Its not done yet!

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Its not done yet!

Postby Radijs » Thu Nov 17, 2005 8:59 pm

This is the first part of the vorish story I am writing based on this picture drawn by Brain3times3.
Please note that I've not proofread it but MS word has a built in spell-checker that I used.

Macie groaned while she waited for her sister to open the door. She cursed herself in her mind for staying up so late last night while she knew that she had to baby-sit her little nephews and nieces today. She yawned and scratched behind her ear while the door opened.
Her brother-in-law had answered the door. “Macie!” he said. ”So glad you’re here. We where ready to leave. Come in come in!” Harley stepped to the side Macie went inside where she saw Quinn already putting on her raincoat. Both of them where ready to and went to the door while Quinn informed Macie about the usual things.
“The important numbers are by the phone. Help yourself to the fridge if you’re hungry. We’ll be back at around midnight. And thanks again. You’re such a big help”
Macie nodded and waved them both goodbye while they drove out of the driveway.
Macie Yawned again and went into the den where the six little kittens where dozing on the couch occasionally pawing at the air while they dreamed their little kitten dreams.
Macie snuck in as silently as she could and propped a pillow against the couch and turned on the TV. which showed a particularly interesting movie. But despite the action scenes and the fascinating plot about how the hero is supposed to get the girl before the end of the film couldn’t keep Macie awake. Slowly her eyes closed and she dozed off…
“Mew?” one of the kittens said a short while later when it woke up. It lumbered around a little while its brothers and sisters woke up.
“Who’s she?” One whispered. Several others shrugged. “She smells familiar. A bit like mom.” Curious as cats the kittens began to investigate this new person that was sleeping on the floor. This mostly involved crawling all over her trying to find fun things to play with or snugly bits to sleep on.
“Oooh look at this!” one said to its siblings when Macie yawned. “It felt very warm!” Of course it didn’t take long for another 2 kittens to climb up the couch and sit in wait next to Macie’s mouth waiting eagerly to see what their sibling had discovered. Macie yawned again and one kitten climbed forward pushing his little head in. “Its really warm and soft!” The kitten squeezed forward wondering how far this hidey hole would go. Macie gagged when the kitten put its paw down her throat. And then she swallowed. The little kitten slid down her throat with a little squeal of surprise and came to rest in her stomach. For a moment Macie opened her eyes but before anything really registered in her mind. So with a rather unfeminine snore she slept on. Meanwhile below near Macie’s belly, which now bulged out a little a fourth kitten was listening to the exited squeals and cries that where coming from the bulge.
“Hey that’s probably a lot of fun!” It cried out and climbed up onto the couch to wait near Macie’s head. And yes after a minute or so Macie tossed a bit and her mouth fell half open
Cautiously but curiously the second kitten began to crawl in. Macie barely gagged when the kitten crawled down her throat and swallowed again. The kitten became a bulge that disappeared behind her collarbone and the bulge in her belly grew a bit when the second kitten was deposited in her stomach. Pretty soon a third one followed. Crawling in her mouth and by now Macie’s subconscious was beginning to get a taste for the little kittens. She was dreaming something about a fish factory and a conveyor belt that was dropping them right into her mouth. She swallowed before the kitten even had a chance to trigger her gag reflex.
She tossed the fourth one upside down in her mouth purring softly before gulping the little fuzzball down. By now her belly had quite a significant bulge which was squirming all over the place. The fifth kitten was a large trout in Macie’s dream which she sucked on before sucking it down.
Just when the last kitten wormed its way through Macie's lips did she wake up. The first thing she thought was: “Why is my mouth so fuzzy?” The second thing was. “Oh my god I’ve got one of the kittens in my mouth!” She reached to grab the little tyke which just at that time found some footing on her lower jaw and pushed to her throat. Macie tried to gag but her swallowing reflex won the vote and with a little exited “mew!” the last kitten slid down her throat and into her already stuffed stomach!

Macie looked down with eyes wide with shock because her once flat belly was now a massive round sphere that rippled and rolled visibly through her fur.
“Oh my god!” She shouted with a trembling voice. “I ate…Who? How? What?!”
Macie began to panic. She grabbed her belly and tried to heave to bring the little tykes back up and out of her before it would be too late. She pushed herself up against the couch and heaved. A lot of surprised and excited sounds came from her abdomen. Macie pushed with her hands against her belly and was rewarded when she felt the first of the kittens slowly being forced up her oesophagus again. And two attempts later Macie plucked the first of the soaking wet kitten from her mouth.
“Mew! Hi strange lady.” It said before licking her nose. Macie was astounded but also relieved. Maybe things would turn out for the best after all! She put the kitten down and continued her efforts to disgorge all the kittens that where still in her stomach.
After a little while she was sitting on the couch, rather winded and surrounded by 6 kittens which where all soaking wet from her bodily fluids.
She looked at the kittens a bit angrily and they huddled together looking back with their 12 little eyes anticipating something nasty. She thought of something she should say. Scolding the kittens for doing something so dangerous but she just sighed glad that they where okay.
“What’s wrong strange lady?” One kitten asked when its curiosity couldn’t be repressed by the heavy silence any longer. Macie smiled, the overwhelming cuteness of six dripping wet kittens disarmed her completely.
“I’m no strange lady. I’m your aunt. I’m here to look after you while your parents are away.”
Six little heads slowly nodded in understanding. They waited for a little while as if contemplating whether or not an aunt was a good or a bad thing and the another one asked:
“Can we go and play in that warm place again?” The question was very well received by its brothers and sisters who mewed enthusiastically and they looked at Macie with eager anticipation. Macie stared back dumbfounded.
“You LIKED being in my stomach?”
The kittens nodded as one.
“It was warm.” Said one.
“It was soft” Said another.
“It was jumbling us all about!” Said a third and the rest of the kittens agreed.
Macie couldn’t believe her ears and was about to refuse and tell them off for doing something so dangerous when they gave her that look again. You know the kind that only kittens, puppies and girlfriends can do. But still wasn’t it too dangerous?
“I’ll think about it.” Macie decided for now and told them to drop the subject because whatever she would decide later, right now she had decided that they needed to take a bath.

Comments, advice etc. is always welcome.
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Postby brain3times3 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 10:52 pm

I'm so flattered that my drawing inspired you to write a story, and I really like what you've got there so far. I noticed a couple spelling errors and a missing period at the end of a sentence, but you did say that you hadn't proofread it yet, so that's easy enough to fix. The only suggestion I have is to keep it coming! :)
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Postby Francois » Thu Nov 17, 2005 11:13 pm

Hah ha! Cute.
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Postby boredpenguin » Sat Nov 19, 2005 12:10 am

Good story. I don't see anything I'd change. Of course I just skip ahead to the good stuff with stories. It's a bad habit I admit, but one that is hard to break.
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Postby Radijs » Sat Nov 19, 2005 5:00 pm

Thanks for the positive comments.

Part 2 is slowly shaping itself in my head like a carbosillicate amorph that hasn't had enough genuine imitation ovalkwik. So it could take a little while before the second installment arrives.
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Postby Klin » Sun Nov 27, 2005 11:25 pm

Hmm...guess I should post the two stories I wrote based on pics by Brainy here :3 HE'S already seen 'em. but I'm pretty sure most others here haven't. *goes digging in her player's files*

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