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Advice for running a group

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 7:48 pm
by Elibelly
Hello everyone! I'm planning on making a group relating to vore and would like to make it as palatable to a regular group of people as much as possible! My main goals for doing this is exposing people to vore and humanize it as an experience that people can experience and is natural, as well as talk about sexual taboo and how it can ostracized those people! Thanks again for the help everyone, I know I haven't been active in the forum community but it has been something I've been apart of for over 10 years and feel really passionate about it.

Re: Advice for running a group

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 8:46 pm
by Shugoki
I genuinely believe normalizing vore is a lost cause for at least the remainder of our lifetimes. If you want people to accept us, I say let 'em clown on us. Accept that you're gonna get memed on if you ever make it known that you slap it to vore and don't fall for bait or try to resist it.

But if you genuinely want to go through with this plan of yours and you're convinced it has a shot, only let people in once you feel like you kinda know them. If they're clearly obnoxious, obsessive, or downright mean, don't let 'em in. Some members of this community--I won't name them because I don't wanna start shit, but if they're well-known beyond this forum, chances are that it's for the wrong reasons--should be fairly obvious, particularly if they come off as "cringy." They're not conducive to normalizing this fetish. To this end, I would also exclude any community members who regularly make underage/bestiality/non-vore snuff content, not so much because of my personal biases towards that content but because I don't think outsiders will warm up to us when people with those interests are clearly in our ranks. Even if you just ban all of that content in your community but let those content creators in, people are gonna track down those artists elsewhere and find out what they do, which can still hurt your goals.

Another word of advice: keep any and all IRL stuff out of it. Any sort of content pertaining to real animals and people will make your group look bad by association. I'm talking new articles about people getting eaten by animals, footage of animals eating each other, etc. Again, it'll just go against your goal of making vore more "palatable" to outsiders, except this time it's because people will assume your community condones animal cruelty.

Re: Advice for running a group

PostPosted: Wed Mar 04, 2020 10:23 pm
by Elibelly
Thank you so much for the advise! It would be a public event in an adult only community center, so I wouldn't have the luxury of getting to know the people . I may make it more specifically about ostracizing taboos and have vore be just a section, feels kinda safer that way even though I'm definitely outting myself if I do lol. Also that way I could very easily avoid all of those topics.

Re: Advice for running a group

PostPosted: Thu Mar 05, 2020 8:42 am
by coop500
Why are all the comments getting deleted? O.o