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Vorealia | Version 0.3.3 - The COMBAT Update

Postby Schagura » Wed Feb 08, 2023 11:34 am

The next Update, the Vorealia - 0.4.0 Bunny Update, is still in development and I can't give an exact date for when it's ready.
For minor updates on the.. Update, you can join the Discord~
For WIP Stuff, you can pledge to the Vorealia patreon and join the discord~


We have an official Discord now! You can join to talk about the game, give feedback and suggestions or to just talk about other stuff~
You can join the Discord via: https://discord.gg/5YwCKVGwHZ (Account needs to be 1 day old to join!)
We now also have an official Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/Schagura
Here you can pledge some money to help this game out and receive early access to new updates~
Minotaur patrons (10EUR) will also be getting access to the WIP channel, for more and faster work in progress stuff like Images, scenes or new characters and ideas~
There will also be some polls here and there. Things like new special Scenes that can be included, or just simple stuff like: "Who's your favorite companion".


Welcome to Vorealia!
Eve is a young and inexperienced woman who lived her whole life in an unremarkable village with nothing going on.
The only thing that makes her stand apart is a set of mysterious tattoos that suddenly appeared on her body.

But one day, something peculiar happens. Eve gets a letter from her Aunt Evelyn, inviting her to take her place and find a new home in the small town Vorealia!
Overjoyed, Eve packs her bags and moves out, ready to settle in Vorealia and have an adventure worth remembering!
Yet one thing is strange: Her Aunt loved the town and the Inhabitants so much.. why did she suddenly decide to move out and let Eve take over her old home?

Finding that out will be up to you~
Meet interesting and unique characters, help them out, and increase your relationship to become friends.. and maybe even more~
Explore a bunch of bellies, either in a safe manner, or with some more "fatal fun" added. Or let others get familar with your own stomach, as you get a taste of being a real predator.
Venture out and explore new areas. Find new and interesting people to talk to and leave your mark on the world.
And don't feel bad, you won't adventure and fight alone, as companions you meet along the way will guard your back!


For Vorealia 0.3.3 - The COMBAT Update you need to start a new Save File, older ones will not work. (File 1 can be used to start after the Intro)

Version 0.3.4 :
https://www.mediafire.com/file/94gazay0 ... 4.zip/file


Here are some screenshots to give you a feeling of what awaits you!
Spoiler: show
Meet different Inhabitants and get to know them...

...And experience their insides~

Perhaps you'd like to indulge on some snacks yourself?

Still, be careful when leaving town. A lost battle usually ends the same way..


What contents are currently included?
Spoiler: show
5 Characters to meet
16 Vore Scenes, some with minor branching paths, some with major branching paths
A small Relationship system with Major Inhabitants
Character evolution based on "Pred" and "Prey" points earned through the game
1 Major Quest
6 Small Quests
Some Exploration
A choice of a companion to follow you
Combat with 2 Vore Enemies.

What Vore does this game currently contain?
Spoiler: show
Female Pred
Female Prey
Player Prey
Player Observer
Player Pred
Oral Vore
Anal Vore

What Vore will this game contain in the future?
Spoiler: show



Spoiler: show
---Version 0.3.3---
- Downgraded nwjs to version 44.0 (Problems with plugins otherwise)
- Reisu’s Friendship Scene now gives +1 Pred (Eve route)
- Claudia’s Quest is now in the Quest log
- Mr.Panda's Quest is now in the Quest Log
- Mr. Panda’s “Panda Snackies” are now in the Inventory
- Handkerchief is now correctly added when picked up in Eve’s House
- Fixed a bug that caused Eve to remain in Speed 2 if digested by the Bunny Hunter
- Fixed a bug with the Little Bunnygirl Scene causing the Big Bunnygirl Scene to appear
- Belly K.O Switches now work correctly.
- Fixed Smithy’s second Pred Skill explanation
- Fixed “Little Bunny’s Note” not adding the “Show Bunny Note” skill
- Fixed a Rock having no collision in the Bandit Cave
- Fixed a bug that made the game window unable to close after “Shutdown”

---Version 0.3.2---
- Fixed a bug that caused Eve to not be digested if she has no Tattoo Power and loses to either the Big or Little Bunnygirl during either of the first two meetings with either of them
- Deleted some Unused Audio Files with wrong formatting

---Version 0.3.1---
- Fixed an issue where Eve wouldn't be digested and get a Game Over if you lose to a Vore Enemy at their first encounter if you have 0 Tattoo Power
- Deleted some unused Audio Files and fixed formatting

------Version 0.3.0 - The COMBAT Update------
- Over 230 new Images
- 2 Major Inhabitants (Smithy and Yui)
- 2 new Relationship Scenes (Maya and Reisu)
- 1 new Shop (Mr. Panda)
- 1 new Location
- The Smithy
- 2 new Companions
- Brita - The Apprentice Justiciar
- Maroon - The Bandit
- 3 new Quests
- Hunt Materials for Reisu
- Hunt Materials for Mr. Panda
- Help Smithy and Yui (First Main Story Quest)
- Custom Sprites for every Character. (Except Bunny Hunter)
- Ability to press “H” to hide textboxes.
- Can be remapped in the Keyboard Configuration
- New Quest log
- New Item sorting and Menu
- New Gossip Event with Maya (Tells you your Relationship and if Friendship Scenes are currently available)
- First Player House Upgrade (Yui’s Quest)
- 11 new “Game Over” Images
- New Party system
- New Combat System
- 4 new Weapons, each with their own skills
- Spear
- Sword
- Dagger
- Axe
- 2 new Exploration Areas
- Lower Fields
- Bandit Cave
- 3 normal Monsters
- 2 “Vore Enemies”
- Little Bunnygirl
- Big Bunnygirl
- 6 New Scenes
- Reisu Friendship Scene 1
- F/F | Player Pred | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- F/F | Player Observer | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- Extra Scene if Player has >4 Prey Points
- Smithy Scene “About Yui…”
- F/F | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling Prey | Non-Fatal
- Bandit Boss Fight
- F/F | Player Pred | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- F/F | Player Observer | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- F/FF | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- 4 New Combat Scenes
- Little Bunnygirl
- F/F | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- F/F | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling to Willing Prey | Fatal (Special Scene)
- Big Bunnygirl
- F/F | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling Prey | Fatal
- F/F | Player Prey | OV | Unwilling to Willing Prey | Fatal (Special Scene)
- Changed the Vore BGM that plays while Player is Predator or Observer
- 3 New Respawn Scenes that will trigger depending on how often Eve got digested

---Version 0.2.1---
Fixed a bug that put the Player speed to 5 instead of 4 after the second Revival Scene (Thank you Amnael)
Fixed some spelling mistakes (Thank you Ikam)
Put some child drawings next to Maya's bed
Changed some of the Vore Audio and implemented some new ones
Maya will now correctly say that the next Friendship Scene happens at 3 Friendship Points (There are still NO Friendship Scenes Implemented!)

------Version 0.2.0 Release------
87 new Pictures for the new Vore Scenes.
1 new Vorealia Inhabitant - Claudia the Librarian
1 new NPC - The anxious Bunny Hunter
New Location: Library
3 New Quests: Herb gathering, Kitchen clean-up, Paper clean-up
2 new Shops: Maya's Potion Shop, Reisus's Food Shop (Both are preparations for the upcoming Combat Update)
3 New Vore Scenes with different choices and Endings!
New Vore Audio
You can now "Gossip" with Maya, which gives you insight into your Relationship Status and if any Relationship Scenes might trigger
You can now press TAB to speed through Text at a very fast rate.
Several new Items where added, some of them can be bought in the new Shops

Eve now starts at Level 1 and with actual Stats (Preparation for the upcoming Combat Update)
Crafting System removed (Not enough uses for it in the future)
Maya's first Quest slightly changed (She only wants some bread now, instead of a Jam Sandwich)
The Interaction Menu for Inhabitants changed
    Maya and Reisu will no longer have their first Vore Scene selectable if you've already seen it. (Example: Reisu's "What happens to troublemakers" will no longer appear in your Choices after you've gone through the Scene once)
    Inhabitants now have a "Chat" option, this will lead to Relationship Scenes, if the conditions are met.
    Maya now has the Option "Can you teach me about Unbirth?" in preparation for upcoming Scenes.
    Different Title Screen that includes Claudia

Please let me know what you all think! If you have any questions just let me know! :D
Btw, the first Vore Scenes with new characters will always be a bit longer to show off some of their personality. Future scenes will be more compact.
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby TheDarkness27 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 1:12 pm

This was a very fun experience, looking forward to the next updates to come!!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Codedz » Wed Feb 08, 2023 1:57 pm

I'm really liking this so far! Looking forward for more!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby coldfire1200 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 2:01 pm

oh i do like where this is going
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby vore2412 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 6:10 pm

This does have some good potential, and seems a little ambitious, but I'm liking the direction you're going with the game. Seems that the choice between being predator and prey will be dependent upon the choices that Eve makes, I look forward to when a combat system is implemented as well.
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Erecant » Wed Feb 08, 2023 9:39 pm

Oh, this is a pretty fantastic first release. While there isn't a lot of content yet, you can really tell how much effort you've put into this.

The map design is interesting, much less flat than many games we see around here. I love the little accents you've thrown about to make the houses feel lived in, and I'm always a sucker for interactable side elements like in your home.

The KoiKatsu renders look great, with many more individual images than I would have expected per scene.

Speaking of the scenes, the writing is pretty stellar. You've gone into a satisfying level of detail in the descriptions of the action. What I've seen so far definitely makes me want to see more, particularly how you'll depict digestion scenes.

Altogether, a spectacular first showing. I can't wait to see more!

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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Zertuul » Wed Feb 08, 2023 10:19 pm

Oh man, this was awesome and well made! I definitely can't wait to play more! Great job!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby benjdsen815 » Wed Feb 08, 2023 10:42 pm

i like the look of the game, especially when comes to the scenes.
im looking very forward to the next update on this game
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby DangZerglings » Thu Feb 09, 2023 12:29 am

As people are saying, there's not much, but it's still a pretty solid first outing. Kinda reminds me that I should use some more plugins in my stuff...
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby aperson1234567890 » Thu Feb 09, 2023 12:38 am

Nice start from what I've seen so far. I get the feeling I'm really going to like Reisu, smol catgirl with whisker markings as the icing on top? Perfection.
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Bzdcmao » Thu Feb 09, 2023 1:21 am

Excellent work! :-D
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby hexcorsist » Thu Feb 09, 2023 4:44 am

I love the details you put into the mapmaking and am looking forward to permanently diving down some throats in the future.
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby CursedBear » Thu Feb 09, 2023 12:33 pm

Nice game, can't wait to see what you have in store for future updates. With the teaser of the inn and other --under construction-- places. Also the details of being first person. During the vore scenes is a good touch. Do you plan on adding a third person view?
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Enteresting » Thu Feb 09, 2023 12:47 pm

Got to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see something come out of a fusion of RPG maker and Koikatsu. Not often you see projects that fuse the two in a really good way.

Happy to follow this and see any updates that come along as well. Great content so far!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Ilove » Thu Feb 09, 2023 2:59 pm

Gonna add my opinion as well, really great presentation and attention to detail. It may be a brief demo, but surely waiting for more!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby TheEvilWithin » Thu Feb 09, 2023 3:09 pm

Well, might as well ask: willthe game contain underage preds/preys?
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby Schagura » Thu Feb 09, 2023 4:56 pm

Good day,

thank you everyone for the kind words, it really means a lot to me! :D
To answer some questions:
The general idea for the game is more like Vore Town where you just have interactions with different characters. However I do plan to flesh the characters out by giving Vore scenes that only trigger once enough relationship points have been earned. Same Idea for the Pred and Prey Points, those can Influence future scenes as well.
In fact:
Spoiler: show
In the next update there will be a certain scene where your "PPP" or "Pred Prey Points" can make the difference between getting your first meal... or becoming one!

I look forward to when a combat system is implemented as well.

Spoiler: show
There most like won't be a combat system as the game wasn't made with combat in mind. My apologies. :(
I did think of making a game with extensive combat and exploration before.. but realised that without knowledge in RPG Maker or 3D art it would not be a fun game. So I'm using Vorealia to teach myself how to do both!

Do you plan on adding a third person view?

Spoiler: show
That probably depends on my skill with using Koikatsu. 3rd person Vore scenes don't really look all that good when using 3D software that wasn't designed for Vore. Mouths look off, Characters clip into each other etc.. My only idea would be something like "A Way back Home" where you can see part of the prey while the pred is eating them... but personally I'm gonna try and get better at "hinting" at the action rather than showing it. In my opinion it looks better that way, even if it means not being able to show everything.

Well, might as well ask: willthe game contain underage preds/preys?

Spoiler: show
That... is still undecided. My plan for the the future includes the Baroness Adelheid von Vorealia and her 3 daughters living inside the mansion in the south of town, alongside their servants of couse. (Which will bring maid prey/preds, which I am quite fond of)
My plan was for her youngest daughter to look, well, young, but still be 18 years old. Real underage pred/prey is "probably" not going to happen, my apologies. :(

Now unto something more exciting and meaty: Plans for the next Update!
Release: Probably within 1-2 months... if everything goes well in my private life.
What will it include?:
    1 new major character (Claudia)
    1 new minor character (Young Bunny Hunter)
    1 new building (Library)
    3 new Vore Scenes with branching paths (Not spoiling these ones ;))
    1 new relationship scene for Maya
    New Stomach sounds! I actually wanted to use something different beforehand, but now you won't just hear gurgling, but also some rumbling and reverb to give that "authentic" prey experience! The same can be said for the pred side of things, since everyone likes hearing their meal be digested!
    (Btw the new stomach sounds will also be implemented into the first 2 scenes as well)

So for now, please be patient as I work on the next Update!
And in order to give you a small hint of who you will meet, here are 2 pictures of the new characters:
Spoiler: show
A tall woman with a cold demeanor
And a "hunter" who wishes to be recognized

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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0 - Small teaser 0.2.0

Postby Chessa » Thu Feb 09, 2023 5:49 pm

This was fun, I enjoyed it, the writing is passable especially without much to go on, and the characters are really the highlight.
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0 - Small teaser 0.2.0

Postby Potatogggm » Thu Feb 09, 2023 7:04 pm

oh my- I already can tell that I will love this game! your koikatsu models are super duper good!
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Re: Vorealia - First Version 0.1.0

Postby JadeThePanda » Fri Feb 10, 2023 4:29 pm

Cute game and characters so far. I do hope reformation becomes an option at some point... Wouldn't mind helping Reisu get those curves she wants in a guilt-free way. <3
Just a lesbian furry that likes willing endo/reformation stuff.
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