Commissioning stories and art (Mpred, disposal) CTF too

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Commissioning stories and art (Mpred, disposal) CTF too

Postby selfrog » Sat May 27, 2017 9:57 pm


Hi all, I'm looking for people who can do writing commissions. I would prefer someone who is comfortable writing male pred and scat disposal. I generally don't like to spend over a cent per word, usually. I'm open to negotiation though.

Being able to do fanfic involving Ace Attorney, Katawa Shoujo, or Persona 4 is a plus.

Edit: Now also looking for art, paying around 20 bucks a picture, more or less.

Now also really looking for Cock TF stories or art.
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If you are willing to write/draw commissions involving male pred and disposal, hit me up!
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