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1 commission thread and 1 project thread per artist please!

PostPosted: Sun May 03, 2015 10:44 am
by Eka
Starting to have a lot of projects (YCH, group, new publishing for purchase, etc) and commission (Open offer for drawing, stream announcement, pateron, etc) so I'm going to try to add some format and structure.

1. Each artist should only have one thread for an open offer that has no deadline, and one project offer thread. Every commission / stream opening and closing, New publish for purchase, etc, should just be added to the commission thread.

Likewise. Every or any other deadline orientated project (for example YCH), subscription, etc, please just add to your project thread.

-Doing this mostly to make sure we don't have hundreds of artists making new threads every time for people to wands through.

2. Thread bumping is once a week! That means if you just want to add visibility to your thread, please don't bump it more than once a week. Do not delete and repost.

3. Please link to your commission tab, like one of those here

Thank you!