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Re: TavernAI Character List

Postby Isha » Thu May 25, 2023 11:07 pm

tonyvld wrote:Not sure bout the tokens part of it, I just run it and let it do what it needs to.

'Tokens' are segments of words (usually 4-6 characters) that the AI translates into numbers called 'embeddings'. It then runs a statistical analysis of the embeddings to determine which token is most likely to be the correct continuation of the previous one(s).

Most LLMs (Large Language Models) can 'remember' up to 2048 tokens at one time; beyond that limit, the LLM will not be able to properly follow a story or a chat, because it won't have any space for new tokens. Some newer LLMs have doubled that limit, but they're relatively uncommon at the moment.
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