium Scene (Player eats Calcium)
-1 Pole dance animation from the Dancer
-The first half of the Chapter 2 intro sequence (Not yet illustrated, only text and RPG graphics, no vore yet).

I am sorry that I have been slow on my promises. In lieu of getting the actual vore content done under the watchful eye of my family, I'll see what I can do about getting some of the safe-for-work background stuff done such as Chapter 2 maps and the like. The guide won't be updated until I get the v8 update wrapped up and pushed out.

September 6th:
I've changed the development roadmap slightly as I've temporarily switched over from working on the bar dancer to working on the Harpy scenes as I've run into something of a writer's slump regarding the elf. The harpy's scenes are about 90% written and still need to be illustrated, and I was hoping I could publish the harpy update before having to write another monthly blog but I felt that I should let you know about a couple of changes that I will be going through IRL.
The recipe for any fetish game is privacy plus time. During the beginning of the year when I first submitted this game, I had a lot of privacy but not a lot of time to work on the game. After the Pandemic hit and I had to move back in with family, I had a lot of free time, but almost no privacy (thankfully I still had some opportunities to work on non-game related projects). In a couple of days, that will end as I'm going to be adjusting into a schedule and situation that will greatly reduce my free time with no guarantee of obtaining any privacy in return. I figured I should let you folks know ahead of time just in case I'm bogged down by IRL stuff for the rest of the year, but I'm hoping for the best-case scenario where I'm afforded a little extra privacy along with some remaining free time that I can continue to work on this game and other projects.

September 13th:
Q: Did it really take you 5 months to release a content update that only adds about 15 minutes worth of content?
A: Yes, yes it did. Hopefully it doesn't take another 5 months for the next 15 minutes.

Q: What about the elven dancer?
A: Still working on her, but she's next. Her scenes are still half-finished, so expect the game to break if you try to initiate them. Fair warning.

Okay, so here's the second real content update that I've released since I released this game. Version 7.3 had Calcium's prey scene, and now 7.4 (otherwise known as the Harpy update) has two more player-as-pred scenes. I've updated the guide if you wish to spoil the scenes, but otherwise I would direct you to the
Spoiler: show
Western section of the Petra Deep Woods
to initiate the first vore scene, after which the second scene can be found by
Spoiler: show
talking to Angel in the town, but only if you go through the first vore scene.

If you need help solving the puzzle, the guide has a lengthy explanation on how to solve it.

Please, PLEASE let me know of any bugs you find. I was halfway finished with uploading the new version when I realized I forgot to add Angel to the Trophy Room, so who knows what else I might have forgotten. Additionally, I've also implemented my first attempt at showing the player's different sizes in full for the new vore scenes (different pictures for different player weights), so let me know what you think of the new system.

I'm also starting a poll on a topic that's been brought up more than once, details in the spoiler labeled 'Poll' below. [The forum poll is toast, strawpoll link is in the poll spoiler]

Stay Healthy,


I've been working on this project for quite a while now, and I'm excited (and terrified) to announce that the Beta release of the first chapter of my own RPG game is now available. For those who just want the link, here you go:
MediaFire: ... xecutables

The guide for the game is included in the links above. If the links do not have the game files, you probably clicked on them while I was clearing out the old versions and uploading the new versions (the game is big and I only have a small amount of free space available at the moment). Wait about half an hour, and the new versions should appear.

Windows, Mac, and Linux versions are available, however I've only tested the Windows version. There have been reports about the Linux version not working, and I'm not sure if I can address that as I do not have experience with that OS.

Plundergunner has an unofficial discord server for the game over here that I'm occasionally active in:

Current state of development: With the v7 release taking care of some serious Spring-cleaning that needed to be done, I can finally focus on the juicy stuff. In order to leave Beta, Chapter 1 has a few scenes that need to be resolved, including Calcium the cowgirl, Elisen the Elven dancer, Angel the Harpy, and Kaya's house (along with Kaya). I currently have no estimated deadline or schedule for these characters, but it shouldn't take too long (hopefully).

In Amalgamation, you play as a newly-awakened individual in a cave with almost no idea of who you are, where you are, or what you are. Your task? Prevent the end of the world. This is easier said than done however, as most people don't realize they're in need of saving and have their own problems to deal with in this weird world. Help them out, or help yourself to them; it's your choice (most of the time anyways).

For those who want to know what they're getting into, here's a couple of screenshots (NSFW, obviously):
Spoiler: show





Additionally, here's a list of what will and will not be in the game:
Spoiler: show

Already in the game:
Player Pred
Player Prey
Player Observer
Soft Vore
Oral Vore
Breast Vore
Cleavage Vore
Anal Vore
Cock Vore (Hermaphrodite only)
Multiple Prey
Pregnant Prey
Pregnant Pred
Instant Digestion
Big Breasts
Bigger Breasts
The Biggest Breasts
Big ol' Tonhongerekoogers
Humongous Hungolomghononoloughongous
Butts Too
Same Size
Graphic Sex
Graphic Violence (Blood, some gore not related to vore, option available to have the images disabled)
Cat Girls
Monster Girls
Some other stuff that I can't remember

What is planned, but not in the game right now:
Better Endosoma
Slow Digestion
Possibly More...

What will probably never be directly in the game (but may have brief textual references):
Hard vore
Extreme gore (this is a weird one, as I have several scenes of non-vore gore. Rule of thumb: if they can't possibly survive it, I won't directly show it.)
Graphic Digestion
Non-consensual sex (at worse, there may be dubious sexual consent in the game at some point, but I do not plan on making it a theme).
Males (I have a chapter waaaaaaay down the line that includes males, but they won't be involved in any vore or sex scenes)

This list is subject to change at my discretion.

These things usually have an FAQ, right? I'll update this once people start asking questions.
Spoiler: show

What is this?
This is another Vore RPG Maker game which uses graphics generated in a program called Honey Select. The current game can be speed-run in about 10 minutes, but I believe it will take a new player about 2 hours to get through a single play through, and perhaps longer if they want to explore all branches. I don't have an exact number on how many different scenes are in the game or what counts as an individual scene, but there's roughly 18 unique individuals right now that you can eat, and many of them can eat you!

What do you mean by Beta?
I had to delay a couple of side-scenes in order to focus on the main quest and release the first chapter. I plan on working on these extra scenes once I fix any major bugs that are found, but for now they don't add or hinder any aspect of the game. I'll consider Chapter 1 to be out of Beta once these scenes are completed, all major issues are resolved, and development moves on to Chapter 2.

Where are the save files?
For windows, the saves should now be under %LOCALAPPDATA%\User Data\Default\Amalgamation. For MacOS, the saves should be under ~/Library/Application Support/User Data/Default/Amalgamation (I'm unable to verify as I do not own a Mac device). Please let me know if this breaks anything, but it should hopefully fix an issue MacOS users were having with saving.

I don't like sex/nudity/penises/images in general.
This may not be the game for you then. However, there is an item in the player's key inventory that will allow you to toggle images of certain categories off and on. If you toggle one of these filters and still see an image that should have been filtered, let me know where and I'll see if it needs correcting.

I'm seeing pictures in the images folder that I haven't seen in the game, did I miss a scene?
Check the guide for all the scenes in the game, but more likely than not I've probably generated an image that was never used, probably because I changed my plans for the scene during development.

Does the main character change?
Yes they do. As the player consumes others, their breast size (and in a future update their butt size) will gradually increase. The change may be hard to notice at first, but after a couple of people the player will have some obvious increases in their assets.

Will Lilith be a Pred?
For the most part, no. This is mostly due to the fact that it's easier to generate images of her if her size doesn't change, but Chapter 2 will include the lore reason as for why she won't be eating others. Lilith does have a mini-chapter dedicated to her in the somewhat-near future that will dive deeper into this issue.

How do you pronounce the main character's default name?

I found a bug!
Great! The game is still in development, so there's bound to be more than a few scurrying around. Let me know where you found the bug and under what circumstances (screenshots are appreciated), and I'll try to update the download link with the newer and hopefully fixed version.

When's the next part coming out?
With any luck, before the heat death of the Universe. No promises.

The autosave locked me in a room!
For some reason, the autosave sometimes makes the save before the transition from point A to B happens, so if an event carries the player from a locked room to somewhere else, the autosave will load the player in the locked room and the event that transports the player will not occur. As such, I recommend relying on manual saves, and only view the autosave as a last-ditch backup in case you miss-click. Oh, and death leads to a game over, so manage those saves!

There's too much text!
Feel free to use the Esc key or click on an empty part of the screen to quickly skip through the dialog boxes without fear of accidentally picking a choice. If pressing the Esc key does end up choosing a choice for you, please let me know where and I'll fix it.

What's with the inconsistent quality in the images and writing?
This was my first real endeavor into making a full-length game, and as such I (hopefully) improved my skills as I went along. However, some of the older stuff (mainly Chapter 0) is still a reflection of my attempts at trying to figure out what the hell I was doing. Chapter 2 should hopefully be more consistent in terms of quality when I release it.

Will the player be a herm?
Given how many people have asked for it, I'll consider having the main character 'acquire' the power to give as well as receive. However, I won't be adding this feature until much later in development, perhaps somewhere around Chapter 3 or 4.

Why is the file size so big?
Images! Lots and lots of full-sized raw images. As part of the version 6-to-7 development, I'm going to try to downsize the images so that they can be shown at 100% size on screen with no pixel loss (right now most images are scaled down to 25% of their full size in the game, which means the raw images are about 4 factors too big and can be shrunk down with no difference in game quality).
EDIT: The file size has been reduced from around 2GB to about 1GB as part of Chapter 1 version 7. Your hard drive can thank me later.

The game play is unbalanced.
Yup. I'll try to adjust things so that the player isn't winning or losing by landslides in fights, or that they aren't being showered in gold or going broke, but I'm going to need player input from the community on it first, as my play style isn't the only play style.

Do you have a Patreon or something similar?
At this time, no. It's something that I'm considering, but I need more time and information first before I'm ready to make the leap from this game being a "side-hobby" to a "side-business". Rest assured, this game will always remain free and no content from this game will ever be blocked behind a Paywall.

Can I suggest something?
Go ahead! If I use your idea, I'll make sure to credit you. However, I already have most of the main story and game mechanics planned out, so even if I like a suggestion I may not be able to use it if it doesn't fit or if I can't do it.

My question isn't listed here...
Go ahead and make a reply to this forum. If enough people have concerns about something, I'll update this FAQ.

Planned updates (subject to change):
Spoiler: show

-Fix bugs as they are found.
-Work on Chapter 1 content that was left out:
---Calcium scenes
---Bar dancer scenes
---House in the top-right of Petra

Change Log (contains spoilers):
Spoiler: show

-Beta v7.4 released:
--Added Hael, a new harpy in the Petra Deep Woods
--Added a player-as-pred vore scene to Angel in Petra (accessible after eating Hael)
--Updated Maybell's stroll scene to have different dialog if Angel is no longer present.
--Wondering why I'm not just calling this the v8 update. I guess that's reserved specifically for the Bar Dancer.
-Beta v7.3.1 released (Windows only):
--Removed a money debug that I accidentally left in the Bar for testing purposes.
--Hopefully removed a movement oddity in the Chapter 2 cut scene.
-Beta v7_3 released:
--Calcium can now be eaten.
--You can watch Elisen at the bar do a little pole dance.
--The first half of the Chapter 2 introduction sequence is available to view. Full graphics and vore will come later.
-Beta v7_2 released:
--More minor bug fixes regarding image scaling with Maybell and the Health Merchant
--Bug fix with being able to complete the Catian milk run twice.
-Beta v7_1 released:
--Minor bug fixes regarding image scaling and dialog.
-Chapter 1 Beta v7 released:
--Replaced the main character's talking/idle and digestion images with 400 new images based on the poll results.
--Increased the game window resolution from whatever it was before to 1366x768.
--Decreased the raw image resolution to match the 1366x768 resolution. This saves file space (from 2GB to 1GB) and provides better quality images within the game (unfortunately with the sacrifice of reducing the image quality within the folders themselves).
--Increased the number of possible save files from 24 to 50 and the number of autosaves from 3 to 5.
--Misc changes with events to take into account the new window size (there's a couple that I missed in the initial v7 release such as Ka's escape, let me know if you find more).
--Chapter 0 and 1 maps are unchanged, so there may be black bars on the sides of the screen. I may expand the maps in the future, but only if there's a big enough demand to spend time on it. Chapter 2 and onward will keep the new resolution in mind.
-Chapter 1 Beta v6_1 released:
--Added a plugin that changes where the saves should be located. For windows, the saves should now be under %LOCALAPPDATA%\User Data\Default\Amalgamation. For MacOS, the saves should be under ~/Library/Application Support/User Data/Default/Amalgamation (I'm unable to verify as I do not own a Mac device). Please let me know if this breaks anything, but it should hopefully fix an issue MacOS users were having with saving. If not, the next update will have it removed.
-Chapter 1 Beta v6 released:
--Fixed error with Kisana and obtaining her special gear during her quest.
--Fixed more tile bugs.
--Adjusted Hikari's milk quest to hopefully give more opportunities to have her steal a cow if you haven't completed the quest already.
--Added some flavor text to some various items in some buildings such as the Zenith temple and the Town Hall.
--Other changes and bug fixes.
-Chapter 1 Beta v5 released:
--Fixed broken tile textures and pathing
--Fixed image retention error with the cowgirls
--Other changes, bug fixes, and spelling corrections
-Chapter 1 Beta v4 released:
--Fixed bug where Allie would reappear after death, and not in the ghost way.
--Fixed bug where Hiji would jailbreak from her mother and end up back in the Fort.
--Fixed bug where the Zzz bubble in the bandit fort would point at nothing once Hiji is gone.
--Disabled enemy attack animations until I can find a graceful solution to the compression file problem (this should hopefully fix the freezing everyone was experiencing).
--Fixed several bugs involving Sasha and her cow Calcium, such as game freezing, perma-bellies, and Sasha speaking from beyond the grave.
--Fixed map error near the Petra guard barracks that gave the player the ability to jump like a pro.
--Other Misc. bug fixes and adjustments.
-Chapter 1 Beta v3 released:
--Hopefully fixed a major issue where magic animations from the Forest Fairy would cause the game to freeze due to missing files from game deployment compression.
--Adjusted height of Ala's fighter image to be shorter when kneeling.
-Chapter 1 Beta v2 released
--Fixed a couple of bugs relating to Hiji and Kisana
-Actually released the first Beta Version of Chapter 1 (whoops)
-Released the first Beta Version of Chapter 1

Spoiler: show
Apparently you can wear out the forum polls here to the point where they break. Huh. Anyways, with that toast, here's the strawpoll link:

So a couple of people have expressed their desire for the save files to be located along with the main game files. The save files as of now are located:
Windows: %LOCALAPPDATA%\User Data\Default\Amalgamation
MacOS: ~/Library/Application Support/User Data/Default/Amalgamation (I think)

I originally changed where the save files are located in order to try to fix a problem that was reported for the MacOS version of the game, so that's probably not going to change. However, I can make an exception for the Windows version by ticking an option whenever I deploy a new game version so that the files can be located with the main game folder again. If the majority (excluding the Don't Care option) votes for having the save files being located in the main game folder, I'll try to remember to tick the save location option when I deploy the Windows version and re-tick it for the MacOS version. Otherwise, I'll leave things status quo. I'll leave the poll up for at least a week, likely longer.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby leonthegreat » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:30 pm

I will honestly say I dont think i like the way the character look in those thumbnails, but I will still check out the game and see If i like it at all
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby GooInABox » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:37 pm

The main character was one of the first characters I modeled, and I do agree that their image needs to be updated to look better. I'll see what I can do to replace their images in a future update, but that will take some time.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby tbk » Fri Feb 07, 2020 10:52 pm

Looks comprehensive! Anything in the way of unaware vore?
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby GooInABox » Fri Feb 07, 2020 11:00 pm

Not in this current chapter, no. The closest scene involves the player eating their sleeping companion (unaware prey) and a bit of accidental unbirthing in a different scene, but I will definitely consider adding unaware pred scenes in the future.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby Ryan-Drakel » Sat Feb 08, 2020 12:59 am

Definitely makes me curious so I'll be giving it a try later.

Will there be a way to alter the MC's physical aspect?

Like say give her a 'pregnant' belly, a bigger rump, a bigger bust, etc?
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby nukers1 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:06 am

will there be an eventual way to change the MC's gender?
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby bearlord42 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:21 am

I don't know if anybody else is having trouble with this, but I'm having trouble downloading it. I mean, I can download it fine, but half the folders are empty and the other half only include the settings for the game. There's no way to launch the game as far as I can see.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby Aresbloodfang » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:23 am

sadly i can"t download it it keeps throwing errors can we get a .rar file of windoes version it may help.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby Ryan-Drakel » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:28 am

Download errors?
I better wait then...
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby SpuzzBunn » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:47 am

Can't even download, because Mega likes to throttle the download speed to 200 kbs.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby VVV » Sat Feb 08, 2020 2:48 am

you may want to shrink the file size or better compact it it is taking fover to dowload
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby CrimsonDragonKing » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:25 am

Is the download gone? I can't seem to find anything on MEGA.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby VVV » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:32 am

cant be downloaded file is to big makes the download crash
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby GooInABox » Sat Feb 08, 2020 8:50 am

Okay, I'm looking into the download issue now. I've removed the old files and have replaced them with zipped files. I did a test download on a different device, and it appears to be working fine, at least for the Windows version. I have the other OS versions compressing as I type this, so let me know if there's further issues, and I'm sorry for the rocky start.

@nukers1 The player is a female like 99% of the population. However, I may throw in a scene or two later on where they "experience the best of both worlds" for a temporary period of time.

@Ryan-Drakel The player's portrait updates with every person or thing you eat. During the scene, you will have a large belly that will shrink down for digestion (which unfortunately is not animated, it's just a couple of pictures). Once digestion is completed, the player's breast size will increase. The change in bust size will be difficult to notice at first, but eat a couple of people and you'll notice your character isn't flat-chested anymore. I do plan on updating these pictures soon in order to make the character look a little better, increase the breast size cap, as well as add some butt expansion as well.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby GooInABox » Sat Feb 08, 2020 9:17 am

I've cleared the files in the Mega download again, and I am currently replacing them with redeployed versions of the game, hopefully with half a Gigabyte knocked off the total file size. I'm also in the process of getting a MediaFire account going, and I'll post the link once that's sorted out.

Edit: The link is posted, and I did a test download of the Windows Version from MediaFire on a separate device. It took awhile, but it successfully downloaded and I was able to run the game. Please let me know if any of you are experiencing further issues, or if things are working now.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby Azirovka » Sat Feb 08, 2020 10:19 am

The game is ummm.... Wow, amazing.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby VVV » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:07 am

much better i can download the thing
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby justaname333 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:19 am

So I believe I've seen everything there is to offer so far, and it's very great work overall! Though there's minor spelling and grammar errors littered throughout (Most glaring were lots of incorrect its/it's in the early part of the game. For easy reference, remember that it's is always a contraction of it is) Two significant issues I found is that I lost access to the blacksmith's special reward after backing out from the options, and that the baroness's daughter re-appears at the bandit camp after taking her back to her mother.

I look forward to seeing more! Though as a suggestion it would be nice to see an explanation of what agility and luck actually do. It's not great to have permanent stat allocation with some stats having unclear function.
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Re: Amalgamation RPG; Chapter 1 Beta Release

Postby DollyFailFail » Sat Feb 08, 2020 11:34 am

Damn, that's a big game! I'm looking forward to trying it out!
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